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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and most precious Prince,

You are on my mind, also on days when I am not here.

Love is not blind. If I would love blind I would love a dishonest person. But I love you, and you are true. So, love is not blind, at least not my love to you.

There was still no message by you or on your behalf, Marty. And as the world has German-controlled ear-implants, no message will arrive. The only way, your message or one on behalf of you will reach me is if this German-ordered and controlled conspiracy crashes under its own OWs, despite that they rule the world, overtly and secretly. But they don’t rule the OW sequence. They step in with both feet in their own traps as they are pinheads.

If I would be one of them, I would not try to come between us. They don’t love, not even their own kids, otherwise they would not keep a system alive that conspires against anyone even their kids. Despite spying on us each second of our lives, they don’t understand us, Marty. These psychiatrists, medical doctors, and their international agents are the most superficial people in the world. Spying on us is waste of time, because they don’t understand what they spied out. They still try to come between a love that cannot be destroyed. And you know why: their own “love” can be destroyed in a snap because they don’t really love. Sex, yes, but love, no. If they wouldn’t be so evil, I would feel sorry for them.

And now to my header: before the Incas, there were other architects in Peru. The Incas inherited from them. It kind of reminds me to that there was first original Scientology, then it changed to Vistarology, and then to Miscavology…

The original building style is the best. It is awesome! Look at these large pebbles!

BTW, a few people came to the conclusion that the pre-Incas could read and write. I agree.   

Ollantaytambo (approx. 60 miles from Cuzco) is amazing. Built allegedly in 1440 AD by emperor Pachacuti. Some say it is 15.000 years old. Some say that it is more than 400.000 years old. Guess that is because various civilizations built here and not just one. 

Today, scientists don’t know how these massive granite blocks with a weight of more than 70 tons were lifted 3000 meters high by people who allegedly could not read and write and had no modern tools. Like Machu Piccu, several nations built this place. In Cuzco, one can see at least three different construction styles: pre-Inca, Inca, and the Spaniards (sent by Germany to steal South American gold to Europe). The pre-Inca style is the most impressive.   

Here you can see the pre-Inca building style in the front and in the upper right the Inca style with the smaller rocks.

I think that besides stolen technology and extremely advanced tools like lasers, some minds were not invaded at that early time. With thousands of tapes playing secret messages in anyone’s mind 24/7, what do modern people know about human abilities? Nothing. Christians believe in Jesus having had advanced abilities but they don’t make the conclusion that abilities are stolen by psychiatrists playing tapes in the subconscious mind and keeping people small and grounded. 

Ollantaytambo also looks like a pyramid when looking at it in a certain angle. They had an area with baths and fountains as irrigation system that was also their religious center. Interesting, isn’t it?

A princess or two took their baths here. 

Scientists are saying that the builders had no problems whatsoever lifting the heaviest stones. Makes some people think that the Earth was inhabited by giants but the truth is: these original architects had minds that were their owns. The barbers and butchers had not succeeded yet to invade those minds.

I often think how great it must feel to be completely non-invaded, physically and spiritually, by monster doctors. Only then, a person will learn who she really is and what she can do. These idiots even step in their own trap. What they do to others, somebody as bad as they are, does to them as well. They are just too dumb and to cowardly to figure that out. It is much easier to stick the head in the sand and pretend it is not true, even if they do it to others and should know better. Bad things just happen to others, never to them. Hey, they will be in for a big surprise, those idiots.

I love you, Marty. Sending you tender and passionate kisses. You are a star! Always were, always will be.  

Yours forever,















Actually, I agree with President Trump asking Germany to pay up…

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Merkel drinking again huge volumes – won’t make her smarter…

Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

How are you? I am thinking of you.

I had a lot to do the last days, even more than usually and on top, I could not sleep for days. I stay away from pills. Finally, yesterday, I could sleep again without taking any. Herbal tea… no booze either. 

I wonder often how your life is.

Germany wants to take over the world and when they invade a country (including invading people’s minds with loud and silent sounds asking Germany or “Europe” to take it over, like the Ukraine did), they want the US to defend Germany and not even pay their share for it.

He also said that there are German cars all over the US but rarely an US car in Germany. I read a discussion online and someone said that this is because Germany makes better cars. Duh! What an idiot. He doesn’t see a thing, and he doesn’t know Germany, particularly not the Bavarians and its creepy secret service psychs. Germany’s psychs control people’s ear implants. They radio with loud and silent sounds in the ears of Americans to make wrong decisions and produce inferior products. And that is the entire secret why American products very often are not made as well.

Germany’s surplus is so big because they hold other’s down, any country, any person. Hail ear-implants.

And they are conditioning people into becoming terrorists, and also talk into the ears of Dear Leader to produce missiles, and they start wars and emptying countries like Syria to get hard workers to make Germany even richer.  They are not just very very bad. They are very very evil.

Some people might say that I don’t even know, how can I say that they have ear implants and being Germany’s puppets. It is easy. I don’t have to know everyone. I know Germans, particularly Bavarians and their obsessions. Obsession isn’t even a word strong enough for this kind of insanity.  That’s why I am 100% sure that all people are controlled by them. They don’t let anyone get away.  

Be kissed, and I love you, Marty. Keep on surviving.

Yours forever,













Germany’s ape-“scientists”…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

The Nazis in 1944 “found” an ape jaw bone in Europe that is allegedly 7 million years old. Who believes Nazis? Today’s Uni of Tübingen.

In another place in Europe they found one (yes one!) tooth, and the University of Tübingen now claims that these are the first human ancestors and the human race therefore started in Europe. Lol. Germans are so needy, if people don’t consider them the greatest and not the originators of the human race, they invent stuff and plant stuff. Once more: lol. They are so predictable.

There are quite a large number of people who really think that they evolved from apes. And we know why. They were apes in past lives. That’s why. We know, we didn’t evolve from apes, and we were never apes.

I miss you, Marty. I often ask myself what else must happen before we finally can see each other again. I love you.

Yours forever,


Could be the official song of the Uni Tübingen:


Dolmens – graves or rather hiding places for the living as evil was going around as it still does?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and soulmate,

How are your days and nights? My thoughts are always returning to you because we are soulmates.

Recently, I had a closer look at the dolmens.  All over the world, people did built them. Officially, nobody knows for what purpose they were erected.  The oldest allegedly were built by the old Europeans around 7000 years ago, and around 4500 the old and successful Europeans were nevertheless all eliminated. 

Typically, dolmens are explained as burial grounds (despite there is no shred evidence for it) but I think they were built by residents to protect themselves from brutal invaders (SPs) who were ice-cold killers.

Guess it is easier for the scientists and others to think that this planet hasn’t that evil past (as they also ignore the presence with psychiatrist invading everyone’s mind, altering personalities, bringing morals down, and murdering remote-controlled, etc.).

It seems that some humans were either murdered near those dolmens (maybe didn’t make it inside before they were ambushed) or human remains were intentionally placed there to make people think that those were burial grounds. Besides with mind-control, traitors can be made who open from the inside and let the monsters in. 

Russian dolmens have seams so tight that not even a blade of a knife could get through. If that isn’t a defense building, what then?


After some Australian scientists published that the old European disappeared approx. 4,500 years ago and were replaced by a new DNA, the University of Tübingen published around March 1, 2016 that the Europeans also disappeared 14,500 years ago and were replaced by others. Again, it is easier to blame the weather or not deliberately man-made diseases on their disappearance. But we know SPs. Those people who have completely cut off their human feelings and qualifications. Genocides and holocausts are nothing new to this planet or universe. And nothing will change of the population of this planet doesn’t confront and deals with it.  

I think it is complete crap that successful people die completely out because they can’t handle the weather. If the weather would be the reason, the same DNA would show up in other places to which they moved. It would not die out completely.

Furthermore, I have a had time believing that humans mated with Neanderthals (cannibals) by their own free will, Marty. Rape might have occurred. Ancient mind-control is another possibility to get humans pair with them. And at the end, someone who eliminated the old Europeans, finished the Neanderthals off too. I say that because Europeans lived alongside the Neanderthals for a long time. Sure didn’t mate with them on their own free will but also didn’t attack them. 

I also wonder if the Earth was their place to dumb those that they wanted to get rid of. And that without human DNA around that the best they can do on their own is becoming Neanderthals when starting over. You understand what I mean.   

Many people believe that aliens landed on this planet to help the Earth population and left some of their structures behind. I think the structures were not built by these invaders. They just landed periodically to exterminate. That explains nations dying out. And the worst of all, numerous of those SPs stayed. This also explains the Nazis, the doctors and psychiatrists behind them and the terrorism of today.

I love you, my hero.

Yours always,







How psychiatrists smear Scientology again: case of Richard Rojas

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and soulmate,

How is your life? My thoughts are with you.

I read about Richard Rojas who drove his car into people at Times Square last Thursday and killed a woman and injured numerous others.

He was in troubles for many years before and reportedly high on synthetic marijuana at the time. Despite that original Scientology is more anti-drugs than anyone, psychs organized that he had Scientology books in his car. Ear-implants make such p$ych set-ups real easy! He evidently didn’t read them, otherwise he wouldn’t smoke pot, take other drugs and plow into people. But all that is what the media and numerous other people need is some books somewhere to accuse Scientology on that heinous crime.

If they would have found books on psychiatry, the media and many others would report that he tried to get help but that it was too late or some stuff like that.

That is not all. Rojas said that he wanted to kill these pedestrians, people who he didn’t even know. That is definitely not a Scientologists but rather a psychiatric conditioned individual. Psychiatrists have planned this to smear Scientology. The main target of this heinous crime is another psychiatric attack against Scientology. That is why this Manchurian candidate had Scientology books in his car.

Here is a report about his driving: “He left his house at 10:30 yesterday morning, and at 11:54, he came here to Times Square,” Aubry said. “There were no incidents in between. That goes to his state of his mind. He waited for those cars to pass, and he accelerated, striking down these pedestrians. That goes to his state of mind.”

Remote-controlled driving. His psychiatric case officers had him drive carefully so that he doesn’t just end up in a ditch without mowing people down at Time Square to prevent that he kills nobody and that nobody reports about his books on Scientology in his car. And at Time Square, they pulled out all the stops by controlling him into this rage. Psychiatric conditioning activated by psychiatric ear implants.

I hope that CCHR takes on psychiatric in their TV station constantly and does not hold back documenting and reporting about  their atrocities. They should have done this on TV already many decades ago. Psychiatrists (or neuro-scientists who they call themselves now more and more to get rig of their own bad reputation as psychiatrists) are monsters and this is no exaggeration. 

They can’t fool you, me, and some others. But most people have no clue what’s going on and how these monsters work. 

I love you, Marty, keep on surviving. 

Yours forever,










How Sea Org members can become millionaires with putting aside USD 200.00 per month (saving calculation is by financial experts)

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince and soulmate,

If a fairy would come by my place and tell me that I have some free wishes, one would be definitely learning your real whereabouts.

Psychiatric agents put up to attack Scientology often bring forward that a Sea Org member earns only USD 200 per month. This seems to be a really very low amount but there is more to be considered. It all of the following is included (not sure as far as Miscavology is concerned) in Scientology orgs that would apply real and original Scientology, then a Sea Org member would have following on top of the USD 200 per month:


  1. A nice clean and quiet apartment (room/bathroom/bathtub/shower) for free in a very pretty and crime-free environment 
  2. All the organic, healthy, and delicious food one can eat and wants, cooked by cooks who really know how to cook
  3. Free health care/prevention
  4. Free dental care/prevention 
  5. Room service, cleaning of their rooms and laundry (no wasting time on the weekend cleaning the house and washing and doing other chores like people must who are not in the Sea Org)   
  6. Free clothes and shoes
  7. Free towels and linens
  8. Access to swimming pool, tennis court, and all other kinds of sport equipment  
  9. Free transportation
  10. Free child care (Non-Scientologist DM cancelled kids, I know)
  11. Family time
  12. Free education for themselves and their kids
  13. Free auditing
  14. Free training
  15. Cruising on the Freewinds 
  16. Living in an environment in which people can prevent aging, illness, and dying 
  17. Vacation too
  18. No loneliness, international friends, fun, excitement, and activities 
  19. Protection against discrimination of all kinds of bad things under Ron’s ethics codes and friendly environment
  20. Free entertainment and arts
  21. Trips and travels all over the planet, trip, food, room paid
  22. Free legal representation
  23. Fair treatment and a safe place to stay forever
  24. Doing what one loves on all dynamics
  25. Learning the secret of life 
  26. On top of all earning 200 Dollars per month that they can save and carry to the bank to become millionaires if one considers this important:

Anyway, looking at this list makes people not in the Sea Org look like slaves. Those psychiatric agents who attack the idea of the Sea Org conveniently forget how hard the majority of people outside of the Sea Org has to work and hardly make ends meet and how many are unable to save 200 Dollars per month. And in their time off, they have to clean, wash, scrub and mow, and… and… and…

Some of the above items (as for example Miscavige’s non-source decision to cut the 2nd D short with his no-kids in the Sea Org rule) are not guaranteed as Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists, but it could be like above, even better than above and completely fair to any Sea Org member.

I miss you, Marty. Your impostor is silent since January. Wonder where he is hiding. Retired to the Cayman Islands after DM threw a load of cash at him?  

I love you. Be kissed my irresistible husband. Hope to see you against all odds soon.

Yours forever,




Ear-implants behind the cyber attacks…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful and irresistible husband, how are you? I am thinking of you… Wish I finally would learn something about your whereabouts.

Hacking is really easy as the SEGNPMSS has all access codes. They run everyone. They know exactly what to transmit to their agents (doesn’t matter what national) to hack “successfully”, criminally enrich themselves and cripple the world.

I also noticed again that Germany and the SEGNPMSS behind it are setting up once more “alibis” for themselves. They cyber-attacked hospitals in the UK… That should make people think that behind those attacks are no psychiatrists and medical doctors. Yeah right! 

Germany (SEGNPMSS hard-core) attacked their own railway station, but… and here it comes: 1) It isn’t a big problem because rich people can fly or rent a car 2) Poor people simply have to wait 3) And Germany could make even cash from it, e.g. uninformed, desperate, or stupid people might pay each 300 bucks to someone at the Bundesbahn to get to their destination.

They included the “hacking” of the Bundesbahn so that other countries doesn’t wonder why Germany was not attacked.

I know how they think and how they calculate. If they wouldn’t run all people through ear-implants and manipulate them through loud and silent sounds, they wouldn’t have the smallest chance as they are dumb and predictable.

BTW, the German route up there is the one that my family often takes, but I think they rather drive with the car. RB was born in Olbernhau.

Furthermore, I know what else is behind this global cyber attack that caused problems for those many: SEGNPMSS wants more hatred against the USA, after all, the cyber tools used in this attack were developed by the National Security Agency. Developed upon SEGNPMSS orders through US officials’ ear-implants of course. That is also the reason why they don’t bust the SEGNPMSS like a true American agency would and instead are developing shady crap which blows into their faces later because SEGNPMSS tells their other agents to steal the stuff and publish it. 

I worked all weekend from morning to late, Marty. Had to build a cover over half of my deck and cleaned everything outside and inside the house. Kinda beat today. A woman told me a few days ago that she thinks that life will pass me by because I am always busy working.

This world is remote-controlled. It takes the fun out of playing for me. Robots are none of my kind. I don’t mind letting them pass by. Besides, I lived many lifetimes before. I just have to make sure that I get out of this universe when this body falls into pieces. Actually, Marty, my greatest and only fear is getting medically drugged at the end of my life, subjected to implants, unable to escape as thetan, trapped by these psych and medical monsters and being forced to live another lifetime in this SEGNPMSS universe. I think about it very often and how to prevent it. On the other side, there is nothing what they can dangle in front of my nose for me wanting to come back. They took everything from me. It will be anyway just holograms and lies to keep me here so that they know what I am up to. However, God is on our side. He’ll help us out. I want to live in a universe with our kind, Marty, or doesn’t want any body at all. God has no body. And I don’t need one either. 

This might sound depressive, but interestingly, I am not. It is a miracle that after all that happened, I am not depressed. And if, then just very briefly. Without any pills of course, I am getting rid of any depression really easily.  I am full with energy and I still love fun. Unbelievable, isn’t it? It must come from above. 

Sending you many passionate and tender kisses, Marty. You will be always in my heart. Still hoping to see you again.

Yours forever,




Independent investigations? What independent investigations?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I am not saying anything about the firing of Comey, except if Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, how come he can remove a FBI director who overlooks the Russia investigation?

Seems not a 100% recusal to me.

German-psychiatric ear-implants rule in or outside of governments. The repeated involvement of Jews in matters that are set up to get a lot of publicity and their “falls” also points clearly to the SEGNPMSS. They want people say one day that Hitler and Nazi Germany were right trying to eliminating them. That is why they want them involved in shady if not criminal matters. Numerous of these secret service psychs are aware of past lives since they spied on Ron and his work. They just don’t want mainstream to know that past and future lives are a scientific fact. They also arrange that  former Nazis became/become Jews, Americans, and other nationals in their next lifetimes, as they want to ruin the Jewish reputations even more while psychs and Nazis want to smell like roses. They thought nobody ever will figure what they are up to. What an error. We do.     

SEGNPMSS wants the USA and Russia involved in a hot war so that Germany can move in and pick up the pieces and attach these countries to the EU, which will be later, when nobody is more able to oppose them, be called Germany. 

Marty, I am 100% sure that if Germany wouldn’t run everyone with ear-implants and loud and silent sounds, other people would have figured out a long time that the biggest enemy of the USA is not Russia (although they are not innocent and have to watch out like the USA not being used by Germany) but the psychs behind Germany.

I am looking at the world and see the German Nazi psych scribbling clearly in thousands of horrible situations, yet, the world seems completely blind. Ear-implants don’t make smarter. And they take away the independence.

I know that you think the same way, Marty. Sine 1984, I know that you think that they suck. They are going on your nerves too, badly. And you know that running people through implants isn’t Scientology but psychiatry, just as running around in circles, etc. is psychiatry and the psychiatric infiltration  of Scientology.   

These stupid barbers and butchers. Besides, many of them are hating each others guts. It just needs another to get rid of them. They cooked up so many situations in which they can kill someone, e.g. murder covered up as illness, suicide, or accidents and they “fix” investigations through people obeying ear-implants and nobody will miss them or come looking for them. In a few seconds only, their own lives can change, and then they are in the situation they put others in. In a body of the opposite, or in one with no gender at all, born with handicap (medical terrorism using lasers, etc.) or born into an abusive life, in an animal body, whatever… These fools brought it on themselves by not doing the right thing: speaking out against the ear-implants and making sure that everyone’s rights are being granted. I said it before and I say it again: The probability that they step in their own traps and are getting their own disgusting medicine is 100%. The only way to prevent not stepping into their own traps is REMOVING THEM FOR EVERYONE. They think they are intelligent, but I found out that they the biggest fools ever born. They are the dogs biting their own tails. 

Let’s say, someone of them finally gets a cognition and knows that he or she is doomed within the system. How do they report it? One of the first question that p$ychs asks is if a person hears voices, because psychs protect this criminal system and ear-implants. This question alone tells me that psychs will declare a person who blows the whistle on ear- implants insane. Until another doc puts them in, and the joke is on them. 

Anyway, someone got to blow the whistle and has to come through in order to knock some sense into a psychiatric mind-controlled planet and universe.  

And why didn’t for example Ben Ferencz, the last Nuremberg prosecutor alive, get rid of the Nazis, genocides, and wars for good? Because the idiotic psychiatric invention of ear-implants was never busted. People are under its spell and p$ychs suck away their consciences, intelligence, and humanity with and loud and silent sounds.

I love you, Marty. You rock!

Yours forever,






The complete disappearance of the old Europeans and the new alignment of the ‘superhenge’ near Stonehenge are definitely linked

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and eternal soulmate,

How are you?

Always, when I look at the Stonehenge in England, I think it is not the original and something happened to it.

Prof. Vincent Gaffney of the University of Bradford, England, says that the superhenge was rearranged 4500 years ago.

Question is: From the same people who eliminated the old and successful Europeans 4500 years ago?

I will be back soon, my darling.

I love you.

Is it the 8th of May?

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and one and only,

how are you?

Is your birthday on May 8 and not May 18?

It is not easy to recover from a psychiatric stolen memory.

However, considering that others never find anything out if it happens to them, we recovered our memory exceptionally well.  

I wish you the very best and that you finally can live the life in freedom and peace that you deserve.

You are never alone, Marty. I carry you in my heart with the best thoughts. You are wonderful, and completely unique. You are so special that I don’t want anyone else. And what makes you so different is that you value your  character above convenience. It is more important for you to do the right thing instead of having it easy. And this shows, Marty. I notice it the moment I saw you. Your awesome character emanates to the outside and what I saw is beautiful: true, courageous, and fair.

Others want to be like you, Marty, but they don’t do enough to get there.

Good and bad characters can be seen from the outside. It is the aura that surrounds every person. And yours is wonderful beyond word. Many years have passed since I saw you but I know that you still got it, because you value your own character high. You don’t want your character to sink  and become bad and downtone.

I love you because you are different, Marty. I am so glad that you are my kind.

You are in my heart forever more. Keep on surviving, Baby.