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What’s up with all that booze under David Miscavige?

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Dearest Marty, my darling… My thoughts always find you again.

I was looking at the photos of Miscavige senior in the Sea Org or on the Freewinds. Here they are:–leisure.html#image2

Looks he had an easy life and took advantage that his son David Miscavige got Scientology from Ron’s impostor, German/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril”. Look at this booze on the Freewinds and Miscavige senior with two women in his arms and none of them is his wife. Beer, big cigars, women, wine, Dom Perignon, bought by David Miscavige. It is a far cry from the real founder Ron’s Sea Org. 

The pictures show no dungeons but booze and low morals. One can find such a bar at any non-Scientology corner in the world.  What do those infiltrator apes to Scientology?  Certainly not applying it or saving the world.

Reminds me to the song: what shall we do with the drunken sailor. Look at the hits of that one! Gee, I heard first time today that they want to put him in the bed with the Captain’s daughter. Nobody would have dared that on our ship.

They they ever hear from drugs does to the mind? They have heard it but don’t apply Scientology: infiltrators.

I love you, Marty.

Yours always, be kissed.







Ron, the true founder of Scientology had no rights in the Scientology orgs… (I am out of line? So, what is it called then when an impostor is accepted instead of the real Ron and when not just people outside but also in the orgs and their representatives conspire against the real Ron, the founder of Dianetics and Scientology?)

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Dearest Marty, most missed person in the universe,

Some people are afraid to say what they think. I don’t. Some people always swim with the stream and just write and say what is political correct. Many people claim only what others claimed before because they are afraid to publish their own ideas. They are insecure. Some people have centuries old, dusty, and false ideas but no own ideas.  We don’t. We speak the truth and we don’t care of nobody ever said the before. You know that if Ron (the real founder) wouldn’t have been his very own person, if he wouldn’t had self-confidence in everything he discovered, wrote, and said, Dianetics and Scientology would have been never written and developed. It is completely unimportant what idiots think of a great person. The only thing that matters is the truth.

I ask myself what all the stat push is worth when it results in problems that set Scientology back for a decade or more? A leadership that wants to stop Scientology just has to do what the leadership of Ron’s impostor but also of His Cobness did: running the orgs with infiltrators and non-Scientologists on a 1.5 tonelevel (invalidations, abuse, beatings, negative control, lies, forgeries, and abortions, etc.) and that means playing in the hands of psychiatrists. Those are not Ron’s orgs. That is German Nazi style.

Marty, I first didn’t believe those who posted that there were beatings in the Sea Org. I knew that the Sea Org was infiltrated and that His Cobness accepted Scientology from an impostor but I still was thinking that the staffs in the orgs were civilized like when we were when we were on staff. When I was the President of the C of S Germany, nobody used violence and nobody blew. They all wanted to stay because I didn’t abuse anybody. Sea Org Finance police came (some of them in German Nazi valence) and kicked some out. These staff refused to leave and requested Comm Evs. (As the removed staffs were former executives, the Comm Evs had to be held in the next higher org, which was FOLO EU, and despite the requests for Comm. Evs were sent right away to them, FOLO EU violated policy by not holding these Comm Evs for weeks. The situation was finally resolved when a CMO INT mission came and offered them a choice.) I had lots of problems with the still existing Nazi German government while I was the President but I had no problem with blowing staffs as His Cobness has. When I heard that people blew from the Apollo, I also knew that it wasn’t Ron on the Apollo but his impostor. HERE IS THE IMPOSTOR, THE GUY WHO BLEW THE REAL RON’S MONEY. WONDER WHAT CRAP ORDERS/POLICIES HE ISSUED WHILE DOING HIS  GERMAN PSYCH ORDERED IMPOSTER “JOB”.

When the real Ron was at St.Hill, it expanded 5.4 times in a very short time period and that happened wherever he was. The 1.5 tonelevel of the Sea Org infiltrators set Scientology’s expansion way back.

You know that nobody wanted to leave Scientology under the real Ron, Marty. When I found Scientology again in spring of 1977, I noticed that Scientologists were so much nicer to each other than Bavarians that had nothing to do with Scientology. Later, when I heard Tommy Davis on tape admitting to the SP Times how 1.5 the tonelevel in the Sea Org was (I don’t care who did it, fact is that it went on for many years and directly under His Cobness’s nose and he didn’t turn criminals over to the authorities) and when I read the information of the coordinated abortions, which is according to Ron’s DMSMH an 1.1 activity, it reminded me of many rough and lowtone non-Scientologists in Bavaria but not Scientology. While there are still data and tech of the real Ron left in the orgs, they are being mixed more and more with p$ychiatric and Nazi-practices. (Freedom Mag. writes psychiatric trash, e.g. that insanity or “mental illness” is “inherited”, and Farrakhan, the anti-Semite is connected with the orgs and  allowed to quite L. Ron Hubbard  in his anti-Semitic speeches.) Today, I am glad that they kicked me out one day after the real Ron was murdered. I don’t want to support this German p$ychiatric movement. They don’t win. Scientology orgs are on the best way to become as non-OT as Christian Churches are away of who Jesus really was and really preached and did.

That is the face of the real Ron, as you know. What a difference between him and his impostor! They are tonelevel-wise billions of light years apart. And Scientologists shouldn’t notice? That’s funny. I know that Ron was impostored in the moment I saw the impostor’s photo in the German magazine Spiegel. I knew that Mosey’s husband wasn’t you, the first moment I saw his first photo in a C of S magazine.

Some people think that David Miscavige means well with Scientology because he wants “ideal orgs” and he buys buildings for Scientology and new uniforms for the staff members. I said it before, these buildings are off policy because Ron didn’t want Scientologists to live on the unprotected surface of the Earth (despite that they are thetans, spiritual beings and are born again) where they age, get sick, and die. It’s all an ego trip for DM because he likes the power and unlimited access to all the cash of Scientology and mingle with the Celebs. His ways are so much different from Ron’s and nobody is being saved. Scientologists give their eternity away by accepting p$ych altered SCN. His Cobness accepted an impostor instead of the real Ron, it told me all I needed to know about His Cobness and how little he is a Scientologist. I think DM is like his father. And I am like mine.

“Minerva” (I don’t believe that she is a woman) posted that people complained about “her” website to “her” ISP and that “she” is forced to close her blog. I didn’t complain to her ISP, I think “her” right of freedom is violated if “she” isn’t allowed to speak out but I am not sad to see “her” p$ychiatric website gone because quoting L.Ron Hubbard on a website and publishing comments of supporters with posting ID “hater” is harming Ron’s and Scientology’s reputation. But infiltrators don’t want to admit this. His Cobness is so much more important to them than L. Ron Hubbard. “Minvera” is no real Scientologist, otherwise she would not publish p$ych trash and comments of people who admit to hate and insult Ron with it. It is easy to oppose Mosey’s husband without having to resort to p$ych crap on a website. It is easy to oppose Mosey’s husband on certain issues as for example his approval of Louis Farrakhan, the “new Hitler” as Whoppie Goldberg describes him according to Arsenio Hall. But they can’t do that because the orgs of His Cobness complain about Arnie Lerma’s Nazi friendliness (and yes, very disgusting, that he is) but they invite Anti-Semite Farrakhan into Scientology and after years being in contact with them, he still talks anti-Semitic race hatred! They did not change that fanatic man to the better. So, what are they saying? If Arnie Lerma is Nazi-friendly, then it’s a crime and when they are doing it, it is alright? What a hypocrisy. Scientologists should wear these when they see Farrakhan:

I never would have thought that the orgs would ever sink that low, Marty! It also confirms what I was saying before, inside and outside extremists and infiltrators play in each others hand, and the purpose is a psychiatric version of Scientology that the real Ron never would have approved of.

“Minvera” gave her writings to somebody else who registered it in Chicago:

Guess by not registering these websites and blogs in California, people shouldn’t think that they come from His Cobness’s camp. As they are infiltrators, they don’t believe in “thetan basically knows” and “truth comes out always”. The new website owner kept the psychiatric crap that “she” published on “her” Utah website and  is also on the other new websites. “Rotten rat” is sure again on a “higher ground” isn’t it? They don’t learn from Ron. They are no Scientologists, they are Miscavologists.

What are these anti-Marty blogs good for if they anyway don’t report the truth, that Mosey’s husband and you are two different individuals? Thousands of people know it! Non-Scientologists are asking how two people without great financial resources as Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder can break the mighty and rich C of S? They cannot unless His Cobness has dirty hands and stays in power. If anything that these two are claiming against His Cobness can be proven and if the authorities act on that, His Cobness might harm our religion Scientology more than anybody else ever before.

Minerva has a friend who is a p$ych and “she” published on August 20, below p$ych crap to dead agent your doppelganger, Marty. They don’t use Obnosis and the tonescale, no, the Miscavologists are into p$ychiarty and so is the Freedom Mag. now.

“Minerva’s high profile professional body language analysis reader, (that is a  psych), wrote this, which I quote under Fair Use Copyright: The individual [Mosey’s husband] appears to have a number of characteristics that are consistent with narcissism. His features of this appear to include: an exaggerated sense of personal importance, a preoccupation with fantasies of success, brilliance and power, a belief that he is special and unique and can only be understood by and associate with other special or high status individuals or groups, a sense of entitlement, a willingness to take advantage and use others for his own ends, a deficit in empathy when it comes to the feelings and needs of others, and an overall underlying arrogance. Such individuals feel they are better than others, entitled to special treatment, and feel that others should cater to and be used by them since they are so important. When frustrated or when feeling attacked, such individuals usually lash out devaluing and demeaning, in their attempt to re-establish their feelings of superiority. Mosey’s husband is oriented towards the external when it comes to validation, personal worth, comfort, and justifying negative events that happen in his life (blaming rather than accepting responsibility).  How people are perceiving him, and what makes him feel good are heavily weighted to such outside factors. There is a paranoid flavor to his perceptions, but ultimately, driving that dynamic is the grandiose sense of self-importance, as the sense that one is important enough to be persecuted is driven by a narcissistic dynamic. One of the more noteworthy themes in this man’s life is the enjoyment and importance he derives over being in a war; that is, in conflict with important others.  This is his apparent forum to demonstrate his superiority and specialness.  It is noted that when one “war” ended, he was propelled into an apparent personal crisis.  Thus, in his case, he may require conflict and battle with others to demonstrate to his real or imagined constituency of admirers or subjects that he is valued, as well as to demonstrate his personal worth and uniqueness to himself. Of note, is the unstable family history, particularly with his mother who was institutionalized repeatedly, had apparent chemical dependency issues, and committed suicide when the subject was five years old (per provided coroners report).  Such events are profoundly impactful on personality development, not to mention the genetic loading for chemical dependency vulnerability. The subject not only has the genetic loading for chemical dependency, but apparently has engaged in problematic drinking on a number of occasions, culminating in an arrest last month (July). The use of alcohol as a maladaptive coping tool is another manifestation of his external orientation; that is, using outside influences to soothe and deal with his internal conflicts. When stressed and overwhelmed, it is one of the solutions he seeks. Given Mosey’s need to be in conflict and at war with an important enemy to fuel his ego and prove himself, it would appear that personal attacks by anyone, serve only to give him what he wants and needs: a war to fight and the prove he is an important person worthy of persecution. There is some likelihood that Mosey’s husband might escalate his complaints and other behaviors to attempt to draw others into the conflict. This is his lifeblood – he thrives on it and its removal would likely precipitate a personal crisis. To not be in conflict or at war is something that this type of person can not do without.”

Isn’t that the ultimate p$ych drivel, Marty? Chemical independency issues! Give me a break. They hire p$ychs now to “analyze” people. Revealing is that this p$ych hasn’t figured out that Mosey’s husband is a doppelganger. “Minerva” is convinced that this p$ych trash is true because “she” is a typical p$ych troll. If “she” would be a real Scientologist, “she” would explain Mosey’s husband’s behavior on the tonescale but “she” can’t because “she” didn’t understand it and never applied it. Ron spoke often about how important self-respect is, and p$ychs usually label that as narcissism. Ron also said that each thetan is special and unique, and that is a good thing.

What will happen if one the p$ych agents that are now in the “Freezone” or with the “Independents” will hire a p$ych to read DM’s body language? That p$ych analysis will probably be identical in text with that of Mosey’s husband.

When I started on staff, Marty, the ethics officer sent Scientologists who had a tough PTS A sit to p$ychs for an evaluation to have something psychiatric to show to a psych institution when their relatives suddenly should decide to institutionalize them. There were two sisters with a PTS A sit that could turn into a PTS C sit. They were ordered by the EO to see a p$ych in Munich. He “examined” the first sister and gave her a clean bill of mental health.

Then the other sister needed a written p$ych evaluation too. She went to the same p$ych. He invalidated the 2nd sister verbally, called her “moon face”  because he didn’t think she was as pretty as the first sister but provided her word for word with the SAME written evaluation as he had given to the 1st sister and just wrote the 2nd sister’s name on it. In other words, according to this p$ych, these two ladies had exactly the same identical personality despite they were no twins and even twins have different personalities! And he charged the 2nd sister as much as the 1rst sister! P$ychs are so “professional”. They do anything for money. Like infiltrators in the orgs and creepy “independents”  kissing up to Farrakhan, the anti-Semite!

They sent me to a p$ych too when RB acted up, Marty. It was with another p$ych, and I had to fill  out long tests, something like the OCA (another p$ych influence in the orgs and not by the real Ron). Anyway, I got an excellent “expertise” of my mental health too but he was very mistrusting. Funny, why he examined my “mental health”, I evaluated him on the tone scale. He was on 1.0. And when other p$ychs actually came for me to “deprogram” me from my religion, nobody used that “expertise”. It was nothing but waste and money in the p$ych pockets.

Anyway, Marty, you know that the orgs are psych and Nazi infiltrated. They demonstrate it rather openly.

I have to finish today, Marty, have some work to do. I miss you so much, my darling, please come soon.

Many kisses. I am so glad that you are real and not a phony. You are my kind of human being.

Yours forever,


“Uriah” is a cleared cannibal (if he didn’t fake being clear)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, wherever you are…

Minerva registered “her” website in Utah. Now  I run in that Blog of Uriah. When I take the “ia” out of Uriah and exchange it with “t”, I get “Utah”. The third “Marty is a squirrel blog” is using the same WordPress layout that I used long before he created his blog. Are these guys trying to blame their low toned blogs and website on me or what?

I probably wouldn’t have found Uriah’s blog  but as you share the name with Mosey’s husband (but otherwise nothing), I keep finding these strange blogs and websites. I said this before, if DM wants to defend himself, he has any right to do but I wouldn’t want being defended by dummies, liars, infiltrators and very low tone folks because that would come right back and bite me.

Why do I write about that?

Well, the first thing that people ask when they see a website or a blog somehow related to Scientology is: is its pro or con or what is the intention behind it? Depending on their mindset and their experiences, they then choose one side or the other. (I don’t want to have anything to do with the so-called critics, the so-called Anonymous, the so-called Freezone, the so-called Independents or the p$ych agents infiltrated orgs.)

Uriah claims to be an Indy or Freezone blog but its main target are Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder. Uriah also defends David Miscavige and his high personal spending of Scientology money. I am aware that numerous people in the Freezone or with the socalled “Independents” or the “so-called critics” or “Anonymous” don’t like Mosey’s husband or Mike Rinder but they don’t make them to their main target. They talk about them in some threads but don’t open blogs just to posts against them. Indys, Freezone and “critics” rather think that DM is the right target, and the guys in the Freezone think that if DM is occupied with going after Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder, he leaves them alone. The only people who put blogs up against Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder and nobody else are the Miscavologists.

I am not the only one who knows who is behind these blogs. Some other people checked Uriah’s blog and posted: “Seems like a dead agent site to me. The section that praises David Miscavige is a giveaway. Remove blank space if you cut & paste in your browser’s address bar:

http ://martyrathbunmikerindermoneymakingracket.wordpress. com/marty-facts/on-david-miscaviage/
http ://martyrathbunmikerindermoneymakingracket.wordpress. com/marty-facts/on-people-who-attack-miscaviage/
Sections which whitewash Miscavige. Just another dead-agent site.”

I don’t defend Mike Rinder or Mosey’s husband. I have my problems with them too, e.g. that they don’t inform me as to your whereabouts, Marty, their promotion of Farrakhan, what they did in SCN in the first place, not revealing that Ron was impostored, etc. They are rather psychiatric and apparently also pro anti-Semites just like the infiltrated orgs. But when a website or blog is so lowtone as rathbunmikerindermoneymakingracket or some of the others, people feel rather that they want to defend anybody that the lowtones attack by using the name of L. Ron Hubbard for their lowtone “job” and their overt product.

What I find absolutely shocking is the low tonelevel of some of these Miscavologists who seem to be on staff. Persons so low on the tonelevel as “Uriah” are anything but good for Scientology. They blow one day and attack it.  Then they claim that real Scientologists put them up to write that stuff as Tory Christman and others did. Or they invite psychs to rewrite Scientology even more. They also insult L. Ron Hubbard by having his name on a blog that is so primitive and hateful as these “anti-Marty”-blogs. Non-Scientologists will turn away in disgust and think that it is Ron’s Scientology that creates people as low as the gutter. But it is not. It’s the p$ych infiltration.

Minerva’s website and “Marty Rathbun is a squirrel” blog and even the Freedom Magazine cite p$ych crap to win the war against Mosey’s husband. And he has psych crap  on his blog too. It is a war in which psych agents fights against psych agents but what I find so hurtful and so harmful is that Ron’s and your legacy is hurt by that, Marty.

These blogs approach Scientologists not new people. But real Scientologists look right away through it and they don’t like the tonelevel. None of these downtone blog owners should get away citing the name of L. Ron Hubbard. And downtone people are not getting that they never will reach uptone people but are rather losing them by displaying such lowtoneness. Which uptone Scientologists wants to know what happens in Mosey’s and her husband’s bedroom? Nobody. He goes on that they have no kids but Uriah’s hero DM has no kids either… Or how close Mosey’s husband is with Sam… If his hand is resting comfortable on her shoulder and that indicates an affair, does it mean that DM had or has an affair with Laurisse Stuckenbrock who rested her hand on his shoulder?

Downtone blogs and websites and Ron’s name on it (put up by infiltrators and cleared or non-cleared cannibals) result in more sympathies for Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder and less for those who write them. It is Scientology and Ron’s reputation that is losing when Miscavologists web such websites or blogs.

I am sure that you agree, Marty, low tone blogs and websites and psychiatric references (and that includes Freedom Magazine) are crystal clear indicator of psychiatric infiltration of Scientology.

Furthermore, “Uriah” attacked Sam on August 23, 2010. Her only critic of the man was not that he is an anti-Semite and therefore should not be a speaker in the org but because she didn’t like his “perfect poise and rather expensive looking perfectly pressed jacket” and that would give her the “heebie jeebies”. Uriah didn’t attack Mosey’s husband for posting in favor of anti-Semite Farrakhan on his blog but that she thinks he is “bad because he is well dressed and presents himself properly when delivering a sermon to tens of thousands of his followers”.

Hitler had also thousand of followers and he likely had expensive suits.

There you have it again, Marty, people who promote or defend an anti-Semite are no Scientologists but infiltrators. Farrakhan is just another one who should bring Scientology even more down with this anti-Jewish hatred and racism.

The RFW complains about Arnie Lerma being Nazi-friendly (and he is) and about Lerma having Nazi connections (and he has) but the Celebrity Center allows Louis Farrakhan to speak and he is allowed the quote L. Ron Hubbard and his work in speeches in which he shows that Whoppie Goldberg really is right when she says that Farrakhan is the new Hitler. What kind of non-Scientology hypocrite is that?

And “Uriah” seems to know what happened in New Orleans in a certain bar and knows before anybody that Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband are in Washington D.C., and the only people who know this in advance are the people  who read the reports that the PIs write that DM hired.

Stupid and downtone people never win anything. They are just getting busted.

And there is also the Anonymous Exposed WordPress blog, who calls himself “doc” (hey, that is no surprise)  basically saying that he thinks that Mosey’s husband killed his own brother, but why didn’t DM and the Miscavologists have anything against a murderer working for him and with them for 20 years or so? The ‘murderer” blew several times and DM called him back all the time. This Anonymous Exposed WordPress infiltrator is pushing p$ych lines and basically is acknowledging that the Freedom Mag is pushing p$ych lines too. Psychs run Scientology. It is crystal clear and that is why there are so many problems.

There is just one category of downtone infiltrator that makes me more upset. That is Caliwog, an Sea org infiltrator who posts outright against L. Ron Hubbard to help DM to a “leave the poor man alone victim image”. It is so disgusting.

The only blog or website that would win is one that provides nothing but the facts and is written ON A HIGHER GROUND!

Again, Marty, no lecture that you needed to hear because you know it anyway. I love you, my Prince. I have a lot to do still tonight, so I have to wrap it up. I kiss you many times. I hope the day comes when we can cast the scum “out of the temple”. I miss you very much.

Yours forever


By considering Hitler a “great man”, Louis Farrahkan denies the Black Holocaust

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Dearest Marty,

I hope this is the last posting in regards of Farrakhan on my blog. There are other subjects I want to write you about. It sure gives me goose bumps that David Miscavige and his supporters approve of an outspoken anti-Semite as Farrakhan to lecture in the Celebrity Center. And I don’t want to go in what Mosey’s husband is up to, wrongfully suggesting that anti-Semite Farrakhan “got L. Ron Hubbard.”  That is exactly what Farrahkan didn’t do.

It is beyond me that any black person can think of Hitler as a “great man” (as Farrakhan does) after all that Hitler did to Jews, Gypsies, Blacks, and other races. I wondered what black Jewish people as Whoppi Goldberg are thinking when they hear of Farrakhan. I googled and found that Arsenio Hall said in an interview that she calls Farrakhan the “new Hitler”.

I was lied to that my father would be a Muslim. I grew up thinking my father was a Muslim until in my late 20s when I discovered that he is not my father. But anyway, in all these many years, in which I was made believe that I am half a Persian and that Islam is half of my heritage, I never hated Jews or blamed them on what Nazis and the psychiatrists behind them did. I knew that the Jews were not behind the Holocaust and their own extermination. I always felt OUTRAGED by what the Nazis did to the Jews and any other race. I could have told myself: I am half a Persian/half a German, let’s hate the Jews and blame them on everything that is wrong in the world, like the Nazis did and do. But I never did anything like that because truth is very important to me.

I know that the Holocaust was a German medical idea and program and that Jews had nothing to do with this. As the German race hate insanity didn’t simply vanish after they lost the war, it is not a far stretch to suspect them behind all the race hatred that came later and still exist in our modern days, as the hatred between Muslims and Jews and Muslims and Americans and Black against White or “White Supremacy”, which is just as nuts as “Black Supremacy” as that of Farrakhan, etc.

Some people have the false idea that I would “hate every German”. I worked with German Scientologists for many years. I didn’t hate them. I considered them my friends, even family. I despise the German psychiatrists, their government, their secret services, and their Nazis but I do feel for those German kids (if they never volunteered for Hitler) but were sent against their will by the Nazis into the war and shot or died froze to death outside of Stalingrad, etc.

As you know, Marty, I am not black but after I spent some days outside in summer and was tanned,  I was asked if I would be half black. I was also approached if I would be Indian and what my tribe is and that I would look exactly like women from Brazil, and yes, I have to watch out not to be accidentally deported to Mexico. Lol! Interestingly, nobody thinks I have anything to do with Germany unless they hear me talk with an accent. 😉  Hey, and my last name Schwarz means Black in German! How did this  happen? What I am saying is: I don’t mind people thinking of me of any race because I hate nor fear no race and personally always judged people by their character not their race.

Martin Luther King spoke against racism and Farakhan is preaching it.

One does not have to be of the race in order to feel for them. People sometimes change their race with a new body. As you know, Marty, it is possible to be black in one lifetime and Jewish or Hispanic or Japanese or German or whatever in another lifetime. That makes Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism even weirder. He seems to be on C of S lines for so long and still hasn’t understood any of the past life aspects of our religion.

Who is a racist has not understood Scientology. Racism has no place in Scientology.

When all people would considers themselves citizen of the world, race hatred becomes  a part of the past. And that is what I recommend to Louis Farrakhan and his people: once they consider themselves citizen of the world, they will win but those who go on preaching hatred and bias against another race lose sooner or later.

Whenever I read of slavery or learn as to what the KKK and slave holders did to black people, I am very upset and I feel for them and how horrible it must have been for each one of them to live  in these times. Another disgusting thing was sending black people fight for the USA in wars but race separation were in place in the USA. But not Jews who this to black people. It’s the medical German psychiatric spirit in the USA and elsewhere who did it to them.

People who speak German (and who do not cover for evil) will find that Klu Klux Klan has a very German ring to it. It basically indicates something like a German secret service “Klug” as for “Intelligence”. If I would be black, I rather would investigate who really was/is behind the KKK. It is not an American or Jewish movement.

When I see well to do successful black persons, I am happy for them. I wish all of them success and peace. When I drive or walk through places with poor black people, I worry about them. But I won’t let any racist of any race get away with racism. I spoke up against David Touretzky’s racial slurs against blacks and other races, and I will speak up against Louis Farrakhan and his propaganda against Jews. What makes me particularly upset about Farrakhan is that he peaches his hatred of Jews to millions of people and that after so many years in contact with so-called Scientologists, he still hasn’t understood that thetans have no color or races and that he still is an anti-Semite and blames Jews wrongfully.

I don’t even understand that black people call themselves black, Marty, because they are not black. They come in all shades of brown. I never saw a “black” person having “black” skin. Black is used in so many negative ways: Black PR, Black Dianetics, Black eye, Black Magic, Black Monday, Black Friday, Black sheep Black market, Blackball, Black listed, etc. Instead of wasting his time spreading hatred and lies against Jews, I would suggest Louis Farrahkan running a campaign to find a better description for his race than “black” (if race cannot completely put away with because the governments often still wants to know the race of people as for example the Census).

BTW, white is also a wrong description of “whites”. The only white persons that I ever saw were dead! “Whites” come in all shades of beige. The gap between black and white isn’t that big anymore if people’s real skin color is considered, beige, pink, light brown, middle brown, dark brown, tanned.  The Indians are not red either. The Chinese aren’t yellow. Whoever came up “black, white, red, and yellow” had a serious vision problem, and I wonder why “blacks” are taking it. Seems to me that the SEGNPMSS wants to have them labeled with the word “black” that stands with the common negativity that people associate with “black” as listed above. I really don’t understand why black people accepted “black” after they were called or called themselves “Negro” or “colored” before. It seems almost political incorrect not to call them “black”, and I ask myself all the time why all people call them black when they come in all shades of beige and brown. While writing this I am thinking: is there any other way to describe “blacks” than calling them black? If one calls them African-American, some other “blacks” are complaining that they are no Africian-Americans because they did not come from Africa but from other places.

I once compared my skin color with that of a bi-racial girl. We noticed that we had exactly the same skin color but she was classified as “Black”, and I was classified as “White” or “Caucasian”. Made no sense to me.

Below is an excerpt of an article that I found on the net, Marty. Those black people, like Farrakhan should consider this before they continue to promote Hitler as “great man”. Any black person who considers Hitler and the Nazis “great” is a traitor to his own race.

Jews and Blacks suffered both under the Nazis. They should be not just allies but best of friends.

I love you and kiss you many times, Marty. I am so glad that you are a real Scientologist who despises racism, it doesn’t matter who promotes it.

Yours forever,



I have not researched this article in the details but I read about some of it also in other references. By knowing how insane Hitler and the Nazis were, these claims make sense. Interesting is again that psychiatrists and medical doctors are again found behind all of that race insanity. Just as German historian Ernst Klee once said: The Nazis didn’t need the psychiatrists. But the psychiatrists needed the Nazis.

I hope that the author of the article doesn’t mind that I repost his article. (If yes, I will delete it.) I think the message of that author  is important and that his message should be repeated so that it becomes broadly known:

According to J. A. Rogers, Adolph Hitler declares in Mein Kampf Negroes are “half-apes.” This is far from being the opinion of pre-Hitler Germany if one is to judge by the various monuments and pictures of Negroes in German museums and other public places… [My comment: before Hitler eradicated the Jews, they were influential in Germany in every walk of life. If they would hate Blacks as Farrakhan wrongfully claims, they would have not erected monuments and pictures of black people or they would have taken those monuments and pictures down. They didn’t. It was Hitler, the Nazis, and the crazy psychiatrists behind them.]

…There were from 20,000 to 24,000 Africans in German from 1933-1945. Many of these Africans married German women and sired half African and half German children. They were called “Rhineland Bastards,” others sired what they called “Illegitimate children,” with German women, also called Rhineland Bastards. Many of these Africans sufferer the same fate as the Jews did during the Holocaust. Many African Americans serving as soldiers in world war II became POW’s sufferer the same fate, as well as Africans from Senegal and other colonized French countries. So you can see brothers and sisters why I am angry as hell, everybody takes advantage of us and use us at their convenient. For more information, there is a book titled “German’s Black Holocaust, by Firpo W. Carr, Ph.D.

The sterilization programs of Blacks were instituted by Germany’s most senior Nazi geneticist, Doctor Eugen Fischer, who developed his racial theories in German South West Africa (now Namibia) long before World War I. In Namibia, Fischer claimed there were genetic dangers arising from race mixing between German colonists and African women.

There is photographic evidence of German genocidal tendencies in Africa. In 1904 the Herero tribe revolted against their German colonial masters in a quest to keep their land. It was a rebellion that lasted four years and led to the death of 60 000 Herero people ó 80% of their population. The survivors were imprisoned in concentration camps or used as guinea pigs for medical experiments, a foretaste of things to come.

Hitler’s Forgotten Victims shows that Germany’s 24 000-strong black community were the number-one target for Hitler’s sterilization programme. Hitler’s view on racial superiority did not develop in a vacuum. He was influenced by the work of the 19th-century German zoologist Ernst Haeckel, whose views were based on distorted versions of Darwinism. He wrote of woolly-haired Negroes incapable of higher mental development.

The Nazis’ obsession with racial purity and eugenics was provoked and intensified in 1918, following Germany’s defeat in World War I. Under the terms of the peace treaty signed at Versailles, Germany was stripped of its African colonies and forced to submit to the occupation of the Rhineland. The deployment of African troops from the French colonies to police the territory incensed many Germans.

To many it was the final humiliation that began with their 1918 defeat in the World War I. Germans complained bitterly in newspapers and propaganda films about African soldiers from the French colonial army having relations with their women. As soon as Hitler reoccupied the Rhineland in 1936, he retaliated by targeting black people living there. At least 400 mixed-race children were forcibly sterilized in the area by the end of 1937, while 400 others disappeared into camps.

Louis Farrakhan and his followers shouldn’t be near any Scientology org unless they have proven over a longer period that they are no anti-Semites and racists anymore. If anti-Semites will call themselves Scientologists, I will no longer call myself Scientologist.

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

How are you today?

I find the Farrakhan-glorification by so-called Scientologists absolutely sickening. How can anybody adore, promote, and recommend an anti-Semite as Mosey’s husband does? How can DM or anybody within DM’s management want anti-Semite and extremist Farrakhan and his people on lines in the Scientology orgs? They preach hatred not just against other races but even their own black race if they dare to be no anti-Semites. Correctional institutions are the correct places for these people. There, they can apply ethics conditions and ethics tech to their screwed lives.

You know before anyone should be given the tech, they should get their ethics in. After they have proven to the world very clearly and over a longer time period that they are 100% opposed to being anti-Semites and racists and if they do not longer preach hatred and bias towards Jews or white people or black people or any other race, then their application to study more of Scientology but ethics could be may be considered. But not before. I am sure that this is the way Ron would handle it.

There is a tendency to bring the most extreme figures in contact with Scientology to ruin its reputation. Farrakhan isn’t Charles Manson but the only reason why “Scientology” was brought to Manson was to harm Scientology’s reputation. Like Farrakhan, Manson didn’t apply Scientology technology but the lie that he was/is a Scientologist is out there and  doesn’t go away.

What is behind that? I am sure you know it, Marty: German secret service activities. They have and still use Moslems for their racial work all over the planet. I can see the German psychiatric hypnosis behind suicide terrorists and bombers. What if such kind of people are recruited and regged on org lines?

The world knows of this kind of extremism and terror acts carried out by these so-called religious people and their anti-Semite and anti-American hatred. Which real Scientologist wants these people in the orgs? What if these hate mongers strap explosives around their midst and blow the orgs up? All these people should not be on any org lines unless they have proven over a long time period that they completely changed and spread  no hatred anymore. Farrakhan hasn’t changed. I don’t know what he got and what he did in Scientology but somebody on Mosey’s husband’s blog posted that he was/is on Celebrity Center lines. He was invited as speaker! They invite an anti-Semit to speak in the orgs! And he hasn’t changed from when he came in contact with SCN several years ago! He still hates! He still is an anti-Semite! His speeches against Jews could be right out of Hitler’s propaganda machine!

The only tech that Farrakhan and the likes need at the moment are ETHICS HANDLINGS.

By courting anti-Semite extremists as Farrakhan, DM, his management and Mosey’s husband and the “Independents” (yeah right) basically are anti-Semites too. How dare them to do this to Ron!

Farrakhan’s hate statements (below) that the Anti-Defamation-League listed are brand new. That means that Farrakhan has not changed a bit, whatever he did on Celebrity Center lines. On February 18, 2006, the SP Times wrote that Scientology courts Farrakhan and Alfreddie Johnson indicated that Ron’s technology was brought to Farrakhan and Johnson misinformed that Farrakhan wouldn’t be an anti-Semite despite Farrakhan’s many statements clearly say that he is one.

Farrakhan and his people are not open to Ron’s ideas to help African-Americans. They don’t apply it. If they would apply it, they wouldn’t hate fellow Jewish people anymore.

They are “open” to Scientology because they think they can poison the minds of Scientologists to become Anti-Semites, and after I have read how Mosey’s husband calls Farrakhan’s extreme ideas “Farrakhan  gets L. Ron Hubbard”, I must say that it is working. Farrakhan is light years away of understanding  Ron and Scientology. Farrakhan proves this with his anti-Semite speeches that keep coming.

4-5 years after “Scientology tech” was brought to anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, he continues to promote anti-Semite books, which misinform that Jews were behind slavery.  4-5 years after he received Scientology technology from the orgs, anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan keeps spreading hatred and lies about Jews.


ETHICS should be the only tech being brought to Farrakhan!

Marty, you know, the common enemies that Jews and black people have are old and new German Nazis.

Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan and his people are completely clueless about that. By being an anti-Semite, Farrakhan, and his people are working directly into the hands of people who hate blacks and any other race but theirs: German racists! How can somebody be as blind not to see that?

Have a look here, Marty. The orgs failed to give Farrakhan the only tech that he needs at the moment: ETHICS HANDLING AND JUSTICE. Whatever that man did in Scientology, he doesn’t get Scientology even remotely  as he continues to be a hate monger and an anti-Semite.

Check these many anti-Semite statements. Many of them were done after he allegedly was courted by the DM management and after he was on Celebrity Center lines, and boy, did they miss to make somebody decent and ethical out of Farrakhan:

No wonder Ron didn’t come back. Whatever is going on in the orgs and with the Independents, this is not more his Scientology.

I love you, Marty.



Robert Vaughn Young was also a part of covering up crimes against the real Ron and his estate

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Hello again, Marty, my wonderful Prince,

How are you? I am thinking so much of you.

There was newspaper article of January 30, 1986 in the The County Telegram Tribune also basically wrongfully stating that  Jack Mitchell or “Jack Vistaril” was Ron, the founder of Scientology.

I felt exactly the moment when the real Ron was murdered in the beginning of May 1984 and that article said that the 160-acre real estate was bought two years before Jack Vistaril died. What it means is that the SEGNPMSS informed the impostor and other agents that the real Ron is dead and they immediately started blowing his cash by buying land in other names and asking for millions.

The real Ron never did anything wrong. He didn’t knew Mary Sue, she was the impostor’s wife. He didn’t knew of the GO break-ins or how the impostor changed Scientology behind his back on p$ych orders. He didn’t knew that he was sued because he didn’t do what Jack Vistaril did. Ron didn’t knew of these law suits and in times without the Internet, it was really easy to keep certain information from somebody who has a lot to do and who has to keep up high security because of the SEGNPMSS snipers that were always after him. He could not go near a org without that the snipers shot at him and endangered also anybody else.  The amazing thing is that I know things so certain, as if I would have been personally present. For anybody saying that there are no OTs, they don’t know us, Marty, or they are lying.

Then there is was Nibs, Jack Vistaril’s son not Ron’s son who also tried to cash in. But nobody of these people were entitled to Ron’s money because it wasn’t Jack Vistaril’s money. I am sure that the CIA didn’t tell Ron that his doppelganger who had the legal name Ronald Lafayette Hubbard but who was not the founder of Scientology would steal all his possessions after his death and that infiltrators in the orgs would lie that the impostor would be the real Ron. What a German poodle they are. And any problems arising now out of what Mosey’s husband did and does, that is mixed up with your life, Marty, that is another CIA mess who leave the “thinking” to the SEGNPMSS who are nothing but barbers but no thinkers.

Robert Vaughn Young (the one who died 2003 of prostate cancer) is cited in the article having said that the property was bought under another name but anything was done legal. Yeah right! An impostor and others trying to steal the real Ron’s cash and altering Scientology and also Ron’s fiction! That sounds absolutely “lawful”.

I don’t believe that carrying high amounts of money over state lines was the only problem of Pat and Annie Broeker (Logan / Tidman) aka Mike and Lisa Mitchell. They are reports on that they brought Jack (Mitchell/Vistaril) each week a suit case with a million Dollars and that this went on for several months. It was nothing but millions of dollars THEFT because the impostor wasn’t entitled to a cent of the real Ron’s cash. If the only crime committed was violation of tax regulations, they could have corrected it by reporting to the relevant tax offices what they have done and that they did do it because they didn’t knew those laws but that they want to take the responsibility and pay what they owe including the financial penalty. In other words, DM should have reported it and most certainly, Pat and Annie Broeker (Logan / Tidman) aka Mike and Lisa Mitchell should have reported it. I don’t think that the IRS or state offices would have asked for the arrest of anyone of them if they would have contacted these offices and if they would have reported truthfully what they had done and would have asked how to make that good again.

As I wrote before, there is much more to this story and DM should have turned Pat and Annie Broeker (Logan / Tidman) aka Mike and Lisa Mitchell over to the authorities instead of employing Annie and even calling her back after she left and watching Broeker with PIs for decades. It’s the duty of the authorities to investigate these crimes. If they don’t figure out the crimes, there is still a possibility to support them by hiring additional PIs. But the problem that I am seeing is that nothing was reported to the authorities, which should have been reported, particularly by His Cobness who took over.

Annie is the walking bad conscience, if you ask me. It looks like DM “owns” her. That is why she returned with Mosey’s husband without arguing with him and seeing her Jim in Canada.

By the way, I believe that the USDC, Central Division made so many decisions in which they (deliberately) failed to discover  and judge the Jack Vistaril doppelganger crimes that any decision that they did later are basically cover ups of former false decisions. For decades, this court and the Ninth Circuit court failed slam the book at the doppelgangers and infiltrators in the orgs. The “system” doesn’t work at all. Truth and justice is not of this world.

Anybody’s mailbox on the route is up, except mine. How stupid does the SEGNPMSS think I am not figuring out that they deliberately order the non-delivery of my mail. Besides an attempt to harm me financially by trying to make the delivery of checks impossible, I shouldn’t get YOUR mail or the mail of your representatives of which I absolutely wait. (Maybe you are not allowed to contact me directly due to a SEGNPMSS ordered restraining order that I never filed or approved against you.) No, it is not DM or OSA trying to leave me without mail. They don’t know where I am but I know you know, Marty. Anyway, I asked the post office to hold my mail until the mail box is again up, which could take a month until they are done repairing a road that needed no repairing. I learned that there are people in the east of here, living rather downhill and they have flooding problems all the time when it rains. I am higher up and none of these problems but I am saying that they should rather take care of what’s needed. I hope I won’t get flooding problems after they “repaired” a road that is just used by a few souls and who looked just fine.

I am sure that if I would have hated that old tree that they took down, the SEGNPMSS would have ordered not to take it down. But as I loved that tree, they took it down. Stupid people might think that SEGNPMSS stalking is just my imagination. Anybody smart, who would live with me for a short while would come to the same conclusion that it is exactly as I said. A lot of that happens every day but I can’t write this on a public blog, Marty, because my Internet stalkers just wait for an opportunity to cause me even more troubles. SEGNPMSS runs them too. SEGNPMSS knows where I am but they prefer not telling their agents where I am because you should lose track of me. You won’t lose track of me when my address is plastered all over the net. However, if one of these agent creeps nevertheless traces me too my place, SEGNPMSS wouldn’t stop them either. Whatever hurts and causes harm and pain is a good strategy in the sick minds of the SEGNPMSS barbers and butchers. And this is exactly their biggest error. It is the worst strategy because besides reducing their own self-respect, each crime they committed will be revealed and they will be judged on it. They think that it will not be the case and that they will get away. But you and me, we know that they are dumb and can’t predict the future but we can.

I love you, my sweet Prince. Our lives would be sure a lot easier when we were together but I never surrender to Nazi p$ychs and from their activities against me, I get immediately into what they want to manipulate me and out of principle, I would NEVER do what they want. They lost the entire game when I got suspicious that they are around. People who are unaware can be much easier manipulated than those who know. I oppose them as long as I am alive and even more when I am dead, as thetan without a body. I can’t wait to haunt the hell out of these monsters. Lol.

They can see us when we have a theta body and would try to trap us but without us having a theta body, they are helpless. They are no OTs, just SPs. Ron said that the truth comes out and here I am, doing my best to reconstruct the truth.

Many kisses, and I am back soon!

Love forever,


People too blind to check the different Sea Org Captain hats

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,
What I find so shocking is the blindness of most people. Chris Owens from the UK, known to be an anti-free speech administrator on Wikipiggy, a Scientology hater who bans people (who want to contribute facts and the truth) wants a non-copyrighted photo of L. Ron Hubbard for that Wikipedia article on L. Ron Hubbard where idiots scribbler melted the real Ron’s life together with that of his doppelganger. I sure hope that the FBI kicks their lawless behinds on whatever grounds.

Somebody suggested that he should use the photo that the Freezone, Michael Moore webbed. Heck, this is not Ron, the founder of Scientology but the doppelganger Jack Mitchell also known as Jack Vistaril!
Real Ron on the left, the impostor on the right.
However, later in the Granada interview, the impostor did get hold of Ron’s real Captain’s hat but that didn’t make him to be Ron either.  The reporter said that before he was willing to talk, he grabbed his captain’s hat and put it on (and he used deliberately the phrase: “this is very interesting” that the real Ron, the founder used in his only published interview with an English reporter)  because the impostor apparently thought that when he would wear the right Captain’s hat, people will fall for that he is the founder, which he was not. I am sure that you know too that Jack Vistaril was a squirrel, Marty, one of the alterer of original Scientology.

I can see the difference between the tonelevel already on the photos and even more on the videos.
Marty, have also a look at the Captain’s hats. The real Ron’s captain’s hat has the real Sea Org logo in it. And look at the funny logo that his impostor has on his hat. What is that for a thing? Did you ever see that logo anywhere in Scientology, Marty? Not me.
I notice all the important details also that the Sea Org ribbons on your and Mosey’s husband’s Sea Org Uniform differ a lot and besides of different characters and charisma, you both had different wives! And with Ron being impostored by Jack Vistaril, it is basically the same situation.  I’m sure the CIA has an explanation for anything but anything they did so far did just help the SEGNPMSS and their plan to alter and destroy Scientology and to keep us forever apart.

If stupidity would hurt, people would scream all day very loud. Goes also for those who mistake you for Mosey’s husband.

And isn’t it strange that David Miscavige didn’t had Mosey’s husband investigated on the death of Bruce Grenville Rathbun before he hired him in his executive strata and only after he became a critic of His Cobness? Isn’t it strange that David Miscavige knew that Mosey’s husband’s Mom was electroshocked while pregnant with him but that didn’t stop Your Cobness to hire Mosey’s husband as his 2nd in command and that this just became an issue after he became a critic of His Cobness?

I love you, Marty, so much and I kiss you many times and I will be back here very soon!



Psychiatrists are now the editors of the FREEDOM MAGAZINE?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I don’t have much time to post today but I want to know your opinion about this emphasized paragraph of the latest FREEDOM MAGAZINE issue: “Medical doctors have long observed that mental instability can run in families and have found statistically that the chance of being labeled with specific psychotic disorders increases from around 1 percent to 10 percent in families with a history of such disorders.”

It doesn’t matter anybody’s opinion about Mosey’s husband but that paragraph has nothing to do with Scientology but all with psychiatry. It reads like a paragraph copied from of a psychiatric manual. FREEDOM MAGAZINE will not convince real Scientologists on anything, except that p$ychs run the orgs if they promote p$ych lines.

What happen to Scientology? L. Ron Hubbard never wrote that people inherit mental diseases and disorders through bloodline. This statement is complete squirrel. He stated so correctly that  OWs, engrams, and/or psychiatric implants and mind control, etc. make a person go mad. Sometimes bad nutrition and a bad lifestyle might cause confusion in a person. Not bloodline for crying out loud! Thetans are spiritual beings not bodies or brains.

P$ych crap is now promoted by the C of S, Marty. The proof is with big letters on the FREEDOM MAGAZINE.

What is next? Rorschach test before the auditing session?

This is what I always feared. Non-Scientologists talking over and promoting the biggest failure of mankind in the orgs: p$ychiatry.

You know that I am not in the Freezone, with the so-called Independents but I remember that one of them wrote that psychiatry is winning in the orgs. I see them also winning among the Freezoners and the so-called Independents but she was right by saying that psychiatry wins. Here is the psychiatric line right from the latest FREEDOM MAGAZINE issue again: “Medical doctors have long observed that mental instability can run in families and have found statistically that the chance of being labeled with specific psychotic disorders increases from around 1 percent to 10 percent in families with a history of such disorders.”

What is that but p$ych babble?

Apparently, p$ychiatry is winning under David Miscavige’s management.

How dare them pushing p$ych lines in the orgs! How much more do they want to slap in Ron’s face?

I love you, Marty. I want Ron’s Scientology back. Peaceful, sane, uplifting, just, true, and religious Scientology not barber “Scientology”.

Yours forever


Lucy James anti-free speech control attempt: OT VIII not allowed to ask Mosey’s husband for details on Pat Broeker?

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Dearest Marty, my very special Prince,

How are you?

You must be so tired of what this worldwide conspiracy did and does to you (and me). But I know in a world that would apply the real Ron’s wisdom, you would have rights because Ron said that good people have rights too. I hope you know that there is nothing in the world that make me give up on you or that would replace you because you are irreplaceable. By the way, you look a lot better than this skinny little guy on that picture on the right. 🙂

I tell myself not to scroll through the comment sections of Mosey’s husband’s blog for reasons I have stated before but once in a while, when  I have time, I find myself checking his blog and the comments to his postings. Guess, I want to know what they are up to over there. I found an interesting posting today by OT VIII.  I post his comment in full lengths below in this blog posting and also Lucy James’ (a member of the James gang who really are a gang) attack posting against OT VIII.

OT VIII posted today on Mosey’s husband’s blog (he might delete it any day from his blog):
“I sure would appreciate any clarity you could lend to the whole Broeker scene. Lotsa mysteries there – I spotted him as a FLAMING 1.1 at the funeral event. He achieved the impossible of making (at the time) MISCAVIGE look like a better alternative. My mind was made up about Miscavige the instant I he told a good friend of mine (on the Ship, around 1988) “The Class IV Orgs are dumps!”. Earlier he had praised himself regarding the handling of Broeker, saying “This was so well-handled almost no one knew about it”. 2 sentences – plenty for a good data evaluator. It’s a pity that tone level obnosing seems to have become lost tech.”

Lucy replied: “Would you please stay on message to what has been posted by Marty? I am beginning to think that you are a OSA plant and that you intentionally write comments that are completely off subject from every post just to deter people from really getting the message.”

I find the posting of OT VIII completely valid, and it happens quite often that somebody on Mosey’s husband’s blog posts a question and remark that differs from the topic because they don’t know where else to get an answer.  Neither your doppelganger nor Mike Rinder are very available to the many questions that others have. I have seen many questions posted that Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder ignore to answer. So much to the acknowledgement part of the comm cycle.

What’s wrong with Lucy? Probably everything.  She apparently wants the truth about Broeker concealed. She gives a damn as to what lawless acts he might have committed, after all she is married to Haydn James who violated my rights as Scientologist and person after he got the order from his secret non-Scientologist case officer to do so.

I don’t think that DM would appreciate Scientologists demanding clarification as to what Broeker did because DM got involved by not calling the authorities on both Broekers. He assigned Annie a high position in the Sea Org, and he sent Mosey’s husband to get her back in the Sea Org. One can inherit crimes by knowing them and not reporting them to the authorities or employing people who should do time.

OT VIII did notice what I saw too: Broeker being very much on 1.1.. Now, the real Ron discovered and researched the tonescale. Him making the mistake and trusting a person who is flaming 1.1 is IMPOSSIBLE as you will agree, Marty. The impostor, however, was an idiot, and he might have trusted Broeker. I learned that the  Broeker’s (Annie and Patrick called themselves Lisa and Mike Mitchell and the impostor, who threw around the real Ron’s cash called himself Jack Mitchell) were telling others that they inherited money and that I believe they really thought that they did hit the jackpot and tried to register the expensive property that they bought from the real Ron’s  cash in their names.
I am also wondering very much about Annie Broeker, later Annie Logan, later Annie Tidman. Mosey’s husband told the SP Times in a video interview that Annie blew and wanted to be with her husband Jim Logan who blew before. He told that DM sent him after her that he caught her before she could board the plane and she did go back with him without giving him any hard time. I think she tested if DM would come after her or not but I believe the reason why she returned was that she has no clean hands either and that DM has evidence on that.

Mike Rinder was around. He also failed completely to explain to Scientologists what Broeker really did. And I think that has to do with the many Millions of Dollars that Pat Broeker and Annie Broeker got from Ron’s account and dropped at the impostors desk and that money disappeared and that DM suspects Broeker of having some of that cash or that he knows the people who gotten into the ranch or the impostor’s motor home and carried the millions out. I don’t think it was just a matter of carrying millions over state lines. But even that should have been reported by DM. He could have addressed these state tax offices and told them about it and that the Broekers will be turned in to the authorities and that he wants to correct what these people did wrong.

I noticed that your doppelganger and Mike Rinder just talk about chosen subjects but they do not answer the burning questions of so many Scientologists (just like OT VIII has them).  Mike Rinder could shed quite some light on what Broeker did too and what happened to the millions that they dropped at the drugged doppelganger of Ron’s desk and why DM or anybody else involved didn’t call the FBI. Ron’s impostor:

I heard what Mosey’s husband said about how DM got the papers (allegedly Ron, the founder’s writings, yeah right) from Broeker. Somebody called the caretaker of Ron’s ranch (the real Ron probably never saw that place) and said that they heard that the FBI would come and raid the place. The care taker turned “papers” over to DM but who was this care taker anyway and how could they be sure he turned over anything there was? Imagine this, Marty, if it really would have been Ron’s tech, more OT levels or other technology and scriptures, they would have been for months in the care of a guy who drinks (Broeker) and some kind of care taker who agrees to hide stuff from the FBI. And that is the stuff further OT levels are based on?
Also, I read some more information about the last months of Ron’s impostor’s life. People came to visit him or the Ranch in the middle of the night. Wonder how many took suitcases with a Million Dollars  with them…
The impostor was sued. Ron didn’t commit crimes, so whatever the lawsuits said, justified or unjustified claims, I know it was the SEGNPMSS and the impostor who caused those. Naturally, a criminal as the impostor hides. I believe that the impostor didn’t had that much access to the real Ron’s finances, except after May 1984 when the real Ron was murdered. After the impostor was informed that the real Ron was dead, he wanted to spent all his money and ordered Pat and Annie Broeker to bring him millions.

Broeker gave up and left, said the SP Times. But according to Mosey’s husband, it was a trick. The FBI or the IRS  was never informed about anything that Broeker did. What horrible bad conscience must a person have who runs when he hears the name FBI? If somebody would call me and tell me that the FBI would raid my place, the only thing I would be worried about is that they might carry dirt on my shining floors from outside but nothing else. I hope they will come as I have numerous questions to them and also complaints.

Anyway, Broeker is the walking or better running bad conscience, if you ask me and poster OTVIII (is not me) is not allowed to ask any question about this because Lucy Gang James is afraid that people learn the truth? I am convinced that  David Miscavige is having Broeker under surveillance since almost three decades has to do with Millions of Dollars that disappeared from Ron’s bank account and were allegedly brought in cash to the impostor. (If the impostor gambled it away in Las Vegas, there might be still a way to reconstruct how much money he gambled away and how much is missing.)

Mosey’s husband told the SP times: Broeker left SCN in 1989 for Colorado and later Wyoming. “He (Miscavige) came directly to me.  He said, ‘You get on this guy. I want to know every move he makes.’ ” And Mosey’s husband didn’t ask why? Mosey’s husband didn’t make the conclusion that this surveillance has something to do with the multi-million dollars that disappeared from Ron’s personal account?

Here is more weird stuff from the SP interviews… What sensitive documents did Mosey’s husband talk about? The real Ron was open like a clean book, he didn’t hide a thing. But the impostor sure did. Most of all that he was not the founder Ron but a doppelganger. Mosey’s husband failed to explain what the “sensitive documents” were and why the FBI shouldn’t find them.

SP Times failed to ask Mosey’s husband what kind of sensitive papers those were. He told the reporters that they got the “sensitive papers” and put them in a church safe and Broker was “done”. That means those sensitive papers were rather about Broeker than anything else. It was Broeker who was “done”.  Again, why didn’t they call the FBI to investigate and arrest him?

Miscavige wanted him watched, said Mosey’s husband, who arranged for two private investigators to find and stay on Broeker. Rinder had a fresher memory, reported th SP Times reporter. Early in 2007, Miscavige had him recommend cuts in his departmental budget, which included expenses for intelligence operations. Rinder said he asked his staff about a line item he couldn’t understand. He was told: That’s for the Broeker op, and it’s untouchable. The media apparently were looking for Broeker but he never granted any interview.
DM did find something on Broeker and I bet 200 Million Dollars (if I would have them) that this has to do with Million of Dollars, and Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder either don’t get it or they know and don’t want to talk about it. The Broeker op is untouchable because DM wants to see if Broeker suddenly has a lot of cash. He isn’t afraid that Broeker wants to back and lead Scientology because most today’s Scientologists don’t remember him anymore and wouldn’t welcome him.  I think it is all about a millions of dollars.
Pat  Broeker and Annie Broeker brought the drugged impostor Ron’s cash and DM knew that he should have called the authorities but he didn‘t because nobody should know that Jack Mitchell wasn’t the founder but the impostor. And after so many years, the story might come back and haunt those involved… And why? Because these non-Scientologists ignored that the real Ron said: Clean hands make a happy life!
I want to see the papers in DM’s safe.
I love you, Marty, my wonderful husband.
Can’t wait to put my arms around you.
Ron said that the truth will come out always.
Truth is that we married in the UK
before our memories were stolen.
So, the truth about us will also come out.
Many kisses and yours for all eternity,

Show me the money! 175 Million $ of Ron’s estate that are missing too?

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

I wait till the sun is completely down before I go outside today. I rather write to you, it’s too hot outside at the moment. But on another thought, writing to you it even hotter. 😉

There is some information saying that 175 Million Dollars are missing from Ron’s estate. Marty, what do you make of below article? I am not a supporter of PRF (not to be mixed up with the RPF). They also make basically the case that the impostor who died in 1986 was L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, while he was not, but some issues of which PRF did raise are rather interesting.

I think there is more to it than His Cobness suspecting that Patrick Broeker has some scribbling by the imposter hidden somewhere, in other words: impostor tech for which I would not pay a dime. Also, Marty, imagine if (allegedly a heavy beer drinker) Pat Broeker (who DM didn’t trust and of who he probably said he would be a SP) would have been the person who did indeed “safeguard” the writing of Ron… Ron’s writings, which are most important to all of us Scientologists! Imagine that these non-published papers would have been really in the possession of SP Pat Broeker! SPs alter the tech. SPs work with secret services to plant forged tech… How can DM trust the “writings” that a SP was sitting on for quite a while?

If Broeker worked for the SEGNPMSS or another German secret service, there was plenty of time to hand real tech and millions over to them. Mosey’s husband indicated to the SP Times that Broeker was tricked handing the writings over because Broeker was told that the FBI would come and raid Broeker’s place. But I don’t worry much about the papers that Broeker had because that was all impostor crap.

The odd thing is: why didn’t DM call the FBI and asked him to arrest Broeker and get the cash and the papers?

I think that they are partner in crime covering up that Jack Vistaril was not L. Ron Hubbard, the founder. and they aren’t really interested in source Scientology but rather in money and power.

The article below says that DM, Patrick Broeker and Annie Broeker could not have control over all that happened before and after the death of L. Ron Hubbard (and the impostor) and that there were so many more involved, attorneys, including the US government. I agree, Marty, but Patrick Broeker and DM had taken control over Scientology and if his exec Sue Wilhere says for example that DM *is* Scientology than he is ultimately responsible for anything that happens in SCN.

Nobody ever mentions that DM and the Broeker’s might answer to secret case officers (non Scientologists) nobody ever officially heard about.  But there is where I would bet my Millions of Dollars on if I had them, Marty.

The real Ron was a master in spotting characters and the tonelevel. He never would have trusted Pat Broeker or anybody of those other non-Scientologists. It was the impostor who trusted Pat Broeker, Anne Broeker and David Miscavige, etc. And I think all of these guys knew that he was not L. Ron Hubbard the founder who died in May 1984 (when the real Ron was murdered). The impostor had access to all money from the real Ron (and I think this could only happened because the SEGNPMSS poodle CIA assigned Ron the founder the ID of the impostor to protect the real Ron, yeah right, “thanks” CIA, but I am still here to tell the story) and told Broeker to bring him a weekly million in cash (according to Tory Christman’s lecture 30 Mio. $. I wrote before that I don’t trust much of what she is  saying. She says that 30 Mio. $ were missing without citing any source of her information. PRF is rather precise saying 175 Mio $ were missing later in 1986 from Ron’s estate, does that mean 205 Mio $ or more are missing?).

After Broeker is gone so long, DM most certainly does not fear him to come back and take Scientology over. There is a whole new generation in Scientology who never heard of Pat Broeker. DM most certainly does not have Broeker still under PI watch because he fears that he could come back and take over. In fact, Wikipedia deleted Broeker’s profile because they find him so uninteresting and/or unknown (but they voted to keep up stuff on me even when it is wrong):

So, what I am saying is this, Marty: it seems that Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband are forgetting or not saying why DM is still watching Pat Broeker… Of course there might be the possibility that he has some impostor writings (in other words forgeries) stashed away that he might one day sell to somebody for lots of cash but the other reason why DM is still watching him is to see if Pat Broeker has lots of cash…

Well, perhaps Pat Broeker or even Anne Broeker has one or more millions of Ron’s money on secret bank accounts or perhaps none of them never hid money for their own gain. But if it is true and 175 Mio. are missing from Ron’s estate, where did it go? And why did no governmental agency investigate this and published the findings to the Scientologists who deserve to know?

I sure want a full investigation of it, Marty. I know you want this too. Imagine this: this weird couple, Pat and Anne Broeker drop every week a million Dollars on the desk of the impostor, an old man on psychiatric drug Vistaril. And I bet they knew it was not Ron, the founder who got the money of Ron the founder.  Anybody of those who were watching Jack Vistaril, who was for sure the SEGNPMSS, any other German or American or other secret service and their doctors could have gotten into that motor home and simply stolen Millions without that he would have noticed it. Perhaps that was the reason why he was on Vistaril to be unconscious for the robbery.

I want to know who stole the many  Mio. Dollars, and I want any penny being paid back into the real Ron’s estate. I want a full official investigation and when the investigators run into “dead ends” and don’t progress with finding the Million Dollar thieves, we can help them because with our OT abilities, we know where to look, Marty.

The perfect crime? As you know, it doesn’t exist. Sometimes it takes decades but the truth comes out always. I want Pat and Anne Broeker (Tidman), Norman Starkey, all attorneys, Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, Lawrence E. Heller and Meade Emory, etc. grilled under oath as to what happened to these Millions and who else but the Brokers had access to the Blue motor home of Ron’s impostor. American secret service might have the information but as they are German poodles and might have very dirty hands too, they don’t come forward  unless an independent authority makes them revealing finally all they know.

I am sure that all that “reconstruction” of Ron’s finances and “affairs” in 1981 was done without the real Ron’s knowledge because the SEGNPMSS had planned his murder by that time.

Forever yours,

I love you, Marty. Stupid people don’t know that we are soon together investigating what they did. They can’t predict the future but we can.


Below it the article, talking of the 175 Mio. saying that there is no copyright to this article and it can be re-published at anytime anywhere by anyone:



Writing on the fortune of the estate of the late L. Ron Hubbard
(“The Prophet and Profit of Scientology,” _Forbes_, October 27,
1986), _Forbes_ writer Richard Behar reported that “FORBES can
total up at least $200 million gathered in Hubbard’s name,” going
on to say that “Hubbard would have been included high on The
Forbes Four Hundred.”

Less than six months later, on 16 April 1987, the entire Hubbard
estate was valued in court-filed papers at only $26,305,706.00, a
difference from the _Forbes_ figure of nearly $175 million. In
complete control of the Hubbard estate during that entire period
was Executor Norman F. Starkey and his counsel, Hubbard probate
and business attorney Sherman Lenske of the law firm Lenske,
Lenske & Heller (LL&H). In fact, LL&H had been handling all
representation of L. Ron Hubbard for estate planning,
intellectual properties, business management, and litigation
since at least as early as April of 1981, and had been in control
of Hubbard’s fortune and affairs while Hubbard himself had been

But Behar and _Forbes_ elected not to disclose the intimate
involvement in the estate of lawyers Sherman Lenske, Stephen
Lenske (brother of Sherman), and Lawrence E. Heller –the
principals of LL&H — all of whom also had personal and
professional ties to former Assistant Commissioner of IRS Meade

Emory, in fact, had been hired by LL&H to be the chief architect
of the Hubbard probate, as well as chief architect of the entire
Scientology corporate restructuring that LL&H began putting into
effect in early 1981, all of which had been intricately
interwoven by Emory with the tax considerations and assets of
Hubbard and his estate.

Instead of reporting those overriding facts, Behar and _Forbes_
went to great lengths attempting to lay all responsibility for
the Hubbard fortune on three people who could not have had any
control over it at all: David Miscavige, Pat Broeker, and Anne
Broeker, all merely members of the unincorporated Scientology
“religious order” known as the “Sea Organization” (Sea Org). The
other fact that _Forbes_ either covered up or didn’t bother to
find out was that those three people were only employees of the
Scientology-related corporations that Meade Emory and LL&H had
created just years before, and which LL&H fully controlled
through literary property licenses and management agreements also
engineered by Emory.


So wrote Behar and _Forbes_, then wrote: “There is something that
FORBES still doesn’t know, however. It is something no one may
know outside a small, secretive band of Hubbard’s followers: What
is happening to all that money?”

Our question is: why didn’t _Forbes_ just ask the only “secretive
band” that actually knew the answer: Executor of Hubbard’s estate
Norman F. Starkey, and Starkey’s attorney Sherman Lenske? Why did
Forbes direct all attention away from them (the article never
even mentions them), and concentrate all attention on three
non-parties? Can a publication with the tax and financial savvy
of _Forbes_ actually be so obtuse that they don’t know where
control of an estate lies? Or was there another agenda?

“How could Hubbard do all this?” _Forbes_ wrote. Our question is:
how could _Forbes_ do all this? Can a publication like _Forbes_
be so blind not know that an Executor had been appointed to
control such an estate? How hard did _Forbes_ have to look the
other way not to notice that a former Assistant Commissioner of
IRS had been deeply involved with the Lenskes and Heller in the
complex tax and probate plan for Hubbard’s estate and interlocked

In fact, how could _Forbes_ have responsibly gotten the $200
million figure without being in contact with the Executor and the
attorneys controlling the Hubbard estate?

Was _Forbes_ paid to not report where they got the figure, and to
create other false sources for it? There is, after all, almost
$175 million unaccounted for, according to the figures _Forbes_
themselves reported compared to the court-filed assessment six
months later. Or was there some other quid pro quo arranged for
the _Forbes_ silence on the roles of Emory and Starkey and the
Lenske, perhaps even paving the way to a subsequent high-profile
political candidacy?


A more recent star in the _Forbes_ firmament is former _Wall
Street Journal_ writer Elizabeth MacDonald. MacDonald has her own
connection to the same drama and players: she was at WSJ when the
officially secret IRS/Scientology Closing Agreement was leaked to
WSJ by an unknown source almost immediately after disclosure of
Meade Emory’s behind-the-scenes involvement had been privately
submitted to then head of the Joint Committee on Taxation,
Senator William V. Roth, Jr., by media exec Lisa Jan Precious and
her literary agent, Richard Barber of New York.

MacDonald also had in her possession, at the time of the illegal
leak of tax information to WSJ, a full report on Emory’s IRS
Assistant Commissioner background, as well as his involvement as
co-founder in the creation of the richest and most powerful
corporation in Scientology, the Church of Spiritual Technology
(CST, doing business as the “L. Ron Hubbard Library”).

With the tax exemption, CST became the primary beneficiary of the
Hubbard estate in the plan created by Emory, a plan that just
happened to put the Lenskes and Heller — who had hired Emory to
devise the plan — in position as controlling “Special Directors”
for life of CST, with their normal hourly attorney fee arranged
as their compensation for that corporate position. PRF estimates
that to have averaged around $300 or more an hour, and the
Lenskes and Heller have been in that position since 7 June 1982.
For a 40-hour week, that translates to over $1.8 million per year
just for their salaries, or a total of $36 million paid to the
three lawyers over their 20-year tenure as a result of Emory’s
master plan, all of which was granted tax exemption by IRS.

MacDonald and the editors of WSJ knew a great deal about Emory’s
deep involvement with the Lenskes and Heller at the very time
when some unknown source illegally gave WSJ the then-secret
IRS/Scientology Closing Agreement, that coming only weeks after
the head of the Joint Committee on Taxation has received the same
information on Emory that WSJ had, in a closed-door meeting
between Precious, Barber, and Roth’s top aide, Bill Nixon.

MacDonald was even in contact with Public Research Foundation
(PRF) around that time, saying that a story on Emory was “with
the editors.” But, like _Forbes_, WSJ elected to suppress the
important information linking the Scientology corporations and
LL&H to Emory and IRS, instead only publishing the lengthy and
complex IRS legal document virtually without comment. To this day
WSJ has not revealed what they have known since at least December
1997 about Emory’s involvement.

Were the _Wall Street Journal_ and MacDonald actually exercising
journalistic discretion and ethics by protecting a source on the
Closing Agreement leak? Or did the illegal leak quietly come from
the office of then-head of the Joint Committee on Taxation,
Senator William V. Roth, Jr., making WSJ actively involved in a
cover-up of government wrongdoing at high levels?

Now further complicating events surrounding the illegal leak, PRF
in a recent press released disclosed new information that IRS
agents reportedly threatened the whistleblower Lisa Precious,
telling her they had a secretly-made videotape of her that
somehow implicated her in the leak to WSJ, which caused her to
retain an attorney. PRF sources say the tape most likely was
clandestinely made of Precious when she went in to an interview
with Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA). Others have
speculated that the tape might even have been secretly made in
the office of Senator Roth.

Although the leak seemed like a journalistic coup by WSJ, the
very length and complexity of the IRS/Scientology Closing
Agreement simply deflected the interest of a large segment of the
public, and also did nothing to expose Emory’s involvement with
the Hubbard estate, with the entire Scientology corporate
restructuring that resulted in the Closing Agreement itself, or
with the three lawyers that Emory had helped put in control of it
all: neither Emory, nor either of the Lenske brothers, nor
Lawrence E. Heller are named anywhere in the document.

In fact, the interests of the Lenskes and Heller are hidden in
the Closing Agreement behind the signature of top
Scientology-side negotiator Monique Yingling, who signed with
Power of Attorney for CST, the corporation which is controlled by
the Lenskes and Heller. It’s also the corporation that received
all assets of the Hubbard estate as a direct result of the
Closing Agreement in accordance with the probate and corporate
plan that had been masterminded by Emory while working with the
Lenskes and Heller.


PRF has uncovered even more information on the backroom
machinations behind the Closing Agreement. It has now been
learned that Meade Emory was a former close associate at
Assistant Director level of IRS with Howard M. Schoenfeld,
Chairman of the negotiating work group that Yingling worked with
to secure the tax exemption for CST and the other corporations.
In light of emerging data, it could be said that the entire
exemption plan, including the entire Hubbard estate plan and the
interlocked corporate restructuring, was really arranged solely
by and between former IRS top executive Meade Emory — ostensibly
working for the Hubbard/Scientology lawyers — and Schoenfeld on
the inside at IRS, with LL&H and Yingling being paid go-betweens.

Even more disturbing is the fact that Schoenfeld ordered IRS
analysts assigned to the exemption investigations to look the
other way on questions of commercial activity and possible
inurement surrounding the Scientology exemption negotiations with
Yingling and the other attorneys involved — one of whom was
Yingling’s husband, Gerald A. Feffer, a former deputy assistant
attorney general now with Williams & Connolly.

Directly related to the “look the other way” mandate from
Schoenfeld is the for-profit corporation that Emory and LL
created called Author Services, Inc. (ASI) which handles the
Hubbard fiction works, but once handled all Hubbard literary
property, including the Scientology-related copyrights. With
10,000 shares, the assets of ASI alone are reported to have
jumped from $10 million to $44 million in just six months of
1982, while the Lenskes and Heller were controlling ASI as
Hubbard’s personal and professional representatives in his
absence, and were also working closely with Emory. That $34
million leap in 1982 would account for at least some of the $200
reported by _Forbes_ in October 1986.

Then what happened to $175 million from the Hubbard estate in the
six months between the October 1986 _Forbes_ article and the
April 1987 probate court evaluation of the estate? What had
Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, Lawrence E. Heller, Norman F.
Starkey, and former IRS official Emory done with that fortune?
How much did Yingling and Feffer know about it? How much did
Schoenfeld know about it? How much of it, if any, did they each

Another layer of intrigue over the missing fortune has been
added: it has been discovered that the person who ultimately
became Executor and Trustee of the Estate, Starkey, is the person
who originally hired LL&H in April 1981, ostensibly on behalf of
the missing Hubbard. At the time, Starkey was not named as
Executor and Trustee. Another associate of the Lenskes, attorney
Norton S. Karno, was.

After Starkey hired the Lenske brothers and Heller, they in turn
brought in Emory, who laid out the plan for the estate and the
new corporations. Emory and LL&H then returned the favor to
Starkey, naming him as the Executor and Trustee in the final will
and trust instruments, all purportedly signed by Hubbard the very
day before his reported death, after a reported stroke. At the
signing of the Closing Agreement, Starkey then turned all the
assets of the Hubbard estate over to the control of the Lenskes
and Heller in their highly-compensated roles as Special Directors
at CST — all in accordance with the Emory plan.

PRF calls for an immediate full federal investigation into:

1. The connections between Emory, Schoenfeld, Roth, the Lenskes,
Heller, Starkey, and Yingling and Feffer, and how much each has
received in payment from the Hubbard estate and Scientology

2. Their knowledge of the $175 million apparently missing from
the Hubbard estate;

3. The IRS-ordered transfer of the Hubbard estate, including all
the intellectual property, into the control of the Lenskes and
Heller at CST under Emory’s plan, while simultaneously cutting
Hubbard’s natural heirs out of the vast bulk of the inheritance,
all of which Schoenfeld approved as part of the exemption;

4. The illegal leak of the Closing Agreement and the responsible

5. The covert videotaping of Lisa Jan Precious;

6. How IRS agents came into possession of the Precious videotape;

7. The legality and Constitutionality of the IRS Closing

8. Any and all misdemeanors and felonies that might emerge from
such investigation, and any and all other possible principals,
accomplices, co-conspirators, or accessories after the fact to
any such misdemeanors and felonies as might be found.

NOTICE: This transmission is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. It is entirely
free of copyright and may be freely copied and distributed by
anyone anywhere in the world, including to all press and media.
All or any part may be quoted with or without attribution or
credit. PUBLIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION is an unincorporated public
service provided by uncompensated volunteers donating their time
and resources to the research, investigation and circulation of
important public information.


,” for original story on Meade Emory connections to
Lenskes, Heller, and Scientology; on the web at:

,” for details of
corporate/Sea Org relationship; on the web at:

for more information on Author Services, Inc. and it’s shares.

,” for more details on whistleblower Lisa Jan
Precious and her visit to Senator Roth’s office.