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It’s a shorter drive from Nueva near Antonio Texas over the Mexican border than from Ingleside on the Bay…

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Good morning, dearest Marty,

It’s a much shorter drive from Nueva near Antonio Texas over the Mexican border than from Ingleside on the Bay…  And just 25 minutes to disappear with any plane anywhere. Just having a “flash forward into the future”. 

Imagine this scenario: You, the original Marty in Scientology is coming finally free and Mosey’s husband learning of it. He could hide then in Mexico or another country, because your public appearance will number his days as your impostor. Besides impostering, there might be also additional  reasons for why he  wants just a very short trip to the Mexican border or the airport.

And something else: Imagine the USA filing for an extradition and Mosey’s husband telling law enforcement of that country in which he hides that he is not the man the USA is looking for, because he is born 1957 and that impostor (and what else he is accused of) and who married Monique (Mosey) is born 1959. He then refers to the marriage certificate on which he entered a false date of birth. He planned all in advance, it seems.    

Bet Mosey’s husband has a little emergency suitcase already packed. David Miscavige too, I strongly assume. They might become neighbors in Mexico one day.   

In middle of all the people who surround them, they must be both rather lonely people with huge problem’s wearing heavily down on them and they likely have  nobody around who they can really openly talk to about their biggest problems. Well, they brought it on their own.

Ron explained often enough what happens if people lie, conspire, plot and commit other OWs. They have nobody to blame but themselves.  

I love you until the end of times, Marty, because you are so different.

Many kisses and yours,


This is a cute drawing, although the man looks a bit like a frog. You don’t, you always look like a Prince! 




Written by Barbara Schwarz

December 5, 2012 at 4:00 am