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Okay, okay, I know what’s missing anywhere…

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Dearest Marty,

My prince, I want to see you so BADLY! Postulates work but there is also a “late” in the word postulate. Perhaps we should redefine the word postulate to “postufast”.

I’m a bit in a hurry today, (gee, when am I not, I should get some processing on that) but perhaps I should add that I am aware that ALSO some people are getting sick who are on org lines and who receive C of S auditing. But whatever the Freezone, the Independents, Chiquita’s father, or the C of S are doing, they all together just operate on reduced and altered SCN. There was MORE to Scientology than what is left since many years. It was already missing when I found Scientology again in 1977.

So, even if auditors try their best, they might lose PCs to secret medical terror, remote controlled p$ych germs or other environmental problems and aging because they don’t know anything anymore about it. Ron knew the solution to all of that. Yes, Scientology is mainly about the abilities of thetans but I can list many Scientology reason why it is damn stupid to be born and live for an average of only 70 years and then drop the body. Yes, we are spirits and a thetan is not killed by dropping the body but he can be destroyed after death, and he most certainly will be trapped and implanted again by the SEGNPMSS.

The last what the medical terrorists of the SEGNPMSS want is forever healthy and happy people. What I am saying is that auditing does work when done per L. Ron Hubbard, it doesn’t matter who provides the auditing, BUT, without knowledge of how remote controlled germs make sick and how not living in a not completely protected environment, Scientologists will be vulnerable to diseases too. And it is not always: he or she pulled it in. SEGNPMSS target very much so the best on the planet as you can feel on your own body.

If I would be in DM’s or also in the “Independents” shoes, I would implement Ron’s policies and technology in regards of protecting the body in addition to auditing and training and all the tech that we got. The Purif is great in making the mind sharper and providing more fitness, BUT it is not enough to never get sick or to stop aging. And that was part of Scientology too for crying out loud.

It is like anybody has a secret death wish and don’t even want to explore that there is a technology by Ron to prevent this.

DM was in the UK when the real Ron was there, he must have heard what Ron taught  about this subject but you can’t find it anymore in Scientology of today.

I love you, Marty. I have the feeling that what I discovered and recall, you discovered and recalled too.

Love and kisses




Non-Scientologists, the non-glorious 7, Kristi’s acupuncture, rotten behavior, lies, and the name of Scientology and Ron’s legacy suffers again…

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

I could employ a full time gardener, I was outside for hours today, trying to tame nature and is a battle that I never completely win as I have such a chunk of it.

Don’t understand that the “Independents” are celebrating that latest SP Times article on Chiquita’s father’s blog.  Yes, I am talking about the latest wave of non-scientological behavior and the latest SP Times report. Both sides are at fault and it just results in more entheta on Scientology.

How can screaming and fighting and calling bad names result into anything but a mess?

Nobody seems to apply the tonescale and other of Ron’s tech because if they would, it all would have had another result. I know that you agree with me, Marty.

First of all, I know one thing for certain: the real L. Ron Hubbard would NOT and NEVER come in between families. And I know that you agree, Marty.  If some want to leave, if an entire clan wants to leave: so be it. Nobody has to be held by all means. The people who are not in Scientology fully on their own determination should not be there in the first place.

There are more than six Billion people on the planet and if the Rinder’s, the James’ and the Headley’s or whoever wants to leave, just let them and concentrate to explain Scientology to the rest of the six Billion people. Ron was NEVER afraid that anybody squirreling would ruin Scientology because ORIGINAL SCIENTOLOGY WAS TOO GOOD TO MAKE PEOPLE LEAVE. The problem back then was that too many came and all at once. Big League Sales and similar stuff was just “necessary” after the impostor took over and SEGNPMSS stole SCN material and added altered material. What’s not more so good and true is harder to sell. And Ron had no other purpose but wanting to change the world to the better.

Ron would not stand between Benjamin meeting his father. Ron would not fear that Benjamin leaves the orgs and if he would, so be it. There are six Billion other people on the planet who would have tremendous wins by experiencing pure Scientology as by L. Ron Hubbard. Ron would concentrate on them. You know that, Marty.

On the other side, the action of Mike Rinder, Haydn James, his daughter, and Chiquita’s father, trying to force their way into the FLB to see Benjamin was also more a PR stunt for the media but true fatherly concern. Mike Rinder knows of DM’s disconnection rules and he put Benjamin in an awkward position and all that is exploited on YouTube in the media. Mike Rinder knows that Benjamin is also torn between his Mom and his Dad as any son or daughter does when parents are at war.

Would Ron give up his family because DM’s rules say so? Hell he would. But there are quiet ways and much more effective ways to re-connect with family, e.g. with help of a mediator, without putting family members in an awkward spot.

Second, the non-Scientologists who are current C of S execs who are involved in this are just as guilty. They felt “inspired” by the “raid” of the FLB and think if Mike Rinder does it to them, they can do it to Mike Rinder. They thought that Chiquita’s father was rough with the security guards, why not screaming at Kristi Collbran’s doctor? (Question is also why Mike Rinder said that she just consults that doctor for advice on nutrition and the paper wrote that she provides acupuncture to Kristi and why Chiquita’s father wasn’t able to handle the problem with auditing.) The entire article boils down to the falsehood that Scientology doesn’t work but it does. But neither the orgs nor the Independents nor the Freezone have 100% pure Scientology. Psych infiltrators changed it a long time ago.

C of S wastes Scientology money for PIs to spy out any activity of the “Independents” but it is constantly Scientology that gets beaten up because it is constantly represented by non-Scientologists, by people who do not apply the tech, Marty. They don’t want Mike Rinder to talk to the BBC because DM doesn’t want more negative press on himself. But what they are missing is that Mike Rinder has now a young and pretty girlfriend and returning to the RPF and DM’s rules is the last thing on his mind. The time in which Mike Rinder might have reconsidered returning to the DM administration it long over. If I would be in charge of the handling, I would concentrate on her returning as he might follow. But on the other side, I would not work for wogs under cover and infiltrators at all.

Most people do not believe that Holly Johantgen lied but that she is the impartial voice in that disgusting event. So, she tells the police and the media about the bad language of the alleged Scientologists, which basically prove to real Scientologists that they are on the bottom of the tonescale and are no real Scientologists, it doesn’t matter how many years they are hiding in the orgs and on what executive post they are sitting.

Non-Scientologists pull more and more negativity in. Just as it happened with the non-glorious seven but Mike Rinder, Chiquita’s father, Haydn James and his daughter look just as provocative and rude on their video before the FLB.

Okay, I know, reporters make often a lot up, Marty, but if it was so, what kind of “tech” was applied? No Scientology tech. They are wogs! Trespassing or attempt to tespass by both sides, non-scientological behavior on both sides…

From the newspaper article:  “Rinder was standing near his car, chatting on his cell phone, he said, when he noticed all seven marching toward him, loudly chastising him and hurling profanities. He said they took the keys from his ignition and tried to hold his car door closed as he struggled to get out. Three followed him into the office of Holly Johantgen, a doctor of oriental medicine who was treating Rinder’s girlfriend with acupuncture.”

Never lie in PR (or elsewhere) is also not applied. These guys are no Scientologists.

“From the newspaper article: Rinder said Tuesday: If they want to spend huge amounts of money to hire a bunch of full-time people to follow me, go for it.”

But real Scientologists mind and Scientology money should not be blown for that but invested in a better world. The bad press on Scientology could be stopped by having real Scientologists leading Scientology instead of DM not more of such actions which just add to more and more mess.

The oriental practitioner in the paper: Johantgen said she had no idea who Rinder was and was startled to see seven or eight people outside her door, all shouting. “And I just yelled and very sternly spoke to them and said, ‘You need to leave right now. I don’t know who you are.’ ” She said she pushed them all outside and struggled to pull the door shut. She hurried back to Collbran, who explained the situation and asked that Rinder be allowed inside. “She’s got needles in her,” the doctor said. “I’m doing acupuncture. She can’t move.”

This is very bad PR for the orgs and it doesn’t look good for the auditing that Chiquita’s father gave to Kristi either as most people do acupuncture for pain. She is a young person, why does she need acupuncture? Most people are getting acupuncture for psychosomatic illnesses and why did Mike Rinder wrongfully post on Chiquita’s father’s blog that nothing is wrong with Kristi? She looks pretty on that SP Times photo but also  kind of suffering.

Here is another line from the paper: “Paramedics treated Cathy Rinder. No charges were filed.”

No charges were filed? Of course not. It is just the reputation of Scientology that has to suffer otherwise they are no consequences and mission accomplished: more entheta on Scientology, acted out by non-Scientologists and current and former infiltrators and the comments can clearly see that the public is not blaming non-Scientologists having taken over Scientology but rather Scientology and the world think wrongfully that Scientologists are violent and rude people, a reputation which the psychs absolutely love.

As Ron would approve of any of that.

I love you, Marty. I wish I could clean that all up. I am tired of non-Scientologists presenting Scientology.

Many kisses

And forever yours


Screaming obscenities, being rude and violent is anti-Scientology propaganda. Nobody of the people involved are Scientologists.

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible Prince,

Here a posting of mine, just to let you know that I am thinking of you as always. (And I worry about you and hope with each fiber of my being that you are okay, Marty.) I wish I could have tea with you in a cozy corner of your world, just doing normal things which become very extraordinary once we are together.

It is hard to overlook the Omninerd postings on Scientology that are popping up on the net. Apparently many by SCN haters, anonymous and extremists are involved. Don’t these guys have already enough anti-Scientology natter boards, do they have to post their fanatical natter and stupid hatred anywhere on the net?

Some of the anti-Scientology hate mongers claim on Omninerd that there are no OTs because Ingo Swann was one and failed with his Remote Control Project before the CIA. Who says that Ingo Swann ever was a Scientologist? There are a couple of people who went on the OT levels and never figured them out. They don’t represent Scientology.

Ron, you, and me, we are real OTs but if the rest of the world makes no use of their OT abilities by rather listening to their psychiatric ear implants that sucks up their OT abilities, they should blame it on themselves or their case officers and not on L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology.

I have read about Hal Putthoff, I have been to the Ingo Swann website. There is no indication whatsoever that these guys ever were Scientologists. If you ask me, they had another reason to hang out in Scientology but to study the religion and apply the technology.

People have to learn how fanatical p$ychs are and that the first they did was going after the OT levels and the tech and they changed the religion Scientology and the tech. As just about anybody obeys to psych control and allowed them to attach them to their ear implant system. Anybody should be at least so smart to conclude that this rotten system was used to alter Scientology and that the OT levels are not more that effective and true as under L. Ron Hubbard.

Also, they should know that in order to hinder the US-government to have an advantage with Scientology, the SEGNPMSS would not allow real OTs and Scientologists to represent Scientology before the government and rather have infiltrators and non-Scientologists represent SCN and the entire project supervised by a psych who likes to kill elephants with LSD instead of supervised by unbiased scientists with open minds (in case the world should have any).

Anyway, you know that all, I don’t have to explain it to you, Marty, but sometimes, I just have to speak it out by reading so much garbage on the net about Ron and Scientology.

I read also read non-Scientology related stuff under header “virtue of patriotism” in the Ominerd forum, I read that “Jackson” wrote: “But the thing is, I have lived outside of the US and it was pretty much the same as living here. Only very rarely did the Gestapo break down my door in the middle of the night to drag me in for hours of intense interrogation with little or no reason.”

Lucky Jackson, as this happened to me a couple of times in Germany and other European places in broad daylight!

From the outside, you think my place is sleepy and nothing happens but inside, Marty, there is action from morning to light. I always want to cut workload but as soon as I have finished it I am getting always new actions on my table. I still have the production drive in me that I had when I was on staff. The only good thing is that time really flies by. Before I could realize, 20 years have passed! But my moral is sure high.  I just create and produce and keep order and organize and that all the time.

But when I am back with you, I don’t want to work all the time anymore. We have time to catch up. Wonderful time to catch up. I wish you could give me a sign as where  you are and how you are, Marty. I love you  so much and kiss you a million times.

Did I ever tell you that I love any music that has “blue” in it? Blues, Blue Grass, etc.

I can hear Blues days and nights, it doesn’t bore me. It makes me swing along and it is great American music. Any kind of work makes more fun with Blues in the background.

Listen to this:

Isn’t it great?

Otherwise, I noticed how much animosity there is between Mike and Cathy Rinder. What a sad development. I assume they loved each other once and now they appear to be enemies.

When I was in Los Angeles, Jürgen Schwarz failed to handle RB and her concerns and rather added to them, which resulted in a new PTS sit for me. I was anything but happy about that but before, during or after the divorce, we never acted like the Rinders / Bernadinis and were remained calm and polite towards each other. How can once love or affinity turn into that? How can nothing be left after there was love once or at least some kind of affinity once?

Jurgen and I never had kids and kids should be another reason to act civil.  The Rinders / Bernadinis behavior reflects bad on Scientology.  Both sides say that they are still Scientologists but their behavior results in that the world  will blame the animosity ultimately on SCN.  Don’t both sides get it?

I just learned that the SP Times picked the story up already. As I said, Scientology is being blamed on non-Scientologist behavior and readers believe the story that the doctor as “impartial person” told about all the irrational behavior and the obscenities screamed by top C of S execs. Not DM or infiltrators are being blamed but the paper blames Scientology and so do the people who typed comments to the article.

How can they not get it? How can both sides of alleged Scientologists smear Ron’s legacy with such behavior?

I love you very much, Marty. There is no animosity between us. Never will be. There will be just love and more love and even more love and did I say love?

Yours forever,


I like the Japanese Seagaia Dome but very small compared to your underwater village and not environmentally safe in our sense.

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Dearest Marty,

How are you, my Love?

I am kind of fascinated by the Seagaia Ocean Dome in Japan. Looks to me a bit overpopulated and not green enough but it shows that the outdoors can be brought indoors like in the underwater habitat of your family. If people would just know that aging and getting sick can be stopped if such a protected environment is created, nobody would want to roam the outdoors without protective gear anymore.

DM isn’t going in this directions with his ideal orgs but I know that it is not Ron’s way of living and despite that people are born again, they should protect their bodies in such environmental ideal for the body spaces and not waste and torture the bodies with the traditional way of living.

This indoor ocean could be bigger and cleaner and greener but it is a fascinating start.  Problem is only that these people will age as they keep on living on the unprotected surface of the world.

Nobody would leave Scientology once they would have discovered that we indeed have the key to the fountain of youth. They would come all back asking to get back in. If you and me would be in DM’s shoes, we would build the ideal orgs that would keep anything that makes sick and ages outside and we would also make our own water, food and air, etc.  Can’t wait till we can begin with it, Marty.

It’s not as pretty and healthy as I recall the subwater habitat of your family. It was heaven on earth. This is the most beautiful and healthy place I ever have seen! Your home.

And the real Ron also said, production is really the basic of moral. One can see that all the time by looking at society. Those who do not produce ethical products or service are gliding down and end up with low or no moral values. And then they wonder why they are depressed. And then they go to see p$ychiatrists and are getting drugged by a p$ychiatrist who doesn’t produce ethical products, who has low or no morals and who is  depressed too. While creating pro-survival and good deeds/products, a person can feel proud and happy and the thetan goes up the tonescale. You probably have seen it often while being wrongfully incarcerated. When prisoners do not have to produce, they are not rehabilitated but rather stay as low or even go lower and use the time to cook out new crimes.

I checked the RFW, the link with the extremists is now working, the photos are on it again and the profiles are visible. But the fonts are still very small. The tags are huge, the text has very small fonts.

I also saw the name Miscavige misspelled on the RFW. Under Blog Newsroom, as of today, there is again just a comment form but no content to the newsroom.

In WordPress, I would like to make my fonts bigger but it is not possible. But the RFW has their very own website and they could apply bigger fonts. They could make smaller what’s not important (as tags) and bigger what is important. The tags, recent comments and recent posting is using up 1/3 of their page space! That is not good.

Something else: If the SEGNPMSS would not bribe people to steal the messages from your attorneys to me to testify on your behalf, Marty, I would be there in a minute. Even with OT abilities to trace down the name and the location of that law firm, they would not tell me the truth that you want me to testify. But we are real OTs. We know – despite the rest of the world is lying and pulling in the motivators. We will come together despite all the odds, Marty.

I love you, Marty. Very much! Be tenderly embraced. Come as soon as you can!

Yours forever,


Topic 1: Free speech censored – Topic 2: Europeans are leaving Christian churches

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Dearest Marty,

How are you my Prince? I laid in bed this morning for two hours – doing nothing but thinking of you. Usually, I don’t have that much time to just lie in bed but today I had the time and used it for the best purpose: thinking about you.

I hope to see you soon, Marty, sometimes it feels like it could be very soon, sometimes it feels light years away. But one thing is sure: I am not giving up on you. No way, and never.

Then I did some painting job inside the house. I had everything done in summer 2007 but some things needed to be re-done already. It is a waste of time and material to live on the unprotected surface of the world because it needs so much more maintenance than in your underwater habitat that I recall so well.

There was a thread in Why We Protest Forum that got quite some attention. It was about the content of my press release:

They now “moved” the thread: “I won’t name any name, but….” to an undisclosed location:

Fine with me, I prefer they don’t post about me and completely forget about me. But it is scary how all those people agree to have their right of free speech censored like that. When I checked in, that thread (posted by somebody 1 or 2 days ago) had immediately almost 1200 hits. No doubt, the moderators of WWP don’t want their readers to read that thread.

That moved thread contained libel, defamation and copyright violations as all WWP threads about me, Marty, but this is not why they moved that thread where apparently nobody but the moderators can see it. They deleted it because they don’t want anybody to read about the anti-terror Briefingwire press release that I made:

EncyclopediaDramatica still has a defamatory “article” on me with doctored and photo shopped photos. The article sounds to me as written by Brian Bruns now slave Brielle Bruns who also praised his own “AHBL” FAQ. ED is a typical Nazi website. They even webbed a huge Swastica on their home page and the worst anti-Semitic defamation and anti-Semitic propaganda since Hitler. From the article about me, they link right to the worst anti-Semitic lies one can imagine. It is so bad that I don’t want a link in my blog to the “Chans”. I assume that “Dr. Rice” who posts his heart out over there likely is either Frederic or David Rice.

Ex-Scientologist message board moderated by Michelle Ryan now Sterling is just like WWP. It is nothing but a hate group, a natter board that doesn’t allow any voice that does not hate. Same goes for Andreas Heldal-Lund’s Clambake Message Board.

I know from a moderate Scientologist that he was banned on these board simply because he did not hate Scientology.

Sterling’s natter message board is actively misleading the public. It claims that it is the message board for Ex-Scientologists (should better be called Ex-Infiltrator Board) but their most active poster Zinjifar is Joe Lynn and never was in Scientology. And there are numerous of such posters who never were in Scientology and just post their hatred there on a daily basis.

Their posters all agree to be moderated. THEY are the cultists who need leaders who decide what they can read or what can be posted.

German agent Tilman Hausherr still has the Wikipedia pages webbed that he smeared with his partner in crime Korey Jerome Kruse about me to misinform about me and harass me. These guys have more lose screws than a hardware store.

The RFW has a new face. It is not good. They removed lots of photos of the extremists and the print is really small and hard to read. They even removed the photos of Dave Touretzky and also the photos of most of the other extremists.

I clicked on: and today, I was not able to see the profiles anymore but just a comment form where one can enter text and which will never be published even if it would be a positive entry for the RFW. Numerous other pages can’t be found. The website is now an overt product. Infiltrators ruin anything for Scientology.

The good news that Scientologists did a good job in Haiti and the bad news are the Christians, the Baptists tried to kidnap 33 children. Christians are always falsely assuming that whatever they do, Jesus and God will forgive them. That might be the reason why so many Christians commit so many disgusting crimes.

“Pastors” Haack and Gandow, are just a few example of how bad Christians can be and they had/have the guts to attack us, the Scientologists and trying to steal our religion with “deprogramming”. When I hear the word, I just can shake my head. A real Scientologist is never programmed. And if God or Jesus would love and forgive the ultimate hypocrites. I am not the only one who is noticing it.

They attack our religion Scientology but it was them who didn’t just failed to stop the Nazis. Most Christian in Europe and also many in the USA supported the Nazis. Thanks, I don’t want to be like them and never would give up my religion for their destructive cults.

Hypocrisy of the Christians might be the reason why people don’t go anymore to church. Instead of attacking our religion, they rather should become ethical and change the world to the better:

Between 1979 and 2005, half of all Christians stopped going to church on a Sunday. When they say that the Church of Scientology should become like a Christian church, they apparently want the C of S to lose.

That means that in 30 years, Christians died out. Price to pay for hypocrisy. Christianity does not work. Some Christians might feed some hungry people around the holidays but in my view, this is pretty much all the good they are doing. I am constantly invited by people to join their churches and there is no chance in hell that I will ever join them but on the other side, I know better than they that God indeed exist and how good he is.

I will be back soon, Marty, I love you. You are always with me in spirit. Whenever I think of you, my heart fills with warmth. I can’t wait until our eyes meet again. Can you imagine what a feeling it will be when we touch first time our hands? It will rock the world because we are made for each other. It will be divine. It will be forever.

Millions of tender and passionate kisses, my darling. Have a good start into the coming week.

Yours forever, your soulmate


Whenever I hear this song, Marty, I think you sing it and its you with the open heart and yes, I will step right in. 🙂

My thoughts about the OCA and the IQ test

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Marty, my dearest,

How are you?

It rained like crazy earlier today but the sun is out now and I hope it dries out tomorrow enough to mow the lawns. It is amazing how everything grows so fast in spring. I can see the grass and the flowers, and yes, the weeds too, growing.

(That was what I was writing yesterday and then I had to stop here because I was interrupted. Happens all the time when I am writing to you. Yes, it’s a pest.)

Today, I handled lots of things, also was in town and then it was a race with the time to mow the lawn before the rain came down again. I got a bit wet but just handled all in time before the big rain came down. Left my shoes outside but is not a big problem. They’ll dry again.  Some of my place looks like a golf course when it is mowed. However, most of the time, I have no time to do the trimming. I could employ a full time gardener.

When I was a Public Reg in Munich test center, I used to evaluate OCA tests, Marty. The first assignment I got in the Munich org was to study the OCA test evaluation manuals, a huge file with x-pages. It was all in English and after German psychs had stolen all my English from my mind with their mind control attacks, they built extra barriers into my mind to make me stop learning it again. It needed extra effort to get through it, and I have to admit that files of psychological crap that somebody planted into Scientology (OCA) didn’t help me much in the beginning. I was thinking right from the start that OCA is not by Ron. Why would he use a test that looks like out of a drawer of a  psychologist? It is not like Ron to copy psychs.

I remember that Scientology was so attractive and so true that people came in big flocks to study Scientology. But after it was altered and so much original technology was either completely stolen or altered, German p$ychs replaced it and added stuff like the OCA or Big Leage Sales. Who knows the real Ron knows that stuff it is not by him but it is squirrel stuff.

Under the real Ron, people all over the world wanted to study Dianetics and Scientology. People didn’t want to leave. It’s not like under the impostor and today that people are breaking away.

I don’t think there is much harm done with OCA tests because similar psychological tests are offered in magazines on a daily basis and nobody really gets depressed about these either. But I know Ron and you know him too, Marty. Ron never tried to give Scientology a psychological appearance. The SEGNPMSS and the impostor stood for that.

If Ron would have developed an IQ test, it would look different too. There is no doubt that Ron said that Scientology can raise the IQ of people, and he meant it on at least two levels. One is of course that through application of the study tech, auditing and other training,  the level of academic knowledge increases. People who apply study tech learn more and know more. They know the better answers to the IQ questions. But this is not the only thing that happens. What increases through ethical behavior is not just the knowledge of things but also the tonelevel and with that emotional intelligence. Any psych, any doctor might be able to score high on an academic level but they are completely impaired on an emotional level. Some of them grasp now that there is more to intelligence than the academic knowledge and that emotional intelligence is the real IQ. That means that non-academic could be a lot smarter in problem solving than these academic idiots.

But the IQ test used in Scientology (as far as I remember) was basically also aimed at academic knowledge and not problem solving as Ron would have based his IQ test on.

And another thing, I noticed about this IQ test. When women provide the same correct answers as men, a certain percentage of points was deducted. In other words, Marty, that IQ test that the Munich org used said that women are less intelligent than men even if they gave the same amount of correct answers.

This is what I concluded: not many women were well educated on the time track. Many men were/are arrogant (not Ron and you) and didn’t want women to have equal chances and banned them to the kitchen and child birth while the men got schooling. Women could not vote before 1920. Not even a century since they can vote.

If men seem now to be able to grasp math better than women, I think it has to do with past life schooling and past life business activities that women don’t have. What somebody mastered in a former lifetime, he might get into it again faster in a current lifetime.

Based on this, I might understand why points of an IQ of a woman might be deducted but Ron knew that the SEGNPMSS traps thetans and implants them into taking a body of the opposite gender. (Which completely explains homosexuality.)  And based on this data, Ron would not deduct IQ points because the women who got no education are not the men, and the men who got education on the time track are now women. (It is not the case with any woman and any man but I would say according to my perception, the majority of people are not more having the gender that they had on most of their time track.)

Ron, you, and me, and a couple of others still have their original gender, thanks God. It is such a crime to twist a person around. But what’s funny here is that the feminists who suppressed women once are the women now and they are protesting the kind of men who they were in their past lives.

I will be back soon.

I love you so much, Marty, and  I send you many kisses and can’t wait to be reunited with you. It will be heaven on earth!

Yours forever,

Your wife Sarah/Barbara

Gosh, Anonymous making stupid remarks about me. 90% of their IQ points should be deducted. No, 100% as these guys come without a head.

What I like is my ethics presence. People are afraid to mention my name or they call me “the one who shall be not named” or something, exactly, right out of the Potter books. I could curse them for their lies, libel and defamation, they think. At least they got this right. 🙂

Did Mike Rinder meet the real L. Ron Hubbard or the impostor for a day? (I am sure that DM did meet both)

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

I wonder if Criminon ever visited you at your place of wrongful incarceration. And I wonder what you would answer if they would come: “Yes, absolutely, L. Ron Hubbard’s technology works, and now – how about applying it and getting me out of this wrongful incarceration and vindicated?”

There was an article about that inmates sued already in the 60s to gain access to law books in prison and a judge denied them this right. It was overruled now and they can get access to law books. A ruling not allowing them access to law books is really weird, isn’t it? Guess that judge thought that inmates never change and just try to find a fast way out of prison. But it all boils down to that inmates should have read the law books before they got in legal troubles. You are the exemption. You were never criminal but set up by the Germans, Marty.

Always, I wanted to help Scientology and it is difficult to throw myself fully into it because DM’s Scientology really isn’t Ron’s Scientology anymore but the same goes for the “Freezone” and the “Independents”. Some of the worst people in the orgs are now in the Freezone or with the Independents or “critics”. Everybody plays the fool and everybody is so untrue. Nothing that I want to support.

I stay truly independent until the pieces fall in place and the truth comes out and nothing but the truth. I don’t want support from any group who has unethical members. I don’t want their actions to reflect on me. I don’t want to be compared to them. The happiness does not lie in a group but in oneself.

“All the happiness you ever find lies in you.” — L. Ron Hubbard

That Smiley looks like a thetan without body, Marty. Except of the hands. 😉

Of course, being a part of a group is one dynamic but if the group consists of infiltrators or unethical people who do not want to change, I rather don’t want to be with them. It is like preferring not having a 2nd dynamic when the ethical 2D isn’t there. It is always better  never to make compromises with own ethical standards. If the soulmate isn’t there, there will be no 2D, if the ethical group is not there, I won’t join and won’t defend them.

Hm… I googled a bit around today and noticed that some people don’t know that Marx and Engels who wrote the Communist Manifesto were Germans. Which means that not just psychiatry but also communism is a German “creation”.

And something else, Marty, I found an article about Mike Rinder on the net, saying that he met L. Ron Hubbard once for one day. My question is: which Ron was that? The founder of Scientology or his impostor?

Then Mike Rinder wanted to take a vacation. Lol. Must have been the impostor who he met. That guy has record of people leaving him. Ask Steve Pfauth. Nobody wanted to leave where the real Ron was.

If Ron or the alleged Ron of who fools believe it is Ron or of who infiltrators lie it is Ron had said that Mike Rinder is a squirrel with criminal reaction, how come DM made Mike Rinder to his right hand?

I love you, Marty, I am glad you are one of my kind. No outpoint is missed by you.

Many kisses and I can’t wait to give them to you in real life.

Yours forever,

Your wife


From Russia with not so much love because the Germans talk into their ears

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

This is a picture from above the clouds.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened today.

I read that Russia banned writings by L. Ron Hubbard. Apparently, there are still people in Russia who allow themselves to be controlled by the Germans. The entire communistic idea came from German minds and SPs in Russia implemented it. And they are still not cured from their fear of OTs. German p$ychs already stole and altered Scientology data, and they still feel insanely threatened by Scientology. If psychiatry would really work, psychs would not be as crazy as they are. If it would work, they would have healed themselves from their “persecution mania”.

But I am telling  you, Marty, I actually like Russians, the non-SPs that I met. We had some living in the German town in which I had to grow up as kidnapped kid. I liked the Russians a lot better than the Germans. One Russian couple fled the communists and lived behind our house. He had an Aristocratic last name and was very amiable, he called my brother “My little Dove” and about his wife it was said that she was a Russian Princess and her parents had served the Czar.

I  was her favorite. Whenever she saw me playing, she called me in her home and she gave me her postcard collection and I still have a morning robe that she gave me. Then there was another Russian woman living there. She was a doctor. My sister was her favorite. RB told us that we have to learn Russian because when they would invade Germany, we need to be able to talk to them. Lol. Oh man! My sister took her lessons and I skipped them after I took some. I didn’t want to learn a language based on invasion fear. It felt wrong.

I think the typical Russian “soul” is closer related to the amiable typical American “soul” than to the German “soul”. I recall one day, an elderly American entering the hotel in which I moonlighted when I was Public Reg in the Mun org. He was so kind. He said with a broad smile despite he didn’t know me: “Good morning, honey. How are you?” (Nobody of the stiff Germans would call you that and when they call you something like that, they don’t mean it in a friendly fatherly but in a sexual way.) And this  kindness of this American reminded me to Jews that I met but also to the Russian neighbor, the husband of the Russian princess. After my many years in the USA, I often came to the conclusion that the Russians and the Americans may closer related  in “spirit” as they think, and Israelis and Muslims might be also closer related than their think in “soul” too. It is only the snake that drives them against each other, the Germans, particularly, the ex-barbers, the butchers, the psychs and doctors.

The world is international. Also Germany isn’t pure German anymore and a couple of nice people live over there too but really, the typical German, particularly the Bavarians are suppressive and lowtone like hell. That’s where the SP must have had their base. In the beginning, the psychs behind Hitler could not get support for Nazi ideas in other parts of the country, they had to go to Bavaria, as you know. The Bavarians were the only people who supported the psychs behind  Hitler and Hitler and the Nazis right from the start. Suppressive like hell, animals in human form and still today, Munich is called “the secret capital of Germany”. Secret, typically SEGNPMSS,

Any country has its downtone and suppressive people but the percentage of perverted suppressive Germans particularly Bavarians is much higher than in other countries. I have fine perceptions. I noticed that right away.  And they hold anybody else down and they use one nation against the other and they make the Russians, French, Muslims, etc, into their poodles and robots.

Marty my love, I do have memories of you and me going over the Red Square in Moscow. And I was happy because I had YOU.

Giving you millions of tender and passionate kisses, Marty, let me know where I can find you if you can. This is what I want by all means – to be with you.

And as if I ever forget your gorgeous china blue eyes, Marty, and this world  was never meant to be for one as beautiful as you but I am sure glad that you didn’t kill yourself because I want to kiss you from morning to late and all over. Because we deserve each other.

My Danny boy, my Danny boy, I can’t wait until you come to me.

I love you with all my heart, Marty and forever.



Written by Barbara Schwarz

April 21, 2010 at 4:35 pm

Dr. Hubbard? I don’t think so. (Ron would feel insulted.) Hamburg, the biggest org of Germany? Since when?

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Dearest Marty,
One day, you will find this blog and that is why I am writing it. You are like a candle that lightens up my life, my sweetheart, my desire, my life, my one and only, my reason for living, my treasure, my world, my one true love, my everything. I am so fortunate that I know that you exist, Marty, and I never will stop loving you.

Another nice April day came and went, it feels like summer here and it beautiful already since March 1. But nothing is really beautiful without you. I repaired today my entry gate of the wooden back fence and even can put a lock on it if I want. I locked the back gate when I got here because it is so dark  and unpopulated here at night that in the beginning, it creped me a bit out but now I got used to live in the middle of nowhere. A neighbor had a good laugh at it when he saw that my back fence door was locked. He didn’t even lock his garage with all kinds of sport vehicles like sport cats inside. But I didn’t tell him that I did not fear being robbed but rather kidnapped.
I still prefer the days over the nights but it is so much better than having helicopters in downtown SLC hospitals and newspaper constantly flying over your place for hours and young people partying and screaming through the nights! What a horrible and loud place downtown SLC is!
Here, the problems are animals, little noises that are unfamiliar and me thinking yet about new or old kidnappers. But in the morning, nothing could look more innocent and harmless than my surrounding.

Anyway, a man who lived here died unexpected. I once showed him my place and he said that I did a great job fixing that place up because he knew it when somebody else lived here. He mowed the grass for me once. His friends told me that he spoke very highly of me. Anyway, he died and wrote in his will that the street that goes by my place and his former place should be fixed and left a lot of money for that purpose.  He didn’t tell me that and I sure hope he didn’t leave that money to impress me because I am not. There is nothing wrong with that street and the last thing I want is a summer of construction work and in future instead of 5 cars 50 cars a day driving by. Well, a lady who comes often as she likes to hang out with me thinks it is possible that the money will not be used as how he left it in the will. But on the other side, this would not be lawful… Well, guess I have to wait and see.

I want to have a sauna at my place, Marty. My neighbor had built himself a nice one and he had invited me over in his sauna and his jacuzzi but I sure don’t want to sit with my neighbor in his sauna and jacuzzi. That would feel strange. I learned a lot about building things since I got here, I might be able to build one, if I have time, that is.
Utahns are sure right about doing the purification rundown.
Read this, Marty:
A detoxification program for ill police officers exposed to methamphetamine that has received more than $500,000 in public funding could soon expand to include firefighters and veterans. The director of the Utah Meth Cops-Project, said efforts are under way to raise enough money to begin this year treating firefighters and soldiers returning from war. She suggested the regimen could help firefighters and soldiers who have worked around burn pits used to dispose of everything from weapons to chemicals in Iraq. “It just so happens Doctor Hubbard is the one who launched this medical procedure,” Tidrow said.

Dr. Hubbard? Ron would be insulted if somebody would call him a doctor. Doctors are past live butchers and barbers, and all they do is doctoring around instead of moving into the direction forever healthy and forever young.

And I just learned of Anna Schultz, fist “independent” Scientologists from Germany posting on Chiquita’s father’s blog. Anna is not truthful. She wrote that Hamburg was the biggest org in Germany in 1995. What a crap. Hamburg was never the biggest org of Germany, my org, the Scientology Kirche Deutschland in Munich was always the biggest org. Hamburg was small compared to the org in Munich. When Hamburg was still a mission, Munich was already a big Class IV org. When I read stuff like this, I am thinking: what else is she not telling the truth about.

The Munich org  is no longer named the Church of Scientology Germany but Church of Scientology Bavaria but when I was the President, it was the Church for all of Germany not just Bavaria. Munich org had at least 100 fulltime staffmembers and numerous part time staffmembers  while Hamburg had a lot less and was a mission. I had to handle their legal affairs in Munich in addition to all the legal troubles of all other orgs as the Berlin org and all missions and the CC. The legal problems that we had back then was that still existing Nazi Germany tried to deny Scientology the right to organize in legal entities.  It was a typical Nazi attack all over the country. Instead of supporting me against these German attacks against Scientology, Haydn James sent me to the decks without ever investigating the facts. Haydn posting against “injustice” and “abuse” under the name ” Thomas Paine” is hypocrisy. It is people like Haydn who made the orgs to injust places.

In the below link is a picture of the org.  We bought it for multi Millions.

A guy named Ed Lubeck (I don’t know if I remember the correct spelling of his name) found the building  and made the deal. He was B1 staff in Munich GO. He could have gotten the hotel cheaper but in order to get more commission, he agreed to ask the org  for  a higher price. What a crime.  He was married to a woman who called herself Sarah. When I joined SCN again in 1977, she changed her name back to her real name, Connie. I don’t know if it is true but I heard that he is in the Freezone now.

The Munich is in the middle of Schwabing, the artist center of Munich. It is a bad photo because the building is huge. You can’t see the mountains in Munich. Lol. You can see them in downtown Salt Lake City but not downtown Munich. Where the cross and the mountans are, there  is more org building. It goes back half a block. It once was a huge hotel. My last office was in the second floor from above on the right side, you can see the window is this picture.

Anybody in Munich knows that you can’t see the Alps or any mountains in Munich. Instead, they should show how huge the building is and it was already that big in the 80s.

The org don’t need tourist advertisement for Bavaria but rather should show how big the org is.

I leave you today with this beautiful song of Marc Anthony. When I hear it, I always think that you sing it.

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever
Your wife,

Written by Barbara Schwarz

April 20, 2010 at 2:52 pm


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Dearest Marty, my Prince, husband and my hero,

How are you today? I saw that some in the Freezone published info and links to the crap book of Anastasius Nordenholz of 1934/1937. He was the son of a German.

For those who think that Ron stole from Nordenholz, think again. L. Ron Hubbard said personally in the interview on YouTube in one of the 6 parts, that he worked on Dianetics and Scientology already DECADES before he published it. The German secret service SPIED ON RON, and this is how they got the name Scientology and some other data before they were officially published. I trust that this is how the data ended up in the Nordenholz (a German doctor of course) book, and I believe they did it so that if Scientology become a success, the German can claim that it is from them. I know the Germans, I know how they think and operate.

The Freezone intends to re-publish this book. They even cite Friedrich Wilhelm Haack (a Lutheran hate monger priest who gave RB criminal advice against my human rights, and  I know somebody who found his father’s name on a list of SS-people). It seems that one of Nordenholz’ relatives stated:  “It is rather impossible that my grandfather knew Mr. Hubbard, or that he even had contact with him by letter. At the end of the 40’s, my grandfather lived in seclusion at his country residence near Rosario and had little contact with the outside world”.

That may be true – but true is also that the German secret service, particularity the SEGNPMSS sure know how to reach anybody at any time.

Another possibility is also that the German publishing house backdated the book. Nobody can tell me that the Germans are not capable of that. Hey, they were capable of inventing p$ychiatry, the atomic bomb, declared war to the entire world and killed millions of people. Backdating a book isn’t that big of a problem for them.

But it is actually irrelevant, and here is why, Marty, and I am sure you agree:

I read the Nordenholz book, and yes, I noticed the name Scientologie and eight Dynamics, etc., in the book but by reading it, I came to the conclusion that the Nordenholz data are really crap. It didn’t make sense. his date did not work as Ron’s research and  findings did. Nordenholz’ writing is pseudoscientific bla bla while L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology, eight Dynamics and all other data are scientific and make a hell of a lot  sense.

In other words, if Ron used data from the Nordenholz book, he turn crap into science. Exactly, how does that work? It does not work.  But somebody can turn truth and science into crap by altering it, that is easy!

What I find so shocking is that certain people in the Freezone don’t think so far.

After all, they also web pictures of Ron’s impostor and claim it is Ron. They are just as blind and clueless as certain non-Scientologists in the orgs.



Marty, I love you, I will be back soon and can’t wait to continue my life with you. If just anybody would be as intelligent as you are. Before I would be able to explain something, you would know it already. That is how your fine and smart mind works.

Love and kisses, millions of them.



Written by Barbara Schwarz

April 19, 2010 at 5:26 pm