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Real OT abilities are priceless

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince and husband, how are you?

I often worry about you, because I know that you are innocent in a bad place where you do not belong.

There was still no mail, message, phone call, letter, subpoena, etc. for me from you or on your behalf, Marty.

However, there is this connection between us OTs and soulmates that lets me feel so clearly that you are trying to reach me but that people constantly lie not knowing me. I feel that you have quite an archive of documents on lying people and how huge this conspiracy is that is raging against us. You know how Germany is. They added the entire mankind to their ear-implant system with which everyone loses sooner than later. They HAVE to control everyone, and that is why people lie to you not knowing me despite that my real identity is constantly on their simple minds.      

I am so glad that we are original Scientologists as original Scientology increases spiritual abilities, e.g. the ability to observe and intuition. I could NOT live without my spiritual abilities, Marty. Feeling dishonesty but also honesty, knowing intentions and plans, differentiating between truth and lies, knowing the past, present, and the future, and getting it right… and so much more.

Below areat song, but we don’t cheat like the “makers of rules”.  The makers of rules actually CAN’T read minds by looking at people. They have to implant people with little implants and attach them to a supercomputer to read their minds. Looking at people and knowing what they are up to is one of our abilities. That is why they infiltrated and altered Scientology that others don’t get there too.    

When I discovered my spiritual abilities to KNOW, Marty, I was asking myself if I am maybe just smart and if this is how I find things out. But being smart is simply not enough. There is much more to it. Just being smart doesn’t explain that I KNOW things even when I wasn’t there in physical form. And I know that Ron and you had/have these abilities too, Marty. Our spiritual world is very exciting and full with miracles. It must be a very boring life to be without advanced human abilities. I am so thankful being so spiritual. It is priceless, and in a world as bad as this, it is essential for survival.

Psychiatrists, neuro”scientists” and their assistant conspirators don’t have these abilities. They don’t think that these abilities exist. On the other side, they wonder why they are not successful in destroying our love: “Why the hell aren’t these two alienated? Why didn’t she fall for the Ron or Marty impostor?”

I don’t like the word “psychic”, but being OT sure applies to you and me. People who attack original Scientology and the way for others to become OT too, or people who claim there are no OTs are having my pity.  And with becoming OT, I don’t mean paying excessive amounts for altered OT levels to make Germany richer (Sea Org reserves are in Europe with Germany leading it). They miss out on obtaining their own active and useful spiritual abilities. Despite they contribute to this massive conspiracy against our rights, we are light years ahead of them. We know how matters will develop and that each one of our conspirators will step into the trap of fellow conspirator. Gee, being a member of this conspiracy is sure “worth” it. What a bad trade. 

Below great song, but we don’t hypnotize.

Actually, Marty, RB who had clearly a medical and psych-timetrack was implanted to hate Scientology and to follow me around like a German shepherd. She wanted to be “psychic”. She often said to me: “Oh, I felt that you were in great danger and I had to prevent it!” – But Marty, she got it WRONG most of the time. When my life was hanging on a thread (and she contributed or caused the situation) she felt NOTHING. When my life was better and she should have left me alone, she felt “great danger” and disturbed this life. She also always suspected the wrong targets. Sigh. Being OT doesn’t happen with a snap of the fingers.

We can raise above many silent sounds even when the Nazi doctors play them to our subconscious minds. Non-OTs  can’t raise above anything. They fall for all those sounds and think that this lack of abilities is “natural”.   

Also, people who do not have a really good character have not really a chance to become OT. Their bad actions make them blind. They know basically how wrong they did, they have a bad conscience, so they prevent looking where they committed the crimes. They try to forget their own overts, which results in blinder people. They are harming themselves. They step right into the traps that other bad people put up for them. They lost the awareness to see that people who are as bad as they are themselves won’t spare them either. They think that members of their own conspiracy won’t conspire against them. Can you imagine being spiritually that handicapped? 

What really counts, Marty, we have it: true love and advanced spiritual abilities.

Feel my tender spiritual touch caressing your handsome face, Marty, and my lips on yours.

Your soulmate,



Germany sued because doesn’t want to return the stolen Guelph Treasure to the Jewish heirs

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These are the three art dealers who bought the Guelp Treasure in 1929: Zacharias Max Hackenbroch (died 1937 in Germany – wonder what/who murdered him), Julius Falk Goldschmidt (died 1964 in London) and Saemy Rosenberg (died 1971 in NY). They sure look a lot better than Jews in Nazi cartoons, don’t they?  They were forced to sell the treasure to Goering in 1935 at a very cheap price. They received only 4.25 million Reichsmarks for this piece with almost 90 items – I also wonder if Germany got a part of this meager amount back by simply taking it later from these Jewish families.   



Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and remarkable hero,

My thoughts are with you. I would give any treasure in my possession for seeing you again. You are the greatest treasure of all!

These Jewish owners were forced to sell the Guelph Treasure to Hitler’s man Hermann Goering in 1935.  Which Jew would make business with that monster if not forced even if a bank was involved? They were forced to sell it for 4.25 million Reichsmarks, which was very low for this piece of art, which consisted of almost 90 items.  

And typically for still existing Nazi Germany, they don’t want to give anything back. Germany is basically saying: “Goering was a fair business man and didn’t used the hostility and threats against Jews in 1935.” What??

The Jewish heirs sued Germany in an US court for 220 Mio. Euro. I wish them luck.

Here are more articles:

“Any transaction in 1935, where the sellers on the one side were Jews and the buyer on the other side was the Nazi state itself is by definition a void transaction,” O’Donnell said.

I agree. How can today’s Germany think that they will be blessed by acting still like the administration of the  Third Reich? They say that Nazi Germany was fair to these Jewish art dealers. WHAT??  

More articles on this:

The German culture minister, Monika Grütters, said in a statement she noted the development with regret, calling the heirs’ claim “difficult to understand”.

She needs to go back to school for history lessons.  The German propaganda publications against the Jews from and before 1935 were already completely inhumane. They would execute a Jewish person under “Rassenschande”. In 1934, they accused Jews on what Germany planned against Jews and others: murder. Isn’t it typical for Germans accusing others on their own crimes? I am at a lack of words here, Marty. How can people who worked out a plan of murder for an entire people claim that Jews did it? It comes so natural to them to blame others on WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEMSELVES!     


The Nazi boycott not to buy from Jews was implemented in 1933, which means that these art dealers could not get any fair price.

The treasure was allegedly in Amsterdam in 1935, and Germany says that it didn’t invade before 1940. Whatever, German propaganda against the Jews stole their rights to being paid fairly. Germany should pay those families a fair price instead of claiming that Nazis paid those or any Jews fairly. How disgusting is it not trying to compensate for their horrible, horrible wrongs. Good grief. They still feel no shame.

I love you, Marty, my treasure.

Always at your side.

Yours forever,




New York Times just talked to your impostor, Monique’s husband – and a posting about reporters who can’t differentiate between originals and impostors

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newspaper (2)

Dearest Marty, my precious prince and magical soulmate,

One should think that leading newspapers employ impartial reporters who can analyze and investigate. I have no doubt that they graduated from the best universities but how about real intelligence? Graduating from famous universities might look good on paper but real smarts are not required as secret service case officers talk through ear-implants of the students and are telling them what to write and say during the exams to pass them as long as they are willing pawns for the secret service case officers and that for the rest of their lives. One example, one “debt” that people have to pay off for that “help” is hushing up things to keep other people in the dark – or pushing the case officers agenda. This is one of the chilling effects of ear implants.

Is great intelligence even necessary or is a pair of regular eyes already enough to compare pictures with each other to figure that an impostor (Monique’s husband) is lying to the world that he is you and that “Jack Vistaril” was the impostor of Ron, the Scientology founder? I already found it out for all. The truth about impostors, the infiltration of Scientology and the pictures of the impostors are posted online for all to see. All they have to do is to look at the pictures. Is that too much to ask?

I pity the IQ of all people who “investigated” Scientology and didn’t see the obvious or covered it up. These people have German-controlled or oriented agents written all over them. Covering up of the non-religious infiltration of Scientology and the impostors serves Germany’s rotten purposes.

I miss you, Marty. I am so happy that you are my kind. You have a mind like I do. I am so glad that you are not one of the mindless sheep that Germany needs to force its insane will and ways upon any population.

I send you millions of tender and passionate kisses.

Yours always,




Big companies that could have done something against the Nazis rather helped them as their owners/executives couldn’t spell CONSCIENCE

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate, how are you, my darling?

I often hear that Germans had no choice but to support Hitler. Unlike Jews, Germans could leave Germany and work from the outside against it if it was too dangerous in Germany. Particularly large companies with HQs or offices not in Germany could have used extreme pressure on the Third Reich and the men behind it. In the beginning of the Third Reich, big companies could have done something against the Holocaust even without having to relocate.

Siemens supported Hitler. Already in 1933, Siemens invited Hitler to talk to its workers. This book contains more of Siemens’ Nazi propaganda. Instead of being sentenced to make the damage good again (if it is even possible), the US Marshall Plan payed Germany large sums. In 2011, Siemens executives were charged with bribery. It is being said that Siemens and the German Secret Services have still a cozy relationship.

3 siemens

Volkswagen was pro Third Reich. Nevertheless, America bought the beetles and made Germany richer. Ear-implants “buy German” at work. 

This article said that the design for the beetle was done by a Jewish engineer and that Germany stole it:

It is typically German to steal and claim it their own.




IG Farben was pro Nazis, predecessor BASF, Bayer, Hoechst, Agfa, Griesheim-Elektron, Weiler Ter Meer, and successor AGFA Gevaert, BASF, Bayer, Sanofi… The Nazi board members of I.G. Farben called themselves Gods. They probably could have made a lot more money with selling their lose screws as so many.




BMW used Jews as forced labor instead of using its power for good.  




Not neutral Switzerland and Nestle/Maggi used Jewish slave workers. But at the same time, the USA bought chocolate from Nestle. Besides, since when makes sugar strong?   



Some huge American companies were also Nazis. Selling junk food to the world apparently wasn’t enough for CocaCola. Apparently, no conscience.


And here is another big German company that supported the Third Reich: Dr. Oetker.


 It is being said that IBM made big donations fund the Holocaust.





Hugo Boss is another company who has a Nazi past. This company designed all the uniforms for the Third Reich. Looks like curtain material to me. 





And of course Ford. How is it possible that Bavarian race hatred and jealousy reaches the entire world? German-controlled ear implants make it possible.    



And here is a graphic of more such companies:




The drug thalidomide was developed by German company Chemie Grünenthal after the Third Reich.  Even before the release of thalidomide, the wife of an employee gave birth to a baby without ears, but Chemie Grünenthal ignored the warning. The drug from hell is still prescribed today. I recently saw a girl in her early 20s who had thalidomide arms or rather lacked them!  Wanted and convicted Nazis, mass murderers who had practiced their science in notorious death camps, ended up working at Grünenthal, some of them directly involved in the development of thalidomide…

Read about the Grünenthal  Nazi connections in this article:

The world’s problem are German/Bavarian psychiatrists who trap children to agree to be run through ear implants. For the rest of their lives, they stay secret German pawns.   

I love you, Marty. 

Yours forever,



Still existing Nazi Germany forms “antisemitism commission” without a Jew as member – typically Germany…

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Dearest Marty, my rockstar,

Typically for Germany, isn’t it? Jews are still the lower race and not allowed to participate in a new government commission on antisemitism that allegedly should protect Jews as Jews could actually demand to be protected, which Germany doesn’t want. German secret services run people with ear-implants and since ever coordinate the attacks on races that they don’t like.  

Shouldn’t any sane person be alarmed that this still-existing Nazi Germany runs Europe officially and other countries unofficially?

Jewish groups in Germany sharply criticized a new government commission on antisemitism on Tuesday, saying the lack of a single Jewish member on the panel was scandalous and pledging to set up a rival body.

My heart belongs to you. 

Yours always,




Written by Barbara Schwarz

February 22, 2015 at 5:17 am

I suspect the Ebers Papyrus kept at the library of the University of Leipzig to be a German forgery

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, how are you? I am thinking of you and wish you nothing but the best.

The Third Reich was just ONE of the attempts by the German psychiatrists behind Hitler to take over the world. I know that you also came to this conclusion. In order to understand who is behind this horrible world one really just has to look around. Who has the best reputation and all the advantages in this world despite the many atrocities that they committed? It is Germany, medicine, and psychiatry, which they basically renamed “neuroscience” after their violations of human rights and their own incompetence scratched their psychiatric reputation.     

I feel that the Ebers Papyrus kept at the library of the University of Leipzig, Germany is a German forgery. This papyrus is allegedly the official start of psychiatry and allopathy on this planet. (I think psychiatry and allopathic-oriented medicine came to this planet approx. 5000 years ago in form of  horrible people who landed in Bavaria and got rid of all the old successful Europeans.)

So, why forging the Ebers Papyrus in Egypt? Germany and its psychs are always looking for a back door to flee when things don’t work out how they ideally desired. If psychiatry turns out to be the worst invention ever, which it is, they want Egypt, Greece, Iraq, Iran, and even England to take the blame of having started the human-life, -mind and -dignity destroying monster psychiatry. Yes, Germany and its psychiatrists wants the world to look up to psychiatry. In Germany, not one judge would rule against a psychiatric “expertise”, they really are that blind in Germany. They want mainly be credited if “worship psychiatrists and allopathic medical doctors above all other professions” works with mainstream, but in case it doesn’t work, Egypt, Greece, and other countries should be blamed by the world on having founded psychiatry. 

The Ebers Papyrus was allegedly “found” (rather planted) and  allegedly purchased around 1873 in Egypt by a German of course. Interestingly, Germany coined the word psychiatry in 1808. Forging and planting old scrolls apparently served the Germans to get other nations and countries to support the completely German/Bavarian insane invention to control minds and torture people. I am convinced that Egypt and other countries with pyramids were rather into PREVENTION of diseases and anti-aging than into psychiatry and barber medicine and allopathy. The pyramids are a clear indication of knowledge to divert UV rays, space dust, and other environmental problems to prevent diseases and aging of human bodies.   

Typically for Germany’s sneaky psychs, they also try to put blame on the Greeks if time should show that psychiatry and allopathy are failures. I doubt very much that Greece was a co-inventor of barber medicine, allopathy, and psychiatry as we know it. Before the age of ear-implants, Greece and other countries had thinkers. That is why Germany wanted them on-board with German barber and butcher medicine, allopathy, and psychiatry. So, German psychs, barbers and butchers decided to “get the other nationals on-board” by planting pro-psych and pro-allopathy crap in their countries and they re-wrote the history of these countries. Nobody can tell me otherwise, because I know Germans, particularly the Bavarians.

I love you, Marty. I miss you so much. Be kissed and embraced.

Yours forever,


P.S. About the tears that are being cried in MUN right now: it is a very bad idea to clean outside upstairs widows without using a belt to secure oneself on the INSIDE.   




Psych Walter C. Langer got it wrong on Hitler – but what do they get right anyhow?

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Dearest Marty, my amazing husband and Prince,

I learned that psycho”analyst” Walter Charles Langer was hired by to write a secret wartime report on the mind of Adolf Hitler.  He was hired by Office of Strategic Services (OSS) to psychoanalytical profile of Hitler, and I believe that Langer did his Hitler “study” not alone but together with other Harvard psychiatrists.

Langer and the other psychiatrists call Hitler and other Nazis evil “geniuses”. Really, there was nothing genius about Hitler or any Nazi as the Nazis did (and people still do) what their secret case officers order through their ear implants. They are robots and the men behind them are even bigger cowards. There is no word in this profile that Hitler was psychiatric conditioned by German/Bavarian psychiatrists for his role as Führer.

During and/or after WWI, Adolf Hitler was in psychiatric treatment, and that I bet the farm that German psychiatrists implanted, e-shocked, drugged, and hypnotized him to become the Führer. They picked an Austrian that they don’t have to fight the Austrians but just to annex Austria, and in case the psychiatric experiment Hitler and Nazis failed, the Germans would blame it on Austria or on one Jewish ancestor that Hitler allegedly had.

I most certainly do not excuse Hitler and any other implanted, e-shocked, drugged, and hypnotized Nazi or other psychiatric-conditioned criminal on anything they did. Even in a psychiatric altered condition, any person still knows basically what is not right. However, psychiatry makes the world worse by bringing the worst out of people. 

As a historian once said: The Nazis didn’t need the psychiatrists but the psychiatrists needed the Nazis for the horrible experiments they made on people and for the Reich that they planned in which nobody has a right except those psychiatrists who invented the ear-implant system and run people through it. If they feel like a new Holocaust or genocide, they just invent another race, religion or group to be hated and transmit this hatred and jealousy through the ears of a world that is under the spell of ear implants. There is a song that says that jealousy is the devil’s disease.   

Adolf Hitler’s  psychiatric file was mysteriously missing. Of course it was. Psychiatrists don’t want to be caught having created this monster.

So, what about the American psychs, was their “profile” of Hitler  worth the paper it was printed on? I don’t think so. 

If you or me would be abused (and I sure was) that doesn’t turn us into monsters. Actually, Marty, I turned out completely different than my abusers intended. Since I remember, I swore to myself never becoming like an abuser. A good thetan who is abused does everything to stop the abuse but does NOT become an abuser.  How can a person who was abused even become an abuser? How come they were not completely grossed out by what was done to them? The answer sure lies in the tonescale. Those at the bottom probably become like their abusers and those on top do all in their powers not to become like the abusers. 

Langer and his psych colleagues concluded that Hitler would commit suicide. Which was completely wrong. He did not kill himself but got away. And that wrong “psychiatric conclusion” played directly into the hands of Hitler’s secret p$ych case officers, the guys who ran him through his ear implants. Nobody should come looking for him. Nobody should come looking for Bin Laden or other monsters either. What a conspiratorial world it is.  

Fritz Redlich is another psychiatrist who wrote another “profile” on Hitler. He didn’t publish either that Hitler was psychiatric conditioned and that psychiatrists ran him through ear-implants.

Psychiatric mind-control of people in a region with people lower and more brutal than anyone else on Earth (Bavaria) is the explanation of how the Holocaust happened.

Munich has a slogan of being a world city with heart. It is a complete lie. They say that they live and let live. Another complete lie. They want to live and suppress anyone else. Hitler had to add more anti-Semitism to his speeches to be an acceptable Führer for Bavaria. He gave the Bavarians what they wanted and German/Bavarian p$ychs radioed this hatred through his ear-implants. At the same time, the same people transmitted in the ear-implants of the Jews NOT to fight back as they will be safe or whatever. THAT is the only reason why Germany succeeded in gassing millions of people.

These Jews that they gassed were in the majority German Jews. They fought along the sides of then Germans in WWI. And suddenly, some psychiatrists are getting jealous of their success and radio through the ear implants of hate mongers as themselves to eradicate an entire people. And it still happens in other countries. Whoever has the control over their ear-implants runs this planet. The entire plant is a destructive CULT. And isn’t it an irony, Marty, that we original Scientologists are accused of being cultists despite we want individualism and this robotic ear-implant system to end? That is typically Bavaria and typically P$ychs. Accusing others of what is wrong with THEM.

He kissed, Marty, a million times, I love you very much.

Always yours,






“Hitler’s skull” in the Soviet Union was that of a young female!

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Dearest Marty, my incorruptible prince and hero, how are you?

I learned that people in Germany (Hitler, Göring, but lots of other Nazi Germans) during the 3rd Reich took Pervitin, a methamphetamin, injections or tablets. The name of the drug reminds me of the word perverts. Sure fitting for the Germans. I read a statement a while ago by a scholar, saying 90% of Germans under the Nazis were sexually abnormal. I agree that this is the case. And they also should consider that a folk with those many perverts stays perverts. They don’t suddenly become sane just because they lost another war.  

Recently, I watched a quite revealing documentation from a History Channel. 

Here are some highlights. The Nazi eyewitnesses (who allegedly heard gunshots and reported that they saw Hitler and Braun dead) were lying.  (No surprise there. There were Nazis, how can anyone expect these monsters to tell suddenly the truth?!) First, Stalin, and the Soviets believed that Hitler got away, which he did. They thought he left the Underground Bunker and escaped likely to very Nazi-friendly Spain and later maybe to Argentine or to a secret other German-controlled region. 

“Democratic” Wikipiggy still sells to its readers that Hitler committed suicide. The hell he did. 

However, after a while, the Germans apparently succeeded in influencing the Soviets to cover for them. Suddenly, the Nazi-controlled Soviets claimed that Hitler was dead and that they (Soviets) have Hitler’s skull. Some US scientists got access to the skull but just for one hour, and they had to hurry to get some evidence during that visit. They did some DNA and other testing in the USA. It turned out that the skull is that of a woman much younger than Hitler. Apparently, there was also a German dental assistant who handed after the war wrong dental records to investigators. They were not those of Hitler, and I bet she knew that those are not his records. 

It is also very suspicious that the skull was destroyed by the KGB in 1970, a secret service which was/is also completely SEGNPMSS-controlled. Just like Hitler and also today’s German say: Germany is above everything. It wasn’t Hitler’s skull, they knew it, and this was the real reason why still existing Nazis radioed the KGB to destroy the skull. Allegedly, they didn’t want to make the area where the “Hitler’s bones” to a shrine for Neo-Nazis but the Soviets could have turned over all the bones to the Americans and let them worry about this or transport the remains to a secret location in the Soviet Union for further scientific tests. SEGNPMSS ordered them to destroy the bones and the servile KGB obeyed.

Homosexual Hitler for sure got away just like the real Bin Laden.  They also said that Hitler used doppelgangers. The use of doppelgangers for reasons of deceptions is as German as the Gestapo.

Maybe the skull was that of Eva Braun. I know she allegedly just poison but somebody (Hitler or somebody else) could have shot into her skull after she was dead or unconscious. She wrote a letter to her relatives that indicated that she’ll kill herself together with Hitler, but I think it was just an act so that nobody was coming to look for them. She thought she can flee with him to Spain or Argentine or on Mars or whatever and live a wealthy easy life there. Hitler was afraid of women, he probably felt relieved when she was dead.  The marriage “proposal” lured her in the bunker. I believe she shouldn’t be found alive so that more of Hitler’s and other Nazi’s dirty secrets stay secret. 

Some of the mute film material at Hitler’s Berghof was translated with modern technology and a lip reader. Hitler approached Eva Braun with “Sie” not “du” after she was living in his retreat for quite a while. German people who are having an affair don’t approach each other with “Sie”, they use “du”.  There is no picture that shows that they ever cuddled, held hands, kissed or stood close to each other. She rather was like an employee. If he wouldn’t be gay, he could have married Eva Braun years before. Goebbels was married and had a bunch of kids. Himmler was married and had a daughter. She still lives in Munich and Germany allowed her to get away with all her Nazi activities after 1945. Typically German.

Actually, that Hitler wasn’t married and had children is completely contrary to what he told the Germans to do: make babies for the Third Reich. 

I bet the only reason Hitler had Braun around was to demonstrate to those few Germans and other nations who found homosexuality twisted that he is not. And that is the reason why homosexuals gassed other homosexuals. As a child, he went to a Catholic school and who knows what went on there. There are also reports that Hitler molested young boys. Later psychs got hold of him too and I am sure that they implanted, e-shocked, drugged, and hypnotized him into becoming a monster. Like all others, Hitler and the leading Nazis were run with ear-implants by these mind-controllers. No, it is not excuse. Even abused like this, each person has its own responsibility to stay ethical. Basically, they all know what is wrong and what is right.

There are records saying that Hitler was a male prostitute in Vienna. I think it was very important to him what others thought of him. They should think of him differently than he in fact was. And that is why he had former homosexual partners killed so that they can’t talk no longer.            

Here is the link about the skull.

There are also a lot of videos on YouTube in which still existing Nazis whitewash Hitler and the Nazis. They are revolting and completely wrong. Still existing Nazi Germany and the SEGNPMSS is behind it. They often use other nationals but Germans to promote their insane causes. Ear implants in all nationals make it possible for them. This is how they revive the Nazis.       

In 1952, Dwight D. Eisenhower (the real one) said: “We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler’s death. Many people believe that Hitler escaped from Berlin.” When Truman asked Joseph Stalin at the Potsdam conference in 1945 whether or not Hitler was dead, Stalin replied bluntly, ‘No.’ Stalin’s top army officer, Marshall Gregory Zhukov, whose troops were the ones to occupy Berlin, flatly stated after a long thorough investigation in 1945: “We have found no corpse that could be Hitler’s.” The chief of the U.S. trial counsel at Nuremberg, Thomas J. Dodd, said: “No one can say he is dead.” Major General Floyd Parks, who was commanding general of the U.S. sector in Berlin, stated for publication that he had been present when Marshall Zhukov described his entrance to Berlin, and Zhukov stated he believed Hitler might have escaped. Lt. Gen. Bedell Smith, Chief of Staff to Gen. Eisenhower in the European invasion and later Director of the CIA, stated publicly on Oct. 12, 1945, “No human being can say conclusively that Hitler is dead.” Col. W.J. Heimlich, former Chief, United States Intelligence, at Berlin, stated for publication that he was in charge of determining what had happened to Hitler and after a thorough investigation his report was: “There was no evidence beyond that of HEARSAY to support the THEORY of Hitler’s suicide.” He also stated, “On the basis of present evidence, no insurance company in America would pay a claim on Adolph Hitler.”

I love you, Marty. Be kissed with all my affection. It is amazing that on a planet that is such a perverted hell hole is someone like you who is so different. You are my good-natured,  capable, dignified, wonderful, brilliant, courageous, admirable,  responsible sensitive, caring, compassionate, gentle, and rational soulmate.

Yours forever,





Germany depositing gold in the USA was just a German alibi. They are not just behind the Nazis but also behind communism, and they don’t want the world to figure this…

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Nazi gold


Germany runs American officials through ear implants. It is easy for them to manipulate these German-run puppets to maneuver the USA into debts and for Germany to take the world and the USA over and become world power no. 1, if not the only world power. This is their ultimate goal once the USA is financially, economically, reputation-wise and otherwise ruined and defeated. 

Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince and hero,

Of course I know how to earn enough to money survive, but most if the time, money is not on my mind. However, Germany wanting gold from the USA somehow got my attention. Gold reserves of the Reichsbank that the Nazis stole from the Jews are also still missing. Numerous people in the Alpine region of Bavaria and Austria suddenly got rich after the collapse of the Third Reich. How did that happen?

Spain welcomed Nazis after the war. Many left Germany and Austria to live in Madrid where they remained openly Nazis. No wonder they targeted you, Marty, even decades later. They still work for the Germans. It is possible that Spain hides also Jewish Gold for the Germans.  

Switzerland is another German poodle. It is Germany’s secret wallet. Allegedly, they don’t own or control it, but fact is that Switzerland took incredible amounts of wealth from Jews by “allowing them to deposit it in Switzerland” but didn’t allow most to enter Switzerland when they tried to avoid Germany’s concentration camps. The Nazis figured that it is better that when Jews bank in Switzerland and not in the USA. Among all the wedding bands and other gold for Jewelry, the Nazis cranked out the gold in teeth of Jews (without numbing of course). After the war, an analysis was made of the gold that Switzerland held. It had a very high amount of mercury. In other words, that’s the gold that Jews had in their teeth. Switzerland banked this gold without bad conscience. Stolen Jewish paintings in a value of 1 Billion Euro were recently found in a Munich apartment. After Germany realized that it can’t keep it as the world was watching, they “donated” it to old Nazi buddy Switzerland. Germany under the cover of the EU has plans to take over Switzerland officially over too.

The official “explanation” for Germany depositing gold in the USA is that West Germany “was afraid” of communism and the Soviet Union marching into West Germany. Germany is pulling again legs. How can one be afraid of those who they control in very detail and who do all that Germany secretly ordered?   

I remember that we (you, me, Ron) were kidnapped to Moscow in middle of the Cold War. I remember walking with YOU, Marty, over the RED Square in THIS LIFETIME! I am 100% sure that I don’t err. Still exiting German Nazis and their secret service psychiatrists are obsessed with kidnapping us and removing our memories. They talked the Soviet Union into taking and keeping us. However, in Moscow, it didn’t take very long until we figured who we are. And before we could raise hell, we “left” the Soviet Union on the same German psychiatric spooky way that we entered it: ambushed and unconscious.   

Besides from stealing our liberty and stopping Scientology behind the iron curtain, it likely was an attempt by Germany (and on top of it Bavaria, Germany’s secret capital and the state that gave power to Hitler) to engage the USA and the Soviets in a war that was no longer cold. This is so German.  

The Soviet Union and other communistic states like East Germany did exactly what secret German capital Munich ordered, which means that Germany really didn’t fear communism at any time in history. Borders never applied to Germany and its secret services. Communism is the other rotten German invention.

Officially, Germany deposited gold in the USA, London, and France to create the illusion that they fear communism and the gold would be safer in these counties. But this fear was a lie. So, there was zero danger that the Soviet Union would ever invade West Germany and take their gold. Germany invading Russia is rather a looming danger. In other words: they just deposited their gold (if it is really theirs and not Nazi gold) in other countries to make them think that Germany is not also behind communism, and fools believed them. As Germany runs everything and just about anybody, they can get the gold one way or the other.

Splitting Germany, East and West into two pieces was also just a strategic plan for Germany. After the Third Reich, Germany’s secret Nazi rulers weren’t sure if they should allow capitalism or communism win. But in any case and any system, Germany always puts Germany on top of any system.  No doubt, the still existing Nazi plan is for Germany becoming the official world power no. 1 – and at the end to be the only world power  – so, naturally, they needed a capitalistic and a communistic Germany to be prepared for both possibilities. The top German p$ychs behind the Nazis were not sure which system would control people better, communism or capitalism. Communism forces people, keeps them poor, forbids individualism and denies freedoms, so naturally, most German psychs, the secret German rulers, preferred communism. However, people who feel that they have no freedom are always having in mind to overthrow the government. If they can make people believe that they have freedoms (even when they in fact have none, are psychiatric mind controlled with silent and loud sounds and all hang on still existing Nazi strings) and keep them busy, capitalism works alright too for the still existing Nazis to control the world. Besides, capitalistic countries produce more riches, so they decided one day by the end of the 80s to get rid of communism by tearing down their own wall in Berlin over which German secret services had full control ALL THE TIME. The Soviets and East Germany did exactly as the West Germany, Munich and Bonn and now again Berlin ordered. 

Wikipedia isn’t my bible, Marty, but in lieu of more reliable references, I am citing them in hope that the data are correct.  

Wikipedia: German planned to ship home 300 tonnes of gold from the US and 374 tonnes from France by 2020, in order to have half (1695.3 tonnes) of Germans official gold reserves stored in Frankfurt.

My question is: what kind of gold is that? How much of that gold is still gold that belonged to Jews that they murdered? How much of that gold was illegally obtained by Germany by using ear-implants of international agents to Germany’s advantage and to keep other countries down?

(Quite interesting is that Germany also wants gold from France, which is in my opinion their most loyal sidekick. When it comes down to who grabs the power, Germany will stab also France in the back. Germany above everything was and still is their motto.)  

Wikipedia: The German central bank (Bundesbank or BuBa) has been trying to repatriate 300 tonnes from New York since 2012 – but officially got back a mere 5 tonnes in 2013. The plan halted as German politicians decided their gold “is safe in American hands”. Germany has 45 per cent of the country’s 3,391 tons of gold bars stashed in the strongroom deep beneath the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in Manhattan.

Anyone who trust Germany is either stupid out of his/her mind, Marty. Leaving German gold (if it is really Germany’s and not Jewish tooth fillings and other Jewish gold from the German Nazi Reichbank) in the USA has an ulterior motive, likely to give Germany more influence in the USA and to buy the USA – or – after German secret services used the ear implants of US officials and representatives to make debts and more debts to demand the gold at once back when the USA is officially ruined.          

Wikipedia: West Germany earned this gold through trade surpluses in the 1950s and 1960s and never moved it out of the United States to ensure that it did not lose the lot in the event West Germany was invaded by the Soviet Union.

Yeah right, they are pulling legs. They completely controlled the Soviet Union. Germany  made their “trade surplus” by whispering through ear-implants of other nations to buy German and not American or from other countries. That is how “fair” they made that gold and other cash. 

Wikipedia: The 300 tons of gold that Germany is bringing home from a New York strongroom is being transported little by little and will take until 2020 to complete.

Marty, we have so many legal claims against Germany, no gold in the world would make good what they did and do to us. 

Our love story reveals Germany’s darkest secrets.   

I adore you, Marty. You are an incredible thetan and the best soulmate one can have.

Yours always,






Another genocide, the one in the former Yugoslavia: Germany ran all fighting sides against each other through ear-implants – and then they pick up the pieces and attach them to Grossdeutschland…

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Dearest Marty, my heartthrob,

How are you? Thinking of you is easy – no day goes by when I don’t.

You remember the news about the horrible genocide in Yugoslavia and “ethical cleaning”.

I visited Yugoslavia at least twice in this lifetime, Marty. At both time, it was multicultural but peaceful. It was not really run down like communist countries, and people were allowed to own businesses. Romania was more suppressed by communism than Yugoslavia. Booze, crackers and some handiwork is all you could buy in Romania’s grocery stores in the 80s. I was there too, I saw it. Yugoslavia – despite communistic – had it better than Romania. I swam in these waters (Dubrovnik in Yugoslavia) and next to the habour, where these three big archways are, there was a big cafe, filled with all kinds of multicultural people taking and drinking tea, coffee or lemonade. Really strange that a place that had figured out to get along suddenly forgot all about that and became so bloody. 



So, I wonder when these kind of hostilities exactly started in Yugolslavia.

German secret services always play people against each other to get what they want. Germany wanted Yugoslavia annexed to Großdeutschland, so its secret services formed the terror group Ustaše (Croatian Revolutionary Movement) and upon German Nazi orders, they killed King Alexander I of Yugoslavia in 1934. They knew that his son was too young to take over and that stupid cousin Paul would become King Alexander’s successor. Paul was impressed by the Nazis and became an easy tool  for Germany.

Orthodox Serbs were forced to give up their religion and become Catholic. The Catholic Church is the “religion” of most Bavarians, the “religion” of pedophiles and children abusers. 

The Nazis didn’t die out, and neither did their Ustaše agents. There are still old Nazis and Neo-Nazis and there are still old Ustaše and New Ustaše. 

If just half of this article is true, the Ustaše were monsters and a great tool for Germany’s Nazis:

The official summary of this war is this: In 1992, the government of the Yugoslav Republic Bosnia-Herzegovina declared its independence from Yugoslavia. With the backing of the Serb-dominated Yugoslav army, the Bosnian Serbs targeted Bosniak (Bosnian Muslims) and Croatian civilians and that resulted in the deaths of some 100,000 people (80 percent Bosniak) by 1995. It became the worst act of genocide since the Nazi regime’s destruction of more than 6 million European Jews during World War II.

What did really happen? Just like they operated the Nazi helpers Ustaše, Germany also runs all other ethnic groups in this region against each other. They think it is great entertainment when others are killing each other. They stay anonymous and in the background. Their skin is safe. 

Germany installs ear-implants into international children and turns them to their robots for the rests of their lousy lives. When the war in Yugoslavia started, Germany  knew already that it will lead Europe (and the rest of the world a bit later) and power-hungry and greedy as they are, they want to annex more countries for more riches. Germany hides behind other nations and let them fight each other while Germany later collects what it can use. Germany tries to take over the world EITHER with communism or nationalism/capitalism. Capitalism won at the moment. They try to annex the entire world to Germany/Europe and/or make Germany so rich that it can overpower all others.

I walked over that bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and all was peaceful. The bridge was completely destroyed just a few years later.  In a snap, any can change to the worse, as Germany brings out the worst in any nationals.



Germany was the secret force that split the union of the many cultures in Yugoslavia apart and turned them against each other. They helped Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic to power, and I bet the farm that German secret services radioed directly into his ear implants to do exactly what Germany wanted. And before one agent can turn on them, they have him medically or otherwise murdered. It sure “pays” to be one of Germany’s agent idiots.

Germany failed to swallow and annex the former Yugoslavia as one country and so they broke the country into pieces by having the various ethnic groups fighting each other. People sooner than later rebel against ruthless leaders, and a few years later, Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia declared their independence.

Here is Slobodan Milosevic’s father with Hitler mustache.



“Greater Serbia” basically meant “Greater Germany”, and “Ethnic Cleansing” is closely related to Genocide.  The German-controlled United Nations (U.N.) refused to intervene in the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia. Bosnia later sued Serbia and the International Court of Justice but all concerned ethnic groups failed to prosecute Germany behind the atrocities. As Germany runs all sides and brings out the worst in all the people, there were horrible crimes committed on all sides. It all started with Germany’s hunger for world ruling power and annexing countries. Just as it started now also in the Ukraine. Germany still takes what it wants. 


Here is Radovan Karadžić, a psychiatrist, Germany’s highly valued “profession” that evolved from butchers and barbers. He helped criminals who tried to avoid punishment by pleading insanity, and likely also committed people who were not insane. He was found being guilty of having ordered mass murder. He was hiding for 12 years, and I bet it was Germany who helped him hiding. There are reports that the Austrian police didn’t arrest him when he was in Austria under a false ID. Maybe he tried to go to Germany to be near his masters, but Germany didn’t want him to be found in Germany or being accused on harboring him despite running him. Lately, he accuses Germany too on withholding of records but it all seems an act to me.


Here is one example, not related to Karadžić but DM, Mike Rinder, and your impostor Monique’s husband are still conspiring with each other on subjects. They attack each other wildly but still agree to be mum as to that Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists and that founder Ron was and you are impostored.                                

I believe that Radovan Karadžić’s case officer wants him to accuse Germany on something so that people think Germany had nothing to do with the Serbian genocide. I am sure that they promised him something as an award but it is unlikely that he gets it. Once agents are no longer useful for Germany, they usually are getting rid of them one way or the other.

There is also a Slovenian Band that took 1980 the German name Laibach. They also sing in German. Apparently, the idea behind these idiots is to make “music” to attract young people to join Nazi movements. IQs not higher than those of cockroaches. They have SEGNPMSS written all over them.

Anyway, I am sure that Germany is the “architect” of this genocide and the atrocities committed by all sides in the former Yugoslavia. 

Marty, I love you. Many tender and passionate kisses.


Yours always,