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This blog has the purpose is to reach/find Marty or Mark de Rothschild also known as the original Marty Rathbun in Scientology. He is NOT the Mark or “Marty” Rathbun who resides in Texas and who is married to Monique / Mosey.  See the original Marty in the archive, for example the first blog entry of 2009 and that one of July 13, 2010 or  here:

He is the love of my life, my prince, and husband. He knows better than anyone else who I am. This is me:


I posted once on Usenet (ARS) but I got tired of the lies, the defamation, the libel, the harassment, the forgeries by certain people there including their desperate attempts trying to rip Marty out of my heart or come between us, which all failed.


Marty and I are Scientologists.

And here, I answered a lot of questions:

Written by Barbara Schwarz

December 12, 2009 at 9:53 pm

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  1. Hey Barbara, I had a dream about you last night. You appeared across some kind of lake and I waved hi. Then you turned up at my house, and insisted that I clean it up. Then you started to clean it. God knows, it needs it. You also gave me a new hair do, with braids attached to it. It was a funny and pleasant dream.

    Just thought I’d say hello. Hello!



    July 13, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    • Hi Peach, that is very funny.

      I read many stories about women in white dresses and long hair floating over lakes at midnight but most of them were spooky. So I am glad that your dream turned into a very pleasant one.

      Just one question, when you woke up, was your house clean or did we do all the cleaning work for nothing in your dream? 😉

      And I re-attached your braids? That was one realistic dream, Peach! That is what I would do! 🙂



      July 13, 2010 at 6:23 pm

  2. Alas! when I woke up, the house was the same as when I went to bed. So we wasted our dream time. I guess I’ll have to see what happens if I do it in the real world. :^O

    Yeah, I know. The part about the braids was pretty funny.

    Andrew hasn’t been posting on ars much lately and neither have I. Actually, nobody has been except the usual trolls and spammers.



    July 17, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    • Too bad, Peach, all that energy in the dream was wasted. Sometimes, before I got to sleep I think of a letter or something else to write and it is perfectly worked out in my head. If I would press a key named print, it would be all done, too bad it is just in my head around 2 am and not on the computer, and on the next morning, I have to do it all over but this time on a computer and not just in the head.

      So we worked ALL NIGHT in your home and in the morning there was no sign of that hard work. I hate it when it happens. 😉

      I was really impressed when I saw your braid the first time, Peach, and it looked good on you. It was as thick as the ropes that people in the mountains of Peru are using to build stable rope bridges over dangerous deep canyons. But I also understand that you decided to cut it one day because it is really lots of work to keep long hair always shiny.

      Yes, it’s true, ARS is dead, and mostly stalkers, trolls, and spammers do their evil deed there, and I understand that you or Andrew don’t post much there anymore. I am glad that I rather decided having a blog. It is much more fun, Peach.



      July 18, 2010 at 8:34 am

  3. Barbara, I’m a lazy dreamer. I never plan anything beforehand, just enjoy the ride that occurs. Well, usually. Occasionally the rides provoke some screaming or shouting rather than laughs.

    Barbara, that braid was heavy. The work was more keeping it untangled. You’d think that hair, bound up all the time, wouldn’t do that, but no. It had to be combed and brushed out every day. That was the longest I grew it. I had a waist length, and a butt length, and then the final knee length. Washing something like that is, well, weird. Get it wet and it sticks to you, all over. How women managed it when there was no hair conditioner is beyond me. It took a day to dry, too. After awhile, it gets to be like an institution. You don’t cut it because you’re used to not cutting it.

    Yup, ars is pretty darn contentless these days. People are getting old and drifting off, and probably a lot of them are over on wwp, or maybe one of the ex’s boards. Well, what is life but change, and often change we don’t care much for.

    Glad you’re enjoying blogging. I might make one someday.



    July 25, 2010 at 8:59 am

    • Being a dreamer isn’t such a bad thing, Peach. My life didn’t allow me much time to dream so I had to organize it. But once life is organized, you can plant new dreams in it.

      I know what you mean. I had long hair all my life, except with age 11 and age 28 or 29. I had cut my hair short and I didn’t like it. It felt like being a man. That’s a weird feeling. 😉 The longest my hair ever grew was waist-long. Yes, I know how much work long thick hair is and you are right. It is beautiful when properly cared for but so much work. Women in former centuries all had endless long hair but I think they used some home remedies to get it untangled, like raw eggs or plant extracts or other stuff. And rich ladies probably had maids and families lived together, so there were sisters probably who helped each other with maintaining what is called to be the crown of a woman’s beauty, her silky shiny hair. I keep it shoulder-lengths and that’s not too much work. Actually, mine are much longer at the moment, I’m not in a hair trimming mood right now. Do you have it real short now?

      I don’t blame you for having it cut short. But you could make you own hair into some hair extension and wear your own hair long again once in a while. I heard many movie and rock stars use hair extensions. They are not cheap and I would not want them if they would not be my own hair. (Remember that hair sale blog!? How pricey some hair was?)

      I noticed that Google condemned the groups to their back pages over the years. They were once on the first Google page, then harder and harder to find. ARS shunk from very high activity to very low activity. Interesting that many people rather post on moderated groups than on non-moderated groups. More interesting is also that some trolls, stalkers and spammers behave(d) horribly on Usenet but now don’t post anything the moderator might not approve to avoid getting banned.

      That is all nothing for me. I like having a blog. I often have 100 visitors per day (who knows who those are) despite I created the blog actually not for an audience more than one but my audience seems to be growing. I found that my own blog was the right choice for me, and it is a lot more peaceful than posting on Usenet, where I have to fend off the mosquitoes all day.

      Yes, you might want to create your own blog too one day. The people who reply to a blog seems kinder and nicer too than the average Usenet poster.

      Take care.


      Barbara Schwarz

      July 25, 2010 at 10:18 am

  4. Hey Kiddo, I haven’t visited for awhile. Yes that feeling after you cut off your hair is very odd. When you go to brush or comb it, your body remembers a longer sweep! But it passes.

    ars is very low activity these days. Even Roadrunner hasn’t been around. It’s mostly various flamewars. People go where there’s more information being posted, and that’s on the websites now, rather than usenet. Moderation has its points, as does the lack of moderation.

    I hope you had a good summer, and got to go someplace fun. The summer here was very gloomy, and it’s just recently that the weather turned fine. I didn’t go anywhere!



    October 12, 2010 at 2:55 am

    • Hi Peach,

      I’m glad that you are fine. I prefer non-moderation too, let me check ARS, wait, I am back in a moment…. I am back, yes, you are right, ARS shrunk like a woolen sock in the hot water cycle of a washer and me posting there would mean I have to interact with an obsessed and stupid lunatic and his hundreds socks and perverted remailers who I want nothing to do with.

      Roadrunner on the other hand comes and goes. He might come back when he got time. I noticed DP’s postings. By using a name like Destroy Psychiatry, he makes people rather defend psychiatry because destroy is such a negative word. If he would be smart, he would use the name Outlaw Psychiatry because that positions him rather with the law than destruction.

      I haven’t been on vacation this year either, Peach, but I have nature all around me, so I don’t miss vacations very much. I ride my bike frequently and enjoy nature. I plan to plant a lot of things here, more trees and shrubs and plants, you name it.

      Hope you find ways to relax, Peach, or do some fun stuff. I heard that San Fransisco is an interesting city with lots of fun things to do…


      Barbara Schwarz

      October 12, 2010 at 11:38 am

  5. I didn’t even garden this summer, Barbara. The neighborhood was unusually noisy, and when the boom car problem had been largely vanquished, an influx of new dogs started ALL the dogs in the neighborhood barking. They barked all the way through the belated stretch of warm weather that we had. It’s raining now and they’ve finally shut up.

    Barbara, I was born in San Francisco, and I used to love going over there, but the cost of the bridge tolls and public transport have risen so that I really can’t afford it. It’s a total hassle, too expensive, and too crowded. I haven’t even seen the new De Young Museum, and whatever they did with the Academy of Sciences. Oh well, I saw it plenty in my youth.

    Yes, I need some more fun in my, but you know, it comes and goes.



    October 23, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    • I didn’t knew that you have a garden or that you garden. What do you plant? I thought you live in San Francisco.

      Car alarm, boom boxes, and barking dogs, these are some of my favorites (NOT!) too, Peach. That is so annoying. I just know one thing that is worse: Constantly cruising TV station helicopters over your home to watch traffic for hours and hours and hours as it was the case in downtown Salt Lake City over houses that were build 80 years ago and were not equipped to protect their tenants from that kind of noise terror.

      There are some electronic devices that allegedly send out a tone to barking dogs that just can be heard by them and then they stop barking but I don’t know if they work.

      I haven’t travelling much this year either, Peach, after the motto: why did I create myself a nice home when I am never home? 😉

      Somebody really special to me graduates from the university next year and wants to travel all through the USA next year and wants me to come along. I plan to give her 5000 Dollars because she is such a good girl and worked hard for her degree, and she wants to see many places in the USA. That means that I could travel a lot next year too.

      But you can also have fun at home or close to home. I was several times in LA but never got to see Catalina Islands, which I kind of regretted.

      Happy Halloween, Peach. Do kids come to your door? They don’t come here, my place is “too country”. Lol!

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 24, 2010 at 4:02 pm

  6. Barbara, I’m still eating the leftover Halloween candy! For some reason there weren’t so many kids out this year. I decorate, and so does my neigbor, but she didn’t put up as much this year. Over the years I’ve worked out a scheme that goes up in about two hours, and can be shut down immediately, should circumstances require, ie, the obnoxious teenagers start turning up, with pillowcases and no costumes.

    But in general, it’s a lot of fun, and the parents take the kids out, and most of them are wearing costumes. I just love it.

    Oh, I’m so happy to hear about the graduation! I hope you two get to go on your trip. You’d really have such a fun time, and maybe you could do Catalina along the way. I’ve finally become resigned to the likelihood that I’ve already seen whatever I’m going to see in this life. Oh well, what the hey. You travel for me, ok? 🙂

    I’m starting the complaints to Animal Control cycle, sigh. Haven’t had to do for awhile. Likewise, have had to step the music noise complaints. Many people spent the summer having highly amplified dj’s at their outdoor parties. Turns out, they should actually apply for a permit first, but how are they going to know that if nobody complains? I bet there’s only one person in each general neighborhood, like me, who does this. And everybody else rides on our backs. Sheesh!

    It’s raining today. Everybody, including the dogs, is inside. Hallelujah!

    Hope you have a a great and grateful Thanksgiving, Barbara.


    Barbara, I was born in San Francisco, but we moved to the Peninsula when I was what? four? I’ve lived in the East Bay for the greatest portion of my life, and have been in San Pablo for over twenty years. My little microclimate tends to be dry, and there’s clay soil. For a time I had a real truck garden going in the back yard, and I planted everything. I remember one summer when it would take two hours to pick each day. Tomatoes, beans, squash, potatoes onions, et cetera. But you really have to work this soil, which I haven’t been since Mr. Brown across the street died. We were friends and he had a serious rototiller. Now I mostly grow what seeds and for the most part takes care of itself: chard, parsley, mustard greens and purple Peruvian potatoes. The tomatoes have been withering the past few years, in protest of poor treatment. But I love those potatoes, and grubbing in the dirt to find them. It’s like a treasure hunt. 🙂

    Luckily, we don’t have as many helicopters as we once did. Around here they are just used for finding criminals escaping through backyards. It must be a very costly business. In my immediate area, drug dealing and production are way down, and perhaps that’s the reason. Less shootings too.


    November 7, 2010 at 8:51 am

    • Hi Peach, no desire to dress up as 7-year old and going trick or treating yourself?

      I don’t know what’s up with these kids today, Peach. Candy’s don’t do the trick anymore. Next time, put electronic gadget out. They’ll come. 😉

      Obnoxious teenagers with pillow cases and no costumes? How dare them! Without costume, nobody gets anything but has to clean up the yard.

      No kid came to my place. It’s spooky, Peach, too many orbs.;) No, they don’t come because they rather stay on main streets. But cats come here and squirrels wanting nuts. I just have to imagine that they are kids in cats and squirrel costumes and I got my Halloween too.

      I just learned that we might be more than just two when travelling next year but as more as merrier. But we will see. Lots can happen until next summer. If you really feel that you want to see another place, then you will travel again. But you might feel that you saw already what was of interest, and that the rest world isn’t so different from the place that you call home. But I think that Andrew probably would like to show you parts of New Zealand.

      Noise really can drive one crazy. Too bad that many folks don’t consider that the other person might want to have it quiet. When the News TV helicopters flew constantly over my head in downtown SLC, I made some research about that. You can soundproof a room so that you don’t hear the neighbors and there are also headphones that cancel noise out but both isn’t inexpensive. However, it is better than getting headache from all the noise.

      It is getting colder, I assume your big noise problems will reside until next spring.

      Sounds interesting what you wrote about the potato treasure hunts. I know, growing is fun because those are your babies so to speak. I didn’t had much time the last years because I was busy with fixing the place and front porch and back porch up but next spring, I want to get serious with it, and plant and grow as much as I can for the fun of it. Those purple potatoes sound really nice.

      Did you ever plant a tree? There are plant swappers in any state and you can get seedlings from them. Its almost freezing time here and I don’t think that it is wise to plant now but I sure have planned it in spring. I like some trees that are always green like the Colorado Spruce or firs. Here are many trees but still not enough for me. 🙂

      Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes, it is right around the corner. I wish you the same, Peach.


      Barbara Schwarz

      November 7, 2010 at 3:07 pm

      • Barbara, the last time I went trick or treating was when I was 18 and living in Berkeley by myself. I put on a sheet, cut eyeholes, and then stuck a crazy hat on top of that. I’m not very tall and I was shorter then. The first place I went to had a rather pinched couple. The woman said, “Aren’t you a little old to go trick or treating?” I thanked her for the candy and went home! Whoever comes to my door when I’m open gets candy, including adults. I think me and my neighbor need a bigger light that can stick out into the street. I’ve got two big ones, a pumpkin and a ghost, and a smaller ghost. But I put them near the fence to the backyard because the extension cords from the outside outlet reach there. I’d probably have to get one more long one to put one up so they could see it from the main drag at the end of the street.

        Oh a mystery guest. One more person to come up with places to visit, and maybe people to stay with. I don’t care about travelling far away any more, though I think New Zealand would be fun to see. I have a favortite romantic novel, Green Dolphin Steet, that was largely set there. I’d love to meet Andrew and his cats. He’s got some pretty cats!

        Yes, Barbara, I’m happy when it rains, because it quiets down here. There are not so many parties in the winter. I’m making a mild attempt to get others to complain about nuisance noise. Shoot, they haven’t had to for over twenty years because I’ve been here doing it for them. People are scared to complain. This house is so tiny, Barbara, that noise goes right through it, even with the windows closed. They’re old and they’re not double-paned.

        Barbara, I planted a tulip tree in the front yard, but it died. Various trees here have been planted by birds and squirrels. There’s a large loquat, and an oak that’s getting pretty big. The only other tree that I’ve planted turned out to be an enormous nuisance tree called leyandi. I didn’t know! It was two feet tall, and I moved it away from the house three times, but not far enough. It’s now enormous and is undoubtedly planning on wrecking the foundation. I have a friend who keeps urging me to chop it down, or at least trim it. A big job. And of course, I love the thing. I get to see raccoons and possums travelling by the window in front of my desk on the way to my roof. There was one possum break-in, and now I have to close it at night.

        I can’t get enough trees, either. I’ve always preferred the forest to the beach. It really does pain me when I see a tree getting cut down. People here, they move in and the first thing they do is cut down any trees or big shrubs on their property. I don’t understand it.

        Well, Barbara, let’s eat hearty but not gain any weight.




        November 14, 2010 at 5:08 pm

      • Sounds you did some fun things, Peach. Bet you have lots of funny stories to tell. I heard that some people celebrate Halloween or that some kids are trick or treating also in Germany. Guess retail is very interested on new things that sell more stuff. And the Internet really made the world more connected. But when I was small, there was no trick or treating. We had Fasching or Karneval in February and there was no special tradition with it. Kids didn’t go door to door to show their costumes. They wore custumes on in kindergarden and school and had it all day on but that was all. I hated it because RB constantly applied a sex change to us. She always put us in male costumes and what real little girl wants to be an old sailor or a sheik? We want to be what we are: beautiful princesses, fairies, yes, and why not gypsies, but please, don’t change my gender! When I was older, I learned to make her lay off dressing me up as guy.

        Yes, I know, Andrew is a cat man. A while ago, he mailed me photos of his cats and they were quite cute. He also has farm experience and isn’t just a city boy. From the photos that I saw, New Zealand is really beautiful. One day, you probably want to travel again. It comes and goes. I traveled a lot when I was on staff. Green Dolphin Street was also made in a movie right. I think Lana Turner played the female lead. But books are always better because your own fantasy determines the cast and the setting. Perhaps this is something to plan for in one of the coming years, Peach, traveling to New Zealand. You got a friend there, means that you wouldn’t be alone.

        Forests are usually more quiet than beaches. I like it when one hears nothing but the sound of the wind or a breaking branch or a bird. Yes, our world got very loud. I often think that if you would take 18th century people from their setting and would have them live in our noisy world, they would go nuts. During the centuries, people had to live with the noise, so they put up with it. I know a guy who can’t sleep in without noise! But I hate it as much as you do. You might be right that people are scared to file complaints. It is also that some people retaliate when you complain about them, they make even more noise to harass you. There is a saying: Nobody can live in peace if the bad neighbor doesn’t allow it. There are ways of soundproofing at least one room, Peach, but I think it is expensive. If you would have one soundproof room, you could go in there until the party is over.

        I plan to plant a lot this spring. I didn’t had much time because some research is necessary. If I just plant stuff, it might not be the right trees that grow here and then they could die like your tulip tree. The Leyandi is an evergreen, isn’t it? True, some trees ruin the foundation but thanks for telling me, so I better don’t grow one too close to my home. I never saw a possum in real life but they look creepy. I had a squirrel jumping from one tree on the roof and he got in my attack and was running around trying to drive me crazy. I got rid of him by going in the upper story and turning on the boom box real loud. He hated noise as much as I did and left. 🙂 I got quite lots of squirrels here, Peach, and they know there ways in the house. Someone living in my area told me that one jumped right through the bathroom window in her hamper while she did laundry and scared the heck out of her. But what I really find creepy are snakes despite most have no poison. I wouldn’t mind if they die out.

        No, I don’t understand it either when people cut down trees. They provide shade and keep energy costs down, they are wind breakers, they are beautiful to look at. There is a fir that I can see from my windows, it is tall and healthy and some of its branches are hanging low. When I pass there, he touches my hand with his branches and is saying hello. 🙂

        Have a nice Thanksgiving, Peach. If you eat too much on that day, just eat a little bit less than usually on the two days that follow and then you are back where you want to be.


        Barbara Schwarz

        November 15, 2010 at 4:17 am

  7. How odd. My long post, posted out of order. Must have been too long or I started the second bit up at the top. Eh! Peach


    November 7, 2010 at 8:54 am

    • Your postings showed up in order on my side, Peach. First the long one, then the short one.


      Barbara Schwarz

      November 7, 2010 at 3:08 pm

  8. Carnivale! Now that would be something to see if you went to the right place, which is Rio de Janeiro, Barbara. The Mardi Gras in New Orleans used to be pretty great I think, though what I’ve seen of it in media suggests it’s now all drunken college students, climbing light poles and showing off their chests.

    I think I like the pretty costumes myself, but you know my mom didn’t really do those. We did get some really good clown costumes she made. She preferred the odd, and that certainly wasn’t beautiful princesses, so we didn’t get to be those. For Halloween here I’ve used a sheep mask, a witch nose with wart, Groucho Marx glasses, a fake mustache, and a derby set up like the Mad Hatter’s, with the tag in the band. Getting rid of everything that scared the little kids has left me with nothing but the derby, which is simple. Simple is good.

    You know, apparently city life in the age of cobblestones and horses was incredibly noisy. Everybody cried their wares, too. Different noise, however. I hate the thumping bass lines of the modern world. Quiet in the woods is exquisite. The surf sounds lovely, but I do prefer the noise of a brook or stream. Bubbly. Gurgly. I think of how great it must have been here when it was only the Ohlone Indians. The Bay here was pretty rich in food stocks, so life must have been generally not too bad. Though it’s freezing here right now, and I wonder how they felt about that. They were undoubtedly a lot hardier, since their clothes weren’t all that much. Rabbit skin capes. They did have to get their warmth from wood fires, so indoors must have been pretty darn smokey. It’s always something. Still, I don’t doubt that their lives were more satisfying than mine.

    Yes, the leylandii is an evergreen. Mine has grown two main trunks, so when I look out the back door, it looks like a mini forest. The resident possum certainly thinks so. They aren’t creepy animals, they’re a bit SLOW. Quite endearing actually. All those teeth, but they don’t bite much, just threaten. There is one squirrel in this area who has vowed to sow it all with walnut trees, his favorites. I must have pulled up a hundred little walnut trees in my yards over the past few years. I hardly ever see him, he’s a stealth operator, but very busy. Doesn’t care for the leylandii. He likes walnuts!

    I saw the litter of cats Andrew recently posted on ars. Lovely, heh? All of my old cats have died. I just have have the feral out in the backyard now, and he still won’t live in the house, now matter how much I invite him in, but my niece is going to get me a nice used cat soon. We will go shop at the shelters. I am really missing house cats. Dreadful to lose these dear old campanions.

    Speaking of which, just in time for Christmas, I had a heart attack. It occurred to me that I was having one and I drove to the hospital, where it was definitely confirmed. They swarm ya, Barbara, doing a lot of things. Then I was whisked off to the Cath Lab, and got a stent inserted. Putting that darn thing in the leg vein was dreadful. They tell you, this will hurt and you can swear now, and I took full advantage of the invitation. I was delivered into the hands of friends some days later, for convalescence at their house. I’m now taking a number of expensive pills, and I have those tiny nitroglycerin pills you see in all the movies, mostly out of the reach of the person who needs them. So you could say that it was a different sort of holiday than the one I’d been expecting. Much more thrilling!


    So! I believe I can do without any more thrills in the immediate future, and am looking forward to a quiet and sane New Year. Planting potatoes.




    January 9, 2011 at 9:02 pm

  9. Hi Peach,

    Happy New Year!

    I changed my WordPress template and have to learn to get used to it myself. Hope you don’t feel lost here. I was thinking recently about one good Blog subject: anti-noise. Imagine what great articles you could write about that subject.

    I just know Rio de Janeiro just from TV, Peach. But I learned how to dance the Samba moves, and they are fun.

    Yes, I heard about New Orleans. Mosey’s husband’s famous city to get drunk in. I learned that the Mayor of New Orleans covers certain landmarks with vaseline so that these crazy “kids” can’t climb up there. Pretty good idea, if you ask me. And it is good for their skin too!

    Guess, I wasn’t the only one who was forced into a sex change around Halloween times (we called it Fasching in Germany and it is in February). I really disliked being a guy even for just a day. And those fake beards, they itch like crazy. But it sounds as if you had fun, Peach, and that is what counts.

    I am like you in this area, Peach. I really don’t like noise. It hurts. And there is so much of it. Yes, I know some horses are loud but it is not as painful as technical loud noise as bikes, boom boxes, trucks, etc. I think if you would take a guy from the 17th century and put him in ours, the would scream in pain as to what we have gone numb already.

    You write really nice and interesting stories about your life, Peach. Too good to let them die in a big archive of Usenet that nobody reads again. Maybe you should really write a blog. One that you can use to fight back against your loud neighbors. 😉

    That’s right, the Ohlone Indians were once home in your neck of the woods. They lived in these cute huts and the men didn’t like to wear clothes? Typically for some guys, isn’t it? Well, at least their wives didn’t have to bother much with doing laundry. They probably all crawled in together around a fire and waited until spring. You are right, there was less noise but the good old time were not that great either.

    I am sure that the mini forest view from your window is really pretty. I have it green here too but I still want more. I plan to plant a lot this spring. Where does the possum live? I didn’t know that they are in the Bay area. I thought that they are at home in Australia or New Zealand. They have pretty big eyes but I never saw one in real life. They threaten like showing teeth and claws? Yes, I have a walnut tree and also my squirrel and squirrellettes like them even if they are green. They must be real yummy. They also empty out my bird house. Rip off the roof and rob what is inside and hide the bird food in some of the trees. And do you think they would put the roof of the bird house back on? No! How rude! But I like how fast they are and how they suddenly stop and how they jump from tree to tree those little Tarzans.

    Mutti is dead? Sorry to hear that. Yes, I know, Andrew is a cat man. He also is farm-experienced, an doesn’t panic when an animal lady gets in labor. You want a “used” cat? Lol. What is wrong with “new” cats? They don’t use the bathroom? A neighbor wanted to give me one too. It was the cutest thing. Just born, all black and the bluest eyes ever but I have cat allergies. It wouldn’t be a good idea. Also, when something is wrong with them, I suffer with them. I had parakeets once. They are cute but can be really noisy too.

    YOU GOT A HEART ATTACK? My goodness! Have you been in stressful situations? What are you eating? How about olive oil, vegetable, Omega 3? Try to do regular exercises but don’t overdo it. Just a bit every day. Check YouTube for easy at home workouts. How did you find out that something was wrong? Did you have pain? You drove yourself to the hospital with that attack? I googled that with the stent, Peach.

    I can imagine that it is painful. Poor Peach. On the other side, don’t take pills all your life. RB swallowed pills all her life and she lied on liver cancer. You need to eat and drink very healthy and get exercise but not the kind that makes you get a heart attack.

    Did you have a blockage? Do you still have the stent inside?

    You could write a blog about your recovery and what you do to prevent it. While writing, you research and learn… But you can also just enjoy the day, just life and be happy and recover that way.

    I sure hope that you are soon better and that it won’t happen again.

    Best wishes,


    Barbara Schwarz

    January 10, 2011 at 6:04 am

  10. These heart attack people are quite young, Peach. This one person is just 40 years old.

    I am sure that you googled a lot already yourself to this subject but you could do quite a lot to make sure that it won’t happen again, but I think you have to do it religiously:

    Healthy Lifestyle Choices

    Healthy lifestyle choices to help prevent heart attack include, I copied this from the web:

    Following a low-fat diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Pay careful attention to the amounts and types of fat in your diet. Lower your salt intake. These changes can help lower high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol.
    Losing weight if you’re overweight or obese. Quitting smoking. (Did you smoke?)
    Doing physical activity to improve heart fitness.

    Remember Bill Clinton’s heart problems? He is really skinny now.

    Best wishes,


    Barbara Schwarz

    January 10, 2011 at 6:11 am

  11. Yo Barbara!

    You know, I still have not discovered where those possums live. Under my house? Up in the tree? I know they poop on my roof!


    The Australian ones are smaller, quicker, more intelligent, more ferocious, with bigger eyes, than the Virginia Possum, which is what we have in the states. I’d take it seriously if an Australian possum threatened me. The ones I have, they open their mouths really wide and show all those teeth. Then they poop, pee, and extrude some king of musk, all of which smells dreadful. If that doesn’t work, they faint, with their mouths open. They look and smell dead, which I guess discourages other animals from eating them. They are so darn funny. When they were smaller (mom dropped off four), they were sneaking into the house, and I had to catch them and escort them out, so I’m familiar with the whole dead thing routine. I wear leather gloves during the eviction, but nobody ever bit me.

    One of the things I like about wild animals, like your squirrels, is that they are so rude about the possessions of others. They have their own code of property rights, so there!


    Yes, poor Mutti died. And then a few months later, his brother Earl did too. They took up a lot of space in my life. I got a greeting every time I drove into the driveway. And they were beautiful, especially Mutti the Obnoxious. Before that Alice died, and then some months later, her daughter Bezel died. I do want an older cat. A kitten should have a livelier person, and besides, the older cats aren’t adopted as easily. And kittens tear up the house like you won’t believe. They’ll climb every stack of anything, seek to sleep on the highest shelves, tear their way up the curtains. That’s a little too much excitement for me.

    You know what you might like, Barbara? A beta fish. They’re so pretty, and they like a lot of interaction. I think they are very charming and make good companions. I had a really good one named Fred, but he died recently. He was a great little guy, a red one too. He’d dance for me, make bubble nests, race around the bowl if I wasn’t paying attention to him, make the floating thermometer bang against the side of the bowl. Neat little animals.

    Yes, I have one stent in my heart. You can’t feel it. I sure felt it going in, though, which they do through a vein in your groin. They can’t numb this area, so they suggested swearing, which I did. I have to do follow up stuff, to find out how much damage was done, check the state of the carotid arteries, and discuss long term options for the artery which is 80% blocked. That first link was very interesting, thank you! I’ve been doing a bunch of web reading. Probably I will be stuck on the pills for the rest of my life. If I don’t take them, I’ll probably blow another artery.

    I hadn’t been taking care of myself. Insufficient exercise, uncontrolled consumption of cheap cheese, and other high cholesterol foods, complete abandon in the matter of salt, not enough of those high priced fruit and vegetables, and then my vices… coffee, Diet Pepsi with caffeine, and cigarettes. I’m guilty, guilt, guilty. Now you know! In addition, the level of stressful situations in my life has been high for the past couple of years, and there was a very trying physical effort at the beginning of the month, which probably ruptured that plaque. All my life I’ve toughed things out physically, but no more.

    I apparently had a mini attack a week, week and a half, before the bigger one. I laid down and it went away. Later I wondered if it had been a heart attack. When the big one happened, I headed to the bedroom to lay down again, but changed my mind, and drove myself to the hospital. Good thing. The symptoms were a queasy stomach, a dull pain/pressure in the chest and back, and a weird numb, hot/cold feeling running down the inside of both arms. In addition, there is a feeling that things are dreadfully wrong.

    So yes, I have to make a lot of changes. It would be most inconsiderate of me towards my family to check out at this particular time, as they all have remarkably full plates of problems themselves. If my experience in the emergency ward is any indication, my last thoughts will be something along the lines of, “Geeze, what a jerk I am and what a mess I’m leaving!”


    Maybe I’ll start a blog, a very trivial one. Lately I’ve been spending some time contemplating the stupefying vastness of the universe. Consequently, I’m feeling very ephemeral myself. A puff of wind, tra la la.

    Wishing you the very best for the New Year.



    January 13, 2011 at 9:26 am

    • Hi Peach,

      Looks like these possums live in the trees. Do you hear them? My squirrels and squirrelettes laugh a lot, particularly when they robbed the bird house.
      That could be just a line from the Australian secret service that the Australian possums are more intelligent. 😉 But you are right, I wouldn’t want to mess with these Australian possums either.

      Didn’t knew that they are little skunks. I have a zero tolerance for any kind of critters in the house. I have fly screens before the windows and the doors and closed all possible holes in my place after one summer two garter snakes crawled in my house. They scream, Peach. I called the Animal Control because didn’t knew how dangerous they were.
      I hear all kinds of animal sounds at night, particularly in the other three seasons. First they made me feel uneasy because I could not say what was howling or screaming outside but now I ignore whatever is out there at night and in the morning everything looks innocent.

      How do you evict possums? You just grab them?

      One of the things I like about wild animals, like your squirrels, is that they are so rude about the possessions of others. They have their own code of property rights, so there!
      That’s right, every category of creatures has different rules. They can do all they want outside but inside the house, those are my rules and I don’t let anything crawl in.
      Your cats did greet you? Waved with the tail? Okay, I understand why you want older cats. I remember we had young cats at the horseback club I was going to as a teenager. Those kittens were like crazy and jumped from the highest haystack on anyone’s back with their sharp nails and how can you get rid of them when they jump on your back and stay there?

      I checked the beta fish online and recognized them. Yes, they are very pretty and one can interact with them. They are more than just fish, my brother had two, Johnny and Johninchen. He had also some fish who wiped the window clean on the inside of the aquarium. They were funny too. They liked the stuff that is inside the aquarium window (not what I would like to eat). Must be really yummy. 😉

      How big is it? What material? Was it surgery? They inserted it thru your leg all the way in the heart? Swearing, huh? How long must it stay there? 80% blocked? You should eat two garlic toes every night. I understand what you mean with having to take the pills but read up about natural artery cleaners in addition. Maybe if you also take that natural stuff, your arteries will become clean again.

      I read recently about people who live the raw lifestyle and they say about themselves that they are healthiest people on the planet. They must have gourmet restaurants in San Francisco.

      I bought myself such a water distiller and I like it. Some of them don’t drink water at all only juiced organic stuff.

      What will you do now? It is a wakeup call? Will you change your habits? It would be a good idea. You might want to check the workout videos on YouTube. First it feels like a chore and after a while, it makes fun and your dance movements look more professional. Start with very easy things and never overdo it.
      It is a shame that vegetable and produce is so expensive. Just needs water and grows on its own and costs so much. I know.

      Sorry to hear that you have stress. Do you have to work or are you retired?

      I think you need to sit down with yourself and have a serious chat with yourself and make a plan to change things. I read quite some of these health websites. Many people were not into health at all but they changed things and became health “nuts” but look and feel much better. It is expensive to live healthy but maybe you can cut expenditures elsewhere?
      I know how an irregular heartbeat feels like but I have not had what you had, poor Peach. But you know, when you turn your lifestyle in the right direction, you still can have a lot of good years. You don’t have to think about leaving yet. Just make a plan how to change things and work at them.

      Don’t burden yourself with another duty like writing a blog, Peach, you probably should read all there is to get your heart better because there are ways.

      I’m wishing you also the very best for the New Year, Peach, hang in there and show the world that you are not defeated by those heart attacks. You don’t have to drop the body yet an might feel more positive and better already once you made the first changes.

      Dick Cheney had his first when he was only 37 years old and he is still hanging in there:

      I think, you are still in the driver seat, Peach, you have to make serious changes in your life as to what you put in your body and how you treat it and cut all “Q and A” as we Scientologists say. In your case, you have to cut all that out of which you know that it harms your body and blocks your arteries.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 14, 2011 at 4:03 am

      • Ah, thanks Barbara.

        Yes, I’m making changes. The salt shaker will grow dusty, the Diet Pepsis and coffees will be far fewer, the water tap will get more of a workout. No potato chips, no butter, no ice cream. Reading the labels on food. I’m starting to take walks again. Cigarettes have been vastly cut down, and I’m going to try the patch again next week. No late nights, resulting in too few hours of sleep. No gettting chilled. And back to my extreme garlic habit, which I had allowed to lapse lately.

        I do work, Barbara, selling at a big outdoor antique and collectibles show with my sister. I’m the sherpa, and we move about a thousand pounds of stuff four times in two days every month. In the beginning of December there was a really unfortunate load out in pouring and unrelenting rain. We were soaked to the skin, and by the end of the three hours packing, in the dark and wind and wet and cold, I got hypothermia, and couldn’t stop shivering for two hours. Exposure to extreme cold is one of the things that can trigger a plaque rupture, and then a heart attack. Now I know!

        It turns out that the 80% blockage is not as bad as it sounds, since it’s a larger vein. The one that caused the attack was smaller, but apparently would have killed me if I hadn’t made it to the hospital. Nobody knows this stuff before it happens to them, so that’s why a lot of people die. I got lucky.

        Yes, the stent is a tiny, metal mesh tube, that goes in through the leg. Mine is 2.5 mm x 18 mm, and it stays in the body. It’s amazing, isn’t it? First they sucked out the clot, then they used a balloon on the plaque to consolidate it, and then they slide in the stent, and you’re done. They tell you before they do it that they might kill you in the process, but that’s after they give you morphine! Sign right here.


        I’d had high cholesterol some years ago, changed my diet and uppped my exercise, and I got it within normal range. It’s still normal, but what’s not normal is my HDL or good cholesterol, which helps keep the plaque down. Mine is too low. This may be the result of lack of exercise or smoking, or may be genetic. That’s why you have to take the drugs. Reduces the stickiness and keeps things moving along. Have you had your cholesterol checked? I know you live really healthy, and your pictures make it clear that you keep yourself in really good shape, so I doubt you have to worry. I am adding more fruits and vegetables to my diet. I’m in the high normal range of weight for my height and age, but I think I’ll lose some poundage. Like the doctor said, my cholesterol isn’t high, but it’s still too high for me.

        With the baby possums, you can just pick them up. I wouldn’t try picking up a larger possum, though my little sister has raised orphans that she handled freely. Olive and Mr. Lunch stayed with me a couple of times when she was away. I didn’t pick them up though, just opened the cage door. They’d lumber around the place and go back in when they wanted to eat. The males make a clicking sound that means they’re looking for a girlfriend. They were brother and sister, and Olive was having none of it. The boys also make foamy spittle and rub it on their faces to be more attractive, and they rub it on the prospective girlfriend. One morning I was getting ready to go to work, and I looked down and Mr. Lunch was rubbing spittle all over my black leather shoes. What a compliment.


        I try to keep animals out, but my defenses are always faulty, and I actually am amused by many invasions. The spiders occasionally are transported outside when they become too numerous (and they get most of the mosquitos), and if the ants are really annoying and will not leave, I massacre them, though I’d prefer not to. I like animal noises at night, even dog barking and howling in moderation. The best is the mockingbirds. For years they’ve been around here and during the spring a male stakes out territory and sings practically all evening. I hope you’ve heard it, because it’s just astounding. They copy all the birds they hear, and it’s these long operas of all kinds of songs. It’s like listening to water. Beautiful. I will say that odd noises when you are outside at night in an unfamiliar place can be unnerving, but in your own place, it’s interesting listening and identifying them. I listen a lot to keep safe.

        I’m the kind of person that people call when they find a snake or something in the house. I used to have them as pets, and aside from rattlesnakes, there are no poisonous ones native here. Of course people do lose their imported snakes from time to time, but I’ve never encountered one of those. I used to see more snakes and lizards than I do now. I must have been walking more in warmer areas.

        All my cats were greeters. After all, I’m the one with the food. You know, they learn to recognize the sound of your particular car. I know this because whenever I got a different car, it would take them awhile to catch on to it. They do march up with tails held high. And they meow, to say hello, and to remind you that they’d like some petting or some food. It’s really good for me to have some little animals to take care of, and I’m looking forward to the new cat.

        Barbara, my sister tells me that Dick Cheney is shopping around for a new heart. I guess he can afford one. Maybe he could shoot another friend who has listed himself as a donor.


        I know I shouldn’t die soon, as we recently had a grievous family death, and really, my loved ones shouldn’t have to deal with another one in the near future. I’ll try to stick around.

        Keep on dancing, yourself.



        January 21, 2011 at 4:50 pm

      • Hi Peach,

        Your extreme garlic habit? Sounds funny. It sure will help to open some clogged arteries and will keep the vampires away too. I hope you have time enough to think about yourself because when under stress, many people fall back into bad habits. I think you need time for yourself to make a new lifestyle into a habit.

        You sell a big outdoor antique and collectibles show with your sis? Sounds rather interesting to me.

        I find that Geico commercial amusing where the antique expert tells that woman that her sculpture (showing one bird in a hand) would be conservatively worth two birds in the bush. Haha!

        So, you buy and sell antiques and collectibles at a market? It is always the same place or different places? You are the sherpa? You should get one of these. 😉

        Seriously, do you use lifting devices? You maybe are getting enough work out lifting but maybe you lift too heavy?

        That cold wet December day sure sounded like a possible killer. Next time, you hopefully find another solution, Peach. I didn’t knew either that exposure to extreme cold can trigger a plaque rupture, and then a heart attack. But it makes sense.

        Right, this 80% blockage will not kill you. Think every months 10% less blockage from now on and by end of summer of this year, you are like new.

        What you described is surely not the most pleasurable event. I know these doctor’s always cover their backs by asking for signatures here and there. People come to them in great pain as if they have a big choice to refuse. They gave you morphine? But you said you still felt the pain of the stent going in through your leg? They didn’t give you that twilight anesthesia where you can still respond but feel no pain?

        No, I never had my cholesterol checked, Peach. But yes, I try to stay away from stuff that is generally known as cholesterol producer. I googled and found there are also natural tips for raising good cholesterol. Fish is recommended. Do you like fish? Probably not when same time a beta fish dances for you. I agree, Peach, take it seriously and try to get rid of the bad cholesterol and get yourself some of the good stuff. Healthy stuff tastes good too, it is just harder to get and takes a bit more effort to prepare. Fruits and vegetables are always a good choice.

        The possum boys make foamy spittle and rub it on their faces to be more attractive? Peach, some boys are so repulsive. Clicking sounds to attract the girls? Those are probably long stories how cool they are! That story with your shoes is really funny. Those must be some really attractive shoes. He fell in love with them.

        As a rule, I don’t touch animals. Last year a little baby rabbit came to visit me all the time. He was adorable but I didn’t pick him up because 1) don’t know if their mothers will take them back 2) don’t know if they have some kind of disease. I never leave the doors open in summer. I have fly screens anywhere and that is enough for fresh air. Outside, I talk to the cute animals and the ugly and creepy creatures, I shush away.

        Do you live rural, Peach? Spiders I got here too. I clean the house and the next day, I see a new spider web. When I moved here, it was a warm summer and there was so much that needed to be done to fix the house, so the doors were open for the handyman and family and we had mosquito bites anywhere and when we sat down to eat, flies were attacking us too. Fly screens were a MUST. Since I got them, I have no problem anymore. I have mosquito nets also on the deck for the summer. It was really funny, we inside the mosquito nets with books and lights on the deck and outside the net, the many bugs wanting to drink out blood. Haha! They didn’t get anything.

        I don’t like to kill any animals either, Peach. If they are outside and leave me alone, I leave them alone but I had to get serious with ants too. Nothing helped except a few things. Those chemical sprays are a waste of money and likely just harm the sprayer. Ants come back the next day. I caulked all cracks that I could see. Did help a bit but they still found ways inside the kitchen. I put out red pepper leaves because I heard that ants don’t like them. Mine liked them. I sprayed lots of vinegar. Helped a bit but not a lot. Finally, I found a way to stop them. If you know where they are coming from, mark that area with concentrated dishwasher liquid. They don’t want to go over that line. Another thing is Tarro. You put a few drops out and first more of them come but then the colony dies because they carry that stuff back to the colony and that is the end of ants in the house for the season.
        Yes, I like those mocking birds too. I have some here of this kind, Peach. Are those the same you are having?

        Mine always says: “Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty”. Humming birds I love too. They are so cute with their propellers.

        The variety of birds that I am having is really large and I like them all. My problem is only that half of my big back deck is not under any roof. And on that part, they make a mess 9 months of the year. I am always cleaning up after them. I have to find some kind of solution for that. I hung out disks, that show flying hawks. It worked for two weeks. Then they figured out that the hawks are not real and I was again cleaning up after them. You are right about enjoying the peace at your place by having friendly creatures outside singing to you.

        You are the kind of person people call when they find something scary in the house? You seem quite courageous as far as animals are concerned. I don’t investigate if poisonous or not, I grab my phone, leave the house, call animal control and go first back in when they caught whatever crawls inside. J Somebody else told me the same story, Peach. He said: we had much more snakes in earlier years. Well, I am not sad that they become less. Honestly.

        I understand that you like cats and want a new one. I hope you find a really affectionate one who makes your days brighter. And yes, I keep those dance workouts. I have a treadmill but don’t use it much because dancing is nicer. Running in one place is boring. Maybe I will give it away to somebody who wants one. I don’t like to bundle up a lot and wander through deep snow, so in December/January and February, I rather live inside and stay fit with those dance work outs.

        Dick Cheney wants a new heart? Don’t know if the heart of somebody just shot is the best pick for a heart. That heart experienced quite a trauma. If I remember, Harry Whittington who he shot had some kind of (mild) heart attack but nevertheless, he had one.

        I wish you much success in rehabilitating yourself, Peach. You can do it and if you do the right things from now on, you may have a long and active life still in front of you.

        Best wishes,

        Barbara Schwarz

        January 22, 2011 at 8:56 am

  12. I genuinely enjoy your blog, Barbara. I read it every day. Hi to you too, Peach. Be well.

    Rosa H.

    January 19, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    • Hi Rosa! I’ve been reading Barbara for some time now, and I think she’s a very interesting person. Some folks don’t notice, but she’s pretty darn funny too. Makes me laugh a lot.




      January 21, 2011 at 4:56 pm

  13. Hi Peach! Agreed. She’s interesting and funny. Speaks her mind. Her blog fits into no pro or anti C of S category.

    Peach girl, hang in there and get better!

    Rosa H.

    January 22, 2011 at 11:59 am

  14. P.S. Peach, can you click on this URL?

    It says that one should breath deeply and cough when having a heart attack because it squeezes the heart and gets oxygen into the lung and to the heart and helps it back into normal rhythm. It is a short file and could be helpful.

    Barbara Schwarz

    January 24, 2011 at 3:20 am

  15. Hey Barbara

    I read that link, and I sure would try it if I had heart arythmia. But I have nitroglycerin tablets and aspirin with me now all the time. Those are pretty effective. They’re the first things they give you after diagnosing a heart attack.

    The morphine is really, really strong. I’d never had any before. It’s the recommended pain killer for heart attacks. When they dosed me, it felt like a train was running across my shoulders, and I thought I was going to pass out. It takes away the chest pain, but that leg artery has nerves close to it, and they can’t numb those, which is why it hurts so much.

    I was told that if you can elevate your HDL levels, they will reduce plaques up to 10%, but that’s the ideal. Unfortunately, the plaques wind up being coated with fibrous matter, they’re not just grease streaks, so you can’t really get rid of them.

    I love fish, Barbara, but it’s so expensive! I used to like buying whole trout and steaming them. Very simple and good. But the only fish I’ve bought for a long time has been catfish chunks, and even their price has gone way up. It’s discouraging. Wish I lived someplace where I could fish and the fish would be safe to eat. Of course, I’m not very good at fishing.


    I used to ride a stationary bike at a gym, and once I started bringing a little tape deck to listen to, it got easier. Now I have a tiny mp3 player (you can get cheap ones now!) and that’s even better. I should probably get one of those exercise vhs tapes, which everybody gives away to thrift stores. But looking at the covers makes me tired. It will take a long time before I can do aerobic activity with ease. Very little exertion makes my heart beat fast now.

    I’m not in the country, but I’m close to big fields and abandoned industrial acreage, which more and more is being developed. This used to be a small town, but it’s getting more and more crowded. It’s part of the San Francisco East Bay string of cities. Starting with Oakland, you move north through Emeryville, Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, Richmond, and San Pablo. San Pablo Avenue runs through all these cities.

    Did you move out to the country, Barbara? Sounds like you’re in a house now instead of your apartment. You know what people do around here? They have these plastic statues of hawks that they put out. I don’t know if they do any good. Places use netting, and spikey wires to discourage the pigeons and swallows, but they find every space that is left that they can roost and nest in. I like their spirit. I once took a walk in Inverness in Marin County, and passed a house with huge trees with a whole lot of vultures sitting in them. The homeowner was out in the front, so I talked to her about them. She liked them too, but since they are carrion scavengers, and large ones too, the pooping gound under the trees smelled so bad, nobody wanted to be near it. Be glad you don’t have vultures, Barbara!


    Yes, the night song of the mockingbirds here sound a lot like that one, though that guy did a lot of short “sets”. The ones I hear at night seem a little slower and more contemplative.

    That’s a good tip about the soap, Barbara, for the ants. They usually come when the hunting is poor outside, and they find something that they like inside. The remains of the wet cat food, for instance. Mayonnaise on a knife, et cetera. Once they start, they’ll come back for every little thing left out, scavenge for scraps on every dish sitting in the sink. Then one day they leave. But while the attacks are going on, it’s miserable. You’ll find a whole line of ants going from the front of the house to the rear, terminating in a dead spider they’re trying to move. The ones that really get me are the guys who move into plant pots when their nest gets too full. It can take a long time to drive them out of those pots, even with good soaks in water.

    Those mosquito nets sound great. Romantic. Like going on an old time safari, where the luggage is made by Louis Vuitton.

    Selling old stuff is interesting. You have always to be learning, and you never know what you will find. We pack in uniform sized tubs, and we try to pack them according to where the contents are grouped on the tables, so some wind up pretty heavy. They must all be carried out of the storage unit and lifted into the van, where they’re stacked, and then unloaded and unpacked. After the show, they have to be packed, and lifted into the van again, taken to the storage unit, taken out of the van, and stacked in the storage unit again. There’s no help for any of this besides muscle. It’s hard work, and not nearly as remunerative as one might hope. But there are some fun times. As for the video, I had one of those, Barbara, but he didn’t help nearly enough, and besides he was lowering the tone of the booth, and scaring off my customers.


    The long term goal is to have enough quality to eschew quantity, and in small packages. Or as is often said, young dealers sell furniture, old dealers sell “smalls”. In reality, I don’t know if this will ever happen. I find what I find, then we try to sell it.

    People tell me they used to make lots of money at this particular show, but times are tough. I’m always doing things when there is the least money to be made in the endeavor.

    It is getting warmer here, so I hope to be feeling better, and getting out more. There’s bulbs blooming in the yard. Time to start getting the vegetable seeds starting.



    January 26, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    • Hi Peach,

      I think you learned a lot about heart attacks since December and that you will do your best to avoid new one. I heard that they give morphine to cancer patients too. But you didn’t feel high? I wondered why you still felt the pain of the stint going in your leg but you explained it now. That morphine kept you just happy in the upper part of your body… All in all, Peach, it sounded like a real unpleasant experience to say the least and I hope that you don’t ever have to experience it again. Overall, how do you feel now? Do you feel different than before the attack?

      That plague sounds like a really dirty mess. Would be great if you could take out these arteries and scrub them clean and put them back in. Did the Docs tell you how to increase your HDL? How do you pay for your medical treatment? Do you have a health insurance?

      I heard that Charlotte Gerson has deliberately none. She can afford it but she doesn’t want any because she is curing anything with eating healthy. She is the daughter of Max Gerson, the Jewish doctor who said illness is prevented and cured when you eat and drink the right stuff. She is in her 80s now and looks pretty fit.

      It is a shame that healthy food is so expensive. I go through the supermarket and look at the produce prices and think to myself: why does an apple cost USD 1.50? That is not right. The cheapest food is junk food and the healthy foot is expensive. If it would be the other way around, people would get less sick. You know that I am a conspiracy theorist, Peach. The medical and pharma industry profits from the fact that junk food is cheap and healthy food is not.

      I like fish too. I have seen that Mosey’s husband is catching fish right outside his home. But on the other side, you don’t know how healthy fish are that are caught so close to the population. Well, one can’t say that neither about fish on farmer’s markets or in the supermarket. I have a friend who lived once in a fisher village. He is very picky choosing his fish. He just eats those that were caught in the deep sea and he eats nothing that crawled on the ocean floor. He calls them bottom feeder and full of mercury and other dirt. I wouldn’t know to fish either. Sticking living worms on a fish hook and removing wiggling fish? Not exactly my cup of tea.

      Another person I once knew (he was very secretive and people only knew his first name) lived in the wilderness for many years and you could hear him when he came around the corner because he still had bear bells on him despite back in civilization. 🙂 Old habits die hard I guess. He told me that the Indians taught him a fishing trick. There is a weed that you throw in the lake that makes the fish unconscious. Then you pick the best of them and throw them in the fire and you got your dinner. The other fish gain consciousness after a while and continue to live. Never tried it myself, Peach.

      I have a MP3 player too. Love mine. I take it anywhere I go. Did your docs tell you that you should or should not work out? If they told you to work out and if you feel that you are too tired or too fragile to work for aerobic activity, you might want to start very slowly trying to exercise while sitting. If you google sitting exercise, you’ll find links. It’s sort of fidgeting around when you were a kid in school and didn’t want to sit still in class and the adults thought of giving you Ritalin. 😉 However, I understand that you want to take things easy. You don’t want to stress your heart in any shape of form.

      Peach, I use weights at home but just those for ladies. Each is only 3 pounds. But it makes you stronger and toned. But I don’t want to use heavy weights and muscles like a man.

      Your town looks nice. I love the palm trees, I don’t have them here. If a town grows at a fast rate, it isn’t that good of a thing. Where you born there? Is your family in the same town?

      Yes, I no longer live in downtown Salt Lake City but gone country. I am not completely in the wilderness, Peach but not much traffic here. Don’t need bear bells here, at least I don’t think so. I do have neighbors and they are nice. I am getting invitations of them all the time. Some of them want me to join their churches. Indicated already to them that this won’t happen. But they are still nice. They don’t judge you after lies on the Internet but rather see how you are in reality.

      I have to be careful what I post don’t want to show any lurking stalker the way to my new address. A TV station moved downtown SLC and in addition to hospital helicopters, the helicopters of the TV station were always cruising over downtown SLC. The office buildings downtown have thick windows that kept the noise out but many apartment house buildings were built in times when boom boxes were not invented and neither helicopters going back and the traffic in the streets were not that heavy. The windows are like paper so thin. I couldn’t take the noise anymore and gone country but I don’t live anywhere near the Dugway Proofing Grounds as posted on ARS. It is just another lie. Hey, and I am not afraid to post my opinion about some lame former KGB agent because he gotta find me first. 😉

      Yes, I live now in a little house, just five rooms and almost an acre land and a barn. I could turn the attic into one or two rooms too but there is no need for it yet. I have enough space. The community did cut down a park size tree last summer that I loved to look at. Sure I can plant a lot to compensate the view but sometimes I am tempted to get 20 acres deep in the country and then nobody can steal a tree from my sight. There are then all mine, it doesn’t matter how far I look. But I don’t know if I would feel save there living alone and how I would be able to manage things like Internet access and shopping, ect.

      Winters are very quiet here but you need serious heat during December, January and February. You can’t make it with just an electrical heater. In winter you don’t hear anything but birds. In summer you can hear often lawn mowers or you see kids on recreational vehicles but it is still a lot easier to take than downtown Salt Lake City. I remember seeing fighting in Iraq on TV and the noise in the battle zone sounded exactly like downtown SLC. No kidding.

      No, no vultures here but I saw eagles and wild goose here. They are really cute. My birds are pretty smart, Peach. If something doesn’t move, they figure it out so fast and then they drop their stuff deliberately to show me that my tricks won’t work. I think I have to build some kind of roof over the other part of the deck too. The problem is that I have a tree that spans directly over that uncovered part of the deck. That is so inviting for the birds.

      Yes, try that with the liquid soap. I tried it with chalk and white powder like baking soda but they still walked over the line. Liquid soap did the trick. They made no step over that line. I know, ants can make the cleanest house feel unclean. I learned soon that spraying doesn’t keep them away and I don’t want to breathe that stuff in. But Tarro really does help too, Peach. It is sweet sticky fluid and you put some few drops out and they come and first it looks like more are coming but suddenly they are gone because they carried the stuff back to their home for the rest of the colony.

      These mosquito nets aren’t that expensive. You can hang them also around the bed. But I don’t get mosquitos in the house because I have fly screens. But they are ideal on some summer evenings when it is so nice outside, you want to be outside but you can’t because some mosquitoes want to eat you. You can laugh at them under those mosquito nets. You can count them and compare to the many mosquito bites that you would have if you wouldn’t have the net. 😉
      Bulbs blooming already in your yard? Amazing. Here is all under thick snow cover. It will take approx. two more months until my bulbs will grow.

      You probably are an antique expert and have some in your home. Some folks are really great in restoring them. How you described your job, you might not even need any workout. I like going to flea markets but I never buy used clothes because of the flea in the word flea market. But furniture is another matter. Looks like you are a lot on the go trying to find bargains and nice stuff. Did you ever buy something that you were not able to sell? What are you doing with that? Sure glad that you got rid of these strong helping hands who scared off your customers. Guess he couldn’t help himself.

      Would be nice to find something that is really valuable like a painting of some master?
      I assume you have a good idea of what people want and like and how much it is worth and you meet lot of people and don’t have a boss sitting in your neck all the time. After that problem with your heart, can you still help your sister to load and unload?

      Take good care of yourself, Peach.


      Barbara Schwarz

      January 27, 2011 at 3:26 pm

  16. This is no spam, Barbara. I stumbled upon your blog and now I’m really fascinated by your blog posts. I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed. Be safe.


    January 27, 2011 at 10:24 am

    • What is the AHBL, Barb?


      May 30, 2015 at 3:03 am

      • Felon Brian “Brielle” Bruns and his friend founded the AHBL to play “net cop” and deny other people’s right of free speech. Bruns is a liar and also otherwise SCUM.

        Some really lousy people sometimes manage to fool people as to that they have a credible website or even some non-profit organization as Brian Bruns (who calls him now Jillian or Brielle Bruns after he got a sex change) of the AHBL. Brian (when he still was a man) was obsessed with stalking me and admitted once on an administrative newsgroup that he never filed so many (false) complaints as he file about me to my library and ISP to block my access to the net as he did with me. He wrote more than 50 false complaints about me. And when I then made research and ordered his records, I found out that he was convicted felon, a federal prison inmate and even a registered sex slave. He defamed me on his website but then decided to delete any information on me because people googled my name and found out about his criminal records and him being a registered sex slave.

        They claimed that the AHBL and the SOSDG are non-profit but I have seen that the SOSDG hosted the dirty money making perverted webpages of Lady Arielle, a man dressed like a sadistic prostitute woman and who is “Brielle’s” slave master. contains many official criminal records on him that were obtained on Bruns. He usually threaten internet providers and upstream providers to deny access to blacklist them on the AHBL. If this link doesn’t work anymore, Bruns did just that. But he never corrected his lies on him.

        Usenet, the group NANAE is open to anyone. I posted there just very briefly a few postings. Everything that Bruns wrote about me on his unconstitutional website is a big fat lie.

        I still have all the criminal records on the man.

        Here is the site on the waybackmachine.

        Barbara Schwarz

        June 4, 2015 at 3:37 pm

  17. Hey Barbara!

    I’m tickled to hear about your new house. It sounds perfect. And maybe you can plant some vegetables this year? The usual ones are tomatoes, beans, and squash. They give the most return for the trouble. I’ve been lucky some years with the peppers, too. I’ve found that my yard has done the best if I’ve managed to work some peat moss and manure into the soil, but I haven’t been able to afford it for some time. I’ve got clay, and it just eats that stuff up. Fun to grow, too, are sunflowers. For a couple of years I planted all kinds of them. They take some effort, as the snails really go for the babies, but they’re spectacular when they work out, and your squirrels and birds would love them. Water has gotten expensive here, too, so I’m not going in for thirsty plants anymore, like corn. But with the food prices what they are, it makes more sense than before, having your own vegetable patch.

    Many conspiracies, are actually the conspiracy of money. People are always looking for ways to make more money, and when they get together in companies, the common good especially gets left at the door. If it were allowed, they’d be making biscuits out of sawdust, if it were profitable and the customers kept returning.

    I wonder, can you plant an apple tree where you are? Mine died, but before it did, it provided many an apple pie, and much apple sauce. Lemon trees are another thing good to have. I never did get one. Should have. They’re such a cheerful sight. I have such a hard time deciding where to put stuff, so the birds and squirrels have made some choices for me, as with the loquat tree, and the oak tree.

    I’m feeling better and more normal, now. My heart was really pretty tender there for awhile. I’m not doing as well with the walking as I ought to. The extreme workout once a month idea is not such a good idea. Better to be doing more in between. Most months I injure myself. Yes, indeed, Mr. Strong Hands was not able to help himself. It was a real shame.

    The morphine makes you feel detached. This is a good thing. Feeling it enter my bloodstream was like getting knocked on the head, not at all pleasant. For the most part, it was an interesting experience. I did not see a glowing light with dead people beckoning. I thought, “Here comes the light switch.” By which I meant, “Pretty soon I’m not going to be here at all.” It was like getting on a roller coaster, and somebody else was directing the ride. They seemed quite competent, so all I had to do was to lie there. Actually, that was all I *could* do. 😀

    I have no insurance, I have no money. The hospital gave me a pass, for which I am profoundly grateful. You would not believe how expensive it was. Embarrassing really, to be there at all. It’s not like I’m worth that much money! 😀

    Every now and again, Barbara, I find something fairly valuable for pennies on the dollar. It’s very thrilling when it does happen, but I find many more bread and butter, moderate profit items. I have to work with limited capital, so I can’t afford, say, the hundred dollar item that might sell for a thousand. I’m priced out of that market, plus I’m not in the loop, and I’m also not sufficiently aggressive. The things that don’t sell, we sometimes knock down the price and sell them, or move them into the crummy flea market or garage sale hoard, or I give them away to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Or we rotate them. I do have a “spare” room, and a small shed. And storage tubs in the living room! Plus my sister has that rental space in Alameda, where she put the stuff left after they closed down her husband’s business.

    I can do loading and unloading, but I can’t do it at the rate I did before. We’re on a time constraint, getting that stuff out of the van when we get there, you know, setting up, and also packing up and unloading at the storage facility, because they close at a certain hour. I was doing all this for some time, as that vein was narrowing, but it had to be the horrible experience in the rain and cold that sent it over the top. So I can’t get myself into that kind of circumstance again, unless I want to drop dead. It is very annoying to be careful. I never was before. Work until you drop was my motto.

    Barbara, I’m by the bay, and when I’ve gone to places where people can fish, they have signs warning people to avoid eating fish from the bay over a certain number of times per week. I seem to recall two times being mentioned. Yikes! I didn’t really believe that stuff until I developed an allergy to clams about fifteen years ago. Probably got one bad one, and now I can’t eat the fresh ones at all. I am now very leery of all shellfish, and crab and lobster. I’ve fished with worms. I don’t care for stabbing the poor little guys, as I like them, and I love seeing them in my yard, but you can always fish with salmon eggs.

    I was born in San Francisco and we lived there about three years after I was born, when we moved down the Peninsula. We’ve all stayed in the area, my younger sister in Santa Rosa, my older sister in Oakland, and my mom in Alameda. All urban areas. When I was looking for a house, I did look in more rural places, but the problem was that there were fewer and lower paying jobs there, while the house prices were still comparatively high. The Bay Area is very expensive. Since I’ve lived here all my life, I’ve watched it being developed, over developed as far as I’m concerned, and get more and more costly. I’m hanging on by my fingernails. One doesn’t wish to be pushed out of the place in which they grew up. The housing market really crashed here, but income crashed too. It’s all relative. Nobody can afford to live, though one does try to keep on living. 🙂

    So what do you think you’ll do with the barn? Is it picturesque? All my life I’ve wanted to have some big space, with almost nothing in it. A couch or a bed. Nothing else. It would seem like the height of luxury. I peaked at having an apartment of 800 square feet, but now I’m down to 660 square feet. This would be fine if I weren’t a packrat. Can I send some stuff up to you to store in your barn? 😀

    By the way, one of my more memorable dreams after moving in here was that immediately had I done so, men appeared and cut down all the trees around the place. I then had many variations on that theme. However I will say that when I was house hunting, I looked at a very small house, not in very good shape, not well laid out, overpriced, but cute, on a decent sized lot in Napa. I was so tempted, as it was in the middle of a perfect forest of trees. When the realtor had left, and I was standing there looking at it, I suddenly realized that I would be liable for the upkeep of all those trees! I practically ran from the place. :-p

    Well, I must go back to work. I do hope we both have a flowery sort of spring.



    February 4, 2011 at 8:24 am

    • Hi Peach,

      Your temperatures in California must be rather friendly already. How low does it get where you are? Do you need much heat? What kind of heat?

      Yes, I try to plant this spring. I never had a garden before, so I have a lot to learn. Did you ever transform a meadow into a vegetable patch? You pull all the grass and the weed until you just have naked soil, right? Here people hire sometimes a farmer who plows their meadows. I have no fence around my place, Peach. I wonder if I need one first, don’t want animals going into my vegetables.

      I like tomatoes, squash, beans, and peppers. Maybe I try planting eggplants too. Did you try to fry them in olive oil? Yummy!
      My soil looks pretty good, it is not dried out, Peach, I probably try it first with a few vegetables and see how they do on their own. I know somebody here who has a salsa garden. She mainly just waters the plants.

      Sunflowers, yes, they are nice, and they are growing quite high. Did you try to harvest the seeds?

      I have seen snakes here, Peach. In the warm months, snakes come out. I am 4 years here at my new place and saw probably 15 snakes. I call Animal Control, and they come and get them, or I wait until they run on their own. I was told that they are not poisonous. Are there snakes where you live? I don’t like them at all but people are telling me that there are not more so many snakes as in decades before.

      I heard it never rains in Southern California 😉 and gathering rain in rain barrels, is that a solution?

      Yes, I agree. One can save a lot of money with growing own vegetables and also planting fruit trees. Apple trees, yes, I could plant some. Many apples in the supermarkets taste like nothing and are expensive! I would try to plant one that has very tasty apples. I don’t know if Lemon trees will grow here, Peach. I haven’t exactly California climate.
      I know a lady here who bought with her hubby a 40 acres farm. She said they hardly have to buy anything from the grocery store.

      Speaking of making biscuits out of sawdust, I remember I had some and they tasted just like it.

      Peach, you should have a peach tree. I have a Crabapple bush. In spring, it is breathtakingly beautiful. It is full with dark pink flowers. In fall, I either have lots of really tiny hard apples or I have two or three very big apples and not one tiny apple in that big bush. Strange.

      I am sure glad that you are getting back to normal. If you don’t have the time for many walks, maybe you can just do some light sitting exercises when you are watching TV or on the computer. No, you are right, one extreme workout may just be too much for your heart. You better do easier workouts and those regularly. Put a sticker on your computer, like: Move a little bit!

      Interesting what you write about that experience with the heart attack. You wrote that morphine makes you feel detached. That means that it was some kind of out-of-body experience but you were still holding onto your body, and in my eyes that is not yet physically dead. The helplessness that you describe is scary. But I am glad that they brought you back. If you take your health seriously from now on, you can still have many years ahead of you.

      Many Americans have no health insurance. I have no health insurance either, Peach. I take my chances. Whatever will be, will be. I earn money but these health insurance rates are still too high and I don’t even like to go to the doctors. Have seen the dentist last year and another appointment is lined up but otherwise I just try to live healthy and hope it will work out for the best. House insurance is already high enough. I am thinking of dropping that insurance because I don’t think that it is necessary. (Just paid another insurance rate until summer.)

      The hospital can’t turn you away when you are dying otherwise. I think they get the money somehow from Uncle Sam or donations. But don’t think that you are not worth that money. A human life can’t be measured in Dollars. Medical prices are EXCESSIVE to say the least.

      I don’t know much about the values of antiques, Peach. I sometimes pass by “Antique stores” and they have a lot of old dolls, pots and pans, decorations, paintings, small item furniture. It is fun to go there and look at that merchandise but the prices are slightly cheaper as if you would buy the same item brand-new in a store. I am not sure if they are being sold under the value or if they are not worth more.

      At least you found a way to earn money. Probably more fun than to work at a supermarket and fill up grocery shelves with groceries. How many days in the week do you work? Do you have to pay rent for the space that you are using in a show to sell your items? Is that expensive? Can you put a sign out at your house “garage sale” and sell there too?
      When you sell items, you probably buy new items again, and the shed and the “spare room” in your house is pretty fast filled up again.

      What kind of people are buying antiques? Collectors of items? Do you collect things too?

      I understand that you have to be careful in future and that working until you drop isn’t a good idea after a heart attack.

      Didn’t know that the bay is so contaminated, Peach. On tourism pictures, everything looks still nice. Fish poisoning, doesn’t sound great to me. You like worms? But just in the garden, right? 😉 Some crazy people eat tapeworms to lose weight. Yuk!

      Interesting what you wrote about your life in California. I know of some people who sold their expensive houses in California and moved to areas where it is not that expensive, and they use the rest of the money from the house sale to have a better life in an area that is not that expensive. But as your family is in California, you may stay put. On the other side, people like living California because of the warm climate. I can afford my place and the costs but I don’t have summerlike conditions all around the year. December, January, and February are pretty cold here.

      Here are pictures of my barn, Peach:

      Sometimes links don’t work. But you can paste and copy it in a new window.

      I had it built a few years ago and use it as storage place for boxes with paper but my lawn mowers, garden tools and my bike is in it too. Right now, I can only get inside, if I shovel snow for hours that fell a while ago and is still on the ground. So I wait till spring sun takes care of that for me.
      A couple of people could sleep in the barn on cots in spring and fall but in summer Barnie gets too hot and in Winter it is too cold. But it is not drafty and smells good inside like new wood.

      Your house has 660 square feet? Must be cute. I believe mine is more than twice that size but as more rooms you have, as more you have to clean. 😉

      Interesting that you had this dream about that they cut trees after you bought that house. I had concerns about community cutting trees in my area, Peach, and they really did it later! I knew it in advance! There was this park size tree that I loved, and I knew that they would steal it rather sooner than later. But I still have trees on the land where they have nothing to say, and I will try my best to plant a lot more after the cold time is over.

      Upkeep of trees is so expensive? Mine take pretty much care of themselves. Some branches (also big branches) fall down, then I burn them or if they are fresh, I keep them and maybe when I have time, I’ll make outdoor furniture of them.

      You probably can get a big house or a small house with lots of money leftover when you would sell your house in California and move to a cheaper state but as your family is in California, this option will be out of the question for you.

      I had a funny dream yesterday. My best dreams are those in which I am flying. Did you ever dream that you can fly? It is amazing, Peach. It feels like you really float around. Anyway, I dreamed that I was in theater, and people were watching a play. I came in late from the front and had to pass the stage to get to my seat. And suddenly I lifted up and floated around on stage of that theater. People were angry at me. They didn’t say: Look, she can fly! They hollered: Get out of the way! I didn’t know how to get out of the way immediately because that flying needs some steering experiences too. Finally I got away from the stage, still flying and having fun flying!

      Don’t work too hard, Peach. Take care!

      (It’s funny, a part of my blog becomes a documentary of your life too. If somebody wants to know more about you, you just have to refer him or her to the comment section of “About me” and the person learns a lot about your life too.)

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 5, 2011 at 9:55 am

  18. Oh yes, it was soaproot, I believe, that the Indians used to throw in the water to stun fish. Peach


    February 4, 2011 at 8:29 am

    • We probably would stun the fish with our personalities, Peach, and would not even need soaproot. 😉 I answer to your longer comment tomorrow.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 4, 2011 at 4:47 pm

  19. Well, thanks, but I don’t think so.

    Barbara Schwarz

    February 5, 2011 at 2:22 pm

  20. Super-Duper blog! I am loving it and the animations! Will come back again, Barb.

    J. Schin

    February 9, 2011 at 7:23 pm

  21. Wow! Can I take a fragment of your postings to my blog?

    Lori S.

    February 10, 2011 at 4:48 am

  22. Hey Barbara!

    Oh yes, I saw barns like that when I went shopping for my shed. They were bigger than I could afford, so I got my 10×15 one, which has a low roof, and a regular door. It did smell heavenly when it was just built. A friend and I wall boarded the inside, to make it more climate controlled, so there went the wood smell. After it filled up, I was sorry I could no longer go out and sit in it. I do believe that more stuff goes out of the house and shed than goes it, but somehow it never gets packed as well as it once was, and so takes up more room.

    It’s getting warmer here, Barbara. Right now in the early evening, it’s about sixty degrees. The narcissus have just about flowered out. They do tend to come early. But it’s not spring yet, we could still have some very chilly weather. It occasionally gets down into the twenties and thirties here at night. I’ve got to start the seeds soon, so they can go in the yard as soon as possible. I don’t have eggplant. I may buy a ready started plant of it. I do like it sauted, but it just eats up the oil! I prefer rubbing slices with olive oil and broiling them.

    My heat in this house is a gas wall heater. It wasn’t working for about a year, so I used one of those portable oil heaters that a friend gave me. The wall heater did get fixed, and then I had to move all the stuff that was on top of it, and then I used that. It does get the house warm, but it just sounds like money burning merrily away! Say! Don’t let go of your house insurance. By all means, find a cheaper policy, or increase the deductible, but don’t drop the insurance! It’s really important if something happens.

    If your soil isn’t dried out, you might have some good stuff there. Mine has no sand at all, to keep it light. I wish I could get a whole truckful of sand to work into it. During the summer, it hardens and cracks, where it hasn’t been kept moist. If you’ve got virgin soil, all nicely meadowed, what you want to do it get it rototilled. Just plow all the weeds under, they’ll rot and make the soil better. That’s what my friend Mr. Brown who lived across the street used to do for me. We were gardening buddies. He had a big old Sear’s tiller, and that thing was tough. My brother in law did it for me too, a couple of times, though his was smaller. I’d say get somebody to till it for you the first time, and then if you can get a little tiller for yourself, you could do it from then on. Every year Mr. Brown did it, that patch got larger. He was not a fan of foolishness such as flowers and any that got in his way went down!


    Barbara, you’ll learn to love those big fat earthworms! If you’ve got them, you’re doing it right. I’m always happy to see them. I have a compost pile, which I adore, and lots of them live there. I only put things like blackberry vines, and other prickly stuff, in the garbage service’s green recyclable bin. Big branches that I can’t handle since I gave away my chipper. I try to chop up stalks some. You try to do layers of dry stuff, layers of green stuff, and then some dirt. All non protein kitchen scraps go there too. I used to roll it from year to year, so that it made a transit of the vegetable patch, but I’ve been leaving it for some years, and scooping the compost out of the bottom. It’s like a pet to me. A big shaggy pet.

    The thing with the trees is that they can get too large or unwell, and in a big storm, they can go over and cause a lot of damage. I lived in one apartment on a sloping lot which had a large backyard with seven Monterey pines. Big, big trees. After a couple of storms took down twenty/thirty foot branches, the landlord had to have them done by a professional service. Very expensive. But not nearly as expensive if one had gone over onto the apartment house below. My next door neighbor’s big loquat came down on her roof! Luckily, a large branch hitting the ground first took a lot of the weight, so the roof wasn’t damaged. I work at it to keep the loquat in my yard small. And I really ought to be trimming that leylandii. So you want to keep an eye on your trees. About four years after I moved in, it looked like the landlord in the back was going to cut down the big redwood there! I remonstrated strongly and he said he was just going to trim it, so it’s still there. But it’s worth money, so could go any time.

    It’s a slow market in antiques right now, Barbara. We sell wonderful kitchen items, from the twenties through the seventies, for less than comparable new items. eBay lowered values and then the recession lowered them some more. It’s a great place to collect at the moment. The scarcer things, of course, retain more value, such as high end pottery, which I particularly like, but I only get it by accident. I work maybe sixty to eighty hours a month, it depends on what I’m doing. More if you count the research, spending time online finding out what things are, what they go for. We pay $125 for our stall, and thirty dollars for table rental. I don’t have any shop space, couldn’t afford that at all. I’d have garage sales, but the place I live is not good for them. It’s out of the way, and the folks around here don’t buy antiques or collectibles, so it would just be dealers, who don’t pay much. I had to stop selling at two other flea markets where the conditions were similar. I couldn’t even make the booth rental fees at the end. It was pretty discouraging. I used to have garage sales on the lawns of friends and family, better situated for it than I, and I think we’ll do that again this year.

    Barbara, I haven’t had any flying dreams lately, but I used to have them all the time. It was like swimming, I used a breast stroke. I just loved it, it felt totally natural, and so easy, just catch an updraft. I’d always be surprised, thinking, “Why don’t I do this more often?” In my dreams, nobody comments or even notices it. How convenient!


    Yeah, I am kinda featuring loudly on YOUR web page! Do you want to delete it, and we can talk in email? I’d have emailed you originally, but had no idea of what address you used. I’m really enjoying talking with you, because we do have a number of common interests and opinions which could not really be aired on ars.




    February 10, 2011 at 4:59 pm

    • Hi Peach,

      I am glad that you are doing better. In a few days is Valentines Day, so happy Valentines Day, Peach. Hope any shy admirer of yours steps forward and let you know how he feels.

      When my backyard cluttered, I had to get a barn. (I painted it, it was not painted by the barn builder.) I have to carry my stuff now longer back and forth from and to the house but the surrounding of the place looks fine with all the clutter in the barn. I got myself one with a loft inside, because you can store stuff also in the loft, means it is more space than just a shed. Fresh wood really smells awesome, doesn’t it?

      I store my trash burner (for branches that fall off the trees) no longer in the barn because the burn smell takes away from the nice wood smell of the barn but store it in a former chicken house that my former neighbor dumped on my place allegedly just for a day or two and never came back to get it. So, I cleaned it, painted it, nailed a new roof on it and store the branch burner in there.

      You probably don’t know anymore the treasures that you have in the back of your barn? If you would have two doors, also one at the back, you probably had better access to the original Van Gogh paintings and Chippendale furniture that you collect in the shed. 😉

      I am not at sixty degrees here but my snow starts slowly to melt. It’s great that your narcissus came out too. We planted here some too but I have to wait another month to see them. If it gets down in your town into the 20s and 30s at night sometimes, it feels almost like here. But it temperatures go down here occasionally much lower.

      Here it is all about the heating system. If that works, the winter months are a bit more expensive than spring, summer and winter but the other months are relatively cheap so it evens out.

      Yes, you are right with some vegetables eating up the olive oil. I don’t use much oil to fry or broil but when done, I do what you do, I rub some on top and than makes vegetables quite yummy.

      You have to be careful with gas heaters that don’t work, Peach. If gas leaks, you could breath that gas in one day. Portable oil heater? Does that one smell? Where do you get the oil for that one? I know somebody who has electrical panels in her house and keeps it always around 70 degrees and her bills are not high. She heats her house for 150 Dollar a months in winter.

      That is what my family and friends tell me too, Peach, that I should continue with the house insurance. I got a good insurance deal but I still think that it is a waste of money because I am always around and take good care of it. They just pay when you are on vacation. For example, if I would spend more than 30 days away from my home, the insurance is off. My Barnie is insured too. Lol!

      My soil is good and not light either. “My Mr. Brown” died not long ago. He had all these heavy machinery stuff in his huge barn and nobody knew how rich he was until he died. But I can find somebody else of course. People here are friendly and helpful, I am sure I can find a guy who could tillers my soil but appreciates the “foolishness” of flowers. 😉 That means that I don’t have to pull out the weeds by hand? The tiller takes care of all of that? I just have to put seeds in the ground? From the official road to my house, there is a stone way. I try to get the weeds out regularly that grow between the stones because it looks better. But my writs hurt half way through like crazy because it is hard to get some of the weeds out despite that I have enough tools to loosen them.

      I don’t hurt the big fat earthworms, Peach. They are just kind of yucky. I have been told by family to compost but I heard that you have to make that compost fluffy twice a year (dig it up and around) and soils is very heavy. How do you manage that without breaking your back? You say you roll it? That is a good idea. I could buy wood barrels and then just roll it around. Lol. Sounds like fun. (Particularly when you stand on top of it.)

      Yes, that’s true about trees, but I still love them. I had a storm here that cracked a branch so big, that I had to clean up one whole day. On the other side, when you live on a land with lots of trees (many acres) you can plant all your food and heat with own wood. You take some not so good trees down each year before winter for heating and plant new ones in spring. I plan to grow my bigger trees not too close to the house for the same reasons. If I plant them now, I don’t have to worry much about them. I have one very close to the house and the others further away, so when they crash, they crash into whoever walks under the tree but not into the house.

      I am aware of that, Peach, trimming is necessary. One of my trees was growing into the power line. I handled that problem myself. I took the saw but was afraid that it would crash on me. So, I did not saw it down completely down but stopped by 90% and waited for the next storm. While I was snuggled in my bed, the storm came and yes, it took the big branch down that grew in the power line down. Power line saved. Problem solved. 🙂

      I can imagine that antiques do well in a bull market. When people are afraid that the economy will be not that good, they don’t buy antiques and just buy what’s absolutely necessary. On the other side, I heard that many people buy spontaneous. They see something that they can’t resist and want to have it. Right, there is Ebay. I forgot about it. Can you sell on eBay?

      I can imagine some of the old-fashioned kitchen items. Some of that stuff is very stable not just plastic as so much these days. You work double the hours than of most people do. I work a lot too. I think you might have an idea but please don’t mention it because certain people want me to lie staving with cut off hands in a ditch. But just like you, I know what it means to work hard. Rents are expensive, particularly in California! Is that stall rental only for the weekends? Flew market people probably just look for 25 cents items. But it sounds interesting, what you are doing. How many years are you in this business?

      Do you have a possibility to go swimming in you town? Like a swimming pool? Many people think that anyone in California has a big swimming pool made of marvel and in kidney shape! 😉

      Peach, I have sometimes hundreds of visitors per day on my blog. Of most, I have no clue who they are but I think many come back and read more. If we would continue to chat in private, I think they would be disappointed because interested in what you have to say. They might not comment often but there are reading. I enjoy chatting with you too, Peach. No, these kinds of chats weren’t really possible on ARS without disruptive comments. It is not more what it was but a couple of years ago, they would have lynched us on ARS for chatting like that. Lol!


      Barbara Schwarz

      February 12, 2011 at 6:37 pm

  23. Oh yeah, yes Barbara, I do collect, that’s how all this stuff got here!


    I like pottery and glass, and books, and dolls, and whatever. But I’m not buying anything for myself right now, and haven’t been for some time. If I get it now, even if I love it to death, it’s for sale. This can be hard some times, but it’s a good discipline, and somehow, it’s the ultimate in ownership. You acknowledge that you cannot own anything forever, and you get to show it off, until the item receives the greatest of compliments…. it gets bought by another person. Ultimately, the only things off limits are things given to me by my family. Seems reasonable, huh? Peaches


    February 10, 2011 at 5:10 pm

    • Hi Peach,

      I’ll reply to your longer e-mail on the weekend. You started your business with the hobby of collection, that is great. The problem might be also where to put the antiques if you don’t have your very own museum with lots of space. I understand, what you mean. You want to keep it but bills must be paid. So, you sell to others except what your family members give to you and neither your hair. 😉 I once wrote a short story about a guy who sold his own hair and beard to Hollywood folks claiming it belonged to aristocrats.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 11, 2011 at 5:52 am

      • Heh! Say, Barbara, I have a couple of braids from Marie Antoinette, if you’d be interested.


        February 12, 2011 at 5:21 pm

  24. I just replied to your long comment and found this one too.

    Marie Antoinette braids? These braids could make you rich, Peach. But you have to powder them before you offer them because I remember you being brunette! 😉


    Barbara Schwarz

    February 12, 2011 at 6:51 pm

  25. You mean Rosenthal china? I think it is worth something but don’t ask me specifics. You might want to wait for Peach to come back. She might know.

    Barbara Schwarz

    February 21, 2011 at 6:17 am

    • The best place to check prices for china services is at When you find the manufacturer, and start going through their patterns, if you don’t know the name, clicking the sidebar will give you pictures of the patterns and you may be able to identify it that way. The prices they charge for pieces are high.


      February 25, 2011 at 9:25 am

  26. Hey Barbara, getting closer to the time for you to see flowers. I hear that tonight, it may snow in the Bay Area. I do hope so. If it does, I’ll drive up to the park in the hills above the towns, and enjoy it. But at the moment, it’s disappointingly sunny.

    So you had a Mr. Brown, too. Everybody should have a Mr. Brown in their neighborhood. Alas! my Mr. Brown was poor, so he wasn’t able to fix his motorhome and go travelling in his last years. He’d travel back south to see his relatives, and load up with produce that he grew. The man had a fridge and freezer chest in the kitchen, and in the shed outside, he had a doublewide freezer and another refridgerator. The refrigerator was filled with plastic pop bottles full of lemon juice squeezed from his lemons, and jars and jars of hot sauce made from his tomatoes. He was a crusty old soul, but very good company until his last year, when the death of his wife (who ran away from him first) and his increased drinking, made him really unpleasant to be around. But we had about nine good years together. Yes, he preferred to plow with the weeds standing, then I’d follow him with the rake and smooth it and bust up some clods. Then make the furrows and plant.

    My compost pile never really gets enough dirt, so it’s fairly light. To roll it, I get on top of it with a pitch fork, and throw it next to itself. On the bottom is all the wonderful soil, thick with those beautiful worms. Mr. Brown liked me to spread it so he could plow it under, but I preferred my way, because of the worms, which would get chopped up by the tiller. I’d shovel the compost into buckets and put it where I wanted it. Nowadays, I just dig it out from under. I have my potatoes planted around it, so they get that nice fluffy soil, and the damp. I water it down from time to time in the summer, because if you don’t, it stops “working.” It’s messy, but fun.

    The oil heater looks like a little radiator, and the oil is sealed inside. The one I have is made by DeLonghi, and apparently they’re the best. The oil is heated by electric coils inside, and it warms up gradually, and stays warm. It’s best for small spaces, and since it rolls, you could use it in the living room, and then later use it in the bedroom. It’s safe. I think it’s particularly good for the bedroom, but the wall heater is better to heat the living room, and the rest of the house. The gas leak is at the control unit of the water heater, which is located in an alcove in the tiny hall. I have to keep the bathroom window cracked, or I’d be gassed in my own house. It’s been like this for years. Twice, or is it three times, it got inspected by PG&E, who have to turn leaking appliances off, who did turn it off, and then I turned it on again. But I’ll be getting that part soon and fixing it. I’ve never told them about the gas leak that occurs when the oven is turned on. Why, it’s no problem baking with the back door open.


    Barbara, if those trees aren’t near your house, why that’s probably the method I’d use too. I think it would be terrific to be able to burn your own wood. When the beautiful apple tree in the back finally died, bit by bit, I cut it down, except for about five feet of main trunk, then cut up the pieces, and put them in the green recycle bin for the garbage company. Nobody wanted the wood to burn. But it did wind up burning, alright, because the dump caught on fire. Everything burned, you could see it from my house.

    But trimming really big trees is a big and dangerous job. I’ve watched guys doing it. It’s fascinating. They have to think it all out before they do it, and rope the big branches that they’re taking down. That little house I saw in Napa had tons of really big trees, all smooshed together around it on that lot. If one went, it would have been a regular house of cards.

    The $125 is rental for one stall, one Sunday. It’s lots cheaper at the other places, but you can’t sell much at those. They’re full of people buying for their booths at the big flea market. I guess I’ve been doing this for about ten years. I started by selling on eBay, and did ok for a while, but it got harder and harder there as they started with the many “improvements” to the site. They never did release the software for doing your listings offline for my computer system, like they said they would, and by the time I quit, they’d changed the online listing software so that my operating system couldn’t do it. I never really sold all that well there. I was too picky about my pictures and descriptions, my packing. Too slow to list. So then I segued into selling in real life. I had other jobs along the way, too.

    I wish there were some Picassos out in the shed! I’m pretty sure there’s not, though the items in the corners certainly don’t see the light of day very often. I’ve only come across one really nice painting in all these years, by a lesser western artist, and it sold too low at an auction house. Wish I’d kept it. I don’t run to furniture too much, because my car is a Honda Civic. To do furniture, it’s best that you’re a guy with a truck. Every now and again, I find something I can get my car, but it sure hasn’t been Chippendale! I’m mostly a small potatoes dealer, low outlay, low income.

    The vintage kitchen items are really a good buy these days. Bowls, casseroles, molds, rolling pins, salt and peppers, just everything. We sell all the colorful Pyrex that I can find, most reasonably. The young women like to buy it. In fact, most of our kitchen sales are to young women, who are putting their kitches together, and realize what great deals are to be found. I’m sure it would all be higher in a store, but even at that, the prices are good. And these are things where people can buy one item, and feel happy. Don’t have to worry much about it matching anything else. It’s fun. They have fun buying it, we have fun offering it. It’s not as hard to find as other stuff, and besides I had a large amount of it accumulated over the years, which I wasn’t using.

    I haven’t been doing as well with the exercise as I ought, Barbara. There is an indoor YWCA pool nearby, which I tried once, and hated. I used to swim at the nearby college, until they raised the rates for a semester, which was the only way you could swim there, and limited the number of semesters of swimming you could take. I hear they reopened a large indoor pool out in Point Richmond called the Richmond Plunge. I swam there once before it closed. Generally, indoor pools seem to have even more chlorine than outdoor ones, or it sure feels like it, and I don’t like them much. But, that would be all that would be available, because I can’t afford to join the Y. Do you swim, Barbara? It is nice when you get used to it, if you can find a pool where you don’t have to share lanes. Sharing lanes is uncomfortable, and takes away the feeling of peace that the swimming gives you. I keep looking for the large kidney shaped pool in my backyard, but it must be obscured by weeds! 😉

    Speaking of weeds, yes, it’s a pain in the butt weeding paved paths. I suppose you could try boiling water, if you can’t stand weed killer. I’m not particularly big on weed killer myself. I do like to do my weeding after rains, because they pull out so much easier then, but when I get into the swing of it, I’m sure to wind up with very sore hands, which will not close nicely by the time the evening rolls around. The poor woman two doors down bought this nice new house with a white peppled “lawn”. Either the builders didn’t install heavy enough plastic under the pebbles, or they didn’t install any. She keeps having to weed it, and if left alone, it looks just like it’s regular dirt there, for all the growth. You have to think of this before you put down the pavers, or the bricks, or the gravel. I have some pavers and bricks. Of course I didn’t put down black plastic first! 😀

    Some ground covers that like little cracks will choke out many of the weeds. You could experiment. Or you could just use a weedwacker to trim those weeds to ground level. I love my weedwacker. I’ve got two of those long industrial strength orange extension cords, and I’m good to “mow” the back yard, when I let the “lawn” get too long. Isn’t that how everybody does it? 😉

    I did get some Valentine’s candy from a good friend, four days after the official date, purchased half off, I was informed. Well, that was pretty sensible, I thought. Now the next candy event we have to look forward to is Easter. Have you seen candy prices lately? It’s a conspiracy of the dentists, I’m sure.

    Yes, ARS was mostly for arguing. There are not so many people left there now. Andrew still posts occasionally, as witty as ever. There are a few people left that I still enjoy reading, but there sure is a lot of ridiculous cross posting these days, and Roadrunner has returned and is as windy as ever. He has his devotees who never let a post of his pass without commenting. I don’t really worry about getting stalked anymore, because I’m old and I’m no longer picketing! So we can chat about personal stuff and it’s ok.

    Well, I’ll let you know if it snows. I’m excited just thinking about it. I wonder if I’ll be driving up to hills at midnight.



    February 25, 2011 at 9:23 am

    • Hi Peach,

      Funny what you wrote about seeing flowers. Last week, I it felt completely like spring but then it snowed again little mountains. Even more funny for me is that you want to get up the hill above the towns to see snow. Here, people want to get up the hill to see flowers around this time and no snow anymore. It is always about what one doesn’t have.

      But I am telling you, Peach, there are many kinds of snows: wet snow that becomes sludge right away, snow that disappears when it hits the ground, powder snow that is useless, snow that falls apart and doesn’t stick when you try to build something, heavy snow that breaks any shovel there is, frozen snow that is very dangerous, and my snow: the best snow I ever have seen. Light, fluffy, and you can build amazing things with it in record speed time. Amazing!

      Yes, I had a Mr. Brown too. He lived a modest life but after he had died, people figured that he was a millionaire. You never would have figured that by looking at him. Sometimes, he walked to his mailbox in his pajamas. They looked like from the 1930s. But nobody cares here what you wear. He was very helpful and somebody told me that he spoke very highly of me, in short, we got along quite well. Before he told me his name, he asked me to figure his age. (Like a little kid: I will be 7 in 11 months and 12 days.) I told him that I think he is 19. He had a good laugh and then he told me that he is 90. He died with 92.

      Then he asked me how old I am. He probably never heard that it is impolite and bad manners for a man to ask a lady for her age but he stood for me like a little boy wanting to know it so badly so, I told him, and he was surprised and thought that I would be many years younger. I am good in faking much younger, Peach. 😉 And not even wearing any makeup. He had married a woman many years older than he was. Accordingly, she died any years before him. When they auctioned all his stuff, I saw that he kept the hats of his wife, those in 50th style with veil and feathers.

      You have a nice talent to tell stories, Peach. You could write a nice autobiography. I know, you have no time, I am just saying that you could… Who ate and drank all that stuff that the crusty old soul froze? Lemon juice and tomatoes just last for a brief while, even in the freezer. Looks like you and he were quite a garden team. Maybe there is a new Mr. Brown for you?

      The people here are very nice and helpful. Lots of possible Mr. Browns. In the big cities, a person is just a number but here people value the company of each other. You could be rather anonymous here too if you wanted. I heard that some ex-federal officials hiding from current federal officials but I assume that some of these stories are fish stories. But my true nature is very outgoing. People wave all the time and talk to me, and I end up chatting with them. Nobody knew me when I moved here but now, I am approached all the time by somebody I learned to know.

      Peach, that story with the worms – I am not there yet to enjoy that kind of compost. I think I have lots of worms already in my lawn. When I mow, all kinds of birds come, sometimes hundreds, and they can see those worms when the grass is short and pull them out of the soil.

      What you do is that after the tiller made the furrow, you plant the seeds and then you put the soil on top of your seeds?

      How deep do you dig to plant young trees that are one foot tall? How far do you plant them apart? Probably depends a bit on what kind of tree it is but do you remember a rule of thumb? In addition to the hole, do you put some additional stuff in the hole? Like mulch?

      Yes, your oil heater might be a good idea and more safe that a space heater. I have electricity and gas here. With gas one has to watch that there is never a leak but it heats up a place immediately. Electricity is keeping the place always on the same temperature. I am just using gas when it is really cold in the 3 winter months, and otherwise, I just use the electricity. I could build myself a chimney or get a wood oven but going out in winter and chopping wood in the cold like one of my neighbors does, I don’t know if this is my thing… But what I like is being able to regulate my own heat. I lived in apartment houses before that said that heat is included and I can’t tell you how often the heat was OFF in winter! Brrrrrr.

      I just read that you have gas too. It can get dangerous but I smell it right away. Sometimes, when I have the front and back door open, there is a breeze going through the house. It is nice but I noticed that a strong breeze blows out the gas flame on my stove and the gas continues to flow out but doesn’t burn. Now, I always check if those little flames are on before I turn in.

      I am sure you have no money to throw around but it is sure better to get that gas leak fixed. Maybe you pay a higher gas bill because of the leak? If somebody smokes in your bathroom, he might blow up? I painted my gas lines to prevent them from getting rusty. My gas man liked what I did.

      Homes always need repairs but it still beats living in apartments, Peach. My former perfumed Mormon handyman placed a wooden pillar on my front porch directly on the soil. No stone underneath. I noticed later that the soil eats away from the wood. Now I have to hire two guys to place a stone underneath the pillar because if that wood rots away, my front porch roof could partly collapse. It is no immediate emergency, it could take 5 years until the wood rots away but I want to take care of it this spring/summer.

      Yes, it is great to be completely self-efficient but you need lots of acres and your own little forest. Maybe not easy to get in California because of the real estate or land prices. But with several woody acres, one could cut the old and sick trees down or use them that were brought down by the weather and that is your heat each winter and for tree that you cut down, you plant at least one new tree. You grow your own vegetables and you make your own yummy goat cheese. The work wouldn’t bother me, and I would know where to find land but what creeps me out are the nights, when I hear noises, and don’t know what or who is making them…

      Nobody wanted the wood of your apple tree? What happened to the rest of the trunk? I burned stuff here too. I don’t like the smoke but you got to get rid of branches. I kept the good branches and hope that I can make outdoor furniture. I made an outdoor table once and then it crashed in a storm. Guess, I did something wrong but I think I figured what it was and can try again when I have time.

      Yes, I understand why you didn’t bought the house in Napa with those trees growing so close to the house.

      How big are these stalls? If you sell enough to get those $125 back, it is a good investment, Peach. It is like a wholesale event? I bought stuff on net but never sold anything on eBay. You have to wrap that stuff that you sell on E-Bay and bring it to the post office too, right? What if people are claiming that they didn’t get it but you did mail it? They pay you with Paypal?

      Guess there are not too many Picassos around that can be found on yard sales. I didn’t like his paintings much. I don’t want one in my living room, it doesn’t matter how much it is worth. He is too abstract for me. I like more realistic pictures. I saw some pictures of a painter painted all his pictures from above from a bird perspective. Beautiful! But I forgot his name. I met him once in Germany.

      I understand, Peach, you do as well as you can without having all the resources that professional antique dealers are having. But look at the bright side, you are not sitting in an office all day and being chased around by one awful boss who says that you type too slowly.

      Funny that taste and fashions are repeating themselves… Young generations buy again what other generations gave away. Do you mark everything with prices in that stall? Are people trying to bargain with you like in a bazaar? If you have good prices, people sure will come back. Do you get always the same stall? I know, some people try the Salvation Army too but I haven’t been in one for years. I know, matching style isn’t absolutely necessary because in a kitchen, where nothing matches, everything matches. 😉 To tell you the truth, kitchen in which everything looks the same are rather boring. You found a way to pay your bills, which is good.

      Yes, Peach, I can swim and I love it. Because of the Chlorine and the many people, I don’t like swimming pools much. I could build myself one here but it is lots of work to keep them clean. My neighbors have one and they also have Jacuzzis. I understand what you mean about lane swimming. It is boring. I can imagine that kidney shaped pool in your back yard, at night, shimmering in the bluest blue with palm trees and a lot other plants around it that nobody can look in while you skinny dip. Do you know swim-in-place pools? They are small and relatively cheap compared to big pools.

      Once I envied those who live close to oceans but then I learned that they don’t swim in it because of the sharks or other dangerous animals in the water.

      For now, I do my dance exercises at home, which are fun too. YouTube has lots of them for free. Take for example Paul Eugene. Well, his exercises are not exactly ballroom moves but they sure are workouts. Check the thin lady on his right out. Looks like she around since a while but she is just as fit as the youngster on the other side:

      Boiling water, yes, that is a good idea. There are instruments that burn grass with a flame but boiling water might have the same effect. No, I don’t like chemicals like weed killers. I also will try weeding after the rain.

      They probably didn’t bother putting plastic under the pebbles, Peach. We ladies did a good job when we build the large deck. Plastic first and I have it now two years and no weed is growing through the gaps.

      Those weedwackers are good for trimming but I ignore my trimming most of the time. I want to buy one too. Can you recommend one? What is that cable stuff that goes into it? Not all fit all wackers, right?

      Hmm, dentist conspiracy? If candies are cheap, it might be a dentist conspiracy because people can buy more and have to see the dentist more often. On the other side, sweets are kind of addictive and people buy them anyway. Everything is getting more expensive.

      Sometimes, I still have a peek at ARS, Peach, but most of the time, I just see Neal Warren aka Greg Hall’s sock puppets trolling in there. That sock that says Utah is his too. If Helena Kobrin would have known that ARS shuts more or less down on its own, she could have saved whatever her efforts were. These moderated forums on SCM are not my cup of tea either. Besides, they are also hard to read. It takes time to go through all those nonsense postings and most of the time, I don’t have it.

      I had an e-mail exchange with Andrew again after the earthquake. He has family in Christchurch but they are all okay. What a tragedy it is. Death toll will be probably around 200. He wrote that the area in which it quaked had a reputation of being rather spared in case of earthquakes and that New Zealand 14,000 earthquakes per year!

      Yes, let me know if did snow, Peach. Wish you a real nice cozy blizzard. 😉 There was a company in Utah that sold snow balls to anyone who wanted them but I think they got into troubles because the state needs its water.


      P.S. Did you try to sell or advertise on Craiglists?

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 26, 2011 at 12:38 pm

  27. Barbara, we didn’t get that snow! I felt so cheated. You got my snow, I got your flowers. Daffodils even bloomed in the yard last week, what few that haven’t been choked out by the narcissus.

    When it does snow here in the hills, it’s very, very light, and one must enjoy it for the visuals only. Though that snow I remember from the late 60s up in Tilden Park above Berkeley, was enough to make snowballs. I went up there and made and threw snowballs. There were people building a snowman, too.

    My Mr. Brown had no money at all at the end. He too, was very forthright in his statements and questions. In fact, the first time I saw him, my sister and I had arrived to work on the house before I moved in, and he barged right across the street with his hand out, “I’m Willie Brown.” He had my heart right from that moment. He also said to my older sister, “Looks like all the biscuits slid down to your end of the table.” This particular gaffe was repeated when later Ginger was taken across the street to meet his wife, Mae, and she said, “You’re certainly different sizes.” Plain spoken people. :^O

    I like your reply to his question about HIS age. I generally respond truthfully, myself, to any inquiries about my age. I figure if they’re so interested in the info, I might as well give it to them. One question I always hated, but only women asked it, was “Do you color your hair?” or “Is that your real hair color?” These were questions asked with bad intent, I feel. There was a TV show I used to watch, where women competed for a date, and they actually asked each other if their breasts were real. Ouch!

    Well the only person remotely like Mr. Brown here now, is the next-door-neighbor-across-the-creek’s dad, who has come to live in a trailer in her yard. He does old style stuff, though not really gardening. He potters around the place, fixing this and that. He’s a winter escapee from his house in Michigan, where he hasn’t cleared out the things belonging to his last wife, who died a few years ago. He says he’s not going back there in the summer this year. The last people in the house on the other side of me had a nice grandfather living in the garage in the back, who gardened. I liked him a lot, but he didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Spanish, so we were limited to friendly gestures and expressions indicating good intentions. He once grew a cute little watermelon in the front yard.

    Your Mr. Brown kept his wife’s hats. My dear brother-in-law died recently. I asked if she gave his son his leather hat, which he wore all the time. She said she couldn’t let go of it yet. You know, I can still hear his voice clear as day. Voices stay with me much more than faces, or they have more emotional impact, I think.

    Barbara, you’re fun to read, too. I like the minutiae of everyday life. But an autobiography! I don’t know how people could manage it. There is so much stuff I’d rather forget! And have forgotten, according to my family, “I did that?” is a commonplace in our conversations.

    So when Mr. Brown had his last illness, his niece came up from Los Angeles to look after him. A grandson and his boy had been there before that. The last day of his life, he had her go out and buy a gallon bucket of lard, and he crawled out to his motor home and sat in the driver’s seat. He was a skinny little guy who liked to fry everything, and feed up everyone nearby. His fried apple pies could sink a ship, and a number of times sunk my stomach. He’d had many a good time in that motor home, which no longer ran, and had impoverished him the last time he took it out on the road and it broke down in Arizona. His sister and brother came out from St. Louis to clear out the house. I’d met both of them before, and liked them a lot. I helped them do a garage sale. We had to empty out those fridges and freezers. Much of the food got thrown away, it was so old. I think they ate some of the meats. The lemon juice and hot sauces were extremely suspect, and we had a lot of heavy garbage, so what we did was to have an impromptu memorial in the back yard, in his bare vegetable plot, and we emptied that lemon juice and hot sauce into the dirt, laughing all the while. Mr. Brown was an acquired taste, and all three of us knew it. He’d have killed us if he’d caught us doing that. Old style, was old style.

    People in the country can afford to get to know their neighbors, more easily than city folks, I think. You don’t really know what you’re going to get here, and so people are cautious about making friends, which can so easily turn into an enemy just yards from your door. Density problems.

    The way Mr. Brown taught me was to make the furrows, and then make the holes for the seeds, or press the seeds into the raised soil on the other sides of the furrows. That way, to water, you run the hose into the furrow, and the roots drink from that. Sometimes I’d have trouble getting the plot leveled correctly, so that the furrows sloped downward. Mostly you’re just pressing seeds into the soft soil and pulling a little soil over that. I often use my Dutch hoe, and scrape another small furrow in the raised bed, put in the line of seeds. and push the soil back over it. Those Dutch hoes used to be available for $15 at Smith and Hawkins. They no longer have them, as I discovered when I lost my last one, and had to buy one from Amazon, and it cost about $50 with the shipping. But I’ve never had a better or more useful garden tool. I have the long handled one, with the triangular blade.

    Gee, you know when I lived in the last apartment building with shared heat, with no unit controls, they had it set too high. I had to have the windows open a lot to be able to stand it. I did live in a house in upstate New York one winter, and the heating was a wood stove. It was miserable in the morning, getting up, scraping out the old ashes and building the new fire. Worked pretty well though. I did recently turn off the pilot lights on two burners of my stove that I never use. I think they ate a lot of gas! Bill seems lower. When it gets warmer. I’ll turn off the pilot on the wall heater too. I’m sure that the leaking water heater costs me a bunch, though it does only leak when it’s running. I never have been a bathroom smoker, so I don’t know if the thing would blow up. 😀

    You can coat fence posts so they’re slower to rot in the soil, but wooden parts of your house really shouldn’t be touching the dirt. Bad handyman! Or not-so-handy-man.

    I think a goat flock would be fun. I’m not sure how much work it would be. Probably a lot. I’ve read about keeping chickens for eggs, but you do need to create a good setup, and probably a covered run for them. Or they’ll get eaten, and not by you. People do keep chickens around here. At one garage sale in Richmond, I bought a dozen eggs from a lady who had layers. They were so good! And like an idiot, I didn’t write down the address. There’s at least two flocks right around me,, because I can hear the roosters. I should hunt them down, and see if they sell eggs. There’s a guy at the local flea market who sells small livestock, and the Mexican ladies pick those chickens up by the feet and heft them, and you know that chicken isn’t long for the world. I don’t think I could murder my own chickens. Maybe I could get their addresses too. “Hi Mrs. Gonzales. Do you think you could butcher this chicken for me? Her name is Gertie.” :-p

    The rest of the apple tree, the trunk, is still standing, covered with ivy, and crowded by bushes which appeared once it died. And the oak tree, which presumably a squirrel planted. It’s now sort of a lump of confusing vegetation. I was interested in that outdoor wood furniture at one time too, though I never tried making it. It’s called willow furniture, and I believe there’s books on how to make it. I did once own a little bent willow settee, but it just wasn’t very comfortable. The curve of the seat wasn’t quite right.

    Those stalls are 15′ x 20′, which is a pretty good size. A lot of dealers shop there, and they look for decent enough prices so they can resell, so it is wholesale, but there are also “civilians,” some of whom are willing to pay close to retail. You have to be able to sell to both. The dealers tend to buy higher end items, which they can sell in their stores to an established clientele. They know their particular market niche, what the market can bear. I might have a hard time selling something for 60 bucks that they can easily get two hundred for. They have much higher costs, because of the price of store or “brick and mortar” maintenance. They also have a much more secure environment. Every time you take an item out to the Faire, you’re risking it being damaged, by yourself or by the customers. I’ve sold things heavily discounted after it became clear that the looky-loos were going to destroy the item!

    With eBay, you had a little more control, because all you had to do was to pack the item well, and then put delivery confirmation and insurance on it. I only had one package go missing, and apparently other people in the apartment building stole it. Only one person tried to claim that an item hadn’t arrived, not realizing I had delivery confirmation – she was new to stealing on eBay. Two items were damaged, one because I used too small a box, and I knew it, but I was getting sick and had to get it out before I went down for the count. Another fragile item I was packaged correctly, but was damaged by extremely rough handling, or because of the cold. Some things you have to be careful about shipping in extremes of weather. Glass taken immediately from a cold package and unwrapped in a warm environment can shatter, and something like that may have occurred to a fragile and fancy light bulb filament. But the packaging took a very long time. Some items it would take me a hour to pack. You’re not really paid for this. My handling fees were only a buck or two. I’d get recycled boxes ad packing peanuts, et cetera.

    I only tried Craigslist once, and the item didn’t sell. I just got two inquiries. I can’t really have people come to the house to pick things up, we’ve all heard the stories of what can happen. So you’d have to arrange a meeting place. Seems like a lot of hassle, and I always have unreasonable and vague fears about trying new things. I suppose I will eventually do it, and then complain relentlessly about the problems that crop up. I haven’t identified anything around here yet, for which Craigslist is the perfect venue.

    I try to keep everything marked, or people think that you made up a high price especially for them, no matter what the price is. Or they’re afraid to ask. Everybody bargains nowadays. Well, almost everybody. I could fall on the ground and kiss the feet of the ones who don’t. Sometimes I’ll spontaneously offer those people a discount. Some people make a real spectacle of themselves trying to get everything cheaper. Even on things that I know, and they know, are really low priced. I have actually seen people lick their lips, and these are people who clearly have lots more money than I do. It’s pretty unattractive. I didn’t at first, but now I get the same stall, which is good, because then we get repeat customers. Repeat customers are gold!

    You know I liked the boredom of lane swimming. You get into the rhythm, and you can almost stop thinking, always pleasant! For awhile there, I was swimming a mile three times a week. I don’t know about that harness arrangement, or the little lap pools that rush water at you. For me, I loved seeing the goal. And I really enjoyed the turn around at the end of each lap. I never could swim in the ocean. It’s too scary, and we do have sharks on this coast. Plus it’s darn cold! Lakes I’ve tried. It makes me very nervous to be unable to see the bottom. But I do like those long, thin lap pools. It would be wonderful to swim outside at night.

    I’ll tell my older sister that you reminded me about the exercises again. She reminded me again this morning. I’m so weak and tired, Barbara. I’m not used to feeling this way. No matter how bad I felt in the past, I could always rise to the occasion. Not currently. The Faire got rained out again this weekend, and I’m thankful, because I don’t think I could have done it. Now I have another week to try to get into shape. I can’t stay up late right now, really, though that hasn’t stopped me. I always did hate going to bed, like if I stayed up long enough, something really wonderful would happen.

    Watch out for the flame weeder idea. I remember reading a story about some guy who was doing that to hedge or something, and he set his house on fire. My weed whacker is a Toro, I think, and it’s electric. I have two of those really long and strong, orange extension cords, so I can make it to almost every area of the yard. This house does have an outside plug in the rear, though you could always feed a cord through a window. Your property probably would require a gas one, which can go anywhere. My brother in law had one of those, and he had to come over here and weedwhack the entire back yard when I let it turn into a meadow the first spring I was here, and then tried to mow it with my push mower. You should have seen my face when I pushed that thing into a foot tall wall of greenery. What was I thinking? It took him eight hours to clear it, and he told me I wasn’t getting another. The cord is a plastic string, which might come in different sizes, and you can buy it in little spools. I’ve only bought the spools twice, so it goes a pretty long way.

    Barbara, I think dentists are truly dedicated to seeing people with fine teeth, though if everybody had them, their business would consist only of cleaning them. Then they could just raise the cleaning prices and everybody would be happy. They have to stare into people’s mouths and see the terrible stuff that can go on in there. Like in my mouth. :-p

    I have and have had Greg/Neal and his many socks killfiled for a long time. At the time that Helena wanted ars shut down, it was the main venue for discussion of Scientology, but it just isn’t anymore. When something loses its vitality, the scavengers descend. I’m not reading anywhere else. I feel like I’ve read a library full of it, and not much new is going to turn up, except more stories of people who left. You know I was trying to remember where Andrew lived. I’m glad to hear that everybody he knows is safe, but that doesn’t help the poor people who were in those buildings that collapsed. I hope they all died quickly. Dying all by yourself, trapped in the dark, in pain, would be horrible. It may happen here again, soon. Did you see that movie 2012? They show Los Angeles tilting into the ocean. Apparently it probably will do that one of these days. And the Yellowstone Caldera going up. Then we all go the way of the dinosaurs. Who takes care of the Mona Lisa, that’s what I want to know. The cockroaches? It always boils down to the Mona Lisa for me, but I do imply all of the magnificent creations of human beings. Vanity, vanity. All is vanity. 🙂

    Well, let’s hope the spring gets on with it. I could use a little spring, myself, and I think I’ll at least plant the radishes this week. God bless ’em, they’re so easy to grow.



    March 6, 2011 at 9:38 am

    • Hi Peach,

      Have a good start in the week. I reply to your long posting during that week. Sorry to hear that you are feeling so tired. Maybe you have to increase your workout activities slightly, every day a bit more? Otherwise you are getting weaker and weaker…


      Barbara Schwarz

      March 6, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    • Hi Peach,

      Sorry to hear that you didn’t get the snow. Sorry that all the snow ended up here. Next time, I try to blow the next snow storm to California, ok? I either do it with willpower or with my little hair blower. Not sure yet, which method I will use.

      Must be a nice scenery with the daffodils and narcissus. We planted tulips with very non-ordinary colors here some years ago and they came back every year. Hope to see some of them again.

      I understand that you miss snow ball fights and snow men, but there will be another winter…

      Mr. Brown said to your older sister: “Looks like all the biscuits slid down to your end of the table.”? She probably didn’t like him as much as you did after he said this. And his wife said to your sis: “You’re certainly different sizes.”? Your sister probably didn’t like her much either.

      Rosemarie once told to a friend of my sister: “A entire cannibal tribe can get full with you, Kathy.” It might be funny but she didn’t check that she did hurt that girls feelings.

      Me too, Peach, I respond also truthfully when I am asked how old I am despite I could get away with making myself many years younger but what is the purpose of it? I don’t need employment and I don’t want to date a teenager.

      Some people get gray already in their 20s or 30s. I am lucky in this regard but you are right, those questions about the real hair color might be with bad intent. Being young has a lot to do with personality and not much with the color of the hair. Peach, I met young people in my life who were “old”. They were stiff, conservative, boring, and no fun at all and some people who are not more young in numbers of year but they are not boring at all. There is a lot of truth to how old you feel, is your real age. So, when you hop up and down to your favorite song, you are not old.

      Your other neighbor potters? That is great, Peach. I would like to try it. Another widower? You are not married, Peach? I assume that you are not because you never mentioned any husband or partner. Looks like your neighbors are nice. I pictured a Mexican gentleman who grows a cute little water melon in his front yard. Sandía amor, por favor, crecen y se hacen grandes y gruesas. I don’t speak Spanish, Peach, but the Google Translator is helpful in such cases.

      Interesting that you can memorize voices so long. You are probably also musical. I forget numbers the moment I hear them but I can sing numerous songs that I heard as kid. I forgot none. Once I sung to somebody who needed it and I noticed that despite I haven’t heard them for decades, I still knew them and also the lyrics.

      I suspect some people just talking on a tape and giving it to a ghost writer to write his or her autobiography who earns his/her living with it. Yes, I understand, what you mean. I also have parts in my life that is too painful to write about. Haha! You ask the same question that I did.
      “I did that?” I spoke with my sister last week and she told me when I was a teenager, I was quite wild. One day, she said, I was very upset about something, and took the umbrella and shot it with the point in the kitchen door and it left an impression as if a bullet hit the door. My sister doesn’t make things up, so I think I did it but I guess I had deleted it from my memory. I asked her: Am I still that wild today? She didn’t answer. Wonder why not. 😉

      Your Mr. Brown was quite a character. A skinny guy who likes to fry anything? Where did those calories go? I never had a friend apple pie. I can imagine that this impromptu memorial in the back yard was quite of fun pouring lemon juice and hot sauce into the ground. Those worms in the soil had quite a party too.

      Yes, you are right about that it is very easy in the country to make friends and not as easy in the city. Where I am, everyone waves and talks to each other. It is probably not that friendly as Texas but not bad at all as far as friendliness and helpfulness is concerned. One of my neighbor cleared the way from the road to my house any time we had snow. I didn’t ask him. I thanked his wife and she said: We have nothing better to do. I am sure that they have better things to do but they are really nice people. I like rural life MUCH better than the city, Peach. A lady who had a store in Aspen with international tourists coming in all the time told me that the nicest people in the world are from Texas. She said, she thought that they are just as nice because they are in holiday mood but then she traveled to Texas and noticed the same thing: they are nicest people on the planet.

      That is a good idea with the furrows and the holes for the seeds. I ordered 55 trees, from spruce to all kinds of other trees for my land. Maybe I overdid it a bit I got a good price. Maybe I give some to my neighbors if I have some left. Most are trees, 2-3 year old. I have to figure out how deep I have to plant them and how far apart. They will be delivered in April. I have such a hoe, Peach. It is a useful tool. I like buying via the Internet but the shipping costs I don’t like.

      That was exactly the case in the apartment building in which I lived, Peach, no way to control heat. Often the heat was off during the day and when I needed none, in the middle of the night, they suddenly turned the heat on to 111 F. I had to open the windows but could not go back to sleep because still to hot inside. And in the morning, when I had to get out, it was ice-cold again. I am so glad that I never have to live in an apartment house anymore.

      What did you do in New York?

      Are you sure that no gas escapes if you turn off those pilot lights? If I turn mine off, it smells after gas, so I leave them burning. Made me laugh, you statement: I never have been a bathroom smoker, so I don’t know if the thing would blow up. You always could advertise for a volunteer. (Just kidding.)

      Goat cheese is really yummy but I think goats also smell a bit. People have here all kinds of animals even llamas but they are all work. I wonder what llamas are good for. I am sure it is not the cheese.

      Do you get many illegal aliens running through your town? I heard of a Mexican restaurant here in the area and police eats free so that they don’t turn in the illegal working there who entered the country after having paid thousands of Dollars to the border movement Coyotes but I don’t know how much of it is true.

      Yes, you might want to follow the rooster noises to find a chicken farm. That’s right, butchering once own chickens is as killing the own canary bird. When I took care of the chickens of my
      neighbors during the time they were on vacation as far as Chicago, these chickens became like pets: When they saw me, they came running to greet me like: “Mama! Feed us!” They followed me around like little dogs. I was thinking the same thing: I would not want them to be killed.

      Yes, willow furniture. I think that the art here is to make it comfortable. If it is not comfortable, it will be just out door decoration. I tried to find instructions on the net but didn’t find anything with clear instructions. Maybe I will google again.

      You wrote: “The rest of the apple tree, the trunk, is still standing, covered with ivy, and crowded by bushes which appeared once it died. And the oak tree, which presumably a squirrel planted. It’s now sort of a lump of confusing vegetation.” I know a tree here that is one tree but two different trees grew together in one. It looks bizarre in some kind of fascinating way.

      Peach, I want to protect a corner of my land against that somebody drives in and I was thinking of growing a really thick hedge. Rarely a car drives there but I want it nevertheless secured. What is in your opinion the strongest kind of hedge that would serve that kind of purpose? I don’t want a stone wall there.

      Yes, stalls are 15′ x 20′ are pretty good sales place for goods. Sounds like an interesting market. I understand what kind of customer you have. Can you put a no-touch sign on the tables or products? Like: if you break it, you have to buy it? You probably tried that already. The others who sell on that fair, do they sell the same items, antiques?

      Did you mail your eBay items with the USPS? Or do you ship with UPS or FedEx. When I lived in the apartment complex, I had a hard time getting anything delivered with UPS or FedEx because the delivers either never left a notification, or they left one outside the building and the wind blew it away. That is also better by living in a house. They dump the stuff on the front porch and that is fine with me.

      It is a good idea to ship with delivery confirmation and insurance when you do that professionally.
      You probably spend a lot time at the post office sending the ordered items. It is probably time consuming too to pack things up. But you might be a profi in packing too. When I mail Christmas or birthday parcel, it always takes me quite some time to get it all safely packed and the forms filled out for the USPS. Do you always collect boxes that you use to pack things up? I just read that you are not being paid for all that packing work. Money isn’t earned easily for many, I know. And then, there is the IRS and the State tax offices who also want money.

      What changed on EBay? I checked it a few minutes ago. It still looks pretty much the same to me.
      But I wouldn’t know what changed because I never bought anything there. It basically means that the highest bidder gets the product and pays with Paypal, right? I just discovered their garden section. Look at those leaves! Amazing!

      I found my last handy man on Craigslist but I never tried to sell something. Right, I understand that you don’t want people coming to your home to buy. Selling on fairs seems to be still the best way to sell. I think that it is wise to be careful, Peach. I don’t think that those considerations are unreasonable or vague. Having you guard up prevents that you are added to a statistic of crime.

      Do you sometimes around to sell article that are new? On each fair, I see some vendors who sell new things like cleaning rags that is so strong that in can suck the neighbors in when you open the package or things like this. And then you see people walking around and they bought them.

      Makes sense to mark the products. That might be time consuming too. I do not like to bargain, Peach. I always pay the asked price because I don’t want the seller to go hungry. Good idea to get the same stall because that means that your customer find you right away.

      Three mile swimming is good exercise, Peach. Maybe you are right and lane swimming isn’t that bad. You get into the rhythm and just go and your mind can wander off to other things while the body gets exercises. I like the ocean beaches but I’ve seen the Pacific and the Atlantic and both are wild. I’ve seen a strong woman being thrown against the rocks by a wave. Hey, and then the sharks and the underwater currents, that is not my cup of tea. Lakes aren’t that scary to me but they can. One day in Germany, I was at a lake. Alone. Weather was nice, no people close. I swam out in the lake and enjoyed myself and suddenly I realized that I was in the middle of the lake and that I should turn back. I was still in the middle of the deep lake when I felt that my strengths were suddenly gone. From one second to the other, I felt weak and not more able to swim back. It was one creepy realization being out there is the lake alone and having no strengths anymore to get back. I tried to hang in, tried to relax a bit on the back but then I rather did FIGHT my way back than swimming back. I arrived at the beach completely exhausted and shaky. It was a lesson that I never forgot again: never swimming out too far.
      Peach, I heard that when people are at their feet a lot, they don’t necessarily need another workout. But if you sit a lot, you need it. Also think about some strengths training. Dumbbells should be called Smartbells because they really make you stronger. I have mine next to my computer and when a website makes me wait, I grab my dumbbells and exercise. Mine are beautiful blue just three pounds each but they are enough for me. Make you feel stronger soon.
      I try to work out each day at least 30 minutes, Peach. In the beginning, I had to force myself a bit because it is easier to just sit in the chair and watch a movie but then I noticed that I like it. The feeling afterwards is good. It’s a weapon against aging. You should not overdue it after a heart attack. You can’t get into shape just in one week. It takes much longer. But you can make a start. It needs to become a routine, and then you can get back in shape. Peach, check YouTube for chair workouts. Start with them. You don’t even have to get out of the chair to get stronger again. But I like when Paul Eugene says: Get up and let yourself go! 😉

      I am up late all the time. I usually don’t go to bed before 1 am.

      That guy burned his house down with the flame weeder? I better don’t buy one those. Toro weed whacker? They sell them around here too. I feed my long extension cords also through the window. Through the upstairs window because I want to keep my fly screen door closed and don’t want any snake sneaking inside either. I will check of there is one with gas. I saw some cheap whackers for 20 bucks but that is probably crap. I know, I had the problem here too that grass grew so fast that there was no way to get through with the push lawn mower. I have to use two of the longest extension cords connected to each other to be able to use my push lawn mover to get in all corners of the property. That’s why I also have a riding lawn mower but this is a completely different beast.

      Can you activate those gas lawnmowers with the string? I had one that I had to give back because I was not able to start that thing. The seller said to me: Well, lawnmowers are built for men not for women. Then I got myself an electric one but I always have to be careful not to mow over my two long long extension cables. Most of the mowing I do with the riding lawn mower. It takes me at least two hours to cut the grass and more than 5 hours and total exhaustion when I do it with the push lawn mower. But still beats living in the big city, Peach.

      Hard to avoid Greg/Neal on ARS, Peach. Trolling is his life. I check ARS rarely. And these other forums are hard to read. Okay, people like to add funny pictures and there are so many comments and despite I have fastest Internet connection, it takes so long to go through it, so I ignore that stuff and if the headline isn’t that interesting, I don’t even click on it. And thread is interesting; I just read the first postings but don’t click on more pages of that thread. It is all so time consuming and most of the time I know this first hand of often better than the person who posted it.

      Andrew lives in Wellington.

      Wellington is where Lord of the Rings was filmed, and that could mean that Andrew is a Hobbit.

      It is not where the earth quake happened but he has family in Christchurch. Yes, in such a situation, you hopeless situation being trapped, it is better to be dead right away and not having to fight pain and lack of oxygen. I think earth quakes can happen anywhere, Peach. Earth is not a very safe place. No, I didn’t see the move 2010.Before I travelled the first time to LA, I saw the day before on German TV another movie and it was an earth quake movie happen in LA. But it didn’t stop me to fly.

      Peach, nutrition and getting exercise must be your priorities from now on. Anything isn’t that important. You should hang a sign in your house that reminds you of it. (Mona Lisa isn’t that important. And who says that nobody ever doctored that painting. That’s probably why some people cry looking at the painting.)


      Barbara Schwarz

      March 9, 2011 at 4:50 pm

      • Hey Barbara, that was a great post. Lots of things to reply to, but my computer died! I’m on a friend’s computer. I ordered a parts computer like mine, and maybe it will get to me next week. I sure hope so!

        When I’m back on my own computer, I’ll reply. Take care, until then. Peach


        March 23, 2011 at 1:31 pm

      • Hey, no hurry to reply, Peach. I am glad that you are okay.

        My laptop is acting up too. I have a brand new computer standing there in the corner not unpacked yet because I had no time for it but I guess I have to do it now.

        Hope you can repair that computer of yours. There are good tips on handling computer problems on YouTube. There is where I go when I have a computer problem. I might be able to make my laptop faster too.

        Take care, Peach, until your problems are solved. 🙂


        Barbara Schwarz

        March 23, 2011 at 5:27 pm

      • Hey Barbara

        Good to “see” you again!

        My computer wasn’t fixable, within reasonable time and monetary limits, so I got another just like it on eBay. I have a Pismo, once the top of the line of Apple laptops. I don’t know what they cost new, must have been outrageous, because the one that died? I got that used. This one was only a hundred dollars. I need to take it apart and put my hard drive in it, and also my other computer’s memory. I haven’t felt up to it, because that would require a scrupulously tidy desk, otherwise, bits tend to go missing. Currently this one is slow and lunkish. And it doesn’t have any of my stuff or my bookmarks on it.

        About Mr. Brown’s and Mae’s comments. My sister easily recognizes intentions and can distinguish between meanness and blurted truth. The Browns were kindly people. Country folk – originally, at least. She liked them. Mr. Brown was surrounded by people that he fed up. At one time he worked as cook. He’d eat, but mainly he made food and fed it to other people. We had a good time at his memorial, the old fart. Oh, you should have seen his cabbages. They were his pride and joy. And they looked wonderful, huge with all the spreading leaves that get cut off before they hit the grocery store.

        I translated your Spanish. Heh. It was a cute little watermelon. I worried about it being exposed there in the front yard, with no fence, but it was left alone. Those people are gone, and a new Hispanic family moved in. The wife is very pretty and nice, but she doesn’t speak English. I have to get at least a few phrases together, it’s pathetic. I’m practically living in Mexico, and I can’t speak the language. The people before the last people who were there, were also Hispanic, very nice, and didn’t speak English. It’s a trend, I think. I left next door a vase of calla lilies the other day, with the note, “Gracias por callar los perritos.” She has four yappy little dogs who go go after me through the fence whenever I go to my car. They also spy on me when I’m gardening and bark at me. You wouldn’t believe the din. She shushes them and calls them in. She also has birds that she puts out in the back yard on nice days. I like listening to those.

        No, I never married. I got a few proposals. There were a couple of those “I was going to ask you to marry me” ones, at the obvious end of relationships, presumably some people’s idea of a last ditch effort. I’m not sure, there might have been three of those. Two that I got in later life caused me to burst out laughing, so preposterous were they. For that I feel sorry, but they shouldn’t have surprised me that way. I think the proper response is to say, “Oh how kind of you, but no.”

        I used to sing, Barbara, but I finally murdered off my voice. If I ever get around to it, I could fix one of violins around here and try learning again. I tried learning Irish fiddle and got so I could scrape away a couple of tunes. And I do mean scrape. As a singer, I really noticed singing voices, and could identify any one I’d ever paid attention to.

        Yes, people in the country know they should take care of their neighbors, and I’m glad you’ve got neighbors watching out for you. The level of camaradie varies on my street. One end hardly knows the other. I think most have a link or two. I’m linked with five, in varying degrees. I do miss Mr. Brown. He was my good buddy, and could always be counted on in a pinch. I mostly had fun with him, too.

        Fifty five trees?!!! Where on earth are you going to put them all? Try not to put them too close to the house, like I did. You need to pay attention to where they spell out on the tag how big they get. Either I didn’t read the leylandi’s tag, or I dismissed it. About that hoe, I didn’t have any choice but the internet. Smith and Hawkins used to have them really cheap. Fifteen dollars. But they stopped carrying them. That’s the good thing about the internet, but I’m in agreement about shipping costs.

        When I was in New York, I stayed about a week in the city with a friend, and then went upstate to Woodstock, where another friend lived. While I was there, I worked as a waitress at a place called The Joyous Lake, after the i-Ching spread. The locals called it The Hideous Fake, because nothing could be further from hippie joy than the hard eyed New Yorkers who ran the place. The served huge platters of undercooked vegetables and brown rice. The brown rice was good. The servings were so large that tons of food got thrown out every night. I suppose that was to make up for the lack of quality, because they were cheap and mean, and the help had to pay if they wanted to eat.

        Barbara, to truly turn off a pilot light, you have to switch it off. There’s always some valve to turn to do so. You can’t just blow them out. It’s easy to see on the water heater. I forget what the stove’s valves look like, but if I looked I could figure it out again. No gas should be escaping. Oddly enough Barbara, even smoking, I can smell gas leaks. I read somewhere that women are more sensitive to the smell of gas. So far I have not blown myself up, or burnt myself up, but I’ve never been one to smoke in bed. It’s dangerous!

        Maybe they use the fur from the llamas? I guess you could milk any mammal, if they’d stay still for it. Imagine trying to milk a cat. 🙂

        I’m sure that a healthy portion of the populace here are illegal aliens. The Home Depot in Richmond, on the main drag, San Pablo Avenue, has lots of guys waiting for people to pick them up to do jobs. Some work with ice cream carts, or cotton candy carts, or elotes (corn on a stick slathered with mayonnaise, coated with Parmesan cheese and sprinkled with cayenne pepper), some selling oranges or strawberries on street corners. There used to be a lady who went selling tamales with her kids, door to door, but she hasn’t been around for a long time. I think many Hispanic families are open to providing support for friends and relatives who venture up this way without the proper papers. I noticed last month that there are people who drive up and sell breakfasts to the guys hanging around the Home Depot. I really do like the street food that has turned up. Some people make food and sell it at their garage sales in the summer. I don’t know that anybody around here is knocking themselves out trying to deport illegal aliens. I’m sure that if I were in their shoes, I’d try to get into the United States, too.

        Gee, Barbara, you’ve got the space. Maybe you’d like owning a few hens for egg laying. You sure can get some pretty ones. But you do have to protect them from other critters. Everything eats chicken, it seems.

        Hmm. It doesn’t seem to me that any kind of hedge would stop a car that wanted to drive through it, but if you just want shielding, you could try pyracantha. I have one in the front that the birds planted, right by the sidewalk. As it grew, I stuck stakes in the ground to keep it off the sidewalk, and it turned into a beautiful hedge, and spanned most of that side of the yard, and the path to the house. I guess it would have done all of it, except for a big rose bush and a lilac bush. I guess it’s about six feet tall, but I think it took ten years. You’d want something large when you got it, or a faster grower. You know what I like the looks of? One of those split rail fences with roses growing on them. You know, I think I’ve even seen willow fences in some house and garden magazine. The cheapest would be to put in fence posts, string that chicken wire with the wide spaces between them, and plant various vines. You’d get results faster. If you want it to have foliage all year round, I guess you’d have to go for some sort of evergreen. Exactly what sort of protection were you looking for?

        Don’t touch signs drive off customers, so they’re a no no. I’m learning to keep the most valuable and fragile items in cases. It took a while, but now we have a bunch of cases. Flat ones for the jewelry and smalls, two tall ones for glass and pottery. In that sort of market, you can’t really make people pay for things that they break, so you have to do your best to see that they don’t! This means keeping an eye on them and their children. All the items at that show have to be older than the nineteen eighties. There are some people who deal in things that aren’t as old, but they are generally not up in the front, and presumably they could be turned in to the management by disgruntled customers. The booths are all different, it’s fascinating. And there is so much stuff there, Barbara. Anything you might have ever wanted to find, the trick is finding it. On a good day, there are eight hundred vendors. It’s huge! A lot of the dealers come in early, and pay for the privilege. They rush to the back where the occasional vendors wind up, hoping for fresh finds at low low prices, that they might not get from more established sellers up at the front. We have low prices on most of our stuff, and people are sometimes surprised because they think they have to go all the way to the back for the savings. Some things are marked higher, and we do get people who laugh at or argue about the pricing.

        I used the US Post Office, most of the time. I used UPS a couple of times for oversized items, because they were cheaper. Since I’m not selling on eBay anymore, I’ve mostly recycled all the packaging material I had. I gave the peanuts to some guy on Freecycle, and put the cardboard boxes in my recycle bin. I was always on the hunt for boxes, peanuts and bubble wrap. I went dumpster diving for them, and friends and family saved them for me. No, I didn’t really get paid for the packing. Sometimes I’d add a $2 charge for handling, but boy, did I ever earn it. I got into a routine where it wasn’t as hard as when I started out, but it was still always a lot of work and I always worried until I knew the stuff got there safely.

        eBay said that they’d make available a bulk offline lister for Mac users, but they never did. You had to do each listing while online, and it took forever. Eventually, they changed to an online lister that my computer system couldn’t handle. In the meantime, they were upping the fees, and so was the Post Office. They made it harder for people to communicate outside the eBay messaging interface. They started requiring people to accept PayPal, the professional edition, which meant fees every time, they stopped allowing mention of checks, cash or money orders in the listings. Once they got the PayPal stranglehold in place, they essentially became advocates for the buyers and not for the sellers, and most returns are mandatory these days, regardless of the reason. Dress didn’t fit, though the listing gave every measurement? Return it! You wore the dress and spilled spaghetti sauce on it? Return it and say the seller sold it with stains! The sellers can no longer give anything but positive feedback to buyers, regardless of the behavior of the buyers, while the buyers, taking advantage of this situation, regularly threaten the sellers with bad feedback. A dip in feedback score and you are out of there. They also made the bidding private, which makes it easier for sellers to shill their items, and prevents one from tracking the buying of others. I used to love to do this when I found a buyer who bid on things I liked and seemed to know what they were doing. I could learn all sort of stuff about items by following the things they bid on. eBay also has cut deals with big box sellers, because they want to be like Amazon. One can no longer find anything one wants, because so many small sellers like myself have been driven out of the place. It sucks! The management is deranged. They’ve been milking it for every penny for a long time now. I suppose they will eventually suck it dry. End of rant.

        That’s an interesting idea about the cleaning rags, Barbara. I think that would be ok, but I should check. I recently read something about which new products were permitted, but I can’t remember if they said it was all right to sell furniture wax or not. That might give me an idea of what might fly. Little flannel bags for jewelry? Barbara, I don’t often ask for deals either. A funny thing happened at the last Faire. I had a neat little first aid kit in a tiny suitcase, and the guy told me to keep the two dollars in change! He said he’d been having fun at the booth and really appreciated the item. I’ve done that on occasion myself, but it’s certainly rare.

        Oh Barbara, I had that happen in a lake, too. I’d gotten out to the raft, and then was swimming back and suddenly I didn’t think I was going to make it. It was before I’d taken all the Red Cross swimming classes. The fear just saps your strength. The truth of the matter is, if you relax, you can float, even if you have really low body fat. When I was my fittest, with my arms out, my body would hang straight down, and my nose would be barely above water with my head tilted back. But it was floating. I used to be so jealous of women who could just float on the top of the water on their backs. So unless the water is freezing you to death, you can rest while you float, and then go on. Yeah, I got to the beach pretty shaky myself.

        I’ve had trouble with starting some of those pull string motors. Gotten a sore arm from it too. Maybe it’s because they were all old things? You have to ask at the hardware store. The flea market out in Concord always has guys selling weed wackers and tillers and other pull string items. Hear them roar.

        I haven’t been to ARS now in over a month. I’m too lazy to set it up on this hard drive, and as I’ve said, I haven’t done the transplants which will make this computer my own. You’re smart about the reading the first few posts in a thread, then dropping it. I only recently started doing that. Just put the thread on ignore when some of the old familiar faces take over, with the old familiar discussions.

        Well, how about that earthquake in Japan? What a nightmare. All those poor people who got swept out to sea. Not as terrible as the other big tsunami, but pretty bad. I didn’t have a computer and I don’t have tv reception, which saved me from obsessing about it as much as I would have. There you are, going about your business and wham! a big wave hits you and takes you away with your house. There was supposed to be one heading to San Francisco, but apparently it only added about two feet to the usual waves. There could be one here, one day, and I guess all the roads will be jammed with people trying to make it to the hills.

        Barbara, I don’t like flying. I haven’t flown since, what? 1975? I always got sick afterwards from the cabin air. If a boat goes down, maybe you might swim to safety, but on an airplane, you are mostly out of luck. I’m fascinated by disasters, and when youtube still worked for me, I watched all the air disaster series. All the disaster series, in fact. It’s a wonder I get out of my door.

        Barbara, I’m doing ok on the nutrition, but not so good on the exercise. It was raining for a really long time, and I just stopped walking. I got a chair exercises video from the library, and then I didn’t watch it. So my strength isn’t back. A couple of weeks ago I went out to the VA Hospital, and got those stress tests. I haven’t heard the results yet. They inject you with some radioactive isotopes, and then they run this big camera around your chest. They do a resting one, and the next day, they do a stress one. They didn’t use a treadmill. They inject some drug that dilates all your veins so your heart has to work faster. They said it was only a ten percent increase. It felt horrible! And you have to lay there for fifteen minutes feeling all the horribleness. Then they inject something and it goes right away. My teeth were hurting. They said they’d heard it before. They instruct you to bring a fatty snack each day, apparently to flush the gall bladder, and suggested whole milk and potato chips. Was I ever happy about that. Forbidden potato chips, and the cardiology department said I should eat them.

        I’m getting lost in the minutiae of my everyday life, again, Barbara, and losing sight of the big picture. How easily it happens. Clearly I haven’t been spending enough time in the garden. Let me know how all the trees work out. I hope you got some flowering ones. They’re so cheery in the spring.



        April 11, 2011 at 5:23 pm

  28. Thanks, but I am not that much into worms.

    Barbara Schwarz

    March 6, 2011 at 5:56 pm

  29. Edwina, Peach was saying that Los Angeles tilts into the ocean and the Yellowstone Caldera is going up and that world might develop backwards into the age of the dinos. And when the world doesn’t exist anymore as of today who would take care of the Mona Lisa painting? Maybe the dino leader get’s obsessed with the painting and takes good care of it. 😉

    But I sure hope that she was kidding seeing the end of the world. I predict massive changes but not the end of the world.

    Barbara Schwarz

    March 13, 2011 at 3:29 pm

  30. I like traveling sales people, Barb and Peach. I’d buy from traveling antiques sales men or women who travel thru my street, blow a horn and show me their stuff. 🙂


    March 17, 2011 at 3:07 am

    • Heh! Now there’s an idea. All you’d need would be an old shopping cart and a honking horn. There’s food vendors around here who use that set up.


      April 11, 2011 at 5:25 pm

  31. That is the kind of man I’ll never pull in, and I doubt also that Peach would put up with that kind.

    Barbara Schwarz

    March 18, 2011 at 9:47 am

  32. Thanks for the link, Linda. I agree, it explains the do’s and don’t very clearly. 🙂

    Barbara Schwarz

    March 26, 2011 at 6:25 am

  33. No, she did not. I guess she has a lot to do and also computer problems.

    Barbara Schwarz

    April 2, 2011 at 2:43 pm

  34. Yes, I will get many visitors in summer and we may be on the road a lot.

    Barbara Schwarz

    April 4, 2011 at 7:43 am

    • Ah, good. I hope you have some great places lined up to visit. I’ll look forward to hearing about it.



      April 11, 2011 at 5:31 pm

      • Hi Peach,

        Good to hear that you are fine. Don’t wonder about that your postings didn’t show up right away. I received recently many comments lately by people who I don’t know, and I had to make an adjustment on my blog because some of these postings… You understand what I mean. Have no interest to recreate ARS on my blog. 😉 But I always publish your postings as soon as I see them. Peach, I will answer to your posts as soon as I have time but congratulation to your new Apple computer. I never had an Apple. But I just are one. Was yummy!

        Until later!

        Barbara Schwarz

        April 11, 2011 at 6:41 pm

  35. Wedding Peach? 🙂 Interesting!

    I like the far east sound that is embedded in this song. Very cute.

    Barbara Schwarz

    April 13, 2011 at 10:06 am

  36. Hi Peach,

    Glad to hear that you resolved some of your problems. I don’t have luck with used electronics so I buy my computers new but I sure hope it works for you. I bought an Inspiron from Dell. I always had HP laptops but somebody recommended the Inspiron to me. It looks almost like a huge laptop because the processor is in the screen. The screen is huge. I am almost done with programming it for my purposes and downloading the stuff that I need but I’m getting often interrupted. It has the new Window 7 and I have to get used to this too.

    If your computer works and it stays that way, it was good decision. I know that you need the computer for antiques research purposes. Do you know how to take your computer apart and get the hardware in the new computer? It takes time to get used to the new thing. But I know what you mean. With your bookmarks and programs missing, you don’t feel at home at the new computer.

    I know some people swear on Apple and say that they are better than Windows. I saw an ad about Apple, Peach (look funny, your name right behind the apple, very fruity), in which Apple claimed that they have now a computer and that might be the last computer than one ever needs to buy? Well, I am skeptical.

    For years I thought that Peach is a name that you made up but not your real name. It sure is pretty and rare. What made your parents choose this name? Do your siblings have unusual names too?

    Peach, I heard that Bill Gates said that computer should become even more interactive. But that I don’t want. We waste so much time on those computers, trying to fix stuff inside, typing and typing. I want a computer that is a robot, a personal assistant who walks around with me. And when I am tired of walking, he carries me home. Lol. I don’t want to type anymore. I just want to ask and he tells me the answers or I want to tell him the order and he complies. He searches the net. I tell him stuff and he types the stuff. And if it is any good, he also does the dishes and other stuff that I tell him to do.

    The only problem is flying. The assistant (male or female, whatever you prefer) should be the size of a person and would require another seat. But if it is a chip that can be removed and popped in the robot rentals in that place you were going to, it should be fine. Let’s hope that Bill Gates or Steve Jobs come up with such a robot soon to save us time. Otherwise, I have to invent that thing.

    Looks like your Mr. Brown was an original, Peach. Nice to have as neighbor. I hope you have will have nice neighbors again. Yes, my neighbors are nice and everyone here is more helpful than in the city. I know pretty all my next neighbors. Here, people leave you alone but when you talk to them, they very happy about it and respond friendly. I believe you that you miss Mr. Brown. Maybe you’re getting another one. There must be more Mr. Browns in this world.

    That must be hard for that woman, not being able to make English conversation. Okay, in California, there are Spanish TV senders and radio programs but sometimes she has to go out. Well, she could teach you a bit Spanish and you could teach her a bit English. It is a trend that the Hispanics coming to California don’t speak English? That is not wise. Okay, it was Mexico once but it is the USA now. If she doesn’t want to live in a Spanish community only, she has to learn English. You wrote her in Spanish to make the dogs shut up? Four yappy little dogs coming after you? That isn’t the way to make good neighbors.

    I bought a little dog and cat chaser. It looks like a gun with a battery and doesn’t work, Peach. It supposedly emits a high pitched noise and then the dogs chase off. I bought it and then waited for a dog to show up and none came. Not even a cat came! I tried it on a beetle but he just kept on crawling. Finally, one day, a dog came by. So, I shot my gun (most of the time it doesn’t work) and emitted the tone. The dog barked once looked at me with big eyes but didn’t run off but came back to me! And then I saw that she was a mom. On her belly, I could see that she was nursing. The most harmless dog of all, a nursing mom, I annoyed, but real annoying dogs keep on barking and are not impressed by the dog and cat chaser at all. I apologized to the mom and allowed her to run over my land. I never used it on her or any other dog or cat again. It is really crap; otherwise I would recommend it to you get these yappy little dogs away from you. I can imagine the noise that they are making. But some dogs are really quiet. One of my neighbors has a big dog and you don’t hear him bark at all. Others bark all the time.

    That is not what I bought. Mine is a yellow little gun. Maybe that works:

    I am sure you got proposals, Peach. But if it is not true love, I am suggesting to stay single. I was once told that only very young women are getting marriage proposals. That is not what I experienced. It doesn’t matter how old you are, there are always men who want to hook up with you. And some people just want you to take care of them, and I understand that you feel that being alone is the much better idea because you have to take care of yourself.

    You murdered your voice? How did you do that? What kind of songs did you sing? I like Irish fiddle. Time is always a problem, isn’t it? I like any kind of good fiddles. And very much so dueling fiddles and the violin too!

    He is the son of an American ballerina and a German lawyer. I think we can tell where the musical talent is coming from, not from the legal paragraphs, I strongly assume.

    Yes, I will count my trees and if one is missing, I will raise hell. 😉 I will plant mine here and the rest, I will give to the neighbors. Yes, you are right, too close to the house could cause problems. I had a look at the Smith and Hawkins website, Peach, they have some good deals. But there is also Burgess and Pinetree. You agree with shipping fees?

    Peach, it seems that you had some interesting times in New York. The Joyous Lake? Sounds like a great name for a restaurant. Undercooked vegetables? I think the Chinese call it “well done”. They like their veggies crisp. Me too. Working there helped you to pay the bills but they threw food away and employees had to pay for food? That seems weird. Well, it helped you to survive for a while. Did you get tips? I worked once as a waitress in an Indian Restaurant and they took all my tips away because no waitress in India gets tips. Arguing with them that we are not in India anymore, didn’t help much. That restaurant was called “The Star of India”, and I was the only star in it. 😉 The owners were Sikhs.

    I am glad that you can smell the gas. I do too. I also get immediately headache when the wind blows the light of the burner out. Yes, never smoke in bed. I just have gas in the kitchen area but I am really careful with it too.

    Yes, Peach, I think llamas are good for wool and they are allegedly also good pets. Your neighbor should trade in her four yappy dogs against one quiet llama. They just spit sometimes but otherwise they are okay.

    Do they illegal aliens still cross the border? Isn’t there border control everywhere now?

    Elotes? Corn on a stick slathered with mayonnaise, coated with Parmesan cheese and sprinkled with cayenne pepper. Did you try one? How does it taste? It’s funny, this Mexican culture. We don’t have this here. I mean here are some Mexicans but overwhelmingly, here are white Americans with European ancestors, a few black folks and a few Indians, and that’s it. I know of one Mexican family who came here with the help of an underground movement, called The Coyote but I never met them. They paid The Coyote thousands of bucks to get to the USA. I heard a rumor of police eating for free in a Mexican restaurant in this area in exchange for not blowing the whistle that the Mexican restaurant owner employs illegal aliens but I don’t know if it is true. People here tell all kinds of stories, also that ex-government officials are now hiding in my neck of the woods from the government for some kind of reasons…

    Do you think that lady with the tamales earned a living going house to house?

    I am not saying that Mexico shouldn’t handle its own problems so that its people can create a better lives for them but I think the secret for the USA to handle immigration is to make sure that people don’t take more than they are giving. I don’t like the path that Arizona is taking. This is not America and reminds rather of Germany. Gov. Jan Brewer seems to be proud of what she is doing, but I would not want to be a governor famous for prosecuting those who came to have a better life. Her forefathers came also from somewhere and were not kicked out. She isn’t a native either.

    I took care of the chickens of my neighbor, Peach, and they do make a mess and I wouldn’t want them confined to just a certain space. But they are actually cute. They are like pets. My birds make already mess enough on my deck. There is a tree right above it. And I am always cleaning after them. They also watch me when I cut the grass or when I dig in the ground and then they come and pick the worms and beetles out of the soil that I am working on. They can see them better when the grass is short or the grass pulled. I do the work, they just come for dinner. But then they sing for me really beautifully and I forgive them for not helping and messing up my deck.

    I looked the Pyracantha up on the net, Peach. Very pretty, red and white. Yours is six feet high? That is a nice height. Maybe I just buy spikes.  That should do the job, unless I forget that they are there and roll with my mover over them. Where I live there is not much population and not much use for privacy shielding. Here is rarely traffic too but I still would prefer something hard to penetrate on the edges of my land. How often do you have to cut that trim that hedge? I just don’t want anyone rolling in my house. It happens rarely and I don’t lose sleep over it but a secure home in my head is nothing in which a drunk driver or somebody having a heart attack can roll into. What do you think of Multiflora rose? It is allegedly strong like a bull.

    I think I know what you mean, Peach. Split rail fences with roses growing. There are some images on Google but they won’t keep the yappy little dogs outside. I love the garden magazine. When I see them, I want to buy 50 acres and realize all these styles.

    You wrote that don’t touch signs drive off customers, so they’re a no no. My dentist told me that he was in Europe and a market woman got really mad at him when he touched a vegetable. Telling her that he is a dentist and used to touch and squeeze didn’t help much. Haha!

    You have cases for valuables and fragile items? That sounds like in exclusive stores. I understand what problems you have in your line of work. The children run around and are pottery hazards? If my child would break something, I would buy it. A parent can’t just say: sorry my kid broke this, good bye.

    How you explain it, the show is really not a flea market where people just sell anything they want but really an antiques market. Looks like a very colorful and interesting place to work and visit. If I would be in the area, I would for sure visit. Is it only Saturdays from morning to night? Is it in a hall or outdoors? Do you have time going around and check the other booths? Are there food vendors too? 800 vendors! That is huge. It is like a state fair. Or like a bazaar. Have you ever been in one? Whenever I hear the song about the market place of Old Algiers, it reminds me of bazaars, very colorful and interesting places to make business. You probably feel right at home at a bazaar.

    This is a new and hip version. Worth listening to it:

    Do people pay an entry fee like at a fair or do they just buy for the good they buy? Do vendors buy also from vendors?

    Too bad that eBay doesn’t work for you. It seems such a good idea to sell and buy. I can imagine that you need always packing material and also place to store that stuff. And it also cost time to wrap things up and pack it and write the address on it and drive to the post office. I think the show is a better idea to earn money.

    Can you listen to music when you work? What kind of music are you listening to?

    I sometimes order stuff from the Internet but I never made a bid on eBay. I could because I have a Paypal account. They deduct if somebody is mailing me money but not when I buy stuff or send money. I think they keep around 50 cents from 10 Dollars. But these fees are stiff, and you feel it when you get a larger sum. Paypal needs a competitor! There is Moneybookers but they don’t serve the USA anymore.

    I noticed the feedbacks too. Some people write really bad remarks and it could harm the vendor. They should make these feedbacks under oath and penalty of perjury. 😉

    Guess you made your bad experiences with eBay. Most people just know eBay from the view of the customer and not the seller. Small business shouldn’t been driven away. I hope some new sales place comes along, Peach, and makes thinks better for sellers like you.

    Can you sell on Amazon? Here is a comparison for sellers.

    About new ideas, Peach, if you sell kitchenware, you should be allowed to sell stuff that cleans it.

    So, you know how it feels to be in middle of a lake and from one second to the other, the strength is gone to swim back. I have some official certifications of being an athletic swimmer too but it didn’t help me much after I felt that the strength was sucked out of me. But yes, my survival sense kicked as did yours and I “rested” floating for a while and then made my way back. Swimming a bit, resting a bit, swimming a bit, and resting a bit. Luckily, there was no shark in the lake. Anyway, we learned from these experiences, and I never swam far out that wide again. It is better to swim a short distance and return, and if you have enough strength, you can swim the short distance and return many times and you are getting the exercise too.

    I tried it on new movers too in the store and was not able to pull the string. “Lawn movers are not designed for women” is what I was being told. I have one with an electrical start now. Well, I see how long it last, maybe when that one wore out, I try once again a new pull gas mover. Maybe a smart business man got the idea by now to make also one for women who do not just want to marry any man to have somebody around to pull that cord. 😉 I had to give my original gas mover back because I always had to get a man somewhere to pull the cord for me. I don’t like being dependent.

    Last time I checked ARS, I saw almost no news but mainly spam and off topic stuff. Posters left it for the moderated forums. Some people behave better in moderated forums, but generally, it controls who and what can be posted, and I don’t want to get my news from there. On the other side, Peach, I like having more time for other things than posting in groups or forums. My life is also more peaceful without ARS or the other message groups. The only “product” on ARS for me was that certain people cyberstalked me, that I was even banned from library computers due to their lies and campaign and that they defamed me and all these nasty lies are now on the Internet. For me, ARS was and is non-productive and just a place to get in troubles. After a couple of people tried to put my ISP under pressure to cut Internet services for me, I used proxies to post to ARS but sometimes they don’t work and your real IP address can show up and can fall in the hands of somebody cyber stalking you. ARS isn’t worth this risk.

    I am not “off” the net. I have this blog, you found me, some others from ARS found my blog and sometimes post a comment or e-mail me, and that is fine and it is much more peaceful than earlier years. I ignore the nasty comments and post the positive comments and this keeps my blog positive.

    Yes, that earthquake in Japan is a real tragedy. Right, that 2004 Asian Tsunami was just the worst ever, killing approx. 230,000 people! What a nightmare. I think living on an island and at the coast means living in a beautiful scenery, Peach, but I look at oceans and think that they are wild beasts that are just sleeping. I remember a vacation on La Palma in the Atlantic. It is one of these Canary Islands. There was no particular wild weather when I was there. But even the “normal” waves of the Atlantic were dark and so high, and a tsunami could swallow all these little islands in a heartbeat. How far away is your house from the ocean? In a case where streets are jammed with cars trying to get to the hills, a bike might be helpful. You could drive on the sidewalks, and you probably would be faster than the cars. But let’s hope it never will be necessary.

    I don’t think you are alone by not wanting to fly, Peach. I like the feeling of taking off and landing and seeing things from above but I wouldn’t want to be a stewardess. I fly when I have to, and I am not particularly afraid of it – although I am aware how much can go wrong. I never heard of the air disaster series. Yes, I wonder too how you get out of the door watching all that stuff. But you probably heard that planes are the safest means of transportation in comparison. Nevertheless, I like transportation by ship, train, even a nice air conditioned bus also more than flying in a plane. It is boring, you don’t see much and you don’t have much space and when those people who are around you are annoying, it is pure torture. Also, I hate when the plane goes up to a level that makes your ears hurt. That is hell.

    They do stress tests in your VA hospital? Are you a veteran? Guess these stress tests differ from those done in the orgs. They inject you with some radioactive isotopes? Does that sound healthy to you? I thought they use that to find cancer in the body? Poor Peach, I can imagine that drug that you described and how horrible it must have felt. Like extreme stress? Like having to run up a mountain chased by wolves? Even your teeth were hurting? Who invented that torture drug? Whole milk and potato chips? Who would have guessed that they tell you to eat that. I am a strong believer in that nature is the better healer than chemicals, Peach. I understand that when in horrible pain or having a heart attack, you just have not much other choice than to get in the next hospital to handle the pain and the problem but I wonder in your case too if there are not natural methods that can help you. I would try to heal myself with for example the approach of the Gerson center. They are specialized on cancer but I believe that they also have some good advice with heart problems. The FDA run them out of the country because they were in the way of chemical school medicine, so they located their clinic not far away from you, in Mexico.

    I think general information on what they are doing and how they are doing it, you can find free on the net. But I don’t think that the treatment in the clinic is free.

    Peach, I think the only way to get strength back is doing exercises. You HAVE to do them. There is no way around. Not doing them means getting weaker and weaker. Try the sitting exercises and do them regularly and build strengths up. I think eating the right stuff and exercises is what you owe to yourself. Nothing is more important for your future. I know it is easy to lose sight of the big picture but you have to do it religiously. If necessary, stick notes up to remind yourself to do them. If you are getting too weak to care for your own matters, quality of life is pretty much gone.

    Here is everything in bloom, Peach. My gigantic crap apple bush is right outside of my kitchen window. It is GORGEOUS. Covered with thousands of dark pink flowers! It is breathtakingly beautiful. A friend who had a landscape business offered me help with planting the trees. As soon as she has her day off work, we put them in the ground.

    I wish you a speedy recovery, Peach. Let’s hope you are getting your mojo back and that the tests come back okay. I wish you strengths and a pain-free spring with enough cash to pay your bills and with nice people participating in your life.

    Until later,

    Barbara Schwarz

    April 15, 2011 at 6:55 am

    • Hi Barbara,

      Yes, I can take this computer all the way down. It’s pretty easy. It’s a Pismo, which was once the top of Apple’s laptop line. I’ve replaced the power board, which is on the bottom. But what I’m not good at, is knowing which part is defective. I don’t know how to test each individual component in a dead computer. I’ve replaced a bunch of things myself, when it was clear what was wrong, or clear enough to me, by downloading the take apart instructions you can find on the web. I have those on another ancient PC laptop, in case of emergencies. I hear that the newer ones are harder to work on. They make this one look like a hulking object. I sure would like to have an up to date computer, though. But a Mac, not a PC. I’ve used both, but prefer the Macs.

      Peaches, which is my real and legal name, was a nickname I acquired while singing rock and roll. I legally changed it, so if people ask if it’s my real name, I tell them yes, and if they question that, I offer to show them my driver’s license. If they inquire about my parents, I kind of buzz them off, as my family does have odd names. In my youth, I noticed quite a bit of hostile questioning about my name. If I then told the person what my birth name had been, they would invariably call me by that. I’m sure they had no idea how rude they were being (or perhaps they did), but it got very old. I find that many more people are willing to challenge a young girl than an old lady. I once lived in an apartment where the woman on the floor underneath me was named Cherry. The postmen thought that was hilarious.

      Barbara, I like your idea about the computers! I particularly like the portability factor. But if that was done, some schmuck would start renting out robots who steal your info, and tell other robots to break into your house while you are out, meanwhile tapping your bank account dry.

      Barbara, my next door neighbor can hardly be more inconvenienced by not speaking English here, than I am by not speaking Spanish. It depends on how old people are when they get here. It’s harder to pick up another language when you get older. Everybody’s kids speak English, and if you’re the mom, and you don’t have an outside job, you just won’t have the opportunities to learn. I have to ask people over and over again about simple words. I feel so stupid. It’s easier to keep your mouth shut.

      I wrote the note to thank her for shushing those doggone dogs. She really has made quite the effort, for which I am grateful. I like her quite a bit, I just think the dogs are miserable little yappers. Little dogs are like that so often, and when you get four together, it’s bad. They’re the most apt to bite you too. I first met my niece’s pug Sadie at a family Christmas. I turned my back to her and she leapt up and bit me in the butt! I had neighbors there before a long time ago who had two nasty little dogs. I was standing outside talking to the woman, and one of the dogs crept up and bit me in the leg. I looked down with my mouth open, and the woman said, “He didn’t bite you.” So I rolled up my pants leg to see blood on my leg, and the neighbor said, “It didn’t break the skin.”


      So my new neighbor is nothing like that old neighbor, and I thank the housing gods for sending her here.

      I wondered about those little electronic devices. I had a whistle once that was supposed to do the same thing, but it also didn’t work. Gee, the Dog Silencer Pro sounds great! I like that bit about opening the windows and listening to the birds sing, a lot. But it also says that it doesn’t do a thing for instinctual or protective barking, which is what those little dogs are all about. They’d bark at a butterfly if it flew into their yard. They also consider that they own all the airwaves. And eighty nine bucks. That doesn’t sound too good.

      Oh I killed my voice by singing too loud, too much, and smoking. It happens. I do miss it. Singing is the most amazing experience. Playing an instrument is second best. I sang rock and roll and whatever I liked. When I was a kid, it was folk music, Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, and show tunes. I listen to a variety of rock on my mp3 player, but in the house, I’m usually listening to classical music.

      You know, I couldn’t see the shipping fees, without giving all my particulars and starting an order, so I don’t know what they were. The Pinetree people have some interesting seeds. And Burgess has those cheap trees. I loved that huge hydrangea they’re promoting. What did they have, a standard minimum shipping price, by the cost of the order? Some places do that. Ten bucks minimum, then it varies by how much you’re spending. It’s easier for them than trying to actually compute how much each package would be.

      Barbara, there’s a place for really really crisp vegetables, but it’s not in the middle of pile of well done brown rice. The owners were really creepy. They didn’t care about the food, it was the latest fad. They were mean and suspicious. I got tips, but not a lot. I still remember serving a well to do family at a table of ten, and I made one mistake, and they left me no tip at all. They had that air of entitled non tip givers. They should have eaten only at your restaurant so the owners got stiffed. I can’t believe they took away your tips. Jerks.

      I believe not quite so many people are coming from Mexico now, because there are less jobs here. It’s also so dangerous for them. Now the coyotes, who smuggle them in, are routinely robbing them and holding them hostage, getting ransoms from their relatives, and murdering them, too. It used to be fairly easy. People would pay the coyote, come up here and work for a summer, go home, do it again the next year. I think that’s all over. In my thirties, I had a Mexican boyfriend, whose mom was from the South, and she married a Mexican doctor. Billy had dual citizenship, which I believe is forbidden, but he had it. He’d put up friends who came here to work. It was so common. But there’s plenty of illegals to go around. It’s just that around here, no one is making a pointed effort to remove them, unlike Arizona.

      Well, since the heart attack, there have been no more elotes for me! I used to get them from the guys coming around with the shopping carts, or at the Mexican Flea Market nearby, where there was a stand that had good ones. Too much cholesterol! The house to house tamale lady probably did not earn much money. She always had her little kids with her. She was doing her best to supplement her income, and those tamales, as good as they were, were cheap. I have noticed though, that all the Mexican street and fair vendors, restaurants, have had to raise their prices. The vegetable sellers, too. I’d rather eat at a taco truck than at MacDonalds, it’s tastier and it’s still cheaper.

      It’s so great to have birds, isn’t it Barbara? Say, are you going to grow some sunflowers for them this year? There’s baby ducks in the creek again this year. The mother has thirteen of them. I wonder how she kept them all warm when they were just eggies? I love seeing them waddling by. The mom quacks to keep them following her. I just wish I were more rural. Geese, obnoxious geese in the yard. Ducks, and a duck pond! Consider all the free manure, Barbara. 😉

      I looked up those living willow fences, Barbara, and they sure are interesting. You might check them out: The kits aren’t cheap. I do like the multiflora roses idea, too, but I see that this is considered an invasive species in some areas. Sounds like the thorn hedge around Sleeping Beauty’s castle:

      We’ve been really lucky with the breakage. No items outright broken, though things do get damaged by careless handling sometimes. Yes, it’s an antiques and collectibles market. It is really interesting. I wish you could see it. It’s outside, once a month on the first Sunday of the month. It opens for the vendors at 4 am, and the first shoppers can get in at 6 am. It closes at 3 pm. It takes us at least two hours to pack up, so we usually leave sometime before 6 pm. You just have to have the cases unless you are willing to see small objects go missing. The people behind us have been seeing small things in cellophane bags for a long time. I noticed that they’ve been using a couple of jewelry cases lately. I would imagine that over the years, quite a bit has been lifted from them, since they did put inexpensive jewelry in those bags. Heck, I think I’ve seen them have small bags with pieces marked at forty or so dollars. That’s tempting fate.

      The people who come in early, pay fifteen dollars. Then a couple of hours later, it’s ten dollars, and at nine, it’s five dollars. So they pay extra to get first whack at the goods. I used to have a lot of other vendors buying from me early in the morning, for resale, but I’ve gotten more savvy with the prices, and I don’t uncover the cases until we’re through unpacking everything else. I don’t put out the new stuff until then, or the more expensive cased pieces. I do all I can to discourage theft and harsh bargaining! I don’t get to shop much myself. Occasionally I buy some small item from the guy next door. I have to be in my booth to sell. It is like a bazaar. There are food booths, but I never buy food out unless I’m totally starving, because I just can’t afford it. There’s a lot of interesting people watching to do. A lot of people do dress up to shop there, and you see fabulous and funny outfits. And it’s a little informal city, and you have your neighbors. It really is fun, though such hard work. It’s show biz! 🙂

      Aw, the mowers. The string pull stuff. I never could do them easily, and I once had really really buffed and strong arms. I dunno, Barbara, there could be a service, where you call, and for ten bucks, some guy comes out and pulls the string. Pay fifteen, and he brings along a bouquet of flowers. 😀

      ARS was ok when there was a variety of people there. Really, there were quite a few posters that I liked. Now most of them are gone, and there’s an awful lot of meaningless noise over there. Usenet is just full of people mindlessly cross posting, about nothing at all really, so far as I can see. I myself like peaceful quite a bit. It’s very pleasant chatting with you here.

      I think I’m about a quarter of a mile, hmm, maybe less, from the Bay. But it is the Bay rather than the Pacific Ocean. Speaking of which, once I went by myself up to one of the beaches near Pt. Reyes. It was an overcast, windy day, and the surf was big. I think there were three other people on the beach, not near to me. I was out there, jumping up and down in the water, up to my chest, and suddenly I realized how big the ocean was, how wild the weather, how large and strong the waves. I got out of there fast, and I’ve never swum in the ocean again. I felt the power! 😀

      I’m not a veteran, but the county medical system uses the Veteran’s Hospital for some of their imaging. The isotopes are very weak so they’re not really harmful. The nurse told me that she could take me out in the parking lot and run me around for a while, but I’d probably prefer the chemical stress test. I thought about it and agreed with her. I knew that I probably wouldn’t drop dead on the table, but the parking lot was another proposal entirely. And thanks for the exercise reminder, Barbara.

      Oh, I hope the trees do well, Barbara. I wish I had a crab apple. I like the quince trees/bushes too, such pretty pink blossoms. I know your place is going to look like a little slice of heaven when you are done. But I do think that you should get a cat to complete your domestic happiness. Or maybe a rabbit. A goat. Rethink those chickens. 🙂



      April 25, 2011 at 1:36 pm

      • Hey, Peach, I am glad that you are fine. Thanks for the update and the posting. Give me a couple of days to reply! I planted lots of trees. I tell you all about in a couple of days! 🙂

        BTW, I met a person who sells antiques, just like you. But he does it only on eBay. He says the best month that he ever had was USD 1000.– in one month. He didn’t tell me how much he earns in the worst months or the average months! I strongly assume that he has another job too or another source of income because he drives a big car.

        Barbara Schwarz

        April 25, 2011 at 4:47 pm

  37. Hi Peach, see you soon driving through the streets of my town, selling me antiques! 🙂 I miss the good old times!


    April 15, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    • Except that the gas prices were cheaper in the good old times.

      Driving a truck with a nice collection of antiques through the USA would be really expensive, unless you drive in Turkmenistan.

      The other possibility would be horses or other animals pulling that antique load.

      Barbara Schwarz

      April 16, 2011 at 5:25 am

  38. Hello Barbara and Peach!

    Just want to tell you that I enjoy reading your postings because I can relate to them. Nothing is more interesting than real life stories.



    April 15, 2011 at 5:52 pm

  39. That is true. He never served in the Armed Forces.

    HER approach and activities against immigrants are not truly American. It is breeding hostilities against others, and I can feel Germany behind her approach and activities. If her father was against hating other people, I would say that she doesn’t follow his footsteps.

    And yes, it is absolutely misleading, claiming that he fought the Nazis in Germany when he never traveled to Germany.

    She is also pro guns, and I wonder if the people of Arizona knew this before they voted for her: one of her sons was declared criminally insane for the 1989 rape of a Phoenix woman. He has served 20 years in the Arizona Mental Hospital.

    She is pro p$ychs and they were the secret force behind the Nazis and I bet they are also the secret force behind what Jan Brewer stands for.

    How people could vote for her is beyond me.

    Barbara Schwarz

    April 18, 2011 at 6:43 am

    • Hello again, Peach,

      You can take the computer all the way down? You mean, you can dismantle it and put it back together? I heard of Pismo but I never worked on one. I learned all about computers in the library, mostly figuring out things for myself, and all they had is Windows and no Macs. But I know of many people swearing on Macs and saying that Window is crap. Right now, I am at the phone with a Microsoft guy in India. He is very nice but he tries to remove a bug in my new MS Word 2011 since hours! I have now two different product keys issued by the Microsoft for the same product! I wonder where this is going… He puts me on hold a lot, guess has to learn himself. But I learned new stuff about India from him. Don’t know if my Word will run ok but I got a free history lesson. He just called and told me that he can’t solve the problem and the higher level engineers will call me back tomorrow. Let’s see, what happens. Maybe Bill Gates will call me if they can’t handle it. It’s a stupid little but very annoying problem! The computer and the program are brand new and there are already problems. It can’t be better than everything new? Well not so…
      I know you need an up to date computer for all the research that you do online. I have a couple of computers and the last one that I just bought is an Inspiron One from Dell. It has no tower. The tower is in the screen almost like the notebooks. It has a huge screen because I am watching also TV on it. The customer service of HP really sucks, they cancel your service before your year of free service is over and that is the reason I bought from Dell this time. Hope it is better. I always worked with Windows XP, and now I have Windows 7 and at the moment I try to get familiar with it. I skipped Vista. Now I need a new keyboard because I constantly hit the wrong keys on that one. Do you hit often wrong keys? The delete button is at different places on my computers. Well, all stuff that come in the way of what you are used to.
      Well Peach, you are full of surprises. You sang rock’n roll? Tell me about it, with who and when and where and why! Peaches is a real nice and unusual name but was something wrong with your old name? What was your former name? You don’t have to tell me if you don’t like to but I just wonder… Did your family mind that you changed your name? Did it cost you something? I mean, why not changing a name. People chose anything in their lives why not their names? I met a woman not long ago. She said: “My name is Dolores and I hate my name.” In Germany you have to prove that you suffer under your old name, otherwise you can’t change it. I don’t know if it still is that way but it was so all the time when I lived there. Cherry is a rather normal name now. I met ladies with that name. Yes, you are right, girls might be teased but guess nobody has the guts to do this with you anymore. There are lots of unusual names now. Even Apple, so why not Peaches, Cherry, Berry, sound all fine to me, except Bananas or Nut. 😉
      If Bill Gates calls me, I’ll tell he what we want, Peach. No stupid box that wastes our times with but real robot assistants. Yes, criminality is always a problem and people steal info. There must be a program that really wipes all these robots squeaky clean before one sticks a new chip in, Peach.
      Yes, this is right. Older people don’t learn languages so quickly but I think it is a matter of time. You still can learn all of that but you have to make a living, so this is eating your time. You don’t have to feel stupid about it. You know things that others don’t know. Your neighbor understands Spanish but he might not be able to dismantle a Pismo or knows what tools people used to whip cream with in the 1920, see? AndI they likely did not sing rock’n roll!
      I don’t understand why a person has four dogs. Well, maybe on a farm but not in a town. Yes, I know these little dogs bark and try to introvert you and when you make a step towards them, they run away like little cowards. You think that the likelihood is bigger to be bitten by a little dog than a big dog? Sorry to hear that you were bitten. I am glad that you recovered from these bites. I am no dog person at all, Peach. There might be some nice and friendly dogs out there who are good friends to their owners (or what is the new word for it: custodians) but I don’t want one. Most of them smell bad and they are loud and what is that with marking trees and sniffing this stuff anyway? I don’t like them beat and abused but I don’t want one either. When my sister was a girl, she bought new shoes in a Bavarian shop. Suddenly, the German Sheppard of the owner attacked her and bit her in her shoulder. Luckily, she wore a thick winter coat. He tore off some of the shoulder. I don’t think they paid her anything.
      Right, these dog silencers aren’t that cheap. I really don’t recommend another dog chaser crap.
      Isn’t there a way to recover your voice? Do you have tapes of what you sung before? Maybe, one day when you have the time and are in the mood you might want to download some of your singing to YouTube. Where did you sing? What instrument did you play? Are you still playing? Folk music, Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, show tunes, rock, and classical music sound good to me. I have a MP3 player too, I hardly go anywhere without it. You probably like many music videos on YouTube too.
      When I was a kid, the music on the radio was often English but what we had to sing in the school or at home was very German. I didn’t develop a passion for the German music but oddly, despite I rarely sung them I memorized them all. Isn’t that creepy? I memorized all the songs, melody and lyrics of hundreds of songs that I am not particularly fond of! Lol!
      I received a catalog from Burgess, Peach. I love that catalog with all their trees and other plants. The catalog is also a good reference for the trees and plants that you already have. Sometimes they have 1 cent sales! You can ask them for a free catalog. I haven’t checked their shipping prices yet because I received my 55 trees from another place. I planted them mainly around the edges of my place because I don’t want fruit trees on the edges. In the middle, I can plant fruit trees and grow vegetables.
      Guess, you worked in that NY joint, you know what the owners were like and if you say their food was bad, except the brown rice, I believe you. Do you know how they made the brown rice? I never was a waitress for long. Just when I needed a job fast, temporarily, I did it. It was hard work in any place. I once helped a friend of mine serving food in a bowling bar when I was rather young. People didn’t want to leave this place and had to get home because RB wouldn’t have allowed me to help this friend. I worked a few days at McDonalds in Germany, in a German Café, in the Indian Restaurant in the USA, and while on staff in Munich, I had a moonlight job, Saturday and Sunday morning serving breakfast at a hotel. That was a weird place. Waiting was never a real career of mine but I know how it is like and tips, I didn’t get rich on them either. Once, I made a list in my mind of the kinds of jobs I worked, and I got really a long list!
      Peach, I heard that Coyote asks 5000 Dollars to smuggle a Mexican family to the USA! Where do poor Mexican folks get this kind of money? What I also wonder about, how can they pass the border without being stopped by border control? What you heard about the crimes committed by Coyotes against the Mexicans sounds pretty grim.
      You mean your Mexican boyfriend had dual citizenship but it might not the allowed by Mexico because the USA allows it. Germany doesn’t. I don’t think that illegal aliens are America’s problem. The problems lie elsewhere. If they would remove all the illegal aliens, it still wouldn’t fix all the problems that need to be fixed and the deportations would cause new problems. I think Mexico has to do more for their own people but the Arizona attitude isn’t the true American mentality.
      Good for you staying away from high cholesterol food, Peach, although elotes sound yummy. Can you make a heart-healthy version of it? I know what you mean with McDonalds. In the German McDonald’s restaurant, (the biggest one in downtown Munich) the manager ordered the employees to wipe off the dates of expiration from the plastic container and wrote new dates on it to sell his expired crap.

      I like my birds, they are really cute when they don’t wake me at 5 am or earlier and when they don’t mess up my deck but otherwise, when I work the land, e.g. when I remove grass, they come really close, I almost can touch them because they know that under these roots is their dinner! Fat yummy worms! They are not afraid of me. I probably could train them to eat from my hand but I don’t want a wiggling worm in my hand.
      Sunflowers? I have not many experiences with them but I planted lots of wild flowers, Peach. Ducks are cute when they waddle, and baby ducks particularly. A pond would be nice but you might attract mosquitos too. I live pretty rural, Peach, but not that rural that I would be just by myself. During the day, I am thinking about getting 20 acres in the middle of nowhere but at night, when all is so dark outside and I hear strange noises and can’t make out what it is, I am glad that neighbors aren’t that far away. Do you understand what I mean?
      That is a really informative link, Peach. Thanks. I bookmarked it: Some of the high grass provides quite some privacy. The trees that I planted will be tall like a person in just three years. In winter, I like some green, so I planted quite some Norway spruces around the edges of my place. Yes, the multiflora roses could get out of hand. I think this plant needs to be watched carefully. Here you can plant whatever you want. Nobody tells you that you can’t plant this or that. They just want property taxes and that you pay your water bill in time, otherwise they leave you alone. I even met somebody who works in the council of the community. He told me, if I ever should need his help, I can address him. It is always good to have friends in “high places”, Peach, but I still haven’t come up with anything that I could ask him for. And I met somebody who deals with antiques, as you do, Peach. See me other comment for you.
      I guess when something is broken, there is no insurance that pays and you have to cover the damage from your own pocket. If I ever come in your area, Peach, I wouldn’t miss that antiques and collectibles market. I am really curious and always interested to see new things. If it opens at 4 am, you probably are getting up in the middle of the night. Is the police called when people steal? Are there security cameras? Do you have to carry the cases into the fair?
      Guess that fair entrance fee is a decent price to pay for antique hunters. Five Dollars for the general public who want to buy just general items or what they see is not bad for a big event such as this fair. Do people bring their own containers and bags to carry the merchandise that they purchased or do you have to provide it? It is just once in a month? If the fair would be more often, you could earn more money?
      I can’t blame you trying to avoid theft. Everything did cost you money, so you have to keep the stuff together and sell if you want to make a living. Really, is the food so expensive at the fair? What kind of stuff do they sell and how much does it cost. Do you bring your own lunch then? Peach, I can imagine the variety of folks who visits a fair like this. Rich people looking for valuable collector’s items to people who have not much and all kinds of nationalities and nice people and creeps, and young and old folks. I sure like to see those outfits they are wearing also the funny outfits. 🙂 Can you recall one that you found particularly funny? Your sister is helping you at the booth, right? Is the fair far away from your home?
      Peach, the problem with that “service” 😉 (I don’t think we have something fancy like that here) that when the mover dies down for some, I have to call the service again on the same day. And I got my own flowers. I have my riding lawn mower, it is old, I bought it used but people say it would be a good mover. I have new blades and maintenance done on the mover this month. It did cost me 80 bucks but seems it is running fine. But I am always on the edge with that thing somehow because I really have not a car mind. I learned a lot but all the time when I think I could watch the repair guys to see more myself so that I can do it next time myself, I am called away for something urgent. My push lawn mower is electric and yes, I need two very long extension cords to get in certain spots but when the grass is too high, I need the rider. Yes, Peach, after I planted all the trees, I really need the trimmer. I have a grass scissor but I get sore hands by using it often. There is no other way but the whacker.
      That is true, Peach, it is very peaceful chatting on a blog. I enjoy these postings too but don’t think we could have done this on ARS or in another forum. The hecklers and spammers would have distracted us. You know how it is, you have a nice conversation going and suddenly somebody spams nasty stuff in it and the flame wars are starting. We can do without that. Sometimes I get nasty comments on my blog too. But I just delete them and forget them. I just publish the nice or harmless one. This is to keep things positive. I should have left ARS much earlier than I did or better never posted there. I got mainly stalkers and people obsessed with trying to destroy my reputation on the Internet or even in my neighborhood. Who needs that?

      Some people think that the Atlantic is wilder than the Pacific but I think they are pretty much same wild. I hear what you are saying about the power of the ocean. Lucky for you that you didn’t swim out far. Like you, I am a good swimmer but I know that have no chance against some waves, so I prefer pools or a quiet lake too!
      The nurse offered you to chase you around the block? I would have taken her up on that offer. 😉 I will remind you once in a while to do your exercises, Peach. You don’t even have to get out of the chair but I refer dancing.

      Peach, as you are a singer, do you watch musical stuff on TV? Like American idol or Dancing with the Stars? What do you watch? I don’t watch much only certain stuff.
      I was just outside and on some of the trees that I planted just a few days ago, I can see the start of new life. It seems that they are growing! My crabapple bush is really big and tall. A guy told me that I should cut it but I don’t want to. Somebody who lived here before me planted it right outside of the kitchen window. It has flowers all during April – May! And now other flowering plants start. Spring is really very pretty.
      I am not sure about heaven but I sure improve the land and the house constantly. Every day in the morning, I want to buy more land even more far out but yesterday night again, there were strange noises outside and I might hear even more if I live on 20 acres. Of course it often is just the wind or an animal (a little fluffy rabbit lives right under the crabapple tree and I have to be careful not to run him over with my mower) but it goes around and after living a couple of year here, I still think that the nights are haunted but the days very peaceful. I got out in the morning and I see the green environment and a few birds and I go around the house and over the property and find no trace as to what I did hear at night. But it is not just in my head, Peach. 😉

      Anway, Peach, be well in meantime, and keep on eating healthy and try to chair exercises. I continue with my dance workouts too!

      Bye for now


      Barbara Schwarz

      April 28, 2011 at 6:47 am

  40. Hey Barbara
    I enjoyed that post. It’s Tuesday, the day after the day after the Faire. I’m still recovering, so I think I’ll post more later, but I’ve got to tell you what I think about eating lunch out. The last time I could afford to do that very often was in the 1970s, when my salary, utilities and rent, et cetera, were more in line with the price of burgers! Since then, I’ve always brought my lunch. But I did spend a long time working out of my home for one company. A friend works in the financial district in San Francisco, and he always eats his lunch out. It’s rarely less than ten bucks a pop. That would be $200 a month! Which is a lot more than I spend in a month on groceries. The last job I had in the city, maybe once a month, I’d go to one of those make your own and weigh it salad bars. You had to really go easy on the garbanzo beans or you’d be over three dollars before you knew it. I don’t know how people can afford to eat out regularly, I really don’t. A couple of hardboiled eggs, a couple of pieces of bread, an apple, well that doesn’t cost too much and you can stick it in your bag. The only time I eat out now is if someone takes me. I do have a friend who does so sometimes, and I always offer to leave the tip, and I’m generous. Wasn’t it painful, those stingy tippers? 😀

    I’ll be back to post later this week. Peaches


    May 3, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    • No hurry, Peach. Take your time. Yes, everything is very expensive. I mainly just go out to eat when I have visitors. But your waitresses and waiters sure will be happy that you are not a stringy tipper.

      Here is not even even a restaurant close. A little Mom and Pop store is probably a half mile away but I saw flies on their food, so I don’t go in. I go grocery shopping in town once a week or twice a week and in winter even less often. Like yours, my kitchen is my restaurant.

      You are right, eating out costs more but the grocery prices at the supermarket are also crazy. Particularly the healthier food is more expensive. The produce have produce conspiracy written all over it. A nice size apple is one Dollar! Give me a break!

      The main reason why I rather eat at home is because I know that it was prepared by clean hands. In the Indian restaurant, the mother of the owner peeled the garlic cloves on the floor. She put the peeled naked cloves in the floor where people walked before with their shoes. And the McDonald branch manager sold old stuff with doctored expiration dates to the people. I also wonder about if poison from the marker and that chemical that they used to wipe the old date off ended up in the food. And I don’t know all the other stuff that happens in other restaurants.

      I worked a brief while in Munich for a temp agency doing office work in all kinds of companies. Once in a while, I worked also at the temp agency’s main office. The owner was a really mean woman. Really, she was, and her secretary (not me) retaliated by spitting in her soup. She sent her secretary to buy her soup from the restaurant next door and when the secretary felt wronged or angry because the boss was bitchy, she spit in her soup before serving it to her.

      That is another reason why I rather want a robot that is programmed by me serving me, Peach, and not a person.

      One day, the bitchy boss sent me to get the soup after she was mean to me too. I was alone in the elevator, just me and her soup. I was thinking about that her secretary does spit in her soup but I didn’t do it. I simply could not do it. Was I tempted? Maybe a bit. 😉

      Barbara Schwarz

      May 3, 2011 at 2:21 pm

  41. Hey Barbara
    I think one reason that people really loved the Pismo laptop, is that it’s not that hard to take it apart. Well, once I found the take-apart instructions on the web, anyway. And got a multi-tipped screwdriver set, with the torx tips. You do need a clean desktop, so you don’t lose any of the bits, or forget to put them back in!

    I get a kick out of those Indian call center people, with names like Bruce and Shawn. Did you ever get Word fixed? I think Dell has or had a pretty good reputation, but I don’t keep up with the new computers, since I can’t get one. PC’s worry me because so many viruses are written for them, and they can be difficult to remove. I was looking for info on a piece of glass the other day, and went to a website that had been taken over by a fake “your computer has a virus” scam. The darn thing claimed to have scanned my computer and found all these files which only appear on PC’s! Then I couldn’t get out of their javascript loop and had to force quit the browser. Most annoying!

    I’m used to my keyboard, but when I use other computers, I’m always putting my fingers in the wrong spot. Yes, and especially between Macs and PC’s. the buttons are in different places. I like the action on this keyboard, It’s flat and a little soft, easy to use. I like my mouse too, though I did use one at a job that I adored. It was a Bluetooth, so no cord, and it had a little scroll ball instead of a wheel, and you could scroll sideways! Oooooh! 😀

    I saw a Mac with the computer in the flat screen unit. That would be fun to have. Ah, there have been so many Mac’s I’d have loved to have had. I’ve worked on many a Mac, but the only one I’ve owned before this one was my mom’s old Performa. Geeze, was that ever slow.

    Oh, Barbara, I always loved to sing. First it was Brownie and Girl Scout camping songs, then folk music, then rock and roll. Also the show tunes my mom liked, and the Gilbert and Sullivan that my dad liked. When I was a teenager, I sang with two different girl friends. Then I went looking for a band, but only got to sing casually with friends. I do remember a pizza parlour gig. And one band that I got thrown out of after I missed a rehearsal because I was singing with some other band. I finally found one band that lasted for a while. We played at bars, and they were always turning up their instruments until I was screaming to hear myself. I didn’t own any equipment, and had no say in anything. I quit twice. The first time the whole band, including the drummer’s girl friend turned up at my house, so I un-quit. The band leader had told me that he wanted to come over to talk with me and when I opened the door they all filed in. Some time later, I quit again, and the band leader told me that he wanted to come over and get the lyrics to the songs I was singing. I was wise to him by then, so I had my current boyfriend come over, and I had a bunch of pads of paper and pencils ready. I opened the door, and of course, they were all there again! So I sat them down, handed out the paper and pencils and sheets of the lyrics, so they could all get copying. They had to do it too.

    After some time, I decided to go out auditioning again. I got one, went out and sang with these guys I didn’t like that much. They called back the day I got news of my scholarship to an art college. The heck with them! Since then I’ve only sung with myself, and what a relief that was. As a teenager, I played some guitar, but wasn’t that hot and didn’t care about it that much. I don’t even own one anymore. I used to play the autoharp, but gave that away. I might have another one around here somewhere. Likewise, I got rid of the dulcimer, though I still have a little mandolin, which I never learned to play. The only instrument I still play is the mouth bow. I got a beautiful one when I was maybe seventeen. I love that thing. Buffy Sainte Marie used to have instructions on the web of how to make them. She played one.

    I doubt my voice will recover. I never kept any tapes of my singing! I never owned them, somebody else always owned them. I have always been lousy at documenting my own work. Putting together portfolios for job interviews has always been fraught for me.

    Barbara, I never liked my old name. The first time I was aware of it was when I was seven. I tell people that I’ve forgotten it. Shoot, I’ve been Peaches twice as long as I’ve been anybody else! Naw, nobody cared that I changed it. I had usually been called by nicknames by my family anyway. If you don’t like your name, you shouldn’t have to keep it, but many a family would be outraged, I’m sure.

    Barbara, people who love those little dogs often have more than one. They don’t eat so much. And really, they are cute. One little stray chihuahua came to my door the other day. I was expecting him to bark at me, but no, he came and licked my hand and my heart melted. But most of my experiences with chihuahuas has not been positive. They are very territorial, and not fond of outsiders. My sister had one for years, who had been owned by her mother in law. I don’t remember her barking much and I liked her. I don’t remember if she bit, either. I know she never bit me. I’ve been bitten by little dogs three times. Always a sneak attack. 😀

    In my youth, I was a mail carrier in Berkeley. I was always a sub, without my own route, so I’d have to learn each route, when the regular was on vacation. The regulars know where the problem dogs are. Anyway, it was a beautiful day, and I was delivering in the lovely and peaceful Berkeley hills, and as I’m crossing a street to deliver to the next house, I hear snarling behind me. I look back and it’s this little dog, but I’m walking away from wherever he came from, so I thought nothing of it, and proceeded. You always have to be looking at the mail in your hand to keep from making mistakes. Then he ran up and bit me in the leg. From behind! It was my first ever dog bite, so I called the guys at the office. They came and got me, as the mail carriers take dog bites seriously. I went to the hospital and got disinfected. I tell ya, those dog bites hurt and he got me good. The boys told me that they’d talked to the owner, who was no where in sight while I was delivering the mail, and he claimed that I kicked his dog. What a rat! But he had to pay for the dog being in quarantine to be checked for rabies. It was like ten days or something, and serves him right, the miserable liar.

    I went for a walk in the Berkeley dog park last week with the guy next door, and we saw some people who had four whippets. Ah, they were so beautiful. I can see loving a breed so much that you’d like to have more than one. And dogs can so easily get lonely if the owner is busy at work all the time. My next door neighbor on the other side has had three large dogs most of the time she’s lived there. She’s got three now.

    Well, you have apparently got a good audio memory. You must know that feeling of horror when you find yourself humming a tune from a commercial and then you can’t stop. It sticks with you all day. 😀

    They steamed the brown rice. I don’t remember if they had pressure cookers. I’ve never measured when cooking rice myself, just put in the amount of rice I want and then what looks like enough water, and go from there. This sometimes results in soggy rice, though if you watch it, you can add more water or subtract water to get it right. I always use the same battered old aluminum pot, that I’ve been using for over thirty years. I do admire rice cooker rice, which always turns out perfect. Yes, waitressing is hard work. You’re on your feet, you’re moving, and you have to worry to see that everything’s perfect. And people can be so rude to others that they consider servants. It’s amazing. I’ve worked at lots of different jobs, too, Barbara.

    Well the United States doesn’t allow dual citizenship. I don’t know if Mexico does. But practically speaking, people do it all the time. Billy’s friends used to pay $500 to the coyotes, who did their job correctly, and didn’t leave people out in the desert to die of thirst. People save up to come here, and their friends and family help, because it could mean a better life for all of them. All the Mexican migrants are sending money home! All the little stores around here sell money orders and special foreign phone cards. When I sold on eBay and used the post office a lot, there were always Mexican people sending big packages home to Mexico. The Phillipine people are locally famous for sending items home, because they can’t get the same stuff there as here. In fact, stuff from the US is often sold in the Phillipines at much higher prices. Phillipine people were always buying things from me to send home at the little flea market in Concord.

    I dunno, Babara, I bought some low fat mayonnaise. It doesn’t quite taste the same as the regular, but I’ll get used to it. But it’s not low fat enough to slather all over an ear of corn. The elote vendors really pile it on, and they are very generous with the Parmesan cheese, too. A new Mexican supermarket opened up in town, and it’s beautiful. Usually you see these little stores that open in old buildings, and they call them Super Mercados, which is a laugh. This one really is super. They have a taqueria, a tortilla factory, a bakery, a full meat and fish department, and a creamery department. They had queso fresco for only $1.99 a pound. It has less cholesterol than regular cheese. It’s odd in that it doesn’t melt. Great taste. When my mom made tacos, she used it. Here’s the lowdown:

    I tell ya Barbara, you’ve got to really make the acquaintance of those lovely red earth worms. They are innocent and nice, and they even smell good, because wherever they are, they’ve left good earth behind. I’ve always loved them.

    I’m very careful to identify all the noises around me, Barbara. I know all the usual ones, and if I hear something I don’t recognize, I go find out what it is. Usually, you don’t have to be afraid of animals. It’s humans you’ve got to worry about. You might find a website that lists the wild animals in your area, then see if you can find sound clips of their noises. I once ran across a site that had a great collection of raccoon sounds. For investigatory jaunts, I have a long flashlight that takes five regular batteries, and would function well as a club. For living purposes, you need to be near other humans. We aren’t a solitary species, and anybody can get in trouble they can’t get out of by themselves.

    Yes, I get up at 3:30 am the day of the Faire. Usually I’ve gone to bed sometime after twelve the night before. This last one, I made it to bed at two. I have seen the police escorting someone out of the Faire, but I’m sure most shoplifters don’t get caught. Or if they are, how could you hold them until someone came? There are no security cameras. We drive in with the stuff, unpack, and then go park our vehicles outside. Somebody has to be there at all times to watch the stuff, as it has happened that people have lost whole cases at load in, or load out.

    The regulars and dealers often have wheeled shopping carts, and many people have large cloth shopping bags. We always have tissue paper and newspaper, plastic and paper bags, and wrap the stuff well. We don’t want it to get broken, even if we don’t own it anymore.

    This particular faire, we couldn’t do more than once a month. We are looking at smaller ones, with smaller booths, where we wouldn’t carry as much stuff. Having so much glass and china means lots of time unpacking and setting up, and then of course, wrapping and packing it at the end of the show. If we were, for instance, selling mostly linens and fabrics, with a couple of cases for smalls, then the setup and labor involved would be much easier. And quicker. To do more than one a month, I’d have to have a much larger flow of merchandise. I’m that organized yet! 😀

    I know they have caramel corn there, because I see people walking around with huge bags of it. There is some kind of roast meat, which I can occasionally smell, but I’m thankful the food booths are over on the other side, so we aren’t tortured all the time by the smell. Whatever they’ve got, I’m sure it’s not cheap. If meat is involved, I’d say that it costs at least five dollars.

    You’d love the outfits. You see all kinds of hats. Trilbies, bowlers, top hats, cowboy hats, taxi driver hats, military hats, flowered hats, hats covered with pins. You name it. You see people dressed up straight out of the 1950s. There are young Japanese girls wearing the Lolita fashions. There are the Steam Punks, dressed in a cross of Victorian and Punk styles. A lot of Hawaiian shirts. Just everything, Barbara. And parasols, people carry parasols. There is one lady we love, who is always wearing fabulous outfits, and she always has a silver pin of wings attached to the back of whatever she’s wearing. I get a real kick out of the guys who are dressed in vintage suits or vests. I’ll tell you one thing you don’t see…high heels! You’d have to be crazy to wear high heels out there. In the winter I have seen guys out there wearing t-shirts and shorts… and blanket they picked up there because they miscalculated what they ought to have worn. There have been days when you saw a lot of people walking around wrapped in blankets and quilts. 😀

    Both sisters are helping me since the heart attack. I can’t load and unload the van by myself anymore. My older sister has a bad back and leg. So my poor younger sister has been drafted. But she has started selling her own things. I hope they both will.

    Barbara, using the grass shears is called “giving the lawn haircut.” I’ve been told this by a number of men who caught me doing it out in the front, where I have two small grass areas. It wrecks my hands too, because I usually don’t bother with the gloves. Well, Barbara, if you got the right serviceman, you wouldn’t mind calling him a couple of times a day. 😀

    I like that you have the riding mower. You could look and see if there is maintenance info on the web. I’m mechanically inclined, and used to work on my cars. I could do a tune-up, actually, I guess I still could, change the oil, change a tire, adjust the valves, replace simple parts. I even did back brakes a couple of times. I’m past it now. I got sick of skinning my hands and breaking my back leaning over engines. It took me forever to do anything. I always get one of those mechanics books for my cars, but I’ve hardly read the one I’ve got now. You know, you could go take a look at the gas powered weed wackers. Maybe they’re not so hard to start.

    Barbara, the web has provided a nice outlet for peoples’ aggression. Just like going to a bar, getting drunk, and insulting everybody, only nobody can punch you out. I’ve never thought that anyone was truly anonymous, so I’ve been surprised at behavior I’ve seen.

    I don’t have television anymore. I didn’t get one of those converter boxes when the government was giving a discount, so I’m out of luck. Not that I was watching it that much before. I got few channels, and mostly watched PBS, but I also didn’t ever have TV Guide, so didn’t know when anything was on. I used to like the PBS program that came from Dallas, different musicians. I don’t remember the name. A lot of good groups.

    Barbara, guys are so much better about pruning than women are. The difference between a pruning job by my late brother in law and myself was vast. He knew to do it, and wasn’t afraid to do it. My friend Ron came over and trimmed a bunch of the leylandii branches which were totally taking over the back porch. You had to squeeze by them to get down the stairs. He did it when my back was turned, or I would have tried to stop him. He mentions the too-close-to-the-house leylandii quite often. If he currently had more money, I wouldn’t be surprised if I came home and found he’d hired a crew and cut the thing down while I was out! I didn’t prune the large rose bush on one side of the front door this year. It just bloomed, and looked absolutely terrific, but when they all fall off, it’s going to look a bit “thin”, because I let it get so huge.

    I have the possums and the raccoons. I wish I had rabbits, too. I’ve learned to recognize the noises these animals make, and I generally know when they’re out there. I might be worried if there were bears, but not anything else, really. I could be worried for the cats if there were coyotes, but we don’t have them locally. A mountain lion killed a jogger about twenty miles away some years ago, but I haven’t heard of any local sighting since then. If you bought more land, would you give up the house you have now? Maybe you should get a neat little camper instead, and go on trips. There are some of the cutest darn campers out there. Look at this one: Then there’s those ever so cool Teardrop trailers. I’d love to have a little teeny trailer. You could go out to the wilderness when you felt like it, and then come home to do your laundry!

    Well, it’s Mother’s Day and I have to go see my mom. I’d better go out and cut some of those roses! Say hi to your trees for me, especially the crab apple.


    PS… don’t spit in anybody’s soup and I won’t either. 😉


    May 8, 2011 at 8:02 am

    • Hi Peach,
      Interesting what you write about taking the Prismo laptop apart. I never took a laptop apart. Yes, sure, you need to keep all screws together. Don’t lose a screw and fasten them. You know what some people say about when they see a screw lose. 😉
      I have also a HP pavillion laptop. It is still working alright except the battery is very dead. It died very soon after the warranty expired. Go figure! And they are the most expensive item of the laptop as you know. I keep it plugged in. I have also another HP laptop and the battery is still working but it is slower. There are ways to speed them up but I had not had the time apply all of them. But I might.

      I momentarlily deleted the new Word version and have just an old Word version on my new computer. Bill Gates kinda forces people to buy new stuff by designing Windows 7 that it is no longer compadible with the older software. They offer some kind of mode if you insist that you don’t want to buy the new Word 2010 (which has bugs, by the way) for 400 bucks but the Windows installer pops all the time up and ask you to install the other things because „your files are not complete“. So, I guess, many people are getting tired of these pop ups and order the expensive crap from Micrsoft. For example, if you type „of it“ in Word 2010, it changes it automatically to „o fit“. Or when you type „of the“, Office 2010 changes it to „oft he“. You can handle it by correcting the letters and saving but this happen soften and it is not worth 400 bucks, believe me. It is also much slower than older Window versions that also has some bugs. I was hoping that they learn from old mistakes but they don’t. However, you can do lots of graphical work with Office 2010. It is rather complex not just anymore a word processing thing. You can do art stuff with it.

      I have handled half of the Word problem but not completely. But we are getting there, hopefully tomorrow, I will get it back, the 2010 Word. Something is else always coming up and distracting me.

      I am tired of these Indian Call Centers, Peach, because it is difficult to understand these guys and they did’t help me much but created more confusion. One asked me if I would be married. That is not why I called him. I just wanted him to debug the apps. Open Office might be one solution to avoid Word. And Open Office is free.

      I am not happy with PCs either, Peach. But I never learned on Windows and not Apple and that is why I am more familiar with Bill Gate’s crap. Yes, I know these scanners too. They simply claim that they „run“ your computer. I have virusware on mine, and my virusware says I have no virus but these scanners find a million of viruses on „my computer“.

      Gee, I am having the same problem, like you, Peach. When I got my first laptop, it took me a while to adjust from the normal keyboard to the laptop, and now I am used to it, and hit the wrong keys with the keyboard of the laptop. I checked already online if I can find a keyboard that assists notorious wrong key-hitters like myself, but I didn’t find much, except one keyboard with bigger letters on the keys, but I rarely look at the keys. There is also the Frogpad, which has just a few keys but, I don’t know if that will help me avoid hitting the incorrect keys.

      I checked on YouTube „How to do section“ how to scroll sideways. That is really nice of your mouse to do it. I have a Microsoft Wireless mouse. There is a warranty of I believe two years on it and in those two years, two broke down. I have now my 3rd mouse! They mailed me the others because I still had warranty so they exchanged it but it is troubles all the time with Microsoft products. But at least they gave me no hard time exchanging the dead wire mice! I think they know it already that their crap breaks down. I asked: „Should I mail you the disfunctional mouse? They: No, no, we mail you a new one, and a new one…“

      See Peach, I thought, I am the only person who constantly hits wrong keys. I type fast but rarely a sentence without typo. That results that I really don’t like typing, so tried the Dragon speech recognition software. Have you ever tried such a software? I thought that it will be such a time saver just talking into the freaking computer and never hitting a key again. So, I tried and despite Dragon is allegedly the best thing on the market, it did not work. It hardly understands a thing. So, I trained it. They have book chapters that you can read into the software so that it get used to your voice. Still didn’t work. I say tomato, software says potato. You are getting the message. Either it is my accent or something else. But I am still hoping that there will be voice recognition software that understands me because I think it is overdue! We need it. It should be part of any computer and SHOULD BE WORKING!

      I never heard of Brownie songs, but what is YouTube for?! Look how cute they are:

      Really great that you were always into music, Peach. I love folk, and rock, but also bluegrass and various country, also blues, and yes, show tunes too. Must have been fun sining with that band in a pizza parlor or elsewhere. Now, the musicians wear ear protection but in earlier years, it was unheard of. I think if somebody would have used ear protection back then, he or she would have been called a whimp.

      Maybe you find somebody who has a tape of your singing? Did you get paid singing in bars? Did you write your own music and lyrics? Do you still do that even if you do not longer travel with a band?

      Yes, I also had guitar lessons when I was a teenager. My problem was that the stings on the guitar in our household was steel. It did hurt horribly to play an accord because the strings did cut in the finger tips and that is why I gave it up.

      You know to play the autoharp and the dulcimer… That is great. You came in contact with the most unusual instruments.
      Here is June Carter Cash and what a great rythm and fun it is.

      And here are the Dulcimer Girls. You probably would fit right in.

      You play the mouthbow? What an exotic sounding instrument! I love it! It is awesome. I found the Buffy Sainte Marie video:

      Some people who pass your house probably wonder what those exoctic noises are.
      With the Internet, it is much easier to learn an instrument if you had the time. But when we were young and the teacher was bad, you simply didn’t learn a sing. On the Internet, you can now learn it on your own, which is really good.

      I understand what you mean. I was called Bärbel all the time in Germany and I hated the name too. My family still calls me Bärbele. That is the Jewish version. 🙂 That is better than the German version. If they say it, it isn’t that bad but I really dislike the “ä” in the name. These two dots stare at me like hypnotizer eyes. When I hit 20, I introduced myself with “Barbara”, and I got rid of the Bärbel name in the orgs, only one person had the guts to call me that name in the orgs, and I didn’t allow her to get away with it.

      I don’t blame you that you changed your name, Peach. It should be a human right to select the own name. But it is likely that other people don’t find your name as bad as you think that it is. Did you had to pay money to change it on your papers? I didn’t had to change my papers because Barbara was official but inofficial was Bärbel but even teachers and officials called me the Bärbel name and it became my official name but wasn’t. Weird.

      I don’t let dogs come close to me, Peach, that is why they have not much chances to bite me. Yes, you are right, I saw recently a man walking down the street and he had four little dogs on one leach. You were once a mail carrier? Did you carry pepper spray? The dog bit you from behind in the leg? What a little coward. And the owner lied and took no responsibilty, how rotten ist that? Yes, at least he had to pay for the quarantine of his litte pitch bull. When you hear a dog behind you, do you turn around now? Scare them away?

      I just sing those old songs, to make my sister laugh when she is around, Peach. I ask her: Do you remember this? And then I sing it, and she hasn’t heard it in decades and starts laughing, and one thing leads to the next and she comes up with old stuff too and hours passed with singing that old stuff. And a young member in our family shakes her head and says: „They played such stuff on the radio? OMG!“ And we find that very funny and sing even more corny old stuff.

      I learned one cup of rice goes into two cup of water. How did your restaurant season the rice?

      Once I made a list of the different jobs I held and it was quite long and funny. I am sure that your list is also long. Waitress, singer, mail deliverer, antique seller, etc.

      The coyotes, are those Mexicans? How do they avoid the border control? Are these guys were the border control turns a blind eye? Are they very talented tunnel builder?

      I think Mexico really has to handle their economic problems, Peach, but I think it is non-American to blame those people who look for work on anything that is wrong in the world. The Arizona governor hostility against undocumented workers really has a German ring to it. Creepy. Judges did stop their radical state immigration law but Jan Brewer appeals now to the U.S. Supreme Court. I rather would see her sexual offender son kicked out of the USA than harmless Mexicans who just want to support their families. Nice to hear that you have Phillipine customers, Peach. I know some too and they are friendly folks.

      The best thing is olive oil, Peach. You have to get use to it and slather that over all you eat. I don’t eat much mayonnaise. I remember when I was a kid, I found nothing taste better than mayo but I don‘t think that anymore. But you are right, low fat doesn’t taste really good. Would the ear of corn taste with olive oil and spices?
      Queso fresco sounds yummy. Did you see the receipe on the website?
      1/2 small cabbage, thinly sliced
      1 medium tomato, diced
      12 corn tortillas
      11/2 cups vegetable oil
      1 Queso Fresco “La Vaquita” – 8 oz., cut in thick slices
      Mix cabbage and tomato and add salt to taste.
      Soften tortillas by warming in the microwave or on the griddle.
      Heat the oil in a frying pan.
      Place a slice of cheese in each tortilla. Add a small amount of the cabbage mixture. Fold each tortilla in half and secure with a wooden toothpick. Fry the tortilla in the hot oil until golden brown on one side. Turn and brown the other side. Drain on paper towels.
      Serve with hot sauce or pickled peppers

      I have not many stores here, Peach. There is nothing fancy close here. Sometimes I miss it, but not much. If I must have it, I order it over the Internet or get a ride into a city that has it.

      Well, I meet enough worms on my land but I am not in love with them. My birds are coming really close when I dig in the ground, they love them more than me.

      I am not going out at night. Once it dark, my house is shut. I check whatever is outside in the morning. Haha, and it has left by then, Peach. I just would leave my house at night, it would be unsafe inside. Right, the noise can be from humans too. Yes, that is a good idea, checking website with sounds of animals in my environment.

      Interesting, your life as antique dealer. Must be really something watching these many different people strolling over the fair. Really, there are still people dressed like in the 50s? Wonder if they look like this all the time or if they just „dressed up“ for the fair. People carrying parasols? I am amazed. I hear you about the high heels, Peach, I remember me being on the Frankfurt book fair with high heels. What a torture. Never again! That lady attached silver wings to her outfits? Is she serious? Guess there is no dress code at this fair? I really would like to see it, maybe one day.

      Well, I am glad that your sisters are helping you, Peach. You really shouldn’t push your luck and do extreme things.

      I only give my lawn a haircut around the newly planted trees, Peach, and most of them doing fine and have leaves now and grew a few inch. I am really happy about this.

      I bought the riding mower used from a guy who rarely could talk English. I basically taught myself to ride and operate it myself, so, no manual but I could serve the net. Two of my neighbors gave me a hand and now it works. Keep your fingers crossed. I even have learned how to drive it in the barn and out. I got really good at it. I don’t drive into any new plant, so everything is fine. It is much to much work with a push mower. It takes me two hours to mow with the riding mower and 6 hours with the push mower and then I am exhausted! Well, you are a talented woman doing your own mechanic maintentance. I always try to learn when my neighbors are doctoring around on my riding lawn mower but I am often called away and then I miss it.
      Oh, I got a weed whacker, trimmer. I used it once and next time I have to wear glasses because the grass gets in my eyes, Peach. I need more exeercise. I think the best is to trim from above to down.

      I agree, Peach. There is nobody really anonymous on the net. Anyone can be traced and some are. And we don‘t even know what will be around he corner, new technologies, etc. There is something that I think is just around the corner. You enter the writings of a person and that software says who the writer are. Let’s say, you suspect X. of having done writings. You enter some postings of you ar sure that X did them, and then you add those of which you suspect X having done them and the software tells you then if he did it or not. And then of course is the police, FBI, lawsuits that can be filed, yeah, it’s not wise to think one is anonymous. One order of a judge and the ISP has to provide protocols.

      I like PBS because it has as good as no advertisment and is rather educational. What are you doing when you have spare time? Or what do you do to relax? I am watching scary movies on the Internet and then you wonder why I go outside when I hear strange possum noises? 🙂

      Maybe guys are so much better about pruning than women are, Peach, but I decided to prune certain trees before I need a guy for it.

      No, I can keep the house too if I would buy more land. But the thing is, if nobody lives there and maintaince it, it will detoriate. I could rent it out but some renters make a mess. The point with land far out is that I never went to a driver’s school also not Germany. No kidding. I can just drive lawn mowers and scooters but no car. I could probably make a diver’s license. But as long as I have none, I have to live at a place where I can use either a bike, or a mower or a scooter to get at least to a bus if I don’t want to depend completely on neightbors if I don’t. But I like your trailers, if I could drive them. I am sure I can drive them as I can drive my mower too.

      Hope you had a nice Mother’s day with your Mom and my trees and crap apple bushes (still blooms) returns the greetings, Peach.

      Stay well! Until next time!

      Barbara Schwarz

      May 15, 2011 at 4:28 pm

      • Hey Barbara!

        That’s funny about the laptop battery. They ALWAYS die. With the Pismo and the old Thinkpad I have, once I got them, the batteries immediately died. Oh well.

        I don’t use Word too often anymore, but at one time you could turn off the auto correct, then just spell check it later. I did have to use Word as a desktop publishing program at some of the places that I worked, but it’s not as good for that as a program like Quark, that’s written specifically for graphic designers and publishers.

        I am totally fed up with the pace of software and hardware development, which means that one is never up to date, always lagging behind and in need of spending more money. The people who develop this stuff are well paid and can afford all of it. No big deal to them to get a new computer, phone, camera, et cetera. I can’t keep up! And I’ve finally gotten tired of learning new things. It’s just unending pressure.

        I once had a little job testing an ergonomic keyboard. These guys had me typing, and they’d check the errors, then they’d adjust the keyboard and check the different configurations. All my fingers were wired up. I told them I’d never been a really great typer, but they didn’t really care. That was a long time ago, and I’ve gotten a lot better, but I never bothered to learn the numbers! I took one typing class, maybe in summer school, and then worked with one of those Teach Yourself to Type books, those ones that fold over? I just got bored by the time I got to the numbers. When testing for secretarial type jobs, I’d always just squeak through the typing test.

        I don’t have one of those sideways scrolling mice. You have to have Bluetooth wireless for them. I’ve been using Macally mice forever. I used to wear them out, but I don’t seem to do it anymore now that I’m not doing graphics.

        I’ve never been interested in the speech recognition software. Don’t know why, just never have been, and I’ve never used the speakable characters offered on Macs. I guess I don’t like the voices. You know, it’s funny, one kind of typing I did really like was typing from a dictation machine. I could have done that all day, but I think only two people that I worked with ever used it.

        “You say tomato, I say tomato
        You say potato, I say potato”

        Whose song was that?

        Barbara, I wish I had worn ear protection. Nobody thought of that back then. I remember going to concerts and standing right in front of the huge speakers. Of course my hearing isn’t so hot these days and I have tinnitus.

        Yes, we got paid, but never very much. And it would be like three sets a night! That’s a lot of work. I’d go to the rehearsal place, we’d load up the equipment, go to the gig, unload the equipment, play the sets, load up the equipment, go back to the rehearsal place, unload the equipment. You know the last band, the leader might have made tapes. I don’t remember, and would have no way of finding him. And I don’t care anyway. I know what I used to sound like. I never did write. I wasn’t mature enough to have novel things to say, and besides, there were so many marvelous songs to sing already in existence.

        My next door neighbor’s dad is staying with her, and he loves playing instruments. When I come over for coffee, he’s always hauling them out and he has gotten a guitar into my hands. I discovered that even with cutting the nails almost down to the quick, my finger tips compress below the nail and you get the thunk and buzz syndrome. When I was a kid I played a steel string, and I got calluses, which took care of that problem. Bud has an autoharp, and I tried it, can’t remember how to play it. He lent me a dulcimer too. Forgotten how to play that. 😀

        Live long enough and you’ll forget everything you once knew.

        I think Barbel is pretty. But if you don’t care for your name, there’s no getting around it. I think you can still legally change your name the way I did, which is to announce it to all who are concerned, including the DMV and Social Security. I think you still have to spend money and go to court if you want a passport, but I’ve never needed one.

        I did carry pepper spray when I delivered mail, but I never used it. It never occurred to me that you would ever really have to use it. Most dangerous sounding dogs were behind fences. People who had them had long since relocated the mailbox so the carrier wouldn’t have to go in. I’d hear the guys talking about them, but I never thought I’d get bit. I am more aware of dogs than I once was, and I do keep an eye out for those little dogs who bark, run away if you come towards them, and then run at you when you walk away.

        I can’t remember how they seasoned the rice, they must have, but it was pretty bland. They’d cook it up, then put the sauted vegetables on top and that was it. It was supposed to be macrobiotic cooking. Like I said, the owners were not what you’d call sincere people. In fact, they were downright creepy. Yeah, we both have long lists of jobs done. What’s life without variety, huh? 😀

        Yes, the coyotes are Mexican. People pay them because presumably, they know the weak spots where people can be smuggled over the border. There was a tunnel found recently, but that had to do with drug smuggling I think. I’m sure people have used every method they could think of to get in the country. A good deal of the problem is knowing what to do and where to go once you’ve gotten over the border. You’re not supposed to be left wandering in the desert.

        You know that queso fresco recipe sounds like what I did with mine. I didn’t use much oil to fry them, just a touch in the pan. I like the small size tortillas, about six inches in diameter. When you get tacos from the trucks around here, it’s always those little ones. I love em.

        I am careful about being outside after dark. I keep my ears sharp. But it’s fairly safe in my back yard, because anybody trying to get in there would make a lot of noise. This street is so much safer than it once was. It’s a miracle.

        Yes, some young people routinely dress up like the fifties. I think it looks so good. You usually see couples like that. In fact, in general, couples share dressing styles, if they’re bothering being stylish at all. I like selling clothes to those kids.

        Listen, I get a kick out of hearing about your riding mower. Did I tell you before about the tiller I got at the Crockett all city garage sale? I was so thrilled. And Bud next door was able to fix the thing that was wrong with it. He’s still got it over there, because the yard is so over grown that I have to weed whack it all before trying to till it. It’s an in between size. My brother in law had a small one, and Mr. Brown across the street had a large one. Mine’s in the middle.

        But Barbara, how large is your property that it takes two hours to mow it on a riding mower? It seems like it must be pretty large. How much of it is grass? Down where I live in the flats, people don’t run to large lawns. So how’s the planting going? And if you can drive a lawn mower, I think you could learn to drive a car. Get a little cute one. Mine is a 1987 Honda Civic, which I describe as being a really small station wagon.

        Barbara, have you checked out They have plenty of copyright free movies on there. I still have not replaced the new computer’s hard drive with my old one, which has some movies I saved, and the software to play them. This system doesn’t like that software, so I’m not doing it now, but I’d download several movies at a time, then watch them. I’d keep some. I just love that site. You can get books, and music there too. It’s great, check it out.

        I like to read to relax. I do watch dvds. You can get them from the library. I also borrow them from a friend, or get them cheap at the flea market or garage sales. If I like a movie, I’ll watch it again and again. Takes me a long time to get tired of a good one. I also have masses of vhs tapes. I wish they were all dvds so they’d take up a lot less room. They’re so cheap to buy now, but I find that most of the movies I really wanted to own, I own em! I still don’t own Clue with Lawrence Olivier and Michael Caine. I suppose I’ll have to break down and order one from Amazon. I’ve always had good luck buying movies from the sellers there.

        Say, come to think of it, wouldn’t you like owning a scooter? My little sister wants a Vespa. They look so cool in old Italian movies. I bet you’d look cute on one. She does have a wonderful bicycle, with a big basket on the front and baskets on the back. When I was a kid, my bike had back baskets. I loved that.

        So are the summer vacation plans shaping up? Is Catalina still in the cards? Hope you’re enjoying the weather. It’s still raining here. This has been the rainiest darn year ever, but it does make weeding a lot easier.



        June 1, 2011 at 5:24 pm

      • Hi Peach,

        Thanks for your long comment posting. Give me a couple of days to reply. I have a home emergency and construction guys coming and going but I will write you more details soon. In the meantime, be healthy and happy. 🙂

        Barbara Schwarz

        June 2, 2011 at 4:13 am

  42. Hi Peach,

    I am glad that you are fine. 🙂

    Give me a couple of days to reply.

    And I saw yesterday my first alive possum on my grass! Looks sloppy, like a 100 year old stuffed animal that was handled by hundred of children and lives since decades on a dark attic!


    Barbara Schwarz

    May 8, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    • Barbara, aren’t those possums funny? The reason they look sloppy is that they have an odd coat, with long guard hairs, and often a somewhat mottled coloring. You should see them when they’re wet! Most bedraggled looking. They are just the oddest looking animal. 😀



      May 14, 2011 at 8:05 pm

      • Yes, they look funny, Peach, and they make noises just as funny. I read that they usually just come out at night but I saw mine in lots of sunshine and it wasn’t really a very attractive look. I assume that particularly the possums ladies suffer on the lack of beauty. 😉 I just saw two little rabbits chasing each other around a tree of mine. Compared with the possum, they are beautiful creatures, soft, fluffy, cute…

        Do you have snakes and scorpions where you live?

        Peach, I will answer to your long other posting soon. Be well in the meantime.


        Barbara Schwarz

        May 15, 2011 at 5:39 am

  43. Yes, I am watching DWST, Carry. I love the show. As far Kristi Alley, she is a good dancer, and she is looking better in any dance. But I don’t look at women like men do. In a heterosexual way, I say, yes, she is a good looking woman.

    Barbara Schwarz

    May 17, 2011 at 11:29 am

  44. I have two men working at it, Sonja. My house was build in the 50s but new houses have their share of troubles too. So far it did cost me approx. 800 bucks for the material and the work to repair the May 2011 damage, but more work needs to be done. On the other side, if you rent a place, you pay that amount every month. It is still a lot cheaper owning a place and having a lot of space outside that is also yours.

    Barbara Schwarz

    May 30, 2011 at 12:35 pm

  45. I forgot the snakes and scorpions question. I rarely see snakes here nowadays, lizards either. Or frogs. Their habitats are vanishing. It’s been decades since I saw a scorpion, and I think that was when camping. It’s not like the Southwest, where you have to check your shoes! I do have to check my rubber garden shoes for spiders. They like those. I have a really happy bunch of spiders of all kinds here.

    I tell ya, if I had Kirsty Allen’s money, I’d get rid of that double chin! Or make it a little smaller, since many women look good with them, but you want a small one. Peaches


    June 2, 2011 at 11:14 am

    • Hi, Peach.

      Spiders, yes, I have them here too. Some are overactive. I clean and the next day, the web is there again! Be glad that the scorpions, lizards, and snakes are gone. You can do without them. I suppose they all moved in Barb Graham’s place. 😉

      Liposuction is also used on the face. They could suck that chin right away. Maybe she likes it. Or doesn’t suffer under having it. But if I would have her money, I also would remove it. She still looks good but I think that you are right that she would look better with a little bit liposuction of her chin area.

      If I would have money, I probably would do stuff like Dolly Parton, always looking if something can be nipped and tucked away. 😉 Except those breast implants. She is so cute but those huge implants make her look cheap. And they still might be dangerous.


      She has had plastic surgery.[64][65] On a 2003 broadcast of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Winfrey asked what kind of cosmetic surgery Parton had undergone. Parton stated that she felt that cosmetic surgery was imperative in keeping with her famous image, but jokingly admitted, “If I have one more facelift, I’ll have a beard!” Parton has repeatedly joked about her physical image and surgeries, saying, “If I see something sagging, bagging, and dragging, I’m going to nip it, suck it and tuck it. Why should I look like an old barn yard dog if I don’t have to?” and “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap.” Her breasts also garnered mention of her in several songs in the 1980s and 1990s, including “Dolly Parton’s Hits” by Bobby Braddock, “Talk Like Sex” by Kool G Rap and DJ Polo, “Dolly Parton’s Tits” by MacLean & MacLean, and “Crazy Rap” by Afroman.
      Press agent Lee Solters represented Parton and has remarked that he knew her “since she was flat-chested”.[66

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 2, 2011 at 1:21 pm

  46. Hi Peach,

    Yes, you are right with the batteries and they are really expensive, and it doesn’t make much sense why these stupid little batteries are so expensive, except that the computer companies want to make lots more cash. A laptop without a battery isn’t worth that much, except you have a power line that is as long as your house and garden and maybe to the next coffee shop. 😉

    Would be funny here, a power cord that runs under the hoofs of horses, lamas, cows, and sheep into a coffee shop a couple of miles away.

    My Dell Inspiron is almost like a laptop. It has no tower. Tower is in the huge screen. But I had to put it away for now until my construction in the house is over. (More data below.) Don’t want the boys to accidentally run a wooden pole in my new big screen. 😉

    I know a couple of people who said goodbye to MS Word and work with Open Office instead. It is free and works just as good even better. The new Word 2010 professional is good for graphic design but it SLOW. They added so much stuff to it that many people don’t need most the time and that all slows down. It is finally working on my new computer but has some serious bugs. It is pretty expensive too. Yes, Microsoft made Windows 7 incompatible with most of the software that you could run on XP or Vista for no other purpose but Bill Gates wanting more money from us.

    Peach, we can learn all but the point is that we shouldn’t be forced to adapt to the many changes all the time. They are wasting our time. We have other things to do. If they want to change things, they should make computer and appliances that change and adapt themselves without we having to get used to any new crap someone comes up with. The idea of computers originally was not that everyone should become a computer geek but make more of our time and now people have less time than ever before because all the time goes into the freaking computer. And then, Bill Gates has the guts to tell us that he wants to make computers even more interactive.

    Computers should handle themselves, and we should just be able tell them what they should do, so that we can have also a life away from computers. I am all for learning new things but I don’t want to be a work slave who constantly has to doctor around in the back files of a computer, which we have to do often already with new computers, instead the computer should serve me. I want to have time for other things too.

    And yes, you are right. I studied a big computer book a couple of years ago and pretty much all data that I learned back then are obsolete today. Well, I understand that things progress but they don’t progress in the right direction. They don’t make computers more like Mr. Data from the Starship Enterprice but they should. It is as if they want people to be busy with operating and studying insignificant stuff that they have no time to think about the matters that really counts.

    Interesting about your ergonomic keyboard test. I would never pass a typist test because I hit the wrong keys all the time. One of the worst grades in school I got for machine writing because my hands were doing something else than my mind. I type fast but I type like playing the piano. I cross over with the hand to the keys on the other side all the time. I had all kinds of administrative jobs in my life but I always just took those jobs where typing was not the main job. Do you type with ten fingers? I believe I type with just 8. Two of them I just use when I have a paper cut on those that I always use. 😉

    You like typing from a dictation machine? I worked for an insurance company in Munich for a brief while. Had to write from tapes letters to the poor people who got no penny from the insurance because the budget of the insurance just covers that much people and not some unlucky others with the same claims. And those insurance inspectors and lawyers babbled on tape and often it was inaudible and then you had to go back and back on the tape and back to figure out what the hell they meant. I hated it.

    Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off is a song written by George Gershwin.

    Tap dance on rollers, how cool is that?

    We didn’t know much about the effect of noise to the hearing, didn’t we? When I was a teenager, I spent the weekends at loud music places all the time, although I have to say that I still hear well.

    But despite all, it seems that you had a good time singing in a band. It is just sad that you guys lost contact. But they maybe are on the Internet. I don’t have a Facebook page but lots of people do. Did your parents approve of your singing activities? Was that your fulltime job back then?

    Looks like a nice and entertaining dad, the one of your neighbor. Hope he comes often and cheers you up with his instruments.

    If a dog attacks you from behind, any pepper spray will be too late. Sometimes, when I race with my bike through the hills some dogs come and bark at me. I always hope that those idiots don’t run in my wheels. I bike really fast most of the time.

    Is it true that the US government places water bottles in the desert for the illegal aliens to drink?
    These coyotes must have real stiff prices, and I also wonder how a poor Mexican pay 5000 bucks to get his family into the USA. Maybe other relatives already in the USA are mailing them the cash.

    I think any country could better the economic situation of its citizens and residents, so, Mexico has to do that but I find it really non-American to act like Arizona Jan Brewer. Guess she think that some harmless Mexicans trying to earn some money is a worse crime than her disgusting criminal son who apparently got away playing the mental ill-card.

    Really, your street was dangerous? How many years do you live there? Many people here don’t lock their doors. Mine are open too days and nights currently because of some problems. (See below.)

    You sell clothes too? Not just antiques?

    You are getting a kick out hearing of my riding lawn mower? It’s name is White Rabbit and I never should have bought a used one because there is something with it all the time. For what I repaired, I could have bought a new one. I just needed a new tire, Peach. And it is really difficult to get the tire on. Had three guys sweating over it! They are as expensive as car tires. Well, I am telling you, I am really under malicious financial attacks right now. Guess, I have to work myself to death because I haven’t even fixed one problem, another one says hello. I have now a weed trimmer, but I don’t yet like working with it because I find it kind of heavy and it was the lightest one in the store.

    How do you hold your trimmer, Peach? You trim from up to down?

    I have lots of grass but also trees and have to be careful not to hit my new planted trees, so it takes me now even longer to mow. My trees are all coming, Peach. This is really great to watch them. Yes, I figured that driving a lawn mower isn’t much different than driving a car.

    Thanks for that link. I haven’t been to lately. Last time, I was there, their website looked rather plain. The only objection that I have is that you have to download these movies. I prefer steaming because even if you delete a movie, it seems that something still remains in the registry taking up space. Did you notice something like that? However, the book and text archive is really good in that archive.

    Your movie collection must be quite something. When did you start collecting them? Do they still manufacture vhs players? That is right, DVDs don’t take up much space but a video is bigger than many books.

    Vespa would look good on me? Haha. That reminds me to the woman who goes into a bookstore and looks for a book, holds it up and asks the sales clerk: Do you think the color of this book look good on me? Right now, I still enjoy riding my bike. My bike was rather expensive, I could have bought half of a Vespa with it. But yes, I am thinking about buying one or a moped later. Whatever I can get here.

    This is my bike, Peach. It has three wheels and baskets because I ride miles with it to go shopping:

    I also have a basket in front of it.

    Yes, summer vacations are still on. Don’t know the details where my family members want to go and if they come all at the same time. One is in middle of the exam to be an architect. Nobody has time at the moment, but they will come this summer, likely in August.

    Right now I am glad that nobody is in here because the floor in my office cracked. Do you have a basement, Peach? I have a crawl space and some troubles there. I bought the place from a terminator because the real estate woman told me that he sprayed the house and it would be unlikely that I ever would get termites. He answered: “Hon, she lied to you.” He didn’t sprayed it. Strange isn’t it? A terminator does not spray his own house. It is like a dentist with cavities.

    I had some ancient termites in my wood. Now I had the house sprayed for 600 bucks and made a contract with him. He sprays it once (allegedly harmless for people and pets) a year for 85 bucks and I am getting the guarantee that I never will be bothered by any termite again.

    I was in bed and then I heard it crack at 3 am and the next morning, I saw that two walls separated from the floor and the floor sunk. There was a crack between the wall and the floor. Underneath of the flooring you usually use a sheet that keeps moisture away from the wood. It says in big letters, which side should look downwards and which one upwards. My 2007 Mormon handyman put it underneath the flooring with the wrong side up and moisture came up, which might have contributed greatly to the crash. I might have to re-do each of my four downstairs rooms, probably will cost me 2000 Dollars for each room. I have a construction crew here, three men pulling out old wood and installing fresh new and treated wood and then we see if the other rooms need to be re-done too. So, have to keep working to get cash flow in.

    The story of my life is that whenever I have a little treasure, something unexpected comes an robs it. Is that the story of your life too?

    Have a song for you.
    Come ona my house, I gonna give you construction. 😉
    I love the spinet in that song, Peach.

    My house is a mess right now but the joints and walls are now supported again and tomorrow they come back and do some more work. They left dirty fingerprints everywhere at the walls. That means, I have to paint again! But this probably is the smallest problem.

    I found two antique glass bottles in that crawl space. They seem both of the 50s. One says Pepsi Cola, the other one says nothing but you can tell that this it is a very old-fashioned design.

    It is funny, if you go in my house, you see one room without a floor. You see the soil now. Good rich garden soil. One of the construction guys told me that I could just leave it like this and plant a garden inside. Did he think in term of “weed”? Or what?

    I hope it will be fixed by next week, Peach. I want my orderly space back. Right now, I don’t find anything anymore! It is all a mess and I have my laptop in he kitchen and I sleep upstairs where it is very hot right now. My air condition is downstairs.

    It is frustrating and I am eating ice cream now to keep my body temperature down. Fans are running. I could ask the guys to install the air condition upstairs or buy another one but I want to move back downstairs in my office!

    Bye for now, Peach, I wish you a stable foundation. When was the last time you had yours checked?


    Barbara Schwarz

    June 4, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    • Oh god, Barbara! Yes, life is like that. You get a little ahead and the catastrophes can’t wait to take it away from you! A lot of interesting points to answer in your post, so I’ll do that in another couple of days. I’m hoping your house will get back together soon. Nothing quite like having work done in it, which always takes longer than planned. 🙂 Peach


      June 6, 2011 at 5:06 pm

      • No hurry to reply with a long comment, I know you are busy, and so am I. I will renovate any floor downstairs that needs it, and I am glad that I have just four rooms downstairs and not 40. 🙂 It is just a mess.

        The floor is opened and we remove any old wood with new treated one and that should do it.

        But I should sit outside, smell the wonderful smell of my flowing trees and not falling over posts and tools…

        Until later, Peach. Stay healthy and happy.

        Barbara Schwarz

        June 7, 2011 at 1:16 am

    • Barbara, it was a long couple of weeks for me. Pleasant sitting here with enough time and energy to write.

      Yes, the computers started out really fun for me, but it wore off some time ago. You can’t really keep up to date with many fields unless you are working all the time on the latest equipment with all the latest software. I used to be so thrilled when I got my hands on some new piece of software to learn. But I was always behind. When I got the one new computer I ever owned, with all of 8 megs of memory, and 3D Studio and some other animation app, whose name I can’t remember, that was the only time I was reasonably up to date, for all of six months, I think. There wasn’t really a high rate of return for me for all that effort, over the years. So yeah, I’d like the computers to peel the grapes for me now. 😉

      I guess they’re obsolete now, I don’t ever see them anymore at garage sales or thrift stores, but back in the day, everybody learned typing from these books that were bound at the top with wire, that you could prop upright. They taught you which fingers to use, so I do that correctly. I enjoy it, though as I said, I left off before I learned the numbers. Working on spreadsheets was slow going for me because I had to look to see where the numbers were when typing.

      The places I did dictation had little machines with a foot pedal, so you could backtrack easily, and everybody who used them spoke clearly. Before they had those, you would have had to learn shorthand, which I never did. I’m kinda sorry I didn’t, because it’s kinda neat, shorthand. I like what those court recorders do, sitting there typing up the transcripts. I bet that’s interesting, though you can’t stop to stretch or scratch your nose until everybody stops talking.

      Barbara, your bike is very cool! I have one hung from the ceiling in my shed. I don’t know if I can still ride it. I do know I can’t get it down without taking a lot of stuff out of there. I like the three wheel idea, to limit falling down and skinning your knees.

      I have a crawl space too. I used to crawl in it from time to time, when things needed fixing. I don’t know if I could do it any more. When I got my house, the termite report guys lied, too. I think when you buy a house, at least one of the various parties involved is going to lie to you. Perhaps more than one. Comes with the territory. Several lied to me.

      Well, that was a sound in the night one doesn’t want to hear, Barbara, your floor falling down. Don’t feel bad. I had a guy who was recommended to come and replace both the front and back doors. It turned out that he hadn’t really done it before, and there were long spaces while he tried to figure out what to do next. He had the front door off most of the day, with all the neighborhood kids hanging around and peering inside. He made a hash of the back door, with the eventual result that it leaked and the kitchen floor there now has dry rot. At some point I’m going to step on it and find myself in the crawl space. Once again, part of the territory, Barbara. 😀

      The dirty fingerprints, that’s a given. And you have them come and paint, you’d better be ready to quickly get the paint off the floor which will inevitably happen. It’s amazing. 🙂

      Is it all fixed now? Though I tell you, the idea of the floorless room with dirt sounds appealing. It would be funny to have a lawn or something in there, but I think it would make the house a bit chilly in the winter.

      I have never had my foundation checked. I don’t want to know. One thing I do know, is the house is not bolted to it, which is recommended in earthquake country. During the last big one here, it did not fall off, but it’s always possible. I can’t afford professional anything for my house. It’s just me, the lamest handiman in the world.

      So the Antique Faire was called off the first Sunday in June because of rain, so last weekend we had a make up date. Less people come to these, but at least now they have them, and people can check their website to see if it’s on or not. We did ok, but I noticed that we went home with no empty tubs! It’s true that I bring new things every time that are not in tubs, but even so, we should at least be emptying one or two. I don’t know what happened. I do suspect that my sisters, who wrap all the kitchen stuff are more careful packers than I am.

      I did find one fabulous item to sell. That was a Chinese Export Silver teapot. I worried that one of the guys who buy precious metals to melt them down, or as I call them, the Melt Guys, would try to get it, but ten minutes after I put it in the case, a Chinese guy who swore he’d never melt it bought it. A lot of wonderful Chinese cultural artifacts were destroyed or quickly left the country during the Cultural Revolution. And then there’s always the specter of the Melt Guys. I’m for the Melt Guys getting as few beautiful items as possible to melt.

      Anyway, I kinda got ready for the Faire two weeks running, so I’ve been very tired. It will only be three weeks until the next one, so I’ve got to get cracking again. I think I’ll spend more time digging in my own stuff this month. Alas! I do not have any Chinese Export Silver teapots stashed away here.

      I hear my friend Ron is coming over with a rototiller on Friday. I told him mine was ready, though it’s still over at Bud’s, but Ron does what he wants, and he wants to plant a vegetable garden in my back yard. Now. Ron’s a Now kind of guy. I guess it’s good. I have some tomato plants that I still haven’t planted, plus some lavender plants he gave me, still in pots. I’d better get those in tomorrow, before he comes over Friday and finds me out.

      Hope you are enjoying the weather, and listening to the wind blowing though your trees.



      June 15, 2011 at 4:22 pm

      • I missed stuff here, Barbara.

        I hadn’t heard that the US government was putting water out for the illegal immigrants. Concerned citizens used to do it, and I remember one guy getting in trouble for it, which is preposterous. Who wants a bunch of poor people dying in their country of thirst? If I were in Mexico right now, I’d be frantic to get out, with all the drug wars. They’re killing people left and right. But of course, the same people are now targeting the immigrants, robbing and kidnapping them, holding them for ransom, grabbing young guys to work for them, and of course, murdering them. Who ARE these people? Where do they come from? What happened to them? Why are they like that? The usual questions that occur when you contemplate the villains of this world.

        Yes, my street used to be very dangerous. A kid got killed at the end of the block, once. Shot for his jacket. We had the Little Drug House, and the Big Drug House, down at my end. There was a long string of dealers out of the apartment house at the other end. They’d stand out in the parking lot with wads of money held waitress style, and people would just drive through there. There was a gang house for a while, until the landlord threw them out after a large party where one guy was stabbed. A drunk guy pushed his way into my house once, and I had a late night robber come in through the kitchen window. That one was bad. The next block over, was where the guys who kidnapped a jewelry store owner’s wife were keeping her in the garage. They had also dug a grave for her up in Tilden Park. Some drug guy got shot in a parking bay around the corner. These are some highlights. It’s pretty nice now, but it used to be darn threatening.

        We do sell clothing at the Faire. It’s all old stuff. I used to wear mostly vintage clothes, when I was young. Most of those I wore out or gave to my niece, but every now and again I find a piece or two around here, and I sometimes can buy them, but it’s not like it used to be. They used to be cheap and plentiful, things from the twenties and thirties, forties. I keep my eye out for old baby clothes, because I love those, and they sell.

        I love the name of your lawn mower. I dunno know, Barbara, I almost always buy used. I’ve never had a new car. Whatever their problems, I never want to get rid of them, these used machines. What’s a new tire in the overall scheme of things. And you got three guys working on the darn thing at once! 😀

        My weed trimmer, you hold at the top where the trigger is, and there is a side handle part way down the length, where you hold to support it. I go for the roots of anything I’m trimming, though if things are very over grown, you can’t get down there at the first pass. The Mexican gardeners around here use these chopping hoes, with a squared off head. I’ve always used hoes for weeding which were triangular, and just around vegetables. You wouldn’t believe how fast these guys can clear an area with these hoes. They make it look easy, but they’re strong. Still, I’m thinking of getting one.

        On, I believe you can watch all the videos streaming. I never did because I have a slow internet connection. Check it out again. My mac doesn’t have a registry, so no concerns there. That was one thing I hated about Windows.

        Gee, I’ve been collecting movies for I guess twenty years, maybe more. I was slow to get a vhs player. You can still get them new, combos with dvd players. I suppose they will disappear soon, and then you’ll have to get them at thrift stores or off of Craigslist. The thrift stores don’t want donated vhs tapes much anymore, because everybody is getting rid of them at once.

        I think a lot of people have those dvd recorders, and they transfer their old tapes to dvd, then get rid of them. That’s what’s happening with a lot of music cds. People put the tracks they like on their Ipods, and get rid of the cd.

        On a related matter, the power went out here the other night, and stayed off for a long time. It was so dark and so quiet. It was fabulous. The guys who drive down the street in their boom cars, why even they were missing in action. Ahhh! I think the power company should schedule one of these every couple of months for everybody’s benefit.

        Keep enjoying the summer, Barbara.



        June 15, 2011 at 5:12 pm

      • Hi Peach,

        I read it somewhere that the government puts water out in the desert for the illegals but it sure is not Jan Brewer who is doing it. As you said, it seems that private people are doing it and that the feds just allows it
        now that private people put water out there.

        Illegal immigrants might take kids through the desert. They have no saying and have to follow their parents. These children die too if they get no water. I personally draw the line as to what a person’s purpose is. If people just want to provide for their families and seek a better life, I wouldn’t turn them in. If they deal with drugs and guns and commit other crimes, I would turn them in, just like those who were born here. I understand why you asked the questions about the villains of the world, it is sad but true that any country and nation has their own bad apples and I too wish they would get their act together and discover that their ways are not good (particularly seen on a longer range) for themselves.

        Was your neighborhood already dangerous when you bought your house there? Well, at least things got better. If the dealers are openly selling in the streets, what is the police doing against it? A drunk came in your house and a robber tried to get in? My goodness, Peach. How did you handle this? A criminal story writer would find lots of material in the history of the place where you lived. In downtown SLC there were two library shootings, a pipe bomb went off in the library but otherwise it was rather tame compared to what you write about your town. It was just dangerous in the places in which I hung out. Lol!

        When I moved to the place where I am, people told me that nobody ever was officially murdered here in all of history. I am not sure if this is still the case because I don’t read much local newspapers but it seems rather peaceful here, except of possums roaming around at night and hissing. When I moved here, I didn’t feel so safe as in an apartment house in a big city because it is so dark here at night and nobody sharing the walls, and I was not used to the noises of “nature”. But it is stupid. While in the city, you can live wall to wall with a murderer. Some people here don’t close their doors or garages at night. But when I hear strange noises here at night, I usually think. Whoever or whatever you are, come on in, kill me, get it over with. Then after this is out of the way, I sleep really well and the next morning when I go out, all I see are some robins who sits on the deck fence and looking at me with big eyes (with hey, you, dig a bit in the garden so that we can find our worms more easily-eyes) and otherwise nothing happens except that the grass grows and the flowers bloom.

        Speaking about old clothes, Peach. I saw some vendors who let people wear old-fashioned clothes and then take pictures of them. They made good money. People could select the clothes from a rack and then they were photographed in a picture that said that they lived 1900 or something. Wonder if you could do something like that too.

        Yes, my lawn mover is working now. But every spring, he needs to be tamed by a couple of guys because I think the White Rabbit is an old man with mood swings (hormons) and he wants special treatment or else. I drive him now much faster and it seems that he likes it. Makes him feel younger. But I am sure glad that he doesn’t hit on me. But I hit my leg on him once, if that counts. 😉

        I figured out how to hold the weed trimmer but they are kind of heavy. Well, I will get used to it. Somebody gave me a tree pruner gift a few days ago. Did you ever have one, Peach? It is a funny instrument. It has one very long stick and some kind of scissor on top and on the other side, there is a rope. You hold that stick up to where you want to trim and then throw the rope over it and then you pull the rope and there is the cut off branch. Really works.

        Thanks for the link, Peach. It looks like a really interesting archive. I will explore it more soon. Exactly, the Windows registry is adding stuff and you can mess up your badly computer if you do something wrong in the clean up.

        I never had a VHS player. I went from old-fashioned with rabbit ears right to DVD and skipped an entire generation of entertainment!

        That is great, Peach, that the noise stopped in your street. In summer, it is louder here too because people come out and you can hear their lawn mover miles away but there is not much street traffic here. However, I understand that you want it quiet. You probably need a soundproof room where you can go when your neighbors party like crazy, and you come out again when the noise.

        I still have some house renovation to do before my family visits. But most is done.

        Be well, Peach.


        Barbara Schwarz

        June 28, 2011 at 3:37 pm

      • Hi Peach,

        Hope this posting finds you well. Do you still have discomfort as far as your heart is concerned. What is the latest?

        Yes, I had my very private earthquake. In the middle of the night, there were some loud cracks but I had no clue where it was coming from. In daylight, I then saw what happened. A part of my office floor had simply cracked under the wall, from my office, I could see 2 – 3 inch into my crawlspace. Unbelievable. Room with a view.

        So, I called handymen and their ideas what is wrong with it fluctuated wildly. The insurance guys said they won’t pay (big surprise) and they gave me the tip not to hire a professional company but private contractors because they would be cheaper. Not so. I gave it to some handy guys who I happen to know because they really wanted the job badly but they were really unorganized and it turns out that I paid them a lot more than the professional company charges. Sigh. Moreover, the private guys took longer and they don’t give you a guarantee. You can’t even sue them when they mess stuff up. Moreover, the professionals have insurance and the private guys not. With the material, I probably paid 300 bucks or more. My office is so unorganized at the moment, that I don’t have access to all my receipts to figure out how much I spent. Bank statement will be here in 2 weeks.

        The private guys ripped out my flooring without numbering it. They slam into things rather than taking this out. That cost me again 500 bucks. Bad idea. Terminator did cost 600 bucks. He never sprayed his own house. It is like having a dentist who has the mouth full of cavities.

        Most people here say that my house would be a nice rental object, I should build myself another little house and rent that one out. But people have a tendency to disappoint me, so I don’t know if I want to do that. Particularly guys say what great people they are and then they are nothing but hot air and you have more troubles with them than without them!

        I have to exchange the wood in the crawl space also underneath the staircase but this job, I give to professionals. They gave me a special price if they can do it when it rains, so that is what I am waiting for: rainy day. I’m doing rain dances every night to make it come down because since he said that he will do it when it rains, it doesn’t rain again!

        Besides having a job, I also spend also my time painting and mowing my grass, I just work Peach. I can’t take it easy because my family will come this summer and although they would help me, I don’t want them to work. It is their vacation, so I do what I can to make it nice before they come.

        I’m sure glad that you have the energy to write. Looks you are getting your life back together, Peach.

        My house is so unorganized at the moment that I move from room to room with my laptop. My huge desktop is upstairs and unused because I don’t have the time for it and whenever guys to come to work, I have to move everything around to avoid getting it messy.

        I don’t try to keep up with the latest software. I just get what I need. Really, Peach, MS Office 2010 has so much added that it is slow and when it has to go fast, I am using my old much faster version. Many products don’t get better just slower and they don’t learn how to avoid bugs. There are more in MS Office 2010 than in MS Office 2000. But I would buy a robot, an assistant who does everything and really saves time. We waste so much time getting some things to work and this is so unfair. Until Bill Gates comes up with one of these, I try no longer to buy from him. Steve Job may also invent a robot assistant. I don’t mind if he looks like an huge apple and rolls if does what what I tell him.

        I learned shorthand in school and don’t remember anything of it anymore. Yes, court reporter are using it but mainly federal court. Guess these judges never heard of videos. 😉 State courts around here all use videos now and the court reporters write their transcripts from these videos. Exactly, you can’t stretch your legs or allow your thoughts to wander off as a court reporter. Torture!

        Yes, Peach, I like my bike. There was a rural parade recently, and I was on the same street trying to get some shopping done. People thought that my bike and I are part of the parade. That was funny. It is not difficult to balance it if you buy lots of stuff. The two wheels at the end make it really stable.

        Biking is like swimming, you never forget it. But if balance is your problem, a three-wheeler like my bike is the answer. It parks and drives like a car. Sometimes, downhill, I am so fast like a convertible. Uphill (I have lots of hills here) if I have a heavy load, I have to get down and push it up the hill but still beats carrying the stuff home.

        You had some termites too? How did you handle the problem? I had it sprayed for 600 bucks with Termidor SC, allegedly harmless to humans. The terminator had an assistant, Peach, a skinny guy who crawled around down there and came back pitch-black.He showered under my garden pump. That is a job that I wish on my enemies! Really, I do. Down in creepy crawl spaces with them. 😉 The terminator told me that his assistant is talking often to an imaginary friend. A side effect of the Termidor?? Or maybe he found some old buried orbs down there and talks to them.

        I guess I have to keep it sprayed each year (special price 85 bucks) to make sure that they never come back. I got a guarantee of that.

        Yes, you can’t trust anyone. You need everything in writing and even then it is questionable if a judge agrees with you that you were defrauded by the real estate people.

        The floor is back up, very new wood down there, almost too fresh and nice for a crawlspace! Ceiling and walls are painted, looks very good and now I am having work done on the other side of the house and then I hopefully have no problem with it for the next 30 years. New roof, new foundation, new plumbing, new bathroom, new sewer, new paint, new air conditioning, new water heater, new decks, what the heck can still go wrong???

        I can imagine your handyman, Peach. Some of these kind are around here too. Yes, the neighborhood kids are coming to my house too. I have a deadline and they are standing suddenly inside he house telling me about their dead gold fish because they forgot to feed it. But not just the kids. The adults are coming too. They see open doors and in they are. Lol!

        Yes, you are right, it is part of the territory. I learned a lot to do myself but replacing a crawlspace, I don’t wanna go there!

        I painted one part of the interior of the house. Looks so nice again and fresh. I have to seal the part of when the foundation crew of the professional foundation repair crew comes does work on the other part. Don’t want it messed up again.

        I had laminate flooring worth at least 500 bucks in that room in which the foundation cracked. They ripped it off without taking care of the connection part, and that means that I can buy new flooring, either laminate or lino because I have carpet allergies. Do you have those, Peach?

        I am working all the time and money received flows right through to somebody else. But nevertheless, I bought it, I don’t run, and it has lots of nice things going for it, e.g. it is on a huge green lot with potential.

        Half of the house is fixed. The earth down there in the crawl space was really fertile. I could have planted real expensive weed down there, Peach. 😉 Yes, my winters are rather chilly. The crawlspace probably didn’t break in winter because all was firmly frozen down there.

        Are the floors of your house even? I believe my house was build in the 50s. When was yours build?

        If your foundation feels ok, no need to fix it. Never fix what’s not broken. 🙂 There might be also handymen who tell you that you have to replace stuff so just that they can make money.

        I do my own repairs too, but not foundation work. That is kind of scary, even the handymen were unable to do it alone. But I know how it is done now. It is very stable what they have done but I am not sure if they could have leveled it better out. They said they did all they could. But then you hire another handymen and they usually tell you how the former handymen screwed around. They screw around too but they tell you what the former guy did wrong or not perfect.

        Got new raingutters up too, now I wait for the big rain to see if they work but no big rain yet.

        Yes, you are in Earthquake country but it can happen anywhere. I consider the cracking of my foundation my private earthquake.

        I understand that you work a lot to get money in. I work more than ever to “undo” the money that I blew and still have to blow for the repairs. Not much time is left in between, Peach. Can’t just sit on the deck and watch the birds and the rabbits, too much to do.

        Do you have a website for your antiques, Peach? Or is this not effective because people rather buy on the Faire? Sorry to hear that you had to carry merchandise back home and business is not so good. Maybe all people are saving at the moment because life is so expensive and arugula costs more than ever.

        Melting antiques like a Chinese Expert Silver teapot, how rude is that? Do you sell also to museums, Peach? I sure hope you have the energy and the possibility for some great sales.

        My trees are growing, Peach, and my wildflowers coming too in all kinds of colors. Very pretty but the problem with the house made me postpone the vegetable garden this year. Maybe I rototiller in fall and plant next spring.

        Your Ron sounds like an original, and I hope you both get it done and lots of fresh vegetables soon. 🙂 Let me know how it works out.

        In the meantime, take care, Peach, I have to get back to my work and hundreds of chores.


        Barbara Schwarz

        June 21, 2011 at 11:21 am

  47. Heh. In twenty years I’ll be long dead, and you, Barbara, will probably still look good enough not to need any plastic surgery.
    😀 Peach


    June 6, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    • Peach, my body can be destructed too. Trust me. I better keep those names of the Dolly Parton plastic surgeons. 😉 Maybe they are not that expensive if I don’t want gigantic boobs? Although with my new floors, I could get them. They won’t break easily. But right now my dough goes to handymen and not plastic surgeons.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 6, 2011 at 4:54 pm

  48. Barbara and Peach, I love reading about your worlds.


    June 7, 2011 at 7:01 am

    • Thanks, Anetta. I do enjoy reading and writing here on Barbara’s blog.


      June 15, 2011 at 5:15 pm

      • Hi Peach!

        Glad that you are okay. I still have handymen coming and going and the house is still partly a mess. It is like a earthquake hit. One problem did lead to another one.

        I will reply to your comments as soon as I have time.

        Be well in meantime! 🙂

        Barbara Schwarz

        June 17, 2011 at 2:36 am

  49. Dolly is a darling. She always had that big chest. It wouldn’t seem so ginormous, except that she’s a small person. Peach


    June 15, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    • That is true, Peach. I like her voice. It is so cute and feminine. If this link contains fact, then yes, those are her big breasts. She bought and paid for them. (She also has a sense of humor.) And they are causing her health problems. Once I heard Dolly saying that she is always looking what to improve on her body. I understand this because I am a perfectionist too (just with myself not with others). But I wouldn’t overdue my breasts. Her facial plastic surgery is pretty good, in my opinion.

      How tall are you, Peach? I am 5.4. Not a giant either. 🙂

      I will reply to your other two longer comments soon. I am still at it getting my house back to what it was. No, better than it was. 🙂

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 18, 2011 at 3:59 pm

  50. Well thanks, but no.

    Barbara Schwarz

    June 17, 2011 at 3:00 am

  51. Barbara, I couldn’t find a reply link to any of your recent long posts. I wonder why that is? Anyway, here I am.

    You had me in stitches with your comments on the workmen. It’s all true! 😀

    My floors don’t tilt much. The house was built in the late forties or early fifties. I’ve forgotten now which year. So it’s fairly stable, except that kitchen doorway. The floors, except for the kitchen and bathroom, are oak, I think. The narrow boards. I only had to have a few replaced when I moved in, mostly where a floor heater was removed. I got them resanded and verathaned, but I’ve been hard on them since. The verathane does wear off. I used to regularly wax and buff them, but not for some time now.

    Around here you have to get a Termite Report when you sell a house; your buyer has to see it. It will mention termites if you have them, but also structural damage, and wood rot, et cetera. The termite company that did the report was hoping to get a bunch of business, and reported stuff that didn’t need to be done! There were no termites, but I think they sprayed anyway. When I looked at their quotes for fixing other stuff, I got someone else to come out, and he told me they were full of it.

    My friend Ron has a couple of rental houses he bought, and fixed up. He told me that he gives the fixit guys one chance. If they don’t show up when they say they will, that’s it. When they mess something up, it’s goodbye. He does stay on top of them and nags a lot. But basically, his stories are like mine and yours, anyway.

    We got the small vegetable garden put in. Zucchini, cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, and peppers, Plus the resident potatoes, which Ron was in favor of pulling out and relocating. I voted him down, which I rarely do. They have grabbed the best real estate around the compost pile, and I’m letting them have it. Plants can’t get up and walk, but they do have their ways of traveling to the places that please them most. I’ve tried putting them elsewhere, but they would have none of it.

    You’ve put a lot of work into your house. If it’s not a new house, that always happens, just like when you buy a second hand car. You’ve probably got twenty years before you absolutely need another roof. Your sewer line is ok now, you’ve done the stuff on the foundation. It’s all good. You take care of the house, the house takes care of you. You could rent it out if you ever decided to get another little plot, or go traveling for an extended period. I’d have trouble renting out a place, but you can hire a rental management company to do it for you. If you build a cottage for yourself on the same land, you’d be able to keep an eagle eye on the renters. If you do want another little house, you could get a prefab type, like your shed is. All the elements arrive on a flatbed truck, with a bunch of guys who put it up. That’s for when you win the lottery, right? 🙂

    Yes, my neighborhood was pretty dangerous when I moved in. I’ve been here twenty two years, I believe. But the whole area was not so hot, and the police were stretched pretty thin. I think they busted the Little Drug House twice. I was here for one of them, and there were tons of cop cars here, and everybody in the house was made to come out and sit in a big circle in the front yard with those plastic handcuff strips on. For a couple of year after that house was torn down, people still came driving around here looking for it. It was famous.

    When the drunk guy pushed his way into the house, he slipped on a little rug and went sailing on by me, so I ran outside. Luckily I was wearing a nightgown at the time. The swat team came, and he surrendered. It turned out he’d been at a drunken stoned party down the block, and a bunch of his fellow partygoers where chasing him with the intention of beating him up, and he was randomly knocking on doors. I, awakened from a sound sleep, thought it was the next door kids trying to get an ambulance for their cousin who had epilepsy.

    The other guy, the robber, woke me up by knocking over a jar of shells. I thought it was my cats tormenting my new mouse, and I came out to find this person here. When I started to scream he punched me and knocked me down and started to claw my eyes, but I put my head back (offering the neck is a sign of submission) and he stopped. He was worried I’d be able to identify him, so I lied to him and told him I couldn’t see very well and clearly wasn’t wearing my glasses. What I didn’t tell him was that up close I can see very well, and he was certainly close. Some other chit chat followed, during which I claimed there was no money in the house (I wasn’t getting up from my position which had become not bad once he’d gotten up) and that I wouldn’t call the police if he left. Lies, all of them lies! Heh! But I was telling him the truth when I said I wasn’t going to let him hurt me any more. He was looking for something to bash me with (unstated) or something to tie me up with (stated) when I told him that. So I actually got him to leave. Then I called the police. They caught him with my stuff the next week, and I went to the preliminary hearing, and he copped a plea. He and a partner had been robbing people, sometimes with a gun. Eh! I had chairs piled in front of all the windows for months after that, and I slept in all my clothes. I wasn’t wearing anything but a sweater when the robber dropped by. 😀

    Naw, no website for me. I tried online selling with eBay, but I’d missed the golden years there. Maybe sometime in the future, I’ll get a Ruby Lane account. No, I’ve never tried selling to museums. Actually, I wonder how that works? Don’t they just sit around and wait for rich people to donate stuff to them? 😀

    I got my tiller working. I ought to call her Tilly. Now I’m going to plant some more beans. I can’t afford to buy green beans anymore! I like to eat them steamed, pounds and pounds at a time. They seem almost like meat to me, very very satisfying. My garden’s looking ok, if rather juvenile. What a leap of faith to think these little plants are going to give you something to eat.

    My heart isn’t a lot better, it still hurts from time to time, but I have the nitrostat pills for that. The recent tests showed that there is an area down at the bottom which is dead, but they said it’s not very big, so there’s a mercy. Still not getting enough exercise, but walking more than I was. Doing ok avoiding fats, though I fell off the wagon yesterday, and stopped off at Suzy’s Mexican Bakery, and got some sweet things. Enough for three days. But I ate them all yesterday. I have grown to really love Mexican pastry. Barbara, I’m only five feet three. I used to be almost five foot four, but have shrunk, as humans will. However, I don’t have osteoporosis, so I’m not going to be like those little old people who are folded over themselves. It looks so uncomfortable!

    Well, I’m looking forward to your family coming. I’d enjoy hearing about the adventures. Shoot, they wouldn’t mind doing a little work around the place. Going to have some barbecue in your yard? They had a couple last week at my neighbor’s and invited me. They did vegetables. Oh, so good! Eating barbecued foods outside makes me feel like a million bucks. The lap of luxury.




    June 29, 2011 at 11:17 am

  52. Thanks Edith. I don’t know how positive I am, but I certainly do see a lot of things in a humorous light. Peach


    June 29, 2011 at 11:20 am

  53. I’d say be sure to go see The California Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park, the Legion of Honor out by the beach, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and Muir Woods in Marin County. A great place to visit is Calistoga, up north in wine country, where you can get mud baths at one of the spas. The wine country is neat to drive around in. Stop in Petaluma, Sebastopol, et cetera, on the way up. The Russian River is on the way up, that’s a pleasant little area. Drive aimlessly about, forget your previous life. 🙂


    June 29, 2011 at 11:26 am

    • Peach, my family wants to see California this summer too when they are coming. I also made a note of your recommendations. I am particularly interested in the mud baths because with all that crawl space repairing that I had here, I grew particularly found of mud. Can’t wait to get back into a mud bath and forget all about the previous mud bath.

      But seriously, those are nice areas that you described. If we are close to the Faire on a Saturday (I can’t promise because there will be voting where we go), I’ll look for your stand and buy some soup bowls from you without bargaining with you. But as I said, it is possible that they might want to drive in another direction…

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 29, 2011 at 1:25 pm

  54. Hi Peach, no problem, just squeeze your posting in any place you see. I see all comment postings in my dashboard anyway.

    I think my house is probably as old as yours. I have expensive walnut hardwood floors inside but the crawlspace crumbles. I have decided to replace each year the floor of another room. Next year, I might do the salon with the staircase. My handymen are afraid of the staircase. They are afraid to lie under them. Wimps. 😉 I might even have to remove the staircase to repair the salon. One guy told me that I should pour cement underneath until the floor is straight. But he never did it before. I have an architect in my family. Actually, she loves my house and I will ask her to work out a plan for me how to handle the foundation problems. All her plans are good and stable. My house is pretty, inside and out, but apparently not so much under, and I didn’t knew when I bought it. There must be a solution. I like the idea to pour cement under the house and fix it in place. Inside my house you don’t see much of any problem except that the floors are not that even at certain spots. Outside you see no problem at all.

    The thing is that when I have to open the floor inside of the salon to repair the salon, I have to remove the walnut floor, and might not be able so save it. Which would be really sad because the floors are beautiful. People spend lots of money on floors like that.

    Sounds that you have a stable house, Peach, and no earthquake caused you any damage. I am glad for you.

    My real estate agents wasn’t honest with me, but what else is new. I thought I am smart buying the house of a terminator because it will be save. Lol. Stupid me. Anyway, I guess I will pour each year 3000 bucks into the house until it is fixed. He had termites in the basement and put a new roof on the house. Strange, isn’t it? How old is your roof? Any problems with it?

    My neighbor’s roof is only 10 years and crumbled away. Usually it lasts 30 – 40 years. They cheated her and sold her bad material. She has problems with her roof, I have problems with my floors. If I would have her floors and she my roof, we both wouldn’t complain.

    Well, I will see what I will do. Overall it is a nice house on a nice big property. People compliment me on it all the time. I just have to find a solution with the floors. I like ’em straight. I lived in all kind of places but I remember not one floor that tilted.

    If you ever have to spray, you could do it yourself. The stuff is much cheaper if you spray it yourself, Peach. Just wear some protective clothing. My terminator didn’t, he says it is harmless to people but I rather be careful.

    I had so much to do with the house that I didn’t had time to plant any vegetables, I have lots of space to do so but didn’t had the time. Sounds really nice, your vegetable garden. Is it fenced in? I have no fences anywhere.

    Hm, I didn’t think about a rental company, Peach. No bad idea. I don’t know if they have some around here but if I don’t have to deal with the tenants, it would be worth it. My family likes my house and my land. They don’t want me to rent it. The architect in my family wants me to build me another cottage. Taylor-designed for me.

    A guy at Homedepot told me that their smallest house would be 15.000 bucks. Two rooms, kitchen, bathroom. I don’t think that this is much money for a house. If you got the space to put it.

    But there are als the Tumbleweed houses. They are cute but expensive for being so small. You probably don’t have to pay property taxes on them because they are portable but they are too expensive

    I need twice the space to feel not cramped in and a big space outside in summer, Peach.

    The gypsy circus trailer for 2000.– made me laugh. Is that a real little person in front of it or is that a decoration included in the 2000 bucks?

    Sure glad that your neighorhood isn’t that dangerous anymore. On the other side, if there is lots of police in a town, it is kind of creepy too. I rarely see any police here. One police guy came to my house and just asked me if I would be the woman who lived here before, which I am not. And one time, I called them to check something out. But otherwise, I just see them when I bike to city hall and that is fine with me.

    I think you should have rented that drug house and sold flour in bags to anyone who came by. You probably would be rich now. If somebody would have come back and complained that there was flour in those bags, you could say: “Yeah, duh! Of course it is flour, says so on the label. What did you think it is?”

    There you are in your nightgown and a drunk guy breaks into your house, slips on a little rug an went sailing on by you. You must have been really scared, but I am telling you, reading it, the picture is funny.

    Your cats tormenting your new mouse? You a mouse as pet?

    The story about the robber is not funny. That sounds really a violent hostage situation you were in. What an idiot robber is that anyway, entering a house that is not vacant and then being afraid to be identified? You handled him really well making him leave. You are lucky that he didn’t panic and kill you. I hope it never happens to you but if, keep on telling that you don’t see well. Instead confronting him, talk to the fridge instead. 😉

    What did he steal? Did you get everything back? You are lucky that the partner wasn’t with him and that you were not raped and murdered.

    I understand that you reacted that way after the robbery. After I was freed from the deprogramming, I slept only in street clothes. I had special street clothes that I used only for bed but just in case that I have to run out or away, I wanted to be dressed. It took a couple of years before I put on a nightgown again.

    Some stuff, the museums buy. But they seem to be really slow buyers.

    I didn’t knew what a Ruby Lane account is but looked it up. They have cute websites/shops, Peach. Is it expensive to have a store there?

    Tilly is a good name for a tiller, just like Barnie is fitting for a barn. The produce prices are really crazy. I really have nothing against President Obama but he told us all how awfully expensive arugula is and now it is even more expensive. I consider good affordable nutrition a human right, Peach. Your juvenile garden will age, day by day. I am sure in fall, you will have some kind of harvest. I like green beans but I never paid attention to how satisfying they are. Do you eat brown, black or kidney beans too? Do you drink 8 glasses of water per day?

    Yes, do your walks, Peach. Walking is always good. You can’t buy much Mexican pastries here. What is so good about them? I probably never ate them.

    Yes, you are right, some people look folded over and it looks painful! When I see a person like that, I want to go over there and help that person to stand upright and stretch but this would probably cause them more pain.

    Right, when my family comes, we will grill on the deck and sit under the mosquito nets and one will read out an exciting book loud and the others are listening and our minds will be the huge cinema screen. Yes, BBQ are nice. I remember when I moved here, my neighbor invited us over to a summer night party outside. He projected the movie at the wall of the garage. Everything would have been fine, if not a crazy cat would have always attacked.

    Imagine this: you sit there and want to enjoy the scary movie and all few minutes out of the dark a crazy young cat jumps on you and digs her sharp nails in your flesh. That feel scary!

    Take care, Peach.


    Barbara Schwarz

    July 3, 2011 at 1:52 am

    • Hey Barbara
      Oh, the walnut floor! I hope they can save it. Alas, most workmen do not do such precision work.

      What the big earthquake here did was to break the pottery sewer line out to the street. Took awhile to show up, and then had to be dug out by me and my longsuffering brother-in-law, and then replaced with pvc pipe. What a disgusting job! My roof had just been put on before I bought it, so it’s about 23 years old. It really should be replaced, or rather, covered over. You get three roofs here before you have to take them all off, so I have two more. It seems ok to me, but some shingles have flown off. A guy doing work next door replaced some for me last year. He said it looked like something had been trying to dig them up in one spot. I can well believe it. From the backyard you can see possum or raccoon poop up there, and I imagine that the roof rats are not unacquainted with it. That leylandii tree makes a splendid critter highway.

      The vegetable garden, though small, is doing ok. I probably told you that Ron and I rototilled it. And he brought over a container of fertilizer that attaches to your hose. I’ve only fertilized twice, but he does every time he comes over. And he’s been coming over once a week to check it out. We have tomatoes, lots of beans, eggplant, peppers and squash. I have some seeds which I’d better get in, for some beets, turnip, pumpkin.

      Oh those little houses! Say, you know what would be nice? Have a huge lot, with a lot of little houses on it. You could move from one to the next, as you felt like it. And definitely a couple on wheels. Have a couple of lots, move the things around. That gypsy circus wagon is cute, but I’d rather have the real thing, attached to a couple of horses. Look at these: Are those cute, or what? Well, maybe you will get your second house, if your family likes the idea.

      Barbara, the drunk guy, or as I style it, The Crazy Man episode, was even funnier. Like I said, when I opened the door, half asleep, expecting to see the kids from next door with an emergency when their mother was out for the night, and there was this huge guy babbling at me, amongst the things he was saying was, “Call the police,” and “If you think I’m going to rape you, call the police.” That’s when my brain said, “This is the Crazy Guy you’re always hearing about.” I tried to slam the door on him, and he stuck his foot in the door way, and I said, “Sure I’ll call the police, take your foot out of the door.” At which point, he pushed hard, cleared the door, slipped on the rug, and went sailing past, and I popped out the door. When I made the street, I looked back to see him standing inside the house, and then HE CLOSED THE DOOR. I was locked out of my own house, and now I immediately wanted to get back in there and regain possession! 😀

      So I ran across the street, hammered on Rommel and Patricia’s door, and told Rommel there was a guy in my house, to call the police. Then I ran back and went through the falling down side gate, to get the hidden keys and get in the back door. Rommel followed me, and along the way picked up a hoe. I got the buried keys,. and then couldn’t get them to work on the back door. They never did work very well. So then we ran around the back, where we saw the lights on in the back room and the guy stumbling around in there, the empty room with nothing but some boxes in it. I banged on the window with my hand, inadvertently making the sliding pane close, so we couldn’t lift it out and climb in. So then we ran to the other gate, but couldn’t get it open, so we ran back to the first gate on the other side of the house, and into the front. The police were there. In fact, there were a whole bunch of people out there, including Mr. Brown with his shotgun, but I couldn’t quite see who they were, because I didn’t have my glasses on, and it was dark.

      My front door was open, and the police had some guy out there, so I went in the front door, and found the little tv, which used to be on my desk, turned on, and the phone next to it off the hook. In the middle of my kitchen was a large black leather jacket, which I picked up and deposited on the porch. Now, given all this, wouldn’t you assume the guy was crazy? That was my assumption until about 4 am when I decided to call the police and find out what they’d done with him. That was when I heard about the party and the chase down the street. In fact, the chasers formed part of the crowd out in the street when the police came, before too, undoubtedly, but I couldn’t see them. The police were laughing their asses off. They said, “This poor guy doesn’t know where he is.” So I went over the evidence in my mind. Except in two rooms of my house, one of which he visited, the light switches are not at all obvious, and the living room doesn’t even have a central fixture. Hence the tv being on. He couldn’t see. The phone? Well, he was trying to call the police. The jacket in the kitchen? My Crazy Man may have been stoned and drunk, but he wasn’t crazy enough to walk out for the police being large, black and wearing a black leather jacket. He most sensibly discarded the jacket and went out there in his white t-shirt with his hands up. You couldn’t make this stuff up, and it’s given me many a laugh since then. It was quite alarming at the time, but it’s sure funny now. 😀

      The other guy I think of as The Bad Man. He took a little Walkman tape player, a lighter my sister gave me with initials on it, my watch, and two rings. The Walkman did not come back to me, but the other items did. Oddly enough, they were all things that other people gave to me. I did what they tell you to do in crime prevention discussions… I didn’t go to the second crime scene. Which in my case, would have been somewhere else in the house. That’s why I didn’t tell him he missed the little purse. I wasn’t getting up and giving him an opportunity to get behind me. After it happened, I realized that this is how some people kill somebody for the first time. Didn’t mean to do it, but oops! they got in the way. I did at the time have little rodents for pets. I’ve always liked mice, and used to have some fancy ones with long hair. Also two spiny mice from Africa that my little sister gave me. A couple of gerbils. And rats. I like rats. Shoot, I just like rodents in general.

      That must have been terrifically traumatic for you Barbara, that deprogramming. I’m so glad that people don’t do that anymore. How on earth they could think that it was a good way to go is beyond me, but that was certainly the craze at the time, supported by frantic parents.

      Sheesh. The process of getting a museum to buy something sounds pretty arduous. Maybe I’ll contact those guys in Chicago if I ever find a Monet. or something like that. Which is not terribly likely, but does happen to some people. Ruby Lane, I think, costs in the neighborhood of fifty dollars or more a month, plus a start up fee. You have to keep a certain amount of merchandise online. It’s good for established sellers who have built up a reputation in some area, who have an organized storage space, good customer service and pricing skills. And the ability to wait. Maybe it will work for me someday. Currently, of course, I have gross quantities of middle of the road merchandise to move. The Faire is better for me. I always was small potatoes.

      I haven’t been making dried beans lately. I should this week. I like to make a lot and then eat them the rest of the week. Start with just them, and then a couple of days later, make rice to go with them. With lots of vegetables of course, whatever you have. I eat all kinds of beans. I used to make a lot of lentils. Don’t know why I don’t anymore. Those are really good too. I like all grains. One thing I love is tabouli salad. And barley salad. Yum. I’m very fond of black eyed peas and garbanzo beans. By nature, I’m more of a vegetarian than the rest of my family, who are enthusiastically carnivorous. Which is handy for me, given the price of meat. Since it’s summer here, I’m making salsa. Believe me, anything you can buy in a jar is a pale imitation of home made salsa. Basically it’s just finely chopped tomatoes, tomatillos, onion, garlic, peppers, cilantro, and lime juice. Chop it all up, mix it in a bowl, let it marinate a bit, and eat with all sorts of things. I feel rich as a queen when I’ve made myself a bowl of salsa. But I admit that I still do not drink enough water. I suppose I get a lot of it by drinking coffee, but that certainly is not the approved method.

      Barbara, I feel the same way when I see someone with poor posture. I really want to go lay hands on them and straighten them up. Especially teenagers. Some day I’ll probably succumb to the impulse and find myself in jail for assault. “Officer, it was just painful for me to look at them and not help.” 🙂

      Mexican pastries are so good because of their mild sweetness. And I just like the looks of them. They’re fairly cheap too. I like how at some places they’re all in big cases, and you take tongs to place them on a plastic tray to take them too the cashier. We have a really nice bakery here in town, and they do that for you. It’s such a treat going over there.

      I hope you get some good parties out on your porch, and maybe the neighbor guy could drop by with his projector. Heck, if he has another scary movie, he should bring the claw cat with him to heighten the effect. I recently rewatched all the Alien movies, which I own on vhs. I remember seeing the first one. I don’t know why I got interested in seeing it, because it wasn’t famous yet, but I untypically took myself off to a matinee in Berkeley, all by myself, and the house was very thin. It was perfect. I even screamed once when the alien got Tom Skerrit. After that, it didn’t matter what they did with the sequels, I was a fan.

      Well, hope all is sunny and warm for you, and the summer is going swimmingly.



      July 17, 2011 at 7:38 pm

      • Hi Peach, I am glad that you are well. Give me a couple of days to reply to your long postings. Great news that you vegetables are coming along. When you get too many of them, what are you doing with those? Preserve them in glasses? Put them in the freezer?

        Barbara Schwarz

        July 22, 2011 at 3:30 am

  55. Sounds really nice, Jenny.

    Barbara Schwarz

    July 3, 2011 at 1:53 am

  56. I agree, Cliff, thanks for the video.

    Barbara Schwarz

    July 3, 2011 at 3:27 am

  57. What are the odds that Mosey tries to down your blog, Barbara?


    July 3, 2011 at 9:20 am

    • Mosey? In the introduction to this blog, it is clearly stated in fat print that this blog is not about her husband.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 3, 2011 at 3:26 am

  58. Green houses might safe the environment but if you don’t want to age and live forever with a youthful body, it is not good enough, math teacher.

    Barbara Schwarz

    July 14, 2011 at 10:06 am

  59. I still consider myself SO, Andre. But in order to join the orgs again, they have to be honest with me. Also, I don’t want these above the law infiltrators to have no saying anymore in the orgs.

    Barbara Schwarz

    July 22, 2011 at 3:46 am

  60. Hmm, isn’t it strange that according to the first article, the light coffee drinkers are at a higher risk and not the heavy coffee drinkers?

    But I agree that coffee generally is not good for the body. Green tea is the better choice, but also some green tea can make your heart race. Better is not to drink the first cup of tea of the brew but just the second.

    Barbara Schwarz

    July 22, 2011 at 4:26 am

    • Hi Peach,

      I saw today string beans in the supermarket and was thinking of you. They was no price label on them. How much is the pound in California? How do you prepare them?

      My weed trimmer drives me nuts. The string always gets messed up. But I am glad that I own that one and have not borrowed it from Jason Beghe. 😉 I am short before throwing that thing in a corner and go on a trimming strike.

      It’s hot here and I went on a fruit binge. Do you know what it is? Being hot and thirty and eating all the fruits that you bought at once. Yes, it is an expensive “hobby” but being stuffed with fruits and veggies feels a lot better than being stuffed with hot dogs. Yes, Peach, I just ate two Peaches and two big plums. Later I will eat a Mango and an apple. My kind of dinner in the heat. They had no watermelon at the supermarket. Imagine that!

      No, I don’t let the workmen touch my walnut floors. Right now, the house is repaired, although the floors not as straight as I want them. If I straighten them out, I will take the walnut flooring carefully off myself.

      Just when I thought, it is nice to have all workmen out of the house, one came by and told me that he wants to add a minor repair and another caught me on a hill and offered me a ride home. I know no biker in summer on a hill who accepts a stinky car ride. In winter, in a snow storm uphill, yes, in summer on a hill downwards, no!  The workers are still around but I do great without them. I built a really stable rustic bed for one of my visitors. They couldn’t have done it better and it just did cost me 45 bucks for all the material!

      Guess you are lucky that you have a brother in law around to help you. Let’s hope that he won’t suffer so much and lives forever. As the pipe was replaced, you might not have to worry about it. I didn’t know that you can a roof cover over. Here, people always take if completely off before they do the new one. It is actually no hard work when you have the right tools but the shingles are expensive. Do you have an upstairs?

      I once had a squirrel in the attic. Tried to drive me crazy by running up and down. But I retaliated, took the boom box upstairs and turned it on very loud, so it fled from the scene in no time.

      Are you kidding? Roof rats? You have some? True, trees (as beautiful as they are) are the ideal ladder into the house. But try the boom box and really ugly music VERY LOUD. That is one great exterminator. But cover your own ears. 😉 There are also these electrical exterminators, white little things that you can plug in a make the rodents run. I never tried it, and I don’t know many people who have an outlet in the attic.

      Here is another ant tip. If they come through a crack, put a little bit Vaseline there. They hate that and they crawl away and go partying at the neighbors instead.

      Glad that your vegetables are doing fine, Peach. It is dry and hot here, so I have to water a lot of what I plant. The good thing about dry summers is that there are not many bugs, the bad thing is that you have to be the rain and water every day. Yes, you wrote me about you and Ron and the rototilled garden. Do you water your tomatoes, lots of beans, eggplant, peppers and squash? How often? Do you ad still fertilizer to the water? Do you use really cold water? Rainwater? Do you have a rain barrel?

      Yes, these small houses are cute. But I need a big garden to expand into in spring, summer and fall. That’s right, big lot, small houses, that feels nice. I know somebody who builds on wheels on his property to avoid property taxes. Thanks for the link. – these are really cute. Look at the interior of some of them, the beautiful wood and shiny cans, beautiful, anything but run down!

      Peach, I have a young architect in my family. She’ll be with me for months and has plans to build from scratch. I don’t need it right now because the house is fixed but let’s see what she has planned. But if I really wanted a gypsy wagon very badly, I would get it even if the family wouldn’t approve of it. 😉 You know what I mean. On my land, I am the gypsy queen. But my family is rather romantic. They’d like a gypsy wagon too.

      That’s why you opened the door. I wondered already why you opened the door to the criminal. You expected kids. Is there now a way that you can look out to see who it is before you open the door? Big babbling drunk guy threatening you with rape and then took a ride on the carpet and looked you out of your house. It reads funny NOW but being in the situation yourself, it couldn’t have felt funny.

      Rommel is your neighbor? I’ll be darned! I know a Rommel too, not personally, thanks heaven, but Rommel, Hitler’s general. Rommel was called the desert fox but he couldn’t been that smart because the Germans lost the war, and here are some mistake that he made:

      But I am glad that “he” 😉 at least helped you with the drunk burglar. Seriously, your neighbor could be related to the fox or is Rommel his first name? (Unusual first name, if you ask me.) And Mr. Brown was there with the shot gun! You could have made a movie out of that story, Peach. That burglar must have been really very drunk to call so much attention and getting the entire neighborhood in your yard. What an idiot. I think people who drink are stupid, that is why they drink and are getting stoned. They are also stupid when they are sober.

      Did he come to your house accidentally or did he target you, e.g. watch you for a while, learning that you are a lady that lives alone and then making a move?

      With the other guy, you sure kept calm and analytical. Some others in your situations would have panicked but you stayed calm and didn’t help him to murder you.

      Peach, I know that some people like rodents, but I am not one of them. If they are out in the woods, minding their business, I don’t mind but inside of the house, even in a nice cage, I wouldn’t want one. Everything that has long tails isn’t cute in my eyes, but I sure like the little rabbits that come to visit me in the morning and how they hop over my land. Note: they have no long tails.

      Yes, the “deprogramming” was a nightmare, Peach, but it wasn’t the only traumatic experience in my life. (And it doesn’t even work with strong personalities! All you think is: Just let me get out of here, you criminal freaks! I will haul you behinds to police.) If you believe it or not, it wasn’t even the worst of all that happened to me in my life. There were worse incidents. But as time goes by, you go back to be rather unafraid. You maybe have noticed that too with the incidents of drunks and criminals coming to your door and in your house. It takes a while and then you are yourself again. I was physically hurt during the “deprogramming” and needed doctors to attend my injuries. It is interesting what they said, Peach. The first one said that I will need long time therapy to get over it, the second one said just a few days later that no big harm was done and nothing physically or psychically will remain. They were completely contradictory in their opinion. And I am saying this: times heals a lot better than any psychiatrists blah blah or pills.

      I like the Ruby Lane stores but I understand that there are costs involved that you try to avoid. The Faire seems to work good for you, and you are in direct contact with people, which is also more fun than just selling on-line. I just wonder if you could make more money by not selling just on Saturdays?

      You are making me hungry, Peach. I think beans taste only if they are prepared well. I recently ate some hummus, made of garbanzo beans, and it tasted better than cheese. It was as expensive as cheese, and I was thinking that I could make that myself. It is cooked garbanzo beans blended with lemon juice and some secret ingredients. I have to try Tabouli and barley salad. Yes, me too, Peach, I don’t eat red meat at all. Most of the time, I eat vegetables and fruits, and I like it and don’t miss steak.

      Salsa tastes great and has just a few calories. It is so expensive in stores. I know a lady (blonde with forefathers who have nothing to do with hot salsa) who can’t live anymore without salsa, so she planted herself a salsa garden.

      Coffee dehydrates, Peach. I drink not more than one cup and very thing thin. I know some people like to drink water a lot but I also don’t drink half a gallon per day. Fruits give you some fluids. If it is hot, you can cut your fruits into pieces and put them in the freezer and then you eat them like a Popsicle. Cools you down and has no artificial colors, etc. But I like cheese as you do. Cheese on fresh bread is so yummy. If I feel that I am getting not enough protein, I eat some nut butter. Does the trick for me.

      I recently was invited in a household that has family members from the Philippines. They made some really tasty egg rolls. So, I bought them and wrapped all kinds of vegetables in it and spiced it up with any kind of sauce that I want. Delicious. They deep-fried it but I bake my rolls. Three rolls have only 170 calories and the vegetable have as good as none. But my favorite vegetable is the avocado. I love them. What a delicious treat!

      You are right, some teenagers have such a bad posture that they could pass for 90-years old. Makes you wonder how they will look when they are really 90 years old.

      Sounds delicious, what you wrote about the Mexican pastries, Peach. Maybe I will run into some on our summer trip. My visitors like to cook and bake. We will try new recipes when they are here. Once we baked together American Indian pine cookie that we found in a book from the library. We lost the recipe but it was the best cookie that we ever ate.

      Peach, did you ever eat injera? My architect and I were once in an Ethiopian restaurant and ate it there. They offer you forks and knives but they also tell you that their food is rather eaten with the fingers. It felt fine to eat the bread with the hands but it felt kind of weird to eat slippery beans with the fingers.  The injera taste really good and is very satisfying. It is very soft, like a sponge and you can play around with it and its fun. They rap their other food in the injera. If I find the flour, I can do it at home. It has just simple ingredients.

      Right now, I work a lot and have not much time to party. Guess, we will do that when my visitors come.

      Never saw these alien movies. I like slightly scaring movies but not disgusting stuff where slimy stuff pops out of the stomach of people. But if you re-watch them, they must be kind of fascinating.

      Be well, Peach, stay cool. Do you have an air condition? Does it get hot in summer where you are so that you need one?


      Barbara Schwarz

      July 23, 2011 at 3:25 pm

  61. Thanks for the tip, I’ll try it.

    Barbara Schwarz

    July 26, 2011 at 2:07 pm

  62. Its of advantage if you don’t live close to others when you want to make squirrel leave with ugly loud boom box music. But I noticed that most squirrels have a better taste in music than lots of young people because squirrels run quickly when they hear the boom. Teenagers don’t. They rather go deaf. Lucky for me, there is rarely a teenager that goes lost in my attic.

    Barbara Schwarz

    July 26, 2011 at 2:13 pm

  63. The gypsies sure like colors, no doubt about it, Froppy.

    The Nazis gassed them too. Save bet to say that they (and the p$ychs behind them) hated colors. Wonder what they did with all their beautiful wagons and the art inside of them!

    Now I learned that many p$ychs want to put away the white coat and try to wear colors to make the patients trust them more. That will not make e-shocks, hypnosis, and drugs, etc. less harmless.

    Barbara Schwarz

    August 5, 2011 at 2:34 am

  64. I am officially on vacation on Aug. 20. No, I never saw the Oregon coast but you are not the first one who told me that it is beautiful.

    Barbara Schwarz

    August 9, 2011 at 2:36 pm

  65. I don’t think so, Peanut. There is nothing for me. Mosey’s husband isn’t my Marty and DM shall take care of his own enemies if he and his fans don’t want to tell me where my Marty is. I don’t want to be involved in their games.

    Barbara Schwarz

    August 9, 2011 at 2:40 pm

  66. Doesn’t it mean Corpus Christi mean “blood day” or something? Long before Mosey’s husband moved there, I wondered already about that name for a town.

    It is almost 2 years that I lost any interest in ARS. It was never a good place anyway.

    Barbara Schwarz

    August 9, 2011 at 2:51 pm

  67. Can Scientology cure cancer?


    August 14, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    • There was more to Dianetics and Scientology before the German controlled impostor (“Jack Vistaril”) took over Scientology. Ron, the real founder of Scientology laid also out a very unique but wonderful alternative living style, etc., and yes, if a person would be allowed to live like that, that could heal cancer and other diseases.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 27, 2011 at 6:31 am

  68. I don’t know you personally but why don’t you come back to ars?

    John ars

    August 17, 2011 at 5:31 am

    • I am not more interested in Usenet. It is a waste of time and usually, I ended up getting cyber stalkers.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 27, 2011 at 6:33 am

  69. What is a clam in Scientology?


    August 19, 2011 at 10:01 am

    • It is a derogatory name for a Scientologist.

      An impostor for the founder of Scientology, L.Ron Hubbard, wrote in a Scientology book that people were clams in former lifetimes. I am 100% sure that this is not by the founder.

      It is a non-Scientology attempt to introduce evolution into Scientology, and is completely contrary to what L. Ron Hubbard said about capable thetans. He also never mentioned having been a clam in a former lifetime. Maybe some people were clams in former lifetime, but I know for sure that Ron (and I) never were clams.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 27, 2011 at 6:37 am

    • That is what I mean. If the orgs wouldn’t be infiltrated by people who want to harm Scientology, such waste would never happen.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 27, 2011 at 6:43 am

  70. My friend told me that there is a large number of Scientologists who are no longer on org lines but also not with the Independents nor do they act like apostates. Can you confirm this?


    August 28, 2011 at 11:37 pm

    • Well, there are still many old and new Scientologists in the orgs but it is true that numerous are no longer staff or public and they don’t support Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder and their group, nor are they with the Freezone nor do they attack their former religion and I am sure that they still are Scientologists.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 27, 2011 at 6:46 am

  71. Most blogs by Ex-Scientologists are so hateful. But yours is not, Ma’am.

    Indian summer

    August 29, 2011 at 2:30 am

  72. Hey Barbara!

    Yes, I have been really busy with the garden and the Antique Faire.

    Ron has been coming over a lot to check out if I’ve been taking care of the garden, so I haven’t been able to slack off. I’ve been eating a lot of beans, mostly just steamed, but also steamed then in a salad, or sauted a little bit with rice and other vegetables. The zucchini came in, and you practically have to eat those every day to keep up with them. The tomatoes are not ripe yet, and the peppers have been slow to mature. All these things should have been planted earlier. Beets and turnips are still just at the greens stage. It might have been too hot for them, and perhaps they’ll flower before the roots really get going. But I’m on the second round of radishes, and the blackberries have required picking every day. I have five big bags of them in the freezer, waiting for me to make pies. There have been a lot of aphids this year, and they were really plaguing the tomato plants. I brushed them off every day, and used the hose also, to knock them off, while I waited for the ladybugs to reproduce. They have, and their larva eat plenty of aphids. So they’ve gotten under control. They’re the worst pest. I don’t mind the occasional beetle eating plant greens. Aw heck, I like beetles and leave them alone, even if they’re eating the heck out of the bean leaves. There’s plenty of bean leaves. I like insects, and I’ve got a garden that encourages them. The fennel, which is quite the nuisance plant, being very aggressive attracts many bees, wasps, flies, butterflies, birds, so I just try to keep it along the canal. You need those bees to fertilize everything. I prefer the natural balance to using chemicals.

    I’ve mostly been watering every day, though there haven’t been many hot days this summer. There was quite a lot of rain in the winter and spring, and even into the summer. The rain did stop, but it mostly stayed cool. Cloudy in the mornings, usually burning off by midday, but not enough heat. The soil at my house does dry out, hence the frequent watering. I can skip a day or two in the front, but shouldn’t in the back. I like a nice run of heat, and have missed it this year. But I wouldn’t have wanted to be in Texas this year, with weeks of over a hundred degree temperatures.

    My last water bill was large. During the winter, it’s small. I don’t have a water storage system. Rommel used to have a bunch of water barrels, but when they moved, the new owner got rid of them. They moved a long time ago, and I haven’t seen them since, though I did find pictures of my darling Hendrick online. He’s as cute as he was when he was a little kid. Rommel must have come from German stock who migrated to South America. He was from Nicaragua, and his wife Patricia, was from El Salvador. They had two fine boys, and I was sorry when they moved. A lot of people with kids in this neighborhood move to neighboring Hercules before their kids are old enough to go to Richmond High, which has had an unsavory reputation. A famous rape happened a few years ago on that campus. A lot of kids from poor and crime ridden neighborhoods go to that school and I don’t think it’s that highly rated scholastically. If folks can avoid sending their kids there, they do.

    I have no air conditioning in the house. It’s leave the windows open at night, and close them during the day. There’s a house on the next block that has increasingly been having drunken parties in the back yard, so the windows have been closed at night a lot. I finally went over and talked to them, and then after a couple of police visits, they turned down the bass, but have still been having the parties, but not as many. They sound so stupid! They’ve been bothering everybody on this block. They scream and hoot and laugh their butts off for hours and hours at a time. They did it during the week, too. Nothing quite like listing to a bunch of drunks at an eternal party. They’d have four or five parties a week, and on the weekends they were going from morning to night. So I had to go be the party pooper. There’s another guy on that block, on the other side of the street, by the canal who has a very loud system in his backyard, and the noise runs down the canal. I’ve been working on them too. So it hasn’t been as bad as it was last year, but I hate having to be the noise police.

    I’ve also been trying to rehab the front yard, to make my neighbors much happier. It’s the most amazing thing. If you actually water your roses regularly, they have a tendency to reward you with flowers. Heh. Ron gave me some lavender plants, and two of those are starting to do well. A couple of them died. I’ve had to do a lot of pruning, and still it’s not enough. It is looking a lot better. After the spring annual flowers have stopped blooming, I have a tendency to leave them there until all the seeds have dropped on their own, instead of crushing the seed heads and then cutting down the brown plants, but I’ve done better with it this year, so they don’t look so unslightly.

    How have the vacation plans been going? Or has it started already? I see that there are other fans of gypsy wagons here. Who wouldn’t want to get one and just set off down the road. Absolutely no vacation going on here this year. The summer is really busy for me, because there are a lot of garage sales to go to. They dry up in the winter, so I have to take advantage. Also, the good weather means there are a lot of people selling at the flea markets, so I go to those, too. And estate sales. And the usual runs to the thrift stores, where there is more stuff than usual, because people donate the remnants of their garage sales. A lot of running around, a lot of identifying, cleaning, and repair of items.

    I still don’t have another venue for selling. Most of the other people selling at the Faire sell other places too, but I’m not set up yet to do it by myself. I’d have to maintain a separate bunch of stock at my house, because most of the Faire stuff is stored at a storage place near the Faire. Whatever I’d want to sell elsewhere would have to fit in my Honda Civic. Right now, much of it goes in my sister’s van, and that’s a lot of stuff. I’d also be dealing with smaller spaces. Alameda has the largest. I identified one place that might work, in Marin, but they have them between May and October, and I’m not ready yet. I do hope to be prepared by next spring. There also is Ruby Lane. Not ready for that either. Barbara, my dad used to say “you’re a day late and a dollar short”. That’s often true of me.

    We are doing much better at the Faire, and Bear has started buying things to sell there. She’s starting to do well. There hasn’t been a lot of action on her artwork lately, so that’s good she’s getting a backup. The customers like the booth so much better with my sisters there. They are more extroverted than I am, and they don’t react to rudeness the way I do. The odd thing is, we don’t attract very many nastly customers anymore, and people have started visiting our booth on a regular basis. I have done fairly well with the hunting and identifying this summer, and hope to keep getting better. I identify and price the stuff Bear is bringing, so it’s really starting to work out for us.

    I haven’t been visiting the attic much, so haven’t screened off the vents yet, to make it difficult for the roof rats. God knows what they’ve been up to. I didn’t have the strength after the heart attack to boost myself up there. I did this month, though I had to brace my back against the opening to sort of crawl up the wall to get in. I have a ladder at the opening, but it’s not tall enough. I used to to stand on the top rung and then lift myself in by doing an arm press. That’s out of the question right now. I must have looked ridiculous, doing the butt crawl.

    Geeze, Barbara, you know what just happened? I was sitting here typing, and I heard the rustle of the cat food bag in the kitchen, and then I heard chomping. I thought my cat was in the bedroom, so I snuck in there, and looked in the bag, and there was a tiny possum in there eating! Ha ha! I closed up the bag and escorted it outside to the porch, and let him out there. I have no idea of how long he’s been in the house. The great outdoors is always moving indoors here. I’ve have let him stay, but I’m not fond of cleaning up possum poop that’s under the stove.

    It would be funny to get a boom box in here and sees who runs out of the house. I’d be the first out. 😀 But Barbara, we could both be charged with cruelty to animals. My sister had a squirrel in her attic. He chewed up some very nice carpets she had stored up there. I’ll try your ant tip. They have been quite the bother this year, and I don’t want to host them over the winter. When there’s not so much to eat outdoors, they really come in to help themselves.

    So how many bedrooms do you have? Was it three, with one you turned into an office? I don’t remember. And how did you build your bed? I like the looks of those antique beds that had rope strung across the bottom to hold the mattress. I don’t know how comfortable those were. They used to stuff bags with corn husks for mattresses, and also a lot of people had goose down mattresses.

    I haven’t eaten as much fruit as I’d like to this year, though I did get some cherries and strawberries when they were cheap. I got a bag of apricots once from a seller at the Mexican Flea Market near my house, and they were actually ripe, picked ripe. Only decent apricots I’ve eaten for many many years. They were delicious. Perhaps this weekend I’ll go over there and get myself peaches and nectarines. They’re in season now. I’ve got to get at least one more watermelon before the season’s over. I’m ready for a new batch of salsa, so more peppers and cilantro. And tomatoes, since mine are not ready yet. I didn’t plant tomatillos this year, but I plan to next year. The Mexican peanuts from the flea market have been very good this year. The guy who sells them there, also sells by the road on the way to Thrift Town, so I’ve been able to get them when I didn’t see him at the flea market.

    I get a little short of money before the Antique Faire, and the food quality goes down here. It’s been better with that garden, but I’ll be happy to be going shopping this week. A chicken for Deke. Real tuna fish for Birdie. Queso fresco for Peaches! The string beans are now 89 or 99 cents a pound here! I’m so glad to be able to eat my fill out of the garden. I can eat string and bush beans until the cows come home. I’ll eat a dinner that’s nothing but beans. Lunch and breakfast, too. And they taste better. They’re really not hard to grow. If you can’t make some kind of trellis for them to climb on, you can grow the bush ones. I like those, it’s fun to crawl along the row, trying to find where the beans are hiding. I’d have planted just those, but Ron likes the climbers. The funny thing is, he got confused about which were which and planted the bush ones next to the trellis, and the climbers where there wasn’t one. We’ve had to improvise with old tomato cages. I also was given a packet of red blossom climbing beans by my sister, so when we discovered the mistake, we planted those and they have been climbing and flowering. Their beans are just starting. They’re very meaty and have a slightly hairy and sticky pod, so they wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste. I like them.

    Oh, the robber. He had to have been just crawling around all the houses and back yards here, looking to get in one. Some people never burgle houses when someone’s at home, and some seem to like it. They call them cat burglars. I had them twice at an apartment in Oakland, and my older sister had one once at her house. The drunk guy actually did the right thing, calling a lot of attention to himself. It saved him from getting beaten up by his friends. I could have lifted the covering over the little window in the front door and seen him before I opened it, but I was half asleep. I don’t make that mistake anymore. Most people who come to the door selling things step back off the little porch so you can see them clearly before you open the door. There haven’t been so many fruit sellers this year. They mostly stand on a busy corner now. Must be tough for them. They’re the guys who’ve just gotten here, and don’t speak any English. It’s either that, or a little traveling ice cream cart or, hanging out in front of Home Depot, waiting for somebody to hire them for construction or handy work or gardening. There are a lot of guys who do that. A lady has even taken to going over there in the morning and selling them breakfasts out of her car.

    I’ve been thinking of you a lot while working in the yard, Barbara. I hope the summer’s end will be really fun for you. Have there been any interesting happenings in your life lately? How are the trees doing? Say, is it tough getting around on the bicycle during the winter? After last year, I’m really dreading another wet winter here. And it’s so nice to be warm enough. I was looking at my clothes the other day, and I should get some warm pants before it gets cold. Do you sew anymore? I know you used to. Say, have you noticed that life is good for you now? You’ve had many turbulent times, but it’s good for you now. It’s not that bad for me, either. I have been a little depressed about my general health lately, but I must admit, it’s so much better than it was. My attitude’s better too. I had a little scare the other day, and I kept thinking, oh I do hope I make it home. I want to see my new little cat so much. Needless to say, I did make it home, and I did see her. It’s good to be alive while you’re alive. 🙂

    All my best to you, Barbara.


    Oh yeah, Corpus Christi means Body of Christ. It’s a Catholic thing. 🙂


    September 5, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    • Hi Peach,

      I am on the road and even in good hotels, Internet access isn’t that reliable. My family wants to spent as much time as possible with me too, so I am rarely on the net and everything has to wait until I am back home, and I don’t know when this is. I will reply to your and any decent posting of somebody else then. But I am sure glad that you are just busy but otherwise fine, Peach! Until later! Barbara

      Barbara Schwarz

      September 6, 2011 at 1:17 am

  73. Is the stress test in Scientology from L. Ron Hubbard?


    September 7, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    • Scientologists that worked directly with L. Ron Hubbard ever heard of any stress test.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 27, 2011 at 6:48 am

  74. Barbara, what do you think about the personality test in Scientology, the OCA?


    September 8, 2011 at 7:46 am

    • When I was a public reg in MUN ORG IV 6, I evaluated that test. I always thought that it is not from Ron but added to SCN by others to make it psychological rather than religious.

      The “stress test” is not from Ron either. I assume the psych advisor of DM tells him to use these terms.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 26, 2011 at 10:04 am

  75. I’d like to support Nick “Hype” Xenophon if he would do finally something for Australia. There are just 2508 Scientologists in all of Australia.

    Here is a real Australian problem:


    September 8, 2011 at 9:04 am

  76. Barbara, I thought yours is some boring independent Scio post, but your blog is special. You make me think. Thanks.

    Banja playa

    September 15, 2011 at 2:26 am

  77. That article killed me! John Travolta and Nicholas Cage’s 1860 photos! It is them! Reincarnation is true. Hooray!


    September 15, 2011 at 7:29 pm

  78. Bookmarked your blog because you are different.


    September 16, 2011 at 3:05 am

  79. Anon wants nice things posted, Barb. Try us.


    September 17, 2011 at 10:30 pm

  80. For the records, barb. Many Anonymous want you to post in their forums. You do not bore them to tears.


    September 21, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    • Give me a break. Many people who post on WWP are toxic. Rather sooner than later, these people are abusive. My goodness, WWP thinks that my WWP poster and former cyberstalker Garry Scarff is an expert on my religion and a good person! I am not interested to post in any moderated forum. I have my blog here and I am accessible. If somebody asks me something decent or makes a decent comment, I publish it. I don’t need a group. And I don’t want one.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 27, 2011 at 6:55 am

  81. 20,000 hits on the thread with the White House Petition in Michelle Sterling’s forum but just 5000 signed it. Only 1/4 of all visitors believe her. 19 000 hits on a similar tread in WWP but Berry just got 5000 votes. Some more 3000 votes on OCMB but they still barely made the required 5000 votes mark!


    September 25, 2011 at 5:10 pm

    • You got a point. But it will be even less than 1/4 of all visitors that don’t believe her and her crowd because most of the campaigning for this “petition” was done by the “Independents” and many people used proxies to signed up several times.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 26, 2011 at 10:15 am

  82. How much time do you spent blogging on an average day? I have one and sit at least two hours per day blogging. A friend told me to commercialize my blog. Would you be interested that, Babs?

    Very active blogger

    September 27, 2011 at 8:17 am

  83. Barbie, your blog is a master piece! Glad I detected it. Do you think Scientology can be saved?

    Paul T.N.

    September 28, 2011 at 7:42 am

  84. Hello I’m from Brisbane, Australia and never met a Scientologist.


    September 28, 2011 at 9:34 pm

  85. You are very intelligent, Barbara, and you don’t waste your life posting in hate groups.


    September 29, 2011 at 12:29 am

  86. I heard that you had some housing problems last spring, Ms. Schwarz. I want to sell my house in Southern Utah. Would you care to have a look at it?

    D. Baker

    September 29, 2011 at 4:41 am

  87. Don’t believe in addicted sect members who can’t leave the church. What is it really that makes Scientology so interesting to Scientologists?

    buddhist in the USA

    September 29, 2011 at 5:21 am

    • The truth that L. Ron Hubbard (the real founder not his impostor) discovered and that the original really works and could change the world truly to a better place.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 27, 2011 at 7:17 am

  88. I am reading your blog and wonder if you ever regretted having joined Scientology?

    Heaven's near

    October 1, 2011 at 4:55 am

  89. Hi Peach,

    I have not forgotten about your long nice comment. I just came home from vacation and have still family here. By end of October, I will be home alone again, and have more time to reply in detail. Hope you are well and that you fully recovered.

    Best wishes,

    Barbara Schwarz

    October 3, 2011 at 3:22 am

  90. Barbara, I thought I know u for years but did I ever really know u?

    Henry P.

    October 3, 2011 at 11:02 am

  91. Ms. Schwarz, what do you think of people who unauthorized access cell phone records?

    Vera S. Hamilton from New Jersey

    October 14, 2011 at 1:47 am

  92. Hi Peach,

    I hope this post finds you well. I was VERY busy this summer. Family was here and one is still here and we traveled a lot. Was fun, interesting, exciting, and very expensive. Please don’t ask me what it did cost. I told it to a friend at the phone and he said: “What?! My goodness!” You are getting the idea. I did blow a lot of money on this vacation, Peach, and I refuse to tell anyone else how much it was because blowing so much money kind for a vacation is kind of ridiculous but I did it mainly for the uni graduate in my family who worked so hard and likes to travel, so what the heck. Could I afford it? Well, yes and no. I dipped deep into my savings. Now I have to work hard and fill the saving account up again because I plan something else expensive for winter/spring already. And some members of my family want to come back already next spring/summer again.

    I was at so many places in California and Oregon, it is hard to remember them all. Both are beautiful states, no doubt about it. We were in San Francisco for some days but not on a Saturday and not close to your Faire.

    We traveled route 101 up the Oregon Coast for weeks. That is a beautiful but VERY curvy street. We didn’t meet one truck on this long road. A very few vacation trailers who traveled in snail tempo. A gypsy wagon probably needs years to travel that road up the coast.

    We travelled through Marin. It is a really nice little town. BTW, it is really hard to get a decent hotel room in San Francisco that isn’t overpriced. If you want to become rich, Peach, try to open a hotel in San Fran. Everyone on the planet wants to see this town and walk over the Golden Gate Bridge. The wind blew so hard on the day I was on the bridge, I was thinking that if it gets any stronger, it can blow me over the ocean. I also learned why nobody successfully escaped Alcatraz. The water is so cold that nobody made it and they had the prisoner shower warm to make them additionally unfit for an escape. Did you see the prison on the inside?

    How is your garden now? Did you harvest already your blackberries, beans, tomatoes, beets, radish, turnips, and peppers? What do you do with those that you can’t eat at once? Do you freeze them in? Or do you preserve them? Do you have a method to do this?

    It was really hot and dry and some of my young trees died when I was gone but half of them made it. I have to plant new once in spring.

    Are your aphids gone? My guess was too that you did not use chemicals on them and on what you want to eat later. It was so hot and dry this year that there were not too many bugs this year here. On the other side of the coin, the harvest around here isn’t that great either. Well, let’s see what next spring and summer brings.

    I am not that bug-friendly, Peach. I find them (except lady bugs) rather gross but if they stay away from me and don’t bug me, I leave them alone.

    Did you make your blackberry pies?

    Approx. blackberries. On the Oregon Coast, we slept in a B+B. They served us blackberries with yogurt in the morning. We walked around the property, the next morning and found blackberries growing everywhere. So easy to run and B+B! Just rent them a bed and serve them what grows in your garden! J
    Many people like to eat fennel, do you? Well, I guess, the insects like it too. 😉

    My soil is very dry this year too, Peach. But I was right: who plans to travel a lot shouldn’t start a vegetable garden. My neighbor did mow my land, but I rather don’t want to ask him to water my garden every day while I enjoy myself on the beach somewhere!

    Yes, I heard that too that not much grows in Texas, and in summer, you need an air condition all the time, but I think it is a friendly state and might have other advantages, e.g. mild winters, but I guess you have mild winters those too. But I found it rather chilly and windy in San Francisco and surrounding.

    I enjoyed San Francisco and surrounding but it was really colder and windier than I expected. Maybe you need more heat than I thought. How high is your heating bill in spring, fall, and winter?

    When I travelled in San Francisco and surroundings, I noted often a fresh breeze. The day we were on the Golden Gate Bridge, it was very windy at times, and I found it to be quite chilly in the beginning of September! I understand that you don’t buy yourself an air condition. Where I live, you need often an air condition in July and August. But the other months, I don’t need it.

    You wrote that your water bill was large. How many gallons of water did you feed your vegetables? But it is still cheaper than buying produce from the supermarket, I assume. Can you put water barrels up to safe money? Maybe it saves you some bucks?

    Interesting that you know a Rommel family (even if your Rommel family migrated to South America) because in Germany the name is well known because of WWII. Do you know when your Rommel family migrated to South America? Before or during or after WWII?

    I know what you mean about reputations of High Schools. But other countries have the same problems. And some schools have a good reputation and are expensive, and the kids are still not in an environment in which parents want them. A kid in my family goes to a High Society high school in Germany, and I was shocked to learn what the kids get away with and what weirdoes the teachers are. And is the education so brilliant? That remains to be seen but I doubt it very much.

    Speaking about safe neighborhoods. In Germany, not anyone can have a gun. As child I noticed in many of the waiting rooms of medical doctors that they have lots of hunter magazines and gun magazines because many of them are hunters in Germany. (Weird, if you ask me as they say that they rather preserve life than killing it.) Besides them, and a few influential others, mainly police men have guns. So, that means that in Germany, murders with guns are then done by these minority and the broad public has no guns, and you read more about attacks with knives than drive-by shootings. Although, I remember one day leaving the SCN org in Schwabing, Munich, and a car with young German men drive by, and they screamed at time and pointed a gun at me. Never happened in the USA to me. So, if anyone tells me how safe and kind Germany is, I beg to differ!

    Sorry to hear that your neighbors are so loud rowdies. I had those too when I lived in downtown SLC and in Germany. I hate noise as much as you do, Peach. I think that noise HURTS. It is not just a bother, it invades the body and mind of a person painfully and steals the rest the person needs. If my current neighborhood gets too loud, I will build me a soundproof room. No kidding, Peach!

    I understand that you don’t want to be the noise police. The police should do that on their own but I guess they don’t. In other places, it is much like that too, Peach. I am telling you, try to make money to soundproof one room of yours and sleep in that one when noise gets too much.

    Hey, I think your neighbors are happy already with you because you don’t have a barking dog or a loud boom box, and they will forgive you a front yard that isn’t full of roses. I haven’t planted roses, but all kinds of other flowers and they were still growing beautifully (in the middle of lots of weeds) after I returned from 4 weeks travelling. I pulled the weeds but I think the flowers will make it until Thanksgiving or even beyond. Then I will cut them short because I read that flowers cut short will bloom again next spring. But you say, they do better if you don’t cut them? I don’t want them put strengths in brown, dried out shells next spring. If they are short but the root is still okay, I think they come again. Lavender plants sound lovely, Peach. I hope they did bloom at your place.

    Hope you made a lot of money on garage sales. I assume you are busy around the clock, buying and selling. You wrote that you also have to clean and repair items. Do you know how to do this with antiques or do you have to hire someone to do that?

    You wrote that you have not yet another venue for selling. Would be nice if you could sell from your home to people. In my vacation, I saw quite some antique stores and people who owned it lived above or next to it, so no commute at all to sell.

    Well, you also have a heart condition to consider. How are you doing, Peach? Do you still get check ups?
    You’re a day late and a dollar short, said your Dad? It is probably better to take it easy, Peach. If you try to dance on too many parties, you might get into stress and that isn’t good for the heart.

    Is the storage rent near the Faire expensive? Can you drive with a trailer attached to the Honda Civic? Guess Ruby Lane is less stress.

    I think I missed what or who you mean with Bear, Peach. Well, I never met you in person, so I don’t know how outgoing you or your sisters are. In my family, I am voted the most outgoing and non-shy female, but honestly, I have times too where I just want to be left alone with my thoughts and not having to entertain anybody.

    How do you react to rudeness? Probably very direct? I don’t work with customers on an eye to eye basis, Peach, but I had such jobs earlier in my life when I had to and I most of the time didn’t like it.

    I am glad that I have no roof rats, Peach. My attic is empty except of a bit of wood lying in there but trees are nearby and once in a while a squirrel was up there. Once I squirrel gets in there, I turn on the boom box and make it leave! No Peach, it is no animal cruelty. That’s my house, and if the squirrel doesn’t like it, it should leave my attic and that they do. They are not into heavy metal and me neither. Once they are gone, no heavy metal music anymore in this household.

    There are also devices that you can buy that send out a high pitched tone and make unwanted animals, incl. ants, mice, rats, etc. leave a house. I never tried it but that is also not considered animal abuse. They don’t come to harm and they can leave any time and can find a better place at the neighbor’s, 😉
    Who cares who you look like crawling around if you get the job done without having to hire a handyman. I think I know what kind of attic opening you have. Mine is easy to access. It is a small door upstairs and I am in the attic. No ladder necessary and nothing to crawl up into but I know such attics from my neighbors. They rarely go inside. What do you have stored inside?

    Possum inside the cat food bag? You are much more animal tolerant than I am, Peach. I call animal control if any animal bigger than a ladybug enters my home.

    I had almost no ants this year, maybe because I had the house sprayed against termites and the ants died too or because it was so dry this year or because I was gone much of the summer, who knows. But Petroleum Jelly on their entry spots should stop ants coming in the house. I wouldn’t want to crawl through jelly if I would be an ant. On the other side, when my floor crashed and we saw some termites (look like ants with wings), I noticed that a regular little ant attacked one termite and killed it in cold blood. That was strange to watch. They seem somehow related. I don’t know if all ants are like that or if just that individual ant was a killer.
    I have one bedroom and an attic upstairs, and below, there are three rooms and a big kitchen, bath, two storage rooms. Quite a lot to clean, Peach. The best about my property is that I can build at least two other houses on it if I really wanted and still would have lots of garden left.

    I built the bed after my own instructions and anyone who sleeps on it says it is very comfortable. It has no strings but is made mainly of stable fresh untreated wood, Peach.

    One 4 x 4, sawed into four even parts and 2 side boards and top and button boards sawed into the right lengths and screwed onto the four 4 x 4s pieces and then several wood pieces screwed on top of the frame to hold the mattress. My bro is a tall man. He but all others who tried the bed loved it. He even used it to make exercises on it. My neighbor said I could make a living of it. Haha! But I just do handiwork for my own purposes and not for sale. I know these antique beds with ropes from pioneer cottages. Yes, they look uncomfortable but what I build is a very straight bed for a regular twin size mattress. So, nobody complained, anyone wanted to try it and they all loved it.

    Apricots often die in the spring frost and that’s why you don’t get good tasting apricots or none at all. I remember that the weather guy on TV usually says the same thing any spring: frost last night, sorry folks, the apricots are gone! I love fruits, all kinds of fruits, and very much so apples. I really find it strange that apples theoretically grow anywhere but that a pound costs USD 2.50! Who are they kidding with those prices? There is a produce mafia. I have no other explanation.

    That you like string beans so much is kind of surprising to me. I like them but never tried to eat them three times a day. Maybe I should try a string bean day. I can do that with avocados. I love them. Or did you ever fry eggplants in olive oil? That is so yummy.

    Yes, I am working again in my garden. Tons of leaves needs to be removed, Peach. I sweep my deck four times a day to keep the leaves off. Some people burn them but I don’t like the smell and the fire hazard, so I get rid of them differently. What do you do with yours? The first fall when I moved there, I didn’t remove them but the problem is that are very slippery in winter, and when I have to go to the mailbox and that they also find their ways into canals and can clog them up and cause flooding. It is still warm and nice in the afternoons.

    Peach, yes, get yourself some warm pants for the winter. I am surprised that you think that I like to sew. I sew when I have to, e.g. buttons back on clothes. I also sew clothes if I have to. In other words, I know how to prevent to appear naked in public but I never liked sewing. I don’t like working with needles and scissors and hope that some other female member of my family does it for me, while I feel more attracted to paper and pen and other stuff.

    Yes, the bicycle is lots of fun in spring, summer, and fall but rarely in winter. I bike not that often in winter and get my groceries home in other ways.

    Peach, I had so much family and action here that I had no time to be depressed. I have a member in my family over who I am more worried than the others, which is depressing, but again, my summer was so action packed, I had no time for depressions. After all are gone, I will work again many many hours, maybe as you do to and again, it leaves no time for many depressed days.

    I think that just about anyone over 30 is in one or the other way depressed, Peach. And some already before 30. All know that they are on a road into direction of aging and likely diseases, and they don’t want to go there, and they don’t know how to stop it. But keep on being active and try to eat healthy, it will make you feel better.

    I have to go now and wish you a really nice fall and a boost of your health, Peach.

    All the best,

    Barbara Schwarz

    October 14, 2011 at 5:17 am

  93. Do you know if Scientologists may edit Wikipedia again?

    Wilma J.

    October 14, 2011 at 5:20 am

    • No idea. Try it. You should ask those who wasted their time editing Wikipiggy. I never did. However, it was quite suppressive by Wikipedia to ban them. Free speech and Wikipedia never walked hand in hand.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 14, 2011 at 10:51 am

  94. Yes, it is a well written fable but the fate of The Lady of Shalott is kind of sad, isn’t it?

    Barbara Schwarz

    October 14, 2011 at 10:45 am

  95. I read poems to handle stress, peach. It takes me into another world. Did you try it?

    Under a spreading chestnut tree
    The village smithy stands;
    The smith, a mighty man is he,
    With large and sinewy hands;
    And the muscles of his brawny arms
    Are strong as iron bands.

    His hair is crisp and black and long;
    His face is like the tan;
    His brow is wet with honest sweat;
    He earns whate’er he can,
    And looks the whole world in the face,
    For he owes not any man.

    Week in, week out, from morn till night
    You can hear his bellows blow;
    You can hear him swing his heavy sledge
    With measured beat and slow,
    Like a sexton ringing the village bell
    When the evening sun is low.

    And children coming home from school
    Look in at the open door;
    They love to see the flaming forge
    And hear the bellows roar,
    And catch the burning sparks that fly
    Like chaff from a threshing floor.

    He goes on Sunday to the church,
    And sits among his boys;
    He hears the parson pray and preach;
    He hears his daughter’s voice
    Singing in the village choir,
    And it makes his heart rejoice.

    Onward through life he goes;
    Each morning sees some task begun;
    Each evening sees it done;
    Something attempted, something done,
    Has earned a night’s repose.

    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:
    The most popular of American poets.
    Born at Portland, Maine, 1807;
    died at Cambridge,


    October 14, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    • I remember that poem. I used to read a lot of poetry, and enjoyed it. Not much anymore. You have to give it a lot of attention, and read slowly, and I’ve grown impatient. I should get back into the habit.


      October 28, 2011 at 5:42 pm

  96. I read the comment about the opossums. They are rarely found to be rabid. Some believe that this is because the opossum’s body temperature is too low to support the rabies but I would not touch one if I would find one in my cat food sack!

    Family Maurer

    Family Maurer

    October 14, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    • The trick is to grab them at the base of their very thick, strong tails. When they’re smaller, you can pick them up by the scruff of their necks. With a very large possum, I wouldn’t try either of these methods, but then they’d have a hard time hiding, and would just get out when they saw you.

      I’m aware of the general lack of rabid possums and raccoons in my area. It’s good to hear it, though, since I got bitten last week! 🙂


      October 28, 2011 at 5:35 pm

  97. Barb, do you keep up with Scientology church news?

    Claire N.

    October 14, 2011 at 8:40 pm

  98. Some people do the highest OT levels outside of the orgs. Do you know any interested parties, Barbara?

    Ginger Christiham

    October 16, 2011 at 2:21 pm

  99. Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Very helpful info specifically the last part, Barbara :)I was seeking this certain information for a long time. Thank you and best of luck. Please keep posting. You are a really nice Scientologist.


    October 17, 2011 at 12:22 pm

  100. Barbara, do I know you from Folo EU? Did you work in the EPA? I think I remember you, an able and uptone girl.

    Jared N. James

    October 18, 2011 at 6:51 am

    • Sorry, I don’t remember you but I did work in FOLO EU in Copenhagen and in the External Affairs Project, which later became OSA.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 18, 2011 at 9:45 am

  101. Hey Barbara
    Here I am after quite a while. I’ve been very busy myself. You sound really good, and what the heck! if traveling is something you’re good at, and you enjoy it, why not spend money on it? You get a great return from it, better than bank interest, I’d say. 🙂

    I’m gonna go on about my business, but probably will do a long post later today, or in the next couple of days.



    October 21, 2011 at 5:36 am

    • Sounds good, Peach. No hurry. Reply whenever you like. Have a great weekend.


      Barbara Schwarz

      October 22, 2011 at 1:43 pm

      • Hey Barbara

        I’ve been really busy this summer too, but with stuff that’s not nearly as much fun as what you’ve been doing.

        I’ve always wanted to drive the coast route up to Oregon and Washington. When I was a kid, it seemed I was always seeing postcards of the big trees in that area. Never made it there, though. Fern forests. My friends Ron and Ian did go up there recently for a wedding, and they always take lots of pictures, so at least I did get to see those.

        Yes, Marin is lovely. You may have been to Mill Valley, a very nice and extremely expensive little town. It’s all expensive over there now, except possibly Marin City, which was the local ghetto. Tupak Shakur came from there, I believe. I lived in San Anselmo and San Rafael for about two years, I think. Travelled all around Marin, and went back a lot later when I owned a car. I don’t go over there anymore, unless I have to, because of the gas and bridge toll charges. I always wanted to have a little house there, but for sure, I could never afford one, even when they were more or less cheap.

        I never did visit Alcatraz. Did they lock you in a cell as part of the tour? And yes, the water here is really cold. I’ve always thought that it seems so odd that the Atlantic coast features warmer water than up here. We just don’t have that Gulf Stream. I used to go the beach from time to time, because I just loved walking the tide pools. Your feet would always freeze up and get numb. But you could see a lot of stuff, anemones, crabs, hermit crabs, fish, little shells and all kinds of seaweed. We loved the sand crabs, which were little crustations that looked like gigantic grey fleas. The receding tide would roll them out of the sand and then they’d quickly dig their way back in. I don’t know if there’s still a lot of them. We used to gather mussels and steam them on the beach. Sometimes you’d find tiny little misshapen pearls.

        I did get a whole lot of blackberries, which I finally started freezing, because there were so many of them. I think I have five or six big bags, each probably enough for a pie. Before that Ron and I were just eating them out in the garden. They were really fun to find and pick. They don’t get ripe at the same time, even in clusters, so you have to be really sharp to find the good ones, and they hide a lot.

        We ate a lot of beans, and finally lots of the tomatoes got ripe. But we planted late, and everything bore late. I suppose this was good in the case of the zucchini, so that I hardly got overwhelmed by it. Ron planted the eggplant and peppers in spots I wouldn’t have picked, so the crop was relatively poor. Plus that planting late. We did not plant the beets and turnips at the right time, and he insisted on using too many seeds. I never got around to thinning them. So I’ve been eating them as greens, since they didn’t really develop fat roots, which is the vegetable. But I love greens, so that was ok. They are an early spring or late fall crop. Maybe I’ll get around to replanting. The radishes did well, though for the second crop, Ron chose a variety that doesn’t do so well here. So now we know.

        I have a whole lot of tomatoes sitting on the sink, waiting for me to make either tomato soup or tomato sauce, which I freeze. It’s been a long time since I’ve canned, and that’s a big job I’ll probably never do again. Nobody seems to do it much anymore, which is a pity. For Christmas, you’d get home made jam and jelly, and pickles and conserves, which was great! We canned a lot when I was a kid, and had all those glass jars out in the garage, full of stuff we’d eat in the winter. So the pies aren’t made yet, but they’re going to be. I want to find tapioca power to do the thickening instead of corn starch, but after looking around, I’ll probably have to get it at a health food store. The choices in grocery stores are getting more narrow. Shelf space yields to the popular sellers. If it’s an unpopular niche item, they stop carrying it.

        Too bad about the trees, but my experience is that it is to be expected. Some will make it and some won’t. So you get to choose more ones. Bushes are the same way. I’m lazy, and let things prosper where they choose to prosper. I let my plants bully me, just like I let my pets do. You could install an automatic drip system, and that way if you travel again, you wouldn’t have to ask a neighbor to do it for you. I’ve done a lot of vacation watering for Ron, though, and I kinda enjoy it.

        You know, Barbara, the aphids totally left! I’m going to do that again next year, and I believe I convinced Ron, who was all for poison. After a few weeks of brushing and hosing them off, the ladybugs and ladybug larva totally cleaned them out. I didn’t even have them on my “catch” crop of nasturtiums.

        It was quite cold and rainy the first part of the summer here, but it did finally warm up. It’s a depressing part of living up here. You can go inland a few miles and it’s startlingly different, but that’s how it is for the coast. One very cold year, I think I got a PG&E bill for a hundred bucks. It can be eighty. I suppose I could get it lower if I took care of the weather stripping that needs replacing. Window in front of the desk needs work. I guess I won’t get to it now before winter, because I have to take the whole thing apart, to replace the bottom pane, and that would be a big job entailing moving lots of things around it, including all the trim. But turning off the pilot to the two unused stove burners I think has helped. I didn’t check the gallons used on the water bill, but it was twice as large as when I’m not gardening. I think it ran thirty bucks a month. I could do water barrels behind the shed, but I’d have to get them, and set them up. Currently my aluminum cans for recycling are back there, hidden from the appraisal guy.

        I don’t know when Rommel’s family got to South America. There have been plenty of Germans there for a long time, I think. Like everybody else, they went there for business, they weren’t all Nazis running away. 🙂 He was a very handsome man, with dark hair and bright blue eyes. They boys had their mother’s brown eyes and skin. They were a very good looking family.

        Barbara, we are so on the same page about loud noise! We still have the same nervous systems we had before machines, and busses and pile drivers and boom cars. The guy with the noisy parties is out there right now, singing acapella. He’d probably be surprised to know that I find that very pleasant and non-threatening. I have thought in the past about the soundproof room, but it’s nothing I could actually pull off. I would much rather that the people making intolerable noise build themselves those rooms and take themselves there when they want to make excessive noise. Like kids used to do if they wanted to have a band and practice at home. Come to think of it, I’ve practiced in one of those rooms. 🙂

        I let annual plants get brown and go to seed, and then scatter the seeds, so they’ll come up next year. The perennials, you cut back, and they’ll grow later. It’s not all cut and dried as in some places, annuals act like perennials. I’ve been surprised by some plants overwintering, but then this area has milder weather than many places. The lavenders are still alive, but they won’t really bloom well until possibly next year. Maybe the year after that. There’ll be some blooms, of course, but they take awhile to dig in and settle.

        I have to do all the work on my own stuff. What I can’t repair, I have to sell as/is. I can do lots of small repairs. Mainly cleaning. I try not to overclean on items which are not glass or pottery. You have to be careful not to disturb patinas on metal and wooden items. I can’t really sell from my house, the traffic might be dangerous. You say you sell antiques, and people start imagining that there’s some treasure trove that they could plunder and steal. The reality is, if those people broke in, they wouldn’t be able to identify which items might be worth something. I mean, how many robbers could look at a shelf of teacups, and pick out the ones worth $40 versus the ones worth ten, and then go pack them up and sell them for anything at all? 🙂 But they’d sure make a mess trying to find something they would be able to unload for a few bucks. It would be a different matter if you had a place to live above a store. Then they’d just try burgling the store. Unless they were professional antique thieves, they’d just go for the jewelry. I have costume jewelry, which people couldn’t sell for anything except at another antique store. But once again, people who don’t know have odd ideas about this stuff. I saw it in the eyes of somebody who lived behind me, and with somebody else, so I am very cautious. Anybody reading this, I do not have King Tut artifacts here. There is no stash of golden jewelry. 🙂

        My heart has been ok until the past week when it hasn’t been feeling very well. I have been stressing, mostly unnecessarily, about the home refinance I’m trying to get. I had to clean the whole place up for the appraisal guy, that was a worry. And the paperwork doesn’t go smoothly, which is the kind of thing that I obsess and worry over. The other day I was wanting to just drop it because I couldn’t cope anymore! I’ve calmed down, but the whole process has been a plague to me. And it’s not quite over yet. When I bought the house, there were surprises at closing, so I’m convinced that that will happen again. In fact, this will be the second refinance, and there were surprises after the closing on that one. There is a reason for my paranoia. Hopefully it will all be over soon, and my payments will be lower.

        I do not know what the storage near the Faire costs. It’s my older sister’s. They got it when her husband closed his business. There’s a bunch of furniture and stuff in it. She kindly lets me use it. I have thought of a trailer for the Civic, but I think it’s just too small for one, not to mention the cost. You have to register and license those, and I think you can’t keep them in your driveway. It would be too much for me, even if the Civic, which really strains when it’s fully loaded, could pull one. Bear is my little sister. I’m the same way about being outgoing. I can be that way for awhile, but I definitely require long periods of quiet time to recharge. Often I can take rudeness with a very practical blandness, but I’m always tempted, and sometimes succumb to making very pointed comments. This is not good policy. It doesn’t make people less rude, and just causes pointless trouble. Especially if you’re selling. I adore delightful people and like interacting with them, am less successful with the unpleasant. But if I’m in my right mind, I can react with amusement to the rude.

        Barbara, I never really want animals to leave the area, though there were a number of possum evictions this year. I believe I kept throwing the same possums out over and over, because the door would be left open and they’d sneak in again. Mostly they’re too big to be doing it anymore, but I did have to throw one out the other night. I have perfected my possum snatching techniques, though I did get bitten last week from being careless, my own fault. Bites I treat with a soak in hot golden seal tea. If I have done this soon after the bite, I never get an infection. All animal bites will get infected if you don’t treat them. It’s surprising how well the golden seal works, and various critters have bitten me a number of times over the years.

        The possum show has just been tremendous this year, and I’ve enjoyed it very much.

        What I should do with the attic is to put fine screening over the vents. That would be easy, and keep out roof rats and mice. I hear there has been a plague of mice in the neighborhood this year, but so far as I know, they haven’t visited me. Too many cats about, I think. I have a lot of books, Christmas ornaments, puzzles, canning jars, things like that, stored in the attic. All kinds of things, really. I used to go up there a lot more, moving things about. But you can’t stand up in there. I’d love to have a real attic, with a wood floor, an old style attic. I think they’re very cool. And a real basement. But California mostly doesn’t run to those. I did go to an estate sale in a very large old Berkeley house this year, and they had the whole magilla, the basement, the attic. I couldn’t afford to buy anything, as everything was high priced, but I loved seeing the house, which actually had three staircases. I kept getting lost! I’ve been to sales at other large house in old expensive neighborhood, where I’ve seen the same thing. It’s so much fun.

        Yes, ants are a lot like termites. You know what? If I keep the kitchen scrupulously clean, I don’t get ants. However, I am very likely to leave dirty cat bowls and cat food cans in the sink until I get around to them, and the ants just love those. I think it would be better to keep the sink clean and forget the petroleum jelly, which I have not gotten around to trying yet. I’ll probably have the opportunity to do so as winter comes, and the ants get frantic to find food.

        I’ll bet you could have really whipped through the house cleaning in your home in your youth. I used to totally clean my apartments every weekend. I can’t believe I had the energy for it. I sure don’t now. It was a case of being able to eat off the floors. Ha! No longer. But you could have the morning the appraisal guy got here. Things quickly reverted to normal.

        Well, the labor costs for growing fruit have gone up, and the transport prices have too. Food just isn’t cheap anymore. I forget, did you plant an apple tree? I had one in my yard until it died, and I got all the apple pies I could eat. It was great. I used to eat apples everyday when they were cheap. They were my favorite food to eat in bed while reading. But anyway, people who grow food want to make more money, and they can’t exploit cheap Mexican farm workers quite like they used to, thank god for that. Remember Caesar Chavez and the grape boycott?

        The avocados have been so expensive here this year, Barbara. A dollar each, or even a dollar fifty. I have eaten very few. I did get four unripe ones the other day for two dollars, and hope they ripen without decaying. I love them. I do fry eggplants in olive oil, but with eggplants, a bunch of them would drink up all the oil in the state and still be thirsty for more! There’s some Arabian fairy tale about that, where the mess of eggplants a wife prepares drinks up a huge pot of oil.

        I put all yard refuse except some weeds, tree branches, and stickery items like rose or blackberry trimmings, into my compost pile. All kitchen waste which is not protein goes there, too. I love my compost pile. It gets really huge, and then when it rains, it really shrinks down. It’s too big to turn like I should, though I occasionally do it, rolling it around in the garden. On the bottom is beautiful brown/black compost, with lots of nice worms in it. That’s what I’d do with your leaves, since you have lots of space. I hate seeing any green waste thrown out, even if I know that the garbage company now collects it in a special bin and composts it themselves. A good compost pile is a living thing. Sometimes I’ve let it die by not watering, et cetera. Breakdown stops. The last time I did that, I’d read that comfrey leaves can revive a sick compost pile, and I have comfrey, so I tried it and it worked. You’re supposed to layer a big uncovered one like mine with green waste, brown waste (dried plant material) and dirt. I sometimes fall down on the dirt angle. And you’re supposed to keep it watered. I’m spotty about the watering, though I do enjoy it. I regard the compost pile like a pet or a plant. What have you been doing with your leaves? They’re gold! The other thing you can do with them is to mulch your other plants to keep in moisture and discourage weeds.

        I thought I’d read that you sewed. I used to like it a lot. Requires a lot of space, though, and space is scarce here. I like a nice clean wooden floor for cutting out and marking. It can be relaxing, or really frustrating when you put things together wrong and have to take them apart and do it again. I like reading patterns, like some people like reading cook books. I would think you would be good at it, considering your success with the bed. It’s really engineering, just with fabric.

        Well, I hope we both enjoy the last of fall, and that we have many pleasant entertainments in winter, including good books and movies. I’ve gotten some new books that I’m looking forward to reading. There is nothing better than a rainy day when you stay in quietly and read.

        Best to you, Barbara.



        October 28, 2011 at 5:01 pm

      • Hi Peach, I know that you are a busy person. I remember that you once told me how many hours you research antiques on top of selling them. I will reply to your long postings in a couple of days. My visitors just left and my trees left lots of autumn leaves. Maybe I just should left them were they fall, after all, they are named “leaves”. 😉 And more work and other stuff piled on. Sort of tells you that my fun is over. Anyway, Peach, have a restful weekend if possible and I reply to your long posting later!

        Barbara Schwarz

        October 29, 2011 at 3:10 am

      • Ooops, Barbara, I double posted. Sorry! Just don’t ok one of them.


        October 28, 2011 at 5:25 pm

      • Don’t give up on olive oil hungry eggplants, honey. Bake’em:
        1 large or 2 medium eggplants—about 1 pound
        1 jar low-sodium marinara sauce
        1 15-ounce tub fat-free ricotta cheese, drained
        1 6-ounce bag baby spinach
        1/3 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese
        Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Slice eggplant lengthwise to a 1/4 inch thickness. Place on large cookie sheet coated with cooking spray. Roast eggplant until tender, about 20 minutes, turning once half-way through.
        When the eggplant is done, remove from oven and set aside. Reduce oven heat to 350 degrees.

        Place baby spinach in microwaveable dish and sprinkle with water. Cook until just wilted. Squeeze dry.

        Spoon on-third of the marinara sauce on the bottom of an 8-inch by 8-inch baking dish. Lay one-third of eggplant slices over sauce, followed by one-third of the spinach and one-third of the ricotta cheese. Repeat layers. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and bake for 20-25 minutes until bubbling.

        Dig in, Peach.


        October 30, 2011 at 4:00 pm

      • Hey, nice recipe, Jane. Thanks! Peach


        November 30, 2011 at 7:52 am

  102. I agree with many aspects of your religion but never got the RPF.

    Not a Scientologist

    October 21, 2011 at 6:18 am

  103. Is it true that you don’t like the Indies, Babs?


    October 23, 2011 at 11:43 am

    • It has nothing to do with liking or not. They are supporting Mosey’s husband who is an impostor. They say that they are pro Ron but they are not. They are pro his impostor, not pro the real founder. I also dislike the same kind of people who still are in the orgs or those who attack Scientology now. They are all made of the same wood and never should have held any executive position in a church.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 26, 2011 at 7:29 am

  104. This one is for Peach. Song is called Peacherine Rag.

    Ramin K.

    October 25, 2011 at 3:56 pm

    • Very sprightly! 🙂


      October 28, 2011 at 5:18 pm

  105. Scientology opened a new building in St. Paul. Nice building.


    October 25, 2011 at 11:59 pm

  106. Do I have to fit in? Do I need a group? I don’t think so.

    Barbara Schwarz

    October 26, 2011 at 10:01 am

  107. Howdy! I read in another posting of yours that you like Joplin and ragtime music. He was the best. I play in my spare time.

    Do you know this one?

    Ramin K.

    October 26, 2011 at 10:50 am

    • It is really nice music. I like it. Our saloon ragtime player played one Joplin song after the other! But he also played pieces like that.

      Our piano player played really with his own hands without computer enhancement. He really was incredible.

      It is feel good music. 🙂

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 26, 2011 at 8:10 am

  108. I am very interested in politics but I don’t have the time to write much about it.

    Barbara Schwarz

    October 27, 2011 at 6:28 am

  109. My guess is that he has not much time to think about Scientology and that he rather thinks about the economy, which is bad.

    Barbara Schwarz

    October 27, 2011 at 6:40 am

  110. Yes, I would, if it would apply strictly and all of L. Ron Hubbard’s study tech. I wish I would have had it when I was growing up in Germany.

    Barbara Schwarz

    October 27, 2011 at 6:41 am

  111. Never heard of him.

    Barbara Schwarz

    October 27, 2011 at 6:44 am

  112. Thanks, Kadaye.

    Barbara Schwarz

    October 27, 2011 at 6:44 am

  113. Noise is stress and can trigger hear attacks. If I’d had the cash, I’d build me a soundproof apartment in NY, 5th Ave.

    Uncle Chester

    October 29, 2011 at 11:10 am

  114. Hey Barbara, do you know of OT Isaak Hayes?

    Lonny Bonny

    November 2, 2011 at 9:36 am

    • Sure! He was a great composer and won an Oscar for Shaft. I still love that song!

      Too bad he was kicked out of his body. Psychs hate artists because they are just barbers and butchers.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 2, 2011 at 12:40 pm

  115. Media mentions Tom Cruise rarely in connection with Scientology anymore. Did you notice that too?

    Scientologist II

    November 4, 2011 at 8:32 am

    • I am not following celeb stories.Maybe he doesn’t mention Scientology anymore in public. Maybe he is tired of being beaten up in the media.

      Barbara Schwarz

      November 12, 2011 at 4:49 am

  116. Do you know if there is a Scientology group in Trinidad and Tobago?

    Study tech

    November 5, 2011 at 7:52 am

  117. Hi Peach,
    I hope you had a nice Halloween and what will you do for Thanksgiving? Kids don’t come in my neck of the woods, although some live here. It is here rather dark in the evenings and not many lights. Guess, too spooky for Halloween. Heck, not even I go out at nights. 😉
    I was thinking that you don’t lie around foul but that you are working.
    Yes, we had fun on that vacation but I am telling you, after a couple of weeks living out of the suit case, I really appreciated my washer and closets again. I packed lots of wrong stuff anyway. It was much colder in Northern California and Oregon as I expected in September, and I feel cold rather quickly. Some people swim in the cold, cold ocean at any time! Not me! Heat doesn’t bother me much but freezing temperatures and cold wind, yes it does.
    Well, I didn’t visit Alcatraz neither, Peach, we almost did but China town won. 😉 I saw Alcatraz from the main land and thought that any good swimmer could break out and swim to land. But I learned that the water is so cold, that nobody ever succeeded. On top, the prisoners had only hot water to shower with, that made them even more hesitant to jump into the cold ocean. Wimps! 😉
    They lock people in the cell as part of the tour? I am glad that I didn’t made the tour as I get slightly nervous when I can’t open!
    It is really nice driving up the coast, Peach, but be warned, no affordable hotels, all very fancy hotels and B&B, which are really cute but really expensive. Yes, we drove through the forests with those gigantic Redwood trees and through fern canyons. Breathtakingly beautiful.
    Did you ever wonder where the hippies are? For example, in Utah, you see mostly young folks because the Mormons have so many kids. I always wondered, where are the many baby boomers? Yes, I heard they are in Denver (what are they doing there anyway?) but they are also up the coast line in California and Oregon. They still have long hair, but they prefer now running B&Bs, art shops, hotels, cafes, nutrition shops, stuff like this. But they were nice. And they still bike their motorcycle and still think they are very young and invincible.
    No, we missed Mill Valley but will check it out next time, I am around there. Yes, the toll charges, we noticed them too! The day we walked over the Golden Gate bridge, it was so windy and cold. Some parts of the bridge have grids. First I thought that the city put them up to prevent that people jump down but further down the bridge, these grids are no longer and it would be easy to jump down.
    Yes, you don’t have that warm Gulf Stream, and I noticed the same as you, feet are going numb while playing in the water, and I saw the many interesting stuff that comes from the ocean and that Chinese in Chinatown put that seaweed right into my food. Peach, I noticed that people crab a lot in SF. Families sit at the bay, throw their crab catchers in the ocean and getting their dinner out of there. They do that also up the Oregon coast. Not just professional fisher, just about anybody is crabbing. I saw lots of tide pools, Peach, and walked them too! But I found rarely mussels. Maybe it was a bad year for mussels.

    Enjoy your blackberries, Peach. I have some in the freezer too, waiting to be made into delicious smoothies. Or I eat them raw.
    By the way, we were at a Chinese place and they offered green beans fried in olive oil. I was thinking of you and ate them, and I came to the same conclusion: they are really satisfying. How do you prepare yours?
    Yes, there is something to it: if you plant late, you might not get the biggest harvest. Do you have to replant next spring or will all come again next year? That Ron of yours has a mind on his own, hasn’t he?

    Here where I live, people can quite a bit. The store offer the glass jars etc. for canning, but I never did it myself. You cook the fruit or vegetables and stored them in air tight jars, right? Did you use instruments to make the jars airtight?

    For what do you need the thickening agent, tapioca instead of corn starch? For the tomato sauce? Why do you prefer tapioca?

    Peach, in Chinatown, I liked most the stores that offered stuff that you did not recognize. You have no idea what it is and when I asked some of the old Chinese ladies in these stores, I found that they speak no word English but probably lived for a very long time in the USA. They offered fish in plastic bags and no fridge anywhere but they seem to eat it and don’t die on it. Some of these stores were packed with stuff which you can’t find in any grocery store here probably because nobody knows what it is. One Chinese woman offered Ginseng tea. She sold the roots. It tasted horrible but she was so proud her tea.

    Yes, you are right, the grocery stores just go with the trends, and advertisement is responsible for the trends. What I find rather odd is that processed junk food is so much cheaper than fresh produce. No wonder that people are getting sick.

    I will see next spring how many of my plants will make it, Peach.

    The aphids left? Well, that was quite the right action then. Can you buy ladybugs? They are really the only bugs that I find cute and tolerable. They have the right name. Ladies like them. How about the ants? I didn’t had many this years but this could have to do with that the terminater sprayed around the house against termites. Termites look indeed like ants with wings. Glad to hear that you know how to keep them away from the house. And you can always in addition seal their entry spots with petroleum jelly.

    Many people move to the coast because they think they are just depressed in the main land. I talked to a lady in Northern California at the coast who had a nice store with all kinds of expensive crap, and she said that she always get the blues in winter at the coast, and she plays Hawaiian music to get through this period. And I know somebody from Hawaii who said that being on an island can be often depressive because you feel locked up and separated from the mainland, etc., and that they getting the blues there too. Guess, the grass is always greener at another place…

    Is 80 – 100 bucks your total heating bill for the winter? That is pretty cheap. If I would heat the entire house and not just the rooms I am in winter, I could probably spent 800 bucks per month, but I rarely get visitors in winter, so I reduce my space like living in an apartment for those three months and just have a 100 – 150 Dollars heating bill each months for three months. That is not that bad for the winter temperatures here.

    I have projects too where I could insulate the house better for winter. Interesting, that you can turn off a pilot to unused burners on the stove. If I turn one off mine, the gas escapes. We must have different models.

    Yes, Peach, we are so on the same page about loud noise! I hate it as much as you do. Where I live now, in the country, things are not that bad most of the time, except of lawnmowers in summer and barking dogs. You can hear them miles away. Winters are really quiet. Even most dogs are inside then. It was mainly noise that drove me out of downtown SLC. I could not bear the noise anymore despite my large collection of ear plugs and head phones. Yes, we still have the same nervous systems we had before. Machines, busses, pile drivers and booming cars, and we are raped constantly with their noise. It does hurt, and I read that this stress causes diseases. Some of the motorbikes are so loud that I stick my fingers in the ears until they are 3 miles away. Anything loud should be contained in sound proof walls too, Peach. If anyone wants to knock himself out with noise can go there but anything else, it should be quiet. The producers of the machines should produce quiet motors or pay us damages for the hurt. Period.

    Yes, non-intrusive noise is alright, like your acapella guy but turning on the boom box when other people want to relax, this is mean and inconsiderate. And there are so many inconsiderate people, and if you ask some of them to turn the noise down, they do it deliberately.

    I don’t think that I can pull off a soundproof room within the house either but I could build myself a soundproof room outside in the garden, where I could escape. You never know who your neighbor becomes. Here you can hear noise 5 acres down the road, so I think about it as a possible future project if my neighborhood should get louder.

    It is always a surprise which plants come the next year and which not. My walnut tree had not one walnut last year. Squirrels were outraged. And this year, it is full with nuts again!

    We have a lot of raccoons here lately, Peach. My neighbor caught already a lot with a living trap (houses three of them comfortably). She attracts them with cat food and drives them 15 miles to a spring where she let them go. Bless her heart. She doesn’t kill them. On the same street as mine is a broken down house. It is broken down since decades and who knows what animals live in there. It is a real life Halloween house, if you ask me.
    Your possum come into the house? That would freaky me out and I would call animal control immediately, telling them to remove the wild tiger in my salon. 😉 I have screens before my doors, so they would have to bite through them to get in. They could, but at night, when they roam, my doors are closed. Golden Seal works against bites? I so far just got bitten by mosquitos here but maybe it helps against those bites too.

    Well, from what you tell me, selling antiques is not that simple as it looks. I saw a lot of antique shops on my trip, Peach. Some really very expensive, and some stores look like they were recently hit by a tornado but most seem to do well. I understand that you can’t and won’t sell from your home. I don’t think that robbers would steal tea cups, except the queen of England drank of them. I think they would come for electronics and jewelry. I think your Faire arrangement works, so no need to change that. It is good to be cautious. You are living alone in your house, so don’t do anything that doesn’t let you feel safe at night or even at the day. You have your sister’s space and this did it and will likely do so in future.

    You are trying to get a home refinance? That means that you are getting a loan that you pay back with interests? How long will you have to pay back until it is paid off? Did you pay the first mortgage of your house down? How do you have to wait until you know that it is approved?
    Your monthly payment will be lower but further down the road you are paying more, right, because you have to pay the interest as well?
    There is no open finance matter on my „villa“. It is all paid, except for the „surprises“, bad floors that I have to pay of course. Right now my Internet is sabotaged. I can access it (I pay for the highest speed available) but I can’t buffer any video and checked anything and still don’t know the cause. Tomorrow comes the Internet guy, and I will tell him to fix it or I will look for another provider.
    Sorry that you had so much stress that you felt having heart problems again. Stress is really poison, and that is what this world has anywhere. Even on vacation, there is certain stress, dangerous drivers, bad connections, waiting, noise, rudeness, accidents, very high prices, or crazy taxi driver calling you in the middle of the night asking you what color you panty has (which was the freakiest part of the journey), etc. And the best is, getting away from it all and having as little stress as possible.
    Bear is your sister’s name? That is an unusual name.
    Well, I don’t like rude people neither. Being friendly doesn’t cost much. Since I moved here, I didn’t meet many if any rude people. Here, in the country, people are glad that they have neighbors and businesses appreciate business, so everyone is friendly. It is the city that does not appreciate the individual, they have too many of them.
    Yes, it is probably a good idea to put screening over the vents. But aggressive rats would bite through them if you just use fine screenings. Did you ever try one of these electronic compellers? You stick it in a power outlet and it sends out a tone that allegedly humans don’t hear but animals hate, so they run off. (I saw a comic where they had such an electric compeller and nobody heard anything but the horrible mother in law. She always turned the head and looked around when the eletr. compeller was activated.) But really, I don’t know if it works, Peach. Some people say that it even works against ants.
    I could turn my attic in two further rooms but what for? I have enough rooms to remove dust from. Yes, cats are here too. Sometimes I play with them but I have none of my own. I was thinking about a basement too but then I changed my mind after two neighbors told me of their basement problems, e.g. water coming in, etc. having to heat these spaces just to prevent mold, etc. So, if I ever build myself a new house, I will make a HUGE crawlspace, as bigger as better, that I will isolate. And in summer, I let the wind blow through.
    Three stair cases in one house? That is a big one. But would you really want to live in such a big house alone? At night, when you saw a scary movie, you want to be alone in such a huge house? After I saw a really scary movie, Peach, even my own bed is too big for me. 😉
    I still can clean most of the house in one day, Peach, but I have also a huge outside to take care of. And I don’t think that I wouldn’t have wanted to take care of both, inside and a large parcel of land outside when I was a teenager. I remember that I told a boss who wanted me to get rid of the leaves in the yard of her business that I don’t see why I should go through the effort doing that because nature will take care of it sooner or later. Haha, she was shocked about such an attitude. I tried to avoid work when I was a teen, Peach. All I wanted to do was reading, dancing, and horseback riding. Do you know where I really changed in this regard? In Scientology. Wiped out my laziness within a few hours and I am productive ever since. 
    After we came back from vacation, all apple trees in my neighborhood were gone. I will try to get one early in spring, after the last frost is gone. I love apples. What kind of apple tree was yours? Some of the expensive supermarket apples don’t even taste good. Yes, I heard of Caesar Chavez and the grape boycott, that was a big strike, I believe in the 70s. If produce is really expensive, people eat more junk and that costs again money because they are getting sick sooner…
    Yes, we have these avocado prices here as well, a dollar each, or even a dollar fifty, and some are black on the inside! About frying the eggplant, I heard that if the oil is very hot if you put the eggplant in, it would not drink much oil.
    You mentioned before that you like your compost pile, Peach. I had one this year too but just with garden waste, no kitchen waste, and I got good soil from it that I could use again. Now mine is full with leaves but I have so much more and it does not fit in there. I did rid all kinds of exhaustive actions in earlier years to get of my many leaves. There is also a place where I can deliver compost style stuff for free.
    Maybe you are right and I would be good as sewing, Peach, maybe one day I try it. Do you sew your own clothes? You read the pattern? They look like crazy driving instructions, haha!
    Yes, enjoy some good books, Peach. What do you think of the Kindle? You can also read books online, which I probably will do when my videos don’t buffer.
    Wishing you cozy days and good health!
    Best wishes,

    Barbara Schwarz

    November 6, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    • Hi Barbara

      Halloween was ok, but we didn’t get as many kids here as last year. That’s always disappointing. Thanksgiving came and went. I got invited to a friend’s house, and it was great. They had a few people over who were all congenial. They did the turkey in one of those countertop roasters, and it came out perfect, as did all the side dishes. I made a blackberry pie, which would have been perfect had it cooled enough. If you don’t cool those, the filling doesn’t set, and it gets very runny. I used the tapioca flour to thicken it, instead of the usual cornstarch, and I think I liked it better once it set. It tasted great. For tomato sauce, you don’t need thickening, you just cook it down. Did you have a good time too on Thanksgiving?

      Don’t feel bad about not packing warm enough clothes for the West Coast. It happens to a lot of people. They can’t believe how chilly it gets in the Bay Area in the summer! I wear layers a lot. Down vests come in very handy, particularly if you have a coat or jacket that you can wear over them.

      Three prisoners did escape from Alcatraz, using a raft made out of raincoats, but they didn’t swim. A guy named Jack LaLanne did it a couple of times. He was a real fitness buff. He did Golden Gate Bridge swims, too. We used to watch him on the tv when we were kids. I’m sure that China town was more fun than Alcatraz. I love the grocery stores there. Everything looks so odd and interesting. Makes you wish you had a Chinese mother to cook it for you. I used to be very fond of Chinese sausage, though I felt guilty eating it because it had so much fat in it. Had an odd sweetish taste that I liked, but I’m not sure what spice made it taste like that. Yes! stir fried beans, those long Asian ones are great! I usually just steam my beans, but now you mention it, I wish I’d sauted some of them in olive oil. Somewhere I have a book on Chinese cooking, but I never did any. I think it would be fun to be able to do it well. Oh, I did do some stir frying when I still owned a wok. That was kinda neat. It gets very hot and everything sizzles. You have to be really quick.

      Oh, by the way, I did eat Ethiopian food once at a restaurant. I loved it! I like eating with my fingers. Except I sure wouldn’t be able to handle the one handed eating technique that many Mid-Eastern cultures employ.

      I didn’t know that people did their own crabbing here. But I hardly ever go to San Francisco anymore. I would imagine you’d have to have a fishing license. I don’t get crab too often, unless someone offers it to me. So expensive. I don’t know how many mussels are around now. There used to be lots of them along the coast near Half Moon Bay. And I don’t know the regulations for harvesting them. There weren’t any prohibitions when I was a kid, just keeping an eye out for red tides which rendered them poisonous.

      Here’s some canning instructions: As you can see, it’s a lengthy process that takes up the entire kitchen. And the entire afternoon. Everything you do has to be hot, the stuff you put in the jars has to be hot, the jars have to be hot, the lids and rings have to be hot, it’s all hot. I remember my mom making jam on hot days! Whew. She’d get cranky. I think you might get a kick out of making pickles. I have a pressure cooker, but just used a big pot for the jar boiling. Worked just fine.

      The garden is about over. That is, the beans and the tomatoes and the zucchini are. But the pepper and eggplants are still looking good, even though they aren’t producing much. I’d like to see if they over winter, as some of each did in previous years, but I don’t think Ron will like that much. Perhaps he’ll be too busy with his studies to insist that I take it all out. We’ll see. Much to my surprise, some of the turnips seem to be making turnips! I’d thought they’d only do greens, which is what one would expect seeing as we planted them at the wrong time and I didn’t thin them. Ron likes to plant a lot of seeds. I run to less seeds and less thinning. I’ll remind him next year, as I will remind him about the ladybugs versus insecticide. You can buy ladybugs. Good nurseries have them, and they come in little cardboard cartons. You can also buy praying mantis cocoons. I’ve never tried those, though occasionally I spot a mantis in the yard. I really like them, so maybe I should try getting some. The egg case hatches a bunch of little mantises.

      I think a lot of hippies from the Bay Area went to Oregon, Washington, and also Mendocino. I guess most of them got driven out of Marin unless they were smart enough to buy their houses when they were cheap. There’s some in Berkeley, Napa, Sonoma. Wherever they could perch, with their generally low-income lifestyles. I’m sure many managed to fit into either quirky or mainstream jobs. Or went into business for themselves. I did quirky. I was less successful with mainstream. I’m not a very mainstream person.

      The noise has been a lot better lately, Barbara. I really hate having to be the local noise police and I do wish other people would step up. They’re all waiting for somebody else to do, and the somebody else is always me. I always worry about new neighbors too, and I’m so grateful when they turn out to be nice, reasonable people, because sometimes they aren’t and you’re stuck with them. I must admit, I could never use one of those noise devices on animals. I’d probably imagine I could hear it and drive myself mad. Besides, something that bothered rats and mice would probably bother cats, possums and raccoons. I don’t even hate rats and mice. I like them, I just don’t care for the damage they do, so it’s a small gauge screen for me. I don’t know if they’d bite through it, seems like a lot of effort. I like all the spiders and moths that make their way into the house. I like the big crane flies. The possums were just all over the place this year, and were often in the house and had to be caught and thrown out. I was more amused than annoyed, even if I had to clean up possum poop. They certainly got used to me, and now that they’re bigger, they let me sit at the door and watch them eat. I do have to pretend that I don’t see them, though. They insist on that.

      I hope you have better luck with the apple trees next year, Barbara. I agree, you have to pick your variety to suit yourself. My tree was a golden delicious. They were very tasty apples and they made great pies. I don’t much care for grannysmiths for eating out of the hand, though those are excellent for pies. I don’t care for red delicious either, not much taste. You could go through a good market and buy a variety of them, eat them, and decide which one you want as a tree. I think gala apples are pretty good.

      You ran out of room for your compost pile? I just keep mine in a big heap. I don’t have so many trees in the yard as you, I know, and I don’t rake leaves. They make a pretty good mulch. That’s what’s under the loquat tree… loquat leaves. Nothing much grows under there but baby loquats, which I pull up, and nasturtiums, which I love. I’m very satisfied with this arrangement. But I don’t really go in for lawns, so it doesn’t matter. I have one that’s kind of a strip in the backyard, in the winter only. I don’t ever water it, so it has very different complexions for different seasons. Basically, it’s just where nothing else happens to be. So I do like your attitude about the leaves with your former employer. Sounds like good sense to me. Rake ’em when you feel like it. Better yet, arrange the yard so you don’t have to rake ’em. I was terribly industrious throughout much of my life. I’m at that age where I’m wondering why I did that. I love to sleep now. Especially lately, since I got two colds in a row. One ended, another started. I don’t know about a kindle. I guess you could read it in bed, but I love holding those books. Falling asleep with one on your face. You have one, right? What are you reading on it?

      I guess I agree with you about the basement. Everybody I’ve met who had one had trouble keeping it dry, though I suppose it would depend on how the house is situated and drained. Now I’ve seen pictures of house with good sized crawl spaces, bounded by a lattice, and those look neat. Ah, but an attic! All the forgotten stuff in an attic. So romantic and quaint. You don’t really have to clean them, though if you take anything down from it, you have to clean that item. When I’m in my short attic, I feel like I’m in another world. I don’t think a large house is practical, unless you have a cleaning staff, but wouldn’t it be fun to live in one for awhile? Take a vacation in one. Maybe have a cook down in the kitchen, in case of scary movies. The first time I saw Night of the Living Dead, it was on tv at 1am. After it was over, I felt distinctly uneasy by myself in my small apartment, where I knew no zombies were hiding.

      The home refinance went through, after lots of stress and effort. The monthly payments are lower, but the loan starts over at 30 years. I had paid down the last refinance quite a bit, so I’m starting lower than that. You’re right. You start over, mostly paying interest. The only way you can look at it and stay sane is as money flow. Of course I would prefer to have the house paid off, like yours is, but that’s never going to happen. Sigh. I had to clean up everything for the appraisal and am now acutely aware of all the things that need fixing. I’d been managing to forget them most of the time. Maybe I’ll be able to fix some of it in the next couple of years. I really need to paint the house. Ugh. I did it once. It takes forever. All that scraping and sanding.

      My gas and electric bill is 80-100 per month in the winter. I try to keep the heater off as much as possible. I wear jackets and vests and coats in the house. The heater running sounds to me like money dribbling away. But sometimes I just cannot get comfortable until it’s on. But it’s always off when I go to bed. I don’t mean turned down, I mean off. I can get away with it because this is California. Usually. There was one really cold winter in this house, when I had to have the heater on a lot. Then Ron gave me a little electric oil heater, which I could move around, and that worked pretty well. I believe it was cheaper. The people who lived here before me had insulation blown into the attic and the walls, so that helps, but I don’t use carpets, and that doesn’t help. I know you like those nice wood floors, too. If you had your big crawl space, I think you might have to put down some rugs.

      I hear that the people in Oregon and Washington along the coast get depressed over their rainy weather. They do have the consolation of great beauty. You’d really have to have warm and cheerful places to live and work to avoid being blue. At least I would. I lived the first few years of my life in San Francisco, and what I remember of it is drear. Gray, with blackbirds singing. After we moved, we’d go up there to visit relatives, and it seemed that it was often cloudy, foggy, chilly, and damp. Yesterday I saw teenagers walking to school in the fog, and some of the boys were wearing only t-shirts and shorts! They didn’t look cold either. Youth!

      Yes, selling antiques is not so simple and easy as people think. Much of our stuff sells for between five and twenty dollars. That’s a lot of stuff to find and sell, to make money, considering that I had to pay for the items in the first place. I see some people at the Faire who have not too much stock, but what they have is higher end and expensive. Seems like it would be easy to have a really bad day if everybody was only buying cheap stuff. When the robber guy broke in here, I hadn’t started selling yet, but I had all the same kind of stuff I sell now. He couldn’t find anything much to steal! He’d moved things around and looked in boxes, and in the end decided on the cheap vcr, because that was the only thing he could sell on the streets. None of the other stuff was familiar to him, except my watch, rings, lighter and walkman. He couldn’t very well hang out on a street corner going, “Psst! I have an old kid’s tin cup with a clown on it. Wanna buy? Only a dollar!” But last month at the Faire, we had two items stolen: an orange enamel cup marked five dollars, and a rosary! Now, the theft of the rosary was pretty funny. The thief was unclear on the concept. We think we might have to pushpin those to the case, now.

      Yes, I used to sew quite a few of my own clothes. I’m not set up to do it now. You practically need a free room in which to do it. It was enjoyable. I think you might enjoy it, though you do need to start with simple things, so you get used to how things are done. What you find is that some patterns are written and illustrated better than others, just like any other instruction manual.

      Oh yeah! What was the hilarious story about the underwear obsessed taxi driver? I laughed my butt off when I read that. Had you met this person? Or was he a random panty detective? 😀

      I hope you’re warm, Barbara, with lots of good books to read, and looking forward to Christmas. Have any idea of what you’re going to do? If I don’t get any invites, I’ll either stay home, or go to someplace nice in the area, where there’s lots of trees. I used to go to Muir Woods every Christmas for a number of years. That was pretty good. I once saw salmon spawning in the stream there. And on Christmas Eve, I shall drive around looking at the lights, which I adore doing. Gotta keep those lights on when it gets dark.

      So the best to you, Barbara, and I hope your winter season has lots of cheer.


      PS It’s getting hard for me to load this page now, because it’s so long and there’s so many videos. I wonder if you could make a new page, so we can start at the top?


      November 30, 2011 at 7:31 am

  118. I changed in Scientology to the better too. I gladly apply it.


    November 9, 2011 at 2:42 am

  119. L. Ron Hubbard wrote: Production is the basis of moral. It sure is.


    November 9, 2011 at 9:04 am

  120. Many baby boomers live in Denver, but the city is for anyone. Have you been to Denver?



    November 10, 2011 at 9:27 pm

    • Briefly, after a ride through the Rockies. (Awesome!) It seemed flat to me. In Salt Lake City you can see the mountains everywhere around you but not in Denver.

      Barbara Schwarz

      November 12, 2011 at 4:53 am

  121. The best of YouTube are the music videos, imho. 🙂 I could spam your blog with 100 songs daily, but I won’t . 🙂 Keep on posting, Barbara. I read them. Your blog is getting noted by the engine robots.


    November 11, 2011 at 3:00 am

  122. LRH: ART is a word which summarizes THE QUALITY OF COMMUNICATION. You’re doing fine, Barbara.

    Paula Q.

    November 20, 2011 at 9:10 am

  123. Maybe Chick Corea composed something to honor L. Ron Hubbard.

    From Wikipedia
    Corea says that Scientology has helped deepen his relationships with others, and helped him find a renewed path.[3] Under the “special thanks” notes, found in all of his later albums, Corea mentions that L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, has been a continual source of inspiration. In 1968 Corea discovered Dianetics, Hubbard’s principal work, and in the early 1970s developed an interest in Hubbard’s science fiction novels. The two exchanged letters until Hubbard’s death in 1986, and Corea had three guest appearances on Hubbard’s 1982 album Space Jazz: The Soundtrack of the Book Battlefield Earth, noting, “[Hubbard] was a great composer and keyboard player as well. He did many, many things. He was a true Renaissance Man.”[6]
    Corea said that Scientology became a profound influence on his musical direction in the early 1970s:
    I no longer wanted to satisfy myself. I really want to connect with the world and make my music mean something to people.[13]
    Due to Corea’s religious affiliation, he was banned from performing in a concert to be held in Stuttgart, Germany, on August 15, 1993.[14] Members of the U.S. Congress sent letters to the German government concerning a violation of basic human rights that are upheld by the German Constitution. The ban was not upheld, and in later years Corea performed in festivals in Germany, including several times at the government-supported International Jazz Festival in Burghausen where he was awarded a plaque in Burghausen’s “Street of Fame” in 2011.[15]
    In 1998, Corea and fellow entertainers Anne Archer, Isaac Hayes, and Haywood Nelson attended the 30th anniversary of Freedom Magazine, the Church of Scientology’s investigative news journal, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., to honor 11 human rights activists.[16]

    Quiet reader

    November 22, 2011 at 8:34 am

    • I remember when Chick Corea came to the Munich org. He was a very kind and accessible person. There was nothing arrogant about him. However, I wonder with what “L. Ron Hubbard” he corresponded, the real one or the impostor. (I am not saying that Chick knew that it was the impostor, if the impostor replied to him.)

      What a shame for still existing Nazi-Germany to ban artists, it doesn’t matter what their religion is.

      Barbara Schwarz

      November 22, 2011 at 10:02 am

  124. LRH himself composed numerous pieces but I can’t come up with a song by any Scientologist honoring LRH in the lyrics.

    1. THE ROAD TO FREEDOM performed by John Travolta, Leif Garrett, Frank Stallone, Lee Purcell.
    2. THE WAY TO HAPPINESS performed by Leif Garrett, Gayle Moran, Nicky Hopkins.

    3. THE WORRIED BEING performed by Amanda Ambrose.

    4. THE EVIL PURPOSE performed by Frank Stallone.

    5. LAUGH A LITTLE performed by Michael Roberts, Pam Roberts, Margie Nelson.

    6. THE GOOD GO FREE performed by David Pomerantz.

    7. WHY WORSHIP DEATH? performed by Chick Corea, Julia Migenes.

    8. MAKE IT GO RIGHT performed by David Pomerantz.

    9. THE ARC SONG performed by John Travolta, Karen Black, Jeff Pomerantz, Frank Stallone, Lee Purcell, Gloria Rusch.

    10. L’ENVOI, THANK YOU FOR LISTENING performed by L. Ron Hubbard


    November 25, 2011 at 4:55 am

    • He was murdered in May 1984. The guy who says L’ENVOI, THANK YOU FOR LISTENING is not the real founder but the impostor. Ha! The real Ron sung a lot better.

      Barbara Schwarz

      November 25, 2011 at 11:34 am

  125. Here are some background data to the The Road to Freedom: It is a 1986 record album by L. Ron Hubbard & Friends. Artists that worked on the album include John Travolta, Chick Corea, Leif Garrett, Frank Stallone, and Karen Black.

    The album was produced by the Church of Scientology and their recording studio Golden Era Productions. The Church of Scientology says the album achieved its gold record within four months of its release.The cover art for the original album and the updated version of the same cover feature a long bridge meandering off into the sky. This is reminiscent of “The Bridge to Total Freedom” that appears on the Scientology introductory book, What is Scientology. The album was promoted with a live performance, which was recorded and sold by the Church of Scientology.

    A March 20, 1986 press release put out by the Church of Scientology announced a series of tribute events in honor of L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday, and stated, “Crowds applauded the surprise release of an album of popular music composed by Hubbard entitled “The Road to Freedom,” featuring leading artists John Travolta, Chick Corea, Karen Black, opera star Julia Migenes-Johnson, Leif Garrett, Frank Stallone, and more than two dozen other recording artists and entertainers. At the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, the event featured a live performance by the original artists.”

    The Church of Scientology put out advertising directed towards its WISE International membership that directed them to order multiple copies of the album (offered in 1/2 dozen lots) to give to associates as a means to introduce people to the concepts of Scientology. The advertising calls this album “the perfect dissemination tool”.This album was published by Revenimus Music Publishing, the music publishing division of the Church of Scientology, which also published the album Mission Earth, which was also written by L. Ron Hubbard and produced, arranged, and performed by Edgar Winter.


    November 27, 2011 at 2:00 pm

    • Thanks for your info. I have all reason’s to believe that Ron, the real founder of Scientology, was murdered in the beginning of May of 1984. Yes, he was also a skilled and wonderful musician but the person who spoke on that tape using the name L. Ron Hubbard was not the real Ron. I don’t care what others say. I know what I have seen and observed, and according to my perception, it is true.

      Barbara Schwarz

      November 27, 2011 at 9:38 am

  126. Frank Stallone is a Scientologist? Isn’t that the brother of Sylvester Stalone?


    November 27, 2011 at 6:05 pm

    • Newbie, yes, that’s him, Rocky’s brother.


      November 27, 2011 at 7:01 am

  127. Thanks, Joey. It was a very drawn out and difficult process, I feel like I’ve been through a storm. Peach


    November 30, 2011 at 7:59 am

  128. Anybody here who knows Michael Fairman?

    Piet Forever

    November 30, 2011 at 10:45 am

  129. The THROUGH THE FIRE lyrics remind me of Barbara:

    Through the fire, to the limit, to the wall
    For just to be with you I’d gladly risk it all
    Through the fire, through whatever come what may
    For a chance at loving you, I’d take it all the way…
    Right down to the wire, even through the fire


    December 2, 2011 at 9:50 pm

  130. This article says that NBN is as secretive as Scientology:


    December 8, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    • Scientology is not secretive. Ron’s impostor was a secret service guy and so are the infiltrators. The article proves that secret service people are not just in Scientology but also in NBN and elsewhere.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 8, 2011 at 1:28 pm

  131. Hi Peach,

    As you find it too crowded here, check your own thread “Hi Peach!” in this blog.

    About Halloween. Well, I am too far away from the Main Street for the kids to walk here at night. It is often pitch-black here, and you need a flash light not to walk into a tree.

    A father of a school friend once told me his definition of home: “Home is where you have your stuff!” According to him, it is not where your heart or your family is but where you have your stuff. I never viewed home like he did. I think of home with love and all warm feelings in the world, but his definition of home made me laugh nevertheless.

    I have new neighbors two acres down the road. Somebody sold all the cows on that huge field and bought alpacas and donkeys. They are really cute and very interesting in anyone who comes by. Sometimes, at night, I hear them braying. Sounds funny. 🙂

    Looks like your Thanksgiving was nice and your blackberry pie sounds delicious, Peach. I was also invited to a party, but I wouldn’t mind being alone on that day. We didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Germany, so I have no cozy memories of this day. It is a nice tradition though. The hosts that invited me have HUGE family and they had a really big buffet with all kinds of stuff. It was warm enough to be outside. I noticed how easy life is when you have a big family. They all helped together and in the late afternoon, the entire house was decorated for Christmas inside and out. The hosts simply could relax and see the lights go on… Big family worked together and it was no real work for anyone.
    While growing up with RB, I didn’t want any family at all. Family seemed to me like the biggest stop in life, like a huge stone bound to your ankle. If one or more family members suppress you in the name of “love”, I want none. But if family members LOVE another WITH RESPECT, I prefer a huge family.

    Right, most people think it is always warm in California. We had some warm clothes but had to wear them a lot. We bought warms clothes in San Francisco at Fisherman’s Wharf because the wind was so cold. Some of the residents seem to be used to the cold wind, but we had hottest weather from where we came, and it felt quite like a shock. Long hair is also a problem in San Francisco and very much so up the Oregon coast. Wind blows it always in your face and eyes.

    But otherwise, I like San Francisco. It is cute and we met nice people, except this guy. He scared the heck out of me. He jumped out behind the bushes and screamed. He found it very funny. Not me. One day, a person will get a heart attack! I looked at the scenery and not at bushes, so I walked very close by him when he suddenly jumped out. I screamed like these girls and he laughed his head off. I didn’t give him a cent, Peach. I’m not giving money to people who scare me.

    We were warned of Falsom Street though. But we were there, and it was fine.

    I guess the escape of these prisoners was one of the reasons why they closed Alcatraz as a prison. Or was a financial decision? Maybe both. I googled the name of Jack LaLanne. Yes, you are right, he was a dare devil. I read he made his Alcatraz swim in 55 minutes and that handcuffed. But I assume, he didn’t take hot showers as the Alcatraz prisoners. It makes a huge difference. And he didn’t jump off the bridge, didn’t he? Some parts of the bridge where secured with iron railings but not all of the bridge. I wondered why they just put iron railings at certain parts of the bridge.

    Yes, they do their own crabbing directly on Fisherman’s Wharf. I am not sure if those people who we saw had a fishing license. Guess because food is so expensive, people throw their crabbing cages into the cold blue water and fish their own food. Up the Orgeon coast just about anyone did it, even mothers with little kids.

    I didn’t see any mussels. Not even up in Oregon. Maybe it was a bad mussel year. I like sea food but mussels not so much. I didn’t knew that red tides render mussels poisonous but it makes sense, Peach. A have a friend who lives at the ocean. He says he doesn’t eat any sea food that feeds from the ocean bottom because of the environmental problems. Most toxics stuff is stuck on the bottom of the ocean.
    Right, I noticed too the many hippies in Northern California and on the Oregon coast lines. They seem rather tame to me now. Settled down. White ponytails, still on Easy Riders but maybe not more that interested anymore to change the world, what they wanted to do decades ago. Many baby boomers seem to like Denver. (I saw the Rockies this year too. They are much more beautiful than I imagined!) There are not that many boomers in Utah. Or you don’t see them because of the many young people there. Utah is a very young state. Kids everywhere. Mormons have huge families.

    I understand that some people are depressed if it gets cold and rainy. Real gray weather gets to me too. However, the Northern California and Oregon coastline is really making up for as far as scenic beauty is concerned. I read articles in which people claim that almost no beach looks nice anymore. But the Oregon beaches look completely untouched by people, it is amazing, and they stretch out like that for miles and miles.

    You wrote that you had a drear feeling growing up in San Francisco, Peach. It has a reputation of being one of the most attractive spots on Earth. Actually, it buzzed with activities when we were there, but yes, there is drear aspect to it as far as the weather is concerned. Too bad, I heard no blackbirds singing. But I saw beautiful private gardens in San Francisco looking down on the ocean. Well, it sure might help living in a warm place with lots of sunshine to avoid blues, but I know somebody (rather upbeat most of the time) who finds even Hawaii depressive. And it all boils down to that happiness is a state of mind, and if you are happy, any place is wonderful. In regards to the young people that you saw wearing only t-shirts and shorts in colder weather: did you remember not feeling cold when you were younger? I don’t think that I changed in this regards. I always felt cold quickly, already as a kid and a teenager. I think most women have this problem more than men.

    Speaking about youth, Peach: young people are nice to look at but whenever I see them, I hope that I was not that annoying when I was their age! And did you try listening to their conversations? Most have no stories to tell but they talk all the time! It is much more interesting to hear people talk who are not that young anymore because they have more stories to tell and most of them have a better sense of humor too.

    Yes, Chinatown was fun. When we were there, they had a big autumn fest. What surprised me that some older Chinese women (who seemed to be in San Francisco since decades) didn’t speak any English. (On the other there are younger women in China and their English is really good.) The Chinatown ladies offered food and spices, and I tried to find out what that stuff is but I got only Chinese explanations! That means that I still have no clue what the stuff was. Boxes after boxes unusual and interesting looking stuff and nowhere any English explanation in sight. They had lots of stuff in dried form, I know how ginseng roots looks like but most other stuff I never had seen before. They had also all kinds of eggs and fish but not in any fridge. Guess they prepared them somehow that they didn’t spoil. I could have taken pictures and checked on the Internet what it is but I don’t think that these women would have liked that. Yes, would be interested to taste what they are cooking. I don’t remember having seen any Chinese sausage in Chinatown. By lightly frying raw vegetables, they preserve the aroma and the vitamins. There are people who just east raw food because it is healthier. It is really interesting:

    You like eating with your fingers, Peach? It was funny at the Ethiopian place but to me it felt weird to me eating mushy stuff with fingers. I always wanted to get up and wash my hands! But I love Injera, their bread. But I think you need Teff flour, otherwise it will not have the consistency.
    You raised a very interesting subject: eating technique. You noticed that people of Mid-Eastern cultures eat with one hand? You mean without a spoon or fork? Hmm. I was in Turkey and Iran and noticed that they eat bread with the hand (which most American do too) but other stuff they ate with a spoon or a fork like we do. Do you remember another technique, Peach?
    In Germany, you have the fork and the knife always in your hands during a meal. But not me. I eat like Americans since my birth, no kidding. I cut the stuff and then I have my fork in the right hand and the other hand on my lap. One day in Germany, I noticed that I eat the American way: the left hand remains under the table unless you use it in the process of cutting. RB always tried to teach me to have both hands on the table, with the fork in the left hand and the knife in the right. I didn’t like it. Felt weird to me.
    Thanks for the canning link, Peach, yes, it is a lot of work to can produce. It is so much easier to just stuff that stuff in the freezer and take it out later.

    Germans used to make their own sauerkraut (sour cabbage). Guess that is why they are called Krauts. It was cabbage cut in stripes and mixed with salt in wooden barrels. We kids had to wash our feet and get in the barrel and stomp on top of the cabbage to make it mushy, which was fun if it didn’t go on for hours.
    I remember that “I love Lucy” did it once too in Italy, I believe. Remember this episode?
    Do you leave vegetable outside in winter? I couldn’t do that. They would turn into popsicles here. Do you have to get the peppers and eggplants in that they don’t freeze?

    Is your Ron a neighbor? What does he study? Did you ever plant parsnips? Try to fry a raw parsnip (slices) in olive oil with a bit salt. Delicious!

    Next year in spring, will your vegetables come back or do you have to plant new?
    Yes, Granny Smith are sour and hard but I like them too. Agree with you on the Red Delicious. Sometimes they look nice but often taste after nothing. Roma are often not juicy enough. I really want to plant special apple trees. My sister wants to come in spring and help me plant. I like Gala too. Macintosh and Braeburn are delicious. I found a link with all kinds of apples. I want them all! I love apples. Notice also the Adam’s Pearmain apple! Maybe that is the one that started all the troubles in paradise? Peach, I would be in heaven if I could try all these different apples.

    Guess you are right and you can buy all kinds of bugs. Well, I think I have enough. Lady bugs are cute but otherwise, I am rather anti-bugs. Maybe I should sell some to get rid of them? I catch bugs on my land, teach them a trick or two and wrap them up real nice and sell them on Ebay?

    I am glad that you are not bothered that much anymore with noise. Guess in winter the environment is more quiet than summer, at least here. I understand what you mean. Most people suffer under noise and everyone hopes that anyone else takes care of it. I completely understand what you mean, also in regards of new neighbors because you don’t know how rude they will be. Friedrich Schiller wrote: “Es kann der Frömmste nicht in Frieden leben, wenn es dem bösen Nachbarn nicht gefällt.” – In English: “Even the best person can’t live in peace if the evil neighbor doesn’t like it.” I keep my fingers crossed.

    My corner of the world will be very quiet until next spring when they use machinery to take care of lawn and land. In downtown SLC, it was loud 24/7, 365 days a year! Many rental buildings were built before anyone heard of constant construction, boom boxes and news corporations and others flying helicopters over town all the time and heavy trucks and motor bikes from hell touring the streets! Crazy. I was often thinking that the war in Iraq must sound like downtown SLC.

    These electronic devices are more human than poison because the tone that these electronic devices emit doesn’t kill rodents or bugs they just make them pack their bags and moving elsewhere. You are sure more tolerant to all these critters. I wish them well but I drive them out of my house. However, I also try to avoid killing them. I should patent my idea of insect catcher. It is a glas or transparent plastic container and I put that over them. So they are trapped. And then I slide carefully a piece of cardboard underneath and then I remove all together from the wall, keeping the cardboard fix in place. Then I go outside and let it run or fly. I did this yesterday again to a wasp. She might freeze to death in the next weeks if she doesn’t find another warm spot because it is getting colder but I didn’t smash her.
    Your possums sure are funny. I have many (big) squirrels here. They love my walnut tree. You should hear them when they open and eat one. Must be delicious, those green unripe walnuts. They also bury all kinds of stuff on the land. Wonder if they find it again later?
    The squirrels in California are really small in comparison. Huge trees and really small squirrels in California. Hm, what is that all about?

    Yes, I ran out of room for the compost pile. It’s a lot of work to get rid of leaves. I wouldn’t worry if they would not clog the canals and could be the reason for flooding in spring, Peach. I talked to a woman these days and she raked her leaves together in the falling rain, simply because she doesn’t want flooding in spring either. I think I need to build a big wooden box for compost, and I just throw them in. Question is only if I have the strength to rotate the stuff inside with a shovel. My shovel is so heavy that I have to lift it with both hands. When leaves are left there and it gets wet or cold or when they are under the snow, they are also very slippery. You really have to watch your steps when you make your way to the mailbox. You cannot walk to the mailbox; you have to dance in very small steps to it. It is not that bad when the leaves are all removed but it is a heck of a job when you have many trees on your land or in the neighborhood. They blow here from other parcels. Last year, I was pretty good getting rid of them, but this year, I had so much else to do.

    Interesting, that you think now that you could have had an easier life if you hadn’t done certain things. I hope that your colds are gone. How did you get them, Peach? I always had colds as kid in Germany but didn’t had any in decades.

    I read at the computer at the moment but I want a Kindle. I had no time to buy one yet. But I will. Nook is interesting too. I have paper allergies. My eyes are getting itchy while looking at papers. I don’t have this problem on any screen. For me the Kindle or Nook is great. You can also write your own e-book and upload it on Amazon and sell it. You are getting 70% of the royalties. It is a pretty good deal if you don’t have your own publishing house.

    Right, attics are romantic. But also creepy if you hear stuff upstairs and you don’t know what it is. You have quite some fantasy, Peach, you could make cash by writing. Yes, it would be nice to live in a very big house but the cook is the problem! In my fantasy, he is the one you have to be afraid of. He is mixing poison in other creepy stuff in your food and the one who rattles on your window blinds after you saw a scary movie. Don’t ask me why he is doing it. He is your cook. I didn’t hire him. 😉

    I still don’t understand the refinancing matter. The bank owns your house? And you have to pay the loan back within the next 30 years? I wish you to live forever, but what would happen if you would die within those 30 years? Do you have to paint the house on the outside? I did it myself two years ago but had some troubles reaching the upper part. It wasn’t easy but looks good. I didn’t sand and scrape, I just painted. What else do you need to fix?

    Your gas and electric bill isn’t high. Mine is approx. $50 higher but I always have some electrical heat running and the gas heater on when it gets really cold. I mainly heat the rooms I am in, in winter, the rest only if I think that pipes could burst or some other harm could take place without heat. The really cold months are just Dec., Jan, and Feb. and the good thing about these months is that it is so quiet. You can hear your own heartbeat. It is needle drop kind of quiet. Makes you think that you are the only being alive. When it is that quiet, you enjoy hearing some donkeys, alpacas or horses.

    You wear jackets, vests and coats in the house? That seems very cold. How do you keep your hands and feet warm? I hate wearing much. I feel kind of restricted in my movements if I wear much. I am always glad when I come home so that I can get out of thick clothing.

    But I wonder if clothing can be heated from inside like electrical blankets or otherwise. Do you know anything like that? There is thermal clothing but I never tried it. Did you, Peach?

    Your Ron seems a good friend of yours, Peach. I got a couple of electrical heaters, and this time I bought an electric oil heater and it smells after oil. It makes me headache. What about yours? Does yours smell? I probably use it only when I am gone and the house has to be warm to protect the water pipes from freezing.

    My last handyman tried to talk me into carpeting because it is easy, cheap, and warm in winter, but I can’t live with carpet. It makes dust, has dust mites, and I don’t want allergy. Clean shiny wood floors are my cup of tea.

    I often forget to put shoes on and walk barefoot on my non-carpeted floors. Then I am in bed and can’t sleep in because my feet are too cold. Did you ever have this problem? I solved the problem with an old-fashioned hot water bottle. Cold feet a few minutes at a hot water bottle and you sleep like a baby. But my last water bottle leaked. Right, everything was wet. So, I bought wine bottles with good screw caps. I don’t drink at all but I use the bottles to fill in hot water in winter, and that is how I get my toes toasty very quickly without waiting hours until they are finally warm enough to sleep in. I know, other peoples have cats for that. 😉

    I believe you that selling antiques is not simple and that you have a huge competition. Lots of people sell on Ebay or in yard sales. And there are antique stores or even places like the Salvation Army. Do you go there to check the merchandize?

    Funny how you described that the burglar didn’t find anything in your home to steal because these items are not worth much. What an idiot in the first place to break in your place. Or does your house look so rich from the outside that people think you hide treasures inside? How many residents has your town?

    Yes, I find the theft of the rosary funny too. Guess the thief never intended to use it himself.
    When I was Public Reg in Mun Div 6, a girl came to who I had talked to weeks before. She told me that she stole a Scientology Ethic book earlier and wanted to pay it now. I was happy to hear that the Ethics book worked on her.

    Do you keep a good accounting of your merchandise? Can you remember all your items?
    Yeah, I agree, you need quite some space for sewing, e.g. sewing machine, table to cut, space for the fabric, etc. and a lot of patience and time. I have none. 😉 My sister is very good at this. She quilts too.

    Peach, the taxi driver underwear story was very creepy. After a part of my family had parted, the rest of us (2 females) took a bus in a small town, where we wanted to rent a car and continue our journey. It was a crazy connection because we arrived at 2 am in the morning. The bus dropped us off before a closed (!) bus station. Nobody was in there but a mouse. We had luggage and could not walk to find a hotel, motel, or a car rental place. We needed a cab. But the town was really closed down. It looked like in a science fiction. Nobody was driving, nobody was walking. No lights in the houses and the traffic lights were also just blinking yellow. It was chilly too and we were very tired! There were two youngsters, a girl and a boy (2011 hippy types) stranded because their buddy didn’t pick them up. He tried to get money from me. We allowed the girl to use one of our cell phones to reach her friend. So, they just had to wait for the friend, but what about us?

    There was then suddenly a tall slim man in a very clean, very white jogging outfit. He looked better than anything else in town. I asked him where I can call a cab. He wasn’t sure about it. He would wait on a taxi too because he just was released from the penitentiary. (Strange penitentiary who releases prisoners in the middle of the night in a town where such kind of people can do nothing but break in at night!) Peach, I think that you agree that this is exactly the kind of person that you don’t want to meet being stuck in a strange dark town with no life except two stranded hippy-like youngsters and mice. Who knows what he did time for? Murder? Rape? He wasn’t released from jail but from the penitentiary, where usually the guys are kept who committed the more serious crimes. But this was not all, it gets even much creepier!

    A bus driver (no driving people anywhere at this time of the night) drove by and gave me a phone number to call a cab. I called. Nobody answered. I walked around the bus station. They had a paper with a few cab numbers in the window. Called them, nobody picked up.

    Another bus driver came by later and he called a number, and finally, a cab operator was available. The former inmate walked behind me said that he needed a ride too. The bus driver gave me his cell phone and I talked to a cab office owner. He sounded like a decent business man at the phone and told us that he will send two cabs in approx. 20 minutes, one white and the other one blue. We should take the white cab and the man should take the blue cab.

    The white cab arrived before the blue cab. The hippy girl still was talking to her friend at our cell phone and, we had to wait for her to finish while I loaded with our luggage with the taxi driver in the white taxi. And then I looked in the eyes of cab driver and my blood froze! I am telling you, Peach, what I saw in his eyes was much scarier that what I saw in the eyes of the guy who came directly from the penitentiary. It is hard to describe. He wasn’t drunk and was able to make normal conversation but his eyes were not that of a normal person. His eyes were as he would be freshly hypnotized or e-shocked. I saw such eyes in patients in mental health institutions. He also smiled but in a way, you want to be smiled at. It was perverted.

    The guy from the penitentiary also got in our car. Now the blue cap arrived. I had a brief look at that taxi driver. He was decent looking cowboy who didn’t look hypnotized, e-shocked or perverted. I wish we would have taken this cab instead of the white one, but it was too late to change. Our luggage was already in the white cab and the scary taxi driver was ready to hit the gas. I was thinking of getting out of that taxi and into the blue cap with the decent looking cowboy but were so cold and tired and our luggage was so heavy so I just said to the former inmate that the cab owner told me that he should get the blue cab. So, the inmate left our cap without any fuzz, but I am telling you, Peach, I was wondering if I did the right thing telling the former inmate to get out of taxi and get in his own because he was not half as creepy as the taxi driver of the white cab in which we sat.

    Our taxi driver told us that he (in his early 40s) lives with his mother but he tries to get out of town but the town won’t let him go. Then he wanted to know our home address. I didn’t give it to him but also avoided carefully to tick him off. He had something in his eyes that really alarmed me. I did small talk with him and avoided any confrontation. He drove us to a run-down motel that was deserted. Nobody in there, no receptionist, no guests, all pitch-black. I asked him if he would know another one. He did and drove us there, while he talked about stuff that confirmed to me that he was either hypnotized or e-shocked or drugged or maybe all these things together. Finally, we arrived at a decent motel and checked in. The receptionist was a nice girl who was amused that we checked in at 3.30 am and wanted to sleep until noon the next day.

    I paid the taxi driver and gave him a good tip to get rid of him. But he didn’t drive away. He kept parking in the parking lot and watched us checking in and even opening and closing the door to our motel room.
    Finally, we were able to hit the shower and fell into our beds. 15 minutes later, exactly a second before I could slip into sleep, the phone run. I thought it was the receptionist and answered it. But it was the crazy taxi driver. He told me that he could be over in 10 minutes and what color my panty was. I told him that he got the wrong number and hung up. I got up again and double checked that all windows and the door was closed. I didn’t tell my travel companion because I knew that she otherwise would not be able to go to sleep.

    I told her in the next morning and she was as crept out as I was. She also had noticed that something was really off with him. We had to get to the car rental place but didn’t want to call a taxi to avoid having to see this man again. We had to wait an eternity for a bus. Then it held at another place than we were told that it stops, and we had to run to catch the bus. I fell over my luggage and lost my cell phone. My travel companion said the unfriendly bus driver was crazy too. She constantly talked to herself during that ride. (Which I personally don’t find that creepy because also soap opera stars are doing that all the time.) The bus driver was unfriendly and dropped us off at the same bus station where we met the former inmate, the hippies, the mouse, and the perverted taxi driver the night before. But now it was day. Again, no cab in sight. We asked another bus driver if he can drop us off at the car rental place. He phoned around and said yes, he can drive us there but we have to walk two blocks. But we had too much luggage to carry because a roller on my suitcase had melted. Yes, had melted as if somebody had shot with a laser into it! Bus driver said, this is the best he can do.

    So, we gambled and called a cab nevertheless. Kept our fingers crossed that it was not the pervert again. It came and thanks heaven it was a normal guy. He drove us to the rental place and it was just a short trip from the motel in which we stayed! It was really odd. That day, I told to my travel companion that I never will travel again. Okay, I don’t insist on this anymore but I had enough. The day became finally better when we had our rental car and left this town. (Except from three deer trying to run before our car.) Don’t ask me for the name of the town. I don’t want this guy to google and find out more about me. This was the worst day during that vacation.

    Guess this is what the perverted driver meant: I am trying to leave this town but it won’t let me. We couldn’t get out of that down either! Haha!

    Enjoy your December days, Peach, I wish you also a cozy Christmas time. What did you do in Muir Woods every Christmas for a number of years? I like Christmas lights too. Did you know that Mormons are pretty good at that? Temple Square at Christmas in Salt Lake City is really something. They decorate any tree they see. Millions of lights. Do you have a New Year’s resolutions?

    Hope you get over your cold and stay warm and healthy.
    Best wishes

    Barbara Schwarz

    December 10, 2011 at 9:32 am

    • Hey Barbara
      I’m sorry to have been gone so long. Coming back, and scrolling down to this message of yours reminded me of how much I enjoy talking with you. And you always make me smile and laugh.

      It was a rough winter. Christmas Eve my mom went into the hospital again. The day after Christmas, the last of my old cats died. My mom was in and out of the hospital for the next couple of months, and then finally went into a nursing home. She died last Thursday. My favorite uncle died three weeks before she did.

      Much of the time she wasn’t a very good mom. And some of the time you could call her flat out wicked. Well, maybe a lot of the time. She should never have had children. But I’m still sad because she was my mom and now I’ll never see her again. There have been some pretty bad things to remember about her, but now I’m mostly seeing the way her face looked when I went to visit her in the past ten years, when it looked bright and eager to see me. She had nothing profound to say in her last days. She couldn’t speak much. I saw her the day before she died, and I suspect she was trying to tell me to go away, but she couldn’t really talk. What can you do? I couldn’t make her the mom I wished I had, and she had no intention of being that person. My cousin sent me two pictures of my mom and her two sisters when they were young. My mom was sticking out her tongue in one of them. That was her, alright.

      So I haven’t felt much like talking lately. By the way, I discovered that if I turned off my javascript when loading your page, I could still reply to posts, but the youtube stuff didn’t even try to load, so no problem there.

      I must say, I did enjoy the cab driver story! Very vivid, and dare I say it, funny. It’s good to have real oddities occurring in our lives from time to time, especially if they don’t lead to bodily injury. The town that would not let go and the pervert taxi driver were hilarious, though I can see that it was very uncomfortable at the time. I could just see it all. The only thing that was missing was rain. You’re a pretty good story teller, Barbara. I’ll be thinking about that one for a while and chuckling. I wish you could write a novel. I bet it would be good. I wish I could write one too. We’d find out what that cook of mine was up to. It used to be a literary convention when people did employ cooks, that the cooks drank, could not be induced to stay in their positions, and that the good ones were crazy, and had to be watched around knives.

      I can see the leaf problem now you’ve described it. I’ve never really lived anywhere where there was a slippery leaf problem, though now you mention it, I can recall gingerly making my way over leaves on a sidewalk in the rain. The apple tree I had that died, made that kind of leaves in a fair quantity, but it was making them and dropping them on a lawn type situation. Lawn and bricks and flagstones. I never raked them, just let them lie and decompose. The loquat makes big crunchy leaves, which don’t get slippery. Yes, I’ve seen those big wooden compost piles. There’s a variety of instructions of how to make them in books and magazines, and no doubt, the web. You have one side that opens so you can tend to it. You use a pitchfork to turn it. That’s easier than a shovel. If you do decide to try more composting, maybe your new neighbors would give you donkey and alpaca poop. I wouldn’t mind at all if someone on the block got donkeys and alpacas.

      Now that you mention it, I guess I didn’t get that cold when I was a kid, but I was really active, always walking or riding my bike. And you know, I like my feet cold when I sleep, even if it’s very cold. I have to have them sticking out! All night long I’m moving the covers on and off. I get hot, I take em off, I get cold I pull em back on. One thing that has always gotten me though, is the earaches I get when there’s a strong cool wind blowing. Do you get those? I remember the long hair in the wind, too. Even with it bound up, after getting blown on really well, it’d take forever to comb the tangles out. I do not miss my long hair at all.

      During the day my feet and hands can get cold in the house in winter. Sometimes I put on socks, sometimes I just ignore it. I don’t mind wearing the vests and the coat in the house, though I’d prefer to be wearing just shorts and a t-shirt. Every time I turn on that heater I hear money wafting away on the air. I don’t think the oil heater smells, or if it does, I’ve never noticed it. I think they do make some kind of heated sack, but I couldn’t wear such a thing. When I was a kid we had electric blankets. I remember when we got them how strange it seemed to have the heat without the weight of regular blankets. Eventually I decided that I didn’t really like them. I don’t want wires in my bedding. I’m the type of person who spills things. I have a silk underwear set, a t-shirt and long pants that you can wear under your clothes. They really work and don’t bulk you up. I don’t wear them much because they’re so beautiful and delicate, and I’m a slob. I wear my clothes out, holes in the elbows and everywhere else.

      My house would be warmer with carpeting, but like you, I don’t care for it. I like area rugs, but finally gave up on those. All the animals were against them. Or rather, they were for them, for scratching them, chewing them, peeing on them, furring them.

      Yes, you’re right about a lot of young people not having much interesting to say. Maybe they have some interesting stuff in their heads, which never makes it out of their mouths. But I think I was fairly dull until my forties.

      There are a variety of ways to use the dried fish you saw in Chinatown. I’ve never tried any of them. I did once get one of those thousand year old duck eggs. They aren’t really a thousand years old, but they kinda look and smell that way. Mine had some kind of grey black paste around it, and the inside was funny colors and it had a strong ammonia taste, which I found interesting. I might try another some day. I didn’t get around to sauteing the green beans, but I will if we plant them again this year. We’re already late in putting in the garden. I’ve hardly been out there, I’ve been so depressed.

      The one hand eating technique arises from issues of cleanliness. The left had is supposed to be used during toilet activities, so one never uses it for eating. Probably some people who have indoor plumbing gradually let this tradition slip, but then it would not be taken in good course by those who still adhere to it. I don’t know what I do with my hands when I’m eating. I always have the fork in my right hand. Fork or spoon. I guess the left hand is on the table. As soon as possible, all my table manners went out the window. One thing I do which makes no sense is to put my fork in my left hand when I want to cut something. I cut with my knife in my right hand. Then I put the knife down and transfer my fork back to my right hand. It’s not very efficient.

      You stomped cabbage! That sounds like a lot of fun. Yes, I remember the funny Lucy episode stomping grapes.

      Yeah, I left the vegetables outside and everybody died because I wasn’t watering them. There’s beet and mustard and turnip greens out there I could be eating, but right now the corner of the yard seems as far away as China. I hate it when I get like this.

      Ron lives in the next town. It only takes ten minutes for me to drive to his house. He’s studying economics. He wants a degree in business management. Yes, he’s a really good friend and I’m so lucky to have met him.

      Hey, I had a new critter in the house today. I had the back door open, and when I went in the kitchen I heard a buzzing between the curtain and the kitchen window. Didn’t pay attention right away, because bees do sometime come in, and I get around to helping them outside. Then I noticed that the sound was like the one moths make only louder. Then I saw the moth shadow on the curtain, only bigger, and I knew it was a hummingbird. I caught him in my cupped hands and took him outside, and then took one hand away, leaving him sitting on my palm. He just sat there with his wings straight out. I could see he was trembling, and I was afraid he might die, as small birds sometimes do from shock. So I just stood there for a few minutes until he eventually decided that everything was okay, and took off to sit on a nearby bush, where he stayed for awhile, gathering himself together again. I don’t know what made him come in the house. They are curious little guys though. I do the cardboard and glass thing myself for bees and wasps.

      Personally, Barbara, I don’t think those squirrels ever find anything they hide, if the number of walnut trees the resident squirrel has planted in my yard is any indication!

      Barbara, I hang around in thrift stores, where everybody brings their little kids. I get stuff to sell in them, and I also get the colds that the little kids are dragging around. I have never been careful about washing my hands after touching strange or very public stuff.

      Yeah, the bank owns my house. When I die, whoever inherits it will have to sell it to pay the bank back. Hopefully, at that time, whatever I owe on it will be less than what it sells for. Unless I make a living trust, in which case, whoever is on the trust can just assume the payments. The house needs painting inside and out, but especially out. I had to borrow a tall ladder when I painted it. The one I have is just not tall enough. It needs lots of scraping. I scraped and sanded the last time, did an undercoat and an overcoat with the best paint, and still it’s peeling! There’s some wood rot in at least one of the windows, too. The roof needs replacing, and so does the kitchen floor and the back door. The big tree needs pruning. I need to win the lottery. Remember when you were young and you went to see your very old relatives who lived in funky run down places? That’s me now. My robber was an idiot, bothering with this place, but then again, he would have been more conspicuous in a nicer neighborhood. I forget how many people live in this town. Maybe thirty or forty thousand? There were a lot less when I first moved in. There’s been a lot of development.

      Barbara, by now I often don’t remember if I’ve sold something or not. Spectacular items, those I remember. But the little stuff, I don’t so much. I don’t know if we sold it or I took it home. Usually one of my sisters will remember. And my older sister doesn’t always put all the kitchen stuff or linens out at one time. It’s this endless stream of stuff drifting by. The rosary I shall remember. I like the ethics book story, Barbara! Maybe that girl will bring the rosary back, huh? Not! 😀

      Well anyway, I’ll look in on the Hi Peach thread. Once again, sorry to be away so long. Hope you’re doing well and that Spring has sprung where you are.



      March 28, 2012 at 6:51 pm

      • Hi Peach,

        Sorry to hear of your Mom and your favorite Uncle passing away. I am sure that it was very hard to deal with for you and your siblings despite she wouldn’t had won the Mother of the Year award. (Knew a similar person too.) But you knew them, when they were strong, and suddenly they become weak and are wasting away. I find it always shocking, it doesn’t matter who it is. In old age, just about anyone gets crucified with health issues, and I just don’t wish it on anyone.
        It is sure sad, I know how you and your siblings are feeling. Even if some people could have been a lot better people, you don’t wish them becoming fragile and dying.

        How old was your Mom when she died? Did she die on “old age”? How about your Uncle?

        I am glad that you are fine. I worried a bit as to if you are fine or maybe have health issues. But I am glad to hear that you just were not in the mood for talking because that is usually not dangerous.

        Give me a couple of days to respond to your message in more detail, Peach. Spring is always lots of work… It is beautiful but nothing you can sleep through. 🙂

        Here is your thread. You can find it always when you google: Hi Peach+Barbara Schwarz

        Best wishes in meantime

        Barbara Schwarz

        March 29, 2012 at 10:22 am

  132. Hey, Barbara, on which side are you on? The busters or RinRat?

    They are asking if Mike Rinder is an impostor.


    December 10, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    • I am on the side of truth and ethical behavior like any real Scientologist should be. Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, and the squirrel busters behave non-Scientologist-like. They are provoking each other and the product is just what the p$ychs ordered: the world is looking at it with disgust.

      I also want to state that this website is not about my Marty, the original Marty Rathbun, in Scientology but his impostor in Texas.

      As far as I know, there was no other Mike Rinder in SCN than the one who is now Mosey’s husband’s best friend. So, Mike Rinder is not the impostor of somebody but he knows that his best friend impostors the original Marty Rathbun in Scientology and he (including David Miscavige and others) are hushing it up together.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 11, 2011 at 9:44 am

  133. Barbara, Monique’s guy posed today: “I will be working intensively on another project that will result in broad scale false data stripping, de-ptsing, and rehabilitation of wins people have had in Scientology over the past few decades…” and nobody of his cool aid drinkers asked what project is. Isn’t that weird?


    December 11, 2011 at 2:56 am

    • Yes, weird. Even more weird is Tory Christman’s “tick tock” and others using the same expression. What is that? A bomb that is supposed to explode in the orgs?

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 11, 2011 at 12:08 pm

  134. Happy Christmas to all!

    “Happiness and strength endure only in the absence of hate. To hate alone is the road to disaster. To love is the road to strength. To love in spite of all is the secret of greatness. And may very well be the greatest secret in this universe.”



    December 23, 2011 at 7:55 pm

  135. Don’t expect too much of Christmas Day. You can’t crowd into it any arrears of unselfishness and kindliness that may have accrued during the past twelve months.

    Oren Arnold

    Patricia K.

    December 24, 2011 at 10:54 am

    • True, Patricia. And some hell creatures are even showing their nasty faces at x-mas. They don’t even bother to hide if for a brief time.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 25, 2011 at 5:33 am

  136. Christmas is not a date. It is a state of mind.

    – unknown –

    The day we can trust each other, there will be peace on earth.

    L.Ron Hubbard

    Another Scientologist

    December 24, 2011 at 4:40 pm

  137. He who has no Christmas in his heart will never find Christmas under a tree.
    S. Mag


    December 24, 2011 at 9:15 pm

  138. Barbara, are you a spinster as these beautiful ladies?

    A spinster is defined as a single woman who has not formed a human pair bond that leads to child birth by the time she is approaching the end of her reproductive lifespan. Instead of getting married and making babies, we prefer to wear bonnets and do needlepoint on Saturday night. In addition to my bonnet collection, I also enjoy my own company, cherish my alone time, and rejoice in being a single independent woman unwilling to settle down with just anybody. It’s annoying that spinsters get such a bum rap … even the celebrity variety. Wikipedia has created a special page in honor of celebrity spinsters. Yes … really. These ladies make me proud to wear ankle length skirts. Just kidding, I would never reveal my ankles in public. Click through to see some sexy celebrity spinsters. Spinsterhood never looked so lovely.


    December 27, 2011 at 10:08 pm

    • No idea what makes you post about spinsters but I think your posting is funny and indeed shows how times have changed and that spinsterhood never looked so pretty. The term attractive spinster has about 3,180,000 results on Google, so it looks like quite a movement…

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 29, 2011 at 6:49 am

  139. Haha. Some men call women spinsters when they hate that women are picky and don’t choose them!


    December 28, 2011 at 7:59 am

  140. In England from the 1600’s through December 4, 2005, the term spinster was banished from the courts, and I know why: spinsters are too sexy these days. They look a lot better than the judges in their stupid ropes and hair pieces.


    December 29, 2011 at 12:05 pm

  141. Barbara doesn’t qualify as spinster. (Sorry, Barb.) She either is or was married.

    “Spinster means a woman who can stand independently and doesn’t need a man for her life.”

    I do qualify. 🙂


    December 29, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    • Come on, Henrietta. Being married doesn’t mean that a woman can’t stand independently. Marriage means for me having found Mr. Right. But it doesn’t mean that a woman just can manage her life at the side of a man and has to take any creep who crawls out of the gutter.

      I would make a great spinster. 🙂

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 29, 2011 at 1:47 pm

  142. Don’t agree with you, Henrietta. Barbara should at qualify for HONORARY spinster.

    Here you go, Barb, enjoy your HONORARY status! 😉

    Spinsterhood Is Powerful!


    December 29, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    • Well, thank you, Quietreader. That is so kind of you. 😉 Wonder if catholic nuns consider themselves spinsters? Probably not, they consider themselves married to Jesus.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 29, 2011 at 11:20 am

  143. This is in support of Henrietta’s posting.

    No married woman or any divorcee can ever join our spinster ranks. Barbara disqualified herself by getting married. There is no such rank as an honorary spinster.

    Mattel’s Barbie doll is a spinster. She never married Ken.

    Kim Kardashian disqualified herself too by getting married. It doesn’t matter how short the marriage is, that girl has disqualified herself for the rest of her life. She may not and never be called a spinster! Sad but true.

    Sorry, ladies.

    Evelyn – proud spinster
    Because, let’s face it, if we wanted to be married, we would be.

    Evelyn Meister

    December 29, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    • Not even an honorary spinster? That is one of the most depressing comments anyone ever has posted on my blog. Sob. 😉

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 29, 2011 at 12:45 pm

  144. Nuns take it very seriously being married to Jesus who was married to them without his consent. They wear a wedding rings! You’ll find lots of old fools and perverts among old and young priests.


    December 29, 2011 at 6:19 pm

  145. Is there an equivalent to spinster for men? Yes, there is: unwilling bachelor or dirty old man.

    Spinster suggests that a woman wants to be married but has no chances like the unwilling bachelor. But a woman that CHOOSES not to marry is not a spinster.


    December 30, 2011 at 9:35 am

  146. Anonymous

    January 1, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    • Of course not. That is not my kind of art and back yard is MUCH bigger too and doesn’t look run down. Where did you find this link?

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 2, 2012 at 4:22 am

  147. Do you work out? Do Scientologists work out?


    January 4, 2012 at 12:46 am

  148. Any chance you joining staff again, Barb?


    January 18, 2012 at 10:36 pm

    • Yes, sure. As soon as C of S publishes the truth that the founder was impostored, as soon as they inform me where the original Marty is, and as soon as they start implementing the founder’s environmental policies and tech bulletins again that stop aging and diseases.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 20, 2012 at 5:12 am

  149. Dear Barbara, your postings about non-aging are fascinating. It is my gut feeling that Ron researched this area and found a solution. How can we get this lost technology back?

    Fear of Heights is an Engram

    January 20, 2012 at 12:14 am

    • Getting on his COBNESS lines and demanding it. Real Scientologists who heard the real founder L. Ron Hubbard lecture about it are witnesses. They should write affidavits hereto before they die and before all eye witnesses are dead.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 20, 2012 at 5:06 am

  150. Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Inglewood March in Support of Martin Luther King Day of Service. The Church of Scientology participated in the 27th annual Kingdom Day Parade to honor the legacy of Dr. King.

    Just another anonymous coward

    January 20, 2012 at 12:47 pm

  151. Dear Barbara, did you know this about BYU professor David Farland?

    He had not only achieved his childhood dream, but in doing so, became popular in two genres and has amassed many awards for his short fiction in particular, and set a Guinness Record for the world’s largest booksigning–a record that he still holds. In 1991, David became a judge for one of the world’s largest writing contests, the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest, and for the next several years he read thousands of stories each year, edited an annual anthology, and taught writing classes to new writers.

    To date, David has written and edited fifty published books. These include novels for adults, young adults, anthologies, middle-grade readers, and picture books.


    January 22, 2012 at 9:48 am

  152. Hey, Barbara, what do you think of this dentist???

    NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (AP) — A former dentist in Massachusetts has pleaded guilty to Medicaid fraud for using paper clips instead of stainless steel posts in root canals.
    Michael Clair is scheduled to be sentenced next Monday after pleading guilty last week in New Bedford Superior Court to a variety of charges, including defrauding Medicaid of $130,000 assault and battery, illegally prescribing prescription drugs and witness intimidation.

    Prosecutors say the 53-year-old Clair was suspended by Medicaid in 2002, but continued to file claims from August 2003 to June 2005 by using the names of other dentists in his Fall River practice.
    Authorities say instead of stainless steel posts for root canals, he used sections of paper clips — which can cause pain and even infection — in an effort to save money.

    Anonymous V

    January 23, 2012 at 10:01 am

  153. Folks, Rev. Alfreddie Johnson celebrates Rev. Martin Luther King and the 20-year anniversary of the World Literacy Crusade.

    Just another anonymous coward

    January 24, 2012 at 9:22 am

    • As long as he doesn’t smuggle Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan into Scientology, it is fine with me.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 24, 2012 at 4:49 am

  154. Wikipedia says the contest enjoys a favorable reputation. The contest has no entry fee and is the highest-paying contest for amateur science-fiction and fantasy writers. I’ll think about sending them my SF material. 🙂

    Writers of the Future
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Writers of the Future (WOTF) is a science fiction and fantasy story contest that was originated by L. Ron Hubbard in the early 1980s. A sister contest, Illustrators of the Future, presents awards for science fiction art. Hubbard characterized the contest as a way of “giving back” to the field that had defined his professional writing life. The contest has no entry fee and is the highest-paying contest for amateur science-fiction and fantasy writers. Notable past winners of WOTF include Stephen Baxter, Karen Joy Fowler, James Alan Gardner, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Jay Lake, Michael H. Payne, Patrick Rothfuss, Robert Reed, Dean Wesley Smith, Sean Williams, Dave Wolverton, Nancy Farmer, and David Zindell.[1] The winning stories are published in the yearly anthology L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of Future.[2] The contest enjoys a favorable reputation in the science fiction community, although its connection with the Church of Scientology has caused some controversy.
    Contents [hide]
    1 Contest rules and procedures
    1.1 Writers of the Future
    1.2 Illustrators of the Future
    1.3 Awards and workshop
    2 Prominent judges and winners
    3 Connections to Scientology
    4 See also
    5 Notes
    6 External links
    [edit]Contest rules and procedures

    [edit]Writers of the Future
    The Writers of the Future (WOTF) contest may be entered quarterly, and is open to authors who have no, or few, professional publications. The contest rules state that entrants cannot have had published “a novel or short novel, or more than one novelette, or more than three short stories, in any medium. Professional publication is deemed to be payment, and at least 5,000 copies, or 5,000 hits.” Eligible works are stories up to 17,000 words in length. Poems, screenplays, non-fiction, etc., are not eligible.[3]
    Manuscripts are blind-judged (with names deleted), and are separated out in quarterfinal and semifinal award rounds by the Coordinating Judge (currently K. D. Wentworth, previously Dave Wolverton during much of the 1990s, and originally Algis Budrys). Eight finalists are sent to a panel of professional sf writers, who determine the top three awards. Prizes are $1000 (first place), $750 (second) and $500 (third). The process is then repeated the next quarter. At the end of the contest year, the four quarterly first place stories compete for a separate annual grand prize, the “Gold Award,” which includes an additional $5000. The first, second and third place winners and often a selection of the other finalist stories are published annually, for which the writers receive additional compensation for publication rights.[3] Thus, a grand prize-winning author can make over $6000 for a single story – more than many writers receive for a first novel[4].
    Some finalist stories not considered among the top three (in effect, the fourth or fifth placers) may be included in the annual anthology. These are called “published finalists.” The writers are compensated for publication rights, but are not considered winners and receive no prize money, but are eligible to re-enter the contest. Often writers will repeatedly enter the contest, quarter after quarter, until they either win or become ineligible due to publications elsewhere.
    [edit]Illustrators of the Future
    An artists’ contest, the Illustrators of the Future (IOTF), was added in 1988. Like the WOTF contest, the Illustrators contest is open to amateurs. The Rules state: “The Contest is open to those who have not previously published more than three black-and-white story illustrations, or more than one process-color painting, in media distributed nationally to the general public, such as magazines or books sold at newsstands, or books sold in stores merchandising to the general public. The submitted entry shall not have been previously published in professional media as exampled above.”[3]
    Entrants submit a portfolio of three pieces of artwork, which are circulated among the judges. Up to three winners are selected every quarter, each given a prize of $500. Unlike the Writers, the Illustrators are not ranked. After the completion of the contest year, each of the twelve Illustration winners is assigned one of the stories from among the twelve Writer winners, and given a month to return the finished illustration. A single grand prize, also called the Gold Award, is accompanied by a prize of $5000 – judging is based only on the final illustration, not the initial portfolio. While the art is judged according to standard artistic considerations (composition, draftsmanship, consistency of lighting, sense of wonder, facial expressions, etc.), a key consideration during the final judging is whether or not the art would make the viewer want to read the accompanying story.[3] The art is also included in the annual anthology, and illustrators are additionally compensated.
    [edit]Awards and workshop
    No official tallies are given for the number of entrants in either contest, but it is believed that thousands enter the Writers contest every quarter, while only hundreds enter the Illustration contest.[citation needed] Thus, the Illustration judges are sometimes often unable to find three deserving winners, and only pick one or two. (This is not a problem for the Writing judges.) Should the Illustration winners number less than twelve in a year, each illustrator is – as usual – assigned a single story to illustrate for purposes of determining who wins the Gold Award. Returning the assigned illustration quickly does not directly correlate to winning the Gold Award, but those artists who do so are allowed the opportunity to illustrate additional stories.
    All winners and published finalists are invited to attend the annual week-long writers’ and artists’ workshops and Awards gala at the invitation and expense of the contest administration. Tuxedoes and gowns are worn by the judges, administrators, and winners for the Awards gala (but members of the general public are casually attired), and various Hollywood actors are generally in attendance, in addition to prominent science fiction authors and artists. These include the present judges in addition to a famous and generally elderly writer given a Lifetime Achievement Award. While it is not required to attend the week-long festivities and seminars, it is thought by some that those in the running for the Gold Award may advance their cause by displaying professionalism and hard work at that time; judges for the contest, however, refute this, as the judging is done blindly in advance of the week-long pre-awards event and most judges don’t arrive on site until the last day of the workshop.
    [edit]Prominent judges and winners

    Many noted writers and artists have judged WotF awards, or have won them themselves. Notable writing judges have included: Algis Budrys, Gregory Benford, Kevin J. Anderson, Orson Scott Card, Jack Williamson, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Brian Herbert, K. D. Wentworth, Tim Powers, Robert J. Sawyer, Frederik Pohl, Jerry Pournelle, Andre Norton, Larry Niven, and Anne McCaffrey.[5] Prominent art judges have included: Bob Eggleton, Frank Kelly Freas, Frank Frazetta, Will Eisner, Edd Cartier, Stephen Youll, Stephen Hickman, and Leo and Diane Dillon.[5] Judges receive only token payment for their efforts ($25 per story adjudicated).[citation needed]
    Winners and published finalists in the contest have included the writers Stephen Baxter, Karen Joy Fowler, Carl Frederick, James Alan Gardner, Jim C. Hines, Jay Lake, David D. Levine, Syne Mitchell, Michael H. Payne, Brian Plante, Robert Reed, Bruce Holland Rogers, Patrick Rothfuss, Steven Savile, Dean Wesley Smith, Catriona Sparks, Mary Turzillo, Sean Williams, Dave Wolverton, David Zindell, and the artists Shaun Tan and Frank Wu.[6]

    ^ “Honor Roll from L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contest”. 2001.
    ^ Edited by Algis Budrys (2007), L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of Future Vol 23, Galaxy Press, ISBN 1592123988
    ^ a b c d Contest Rules, Writers of the Future web site
    ^ Buckell, Tobias, “Author Advance Survey,” version 2.0 (Oct 2005), retrieved 25 December 2011.
    ^ a b “The Judges”, Writers of the Future web site, retrieved March 2008
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    ^ Clute, John; Nicholls, Peter (1995), The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, St. Martin’s Press, p. 1351, ISBN 0-312134-86-X
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    ^ Wu, Frank (May 23, 2006). “Illustrators and Writers of the Future Contest”. Letter from Joni Labaqui (bottom of page).
    ^ “Trademark Assignment Abstract of Title”. United States Patent and Trademark Office. 1989-01-03. Retrieved 2008-02-26.
    ^ “Scientology Settles With IRS”, Wall Street Journal, 1997-12-30
    [edit]External links


    January 24, 2012 at 10:34 am

  155. Hey, Barbara, did you read that Fran Drescher believes that she and her husband were abducted by aliens? What do you think about this? Were you abducted by aliens?

    Sue K.

    January 26, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    • I think she was joking. No, the people who abducted me are very much so connected to EARTH!

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 27, 2012 at 4:19 am

  156. It is no secret that you don’t like Nazis, Barbara. What do you think about Germany no longer banning “Mein Kampf of Adolf Hitler”?


    January 28, 2012 at 1:12 am

    • Many Germans are like alcoholics. One drink and they are bad in the same pattern. Besides, German secret services have international agents. They make sure that Mein Kampf is broadly distributed in other countries and on the web.

      In the Salt Lake City main library, I saw at least 5 copies on the best shelf spot. The creepy librarians who placed it there, really wanted the hostile trash to be read by as many people as possible.

      Anyway, I know of a person who was young during the Hitler time. She told me that they HAD to read Mein Kampf, ordered by her German school or government. I asked her about her opinion of the book. She said: IT IS BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Did I ever post that I once walked in the Salt Lake City library and a new German librarian approached me in German without that I ever had seen him before. I look anything but German, and I had not spoken a word to him or anyone in that room.

      How could he have known who I am or that I understand his language?

      German Agents, agents, agents…

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 28, 2012 at 10:17 am

  157. I remember a former usenet posting of yours. You posted that languages contain secret service codes. All languages? The English language evolved in the 11th and 12th Century. Do you think there were secret services in the 11th Century?


    February 3, 2012 at 5:30 am

    • Let me ask you a question in return. Do you think that secret services would not re-write history? Who says that everything in history books or Wikipiggy is correct?

      Many describe Shakespeare’s language as “Early Modern English” (1564 – 1616). Officially, it is being said that the first secret service of the USA was in 1865. Bavarian Illuminati were founded around 1776, but this is what is recorded for mainstream. What happened and is happening, we are not told. The word “secret” should ring a bell.

      This book says that secret services were already active during the ancient world.

      If modern English was spoken indeed around 1564, then some of the 1564 guys implemented a code in that language. However, that code that I discovered, is not just in the English language. It is in any language that I heard or read sofar.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 4, 2012 at 1:57 pm

  158. I reckon that there were history revisionists but there is etymology. It explains were words are coming from. You mentioned the word torture in postings before. Etymology explains it.

    torture (n.)
    late 15c. (implied in torturous), from M.Fr. torture “infliction of great pain, great pain, agony,” from L.L. torture “a twisting, writhing, torture, torment,” from stem of L. torquere “to twist, turn, wind, wring, distort” (see thwart). The verb is 1580s, from the noun. Related: Tortured; torturing


    February 5, 2012 at 2:11 am

  159. Don’t think that etymology is an exact science but rather opinions.

    Etymologists apply a number of methods to study the origins of words, some of which are:
    Philological research. Changes in the form and meaning of the word can be traced with the aid of older texts, if such are available.
    Making use of dialectological data. The form or meaning of the word might show variations between dialects, which may yield clues about its earlier history.
    The comparative method. By a systematic comparison of related languages, etymologists may often be able to detect which words derive from their common ancestor language and which were instead later borrowed from another language.The study of semantic change. Etymologists must often make hypotheses about changes in the meaning of particular words. Such hypotheses are tested against the general knowledge of semantic shifts. For example, the assumption of a particular change of meaning may be substantiated by showing that the same type of change has occurred in other languages as well.


    February 5, 2012 at 3:41 am

  160. Barbara, good morning, where ever you are. May your guts live forever.

    Leo J.

    February 5, 2012 at 10:55 pm

  161. Etymology is derived from the Greek etumos which means real or true. Are you saying that it is not real and true?


    February 6, 2012 at 11:06 am

  162. Thanks, Leo.

    Yes, Sandra, that is exactly what I am saying.

    Tor is a completely German word and means Gate in German.

    Türe is also a German word that means door.

    The word torture is telling me that Germans think that Torture opens gates and doors for them. And they are wrong as always. Torture (done by themselves or ordered to other nationals to do it for them) is getting them in troubles, over and over again.

    But this is not the only example. It might not mean much if I decode some of the words but that I can do that pretty much with any word in just about any language. I don’t use regular Etymology. The opinions of (SEGNPMSS controlled) Etymologists is not my opinion. They play all day around with words and didn’t figure the code out.

    A person who speaks English can figure that code out. For somebody smart who speaks German and English, it works even better.

    The code tells a lot about what the SEGNPMSS is up to. No kidding.

    Modern languages are based on that code.

    One very German part of the SEGNPMSS wants to control people with the code. People subconsciously might discover the code and pretty much follow it, and they will be fooled and will get in troubles, just like psychs order it.

    However, and here comes an interesting twist, when you figure out one thing that is wrong with that lead, it isn’t hard to conclude that the other suggested ways by that code are the wrong ways too. That means that you dispose of anything suggested by that code but rather believe what it doesn’t say. And that means that you made a gigantic step forward and they can’t mislead you anymore.

    Another possibility is also a cry for help on the SEGNPMSS side. Some SEGNPMSS people might be so sick of their own system (because anyone loses with it including themselves) that they throw you a code because they think that you have it in you to bust the system.

    It is not easy being me, but sure as hell, it isn’t boring.

    Barbara Schwarz

    February 6, 2012 at 3:49 pm

  163. That’s the code? German words in other languages?

    The guy from San Tropez

    February 7, 2012 at 9:56 am

    • Nope, that would be too easy. That would be no secret code. Most of the time, it is a mixture of words, e.g. German and English words and sometimes each letter has a significance.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 7, 2012 at 12:49 pm

  164. Must be a real difficult code, Babs, ’cause u’re the only one who discovered it.


    February 7, 2012 at 11:51 pm

    • Yeah, tell me about it. What is wrong with others? Well, either the code is bespoken just for my mind and that is why I figured it out so easily or I am a genius. Or maybe both together! 🙂

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 7, 2012 at 4:37 pm

  165. How the USA is degraded: US Marines posed with Nazi symbol in Afghanistan


    February 9, 2012 at 2:38 am

  166. Why would David Miscavige want the Scientology orgs have nice buildings if he doesn’t mean well with Scientology?

    Just a guy

    February 9, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    • Because it looks better on HIM?

      I agree with you that orgs should have nice buildings but I think DM was around when the real Ron explained what kind of building those should be, and what DM builds on the unprotected surface of the world is not what the founder said should be built.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 10, 2012 at 1:14 pm

  167. If David Miscavige would love Scientology, he would resign and leave Scientology in the hands of good Scientologists capable of repairing the damage that he has done.


    February 10, 2012 at 5:18 am

  168. To impress Hollywood? Isn’t the purpose of a religion? Impressing Hollywood stars? 😉

    Scientologist II

    February 10, 2012 at 8:03 am

  169. in reply to the Chaka Khan posting in this blog, she says dangerous people are responsible for Whitney Houston’s death.

    Casper Dee

    February 14, 2012 at 9:12 am

    • Yes, dangerous people who describe dangerous drugs: psychiatrists and other doctors.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 14, 2012 at 7:16 am

  170. Mr. Miscavige did not found Scientology. Most people are just upset with him, yet, he stays on and this causes a lot of bad press for the religion. What do you think, Ms. Schwarz? He cares about his own reputation but not about that of Scientology. Do you think he will ever step back?

    Just another person

    February 16, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    • He will hang on as long as he can to his “selfless life” in absolute luxury. After things go completely out of hand, he’ll blow but will take enough with him so that he doesn’t have to lift a finger for the rest of his life.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 16, 2012 at 6:11 pm

  171. Don’t you get it? It is selfless buying lavish things for yourself and having a good time with Hollywood stars!

    Rene N.

    February 17, 2012 at 8:44 am

  172. Check this out: good news from C of S Nashville.

    Pursuit of Happiness

    February 18, 2012 at 12:36 pm

  173. Pursuit of Happiness

    February 18, 2012 at 5:39 pm

  174. Wikipedia says that skeet shooting is David Miscavige’s hobby. Odd hobby for a religious leader.

    Miscavige’s work has been described by Scientologists as bringing about a renaissance of Scientology materials.

    His wife Shelley vanished.


    February 19, 2012 at 12:56 pm

    • I agree, an ecclesiastical leader of a religion loving to shoot doesn’t reflect well on Scientology either. But I don’t trust Wikipiggy much either.

      Renaissance of Scientology material means altering Scientology and that is what is violating basic principles of Scientology. In other words: it is squirreling. However, it was done already before DM by Ron’s doppelganger and others, e.g. psychs and German secret services who run these infiltrator agents.

      Yeah, there is a lot of chatter about the disappearance of Shelley Miscavige. If I would be him, I would ask her to make a public appearance to get rid of at least that chatter. But it seems he can’t do this. So, I assume he paid her off big time with Scientology money to hush up his out 2Ds. He is so not a Scientologist.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 19, 2012 at 5:46 pm

  175. Just another anonymous coward

    February 24, 2012 at 1:05 am

    • No, I have no plans to sign my name under some Anonymous and Norwegian Heldal-Lund stuff. Anyone who signs that petition is a fool. The feds (not just the orgs) consider Anonymous to be a terror group. Anonymous hacked into governmental sites. Just a fool thinks that the feds will approve a “petition” by Anonymous. (See the Anonymous mask as image of the petition originator.) I also don’t want to be associated with Anonymous in any shape or form.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 24, 2012 at 8:34 am

  176. Ma’am, can a Scientologist marry a non-Scientologist?


    February 24, 2012 at 1:05 am

  177. Do you agree that Miscavige’s idol is Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini?


    February 27, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    • Nope, because of the lack of facial hair. 😉

      I rather think he is into anti-Semite Farrakhan but so is Mosey’s husband.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 27, 2012 at 1:09 pm

  178. Check this out, Babs, DM wears his wedding ring.


    February 27, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    • So he does. But the ring doesn’t cut it. Would be a lot better if he would be seen in public with his wife.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 27, 2012 at 11:40 am

  179. Angela P.

    March 1, 2012 at 1:22 am

    • I agree, Angela. What a creepy judge. He rather want people with white teeth grinning from cigarette packs, doesn’t he?

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 1, 2012 at 11:26 am

  180. Hi Barbara, I read something interesting. A new study dispels the age old belief that sleep doesn’t get more difficult with age. The study shows that sleep quality tends to improve the older people got, with adults in their 80s getting better sleep than any other age group surveyed. The new study was published in the journal Sleep.


    March 2, 2012 at 11:04 pm

    • In their 80s? Short before dying, they have great nights of sleep? Or where they already dead and didn’t weak up even through the loudest noise?

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 2, 2012 at 1:15 pm

  181. I love these positive news that come from Scientology Nashville.

    Scio Nancy

    March 6, 2012 at 4:10 pm

  182. Dear Barbara,

    Church of Scientology Moscow celebrates its first anniversary in Moscow.

    Click to access 9260072.pdf


    March 7, 2012 at 9:14 am

  183. George Spencer, an attorney for the orgs told some of the Indie crowd that they don’t need his name. Isn’t that funny?

    Teutonic Clear Expander

    March 9, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    • Who is complaining about that he doesn’t give his name? Speculating media and the anonymous non-Scientologists posing as Scientologists and posting on Mosey’s blog?

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 10, 2012 at 6:17 am

  184. Minerva’s or should I better say, OSA’s blog slows down. Not much news on this blog. Sob.

    Rene N.

    March 11, 2012 at 9:30 am

  185. Wow, Barb, I googled the name “Marty Rathbun” and your blog has a better place than the Freedom Magazine…

    Pursuit of Happiness

    March 13, 2012 at 9:30 am

  186. RinRat are odd fellas considering that they allow any LRH-defamer post on their blog and are calling themselves Scientologists. Whose legs are they pulling?

    Piet Forever

    March 13, 2012 at 11:13 pm

  187. DM is some kind of “leader”. Evidently, DM’s actions cause shrinkage. LRH people come back and kick that guy out.


    March 17, 2012 at 4:08 am

  188. Ronald Miscavige, Jr., the brother of DM was an executive in the Sea Organization. Do you know what became of Ronald jr?


    March 18, 2012 at 10:44 am

    • I don’t, but I try to guess: DM paid him a lot of Scientology money for leaving and being quiet. He should have never become Scientology’s “leader”. He should have stayed Catholic. Maybe he still is.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 18, 2012 at 1:19 pm


    Nation of Islam celebrates goal of reaching 1,000 plus Certified Hubbard Dianetics Auditors
    ROSEMONT, Ill. ( – The entire Nation of Islam celebrated February 24, when it was announced that the goal of 1,000 plus Certified Hubbard Dianetics Auditors had been reached.

    With the Nation of Islam’s diligent and hard working National Student Auditing Coordinator A’ishah Muhammad present, Shane Woodruff, vice-president of the Church of Scientology’s Celebrity Centre International announced they had reached the goal of obtaining the number of saviours and healers desired by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to create a force of those willing to take the lead in improving the planet’s conditions.

    Photo: Andrea Muhammad
    “Every religion carries forth its traditions to celebrate its saviours. These are joyful days, often filled with events, gifts and praise,” said Mr. Woodruff. “Such occasions are also a time for reflection and even more important, rededication to the very salvation these saviours came to deliver, for true saviours are honored less by words and applause and more so by our actions,” he added.
    Certified Hubbard Dianetics Auditors from across the country and abroad received their certificates, and as an added bonus, those auditors who have received their Gold Seals as permanent auditors received a Gold lapel pin identifying them with that special designation as their proud friends and families watched and cheered as their names were read.

    Check this out

    March 20, 2012 at 11:15 pm

  190. Russia dramatizes middle ages: burning Scientology books. How foolish is that?


    March 22, 2012 at 7:58 pm

  191. Wow, blog-Marthey says he was bribed by various sources “I have turned down large sums of money that have been offered to get me to go in certain directions; and I will continue to refuse such in the future.” Do you guys believe it?


    March 23, 2012 at 6:22 am

  192. Barbara, I am sending you this story because you and your readers will love it:

    An 80-year-old Wisconsin woman successfully landed a twin-engine plane after her pilot husband became unconscious. Too bad that her hubby died.

    Read more:


    April 3, 2012 at 2:10 am

    • Amazing! Guess she had no other choice to get down than taking over the controls. Sad that her husband didn’t make it. But it also makes me wonder who many people fly the sky who are just one heartbeat away from a heart attack.

      Barbara Schwarz

      April 5, 2012 at 3:37 am

  193. Barbara, do you believe that the “Truthseeker” Tim Higgs is Neil Woods and an OSA agent?

    Sandra O.

    April 3, 2012 at 5:01 pm

    • What are the facts?
      Mike Rinder posts and co-moderates Mosey’s husband’s blog. Mosey’s husband posted that the Truthseeker is Tim Higgs who is Neil Woods, a doctor. Miker Rinder posted comments to this posting but neither denied nor confirmed because Mike Rinder was the guy who overlooked OSA.

      Either Mike Rinder allows that an innocent man is accused of Truthseeker’s attacks on our religion Scientology and L.Ron Hubbard or he doesn’t want to hear the music of that he was the one who is ultimately in charge of having put this defamer of LRH and our religion up.

      If Neil Wood is truly the Truthseeker, then Neil Wood is no Scientologist but an infiltrator whose purpose is to do actions that will be blamed later on Scientology and LRH.

      An idiot is never a Scientologist. A Scientologist is never an idiot. By applying Ron’s tech correctly, one doesn’t make “errors” like the Truthseeker, Mike Rinder, DM, Mosey’s husband, etc.

      Barbara Schwarz

      April 5, 2012 at 3:47 am

  194. Hi Peach,

    Sorry again for the passing of your favorite Uncle and your Mom. Guess, I don’t have to explain to you what I think as a Scientologist as to what happens after death, but I strongly assume that you know that also the majority of all people do believe that the person continue to exist and that psychical death is not the end of a person.

    80% of all people on this planet believe in it according to Wikianswers.

    Some people say that people who believe in life after death are just scared to face that all is over. This doesn’t apply to me. It is all about how spiritual a person is. I can clearly feel that I have a body but that I am not my body, and I can see this also by looking or interacting with others. By just looking at the people who I interact with in real life, I can see the spirit behind their eyes. Quite interesting.
    Same applies to cats or other animals. Bodies wear out and die, but the cat (thetan, spirit, soul, whatever you prefer to call it) continues to live on, still interested in mice and birds and comes back as new cat. I don’t see anything else but dying and born again. Some people just don’t believe in being born again, because they can’t remember past lives. They run through something that wipes their memory clean, and they also are getting a brand-new “switch board”, a new brain.
    Hope this helps you a bit when having to face death of others or when you think about your own death someday down the road.
    When you see a little girl in a baby carriage in approx. 9 months from now, sticking the tongue out to you, it could be your Mom. If you see a little cute boy winking at you with his dashing eyelashes, it could be your Uncle. Check also the new born kittens in your neighborhood for your old cat in a new body.
    How is your heart, is it better now?
    I am getting often visited by a cute white and black cat. I can talk to her. I meow and she turns around every time I do it. I have no idea what I am saying in cat language (hope nothing indecent in cat language) but she understands it. She comes and wants to be ruffled by me. When I just call: “Hey you, kitty”, she doesn’t turn around. If I meow, she gets really interested in me. Haha!
    Peach, I had a blood test recently and it turned out that my white blood cell count is lower than it should be. There can be a million reasons for it, even stress. It stands a lot for no high immunity system but oddly enough, I had just one cold in 25 years and that was approx. 10 years ago. Guess something mysterious is going on. I will eat, drink, and do stuff that increases the white blood cell count. I also need more oxygen in my lung, despite that I don’t smoke. So, I go out now, in nature and take additional deep breathers.
    Do you know the results of your blood test? Anything exciting? 😉
    I didn’t know that your Mom wasn’t much of one. Guess it happens. But at least your Mom didn’t hire kidnappers and endangered your life just in order to force her will upon you.
    However, it really gets to me all the time, Peach, it doesn’t matter who it is but when I see people getting weak and close to death, I find it very sad, it doesn’t matter who it is. In my world, anyone would stay young, strong, and healthy.
    How many kids did your Mom have? What about your Dad? Is he still alive?
    The good thing about your Mom having had kids is that you have now your siblings and are not alone. You are helping each other, and that is what families do. So, it is not dysfunctional.
    Were you ever married, Peach? Had kids?
    I am working on a novel since quite a while, but I am constantly interrupted with matters that make money faster than novels. When I have finally time to get back to my novel, I forgot a lot and have to read it again. As soon as I done reading it, I am interrupted again for days, sometimes for weeks, etc. Right, that is stupid. I really should try to reserve time for writing novels because it is fun. You could write one too, Peach.
    Hmm, I am afraid I am not able to follow that cook story… Engaged to one? In love with one? Employed by one? Maybe all these items together? Sure would make a very interesting story, also that the neighbor’s dog is missing and everyone in the neighborhood praised his stew… Cooks are great writing subjects. Imagine one who is very orderly and tidy in the kitchen but then sits down and eats a banana without peeling it or eats a stick of butter without bread as it would be Popsicle. And he turns out to be the brother of my taxi driver in town that doesn’t let them go. The town is very sleepy at night but at exactly at 3am, your cook gets up, goes in his kitchen, drums with various cooking spoons on the backside of pans and pots (doesn’t sound bad) for 15 minutes until his bro the taxi driver gets up and drives erratically through town while the cook goes back to bed after eaten the brown hair of a coconut… Yes, you are right, there are some crazy people out there, Peach, and people are saying that it is me who is crazy. 😉
    My plants are growing, and I should cut my crabapple bush, it becomes gigantic, but I don’t know yet when I have time. Maybe fall. I let it enjoy summer first. Some of my tree that I planted in an area with rarely shade died. The others are growing nicely. Too bad that your apple tree died. I want to plant some fruit trees soon. I could get a lot donkey, horse and alpaca poop, but I don’t know, Peach. It kinda grosses me out even if I know that farmers are using it. I rather just recycle my grass and my leaves without animal poop even if it would make heck of tomatoes.
    You like your feet cold? Really? Interesting. I noticed that it takes me hours to fall asleep with cold feet. Sure, when they get too hot, I am sticking them out as well.
    However, about what you write about your active sleeping style, I have that too. Some people are very orderly sleeper, did you notice that? They go to bed and wake up just the same way or just turn on the other side once during the night. But my bed (and probably yours too) looks like a war zone in the morning! I seem to fight a lot at night because my pillows are unrecognizable as pillows. I box them into hard objects in my sleep, and my blankets are anywhere in the mornings but on the bed.
    I know earaches, Peach. Otitis, one of the meanest pains on the planet. Do you wear something on your head when you go out in the cold? I usually do.
    I never had my hair as long as your braids, but I just had short hair twice in my life and immediately let it grow long again. I bind it together to make them stay out of my face on windy days. I start brushing or combing from the button and go up to get the tangles out. No problem, unless you play with a kid that laughs out loud and lets a chewing gum or a piece of candy slide out of its mouth directly on what is called the crown of a woman’s beauty. 😉 The scissor is then the only tool that can help you.
    Do you have similar temperatures like those in San Francisco? Yes, heat is not cheap but when it gets cold, I need at least some kind of heat. But I don’t heat rooms in winter in my home through which I just briefly walk. I mainly heat the rooms in which I am actually spending time in winter.
    I saw ads for these snuggly blankets, people sit in there like cocoons and read but their hands must be cold turning those pages. But you can’t run around with them and clean the kitchen or the bathroom. I never had an electrical blanket. I was thinking of buying one. If you put the blanket under normal linen, do you still feel the wires?
    I have some old clothes too that I wear just for at home and only if I am not in company. These clothes are for cleaning and doing household things. My good clothes are most of the time in the closet, and I just take them out when I go under people. Like you, I am trying to be frugal. It is easy to ruin a nice piece of clothing during housework. Women in earlier times wore aprons. I had to wear them as child. Hated them. They didn’t protect much anyway. If you are in a hurry and pass a door knob too narrowly, it tears a hole in whatever you wear, your dress and your apron. So, work clothes are the better idea. Well, where I am, people are not much into fashion, and I see people in pajamas or worn out clothes around their homes or walking to the mailbox and some of them (not me) even shopping in these “outfits”.
    I noticed that none of these eggs in Chinatown were in a refrigerator. If a supermarket would sell their eggs like that, health authorities would close them down. But there seem other rules for Chinatown. I am sure glad that you survived your duck egg. Maybe they preserve it in some kind of way? But I tell you this, Peach, these Chinese stores are interesting. I don’t know what half of the stuff in there is, and if I am supposed to eat it or clean my windows with it. Lots of it is in dried form. Without an English coking instruction, I guess you add water to it and wait what will happen next.
    Another question, Peach, do you drink those 8 glasses of water that you are supposed to drink? I filter my water and distill it, but I was not in the habit of drinking much. I had to force myself and remind myself doing it. What about you? Transforming your stomach into a swimming pool every day? A friend told me drinking water in the morning helps him to get more energy. I tried it, and I think he is right about this. I can feel it too.
    I will buy some tomato plants this year. I love them and I heard that they are easy to grow. My bro grows them on his balcony, guess I can grow them too in all that space that I am having here. My neighbor brought me a sack with blower bulbs. I have no clue what they are. I just put them into the soil and water them. Let’s see what they become. Some squirrels watched me and dug some of them out after I was done! Rascals!
    Try to be active, Peach. It will help you to take your mind off things. Do as many things that you can do and enjoy your creations. That is how I handle my blues.
    Really? You are supposed to use only the left hand during toilet activities? Guess that is why people don’t give their left hand when they say hello? Looks like your table manners work even if they are not very efficient. Nice table manners are really important when eating in company. I don’t like when people talk with mouth full of food or their fork, spoon, knife is all dirty because they dug it too deep in the food and don’t clean it up. But otherwise, I don’t ask much of them, except washing their left and right hand before dinner.
    Yep, I am an experienced cabbage stomping kid. It was fun to a certain degree but no longer when you didn’t want to stomp anymore but are told have you to continue stomping, and stomping, and stomping! That can make you stompingly angry!
    Hope you had the chance to salvage your veggies in your garden? Did you ever notice that you can eat a lot of vegetables (if you don’t drown them in butter or oil) without that you are gaining weight?
    Sounds like a nice friend that you have in that young man Ron. I particularly like his name. 😉
    I have some bees around here too, Peach. Don’t want them or wasps get inside the house either. Sometimes I go around the house to check that they don’t make any nest.
    Your humming bird rescue is really nice, Peach. They are so cute! What luck it had that you were around to help it safely to freedom. Maybe it smelled good inside your house. Maybe you prepared something in your kitchen that smelled like a real thread for humming birds. Or maybe it just took accidentally a wrong route like pilots or drivers who briefly thought of something else instead of concentrating on the flight route. I was driving with a friend a few weeks ago on a rural road. We had a really interesting conversation and little kids on the backseat having fun. We drove 25 miles in a wrong direction, before we realized it and turned around Well, it happens! (I rarely drive this road but my friend does very often.) Next time I drive with her, I will make myself in charge of the maps.
    I read on a website about squirrels that they really don’t remember where they buried their food. They just find it per accident again or somebody else of the squirrel family finds it also per accident. But who knows, maybe they don’t plant the seeds to find food but rather to plant housing? They live in these walnut trees! Maybe they are architects and just want new chic apartments in new trees?
    You painted your house yourself? What color? I painted mine also two or three years ago, and it was not easy on the upper story! Mine is painted in some kind of light cinnamon color. You scraped and sanded it? Must have been lots of work! I just slapped on the color and it looked just fine. It is coming slightly off now on a few parts on the second story, guess I have to do it again, but I am thinking of hiring a guy to do the upper story, and I will do the lower part. Maybe I add on a soundproof room just to avoid the noise of the school bus or the trash collectors coming down the road or the lawn movers from the neighbors. They don’t come often but nevertheless, I want it quiet. Birds wake me up too. They are so loud at 4:30 in the morning. Like freaking roosters! A big part of my big deck is under a tree, Peach. The birds mess that part up all the time. I clean after them constantly. Maybe I should put some canopy over that part… Do you have any other idea? I tried to potty-train them but to no avail.
    I guess you have some heirs. On the other side, there speaks nothing against it, you living some more decades and no need for any will, Peach. You have to pay monthly payments to the bank like rent so that you can continue to live in your house and if you would miss payments, they would kick you out? Are these monthly payments high? I don’t have any mortgage or debts on my house and land. I can waste my money on really frivolous things. 😉
    New roof really costs a lot. I have a fairly new roof, so I don’t have to worry about it. Be careful when getting a new roof. I know a lady who got a new roof and after only six years, it was already completely worn out. They looked like 100 year old shingles. Some company sold her really cheap shingles. They figured that she lived alone, might not know much about it, and they nailed her real crappy shingles on her roof. I told her to raise hell to get money back from that company.
    Well, I have at least two windows that need replacement but I am not in a hurry.
    Hey, remember this song?

    My family thinks that I should build myself a really tiny one bedroom apartment house for the winter and use the big house just in spring, summer or fall, but I am alright here in winter too.
    I sure hope you win the lottery or that some kind of rich Uncle in Venezuela puts you in his will, Peach. We had not many relatives, but I remember older relatives of other kids living in funky run down places. Basically, you are saying you are living in some kind of Addams Family style of house. You could put a coin bank on the entrance to your garden with the note: “If you don’t like how this house is looking, it can be helped. Make a donation, and it will become a better place.” 😉
    My house looks pretty and cute from the outside but it is kind of haunted. Not just my high population of orbs (have you seen their pictures?) but the floors, the windows, and doorframes are shifting, creaking, if not crashing, dishes are rattling (no earth quakes measured), and there are strange noises at night. And in the morning, anything looks really innocent. But home is where the ghosts are. 😉 Unless something better comes along, I stay right here and listen at 1am to horses, donkeys, and alpacas (also called pasture decorations) saying good night to each other. Yes, they go to bed late, and so do I. Yes, it is haunted… I am looking since week for my hair curling iron and can’t find it. Maybe somebody is using it to curl the tails of the donkeys and horses… I looked everywhere. It disappeared.
    Peach, I am getting another visitor mid/end of May, and she wants to improve my garden, and then I see what else we or I do.
    Where I live, things have not changed in 70 years or so. I cannot compete with your town of 30,000 or 40,000 people. It is really rural here, in the middle of nowhere. Nobody is interested in developing here, which is fine with me, my few neighbors, the horses, alpacas, donkeys and the orbs! However, once in a while, I feel the urge to get out in the big cities, and I do!
    I don’t think that girl who stole that rosary will pray with it. She will give it to her mother or grandmother as a birthday present, and they don’t know that they are praying with a stolen rosary. I think the Pope should know about this. We cannot let this go by. 😉
    Don’t worry, Peach, if you had not much time to write or if you were not in the mood to write. We are both busy and communication should not be a chore. So, just write when you are in the mood for it, feeling well and when you are not having something better to do.
    Best wishes to you! Take things easy and take care!


    Barbara Schwarz

    April 9, 2012 at 1:26 pm

  195. Emma decided to close ESMB down. Didn’t her posters attack you as well, Barbara?

    Piet Forever

    April 12, 2012 at 10:19 am

  196. DM’s wins this week:
    1) Eastgate case dismissed
    2) Michele Ryan is exhausted and quits.
    3) Cook settles…


    April 24, 2012 at 4:30 am

  197. Feel sorry for all people who felt the need to post on ESMB.


    April 24, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    • You’ll find rarely an impartial and truthful posting on a message board like ESMB. ESMB closing down is a win for anyone who wants truth and not just more lies and hatred.

      Barbara Schwarz

      April 24, 2012 at 1:12 pm

  198. I’m not a driven businessman, but a driven artist. I never think about money. Beautiful things make money….

    This is very interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. I have joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your great post. Also, I have shared your site in my social networks!…


    April 30, 2012 at 7:05 am

  199. What the heck does this mean? Malaysia newspaper twisting speech by fanatical anti-Scio Xenophon? My take: paper likely to say that writer made simple error. Xenophon afraid to get in hot water with the Muslims? Call it a motivator.

    Sandra O.

    May 2, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    • It’s quite odd that Scientology was changed to Islam, but “Xeno” is quite strange himself, if you ask me.

      Barbara Schwarz

      May 3, 2012 at 3:07 am

  200. Barbara, the words “angel,“ ”apostle” and “Christ” have been removed from the bible translation. It‘s not that these themes aren’t present in the newfound Biblical interpretation. Instead, the translators have chosen alternatives. For instance, Jesus Christ is now “Jesus the Anointed One.” Any comment?


    May 2, 2012 at 7:35 pm

    • And what many Christians don’t understand is that these changes go on for centuries and that Jesus’ belief in past lives were also removed. Alteration is the way of changing any religion incl. Scientology.

      Barbara Schwarz

      May 3, 2012 at 3:09 am

  201. You’re amazing!
    Friendship Quotes

    Friendship Quotes

    May 6, 2012 at 4:36 pm

  202. Did you notice? Blog-Mart writes an article saying that he ain’t political. Can I trust anything he says? He ran a Texas campaign for Obama!


    May 7, 2012 at 1:11 am

  203. Hey Barb, do you believe that DM wrote this?


    25 Feb 2003


    A/T/WDC FB

    A/T/ED INT


    Internet: You didn’t give me a report on what all is going to be on this Internet. I need to know exactly what it is since I don’t know that you have to launch every single part of it, including the Source Library. I am curious what’s on there and I really don’t want something on there that’s going to be outdated in short order. For instance, there are 80 PLs to be fixed. There are books being corrected. So preempting all those books by putting all the text on the Internet could really be a disaster. Further, there’s a bunch of Internet cronies who like taking things out of context and you are going to give them easy picking to be able to do this. To tell me that they won’t be able to get access to the Internet tells me nothing. Because I don’t know how a Scientologist is going to get an access to it. In fact, it seems like the thing should be IAS required membership, which would both help get memberships and would get the correct access. I don’t know that the plan is on it, which is not unusual. I had a whole comm cycle with Sky Dayton and did not hear a single word from anybody in Int following that letter which was cc’ed to everybody.


    May 11, 2012 at 11:53 am

    • You should ask him that. Looks like written in a hurry and doing what Ron didn’t want anyone to do: altering Scientology’s scriptures.

      However, what’s funny is the “whole comm cycle”. Didn’t knew that there are now also comm cycles that are half or quarter comm cycles. 😉

      Barbara Schwarz

      May 11, 2012 at 6:29 am

  204. Wintergreen

    May 13, 2012 at 8:12 pm

  205. Tom Cruise opens up to Playboy! Didn’t Scientology president Heber Jentzsch say that Playboy smeared LRH and that they will never get an interview?

    Sandra O.

    May 15, 2012 at 2:21 pm

    • That Playboy article was an interview with Nibbs, the son of Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril”. I ask myself why Tom Cruise didn’t find a more uptone mag than Playboy to be interviewed? I read it online. It was pinned to a almost naked body of a girl (not Katie). Although the interview is content-wise pretty nice, not the dirt that Nibbs dished out years ago, nevertheless Tom Cruise says he is a romantic and Playboy isn’t romantic but sex.

      Guys are reading it and are looking at other naked women than their own. Isn’t that 1.1? Reducing women to sex objects. How “uptone” is that? Also don’t understand that gun painted on Tom Cruise’s body. Call me old-fashioned. It is not monogram sexual interest high often sublimated to creative thought.

      Playboy is down on the tonescale.

      4.0: Enthusiasm — Sexual interest high often sublimated to creative thought.

      3.5: Cheerfulness — High interest in opposite sex. Constancy.

      3.0: Conservatism — Interest in procreation.

      2.5: Boredom — Disinterest in procreation.

      2.0: Antagonism — Disgust at sex; revulsion.

      1.5: Anger —
      Rape. Sex as punishment.

      1.1: Covert Hostility — Promiscuity, perversion, sadism, irregular practices.

      0.1: Apathy —
      No effort to procreate.

      Barbara Schwarz

      May 15, 2012 at 2:52 pm

  206. Wikipedia says that Playboy is a pornographic magazine.


    May 15, 2012 at 3:04 pm

  207. Neal Warren aka Gregorgy Hall, kook of the decade digs up old usenet postings of yours with his Mormon socks Joshua, Day Brown and has his old other sock Davis opposing them to create a dispute to smear your name again, Barbara. The old deranged stinker is still running a defamation campaign on you. Warren is very bitter that you won’t pay any attention to him, a very disturbed individual. It was wise of you leaving usenet three years ago, smart lady. Congrats. Usenet is dead. Just some loonies like Kat and Warren are still there. You don’t miss a thing. 🙂


    June 9, 2012 at 7:13 pm

  208. You are a very smart person! I read all your postings, Barb.

    Sandra O.

    June 9, 2012 at 7:32 pm

  209. Neal Warren aka Gregory Hall aka Joshua aka Davis aka Valkov aka aka aka… YAWN! A bore!

    Scientologist II

    June 9, 2012 at 7:45 pm

  210. Barbara, if you ever make a stop in Colorado let me know. My wife wants to meet you. She thinks highly of you, and so do I.


    June 9, 2012 at 7:55 pm

  211. Duke University announced they are shutting down their Usenet server because of cost concerns and the fact hardly anybody uses it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    June 9, 2012 at 8:40 pm

  212. Wow! Usenet was founded by Duke university students and Duke university buried it now! Speaking about a dying system. Most Internet subscriber don’t know about it and most of those who know it don’t care about it. It’s just a hangout for a few old desperate trolls arguing with their own sock puppets. Pathetic.

    Realistic Guy

    June 10, 2012 at 2:37 am

  213. Wikipedia:
    Sascha Segan of PC Magazine said in 2008 “Usenet has been dying for years[…]” Segan said that some people pointed to the Eternal September in 1993 as the beginning of Usenet’s decline. Segan said that the “eye candy” on the World Wide Web and the marketing funds spent by owners of websites convinced Internet users to use profit-making websites instead of Usenet servers. In addition, DejaNews and Google Groups made conversations searchable, and Segan said that this removed the obscurity of previously obscure Internet groups on Usenet. Segan explained that when pornographers and software pirates began putting large files on Usenet, by the late 1990s this caused Usenet disk space and traffic to increase. Internet service providers allocated space to Usenet libraries, and Internet service providers questioned why they needed to host space for pornography and pirated software. Segan said that the hosting of porn and pirated software was “likely when Usenet became truly doomed” and “[i]t’s the porn that’s putting nails in Usenet’s coffin.” AOL discontinued Usenet access in 2005. When the State of New York opened an investigation on child pornographers who used Usenet, many ISPs dropped all Usenet access or access to the alt. hierarchy. Segan concluded “It’s hard to completely kill off something as totally decentralized as Usenet; as long as two servers agree to share the NNTP protocol, it’ll continue on in some fashion. But the Usenet I mourn is long gone[…]”[42] In response, John Biggs of TechCrunch said “Is Usenet dead, as Sascha posits? I don’t think so. As long as there are folks who think a command line is better than a mouse, the original text-only social network will live on.” Biggs added that while many Internet service providers terminated access, “the real pros know where to go to get their angst-filled, nit-picking, obsessive fix.”[43]
    In May 2010, Duke University, whose implementation had kicked off Usenet more than 30 years earlier, decommissioned its Usenet server, citing low usage and rising costs.[44][45]


    June 10, 2012 at 3:47 am

  214. They know where to go to get their angst-filled, nit-picking, obsessive fix?? Doesn’t Usenet rather sound like an addiction?

    I was a Usenet lurker once but found it extremely boring. Besides porn and host place for pirated software, Usenet trolls destroy the reputations of good people. These trolls use different newsreaders and posting ideas and cyberstalk their victims with false content postings. It happened to Barbara but also to numerous others. Good people are leaving Usenet, and a few obsessive people stay.


    June 10, 2012 at 4:47 am

  215. You are a very bright person!

    Willodean Swanger

    June 11, 2012 at 3:21 am

  216. What do you think of the naked Christian chewing off a man’s face, Ms. Schwarz?,0,6068175.story


    June 12, 2012 at 6:33 am

    • Apparently, a person turned into a Manchurian animal with psychiatric mind control.

      A shame for the authorities not to figure this out and not to arrest those perverted doctors who turn people into animals and who have fun with such disgusting events and suffering of others.

      The mother of the attacker said that what he did was out of character.

      Wonder what the mothers of the p$ychs are saying one day about their sons who are responsible for this kind of mind control and the psychiatric creation of attackers like that. They are a disgrace for the human race and all of them belong in a zoo.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 12, 2012 at 9:10 am

  217. I am speechless.

    Another Scientologist

    June 17, 2012 at 11:58 pm

  218. Did you hear that Debbie Cook and her husband moved to a French Caribbean Island? Any take on this?

    Piet Forever

    June 20, 2012 at 9:00 pm

    • 1. possibility: They got more money from DM and can afford moving to an island
      2. possibility: They want to be away from the USA in case they want to violate their contracts again
      3. possibility: Possibility 1 and 2.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 21, 2012 at 11:06 am

  219. Howdy lady.

    Despite the growth and gradual mainstreaming of Mormonism in recent years, the church is still regarded by many as disconcertingly exotic. Now, with the very real possibility that one of its own could wind up in the Oval Office, the LDS finds itself scrambling to adjust to life in the global spotlight.

    Howdy y'all

    June 24, 2012 at 12:44 pm

  220. Heard a rumor that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing. Why?

    Celeb watcher

    June 28, 2012 at 2:55 pm

  221. Dear Barbara,

    do you have a to C of S comment?


    29 June 2012 Census figures The Census figures are not an accurate reflection of the growing number of people visiting our churches and actively participating in Scientology both in Australia and internationally. The Church internationally has grown more in the past 5 years than it has in the previous 50. We are undergoing a large expansion phase, opening new, larger churches around the world to accommodate the growing numbers of parishioners.They not only provide the ideal facilities, able to provide all of the religious services to Scientologists that our Founder intended for them on their ascent to greater states of spiritual awareness but also each building is designed to serve as a home for theentire community and a meeting ground of cooperative effort to uplift citizens of all denominations.In Australia we opened our new Ideal Church of Scientology in Melbourne in January 2011 and have increased the delivery of Scientology services more than 500 percent in the last year to a steadily growing number of parishioners. Internationally, it is the same. Last week a new Church opened in Phoenix, Arizona and this is the sixth new ideal Church of Scientology to open its doors in 2012. Others included the Church of Scientology Denver (June 16); Church of Scientology Orange County (June 2); Church of Scientology Greater Cincinnati, (February 25); Church of Scientology Sacramento (January 28); and Church of Scientology Hamburg, Germany (January 21). Other new churches opened in recent years include London; New York; Washington D.C.; Brussels; Madrid; Rome; Berlin; Minneapolis-St. Paul; Tampa; Nashville; Seattle;Las Vegas; Los Angeles; Pasadena; Inglewood; as well as Quebec City; Mexico City and Moscow.

    We cannot comment on the Census other than that the religion question was optional.


    June 29, 2012 at 3:05 am

    • Census is anonymous. The name of the questioned person is not published. A real Scientologist would state proudly her religion. DM’s leadership of Scientology sucks. It is all out of control. He should have stepped back a long time ago and left Scientology in the capable hands of real Scientology.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 29, 2012 at 3:09 pm

  222. David Miscavige’s father left the Int base and Roanne Leake left too. What do YOU make of this?

    Henrietta C.

    June 29, 2012 at 10:23 am

    • Did he and other relatives get Scientology money from DM? That is what I want to know.

      I think one day, DM will also desert the sinking ship, after Scientology is completely run into the ground.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 29, 2012 at 3:11 pm

  223. Yes, this one.

    Barbara Schwarz

    June 29, 2012 at 3:03 pm

  224. Do you believe this statement is genuine?

    “We have been through a lot together. I trust you as you trust me.”

    — L. Ron Hubbard to David Miscavige


    July 2, 2012 at 10:55 pm

    • “Jack Vistaril” the impostor might have said this to DM but never Ron, the real founder of Scientology. He never would have left SCN in DM’s hands. Never in a billion years. The real Ron would have seen right from the start what to expect from His Cobness: nothing but cover up for the impostor and new and more scandals for SCN and more infiltration and alteration.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 3, 2012 at 1:55 pm

    • Where is Katie Holmes’s mind? Suri wears her jacket on the left side but Katie doesn’t seem to notice!

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 8, 2012 at 7:34 am

  225. I am deeply insulted. Reporter Tony Ortega tries to pin ‘Cannibal killer’ Luka Magnotta on Scientology!

    What do you make of this black PR on Scientology?

    Scientologist II

    July 8, 2012 at 9:36 am

    • Although the Germans HAD TO ARREST Magnotta in Berlin upon request of the Canadians, I bet the content of the world bank that he is a German secret service agent.

      Magnotta is as little a Scientologist as Charles Manson. It is a typical German secret service p$ych method to position Scientology and the founder with the worst people on the planet, people run by German secret service psychs and made into the monsters they became.

      What did Magnotta in Germany expect wanting to be closer to those who run him? The German secret service made Magnotta to come to Germany so that THEY can say that Germany attested him. Magnotta didn’t oppose his arrest. I bet Germany promised him an award if he goes along and makes Germany look like law and order.

      Bet the farm on it that Magnotta wrote allegedly “nice things” about Scientology on the net because a German secret service ordered him to do that so that they can position him with Scientology.

      Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder really need their butts kicked for supporting scum Ortega. In my view, Village Voice is nothing but a German secret service propaganda outlet.

      Anything Magnotta did is the OPPOSITE OF SCIENTOLOGY.

      SPs are enjoying the dirt that the German secret services dump on Scientology but at the end, those who are doing it will get caught.


      Will mankind ever learn?

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 8, 2012 at 3:33 am

  226. Barbara,

    I am not Neil Roger Woods. My name is Tim Higgs. Aida Thomas got that wrong.

    I have a scanned copy of my birth certificate that I can show you to prove who I am.

    Please stop saying that “Tim Higgs” is an alias that Neil Roger Woods goes by.

    That is false, we are two different people.


    July 8, 2012 at 9:57 am

    • Alright, thanks for bringing that to my attention. As you say you are not Neil Roger Woods, I will not claim that you are.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 8, 2012 at 3:09 pm

      • There’s a scanned copy of my Birth Certificate on the “About” page of my blog for the time being.

        So please change what’s on your blog.


        July 9, 2012 at 3:44 am

  227. What sent chills down my spine was Mr. Mosey telling Tom Cruise to hand over full custody of his biological child to the mother who possibily faked being a Scientologist.


    July 8, 2012 at 11:42 pm

    • Mosey’s husband (the impostor of the first Marty Rathbun in Scientology) is in my opinion a German secret service agent.

      That is what the Germans did to L.Ron Hubbard (the founder, not “Jack Vistaril” his impostor), kidnapping me as kid to Germany so that RB has “full custody”, and she wasn’t even my biological mother.

      But there is a God. I became a Scientologist and found out against all odds.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 9, 2012 at 5:38 am

  228. For atCause: I don’t want false reports on my blog. I saw your birth certificate. No mention of Neil Roger Woods on my blog. Is that good enough?

    Barbara Schwarz

    July 9, 2012 at 5:47 am

  229. Mister Mosey’s supporters say that he “predicted” the “end game” in Cruise vs. Holmes… Hey, anyone reading his book or did it put anyone asleep?


    July 9, 2012 at 9:14 am

    • Isn’t that normal that people try to solve their differences in a peaceful way?

      Mosey’s husband is very short-sighted. Cruise vs. Holmes settlement may change any day if secret service psychs can help it. They like our religion Scientology being smeared in the media and so does Mosey’s husband!

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 9, 2012 at 10:02 am

  230. I am an outsider, looking in. So far I have learned that CoS is not a cult; all the problems stem from Miscavige. Also learned about the indie movement and the validity of Hubbard’s research. And of course, been learning about all the horror stories from former church members. Not bad for someone who just a few weeks ago sort of detested all of you, and now actually wishes I could hang out with you. Still trying to sort out names, faces, etc. But I am still confused on a couple things:

    – Based on remote viewing books, research, radio shows, video lectures, etc from former US military remote viewers… I have never come across any mention of Scientology being involved in the remote viewing program. I happened to read about the involvement on another site, and somehow ended up on a blog post you made. Even Hal Puthoff describes a totally different scenario as to how the RV research got started. Is it possible that RV research was ‘taken’ or claimed later to be part of Scientology, in the similar manner that current new-age community hijacks the term “remote viewing” to describe things like meditation, etc? I would make more sense to me that LRH, during his research or connections, came across the RV work and merged it into an OT. Not stealing of course, just merging it in.

    – Your bio above mentions “the original Marty Rathbun”. Please clarify if possible. Are you saying Marty from Texas is not Marty Rathbun, as in an imposter? Or is Mark de Rothschild and Marty Rathbun two separate people? It is your wording “the original” which absolutely totally confuses me.

    Thanks for clarifying if you do. Whatever the case, I am sorry to hear you are separated from your husband. Your love for him is apparent, and is very touching. Talk about leaving the porch light on. That is awesome!


    July 9, 2012 at 12:01 pm

    • David Miscavige is not the only “problem”. He is just one guy and I bet he has secret service case officers (no Scientologists) running him. Infiltrating secret service members are the problem of Scientology. I wouldn’t want to hang out with them or the “Indies”.

      Ingo Swan or Swann and Hal Puthoff were active in Scientology in earlier times. They worked on US remote viewing programs and I don’t believe that they represented Scientology technology properly. I suspect that they never were Scientologists. They have not stated being Scientologists for a long time. The remote viewing program was supervised by psychiatrists. They think they are some kind of competition to SCN. Naturally, they did not acknowledge that remote viewing is really possible.

      The founder of Scientology did not “borrow” or “merge”. He asked himself and other questions that nobody else asked: what is man (or woman) actually? Nobody really knows. Still, most don’t know what it is. A body? A brain? Has he a soul and what is the soul exactly?

      He figured it out that the person IS a spirit (thetan) who HAS a body and a mind, and as more he looked as more he found, e.g. that a thetan has advanced abilities and remote viewing did fall into this.

      Remote viewing was researched by Ron before the feds had any program.

      The name of the man in Texas is Mark Rathbun. But he is not my Marty Rathbun, the first Inspector General for Ethics who disappeared by the end of the 80s. Apparently, secret services, also the CIA is involved in this. They apparently gave Mark or Marty de Rothschild the name Mark Rathbun as “security name” but not telling him that one day, there will be a doppelganger by the same name and who looks like him and who will impersonate him.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 9, 2012 at 2:54 pm

      • Barbara, So you’re saying that not only was Marty Rathbun impersonated and replaced but so was L. Ron Hubbard.

        I’m not trying to upset you or anything, but do you have any concrete evidence to back this up?


        July 9, 2012 at 4:57 pm

      • Yup. The concrete evidence is having OT perceptions.

        The tonelevel between the real L. Ron Hubbard, the founder, and “Jack Vistaril” his impostor also on the Apollo is light years APART. That the impostor used the same phrase: “This is very interesting” means nothing. He was told to say this as it belonged to his impostor rule.

        On another note: psychs went through a lot of trouble finding and establishing an impostor. Do you really think that they let concrete evidence (like confessions or transcripts of their despicable doings) lying around just for me to find and publish?

        And again: Mosey’s husband in Texas is also an impostor. He is NOT the original Marty Rathbun, Inspector General for Ethics. He took over when the original Marty disappeared without a trace.

        People who can’t see that they are four different people are either blind, bribed and corrupt or in trance.

        If I am really the only person who can see it, then I must be the brightest human being on the planet. That would mean that nobody on the planet can measure with my perceptions.

        The concrete evidence lies in the different tonelevels, in the pictures and footage. Take photos, enlarge them and take a ruler and measure differences in faces and on bodies. This is how the CIA did it when they had to figure out who is the real Saddam Hussein and who are his 9 doppelgangers.

        Barbara Schwarz

        July 9, 2012 at 7:01 pm

      • Barbara,

        I’ve looked at the pictures you have on LRH and Marty Rathbun. They seem to be the same person…


        July 10, 2012 at 7:14 am

      • And so did the 9 doppelgangers of Saddam Hussein. I am in possession of photos of a woman who looked so much like me that not even I could tell on the first glance if it is me or her. You have a lot to learn, Tim. The original Marty Rathbun and L.Ron Hubbard the founder, both were/are impostored by doppelgangers. I assume you don’t know German psychs. But I do. They manipulate people with any trick in the book. Using doppelgangers is just one of their tricks and no new trick. This goes on for a long long time. Even President Eisenhower was impostored.

        Believe what you want. Maybe the Earth population wants to stay forever in the dark. Maybe the people made such a postulate. But I didn’t. But the truth will come out. And the truth is that secret service psychs hire doppelganger and make the originals to non-person. And I will not allow them to get away with it. I am not even sure if I survive their plans for me, but I guarantee anyone that I won’t play along. And I will kick psych butts even from the beyond.

        Barbara Schwarz

        July 10, 2012 at 12:14 pm

  231. Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise while Suri was born. If she was concerned about Scientology not right for Suri, why did she marry Tom Cruise? Katie Holmes makes no sense.


    July 9, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    • Yes, she makes sense if you suspect her of having married TC to get money and fame. At a certain point, I believe that she decided that she has enough personal fame and cash or can make cash easily with that celeb status that she got thru TC and that she can dump him and Scientology, which she likely never understood.

      For crying out loud, she was hanging out with David Miscavige on a private level and laughing and partying with him! He is so into celebrities that he would have never done or ordered anything that Katie wouldn’t have liked in regards to Suri. He didn’t stop her enrolling Suri in a Catholic school, right?

      There are some people think that DM is anyway more Catholic than he ever was a Scientologist.

      Psychiatric oriented secret services and agents have manipulated the thinking of reporters and the public that much that hating Scientology is more important than recognizing reality. It doesn’t matter what is playing out, it is always Ron’s Scientology that gets the blame. And nobody reports of the infiltration by non-Scientologists and impostors into Scientology! That would not blame Scientology or Ron, and that is why nobody writes about it.

      Secret services psychiatrists think that people are easy to be run and controlled. Except a few of us.