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Pope Benedict: “…the Lord seemed to sleep…” How about rather: the Lord doesn’t want to help the Church of Pedophiles??

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

In an unusually personal message, the Pope said there had been “many days of sunshine” but also “times when the water was rough … and the Lord seemed to sleep.”  He sure  is one who knows God, doesn’t he? That is what I call having no line to God at all.   

He calls the Cardinals “princes” of the church!  Cardinal Keith O’Brien and other dirty priests are then princes too. Yuk!

He says he will pay “unconditional reverence and obedience” to his successor. That sounds like a cult, doesn’t it?

Pope Benedict says he won’t tell the new Pope what to say but he hushed up the SEGNPMSS who are through ear implants at home in the ears of just about anyone and that is the reason why this planet is such a disgusting pig stable.

I bet the true reason why Benedict resigned is that something could be probably revealed about Cardinal Josef Ratzinger that the world doesn’t yet know about him.     

Miss you every day, Marty, and I am sending you millions of kisses. I’ll never stop loving you.

Yours forever,


There is no greater love
Than what I feel for you
No greater love,
No heart so true

There is no greater thrill
Than what you bring to me
No sweeter song
Than what you sing to me

You’re the sweetest prince
I have ever known
And to think that
You are mine alone.

There is no greater love
In all the world, it’s true
No greater love
Than what I feel for you

You’re the sweetest prince
I have ever known,
And to think that
You are mine alone.

There is no greater love
In all the world, it’s true
No greater love
Than what I feel for you

I am sorry, but don’t believe Allen Barton’s story…

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate,

Of course, nobody should be ordered to disconnect from anyone he or she does not want to disconnect, and only non-Scientologists would order this or accept such an order as it is anti-Scientology. But Scientologists should not be forced to stay together with people who attack them or their points of view and make their lives miserable. (RB even woke me in the middle of the night and disturbed my sleep to tell me  anti-Scientology stories! How can one stay healthy when having to live like that?)  

Scientologists should have the right like anyone else to choose their own company.

However, people who really love each other do not disconnect, it doesn’t matter who says so. When people disconnect within a family, something is wrong with that family to begin with that has nothing to do with Scientology. When families are breaking apart, it is because Scientology was not applied in the first place.

And now to Allen Barton’s story. I think he pulled this story out of his sleeve to get media attention. These days, it is “in” to hate Scientology. Much has to do with DM’s incapability to be a good  and wise leader.

But before I believe Barton anything, I want to see his  financial statements that shows that Mario Feninger cashed his small checks for food and utilities.  And I want to hear what Mario Feninger replies. 

Odd is also that Mario Feninger has no Wikipedia page but many complete zeros (like Tilman Hausherr and other nobodies) have them.  Wikipiggy is very weird and unprofessional to say the least.

Mario Feninger still plays the piano, works on music research, and sells records.  He also must have social security  income, a pension, and other funds. If he is a real Scientologist, he plans his personal finances too and doesn’t depend on handouts. If some kind of reg comes to him/her and he/she can’t afford it at the moment, a real Scientologist says: “Sorry, dear, not this time.” A person who applies Scientology manages also his/her finances well.

Apparently, he enjoys still playing.

If he can afford to allow certain people to attend  his concerts for free, he can’t be desperate for money as Barton is trying to make him look.

Does he look like needing Barton’s help? Is say no.

He plays effortless and doesn’t seem to be in pain. With each concert, he probably earns more than what Barton earns in weeks.

It is the old story: people who never were Scientologists (Barton) but just used Scientology for their careers are trying to bury it now. How disgusting!

I wouldn’t want to hang out with Barton, why would Mario Feninger? Did Barton ever think that his public allegations and the shame that he brings on Mario Feninger could cause somebody 90 years old distress and problems to his health? Is that what Barton wants?    

Love you bunches, Marty. Miss you every minute of the day and night.

Yours forever,



How to deal with squirrels… One has to be better than they are and delivering nothing else but original Scientology…

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Dearest Marty, my magnificent soul mate, how are you? 

I can’t complain that I don’t have enough snow to build snow men this year… But it sure looks nice, all that white fluffy stuff and it makes the world so quiet.

There is no doubt that Ron said that Scientology shouldn’t be altered but kept original. Nevertheless, the alteration happened inside the orgs and outside. But when somebody squirrels, what is the right solution? Going after him like the idiotic squirrel busters in a way that the public doesn’t understand and appreciates and in a way that helps the squirrel to a victim status? Non-Scientologists don’t understand why DM goes after “squirrels”. They think, these squirrels believe in the same scriptures and  don’t understand why DM goes after them and why they can’t exist together, after all, there is no shortage of non-Scientologists. They don’t understand why DM thinks that these squirrels are such a danger for his movement. 

The best solution for everything, and the solution that Ron would have applied: being better than anyone else, delivering better products than anyone who splintered away or uses Dianetics and Scientology unauthorized. That word will get around too. But it won’t get around when orgs squirrel as well. Than the word will get around that the orgs squirrel too.  

There are more than six billion people on this planet. Thanks to the German-organized and secret service psych-supervised infiltration of Scientology, most of these six billion people have no first hand experience with Scientology, and heard just bad rumors.  They have no clue of what original Scientology can do for individuals and mankind. People are thinking that if so-called Scientologists have to fight people who splinter away about not taking its staff or public, Scientology orgs can’t be that impressive and are not very self-confident in getting new people. I bet DM never thought about that. 

Alright, I noticed that there are some actions by the orgs to reach new people (and none by Mosey’s husband and anyone else of the Indie’s or Freezone as far as I can see).  But Vistarology, Miscavology, Indieology, Freezonology is already squirrel and none will solve the problems of the planet. Only original Scientology has this capacity.  Instead of restoring the name of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, by publishing his/its true story, everything goes downhill.

There is no big expansion with Vistarology, Miscavology, Indieology, and Freezonology. One has to study between the lines to grasp as much original Scientology as possible. One has to KNOW the real founder and constantly ask the question: is that within the character of Ron? Would he come up with a finding or conclusion or solution like this?  And many people don’t know how to do it or don’t do it. Or  have no clue who and how the founder of Scientology really was. So, at a certain point, they leave and some of them attack or open their own little operation. As Vistarology and Miscavology is already squirrel, it is the ideal platform for more squirrel when these people splinter off.

Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, and some of their supporters posted on occasions that DM “milks always the same cows”. But what about their movement? Don’t they do the same with the very few people who joined them? Mosey’s husband indicated that they can’t make a living… Mosey can’t audit and has to work again in the medical sector. Is that really such a surprise?

These “Indies” don’t bring Scientology to new people. They live of the “crumbs” that fall from DM’s table which isn’t full these days either! The Indies try to rip off the staff and public from the orgs as they are unable to interest new people in Scientology. What a shame for them! Mosey is the ONLY known person that allegedly became a Scientologist through Mosey’s husband’s movement of several years. What a poor statistic that is! 


Public Regges in the Munich org started hundreds of new people PER WEEK. And Mosey and her husband can’t make a living. How can this be competent? I don’t see Scientology applied.

And what Mosey’s husband and his supporters don’t get this: By working hand in hand with Scientology haters, they don’t get Scientologists and they don’t get new people either. Most Scientologists’ stomachs turn when they learn about the connections  to anti-Scientologists of the “Indies” in the news, and new people are getting scared and don’t want to be involved in these fights

In other words: if Scientology doesn’t get a better reputation, neither the orgs nor the Indies will be on a survival track. If so-called Scientologists are fighting among themselves, it is the best method to KEEP INTERESTED INDIVIDUALS AND FUTURE SCIENTOLOGISTS AWAY.

A German proverb says: When two are fighting, the third is enjoying it. You and me, Marty, we know who the third party is. Those who came up with that proverb.

I love you, Marty. I know that I don’t have to lecture you. Wish others would be able to think straight like you.

Many kisses.

Yours forever





Pope Benedict made of course another German national in charge of the Vatican bank…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, how are you?

I had a quiet Sunday, but most of the time, my weekends are not lazy. This weekend, I just talked to my family, and that was it. Wish I would have a quiet Sunday – no, a quiet any day with you. I also would take loud and noisy and action packed days as long as they are with you. 

I learned that Pope Benedict (former German Cardinal Ratzinger) appointed on February 15,  Ernst von Freyberg, a German industrialist as the new director of the Vatican Bank, a move that experts said was aimed at weakening the Italian influence at the institution. The pope resigns but before he goes, he quickly helps Germany to get officially overall control over the money of the Vatican.

(At least 5 German Marks of that cash is mine, Marty. Catholic Church cashed it from my payroll taxes in Germany without me ever being Catholic. They never gave it back to me, those cheats.)     

 Greedy Germans try to grab anything. They made laws that if I ever want to retire one day that I never will see any cent of retirement money  that I ever paid into German Social Security in earlier years. The entire country and government is one complete fraud institution!  

Sea Org Reserves of Scientology should be in the USA, but no, they are in Europe as Germany want all serious Scientology cash in their neighborhood  ready to grab it. They want anything except that anyone puts real justice on them.

This is about the Catholic Church:

The documents alleged corruption in the Vatican and infighting over the running of its bank, which has been at the heart of a series of scandals in past decades. In 2010 a chorister was dismissed for allegedly procuring male prostitutes for a papal gentleman-in-waiting. A few months later a weekly news magazine used hidden cameras to record priests visiting gay clubs and bars and having sex.

They are such hypocrites, are they? 

When you look around, you see all these paintings of naked people in the Vatican. Yes, I know, they are considered invaluable  pieces of art but are these the right paintings if a church wants people to be celibate and devote their lives to spiritual matters only? 

School of Athens is not that “fleshy” as the pictures in the Sistine Chapel but anywhere else in the Vatican is naked flesh. Maybe former Attorney General John Ashcroft  should become Pope. Remember when he covered half-naked female statute in the DOJ that represents the Spirit of Justice with USD 8000 robe? They disrobed her again after he was gone. Maybe because a Catholic became Attorney General.  Have to check this out. 😉      


Allegedly: 1: Zeno of Citium 2: Epicurus Possibly, the image of two philosophers, who were typically shown in pairs during the Renaissance: Heraclitus, the “weeping” philosopher, and Democritus, the “laughing” philosopher. 3: unknown (believed to be Raphael) 4: Boethius or Anaximander or Empedocles? 5: Averroes 6: Pythagoras 7: Alcibiades or Alexander the Great? 8: Antisthenes or Xenophon or Timon? 9: Raphael 10: Aeschines or Xenophon? 11: Parmenides? (Leonardo da Vinci) 12: Socrates 13: Heraclitus (Michelangelo) 14: Plato (Leonardo da Vinci)(Archimedes) (thought to be an amalgamation of the three) 15: Aristotle (Giuliano da Sangallo) 16: Diogenes 17: Plotinus (Donatello?) 18: Euclid or Archimedes with students (Bramante?) 19: Zoroaster (Baldassare Castiglione) 20: Ptolemy? R: Apelles (Raphael) 21: Protogenes (Il Sodoma, Perugino, or Timoteo Viti)

Marty, take a look at the alleged  Raphael: No. 9. Looks like girl and not a male to me. And she isn’t the only girl in that picture. Same as the girl in Da Vinci’s Last Supper.

Honestly, I think twisted Christians gave some historic persons a sex change by simply claiming that they were male.  There are some others in the School of Athens paintings who look rather like females than men too. 

Many kisses, Marty, I love you so very much. Wish I would hear from you. 

Yours forever,


Girl in the black dress with the red wrap:


Crop circles…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

There are a lot of theories about crop circles and who made them, from aliens to neighborhood pranksters, but no real explanations how these pranksters entered the fields without leaving  foot prints. A helicopter could drop them and pick them up without landing – but the wind of the helicopter might batter the rest of the field around the crop circles and the neighborhood would hear the noise of the helicopter.

Crop circles showed up in Oregon in the 60s. There is a Oregon professor who says that a microwave can bend grains and one can form a pattern in crops using a microwave. He says he is sure that those doing it are artists.

Gee, doesn’t need a rocket scientist to figure out that an artful crop circle pattern is designed by a person with artistic skills. But who in the 60s had microwaves? And who has now microwaves so strong that they can create that such pattern in the middle of large fields?

He didn’t explain how the people got into the fields without leaving a trace. He didn’t explain what power source they used for their  microwaves. Besides, all these crop circles look to me done from above not within.

Who are they kidding with this stuff?


A person (alien-wannabe artist and secret service guy) sits in a room on Earth but operates a weather satellite with multiple function in the skies. Microwaves and lasers might be one of the functions of such a weather satellite. Many people might not think about multi-functional devices but Germany is known for producing multi-functional devices that can cause great harm:  In 1998 Iraq ordered from a German company six lithotripsy devices, very expensive machines that treat kidney stones without surgery. The double function of this medical device:  lithotripter is an incredibly high-speed switch for atomic warheads too. A German company sold eight of such possible mass murder devices to Saddam Hussein. Yes, they are such “peace-loving” folks, the Germans, aren’t they?


What I am saying is that crop circles look nice and often are artful. So, I understand that people are rather amused than concerned, but the thing is, I bet not just pretty patterns can be created from a weather satellite with lasers or microwaves but also disasters. People can be tortured and killed with those instruments and law enforcement would likely rule it a “natural” death or a disease or a “mental illness”.  And this kind of terrorism isn’t investigated. It is not the crop circles that concern me but the silence of the government agents and the guys who make the circles in regards to that their crop circle tool, their multi-function weather satellite can not just to watch the weather but also influence it and to cause multiple forms of weather disasters and kill people from miles away.

So, what I am saying is somebody can drop dead and the can be miles away. (Hey officer, I have an alibi, was the entire time in my office, miles away, ask my colleague.)

Somebody miles away can use a strong laser to cause tornadoes. hurricanes, mudslides, fires, anything. And the government is not protecting the people by being quiet about it. Any official  who knows about it and doesn’t say anything about it needs his/her behind kicked.        

So, my problem is not that artistic skilled people make crop circles but that they are silent about what harmful so-called “natural disasters” can be done and is done with the same method or instrument that they are using.

I love you, Marty, many tender and passionate kisses. Wish we could be together. We could create the nicest crop circles together. 😉

Yours forever,


P.S. I think this crop circle maker is reading my blog! 



How I would like to spent my time online…

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Dearest Marty, my thoughts are with you, my Prince,

Guess anyone knows what a waste the Internet can be. One is bombarded with insignificant information and even outrage lies and advertisement slows everything down too. Whatever truth is out there is buried under tons of crap and lies. No, I am not proposing to get rid of it. But one day I will only more use it as a research tool for certain things. Guess everything gets boring in this world except you and Scientology. Remember the times when it was completely new to make a comment to the article of a newspaper online? Looks like people got tired of this too and you see less and less of these commands.   

Marty, what I would enjoy however would be an at least four-dimensional or multidimensional kind of Google Earth in real-time. For example,  one can wander through the bazaar of Tehran  and look at what they offer in their glasses, jars, and sacks on their counters, or one walk through a little fisher village in Scotland and watch them in real life clip sheep, or one can interact with them or even order something that one wants to buy. So, if somebody walks around there, he really walks there in the real world but it is not like a webcam but multidimensional for the visitor.  It would be like travelling just not with one’s body. It really should be multidimensional because just looking through a webcam is not like really feeling being there.  One could see the vegetation, the tradition, and even learn a thing or two from these visits.  One would have all except the immediate touch of things or the  smells but I bet even that can be technically solved in the future. 

It would be also interesting if this multidimensional world could be reconstructed anywhere in the world on how it was in each century there. This can’t be in real-time because past is past but would make history really interesting. 

Anyway, just a few thought about what I would like to do on the Internet.

Just a few words today, have work to do. I miss you like crazy, Marty. Wish I could be with you. Many kisses my hero.

Yours forever,


We don’t, Marty, we got the perfect lover and created the perfect love! 🙂

Can a thetan without body enter deep space? Theoretically yes, practically not…

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Dearest Marty,  my other half and soul mate, how are you?

I don’t know if you see much changing seasons where you are but I can see it on my vegetation that spring would like to come.

I sure hope to find you finally. It is a disgrace for mankind to plot against us and keep us apart. And for that they want to be blessed? Some kind of insane nerve!

Can a thetan enter deep space? This is what I figured, Marty: theoretically yes, practically no – unless it has no theta body anymore.

As you know, the theta body consists of a bit of material, which slows a thetan down when travelling even if he flies really really fast. I believe that the theta  body, that cloudy milky oval that the thetan keeps after death of the human body, doesn’t allow a thetan to have no space in time and to be instantly anywhere. The thetan can assume any viewpoint in space. It spans all over space but the theta body keeps it pretty much grounded. It consists of a little bit of MEST that can’t be seen with the bare eye but with modern technology. Most alleged Scientologists of today can’t even explain what the theta body is and does because Scientology is altered (on SEGNPMSS orders) from what it was under the real founder.

(By the way, Marty, David Miscavige hired at least one company if not more to suppress my blog to the bottom of the search engines. He is afraid others could learn the truth.) 

It seems getting rid of theta bodies is not a part of today’s C of S auditing anymore. And that goes for the orgs as much as for the “Independents” or the “Freezone”. Instead, they try use auditing as psychotherapy or to get rid of body thetans, which are something else but theta bodies.

Some attackers of Scientology say that people who are in need of help are joining Scientology.  We didn’t. We joined to get answers to the secrets of the universe, questions that these attacking and defaming idiots never asked and never tried to find. 

According to my observation, Marty, a body thetan is a germ. They are thetans too. They are animals, they can hear, can do certain things and have offsprings. SEGNPMSS and some university folks train germs and control them via remote control.  A germ attaches to a human body. Washing off doesn’t kill all, particularly not that are inside of the body. They make sick, cause pain and kill a human body, so it is better that the germs leave the human body and getting higher consciousness so that they want to become something else but germs.

The other kind of body thetan are SEGNPMSS case officers, despicable people with human bodies who send silent sounds in anyone’s ear drums to bring persons down. They make people believe that the strange ideas that they are getting are their own ideas and not ideas sent by these silent sounds producers. Those are also thetans with body: body thetans. Finally, there are the thetans with theta bodies who blanket other persons or move into a belly of a pregnant woman to be born again as baby. A family who wants a baby most certainly doesn’t want to get rid of these most precious thetans. On the other hand, I met really really creepy thetans in old German houses, basements and attics. But you know what? I shook them off just a few minutes after I felt that they were throwing themselves over me. And they retreated back in their dark spaces. How about thetans implanted together? There are no experiments that SEGNPMSS psychs did or do to thetans with and without bodies. Including splitting thetans. But it didn’t happen 250 billion years ago but much more recently. OT III handwriting is a forgery. It is not by the founder. OT III as under Jack Vistaril and DM does not tell the real story anymore. It was re-written to make Ron look unscientific and ridiculous.  

 Scientology makes a lot of sense for people who think  for themselves, as Ron wanted it.

My highest priority a Scientologist on the first Dynamic is getting rid of the theta body as this is how thetans are being tracked by the SEGNPMSS  in the afterlife. And altered Scientology as per Jack Vistaril and David Miscavige won’t help me much with this one, right, DM and Ray Mithoff?

Let’s say, there is a thetan who plans to leave this planet after dropping its body. It might not even know that it has a theta body and it is likely not as easy as throwing an old coat away and operate without. It is also possible that it thinks it is this theta body as some people think they are their flesh bodies. Anyway, thetan with theta body arrives at the Earth Atmosphere. In order to leave the planet by travelling with a theta body, it has to get through the Earth atmosphere. Particularly the mesophere is very tricky as it burns things up. So, there is another wall of fire. Without a theta body, a thetan has no position in time and space, which means it spans over all already and  is instantly anywhere. It can put its attention to some planet on the other end of this universe and would be there instantly and could hang out there as a spirit or could pick up a body there. But a theta body keeps a thetan grounded where it dropped the old flesh body, unless there is something that I haven’t figured out yet.

As far as I know, Scientology is so altered that theta bodies are not getting any attention anymore.  THETA BODY, a thetan very often carries with him a theta body which he mocked up on the past track and which is a number of facsimiles of old bodies… says Ron. So, a theta body is not necessary for a thetan to exist but makes it visible and traceable and if thetan thinks he needs this theta body or is this theta body, it will stop latest in front of the mesophere, afraid it (the thetan) will be destroyed. I have seen films of orbs (thetans with theta bodies), and I noticed that they fly around things not through things. I have seen an orb flying fast and making a turn when a person walked in its way, like a driver on the highway avoiding a coalition.


And I was thinking, with this theta body, they behave as they still have a flesh body, they never fly through the mesophere.  They would be afraid to be damaged.

Some person might think, hey, I am not so stupid, I use modern technology. I avoid the mesophere by climbing on board of a space shuttle and ride with them as far as they go and then I continue my journey to far galaxies myself.  

Germans (particularly) are afraid that people out in space are just as bad as they are and that they would come and take them over and do to them what they do to others. That is why I bet the content of the world bank – if it would be mine 😉 – that they not just cloaked this sun system (projected black mass around this sun system in which they reside too) so that it is not visible to extraterrestrials (which they have already discovered but that they withhold from the Earth population) but they also screen, measure,  investigate, and stop anything that tried to go in and out of certain boundaries around this sun system. It is like the Berlin wall, nobody gets in or out or else! 

So, with a theta body, one can never leave this corner of the universe. (I am not implying that life on other planets would be wonderful. Not just this galaxy has pretty messed up thetans.) However, only without theta body and with the awareness what a thetan is and what’s out there, one can leave, as that will outsmart the Germans. But  as they altered Scientology into a Vistaril/Miscavige cult that ignores the theta body, and I bet all these alleged OTs can be spotted right away with modern technology on the screens by the men behind Hitler.  (No, these psychs are not smart by not bettering the world. They sit in the same trap as those who they are trapping.)

And they pull anyone’s leg by letting people believe that it is difficult to cloak and that isn’t done already since a long time. What is so difficult about producing particularly blackness before objects even large objects as a planet to make it invisible? 


As I said, I know the typical German mind, and the creepiest of all are the typical Bavarians. The history books really left out a huge event. The worst and most primitive Suppressive Persons landed once in Bavaria and establishing their home there. So, when somebody tells me that he or she after physical death plans to venture out in space, he or she has no clue what is waiting for her or him. Besides, a thetan takes its mind with it, which could be questioned and examined on other planets and lead aliens here where also the top SEGNPMSS officers are hiding. These past live butchers, barbers, psychs and medical doctors are so afraid of running into others who are as bad as they are and doing with them what they want. I know that what I am writing about is no material for fearful people who are afraid to check reality and live in trance and think that this planet is all there is and that secret service play just a little foul and not spacewide foul. But you’ll understand me, Marty. I am sure of that.  

With their satellites, they can vaporize huge meteoroids but they also can drop them exactly on selected Earth  population. And they do that as well as other atrocities as they switched off any humanity. I also don’t believe in the coincidental asteroid “approach”: another asteroid almost hit the Earth at the same time as that one that did hit Russia. It reminded me rather to the 7/11 strategy to hit several targets at the same time to make people freak out and panic. It doesn’t matter how far they were apart. It just indicates that not just Russians are the target but any one on Earth. Even if those meteors were not “related”, in other words from the same block. The lunatics who use lasers to send space debris on Earth to hurt people and to make people afraid and panic are from the same German cult: SEGNPMSS. And as they run the world’s “scientists” robotic with ear implants, the crazy top SEGNPMSS terrorists always are getting away. 


People who think that the afterlife is free never met a real Bavarian SP. They HAVE to control anybody. They HAVE to. They driven by MUST HAVE TOTAL CONTROL OF ANYTHING. Yes, it is insane, but this is how they are. I once asked one of these SPs (who apparently lost his SEGNPMSS position of controlling the world  and was downgraded because they are  plotting against  and killing and implanting themselves as they can’t trust anyone within their own rotten system) why she can’t let go of having to control everything under the sun and beyond and finding something else to do. I never got an answer. I looked in eyes who didn’t understand what was wrong HAVING TO CONTROL EVERYTHING.

Anyway, for all these non-original Scientologists who think that they can leave into deep space after they dropped their MEST bodies, I got to tell this: with a theta body, you will not get far. German secret service doctors keep you grounded and determine your future lifetime, even your gender and the family you will be born in or in which country you are being kidnapped (your alleged nationality and also religion). 

So, what about Ron? He knew most of all. He researched everything there is to know. Well, Ron never would leave without his family: us. He is here too. The lie that DM read saying that Ron left this planet was originated by the SEGNPMSS. Scientologists should not look out for Ron. And when he comes back, he should be stopped by org security and reported as a crazy guy or squirrel, so that he can’t  continue where he left off. 

Many kisses, Marty, I love you. I wish you could speak. I know your speeches can wake people out off their trance better than I can.

Yours forever,