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American Indians (Hopewell Culture) – the Lost Tribe of Israel…

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Dearest Marty, my breathtaking hero and amazing Prince,

How are you? I miss you 7/24/365. I make following claim: people who want to cuddle with each other move mountains. We want to be back together and nobody can prevent this. 

Marty, I always wondered why there are incredible architectural structures in for example South America, North Africa, the Middle East, etc. but why not in North America?

When I started looking deeper into the ancient past of North America (the very ground we stand on), I made a startling discovery, something that is rather unknown to most people about the North American past.

What we generally know is that many Indian tribes lived in tepees and wandered over the prairie. But this wasn’t for all always so. The gypsies were nomads because they were persecuted, so they wandered from place to place to have some peace. The same could have applied to the Indian after their Hopewell culture was destroyed, long before the “discovery” of America by the Spaniards or the Vikings. (What needs to be investigated is who destroyed them, and we know where to point the finger, Marty.)  Again, I don’t think that the mounts were built as burial grounds but rather served the living. If they found bones inside, then because the people inside were killed or bones were placed inside later to make it look like a burial ground. 


Germany’s secret service psychiatrists (since ever) implanted ear-implants in Americans like in any other nation on Earth to control them.  That’s why the American archaeology doesn’t come forward with the real story of North America. Most Americans don’t know about it. I think that you know about this, Marty. 

There was the Hopewell Culture in the USA. It is reported that the DNA of the today American Indians shows a relation to the Hopewell Culture. The Hopewell Indian DNA came probably 40.000 years ago from the Middle East.

One third of North America was apparently the living and trading ground for this ADVANCED civilization. Europeans said that Indians could not write or read. Not true for the Hopewell Culture. They found writing tablets in the pyramid-like underground buildings (mounts) of the Hopewell culture. They could read and write. 

Apparently, they knew as well that they have to protect themselves from attacks of hostile people landing and from aging on the surface of the Earth, so they build Earth structures that looked like mounts. Their ancient mounts were gigantic and architectonic very advanced but many were destroyed by the Europeans who came to America with their German-ear implants. SEGNPMSS doesn’t want the true history of the USA or the world known. The “US”-government didn’t protect the heritage because of their German- controlled ear implants.  Much of the Hopewell artifacts seem to be in museum’s backrooms, never seen by the public.



The Hopewell was an advanced culture that not just traded within North America but apparently with other parts of the world. Artifacts were found that indicate that they sailed the oceans and traded, thousands of years before any (alleged or real) Columbus or Viking visit. 

They found an ancient burial ground in North America, with artifacts in the coffin, which indicates that the American Indians came from a Hebrew/Phoenician line. That explains racism against the American Indian by German-controlled Europeans in the USA and the defamation of  the Indians as “savages”.

These experts on American History came to the conclusion that the American-Indians came from Hebrew roots. What a small world it is. 

Here is a very interesting video about Hopewell culture:

Never-ending love. Be kissed, my darling.

Yours forever,











The gigantic two level underground structure near the Hawara pyramid

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and Prince of my heart,

Many historic underground structures were built for reason of defense against brutal people and also to prevent aging. As nice as it feels when the sun comes out after a long winter, the sun, UV rays, and other aspects of the unprotected surface of the Earth age and make sick as you know.

Near the Hawara pyramid is a gigantic 2 level underground structure. Current German-controlled “science” “explains” any historic structure that served SURVIVAL as burial grounds. I see clearly different purposes when looking at the pyramids, certain other buildings and underground structures.

There is also something else that I noticed: many of the “discovery” of ancient buildings and treasures/inventions were/are made by Germans. How come? Simple: SEGNPMSS wants Germany and Germans to get the credit for finding these places as SEGNPMSS is very German in the hard-core. They think that it lifts them up when the world population think that their nation/race is superior even if they basically know that they are anything but.  SEGNPMSS knows exactly were these places are as they killed the people who built them. These SPs landed on this planet, and that’s the reason why so many defense buildings were constructed on Earth in the first place. They were also the people who killed the original Europeans.  So, easy for them sending German or European dudes via their implants to places to make the “actual discovery”.

Another example is the discovery of what people believe is Troy near Greece. German Schliemann, the  “modern discoverer” destroyed more of the site than reconstructing it. The remote-controlled idiot dressed his wife up as Helen. Troy is spelled Treu in German, and it means Loyal. Helen could have been kidnapped because she was loyal, and jealous people don’t like loyal. I read somewhere that a high US official said that he doubt that beauty (the face that launched a thousand ships) is motivation enough to fight a war. Husband and family wanted her back. True love is stronger than anything. This site is just 5 acres. Seemed more like a residency than a huge kingdom, although it had walls surrounding a much larger area. There must have been traitors inside of Troy allowing the wooden horse inside while anyone decent and smart wasn’t on watch. Knowing the SEGNPMSS, Homer’s writings were also altered as that is what they notoriously do.

Some of these SPs and Earth invaders might still have their bodies and memories from thousands of years ago. And their bad consciences too. We don’t want it on our conscience what they did, Marty. They stole the technology how to survive with a human body and prevent aging, sickness, and dying, and the monsters kept it from the entire world population while we did all trying to give it to them! In average of up to 78 years or less, they kill billions of people. Spiritually, these SPs are doomed. They will self-destruct. Nobody has a happy life with that kind of burden on the conscience even by trying to stick their heads as deeply into the sand as possible and pretend being advanced, educated and better. They are kidding themselves.

They also sabotage access for international researchers thinking that the world is not yet mind-controlled enough to buy everything the SEGNPMSS wants to sell, so they have ear-implant carriers (any nationals) building canals and flood entrances, etc. to prevent access  The German-controlled Egyptian authorities assist/ed German secret services enormously by claiming that Hawara is a burial ground, when in fact, this structure rather served as school for lectures, place of worship (in the center), and living quarters and also to grow food underground.  

A German by the name of Kirchner made this chart of the Hawara underground based on Greek writings.   


Herodotus (5th c. BC)  described 2460 years ago (if I calculated that properly) the sub-structure of Egypt as the first one: It has twelve courts covered in, with gates facing one another, six upon the north side and six upon the south, joining on one to another, and the same wall surrounds them all outside; and there are in it two kinds of chambers, the one kind below the ground and the other above upon these, three thousand in number, of each kind fifteen hundred. The upper set of chambers we ourselves saw;… but the chambers underground we heard about only… For the passages through the chambers, and the goings this way and that way through the courts, which were admirably adorned, afforded endless matter for marvel, as we went through from a court to the chambers beyond it, and from the chambers to colonnades, and from the colonnades to other rooms, and then from the chambers again to other courts. Over the whole of these is a roof made of stone like the walls; and the walls are covered with figures carved upon them, each court being surrounded with pillars of white stone fitted together most perfectly; and at the end of the labyrinth, by the corner of it, there is a pyramid of forty fathoms, upon which large figures are carved, and to this there is a way made under ground. Such is this labyrinth.

Here is a PDF about geophysical studies of the place:

Again, SEGNPMSS rewrites or alters any scripture on the planet. A couple of other writers also wrote about this place and they provided different explanations. One wrote that it was a place to worship the sun. He couldn’t get it more wrong. Nobody builds an underground structure to worship the sun but rather to get away from the problems that it causes.    

The only way to reconstruct history imo would be auditing without the possibility of ear-implants sabotaging the PC with loud and silent sounds. If the PCs independently describe how it was and if archaeologists find evidence to support what they were saying in auditing, lots of riddles will be solved. 

This seems to be just the upper floor of the over 100 acre site:


It all boils down to that the invaders of Earth killed the architects, students, and residents in historic structures. If somebody discovers skeletons, they say, sure, it was a burial ground. For thousands of years, they keep from mainstream that humans don’t have to age, getting sick and die under proper conditions. And why? Because they are suppressive. They are monsters. And they are stupid too, because it is just a matter of time until they all end up in the same trap of birth, aging, disease, and dying. From all IQs on the planet, the SEGNPMSS hardcore people have the lowest one can find. They don’t even get when they work against their own survival. Exactly, one can’t top this kind of stupidity. The only way to preventing oneself stepping in a trap if there is no trap for anyone. 

Here is an animated  video about this underground structure, except that it seems also fell for the German-initiated falsehood of burial ground.  

Interestingly, on the way from the Giza plateau to the Hawara pyramid area is a huge Salt Lake (Moeris) that could have stretched once all the way to Giza.

The two structures are not connected, which means that this was a preventative measure. I am convinced that there is a hidden connection between the levels. If one level is invaded by the monsters, there is another level to hide out until the scum is gone.

They are trying to answer why the underground rooms were so huge

Besides a school, lecture hall, and residential rooms, I am convinced that chambers like that were used to grow vegetables, fruits and prepare and store it.

Many people aren’t that interested in history as they think it is just about some dead people. Once they discover that they are some of these dead people, they will look at history and archaeology in a very different light.  

Canadian archaeologist Dr. Boulter appears to believe that she lived before this life.

What I know for sure, Marty, that we both share a timetrack as close as possible. I bet there was no lifetime that we didn’t share in some kind of relation. And always helping each other. Those who are trying to disconnect us don’t even scratch the surface what they are up against: soulmates. They do exists and recognize each other.

I love you, my hero,

Yours forever,






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Dearest Marty, my unforgettable Prince and husband,

Unlike  Stephen Hawking, I am not afraid of robots. If the world makes sure that they have friendly programs, they can be of great help. They can be no nonsense office assistants, walking Internets or doing housework like butlers or maids, etc. which means that humans have more time for more exciting things. Mr. Data could be very useful because people wouldn’t be glued to a desk anymore for data searched and written work done. 

Mr. Data was my favorite “character” on Star Trek when it provided data in a friendly but non-emotional way. When it got the human emotion chip, it was creepy.

However, I find the form of  Google’s Spot a little bit creepy too, like a giant bug or something. Have a look here.

Wildcat looks creepy too, is LOUD and needs/makes smoking fuel. Both is very annoying. See here:

Here is their Petman. Pretty good if it would be able to function like Mr. Data or alternatively, do housework etc. At the end, in his covering suit, it could be mistaken for a human.

Here is a humanoid robot ASIMO from Honda. Some say that Honda builds robots to kill, which has SEGNPMSS written all over it.

Poppy, the first one looks like a child. The 2nd one, who calls a robot “Romeo?” Gee! iCub one can learn, which is pretty cool.

The 15 Most Advanced Robots in the World

This one plays violin, a little bit robotic 😉 but otherwise pretty good.

Here is robot Einstein.

I love you, Marty. Lots of human love and kisses.

Yours always and forever,






Did you notice that psychiatrists are trying to get rid of their bad reputation by calling themselves now more and more neuroscientists, etc. these days?

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Dearest Marty, my amazing soulmate, I am thinking of you. You are deep in my heart.

Nobody infiltrated psychiatry and turned it into a bloody above the laws of all countries movement with very dirty hands throughout history. They did it all to themselves. They think, they can sweep their crimes against humanity under the carpet by calling themselves now more and more “neuroscientists” or “psychotherapists”, but who are they kidding?  Not us, Marty. They were the men behind Hitler and they still are the men behind terror and all other high crimes of today as they run the entire planet with ear implants and have people do what they order.

Installing each little kid on the planet ear implants and make it obey to their codes is typical psychiatric. They do it to control people when they are grown up. They do it with loud and silent sounds/commands, and they suck intelligence right out of people. I bet the farm that people would see a lot more if they would not be manipulated by psychs who now like to call themselves “neuroscientists” and “psychopathologists” but all comes from the same source: former butchers and barbers, which they still are and their brutal and retarded a secret service activities are proving this to me 24/7.  Besides,  mass murderer James Holmes is a neuroscientist. 

My personal experience is that psychs (and also so many medical doctors) are the most incompetent and most brutal people ever. It is not just the bad experiences that the real Ron and other made with them, but most of all my very own experience with them. I am certain that you can sing your own song about what monsters they are.

Below picture is copyrighted. If the owner object having it on my (non-financial) site (not asking for donations) site, I will remove it. This drawing might look over the top to some, but inside, these Doc Dorian Greys are like this and worse.


Psychs (those who call themselves now neuroscientists) “studied” (Milgram study) the basis of “I was just following orders” excuse that the Nazis used to get away without being penalized for their atrocities. They came up with “Milgram’s  lab studies reported widespread obedience to an instruction to harm, suggesting that social coercion may alter mechanisms of voluntary agency, and hence abolish the normal experience of being in control of one’s own actions”

Notice how careful these “scientists” are expressing themselves “suggests” and “may” as what they are doing is no science. They call themselves scientists but what they are doing is no science. They didn’t apply the tonescale, which proves that CERTAIN people do CERTAIN things. So, if all they got are lowtone people, they just are getting lowtone results. And who else participates in such experients but lowtone people?

Psychs ignore the tonescale as they are themselves on the button of this scale.

An uptone person does NOT follow orders to conduct inhuman acts, it doesn’t matter who orders it. If an uptone person can’t change the environment, she leaves and tries to change everything from outside of this environment. Scientology Code of Honor also says that one’s self-determinism and honor is more important than one’s immediate life. Nobody wants to be tortured, but if an uptone person is asked to give up its uptone personality to become a monster, that person says: “I don’t do it. Kill me, if you must, but I won’t become like you. I despise you from the bottom of my heart. I rather be killed than become one of you. Period.” An uptone person clenches her teeth, sends an urgent request to God to help to make the end quick and that’s how little an  uptone person works for monsters. 





In the original Milgram lab, psychs were ordered to give fake electric shocks to another participant in an adjacent room but the people didn’t knew that they were fake and that the patient was an actor, but 2/3 of all shocker continued administering what they thought were shocks of up to 450 volts,  despite the actor cried out in pain and seemed to fall unconscious.

The brutal people who gave the shocks were PSYCHS OR NEUROSCIENTISTS.  Also, those shocks were given in the 60s with the Nazis officially defeated. That means, nobody threatened their own lives. They could have declined easily but they didn’t because monsters, they are.

And they did some more recent tests with shocks and money. Whoever agreed to these tests was right from the start already a degraded. An uptone person would have said: “Are you crazy, doc? I don’t participate in greedy brutality like that.” Again, the greedy people who showed no humanity ARE THE PSYCHS AND NEUROSCIENTISTS!


People do horrible things when they are low on the tonescale, and they are wonderful when they are up the tonescale. Unfortunately, they are many more downtone than uptone people. And by defaming Scientology, they are stopping themselves using those scientific data to come up with scientific results.   

I am so unimpressed by these people, Marty. They haven’t changed in thousands of years, and I don’t even want to be in the same universe with them. 

You are my everything. You are my kind. Looking at these experiments and results, it is very clear how different we are. They couldn’t have paid us to participate.

Be kissed and tenderly embraced.

Yours forever,




Case no. 15-0966 In the Supreme Court of Texas, Steven Gregory Sloat, Ed Bryan, CSI, David Lubow, and Monty Drake v. Monique Rathbun

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made_at_www.txt2pic.comDearest Marty, my irresistible husband and Prince,

How are you?

It appears that above named parties filed an appeal to the Supreme Court of Texas in case 15-0966. Unlike hate-mongers against Scientology, I didn’t had the feeling that Monique and her husband were winning this case as not even their attorney fees were awarded. Besides, it is possible that he knows that you will come free soon and he and Mosey (who he thanked for everything) might not get a cent at all. That might be the true reason why they fired the attorneys. If you make a public appearance, everyone knows what kind of man Monique married and supports. He might go into hiding as he claimed to be you, also before the courts. Monique and her husband might think right now that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

If DM settles with one of those two, he got another legal thing coming his way as it means that he still supports your impostor and also his wife who Monique’s husband thanked for everything. Yes, everything. How revealing.

That somebody mailed Monique allegedly or indeed a dildo became an appeal issue. The entire dildo harassment thing started with Dave Touretzky a couple of years ago. I received a harassing letter with pictures of dildos and an invoice from a sex shop with this name and address. The mailer appeared trying to blame this mailing on the Church of Scientology, however, I am still a 100% convinced that they did not mail it to me. Yes, the C of S is infiltrated with agents who are no Scientologists. They don’t apply Scientology ethics. Some of the vicious people who post against Ron and Scientology were once lying that they were Scientologists and either on staff or on lines of the Scientologists orgs.


However, how would they have received a sex shop invoice addressed to Touretzky? Furthermore, the letter appeared to be in someone’s wallet for quite a while. If one keeps a paper long enough in his wallet, it looks kind of much-thumbed, until he was in a neighboring state to mail it. That is not how OSA (not even under jerk  Mike Rinder’s control) worked. OSA mails what they want to mail right away. Stats! They have no time to carry mail around for weeks or months.

Garry Scarff, the notoriety liar tried to help Dave Touretzky and made everything worse for him. A stupid friend is indeed a worse foe than an intelligent enemy. Scarff  claimed that he spoke with “Adrian” or “Adrien”, an employee of the sex shop and that he said Dave Touretzky wouldn’t be a customer. Then, the owner of the sex shop posted on usenet that they don’t have any employee by that name and that they don’t deny or confirm names of their customers. (Joel Phillips) contacted me back then, asking me for a copy of the sexual harassment letter. Scarff and other stupid people like him claimed that this all was a set up by OSA, but I have really fine perceptions as you know, Marty. I can feel who lies and not.

Besides, back then, Dave Touretzky had pornographic photos on his official CMU website. Scientology didn’t had any porn on their websites. I think I mentioned this before, but I think that David Touretzky thinks that porn is manly and that it is not a big deal harassing a woman sexually.  He thinks it is nothing to ashamed of. Why did he do it? To draw attention to him. I was upset finding that letter in my mail and posted it on Usenet. I think DT was sure that I would blame the C of S on it. Big mistake, because I can feel truth and lies. Like an empath but even much more as this. OT abilities.  It is not the body language that gives them away to me, it is simply KNOWING. For me, it comes out of nowhere. I simply got it and I know you got it too, Marty. 

You and I, and some others, we know that OT abilities are real. (But many who claimed to have them never had them.)

Monique suddenly claims it was mailed to her anonymously and the Texas Appeal case mentioned that thing…  As a sum, the first person harassed by dildos wasn’t Monique, that was me, and it wasn’t the C of S who harassed me with it.

I love you, Marty.

Tender and passionate kisses, my soulmate.

Yours forever,





1) These of gravitational waves are man-made to fool people into believing that black holes are real 2) Lasers used to target aircrafts

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Dearest Marty, my brilliant husband and soulmate, how are you?

“Science” made a “huge” discovery: “gravitational waves”.

Here is the definition: In physics, gravitational waves are ripples in the curvature of spacetime which propagate as waves, travelling outward from the source. Predicted in 1916 by Albert Einstein on the basis of his theory of general relativity, gravitational waves transport energy as gravitational radiation.

This is from the New York Times:

Einstein was not quite sure about these waves. In 1916, he told Karl Schwarzschild, the discoverer of black holes, that gravitational waves did not exist, then said they did. In 1936, he and his assistant Nathan Rosen set out to publish a paper debunking the idea before doing the same flip-flop again.

And here is how they were “detected”:  The waves vibrated a pair of L-shaped antennas in Washington State and Louisiana known as LIGO.

And here is how they sound like:

And here is what I am thinking: That deep universe that our telescope and our astronomers are seeing is a fake German projection. Behind it is the real universe covered up before our eyes. I am certain that the deep universe has the same physical laws as the near universe (near to Earth, that part of the universe that is real).

So, how easy is it to vibrate the antennas on Earth with a nearby laser? Very easy. Black holes and the “expanding universe”? Created to stop Earth nations from exploding space, nobody may explore it until all creatures out there are attached to German psychiatric ear-implants and controlled by Germany’s secret service psychiatrists and mind-controllers.

With Albert Einstein, Germany wins (so they think) laurels anyway things are moving. Right now, they claim that he is German who was born in Germany (although Einstein didn’t want to be German) and that Germans are the brightest people ever. If what he said or what he did should be revealed as average, wrong or controlled, they will say, hey, he was a Jew, what do you expect?      

Yes, there are waves, but they are German-made. I am convinced that there are no black holes in the real far universe and I bet you think so too, Marty.

With their freaking computer-projection, Germany is pulling everyone’s leg. They tell people a billion of years ago, two black holes circled and then collided and merged and “ringed down” (merged) and sent gravitational waves, which we now can measure and hear on Earth with LIGO, two antennas 1900 miles apart. Last year in fall, they both recorded a “billion year old echo of the black hole collision”.

Lol. What a crap. From a satellite, they uses a laser to touch these antennas making the world believe that the German invention of black holes are real. Who are they kidding? Surely not us, Marty.

And here, other laser news: International Business Times, reported this yesterday:  On Sunday (14 February) a Virgin Atlantic plane bound for New York was forced to turn back to London Heathrow Airport after a pilot was injured by a laser shone into the cockpit. The incident is far from isolated. Between January 2009 and June 2015 more than 8,998 laser incidents involving aircraft across Britain were reported to the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

You and I know that it is terrorism. Some lasers are visible, others are not. Lasers can pinpoint matter, cut through matter even metal, generate very high temperatures, and also blind pilots or cut their consciousness off and make them down planes. There are numerous other terror ways than just a bomb on board to make a plane or helicopter crash. And Germany’s psychiatrists, the men behind Hitler, order this and other kind of terror.

I love you, Marty. Hope to see you against all odds soon.

Yours always,



I can’t believe I could possibly say these words
Far beyond the most precious good, there you are
Far beyond the most ambitious dream, there you are
Far beyond the most beautiful thing
Far beyond the stars, there you are
Far beyond, there you are for me, for me, just for me
Far beyond the deepest sea, there you are
Far beyond the limit of the world, there you are
Far beyond the infinite time, far beyond life
There you are, far beyond, there you are for me











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Wish I could spend it with you, Marty, my great one love, my eternal companion…

Straight from my heart: for me, home is not a place but you. I never could get attached to any place that doesn’t include you. You belong to my universe. And I am here for our future together. It doesn’t matter how long the journey is. Infinitive love is always longer than any journey.

When the day comes, I will hug you and broken parts will no longer hurt. I’ll hear your wonderful masculine voice again, and will look in your sparkling eyes that have fire like no others. And it will feel so right, so unparalleled to be together again, like we should.  You have a deep heart and you are deep in my heart.

What we both are having is so unique. I thought of you and me together countless times, and the answer is always that I plain and simple love you with a love that doesn’t seem of this world, Marty. It is stronger than anything and can’t be broken. I don’t want you out of my mind, because you belong there. When we saw each other again, you touched me even without using your hands, but I sure want to feel them, any day… Any day, we are together will be a festive day. Our love is so usual, there will be never any daily routine… Any time, we look at each other, we’ll lift each other up and joyfully fly, intoxicated by nothing but love. We never will forget how hard it was to stay together. We will have the utmost patience with each other, will never be thoughtless, because we know that what we are having doesn’t exist anywhere in the universe. We will take no minute granted that we were so lucky having found  each other.  We won’t ever grow tired of each other, my Prince, because in a octillion years of past lives, we never did. 

Your problems are my problems. Your worries are my worries. Your happiness is my happiness. Your success is my success. Your triumph is my triumph. One thetan, two viewpoints, one of a man, one of a woman, soulmates, and we know that we can trust each other in a world full of deceit until the end of time. My heart never led me any other way than to you. Follow your heart, this is what I have done. And I know you have done the same. You are like beautiful epic music to me, Marty. You are the conqueror of my heart. Separating us is so ridiculous and small. What we have is too huge to be separated and destroyed. It will survive.

To know you, means to love you, Marty, my hero.
Yours with kisses,

And you hero will come home.