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Back in the years when Bill Clinton was the US President, I wrote to him several times about that you need help but also to build the closed villages

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate, I am thinking of you.

Back in the years when Bill Clinton was the US President, I wrote to him several times that he should start building the villages. That was before the Monica Lewinsky scandal. I described them to him. Closed roof, closed to any contamination from the outside, making their own oxygen, water, and growing their food, prolonging the lifespans of their residents. That they also would be great for the economy because 1) they need to be build, which would make the economy boom 2) companies can settle in them their employees and produce healthy products 3) good for the environment and security 4) and people would be healthier, live longer, etc.

Those were quite long letters that I wrote to him. If he would have started building the villages, we wouldn’t have a nation today threatened by a virus, and there would be no need to spent trillions of Dollars to combat this deadly crisis.

He did nothing, however, Hillary later wrote her Book “It needs a village”. Her village, however, differs from what I described to Bill Clinton. She also ignored the subject of villages that protect lives. 

President Bill Clinton’s office acknowledged my various letters x-times, and Bill himself replied to me personally twice, but with some blahblah. He also ignored that I wanted help for you, Marty, as I suspected that you were framed and are wrongfully incarcerated.

It seemed that Bill Clinton wanted to correspond with me but tried to direct my attention to less urgent matters. And this is how he earned my contempt.

I love you, Marty, stay alive. You are awesome. The world needs you, and I want you. 🙂 Just you!

Yours forever,


Viruses can and are remote-controlled by medical terrorists just like germs

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Dearest Marty, my one and only? How is your life? I worry about you. 

Mankind never had as clean hands as of now – literally, but it still has to work hard on its other clean hands – ethically, that is.

Where I live, I can pretty much isolate myself easily, that is, if I can keep the neighborhood kids away from my place in these difficult times. They don’t like it at all that they can’t come over right now. But what about you? I still have no shred evidence about that you might be incarcerated. It is just my intuition that keeps this idea alive.   

Barr tells federal prisons to send inmates home in response to the coronavirus outbreak. He better make sure that you are one of them. Barr’s tonelevel is so slimy. I barely can watch that guy. He pretents to be a decent person but I can see dirt around his personality and on his hands that he can’t wash away with soap.

Some people indeed suspect the coronavirus pandemic as deliberate. Although nobody seems to suspect those who order the engineering, control, and release of deadly viruses: the barbers and butchers, the medical doctors and psychs behind Germany. Even if this virus and others were bred on China’s or other soil, the monsters behind Germany control anyone’s ear-implants. Without their rotten plans for mankind, mind-control, and approval of horrible actions and terror, nobody would be hit by the coronavirus.    

As I wrote before, Germany also launched the Spanish flu. Back then, Germany organized the release of the virus in a US military camp and mostly young people who were supposed to fight Germany were dying on the virus. The medical monsters themselves lived and live in protected areas where they are sure that they themselves do not get sick. 

Now, WE, Marty, are onto Germany and the monsters behind it. Hundred years ago, they tried to kill young soldiers first who could defeat Germany in battles. NOW, they consider US to be the danger to their secret system. So now, they target the older generation. It is not even difficult to figure out the brutal and retarded minds of the doctors behind Germany. They want to kill us and blame it on a virus, which THEY deliberately bred and released for this purpose.  

Below article is trying to cover up that the coronavirus has nothing to do with a conspiracy. The “scientific” explanation of the doctors is less convincing than an average conspiracy theory. What are these doctors saying? “We do not believe...” Gee. “Science” at its best. 

The monsters behind Germany are afraid to be found one day, so they find other doctors (and reporters who don’t get it) to explain their hellish deeds away. And they don’t do not very effectively. People basically know when they are being lied to. 

Here is the article:–abc-news-topstories.html

Read this nonsense, Marty:

Researchers concluded that the novel coronavirus is not a human creation because it does not share any “previously used virus backbone.” It likely arose, the study said, from a recombination of a virus found in bats and another virus, possibly originating from pangolins, otherwise known as scaly anteaters.

Who says that other viruses were not deliberately injected into bats or other animals before? Who says that Covid-19 was the first virus attempt to kill humans? And who says that a medical lab can’t recombine a virus found in bats and another virus? 

Numerous people are not buying it as you can read in the comments to this article: 

Great article. Very short on science, but very heavy on telling us what to think.


Dr. Francis Boyle is an international law professor at the University of Illinois and author, among others, of Biowarfare and Terrorism. He’s the man who drafted the U.S. Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 signed into law by George H. W. Bush. He says the coronavirus has all the appears appearances of an offensive biological weapon that escaped from the Wuhan BSL-4 laboratory.

However, I know Germany. They managed to make China, a country known for great wisdom in the past, communistic. They know how to breed and release viruses by using some other nationals. Heil German ear-implants. Germany’s most secret tool. 

Interestingly, Germany sees lower death rates of Germans that came down with the virus. Their health providers say that Germany doesn’t do anything special compared to other countries. From what I have heard, Marty, Germany restricts its people less than other countries during the pandemic. A employer just has to state that he suffers economic hardship when people work from home, and that is all it needs to get him off the isolation hook, and the employees have to work regular hours in the company office, and most must use public transportation to get there.

 “We don’t know the reason for the lower death rate,” said Marieke Degen, deputy spokeswoman of Germany’s Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

But you and I know it, Marty: The virus is remote-controlled by the SEGNPMSS. They can control how sick people are getting and if and how they die. Generally, greedy Germany wants go get rid of older people in Germany and Europe as it doesn’t want to pay them their pensions. That is why also some older Germans die. But less people die because the monster doctors who remote-control the coronavirus death are Germans.  

Bacteria can reproduce on their own, and viruses are dormant until they reach a cell, and then they repoduce and take over a body. Viruses are intracellular parasites. Viruses need a cell to enter but nevertheless, they are PARASITES and like germs and bacteria, they can be remote-controlled and they are by medical terrorists. Virusoids can be remote-controlled too.

The world can’t confront this as of now. They are afraid to confront pure evil. And ear-implants and silent sounds control their thinking. 

But you are not afraid to confront evil. You figured them out decades ago, and that is why they locked you up, without that you committed any crime, and stole your freedom because they fear that you can defeat them.

I love you, Marty. More than I can say with words. You are a real hero! 

Yours forever,




$2 trillion coronavirus aid package – could be all saved if the USA would have self-sustainable villages with roofs that can be locked

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

As of today, one third of humanity is under virus lockdown, reported MSN today.

Only corruption and stupidity speak against having self-sustainable villages with roofs and entrance that can be locked. 

I bet the farm that Ron, Ike, and your family tried to convince the government already in the past of building such villages. But as the medical monsters behind Germany have the overall control over all ear-implants, it fell on deaf ears. 

Numerous people welcome that the feds wants to give them up to “free” money to cope with the crisis. But “free” means likely higher taxes in the future.

Knowing the medical monsters behind Germany, after this crisis, the next virus will be planted somewhere on the planet. 

Self-sustainable villages with roofs and entrance that can be locked are the solution. That means that they can’t hold entire mankind hostage anymore and also their terror activities, shooting people or blowing people up will be greatly reduced with guards guarding the village that also live in the village.   

$2 trillion coronavirus aid package – what a waste of money. How many villages could be build with this money. And the next virus to be planted waits for sure already in a German-controlled lab. 

I love you. I hope you don’t have to suffer.

Yours forever,


It is mean to give Mary a name like this. She’s really gifted, and so is her bro Frank. That is Blazing good music! For that they allegedly don’t like each other (last scene in the video), they seem practicing a lot with each other. 🙂





Shame, shame, shame on the EU – leaving member state Italy fending for itself

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Dearest Marty, my hero and one and only, I am thinking of you, more than ever!

Did you hear the complaints coming from Italy about the EU? Italians consider to leave the EU after they overcome this crisis. They should as they were not helped by German-run and -controlled EU! I feel for the Italians. How can one’s heart not break by hearing how they struggle on their own with their many cases since start of February, 2020. How can one take their membership money but not help them in case of need? 

So far, the EU has been accused of being slow in coming to the country’s aid. Why? I now why. Because the EU is basically nothing but greedy Gemany, and they want older people to die and not paying them their pensions etc. Italians generally are eating a better diet, the mediterranean diet, and they live longer than other folks. And what for? To be wiped out by that virus and no effective help by the EU.

What is the purpose being a member of the EU if they don’t get fast and effective help from it?

China, the US, and Russia seem more willing to help Italy than the EU. They deserve Italy saying: “Screw you, German-controlled EU! We do better with other allies.”

Italy is saying: 

“Right now, China and the US are helping us. Not the European Union.” 

Italy tipped to leave bloc amid coronavirus crisis

The EU Is Abandoning Italy in Its Hour of Need

Mr Brucchi noted that coronavirus will mark an important moment in history – as the EU will inevitably change.

He added: “We will end up in a completely different world after this pandemic.

“Italy will undoubtedly wonder whether it makes sense to remain in this bloc.

“I believe, and many of us believe, we should focus our foreign policy away from Europe and look further… to Asia and the US.

“Definitely not Europe.”

I love you, Marty.

Yours always,


Sustainable, autonomous villages with roofs over them and that can be locked could prevent this virus crisis and future such crises

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Dearest Marty, remarkable hero, one of a kind, and my irresistable soulmate,

How are you? I worry about you as I know the SEGNPMSS and their unscrupulous agents. What a world in which the innocent has to suffer and the bad and guilty gets away with just about everything. Until the motivator hits, that is.

Nazis didn’t just discuss using the coronavirus. I bet the farm that the medical terrorists behind Germany generated the virus deliberatly in one of their controlled labs and planted it in the first place as they also did with former viruses.    

If people would live and work in such villages, their lives and the economy wouldn’t be interrupted. A virus unleashed like Covid-19 (or how I call it Covert-19, curtesy of the SEGNPMSS) would never end up in a pandemic, not even an epidemic. If one village should fall due to that the SEGNPMSS targets it, all others would be still standing. 

The government should and big companies could build such villages right away. They should not just provide such villages as workplace but also as home for their employees. If something goes bad on the planet, they are safe. Their production could go on as always if they would have such a village.

Due to self-auditing, I got a very clear picture of such a village. And I bet the farm that you know where to find this village, Marty. It was so green and so peaceful. Big enough so that nobody felt closed in. Of course, anyone could leave, but nobody right in mind would want to. Nobody would miss the contaminated surface of the world if this village would be used as blueprint for all other villages build in the USA and all other countries in which the people are tired of getting sick, age, and being wasted. 

I have the Almighty to thank that I got this memory back using self-auditing. Ron’s self-auditing tech was very useful. It wasn’t just a watercolor-type of memory or recollection. I have those too. That picture was 100% real. It wasn’t easy to get there as German psychs stole my memory and closed it shut with mind-control commands. I KNOW that I once was in that village. I wasn’t alone, and I was very happy. I stood of one of the higher terraces and looked down on terraces with plants, crops, and down in the middle somewhere (some miles away), I could see small (likely wooden) houses and a marketplace. I also saw the roof of the village. It was made of thick glass and supported by wood. I think it was under water, movable even. No dust. It was beautiful beyond words.

There is nobody in the world who can tell me that this village does not exist. I recalled it in such details that even the best fantasy couldn’t dream it up.

There were no streets and cars but ways. Sure, cars can be used between villages but inside, it wouldn’t be wise to have them. Contamination has to stay outside. But there were tracks from a train as transportation mean in this village. Most certainly not with a steam engine. 

I would love to see it again. What a breathtaking place. Compared to this village, Donald Trump’s penthouse and resorts are rubble.    

Some people who hear of such villages might have the wrong idea, thinking it would feel claustrophobic and away from nature. But this village that I recalled felt like all a person could wish for. There was more nature in it as a city person sees her entire life. And most importantly, clean and non-contaminated nature was the village and the crops REALLY ORGANIC!.

I wish you would be the US president, Marty. You would transform the USA and the world into a much much better place. But in a secret German-controlled world, sane, and smart people are not allowed to be in influential positions anywhere on the planet. They choose corrupt idiots for that. 

Donald Trump gets heat in regards to the coronavirus. I don’t feel sorry for him. He dropped the ball. He should have ordered protected villages to be build on day one of his presidency. And he should have set you, the innocent free, instead of hiring Barr. And then they go to church and pray? Gee! Why should God help those who want rights but do not grant the same rights to others?

One has to take the viewpoint of someone who just landed on planet Earth and sees all for the first time. What the heck is the matter with this planet? The people here are having serious problems with their health, aging, the environment, dying, anyone can kill and shoot them, families or individuals are fighting alone to survive and governments are run by people who can’t think. Why the hell do people live on the unprotected surface of the world? Why don’t they form villages, taking clean nature inside, grow the food that they need inside, and close it from what causes disease, death, terror, environmental terrorism/disasters?

Considering what the coronavirus costs the USA and the world, building such villages would be economically wise. The next virus to be unleashed waits for sure in a secret SEGNPMSS-controlled lab.

I am certain that such villages can be built to survive also earthquakes, floods (sea levels are rising!), fire, tornadoes, heat waves, cold waves, bugs, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, etc. Salt Lake City just had an earthquake.


The only reason not building such villages is stupidity and listening to the SEGNPMSS, the psychiatrists, and doctors who run the world with their idiotic ear-implants and manipulate people’s mind and steal their intelligence with loud and silent sounds. They want the old world as people getting sick makes them richer. And they are getting a kick out of it when people suffer and die as they feel important because they caused it. They are that low and primitive. I bet that they stole the blueprint of Ron’s and your family’s village, use it for themselves and let all other people suffer by not informing mainstream about this alternative and wonderful way to live.   

I know, I posted about this often, but I can’t help it. Someone has to say it and right now on this planet, it is just me. And you would, if you could, Marty.

I am so proud of you, and I love you. I am so, so, so glad that we are spiritually connected. If we wouldn’t be real Scientologists, our story, Marty, never would have worked. I know what certain Christians and people of other religions think about Scientology. But they should not forget that the Almighty picked us, real Scientologists, for that mission.

Decades ago, David Miscavige and some other infiltrators heard of these villages from Ron directly while all were in the UK. Yet, DM and other non-Scientologists and infiltrators didn’t build the villages and made Scientologists and others live in non-protected environments. Like those in stone age. The only difference between then and now is that DM gives them shiny MEST.  What a bad deal compared to Ron’s plan for the villages.  DM does exactly what the men behind Germany, the medical terrorists secretly order. Until the day comes and they become the victims of their own corruption. O/W sequence, still not understood by corrupt and incapable His Cobness who grabbed the lead of Scientology. What a bunch of gigantic idiots they are. 

Sending you googolplex kisses and embrace you tenderly.

You are so special, Marty. You are all a very romantic rebel woman as myself could have ever wished for.












SEGNPMSS wants to get rid of the large elderly population in Italy – too much of a burden for the EU, which is basically nothing but Germany

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you? 

Italians ate the Mediteranian diet and are getting old. I bet the coronarusvirus hit them particularly hard because the monsters behind Germany who are also behind making the EU German don’t want to pay their pension and care for them. SEGNPMSS can pick and choose who should die on a virus or otherwise by activating the deadly strings.  

I know these doctors. They never should have stalked me. Stalkers think that they know all about the victims that they are stalking. But the victim, when alert, knows even more about the stalkers. These doctors think they are the most intelligent creatures on the planet, but they are idiots, waste any intelligence and ability to sense away by commiting atrocities. They can’t predict their future at all. They just set on that people can be manipulated and never will come after them.  

What they set on is that the world will never find out. They feel safe as they made sure that all have ear-implants and listen to them. They made sure that some who comes up with a conspiracy theory is considered a kook. They also run conspiracy theorists who deliberately come up with wrong conspiracy theories to 1) distract from conspiracy theories that are correct 2) to support their strategy that thinking in terms of conspiracy theory is lunacy. They are so predictable.           

Another subject: I try to stay inside but it is difficult with one of the neighborhood kids. He will be one day the world’s best salesman. You won’t believe the arguments he uses to get me outside in the yard to play with him. I often have to drag him home. He is the most insisting kid I ever have met. He can talk a dog out of a bone. It is amusing too. Most of the time, I give in because there are not many playmates around, and he is a cute little fellow who hung his heart on me. 

Actually, I am glad that I live remote. Sofar, the virus has not reached us, at least not officially. 

Be kissed, Marty. I hope you are protected.

I love you.

Yours forever,


That is one of my favorite Italian songs:



Those monsters behing Germany who planted the COVID-19 are not just ice-cold killers but complete idiots

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and Prince?

How are you? I read that they are releasing prisoners early but I guess, you, the innocent will be not, in this secret German Nazi doctor world.

Chinese believe that COVID-19 and other viruses were planted. They blame the USA of having it planted instead of the monsters behind Germany. If there is a blame, Germany makes sure that Germany is not blamed but the USA. Typical, isn’t it?

I saw pictures of these wet markets in China. Many appear to be very non-hygienic. However, it’s the perfect alibi for the monsters behind Germany to plant a virus there that was deliberately grown in one of their labs and intentionally planted.    

In earlier years, Marty, I heard of the Spanish Flu but didn’t knew much about it. The First World War lasted from July 28, 1914 to November 11, 1918. The Spanish Flu started in January 1918. Isn’t that suspicious, right? And even more suspicious: it started in a Military Base in Kansas. Germany didn’t want to lose the war, so they planted the virus that turned into the Spanish flu. Up to 100 million people were likely killed by the Spanish flu. Germany is known for murdering masses. COVID-19 targets older people, and the Spanish Flu targeted young people, soldiers who would fight Germany. How convenient for Germany. And Germany nevertheless lost this war.

This is what I read about the 1918 flu pandemic: where influenza always previously only killed juveniles and the elderly or already weakened patients, it had begun striking down hardy and completely healthy young adults, while leaving children and those with weaker immune systems still alive.


In 1918, the doctors behind Germany tried to get rid of soldiers who could defeat Germany. And in 2020, hundred years later, it is the other way around. They want to kill us with the virus, Marty, because are the only ones who accuse still existing German Nazi doctors and psychiatrists of the horrible deads that they are doing.     

And with the current virus, they will pull in another motivator. They never learn.    

My intuition points the index finger right onto the doctors behind Germany also in regards of other viruses that fell on this world.

I think of you and hope very much that you are alright. 

I am fine as of now. I’m not in panic. If we don’t make it in this universe, we will get our own.

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,


Oh, honey, I really miss you! And you were the only one I fell in love with you and it lasts!