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We “talk with animals in 10 years” says Amazon – and I say that they are already psychiatric-controlled since an eternity – similar like humans

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Just like people, animals are psychiatric remote-controlled since an eternity, it doesn’t matter how small or big they are. In other words, talking into the minds of animals is nothing new. They even run germs to make people sick and to destroy property, as you know, but most people don’t know anything about this. It often doesn’t even needs implants to run a creature. 

Most people know that Germans are “thorough”. Yet they don’t figure that Germany and its p$ychs control everything, even animals and bugs and what makes people sick. The worst thing is that the SEGNPMSS help thetans, those that were animals over many lifetimes, to human bodies. But they don’t make sure that these past live pigs no longer behave like pigs while having human bodies as psychs and the likes are pigs themselves.        

That boy is so friendly to the bug and what did he get?


I love you. Had a long day of work behind me. It never ends. 

Yours always,


I will be back soon!






Regarding spirit orbs (thetans with theta bodies)… I can explain it…

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince and soulmate,

I am thinking of you. 

Yes, dust, snow flakes, water droplets, pollen, bugs, etc. reflected by light can create a wrong “spirit orb” picture. There are also people who forge “sightings of orbs or ghosts” to play tricks on people. Others receive orders through their ear-implants by their psychiatric- and medically-oriented atheist case officers to ridicule or deny the existence of thetans with theta bodies (spirit orbs) for absolutely unethical reasons.

A “skeptic” of spirit orbs is Brian Andrew Dunning, the podcast host of Skeptoid. He does not believe that orbs are beings without human or animal bodies. He is quoted on Wikipedia of having said: “there are no plausible hypotheses that describe the mechanism by which a person who dies will become a hovering ball of light that appears on film but is invisible to the eye.”

Imagine we would be as blind as he is, Marty. We can’t afford his kind of blindness.

Many spirit orbs (thetans with theta bodies) are round but don’t have to be. Why are they overwhelmingly round? Guess it is a form that a spirit orb (thetan with theta body) prefers. Planets are round; the head (most important part of a human being) is round; eyeballs are round; fetus is rolled up like a ball in mom’s belly…  

The human body must be able to walk and being able to handle material. As a thetan  (being/spirit), it is not necessary. One does not have to walk, one can fly, no legs necessary. There is nothing to grab, so no arms and hands necessary.

[Below is a thetan with theta body above a cat. Guess the thetan with theta body likes the cat. I think that size of theta body gives away what kind of body the thetan had before his human or animal body died. I don’t believe that this thetan was a cat in his or her past live. I strongly assume that this thetan was a human or a large animal as the thetan uses the theta body (that cloudy round orb thing) to fill out the human or animal body to control it. Simply said, one does not need a theta body this size to fill out a cat body. Although, I assume it is possible to pull it together and make it smaller and go into a cat body if an ex-human is so stupid (or tricked) to take an animal body.] 


Why can’t the bare human eye and just good cameras see spirit orbs (thetans with theta bodies)? Because a theta body does not consist of heavy material. It is a transparent energy body. Germany, psychiatrists, secret services, and the impostors and infiltrators that they sent/send into Scientology to take our scientific religion over, change, ridicule, and destroy it, removed Ron’s (real founder) discoveries and data on thetans with theta bodies, and put instead emphasis on Xenu and body thetans [I refer to Vistarology and Miscavology], which are not theta bodies.  

Just by looking at theta bodies, I came to the conclusion that when a thetan (spirit/being) takes a new body (“reincarnates”), it uses its theta body to fill out the human (or also animal body) with its transparent theta “orb” body. This is how any human or animal control its human or animal body. The thetan (spirit/being) dives into the embryo/fetus/baby body and stretches its theta body out, from head to toe or also animal wing. This is how a human or animal body is occupied. This is how a thetan (spirit/being)  makes it its own and is born within. Can’t be that difficult; any cow can do it. Even Dunning managed this in the past and just forgot about it otherwise he would not have a human body now. When humans or animals die, the thetan (spirit/being) the theta body (transparent cloud) is forced out of the human or animal body and usually looks for a new human or animal body to occupy. 

Here is a thetan with theta body close to a bride. Maybe follows her around until she gets pregnant and becomes her baby. You and I know that it is not scary, Marty. The only difference between a cute baby and the thetan with theta body “spirit orb” is that it has no human body in the picture but will have one when she holds her baby’s body. If not, her baby would be dead. When the thetan discovers an embryo, fetus, or baby, it uses its theta body and stretches out within the human body from head to toe, connects with the nerves, and makes the baby flesh body his or hers.  

Brian Dunning says that “he can not find any ‘plausible hypothesis’ that orbs are anything paranormal”. That is because Dunning and the likes are BLIND. Their “investigations” are CRAP. And SEGNPMSS likes it that way.  

I love you, Marty, still hoping to see you again.

Yours forever and ever….

Look at the picture below.  Thetans with theta bodies and a bird… all like Buddha.



1) Peace 2) Odd behavior by the IRS in regards to Trump

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Love Peace HD Desktop Background

Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and hero, 

I wish I could make your life better if I would know the coordinates or some facts. All I know of you since we saw each other the last time is based on feelings and perceptions alone. 

I was busy over the weekend to mend a relationship between two people who love each other but can’t get along.

Clearly, I see the hidden actions of p$ychs radioing into their heads after the disgusting German motto: When two are fighting, the third enjoys it.  

How often did we Scientologists hear that Scientology is nothing worth? How wrong these people are who claiming so.

Original Scientology is in each fiber of my being. I apply it naturally, and what did happen? I defused the situation, both parties are thinking about his/her own actions and behavior, and both parties wanting  improvement and peace now.

 People who say that Scientology is nothing worth are idiots.

They should let us solve the Middle East and all other problems, Marty. Because we can. Vistarology and Miscavology can’t, but original Scientology can.

Otherwise, I find the behavior by IRS in regards to Trump’s taxes very odd. He repeated since many months or even longer that his taxes are under audits and that this is the reason, he doesn’t want to publish them. At least at the moment, when he became the official GOP candidate for US president, shouldn’t the IRS have handled the audits of Trump accelerated, so that the American public learns more about his character? Shouldn’t his tax returns and audits be top priority for the IRS because he ran for US President?  If that doesn’t  matter to the IRS, what does?

BTW, since years they stopped acknowledging my tax returns with proper issued acknowledgements. Only my bank statements show that they cashed my checks with taxes paid. Makes me suspicious that they lie to you and your representatives that they don’t know me… Just as Germany wants it.

I love you, Marty, and I am your biggest fan!  You will be always my world because I know you. We have shared so many lifetimes. You are anything but a stranger to me. I don’t expect you to be perfect, Marty. Since the beginning of time, you made the decision to have a good character. So many others didn’t make that decision. And the result: You are being loved and deeply respected by me and anyone who knows you and who is not a pig. 

The picture of you and me back together puts immediately a smile on my face. It was meant for us to be together. Only you can make me feel that way.

Also, true love is fearless. Whatever it needs to get be back together. As long as together one day.  And yes, love is only a word, until one meets one’s soulmate. Than it is anything but just a word.

In this sense, be kissed, my irresistible soulmate.

Yours always,











Electronic torture and murder

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Dearest Marty, my awesome hero, and soulmate,

How are you? How can I ever help you (or myself for that matter or anyone else) if all lie to me and steal your messages to me? 

I tried to think of something positive and upbeat to write but we don’t live under positive and upbeat conditions. I have to make happiness up and pretend that reality doesn’t exist. Just works temporarily until reality bites again, very quickly and painfully. Sigh.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I can’t come up with anything I can be thankful for. I am thankful that you exist, Marty, but as I can’t be with you, I have not really something to thank for. Some people might say that we should be thankful that we are still alive. They should be a day in our shoes. 

Somebody in The Netherlands published below website on Electronic torture, Electromagnetic torture, Microwave torture, Electronic murder, Electromagnetic murder, Microwave murder, Organized murder, Cooked alive, Electronic mind control, Electronic mind reading, Brain zapping, People zapper. He updated his website last year and tells people to make a copy of his website. 

People who write about this are quickly defamed as being crazy as the subjects are too close to the truth for those who are using these or similar torture and killing methods.

He doesn’t sound nuts to me. He is quite detailed, although, I miss information on ear-implants. However, he mentions voice-to-skull, microwave hearing, and silent sound. He also doesn’t mention how remote-controlled germs are used to torture people, used to make them sick and kill them and that regular diseases are remote-controlled terror too. And also no word that psychs can cut off the consciousness of people with remote-control and have them act automatically and conduct crimes in this condition. (That school bus driver in Tennessee who just drove those kids into death had no drugs and alcohol in his blood.) 

This Dutch writer blames the US instead of the SEGNPMSS. He errs. Although the CIA and other US intelligence agencies are far from innocent, it is Germany who is behind all that he is protesting against and more. Just as Germany’s national hymn says: Germany is above everything.

His website:

CIA’s heart attack gun seems real backward considering the medical and psychiatric torture and killing instruments of the SEGNPMSS. And they use psychiatric and medical torture devices since centuries.

Global Research blames only the USA too, which means that the torture and murder continues as the SEGNPMSS gets away always.

You heard it all before. You figured it all on your own and more, I am sure. 

I love you, Marty. Me and my aching heart.

Yours always and forever,



Deutsche Bank, Trump’s darling…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

My thoughts always return to you. I wonder how you are and how your days and nights are like.

One thing I know a 100%. Monique’s husband isn’t you. Germany, its disgusting psychs and their international agents thought I would fall for it. They are so arrogant and dumb. I figured the difference between you and him with speed of light. Despite that they invade our minds, they are clueless as to who we really are and what our abilities are. Sometimes, it just needs ONE look and we have figured the situation and the plan behind it.

If the USA would be truly the USA and not a secret German colony, Marty, it would not help Germany to keep us separated (and they do, also using Spain to achieve that low goal). A real US government would rather address us to help it- because we can.         


About my today’s headline: This is a book about the Nazis and the German bank. The book is apparently NOT good enough.  

Trump said about an US judge of Mexican background is a Mexican. He also said that he is proud of his German background. That means that Trump by his own definitions is a German, and he shows it in his behavior and actions, who he supports  and the way and with who he does business.  

Marty, why would an American not rather pick an American bank? 

The Deutsche Bank (also cheated American citizens big time in recent times) profits from the Trump presidency, after all, when German Trump needs a loan, he chooses the Deutsche Bank. 

Before I left Germany, I had a nightmare experience with a German bank. As if they never heard the word laws before. 

Have a look here, Marty:

When Donald Trump Needs a Loan, He Chooses Deutsche Bank - Despite some clashes, the Republican front-runner 
has been a regular client of the German lender

Trump is much more a German than he is American if he is American at all.

His buildings are not pro-survival either. I guess there are many people who are blinded by his shiny real estate. David Miscavige builds similarly stupid. Their residences  and office building don’t stop aging and diseases as our environmentally and otherwise protected villages.  

This is what Trump said: “We are going to fix our inner cities and rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals. We’re going to rebuild our infrastructure, which will become, by the way, second to none. And we will put millions of our people to work as we rebuild it.”

I am sure that he doesn’t pay for it from his own pocket, considering that he didn’t pay taxes for 20 years. He also isn’t the great business man that he claims to be.

We need to build villages in which people don’t age and don’t get sick. That creates plenty of new businesses and jobs. And on the long run, it makes sure anyone is safe, it doesn’t matter how the world develop and in any kind of economy. One day, blue-collar jobs are obsolete anyway because computer and robots have replaced them. What then in a Trump or also Clinton world? If people can live in villages as ours, they will still have good lives, good food, great place to live, but this is not the case in the German psych-and medically controlled world that we have now. This one is retarded and brutal. 

We need not more fools gold, which is what Trump wants to spent tax payers money on. We need a REAL CHANGE. But who am I telling this? You know it even better than I do, Marty. But the info is withheld from mainstream as the SEGNPMSS keeps you wrongfully behind bars and me down.  

Also, did you notice how many people who were critical of Trump now kiss up to him? And how he is backpedaling from his own promises to voters? And I bet lots more of this is coming. He sounds like one from the swamp he promised to drain, and he also appoints such “swamp” people, and worse, even people like Bannon and the guy who wants to bomb Iran. Iran allowed Germany to find a fake “dad” for me. Nevertheless, I don’t want them bombed. Same goes for Germany, but I want them corrected. Really corrected, so that they rotten actions NEVER EVER happen again.   

Trump promised to prosecute Clinton. Right now it looks as if he wants to let her off the hook despite he repeated over and over how crooked she is. Obama said that Trump is unfit for US president. So, instead of proving this to the American people he helps him to take over the US presidency. What a snake pit this planet is. Ear-implants rule and turn people into robots not in courageous human beings.

I love you, Marty. Up to the sky, through the universe and all the way back. You are the brightest star. I know you. I can read personalities and I know you can too. What people should ask you is this: What does an extra-ordinary remarkable man on a place like planet?

Yours, my hero and husband.








Even if Donald Trump says once in a while something right, he still would be a nightmare of a president

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Dearest Marty, heartthrob, and my soulmate, how are you? My thoughts are with you.

He said for example that the USA should ask their rich country debtors to pay their debts back to the USA. He mentioned countries like Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and also Germany. However, Trump feels being German. He also thinks that a judge who was born in the USA but is of Mexican heritage is a Mexican. As Germany is so rich and not paying its debts to the USA, it would look very suspicious if he would not mention it. (I mentioned before how Germany got that great economy after all they did to others. Not paying its debts is just one of the rotten things that they do.)

I don’t think that Trump, if president, would really make Germany pay its debts to the USA. He also didn’t mention them at first place on his list. I am sure that the SEGNPMSS prefers Trump of all other candidates. The Russians are pro-Trump movement is also German-originated. Just as communism is a German invention and Lenin a German agent.   

Germany (the men behind any chancellor) does not pay its debts. This is notorious. They are notoriously using the USA. They are behind any violent situation, any war, crime, and terror on the planet as they run anyone via a supercomputer through ear-implants. They could easily say to their agents: chill out and make peace. But they don’t. They are monsters in hiding and enjoy when others come to harm.  Germany (the men behind any chancellor) sets up one situation after the other to maneuver the USA (and other countries) in new wars and new Billions of Dollars of more costs for wars and military equipment. And any country that does not pay its debts back to the USA obeys to those German-controlled ear-implants.

Should the USA forget those debts? Nope. Not a cent. But I doubt that Trump is the person who would make them pay. He also would not stop Germany of setting up new costly disasters for the USA and that is again  a waste of US taxpayers money.

During the 3rd debate, DT doubted that Russia is behind recent hacks of Democrats, which is contrary to what Hillary Clinton and the entire U.S. intelligence community (17 agencies) says. (US intelligence really is completely blind and/or is protecting Germany.) He said that Hillary has no idea whether it’s Russia, China, or anybody else who does the hacking.  He said: “Our country has no idea…” He doubts that the Russians are the one behind influencing the election. 

So, he knows who it is? Why didn’t he tell so that it is Germany? He just added China. China isn’t the who, even if some Chinese hackers should be found. Germany’s secret service psychiatrists are running the entire world, any nationality, with those freaking ear implants, and Germany is usually hiding behind other nations.  

If Donald Trump would be a smart and honest person, and would not feel being a German himself, he would say that Germany is putting up some Russians or Chinese or whoever to hack. They are using WikiLeaks and hackers. They don’t even need any hacker. They know anyone’s code and passwords as they run the minds  and lives of anyone. Germany (the men behind Merkel and any chancellor) is also attacking the Internet in order to get what they want, harass, destruct, sabotage the economy, and prevent the truth about them coming out. They have all the codes and passwords. No need to hack. They just radio their agents what to type in and there they have access and can sabotage it.  

Hillary is not their first choice but she always supported Merkel and Germany.

SEGNPMSS likes the USA smeared. Disappearing emails and the contents of the Podesta emails sure add to the bad reputation of the USA within the USA and the world.

Donald Trump says that the US Intelligence agencies are clueless. Yes, and also corrupt, otherwise they would blow the whistle on Germany (the psychiatrists behind any German chancellor, incl. Hitler) controlling the entire world with ear implants. Again, Trump tries to blame China but protects Germany by not mentioning it. Hillary Clinton didn’t mention Germany either, which makes both unqualified to run the country.  

DT talks about rigged elections. With ear implants, it is really easy to rig elections. Germany radios in the ear-implants of the voters (either with loud or silent sounds) who to vote for in the US or any other election and that person will be elected. The USA had crooked, bad, and stupid presidents before. They did not just rig those elections but they are also behind who will run for US President or other offices. Fraud at the voting booth (e.g. people going in twice to vote) is a very small problem in comparison to that the SEGNPMSS radios with loud and silent in the minds of all people who are eligible to vote. Ear implants make it possible.

People under Germany’s secret services thumb wants Trump as US president. Hillary protects Germany but so does Trump. However, his personality and behavior are so cheap and offensive (against women, races, and disabilities). German secret service psychs think that he is the ideal candidate to bring the USA even more down. Anyone in the USA has either daughter, sister or another female family member, and all they were insulted by DT.

SEGNPMSS wants the both of us to give up on each other, and they don’t get this either.

I think they have the plan that DT and Frauke Petry should hit it off and make the USA, Europe, and the rest of the world more racial and German. 

In short: anyone in office who is protecting ear-implants isn’t honest and helps the men behind Germany, the SEGNPMSS, to ruin the USA and the rest of the world. I noticed another thing, Marty, despite some people were American flags on their suits and are having the US flag fly outside their homes and offices, the USA has no true defense. Germany, the men behind any chancellor, the German secret service psychs, is everyone’s secret master.

I love you, my real American hero. 

Yours forever,


You are larger than life, Marty.












I am back, Marty…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and amazing Prince, how are you?

Despite that I was not online (family members were here, one left to Germany, the other one with BF to NY), I was thinking of you. I wish I could do something to make your life easier, Marty.

I suspected already months ago that your impostor in Texas is making a financial deal with David Miscavige. That way, they don’t have to pay Monique’s attorneys and DM can avoid the courts.

Monique’s husband flip-flops around… First he was a Miscavologist, then an “Independent”, then he declared that he is no Scientologist, then he was one of the major attackers against Scientology in the media/courts, even worked with Germany together against SCN, now he sounds like somebody who made or wants to make a deal again with DM… I bet the farm that money from Miscavige is the reason he posts now against his former buddies, Scientology attackers Mike Rinder, Karen de la Carriere, Tony Ortega, etc… 

Look at us, Marty, we are always the same. We never flip-flop. Agents apparently do whatever they are being ordered. We are none. 

If His Cobness throws cash at your impostor, Marty, he (DM) has even more to explain.

What I find completely revolting is how they left you behind, Marty. This is so non-Scientology. They act as if they never heard of the Scientology Code of Honor. What kind of people do this to another person? It is beyond me. They have no human compassion. They care as little as animals. The facts of the O/W sequence can’t be real to these non-Scientologists otherwise they would act very different. 

DM threw cash at his father and helped him getting rid of rape charges. You didn’t rape anybody. Why the hell didn’t he help you? And Germany’s secret services and p$ychs cooked it all out. Hired an impostor to make me believe that this jerk is you. (Ridiculous, as if I could not see the light years of difference characters between him and you, Marty. You both are as different as day and night.)  DM’s brother’s actions are also completely appalling. I bet DM gave money also to this lowtone man. Who does DM think he is?

If after all what Monique’s husband has done, DM awards your impostor with Scientology cash, DM is guilty of everything against you and Scientology what your impostor did after he left Scientology and attacked it. How can DM even remotely say that he is a Scientologist if he awards the person who caused the most public harm to Scientology than anyone: Monique’s husband. I think that this is yet another thing that His Cobness didn’t think through. It will come back and bite him because the last chapter of Scientology isn’t written yet.

I think those two think that this deal will stay secret. It will not. Contracts who are made by agents who infiltrate Scientology have no legal protection. Them being in Scientology is already illegal. Using Scientology money for their dirty deals is even more illegal.    

Close to the day you make a public appearance, Marty, I think Monique’s husband will take Scientology money and probably disappear in another country. DM likely has the same idea with millions of Scientology money. These agents did all they could to keep us apart and are trying to mislead us. I have no intention to ever let them of the hook. I want the authorities to hold them responsible. How dare them infiltrating Scientology and turning it into secret service agent land. How dare them to leave you behind. How dare them to conspire against us and others.   

I love you, Marty. Sending you kisses and hugs. Soon more.

Yours always and forever,