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Could drug use have ended the “Paradise”?

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Dearest Marty, most missed Prince and husband in the entire universe, how are you?

I know you are as romantic and passionate as I am, but we also have another side: reliable, steady, loyal, trustful and respectful to each other. The world would be a very sad place without you. I am so glad that you exist. 

About something else:

Most people are too busy keeping up with news in regards to historic findings on this planet: many never heard of the Kennewick man who was found on US soil in 1996. I know you have heard of him. ūüôā Above is his head. They say he has looked like that when he lived. But I bet he had some hair.

They say that his bones indicate that he lived 7300 to 7600 B.C. and that he was no native American. The latest findings are that he is neither Indian or European.  


(I am thinking that even if other races lived/visited American soil together or before the Indians, it shouldn’t take away from that native Americans lived here a very long time and that the Americas and Canada are very much so their homes. Many were slaughtered by the “white man” and have been through hell. However, an incomplete or wrongfully described history won’t do natives any good either.)¬†

What the findings of the bones clearly indicate is that ancient history isn’t adequately described.¬†

The American Army fought American Natives as we all know. Oddly, in this case, the Army Corps of Engineers (mostly white guys, I guess) decided that those non-Indian bones should be turned over to the Indians for burial. They covered the site Рwhere Kennewick man was found Рliterally with tons of rock debris to prevent future archaeological excavations. How dare them!

60 Minutes concluded that the Indians made the¬†Army Corps of Engineers do that, and that the Indians are trying to control history. My personal experiences with the U.S. Army – including the Army Corps of Engineers – is that they are rather German controlled and act completely in their favor. Just as their national hymn says, Germany is above everything. I am¬†convinced that Germany is interested to¬†cover up historical evidence as they are behind what the planet is allowed to know and what not. They are behind that their international agents are lying and campaigning that the Holocaust never happened and that the Nazis weren’t such monsters as they in fact were and even worse. ¬† ¬†


Australian scientists found now that the DNA of the successful Europeans suddenly completely changed approx. 4500 years ago. Suddenly, a successful race is gone¬†completely and exchanged with a new one. (The new one is the one that later started/provoked two world wars and gassed millions of people.) ¬†Something has happened to those Europeans approx. 4500 years ago that no history book so far has mentioned. And I bet that Germany will put a spin on it sooner or later. It must have been another kind of Holocaust, if you ask me. That successful people suddenly all together run off and leave everything behind is very unlikely. And where did these new people come from? If they came from another part of the world, their DNA should have revealed this, right? If they didn’t come from other countries, space is the only other answer, is it?¬†(I am talking about these evil people who switched their humanity off and started later one battle and war after the other and had the Nazis marching.)

A lot of Dianetics and Scientology was changed and re-written within just six decades! Compared to the blind Miscavologists, original Scientologists are very different people. The original Christians and the today Christians are also different like day and night. They are clueless that Jesus taught about past lives. 

It is absurd to think that the bible and scriptures of other religions didn’t had the same fate as Scientology writings. Many Christians believe that the Bible is 6000 years old. ¬†Some think that God created the first humans approx. 50.000 years ago. We original Scientologists know that our bodies are creations but that we as spirits always existed. The bible doesn’t go hand in hand with science. In anyway, most modern people want scientific explanations, and I can’t blame them. We want scientific¬†explanations¬†too.

Anyway, by covering up archaeological sites with tons of debris and by also controlling scientists, facts remain buried.   

But what if some grains in religious scriptures are true? A God who forbids people to eat fruits sounds rather like a medical doctor who wants people get sick to get patients to get rich. No apple per day doesn’t keep the doctor away. A God who makes such idiotic rules as “no produce”, isn’t my kind of God. A “God” who wants obedience where it doesn’t make sense, is a weirdo too. Actually, somebody who makes rules like that for the sake of rules or to obtain obedience is not a God at all but a control freak. And such a person is not good or almighty.¬†

I started thinking about this and asked myself what if there was a peaceful and happy society on this or other planets that was destroyed because the forbidden “fruits” were actually DRUGS? In that case, a warning not to consume certain drugs makes a lot of sense. In other words, drug use could have ruined former great civilizations by making people unreliable, criminal, and sick. That makes a lot of sense!¬†


Take for example Scientology scriptures. Infiltrators changed them into 75¬†million years ago on this planet Xenu crap. I am sure that the real founder Ron didn’t miss what happened in Europe approx. 4500 years ago and what kind of Holocaust that was. But “Jack Vistaril”, the impostor changed the founder’s writing into crap so that others can claim that Ron is “unscientific”. Typical German secret service set up and American secret service assisting them by those activities – instead of kicking German secret service butts. (I don’t believe that CIA, NSA, FBI, other agencies of the American Intelligence Community, and Interpol were not involved in “Jack Vistaril” taking over the Scientology founder’s life and legacy and altering it and turning SCN into a German cult.)¬†

Also, there are possibly several ways to create volcanoes. A really strong laser directed onto an Earth spot could penetrate and cook up magma and cause a break-out. Or, meteorites/asteroids could have hit the Earth and created deep holes, or somebody bombed from the air and created those deep holes, known as volcanoes. Some may say that there were no lasers or technically advanced planes and weapons in early history… Well, according to some findings, we don’t know much about early history… ¬†

To me, Marty, volcanoes don’t look natural. ¬†To me, they look clearly like something non-natural has happened here in the past.

Fact is that the German ordered and controlled infiltration of Scientology caused it to be considered “unscientific” or “ridiculous”. I know that if Ron’s standard technology is applied independently and¬†in different places of the world, that those past lives reports of people audited will support each other as far as the events are concerned. (If those people don’t carry ear-implants with a case officer blocking¬†their past live access and/or telling them to report deliberately false data. Such auditing should be done in Faraday rooms to prevent such corruption by the use of radio messages and silent sounds sent by secret services into the minds of people.) Based on these reports, archaeologists could dig and find. Real science could determine age of the findings and actual history could be written.¬†

No, not true say the people who don’t think deep enough. “I didn’t live before because I can’t remember any past lives…” Heck, they can’t even remember the first days, weeks, months or years of their lives, Marty! Are they trying to tell us that they didn’t live when they were just a few days, weeks, months old? They simply forgot these times, just like their forgot their past lives.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed from late to morning!

Yours forever,


Snow, rain or gorgeous weather… I am at your side, my endless love.¬†¬†


What people around the world eat and not eat…

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My sweet prince, Marty,

I came across below article, and hope you can access the link. It shows families around the world, what they eat in one week and how much they spend. It is a very interesting article with very revealing pictures.

Here is that article:

There is a family from Tingo, Equador. They are 9 people, all are happily smiling and are spending USD 32 on food per week. I don’t see any meat/fish nor processed food in their home. They are all slim.


There is a family from Mexico.  They are 5 people and are spending USD 189 per week. They are doing pretty good as far as veggies and fruits are concerned but they have a bad coke habit. I bet that is what makes them chubby.


There is a family from Guatemala. They are 7 people and are spending USD 76 per week. They are pretty good veggies and fruit eaters. Don’t see fish or meat. Maybe two hamburgers and a bit of processed food.


There is a family from Japan. They are 4 people (I don’t count the guy on TV) and they are spending USD 361 per week. They eat a lot of fish and I also see meat. But what is surprising is how much processed food they are eating.¬†


There is a family from India. They are 4 people and they are spending USD 45 per week. They eat a lot of veggies and fruits but also some processed food. 


There is a family from North Carolina. They are 4 people and are spending USD 342 per week. It is shocking what they eat and what they don’t eat. Except for a few grapes, somebody should tell them that there is such a thing as veggies and fruits!


There is a family from Canada. They are 4 people and are spending USD 158 per week. They eat more veggies and fruits than the Americans but also quite some processed food. Looks that they don’t trust their tap water as they buy bottled water.


There is a family from Mali. They are 15 people and are spending USD 30 per week. Almost all are smiling. They are mainly eating grains. The reporter should have made a list of what those items are, that would make his article even more interesting.


There is a family from Australia. They are 7 people and are spending USD 428 per week. Meat, processed and junk food and it shows! That is half of a cow or pig on their table. They also don’t trust their tap water.¬†


There is a family from Egypt. They are 12 people and are spending USD 78 per week. They like veggies but also meat, cheese, and processed food.  


There is a family from Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are 5 people and are spending USD 90 per week. They seem to eat everything, sausages, meat, but not enough vegetables, too much processed food and what is all that white bread for? 

12There is a family from China. They are 6 people and are spending USD 65 per week. They eat lots of veggies, fruits grains, tofu, but also some processed food and meat. Don’t see any seafood. ¬†


There is a family from Italy. They are 5 people and are spending USD 295 per week. These people eat more bread and pasta than anything. Junk food as sodas too.


There is another family from Canada. They are 5 people and are spending USD 392 per week. They eat a bit more veggies and fruits than that family in North Carolina but very similar to them.


And finally, there is a family from Kuwait. They are people and are spending USD 252 per week. They eat veggies and fruits but also lots of processed food. They don’t trust their tap water either.


They haven’t published any picture of a Bavarian weekly food table. It would consist of ham, bacon, sausage, some pretzels and beer!¬†

18I am thinking: will people still eat meat if supermarkets and restaurants would have life cows, chickens, lambs, turkeys on display that they can pet while eating? I bet many would become vegetarians instead.

I miss the food that I remember from our village.

You noticed, that I had some time to play today. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen often. But what always happens is that I think of you, and I love you, Marty,¬†

Many kisses, my sweet heart!

Yours forever,




Larry (Lawrence [Denise] Brennan) made an anti-suicide declaration that could play into the bloddy hands of SCN-hating psychiatrists and medical doctors…

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Dearest Marty, my handsome and eternal love,

I learned Larry (Lawrence [Denise] Brennan), another German collaborator, wrote an anti-suicide declaration a few years ago… saying that he/she is not suicidal at all, and when dying in a suicide, it wasn’t him who did it but that Scientology murdered him/her.

I am glad that he/she is not suicidal, but did he/she think that statement through? 

He/she makes it easy for those people to get rid of him/her who want to blame Scientology on it, e.g. all kinds of secret service doctors…¬†

Actually, I agree that “suicides” of people who had ties to Scientology (and also so-called suicides of people who never had anything to do with Scientology) were in fact murder cases. However, Scientology didn’t make these people to commit suicide. These people were killed by secret service doctors and psychs who want to blame Scientology on driving people into suicide. Doctors have all the “necessary” tools in their doctor’s bag. Narcotics to make people unconscious and a rope to hang them or lead gasoline in the car. Unconscious people don’t fight back. Or they hypnotize and e-shock people to jump out the window or off a bridge. ¬†All look like “suicides” but are none. ¬†¬†

By writing such an anti-suicide statement, Larry (Denise) might tempt doctors to make him/her the next “suicide” case as he/she did them already the favor blaming Scientology in advance.

I don’t know why Larry visited a psychiatrist for more than a year or longer. I think he wrote that declaration that would make it easy on secret service medical doctors and psychiatrists to kill him and having it blamed on Scientology after those many psychiatric sessions. ¬†

You knew Larry, I knew him. Back then he wasn’t a psychiatric patient, and I could have sworn that there was a man inside of that over 6 feet tall body, but I guess his psychiatrist turned him into a woman. Artificial hormones have cancer-producing risks. Did he think about that? ¬†Is that really worth it?

I would give a person who feels she is having a body of the wrong gender following advice: next time you pick up a new baby body (reincarnate), make sure that the gender is the right one. You know how the difference between genders looks like. Wait until you can clearly see it before you dive in and claim it as your new body.


We did it right, Marty, we are having the gender that we wanted. No mixed feelings or confused sexuality but straight true love and hot passion. ūüôā

Billions of kisses,

Yours forever,


Was “Jack Vistaril” a CIA agent? Is Monique’s husband a CIA agent? (I believe they were/are agents.)

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Dearest Marty, my breathtaking hero,

Our lives are like no others, and what we feel for each other is still so strong. It is pure magic. Nobody can come between us. Not even doppelgangers and impostors can fool us. (Somebody told me that a doppelganger of mine is living in my rural backyard and that she hurried away when he tried to talk to her.)

But the good news is that in all these years, I was able to feel your love for me despite we could not talk to each other, Marty. I feel being approach by you on a spiritual level. I must be in your thoughts, and I can pick that up just like that.  What a connection, what a soul mate connection!   

Many people think that “love” is just chemistry. Some chemistry that keeps our love so young and exciting over decades of¬†separation. Wonder what¬†formula¬†that is?¬†LUV169 723HO260000 464NB455656000 688O52 243S912 975l8888 Kyco3.3.2.02,8l-2,6,9-Heart C20H20.¬† Gee, some formula¬†ūüėČ

Just thinking about you¬†gives me butterflies, Marty. Nothing has changed from being a teenager to now, except that I am wiser. ūüôā But surely not less romantically in love. Anyone less in love as we are is missing out of the best that life can offer. ¬†


Anyway, now to the bad “boys”.¬†Was “Jack Vistaril” a CIA agent? Is Monique’s husband a CIA agent? I believe they were/are agents but not just working for the CIA also for other secret services. Monique and her hubby even traveled to Germany for German activities against SCN. ¬† ¬†¬†


Also, definitive and beyond any doubt, “Jack Vistaril” was not Ron, the founder of Scientology, and Monique’s husband is not you, the first Inspector General for Ethics of the RTC/Scientology. Photos and videos demonstrate this very clearly also to those who are less spiritual as you and I are.

But did “Jack Vistaril” and Monique’s husband simply walk into the Church of Scientology and take your lives over? I doubt that very much. Secret services must have put them up to their impostor jobs. And DM and other infiltrators must have agreed to it. Furthermore, can German secret services bypass all of the United States intelligence community? They can make the Americans do what they want but running these so-called Americans through their ear implants. If this wouldn’t be the case, impostors and infiltration programs would have been busted by the American intelligence community centuries ago.

With American Intelligence community, I mean the Director of National Intelligence and those agencies: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), United States Department of Defense, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), National Security Agency (NSA), National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency (AFISRA), Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA), Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), United States Department of Energy, Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence (OICI), United States Department of Homeland Security, Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A), Coast Guard Intelligence (CGI), United States Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Security Branch (FBI/NSB), Drug Enforcement Administration, Office of National Security Intelligence (DEA/ONSI), United States Department of State, Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR), United States Department of the Treasury, and Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence (TFI).


They always say that they have to “protect National Security”. But by having German secret services (the infiltration/alteration of Scientology and your wrongful incarceration, Marty, serves Germany most of all as they try to get rid of Scientology and framed you!) radio in the ear implants of¬†employees¬†and agents of these so-called American agencies, they compromise National Security.

I am flabbergasted how none of employees and agents is able to see that just a doppelganger was shot instead of the real Bin Laden. It is like the 3rd Reich, when Hitler and other top Nazis got away by faking their deaths and killing look-alikes. I¬†IMMEDIATELY¬†saw a different¬†personality between Bin Laden and the guy the seals shot in Pakistan. Furthermore, the Sept. 11 terrorists were conditioned in Germany. Yet, the USA failed to kick Germany’s behind, because Germany is America’s secret master. Not¬†necessarily Ursula Merkel but those who run her. Also, the American Intelligence community and law enforcement all over the country fails to figure that terrorists are being psychiatric conditioned to commit these crimes and then commit suicide. They are napped and are hypnotized to kill themselves after a heinous terror act. Constantly, there is another shooting in the news but those who make the terrorists always are getting away. And that is called “protecting National Security”! ¬†¬†

The CIA puts a fake Dwight David Eisenhower on post after the officially elected real US President disappears around 1960. I know exactly what the original justification was back then: “Oh, if we publish that Ike is no longer, the Nazis will raise again…” But after 54 years, the American Intelligence community still didn’t come clean on this, and they have no intention to ever reveal what happened to Ike. It just will become public if the U.S. government is compelled to confess and act American and not secretly German.¬†

Upon secret German orders, the CIA puts one or even more fake Scientology founder into circulation. The NSA, the FBI, and other agencies of the US intelligence community impossibly could have missed that, but all are keeping their mouth shut, after all, Germany is their secret holy cow. ¬†The main impostor “Jack Vistaril” and his above the law wife Mary Sue turn Scientology, the original anti-cult into a German greedy cult with the mighty Scientology Sea Org reserves in Europe ready for Germany to grab those accounts.¬†David Miscavige who got Scientology from this impostor, continues the “Jack Vistaril” cult instead reviving original Scientology. ¬†Scientology’s reputation suffers more and more, after all, we are dealing here with a German propaganda machine in the media, on the Internet, and elsewhere.



Just like so many official government US projects, programs, and activities that have nothing to do with Scientology and fire back onto the USA, Scientology programs projects, programs, and activities have the same fate. They¬†fire back! But where are the people who analyse this? Nowhere because their German-oriented and¬†German-controlled case officers don’t let them¬†analyse¬†these¬†similarities. In all that smear against the USA but also Scientology, Germany, the worst instigator on the planet, smells like a rose. Completely “innocent”, and the bad guys are the USA, it’s allies (if it has true allies at all), and Scientology and some few others that could come in the way of the German medical/psychiatric idiotic way of life. ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†

Some people said that the vessel Apollo was a “CIA ship”. ¬†Impostor “Jack Vistaril” (his wife was Mary Sue) but the founder of Scientology was “Captain” on the Apollo. In a narration, David Miscavige says that this would be wrong and that the Apollo was no CIA ship. Really where is the evidence of that? How did the impostor get on that ship?¬†Jack Vistaril and Mary Sue were agents, a 100%. If it was no CIA-ship, what kind of ship was it? It was not a Scientology ship as real Scientologists swore to uphold the code of honor and ethics. ¬†

Somebody hired the agents and the impostors, and I am convinced that those are German secret services using the CIA and the FBI. For example, in regards to the break-ins by Mary Sue and some others of the Guardian Office to steal documents, it means that the CIA and the FBI were involved in those government break-ins as those guys were their agents. In other words: the US-government breaks into the US-government because Germany wants it so. 

I know, nothing is news to you, Marty, you figured it out a long time ago. We just have to continue fighting peacefully for what is right. Any bad system crashes sooner or later. Too bad that the USA is involved. I wish it would be like in my dreams as a kid: strong, noble, ethical, just, true, and anti-Nazis and not their secretly run puppets.

Love you bunches. Many kisses.

Yours forever,






Germany is anti-Black, since ever…

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Dearest Marty, dashing rockstar, I am here again. ūüôā

I wrote that before, my friend Susanna had two black kids. Germans did stuck her racial hate mail through her door. That was in the 80s. If Hitler would have succeeded, Jews would be exterminated by now but Blacks and other minorities too. So, those uninformed people who are thinking that Nazis would have spared Blacks, never read this:     

Hitler made his thoughts about black people in Germany abundantly clear in his book Mein Kampf (1923), when he wrote: “It is a scarcely conceivable fallacy of thought to believe that a Negro…will turn into a German because he learns German and is willing to speak the German language and perhaps even give his vote to a German political party.”

There was also a Black Holocaust, black people killed among Jews and gypsies in concentration camps.

Germany had black slaves. Here is a report about how Germans treated slaves.¬†THE BLACK SLAVES¬†OF PRUSSIA,¬†AN OPEN LETTER ADDRESSED TO¬†GENERAL SMUTS,¬†BY¬†FRANK WESTON, D.D.¬†BISHOP OF ZANZIBAR,¬†Head of the Universities’ Mission in the Eastern,¬†Districts of German East Africa. “We are afraid that Africa will be enslaved to Germany”;¬†“They Rule Entirely by Fear”; ¬†“Flogging is the German’s pleasure”; “Torture is another recognized method of dealing with Africans”;¬†“Punishment of the chain-gang is a most serious cruelty”; “Germans encouraged their police in cruelty”; “Another peculiarly German habit is the persecution of native chiefs”; “These are but a few typical examples of the ¬†working of the German colonial system. It is cruel, relentless, inhuman.”¬†

More here, a very revealing document:

In 1905, Germany published pictures like this to portray “the typical Black person” and claimed that “the south” stinks after bad fruits, meat, manure and¬†Negroes. (Who knows what they did to¬†him. Maybe they tortured him, maybe he was stabbed in the back, and this is not shown on the picture.)¬†


Germany does not just feels threatened by Jews but also by Blacks. France occupied the Rhine area after WWI¬†and France had black soldiers and some had children with German women. The Nazis called these kids “bastards”. I learned that almost 400 of these children were collected and sterilized in German clinics so that they can’t have kids. ¬† ¬†


And look at this, Marty, Germans  call Jews bastard as they consist of Orientals, Blacks, Middle Easterners, and Hamits. Particularly all races who are being defamed here should not fall into the trap doing Germany any favors. All those races are better than Nazis. 


 Germany was/is truly anti-Blacks. For great music like that, Blacks had to die in concentration camps:


More German propaganda drawings against Blacks:


As you know, Austria is Germany’s neighbor. As Hitler was born there, Austria was immediately pro-Nazis and pro-Germany ¬†Below article calls for boycott, saying that the Vienna state opera fell victim to a Jewish-Black defilement because of the Opera “Johnny spielt auf”. It is the story of a Black jazz musician and the Nazis banned it.


Here is a book by a black boy who grew up in Nazi Germany. It is titled: “Neger, Neger, Schornsteinfeger” (“Negro, Negro, Chimney Sweeper”). He was shunned. ¬†


How many Blacks  died in Nazi concentration camps is not known, but estimated between 25,000 and 50,000. 

I read that the story of black people in Germany during the years of Hitler’s reign (1933-1945) is complex and not well-known, but I can’t imagine that they felt happy during the time, knowing that at any time they could join the Jews and Roma in concentration camps. ¬†

In their fight against the Jews, Nazis thought that Blacks could be useful. I have no doubt in my mind that if the Nazis would have succeeded to kill all Jews and Roma, Blacks would have been the very next to be killed, after the principle: The Moor has done his duty, the Moor can go.”

Have a look at this German propaganda picture: the black girl is not allowed to rest her arm on the white girl. The black girl has to agree and look up to the German girl. This picture just confirms German superiority once again.  Blacks  were considered to be inferior by the Nazis, but as Blacks were only a very small group of people in Germany, the Nazis concentrated instead of them on Jews and Roma. But Nazi propaganda was also aimed at Black people. Germans were told that marrying a black person was betraying one’s race. So, who believes those Nazi lies of equal rights?


I know, the¬†Ku-Klux-Klan allegedly was created in the USA allegedly without German involvement. ¬†But I don’t believe it. Klan is the German word for clan. Officially, the ¬†Ku-Klux-Klan was also in¬†Germany in the 1920. It still is and as far as I know, it is still there with Neo-Nazis joining in and opening new branches in Germany in 2011. ¬†

I also remember sweets in Germany with racial black names.   

That is a German Mohrenkopf. Head of a black person in form of marshmallows covered by chocolate.  


¬†This too. Some people say that this is just a pastry or a candy, no big deal. But it is disrespectful and the names were are surely created by racist minds. There is for example no pastry or candy that is called “German head” that others can bite off or into… Germany has also a pastry that is called “Amerikaner” (The American.) A Danish is not called “The Dane” in the USA, it is called Danish. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†


Another one. Sometimes, they were also called Negerkuss (Kiss of a negro.) Who wants to kiss that grim thing?


Another one:

th (2)

Another one:

th (1)

Another one:


And another one:


Here is the Sarotti Moor. A black servant.


¬† Nestl√© is the majority stockholder in the company. They got into troubles as many saw the Mohr as racial stereotype. They are using now one with a¬†lighter¬†skin who throws stars into the sky. ¬†He looks now more Oriental than Black. But they still sell their “Nostalgia” chocolates with a very black servant. ¬†


German beer by the name Neger (Negro).


So, the problem of racism is declining?  

Not really, considering that this painting from 2006 is called Mohrenkopf.


There is the ¬†FP√Ė, a¬†far right political party in Austria¬†who is afraid of black genes in 2007.

FA Falter Cover Stmk 2007_47

A racial design of 2007


KKK in Germany opened a new branch in 2013. In 2012, two German police men were found to be members of the European KKK. That German Nazi guy below blames Blacks on that he doesn’t get any women. (Yes, women, he wants not just one.) The idea that women don’t want him because he has a disgusting, appalling personality never hit him. And those are the guys who claim to have higher IQs than other nationals. If that isn’t funny. He wants people to vote for the German Nazi party NPD. ¬†


The NPD in Germany, a political party, is supported by Germany’s many Neo-Nazis. The articles in German language that I read are really alarming. Shame on Germany allowing them to grow.¬†

What a rotten and idiotic world we live in.

¬†Monique’s husband is trying to portray himself as anti-racist and pro-Black. But is he really? What man who truly respects and loves a black woman would marry her by using an incorrect date of birth? Would he do such a thing also to a white woman? Or just to a black woman?

I love you, Marty. Many kisses.

Yours forever,


Researcher sued the CIA over FOIA records that could reveal CIA involvement in Nelson Mandela’s arrest…

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bill of rights scroll

Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and soul mate, how are you?

Ryan Shapiro is a transparency researcher at the prestigious MIT. As you likely will know, MIT topped Harvard and is now named as the best university in the world according to the annual QS world university rankings.

He now sued the CIA over FOIA records that could reveal CIA involvement in Nelson Mandela’s arrest. No surprise,¬†NSA appears to be involved too.

Here are some publications about his work and activities:

I authorized him to request my FOIA records from the FBI and all other US agencies. 

And here are my thoughts: 

If my perceptions and observations are right, Marty, and they rarely are wrong, then you were wrongfully arrested after Germany framed you. Your right for liberty was bluntly denied (and this heinous act was/is supported by Spain and the USA) for just about as long as Nelson Mandela’s freedom of liberty was denied. You disappeared in Nov. 1988, and we have now 2014. Around 1990, you were “exchanged” with a doppelganger/impostor so that nobody would claim you missing, except that nobody could fool me. I also discovered that Ron, the founder of Scientology was replaced by impostor “Jack Vistaril”, and that even President Dwight David Eisenhower while still in office was replaced by a doppelganger/agent. That all has secret services written all over it. Just secret services can pull “stunts” like that.

If my blog articles are forwarded to you in prison, you noticed for sure that I am entirely American in my heart. For me, it is always a very deep disappointment when so-called American agencies are involved in dirty play and denials of human rights, and it upsets me when the CIA, NSA, the FBI or other US agencies allow themselves to be used by racist governments as Germany and any apartheid state.



The apartheid regime took over South Africa in 1948, just three years after the Nazis got their behind kicked by the Allied Forces, led by the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, Ike Eisenhower. Apartheid begun were the Nazis left off.¬†¬† The hostility against Jews by so-called Muslims increased also immediately after the Nazis were officially defeated. Although the war was won, in¬†1952, Dwight D. Eisenhower said: ‚ÄúWe have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler‚Äôs death. Many people believe that Hitler escaped from Berlin.‚ÄĚ

Blind people believe that the sudden hostility from the Russians/Soviets (after being allies against Hitler) against the USA and the Cold War was not a ¬†German Nazi secret service program, making US agencies wrongfully believe that they need the Nazis to defend the “free world” against the Russians/Soviets/Communism.¬† ¬†

American secret services hired Nazis to work in the USA:

  • “I think that the CIA has defied the law, and in so doing has also trivialized the Holocaust, thumbed its nose at the survivors of the Holocaust and also at the Americans who gave their lives in the effort to defeat the Nazis in World War II.” – Former congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman
  • “I can only say that the posture the CIA has taken differs from all the other agencies that have been involved, and that’s not a position we can accept.” – Washington lawyer Richard Ben-Veniste
  • “Too much has been secret for too long. The CIA has not complied with the statute.” – Former federal prosecutor Thomas H. Baer

So, when senior¬†CIA¬†operative named Paul Eckel admitted the agency‚Äôs involvement in the arrest of Nelson Mandela, it is not really¬†surprising, isn’t it? I sure do believe that the¬†CIA has dirty hands on this and numerous other matters, including your disappearance, Marty. I bet the farm on that their ear implants are German-controlled and that the arrest of Nelson Mandela during the Kennedy administration was a secret German racial project that used the CIA, the NSA and likely also other US agencies.

Racism and stealing people’s rights of liberty and happiness is so non-American and so German, but I guess the CIA, NSA, the FBI, and other agencies of the “Intelligence” community never think about that. ¬† ¬†




I go so far to say that the Nazis didn’t just influence it but INITIATED and ORGANIZED the apartheid. Those black folks who think that Germany and Nazis were/are not their problem and rather blame Jews (Louis Farrakhan, for example) sure are on a very wrong track.

The FBI tracked every move of ¬†Martin Luther King jr. but is assassinated. ¬†After ¬†his “I have a dream speech”, a FBI memo called King the “most dangerous and effective Negro leader in the country.” This sounds so German! Germans considered Jews dangerous and if they ever would have made it officially to the USA, there would not just no more Jewish but also no more black person alive today. Martin Luther King jr. who said: “Little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers” was considered “most dangerous” but Louis Farrakhan with his anti-Semitic agenda can go right ahead with spreading his poison. ¬†

The United States does not win if its agencies are being used for acts against humanity. This should be clear to everyone.  The bad reputation of the USA across the world is caused by officials, agents, and others not being truly American in their hearts and by executing whatever those want who talk through their ear implants, and THOSE are the most dangerous people in the world.    

I love you, Marty. I want to see you again. I want to make sure that you are not incarcerated for crimes that you never committed. How dare anyone who thinks you have less rights as they are taking for granted.

Yours forever,



German secret services are behind the Mafia…

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Dearest Marty, my hero, 

My thoughts are with you every day. There was still no letter, mail, call, or anything else from you or on your behalf, but OT abilities really do exist and we have them. I know that you are trying to reach me but nothing is delivered as the conspiracy against us is HUGE. People are having ear implants, and they just do what their case officers order and not what the law demands or their conscience says. Germany, the fatherland of all destructive cults and organized crimes,  is controlling people to keep us apart, even using impostors, trying to mislead us and to corrupt the good work and the legacy of the originals. But our OT abilities are stronger. We are like rocks, Marty, and they are the scum that will lose again at the end, just as the Nazis lost and never recovered. 

As you know, Germany has the control over each freaking ear implant, involving any system on the planet. All variations of crimes, cults, communistic systems, terrorism, medical and psychiatric crimes against humanity, fascistic governments, Neo Nazis, wars, murders, and so on, Germany is responsible for it, as their secret services, SEGNPMSS, and others are the masters over all implants that people are carrying to receive their pro Germany/Europe orders. 

And that brings me to the Mafia, also known as “organized crime”. People typically are thinking about Italy or New York when talking about the mafia. The typical German is a coward. They usually pick other nationals to do the German dirty work for them. They picked Hitler from Austria, they pick Islamic extremists, and they pick Italy and NY to take the blame for the mafia, when in fact Germany created and runs them. (I would like to know who the case officers are who Merkel talked to at her cell phone and to pull these strings!)

The rumor that the mafia was anti-Nazis is a joke. What did the mafia ever effective to defeat Hitler, the Nazis, and the Third Reich and the doctors behind them who wanted humans in concentration camps to make experiments on? Nothing! 

Germany is the land of cowards, but unofficially, they seem to be proud of running the mafia, and they sometimes pick people to become mafiosi with names that their German co-conspirators understand, e.g. Gotti, Gott is German and stands for God, so the name Gotti means I am God or Bonanno…¬†Bonnano… Bonn as in the former German capital. But they also run the other mafiosi whose name might not always indicate Germany behind it.¬†

Anyway, the Lufthansa heist at the JFK INT airport of Dec. 11, 1978 is in the news again. The FBI (some FBI members were actively linked to the mafia in the past) made an arrest after so many decades. One can really wonder why it took them so long. The FBI should not be surprised when people accuse them of being pro mafia or even active members of the mafia when it takes them that long to make an arrest.  Back then, approx. USD 5 million in cash (approx. USD 17.9 million today) and USD 875,000 in jewelry (USD 3.1 million today) were stolen.

I am not an expert on that case, but allegedly, James Burke, a mafiosi from NY organized the Lufthansa heist in 1978 and orchestrated the murder of (or murdered) many of those involved in the months following. I am looking at crimes in a bigger context to solve them. What kind of cash and jewelry was stolen? It appears that the Lufthansa flew in monthly cash from monetary exchanges for military servicemen and German tourists. Louis Werner, one Lufthansa agent was  involved. It was an inside job.


So, the big picture is the message that this robbery sent to service men and tourists: don’t send your money and jewelry to the USA as it is not safe there. ¬†That is typically Germany. It wants the USA to become a very poor country with no cash and assets. The cash and valuables were sent from the West German Commerzbank to Chase Manhattan Bank… It must have stung the Germans badly seeing that cash go to the USA and not staying in Germany, and that is why they hired the members of the mob to steal it, and in all these years, the FBI failed to figure this. What a shame for them.¬†

Much of the cash wasn’t found and the jewelry disappeared too… I would search in Europe. Just like the Scientology Sea Org Reserves, big money trails end up in Europe with a very greedy and criminal Germany wanting it. They want to lead the EU officially (they do it since ever unofficially), which means all the cash in Europe will be officially at their disposal.¬†

Lufthansa was apparently involved in that heist and failed to provide the adequate security. Lufthansa tells their customers: Hey, Lufthansa is safe. America is the problem… But in fact, I figured that German secret services gave their mafiosi agents in NY the Lufthansa insider tip and helped Burke to organize it, and yes, it seems that they screwed other mafiosi in the process. The killings that follows was for sure to get rid of secret German mafiosi agents who under pressure could possibly tell that Germany was behind it.

And are FBI agents with Italian names truly and honestly investigating crime suspects with Italian names or do they feel rather related?  

A retired FBI agent Stephen Carbone said to the media these days: “Every time we would come up with another name, that person ended up dead.” ¬†That means that Germany listens in on the FBI and has its agents within the FBI. How else can this work? FBI agents have a meeting in their premises, they come up with a new name, and when they are getting there, that person they want to arrest is dead. And always the same pattern. Good grief! Under these circumstances, how can anybody think that the inside of the FBI is cool and not compromised? ¬†

Another example, the history of German company Siemens indicates clearly German mafia methods. I read that Siemens and German secret services have cozy relationships. 

Most crimes can be only solved assuming a planetary view and connecting the dots. Advanced human abilities are very useful too.  If  we would work in law enforcement, Marty, criminals really would get caught and crimes (most of them are organized, also those that are not connected to Italian Mafia) and terror would die out. Instead of fighting us, the USA, its officials and reps should ask us to help them, because we really can.

Many kisses, my darling. I love you because you are true and¬†incorruptible. Nothing more attractive in the universe than a true person. It is really true, it doesn’t matter how young or old a person is: a uptone person is attractive, a downtone person is not. Crime and perversions can be seen and makes a person appalling. I can see it and, I know you too have those abilities.¬†

Now and forever at your side.