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8 Million people died during the Thirty Years’ War in the German “Holy Roman Empire”

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Dearest Marty,

My incredible soulmate and unforgettable husband, I am thinking of you and wonder how you are and where you are. I miss you like no husband and soulmate was ever missed. 

Many people, when they hear “Roman Empire” and didn’t pay much attention to history lessons, they think of Rome, Italy, but not Germany. But the Roman Empire was Germany which tried as – usually – taking over the world in their so typical fashion: being gruesome monsters. Killing 8 million people just for more regions that they can call German.  

I know you are aware of Germany constantly invading and trying to steal and annex, Marty, just as they do still today, using secret ear-implants in people to control people and make people do what they want and control them. The SPs behind Germany using ear-implants to run people like marionettes is not new but very old. 


As you know, the Thirty Years’ War lasted from 1618 to1648. It began in the Holy Roman Empire, and Voltaire said one day that it wasn’t Holy or Roman. We know that this empire was run by the monsters behind Germany and the popes and kings were their obedient robots. 

It started allegedly as a “religious war”. There were/are lots of people who are blaming religions on wars. One of them is John Lennon with his song “Imagine” as he sung the line:  And no religion too. But we know that SPs, non-religious people are using other allegedly religious but in reality, non-religious people to start wars TO TAKE OVER OTHER COUNTRIES. Religion is just the gimmick.  People who attack each other or kill each other are not religious. People infiltrate religions and they claim they are members of the religion, but their own activities are giving them clearly away as non-religious. But their masters use their non-religious activities in the name of religions. This is so typical for barbers/butchers/medical doctors/psychiatrists, for SPs.          

The Thirty Years’ War revealed its true face as a continental and political war.  

To get more countries and power for the German Roman Empire, the barbers and butchers behind Germany used Ferdinand II declaring he just wanted as only religion Catholicism in the German Roman Empire. This despite it was decided in 1555 that the Lutheran also can practice their religion. The idea was CLEARLY to create a conflict and start a war between Catholicism and Lutherans. It was a barber set up and people of both religions fell for it. 

Barbers and butchers, the today’s doctors and psychiatrists, are anti-religious (they HATE the idea that they will be judged one day by God) and want to put away with any religion, of course, very much ours, Marty, as ours is also a science and enables us to see them for what they are.

Anyway, already back then and earlier than that, their mindset was that if someone wants to blame anyone for this or any other war, religions not barbers/butchers/doctors should get the rap. They want people get tired of religions and put away with religions entirely and glorify Germany and barbers/butchers/doctors instead. 

The Thirty Years’ War resulted in Lutherans in 1618 throwing Ferdinand II’s Catholic messengers that revoked Lutherans rights out of a window in Prague, and that was the start for the 30 year war because non-religious people wanted more land and power. BTW, those Catholics didn’t die as they fell on a heap of manure.

Earlier, the German Roman Empire in 1555 in Augsburg, Bavaria, decided that people can choose between being Roman-Catholic and Lutherans but did not allow Calvinism. Typical German restriction. Augsburg still celebrates that event of 1555. What kind of religious freedom is that if just one or two religions are allowed? From my life in Germany, I can say that nothing had changed. You still can’t be a Scientologist. Upon German secret service orders, Scientology was infiltrated and altered and destroyed from the inside out because original Scientology wouldn’t put up with their crimes. Scientology is defamed, infiltrated, and destroyed from the inside and outside. And Germany is the main culprit.

Back to the Thirty Years’ War in 1618 to 1648: by revoking rights to the Lutherans, and nobody seeing that it was a setup, the monsters behind Germany had their war to annex more countries. 

The German Roman Empire, power-hungry as Germany is, was eager to make Scandinavia to be a part of the German Roman Empire. Definitely, the Thirty Years’ War was a continental and political war. The German Roman Empire took over the Danes. The Danes allowed Germany to roll right over them. (My experience with Denmark is that also in modern days, this country follows Germany’s orders.)

But then, the motivator hit German Roman Empire. After having taken over Denmark, the Swedes had enough and fought back and despite French was Catholic, it supported Sweden with means. And why? Because the Thirty Years’ War started under the pretext of religious dispute but in truth, Germany wanted to annex more countries. The Swedes and the French were afraid of a balance of power. Germany swallowing them started to creep them out. Can’t blame them. They were more alert than today’s people, allowing Germany being the master of the European Union, using on the women as alleged leaders to calm people down when the brutal monsters behind Germany take over the world.

In the Thirty Years’ War, Swedish king Gustavus was killed in Germany, and the Swedes pull back. But the motivator for the Germans was still active. Now the French started fighting the Germans and Sweden supported them financially. Again, what has that to do with religion? Nothing! The Roman Empire was Catholic and so were the French. In 1648, they knew back then better than today that Germany is power-hungry and bad and cannot be allowed to take over the world.

Then, the motivator hits with a vengeance and the German Roman Empire falls into pieces.

And did this stop Germany to take over the world after that? Nope. They tried and try it again and again. And they applied always unfair methods.

The problem with Germany overtaking the world is that the people behind it are SPs. They have NO human qualifications. Once nobody left to fight them back, the lights goes out for all people on the planet. Then, Germany will show its true brutal face again publicly to anyone and will torture and kill just because they can. And people will deeply regret having not stopped the monsters earlier on.   

This is why the world is nuts if it let its guard down as far as Germany is concerned. Unfortunately, this is what happens in our modern time.

Be kissed, Marty, I love you to the end of my days.



Thinking of you, Marty, is the best part of my day.

Karl der Grosse (Charlemagne), a brute and war-maker is considered the “Father of Europe”

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and hero,

I want to listen to all your ideas and thoughts. Often it crosses my mind what you might think about matters. Some of your thoughts, I know. I can pick them up, even if we are apart. But I want to know all of them, I mean, all that you want to share. And I want to read all you ever wrote.   

I know you know a lot about history. Here are some of my thoughts to Charlemagne who was adored by the Nazis. I remember vaguely that I was told about him in German schools. It was “education” in which he was glorified.  

Before I go back just approx. to 742 and the years that followed, it strikes me that the lunatics behind what is now Germany, over and over tried to take over the world and they still do. When? Now (!!!!!), WWII, WWI, through Charlemagne, German Roman Empire, through Otto I, through Saxons, Bavarians, Teutons, other Germanic tribes, which were plundering and raiding Europe, parts of Asia and Africa… and more. They were and are constantly at it.

Karl der Grosse (Charlemagne) (born 742, died 814) is considered the “Father of Europe”. And what a “surprise”, he was German, born in Aachen. Later, the Nazis (no surprise either) admired him. In typical German manner, he was outrageously violent and cruel. A brute is the “Father of Europe”. They can be “proud” of the canonized man. He also had a moral like a bonobo: married at least 4 times, tons of concubines and illegitimate children. 

He was the son of Pepin the Short, who was just an administrator and no royal. Charlemagne was allegedly very tall. Isn’t that odd? A father who is short having a very tall son? Anyway, out of the blue, Pepin the Short, just an administrator becomes a king through the Roman Catholic church, which used “Catholic holy oil” and made him the King of Franks in 754. And his two sons got holy-oiled too. I assume it was Holy Chrism Oil, which represents the “aroma of Christ”, signifies the gift of the Holy Spirit and is used to consecrate someone or something to God’s service. Good grief, and then, Charlemagne kills thousands of people. 

All through the history, the Roman Catholic Church executed what the brutes, the barbers and butchers who wanted a Germany and a German world, ordered. So, of course, their agents got oiled and became kings. Changing religions, taking them over, re-writing their scriptures, and turning them into dirty cults is also a very sign of the activities of the barbers and butchers behind Germany. The Jews had no motivations to kill Jesus but the Romans did. 

Charlemagne had a bother, Carloman. Both didn’t see eye to eye. The brutes that wanted a German world considered this a hindrance to getting a huge German Reich. Accordingly, Carloman dies in 771 all of a sudden and mysteriously. Still young, got a nosebleed, and was dead. Typical for the brutes behind Germania. They stop at nothing to get what they want. I think he was poisoned and his bro and the Roman Catholic Church was in on it.

As not otherwise expected, Germanic agent Carlemagne became the sole King! Now, the secret barbers and butchers behind him and the whole operation used him to take over Europe and the world, even if the name Germany was not yet officially recorded.

From 772 until 804, the Germanic “Father of Europe” butchered other Germanics, e.g. the saxons. What strikes me over and over, Marty, is the cowardice of the brutes behind such “leaders”. They never do their own battles. They are always hiding and make others execute the atrocities that they think of. 

As they run the Catholic Church and the Popes too, no wonder that Carlemagne gets crowned emperor by Pope Leo III in 800. This pope like so many lacked true religion, otherwise he wouldn’t have crowned a person like Karl der Grosse to be king. Carlemagne forced all people to become Roman Catholic. Evidently, they are scratching each other’s back.

Karl der Grosse threatened war if someone did not obey. How “lovely”, another Adolf. 

He was selfish too, didn’t allow his daughters to marry while he was alive. Stupid too. If one of these daughters would have had his lack of character, she would have come after him with poison to speed up her wedding plans. He had constant fevers before he died. He died allegedly on pleurisy, which could be caused by poison. Thinking of the death of his brother, I say what goes around comes around.

Carlemagne is hailed because he introduced currency to Europe. The idea of using currency was copied from other cultures. Metal objects serving as currency existed already since 5,000 B.C. in other parts of the world. In the Middle East, coins from 700 B.C. were found.

It is said he was pro education and libraries. The Sumer and Ancient Greece did that long before him. 

Allegedly he was not Anti-Semitic, but yet, he was, by publishing the Capitulary for the Jews. No wonder, the Nazis loved him.

He died deeply depressed because many of his plans were not introduced in his Reich. Yadayadayada. Murder on the conscience has depression as side effect. Any kid should know this.

At the end the division of Charlemagne’s empire was split in three kingdoms ruled by his grandsons. So, what was all the killing for? 

The brutes behind the Germanic race didn’t stop there of course. They tried and still try to take over the world and force their retarded world upon the world population. It is all over history.

I love you, my Prince. Be hugged and kissed. 

Yours always and forever,


What was Charlemagne, the “Father of Europe”? A puppet on the sting. And that goes also for the Popes.


Now as Germany runs the EU officially, it does not want flags of countries under Germany burned – but only for that reason

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Dearest Marty, how are you? And your family? 

Not a day goes by when I don’t think of how your life looks like. And that I want to change it to the better.

Sometimes, it seems that I figured everything out without that anyone told me anything. And sometimes I think, what if I didn’t figure it out correctly or some of it not correctly. But I always end up thinking that I know without that I officially know. 

We real Scientologists, right? 🙂 We have such a confidence in our ability to know. It it is shaken, it comes right back again. How can it be something else than science? A religious philosophy that is true. And SPs fear our abilities so much that they infiltrated Scientology and changed it. If they would put that much effort and energy in bettering their lousy characters, they would be somebodies today instead of disgusting slime balls, instead of being like demogorgons, maybe white doctor uniforms on the outside but underneath total conscienceless butchers without any human qualifications.   

You know more than I do, Marty. You know already if that what I think, conclude, and write about is correct. Or maybe you ask yourself: Why is my wife from the early 1970s thinking or writing that?   

On another topic:

Germany has made public burning of the EU flag or that of another country punishable by up to three years in jail, classing it as a hate crime.

Interesting is that it seems that nobody burns the German flag as the BBC wrote: burning of the EU flag or that of another country punishable… The German flag is not mentioned as people don’t burn the flag of this still existing Nazi country.  

People apparently don’t burn German flags, however, the SEGNPMSS talked and talks with loud or silent sounds in so many heads and ears to just burn flags of other countries. Now – as the EU is not just inofficially but also officially in German hands, Germany does not want to burn the EU flag or other European flags. It is always what is good for Germany, and the world’s analysts fail to see what’s going on.      

The medical monsters and perverts behind Germany run the entire world with ear-implants. Anyone who truly knows Germany knows that they MUST control anyone. It’s their suppressive urge to be above everyone or them going totally nuts.  

They are so predictable, these SPs. 

The planet is in trance as far as Germany is concerned. But they can’t fool all the people all the time.  

I love you so much! Hope to see you soon against all odds. 

Yours forever,



The self-sustainable villages that are closed to environmental pollution, etc. could ease that governments make decisions for their residents

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how is your life? I am thinking every day of you.

If the world would consist of villages that are self-sustainable and that can be closed to environmental pollution, germs, viruses, and lots of other horrible things, the villagers could make their own decisions. If they are alert and keep their village clean and healthy, they can decide if they want to open it for others to enter and when. They can decide that they don’t want guns in the village, no tobacco, drugs, and also if they want their kids vaccinated or not, etc. They could be so much safer than on the unprotected surface of the world, where everyone more or less fends for him- or herself, which is unwise.

They would have so much more power to determine their own lives instead allowing some dumb and corrupt person in the government make those important decisions for them. People with similar attitude can find each other and build these villages. I bet that you and your family still have the blueprint to do so but that it is stolen from Scientology, and David Miscavige, the non-Scientologist and dummy doesn’t look for them. But I bet the farm that he was around in the UK when the real Ron lectured what kind of villages Scientologists should build.

And again, if people wouldn’t run on ear-implants and being controlled with loud and silent sounds, these villages would have been built everywhere since the Mayflower coming to America. It makes no sense that people don’t have them. One just has to take a good look at the world. It is stupid to live on the unprotected surface of the world. And most of the time, it is not even fun, too cold, too hot, and even without a virus, who has no allergies. And if people have none right now, doesn’t mean that they don’t get them later.

I love you, Marty. Keep on surviving. I want to see you again.

Yours always,




Trump, Republican Party, Latest Titanic hit, Coronavirus, and Loretta Lynn, various subjects I found myself thinking about today

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Dearest Marty, 

How is your life? There is no sign of you, however, my intuition says different. The world doesn’t tell me anything about your whereabout. I miss you every day. Often, I think how our lives would have been if the monsters behind Germany wouldn’t had separated us. Without them in our universe, we would have been very happy. Unbelievably happy. Happy beyond description. 

The SPs behind Germany have absolutely unlovable characters. It is their own forking fault. Instead of bettering themselves, they are jealous of people who are being loved. The reason why I love you so endlessly, Marty, is because I could see the magnitude of your absolut noble personality. Same as I see their pitiful excuse of personalties. You try to give your best, they just stink and do nothing to become better people. I also figured out why. It is work and needs courage, particularly after being pigs for so long. And they don’t master this courage. They are the worst wimps ever. 

They hate themselves. Otherwise they wouldn’t commit the atrocities that they commit. Someone who is proud of having a good character would never sink to their level.  You and I consider our characters as our best commodity. Their horrible deeds mean not just throwing dung at their own personalities but tattooing them deep into their beings. It will stay with them forever, all lifetimes to come and will always emanates to the outside. Slimy. Disgusting. Unlovable. Yuck. Their characters is also the worst start for a new lifetime. Even if they have forgotten what they did, deep down they know it. Downtoneness will be their first, middle and last names. 

Marty, did you notice an article in the news that the Titanic was hit by a submarine hired by a British adventure company? It happened last year. The crash was kept a secret by the “US” government. Is it even the “US government” when so-called US officials follow Germany’s secret orders?

Germany does not want the world to know that one or several German missiles brought the Titanic down and that the iceberg that scratched the vessel was just the alibi that they organized and needed to sell this horrible act as “accident” or “incompetency”. It was a German crime committed out of jealousy, which is so typical for the SPs behind Germany. Now, they are using German remote-controlled Brits and Americans (loud or silent sounds/commands) to hit the Titanic to destroy the ship or get rid of the evidence that is still down there. Or they even want to blame the missiles in the Titanic, if ever found, on the USA. Also, that the Titanic is attacked by this huge amount of remote-controlled bacteria that eats up the vessel has crazy German doctors written all over it. 

The US government stayed mum about this hit, say newspapers. Typical. Germany above everything and all ear-implants. I ask myself often, where are the real Americans? I am so sick of German agents saying that they are Americans.

As people do whatever they hear through their idiotic ear-implants, we can’t trust report who “investigated” or “scanned” the vessel in the ocean. The entire vessel should be lifted and brought on land. That it isn’t, has Germany’s guilt and that it runs the world with ear-implants written all over it. Besides, the Titanic is not the only vessel that the monsters behind Germany sunk with missiles.       

And another thing: Lately, lots of people demonstrated in all kinds of countries protesting current governments and rules. The SPs, still existing Nazi doctors, behind Germany run the planet. What better to keep people off the street protesting than introducing something they invented in their lab, the coronavirus to make people stay home? I know that they say the virus came from a Chinese fish market, however, I bet that the SEGNPMSS bred it in labs. 

And there is Trump and the Senate “trial”. Not allowing witnesses will come back in form of angry voters and bite the Republicans. How can people be so blind not seeing this coming? Not just Scientology morphed into something very different, the Republican Party too. This is how the SEGNPMSS ruins what is in their way. They send people in organizations or parties who cannot think for themselves and blindly do what their case officers order them via their ear-implants. They are not even Scientologists or Republicans or whatever. They just hang out there to function as the tool for their secret German masters.     

And finally, I read that Loretta Lynn is angry that country music is being destroyed. She is right. Not long ago, I was in a store that plays modern country music. I couldn’t get out of the store fast enough, because the country music was so disharmonious. How do the people working in this store not go nuts is what I asked myself. Horrible. Whatever brings the USA down and makes it a less admired country, SEGNPMSS is all for it and makes it happen. Music and any other art form are very much so a target by them. 

Lots of country music was great in the past  – but today? Rarely anything, except a few gems, e.g. “Last in Love”. People are complaining that country radio sucks as that they mainly play bad or flat songs and not the good songs. Well, America is run with ear-implants by jealous German Nazi doctors who didn’t die out.

It is not just country music, all other genres are also controlled and destroyed too. Not much of modern music sounds good. I have read comments from young people who wished they were born in earlier times as the music was better then. 

What I noticed often is: when the lyrics are good, the music is often bad. When the music is good, the lyrics are often a shame. And of course, also very often: the music and the lyrics are horrible. And when a musician or artist is promising, SEGNPMSS orders her/his destroyal: drugs, plane crash, disease, you name it.    

What’s for sure is that it is not a free world, Marty. And this unfree world has Germany (secretly) written all over it. 

Sending you passionate and tender kisses, my love. You are my hero, and I never will give up on you.

Yours forever,




Prions and more…

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Dearest Marty, my unforgetable Prince and soulmate,

How are you?

My thoughts are with you. It is such a high crime to keep you wrongfully behind bars and us apart. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around how evil people can be. The easiest thing in the world is leaving others alone and living a decent life for oneself. But apparently for SPs, it seems to be the most difficult thing to do. Because they are huge cowards and bettering oneself means honesty about oneself and work on the own character. I am so glad that we are nothing like them. They are all we don’t want to be.  

I don’t know what these idiots are waiting for, Marty. I sure won’t fall into their line and unlove you or give up on you. That they haven’t gotten it after so many years shows how blinkered they are. I keep on loving you until the end of my days because you are worth it. I thank Ron that I can judge characters so well. His writings and doings made me see how valuable and rare you are. I thank heaven every day that I found you! 

About prions: recently I read about them, Marty. Here are some official definitions: “A small proteinaceous infectious disease-causing agent that is believed to be the smallest infectious particle. A prion is neither bacterial nor fungal nor viral and contains no genetic material.” and “Prion diseases occur when normal prion protein, found on the surface of many cells, becomes abnormal and clump” and Prions are misfolded proteins with the ability to transmit their misfolded shape onto normal variants of the same protein. They characterize several fatal and transmissible neurodegenerative diseases in humans and many other animals. It is not known what causes the normal protein to misfold, but the abnormal three-dimensional structure is suspected of conferring infectious properties, collapsing nearby protein molecules into the same shape. The word prion derives from “proteinaceous infectious particle”. The hypothesized role of a protein as an infectious agent stands in contrast to all other known infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, all of which contain nucleic acids (DNA, RNA or both).

It is not known what causes the normal protein to misfold? Well, here is a tip: medical terrorism, using remote-controlled germs, lasers, and microwave and likely other secret instruments of which mainstream has no information at all. 

About the downed Ukrainian passenger plane. I believe that Iran admitted having unintentionally shot down that Ukrainian passenger plane. A Ukrainian plane of all planes after the Ukraine is in the center of the world’s. That is suspicious. And also suspicious is that there were three Germans on board. This is telling that Germany wanted an alibi: “We have nothing to do with it. There were three Germans on board.” Too bad that we won’t fall for it. Germany gassed its citizens and shot them at the German/German border. They don’t mind “scarifying” their own to look innocent.

Germany’s secret service psychiatrists are having the overall control over all ear-implants on the planet. They are planning and setting up such and other dangerous situations to cause wars and terror by using silent and loud commands. And as sooner the world realizes it and as more as it prosecutes Germany and the German p$ychs who hide behind it, as more peaceful the world will become. I am sure that you whole-heartedly agree as you are my souldmate. 

Be kissed, Marty, tenderly and passionately.

Yours always,


And I am happy that you can see into me, Marty, my love.







Deutsche Bank

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate and Prince,

My thoughts are with you.

According to the New York Times, Deutsche Bank gave Donald Trump $2 billion Dollars over two decades. And suddenly, since the 2016 elections, they denied a  loan to him. I bet this is the reason: They leaned that the election might be investigated.

I find these German Bank activities rather revealing, Marty. What I see is that Germany and the Deutsche Bank don’t want to be caught meddling in the election. The people behind Germany do not just meddle in the election, they radio in the ears of voters how to vote. Also, Germany wants the USA to lose credibility in the world if an US president is denied a loan. Considering the Trump/Deutsche Bank relationship that they had before and that nothing (multiple red flags) stopped the Deutsche Bank before lending him more money, tells me that Germany is again looking for an alibi by trying to distance it from Trump.

The Russians should take the fall in this meddling with the election case, not and never Germany. Despite Trump sued the Deutsche Bank and they sued him back, they continued to grant Trump loans, despite that they know that he exaggerated his wealth and defaulted on loans before. Can you define this any other way but: “Trump (knowingly or unknowingly) is an important agent for Germany”?    

I am convinced they consider him rather German, and he considers himself German too. The reason why he doesn’t get along with Merkel is that he doesn’t understand that Germany wants the hard-working Syrians to expand their economy. Nobody in the whole wide world will ever conduct a terror attack unless approved by the SEGNPMSS. Germany is safe unless the SEGNPMSS plans a terror attack in their own country for alibi reasons, e.g.: “See, we don’t run the terrorists, our own country and people were attacked.” Too bad that I know them and their monstrous personalities. So, I don’t fall for their tricks. They run everyone. Germany is above everyone and everything.

At Deutsche Bank level, they also got Kushner involved. Alibi: “We are no Nazis anymore.” Yeah right. The people behind Germany are still the same old Nazis, and one of their favorite activities are picking bad apples Jews, making them famous and then publishing their crimes (Kushner senior, etc.) so that the world agrees with German-Nazi ideology.

You and I, we have other stories to tell about Germany, and we know how it ticks and operates.

Deutsche Bank hired a British-Indian Co-CEO. If something catches up with it, other nations can be blamed. Even their close neighbor, the Swiss should take the blame, if necessary. (Germany however rather has Switzerland as partner in crime as in the case of what happened to Kim Jong-un in Switzerland and his sudden disappearance from there or keeping cash from Jews in Swiss banks.) Everyone should take the blame, if necessary, except Germany, and particularly not Bavaria and the secret service people behind it. 

For alibi reasons, Deutsche Bank had some German bankers in Frankfurt who said: “A loan for Trump during the campaign, oh no.” Typical. It is all prep work for when someone comes knocking and looking into their role in the 2016 election and other shady stuff. (Again, I don’t think that Hillary would have a good president either.) 

The secret service people (at the German hard-core psychiatrists and med. doctors) behind Germany knew that Trump would win with their help even before Trump knew that he would run for president. They talk into people’s minds with loud and silent sounds and influence them.

Under US law, a president can’t default of his private obligations. Deutsche Bank’s arguments that Trump would default on loans because he became US President is completely ridiculous. Defaulting on loans by being in the spotlight of the world is much more difficult than by someone the media has little interest in. I see nothing but German cover ups in the relationship between Deutsche Bank and Trump, Marty. 

NYT wrote on March 18, 2019: “On Deutsche Bank’s trading floor, managers began warning employees not to use the word ‘Trump’ in communications with people outside the bank. Salesmen who violated the edict were scolded by compliance officers who said the bank feared stoking public interest in its ties to the new president.”

Again, give me a break. It is anti-Americanism. Germany does not want to be accused of having meddled in the US election (plus having put Russians up to it as well).  Having a famous customer rather improves bank business. The people behind Germany are using Trump for their German purposes but also to smaller the reputation of the USA.

NYT: Deutsche Bank would have to choose between seizing his assets or cutting him a lucrative break — a situation the bank would rather resolve in private.

Oh yeah, as if greedy Germany would have a problem going after Trumps assets. Deutsche Bank has a lot to hide. That is why they want the privacy. And the psychs and doctors behind Germany have even more to hide. 

Below reporter and the anchor talk about how little sense it made that Deutsche Bank continued to lend to DT despite he defaulted on loans and even sued them. According to one of the video interview, loaning to Trump would nevertheless pay out for the Deutsche Bank:

It is no mystery to you and me, Marty. Germany thinks it always will get away with anything it does. Merkel said about the German car emission scandals that they won’t define Germany. Because Germany’s psychs are the masters of ear-implants. They manipulate people into forgetting and forgiving instead of prosecuting and being wary of them. That is why nothing defines them and why they always are getting away.  

Deutsche Bank wasn’t desperate imo. However, the NYT reporter noticed properly that Deutsche Bank was deliberately more aggressive as any other bank to make business in the USA.

Ordering their Deutsche Bank employees not mentioning Trump’s name to people outside of the bank makes no sense for a bank. At least those who voted for Trump would look favorably at this bank and make business with it, which is approx. half of the USA. It just makes sense if Deutsche Bank has a bad conscience as far as the election (and other subjects) are concerned and therefore doesn’t want to be investigated. 

The people behind Germany are ice-cold calculating, plotting, setting up, and preparing alibis, just in case. They want to take over the USA. It is what they always wanted. It wants to become world power no. 1 with no country left being able to object to their racism and insane ideas and stop them. 

Deutsche Bank was involved in market manipulations and in money-laundering regarding accusations of laundering $10 billion out of Russia as you know. 

Germany wants Russia to take the fall for them. I don’t doubt that Russians were involved in meddling with the election but Germany controls their ear-implants. The instigator is Germany not Russia. 

Wikipedia collected some subjects on Deutsche Bank:

Have a look here: Following Germany’s defeat in World War II, the Allied authorities, in 1948, ordered Deutsche Bank’s break-up into ten regional banks. These 10 regional banks were later consolidated into three major banks in 1952: Norddeutsche Bank AG; Süddeutsche Bank AG; and Rheinisch-Westfälische Bank AG. In 1957, these three banks merged to form Deutsche Bank AG with its headquarters in Frankfurt.

Breaking up the power-hungry Nazis of the Deutsche Bank lasted just 9 years. Then they were one bank again. Yikes. And what an “ethical” bank it is.

And Americans pay taxes to bail out this unethical bank. Germany, the people behind it are the biggest enemy of the USA, and Americans pay for Germany, that enemy. Isn’t that just “grand”? 

For the 2008 financial year, Deutsche Bank reported its first annual loss in five decades,[41] despite receiving billions of dollars from its insurance arrangements with AIG, including US$11.8 billion from funds provided by US taxpayers to bail out AIG.[42]

And something else is giving me the heebie-jeebies. I have not forgotten that the September 11 terror attacks were planned in Hamburg:

In October 2001, Deutsche Bank was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. This was the first NYSE listing after interruption due to 11 September attacks.

What I learned is that SEGNPMSS agents are also attacking each other. The Gauweiler thing is just one example. They only thing they always agree is never to blow the whistle on the existence of their secret case officers, the SEGNPMSS. 

I love you, Marty. Be kissed.

Yours forever,






1) The “broad investigation” of the House Intelligence Committee “beyond Russia” 2) DM

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

How are your days and nights?

My thoughts are with you, and I feel all the tenderness for you that I felt right from when I saw you the first time. Everything changes, but this feeling doesn’t. And I would give anything in the world to show it you. It is so wrong of the world, stopping us to be together.

I read that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff announced recently that his committee would undertake a broad investigation “beyond Russia” concerning Donald Trump.

You and I know that behind making the USA and other countries less good places are the still existing Nazi doctors behind Germany. However, as they control anyone’s ear implants, what are the odds of investigations truly and effectively busting them?

Another topic:

As far as Scientology is concerned, the “disappearance” of Shelley Miscavige is again in the news – despite the police confirmed that she wouldn’t missing. 

You really disappeared and nobody asks where you are except me, Marty. What a dishonest and hypocritical world it is. 

To stop the Where is Shelley rumors, the easiest of course would be if His Cobness would present his wife somewhere in public. So, why doesn’t he do it? 

I think DM was out-2D and cheated on Michelle. I don’t think that Remini does much thinking as otherwise she would have figured it out. To prevent that Michelle is talking, I assume he paid her with Scientology money.

And there are strong signs that he paid your impostor a few years ago too. His pro-DM videos are now displayed on this SCN website.  

So many of the actions of DM, the non-Scientologist and infiltrator, brought Scientology nothing but problems and bad PR. Including the relationship with his also unethical father. DM does not use Scientology to resolve problems, and that is why he has them. 

That brings me to Mike Rinder and Leah Remini. From what they are talking, I can tell that none of both nor their supporters understood real and original Scientology. They were some of these non-spiritual people who just were in Scientology because their parents were. Duh! Just like DM. If their parents would have been into bowling, they would have been there and would attack now the world of bowling instead of Scientology. They never would have searched Scientology on their own to figure out the most important questions of life: Who I am? Where did I come from? Where do I go? What happened after death? Did I live before? Is there a God? Why doesn’t he make a public appearance? What is my relation to God? Etc, etc.

You and I, and some others, are asking these questions since we were little kids, and I am sure that the likes of DM, Mike Rinder, Leah Remini didn’t.

DM promoted people like Rinder, Jesse Prince, and your impostor into the highest ranks of Scientology. If DM would have applied SCN and the tonescale, he would never handed them any executive posts. Hanging out in Scientology, it doesn’t matter what job, does not mean that one is a Scientologist. 

Despite Remini’s self-importance was known to DM and his circles, he stopped her from seeing his wife. DM is not a Scientologist, and I doubt that a woman who marries him is one either. I have no wish to speak to MM. I know anyhow what happened. Yet, for Remini with her self-importance, it was very important to meet Michelle Miscavige. The reason, he did not want Remini talking to Michelle was imo that he was afraid that Michelle drops to her that he had one or even more affairs. To over up his OWs is more important to non-Scientologist David Miscavige than protecting Scientology from bad PR. He prefers Remini and Rinder attacking SCN than coming clean himself. Typical what a non-Scientologist and an infiltrator does.

I agree with the C of S that Remini’s and Rinder’s show causes some of their stupid watchers to threaten and conduct violence against Scientologists. But DM’s non-Scientologist behavior and his non-Scientologist way to deal with people caused Rinder and Remini to leave. Not that I wanted them in SCN in the first place. While real Scientologists don’t quit their religion depending on what non-Scientologist DM does, the likes of your impostor, Rinder, Remini and others, apparently do.       

I love you, Marty. I am so glad that your character is light-years better than those that I just mentioned.


As far as DM and the “missing” Michelle is concerned, I bet the farm that it is based on non-application of Scientology ethics and a cheatin’ situation:


If we would have stayed thetans without human bodies, we would have it a hell of a lot easier

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and husband,

I worry about you a lot. How is your life?

This is not my heart diagnosis but I bet you know whose. The heart is like 25 years older than the real age of the patient. Despite the arteries are clean, the heart is completely calcified and bacteria found inside of the heart. The calcification could not be removed and the doctors have no idea yet how to proceed, except that the patient would not survive any more surgery at the moment.

How is it possible that the arteries are clean and but the heart is in such a condition? Here is my explanation, Marty: the beasts behind Germany, the SEGNPMSS doctors, using remote controlled bacteria to drag the calcification from all kinds of places in the body right into the heart to secretly commit murder.

There is such a thing as medical terrorism. When we were unconscious and in the hands of German doctors, they shot all kinds of stuff in our hearts to set us up for heart disease and death. Stupid as they are, they think that they don’t ruin their own lives in more ways than one by doing this to others. As ear-implants ruin the world, they are sure that they are getting away with it. They are not if God slams the door on them. They can deny his existence as much as they want. It doesn’t change the fact that he exist. Or that he comes to the point finding another solution to provide the basis for great living for those who are truly good, a basis from which the monsters will be excluded as they can’t keep peace and can’t grant good people their human rights.             

I try to live my life as if nothing would be wrong. I bike (also in the house), play tag with the kids, work from morning till late night, but the brutal and insane SEGNPMSS doctors are breathing down on my health too, Marty. I am 100% sure that they use remote-controlled devices to have my heart miss beats or make me feel like dying by causing me extreme tightness around my heart. I feel it only when they are at it. When they are occupied with something else, I feel fine. At the moment, they torture me like mad via remote control and it feels like dying every day.  

It also influences my work. I can’t accept complicated jobs and keep tight deadlines with the pigs targeting my heart or other body parts. This is bad because neither Germany nor the USA nor any other country will pay me ever a penny retirement money. Due to that, I have to live frugal and work hard until I drop dead.  

About calcification. I am distilling my water and noticed that calcification remains in the distiller and how easy it can be removed with vinegar. I take a shot apple vinegar and a 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper almost daily since more than a year.  

And who knows what they do to you, Marty. If we would have stayed thetans without bodies, we would have it a hell of a lot easier. I regret deeply the day on which I took a body. I ask myself what I was thinking taking a body in a snake pit like this universe. One mistake, and this is what I got.

I love you, Marty. Try to survive if you can.

Yours forever,





The clothes that I had with me in LA were examined in a Munich crime lab and they found nothing on them…

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Dearest Marty, hero and my wonderful Prince,

I am thinking of you and very much every night before I go to sleep. I try to puzzle out what might have happened on your side during the many years were didn’t see each other.

As I wrote before, I never could ditch the suspicion that Germany used psychiatric-conditioned RB against you and filed charges against you behind my back, despite that you didn’t do anything wrong.

His Cobness, the Miscavologists and the C of S attorneys also helped Germany by allowing an impostor to take over your position and life. They kept any information about you away from me. I never got a shred evidence that anything was ever filed against you. Never a piece of paper or a verbal statement by anyone that my suspicion that you were framed was right. Fortunately, I can sense a lot and trust my own perceptions more than what people tell me or keep from me.

This posting is about the time in which I battled the “guardianship” that Germany put on me in order to keep me in Germany. They also took my passport away to prevent me travelling in the USA.

On the other side, at the same time, they allowed me to battle my own other legal cases pro se in court and also divorce Jürgen Schwarz. Yes, this is Germany! Outrageous criminal and contradictory. How can a person be in need of a guardian if she can represent herself in court without an attorney and on top win her cases? Makes no sense, right? One judge said to me: This guardianship just exist on paper. He should have cancelled it, but he didn’t as all obey their psychiatric ear-implants, so I had to live and work a long time with this hanging over my head. This guardianship also did fit right into that Germany has framed you, Marty. They didn’t want me to travel to see you and help you get rid of the false charges that Germany knowingly filed against you. How convenient for Germany, but also how stupid. If they would be smart, they would have known that I find out anything. Lifetime after lifetime, they spy on us and kill us, yet, these p$ychs and their agents don’t figure us out. 

Around 1985, RB told me that Dr. Jürgen Keltsch, the German district attorney in Munich would have my clothes that I had with me in Los Angeles in 1984. It upset me as I never gave my consent to this. I didn’t even know why she did this as I told her often enough that nothing happened that would need her or anyone else’s interference. But she was a remote-controlled psychiatric robot and ran after me like a trained German shepherd. She always wanted to be psychic but unlike us, she got just about everything wrong. When I really was in danger, she felt nothing. When things were better, she felt that I was in severe danger. Totally twisted in her thinking! 

I arrived in his office and was shocked about his low tonelevel, Marty. RB always trusted the wrong people. He was the district attorney who had also the duty to convict Neo Nazis in Munich. Yet, under his watch, they had a renaissance. Some people occupy posts in order to let others get away with what they should not.

My suitcase laid on the floor in his office. It was open and all clothes were outside on top of the suitcase. And on top of the pile of clothes was RB’s big beige bra. It sure was not mine. I felt harassed and embarrassed seeing this. Why was that suitcase open? Why where all my clothes on top of the suitcase and not inside? Why was RB’s bra on top of my clothes?

She was a confused person. I think she had mixed her own clothes or at least clothes that I never wore among the clothes that I indeed had with me in L.A. How can they even make a professional examination of the clothes and a professional assessment if they don’t even make sure that the clothes indeed belong to the “victim”? 

I packed all clothes into the suitcase, closed it and just wanted to get out of there. Marty, the entire situation in his office was creepy to say the least. 

Anyway, before I left, he told me that those clothes were examined by their crime lab, and they found nothing on them that would indicate anything of any criminal nature. He said that there were some impurities on them but nothing that could warrant any criminal charges.

I was at the beach in L.A. and had no chance to wash them before I  returned to Germany (was made to return by the infiltrators of Scientology). Therefore, I had some sand on my clothes. That is apparently what they “found”. They found no sperm, no blood, no drugs, no nothing. Guess nothing was on RB’s bra either, because otherwise, they would have framed you on it,  despite it was not my BH and I never wore it.

Keltsch (who later became a judge!) and the SEGNPMSS behind him told me this because he and his case officers wanted me to think that no charges were filed against you so that I don’t try to help you.  

But they likely framed you anyhow with planted “evidence”, because I know Germany. I suspect them on a lot more than examining a wrong bra.

Whenever I think of RB, Germany, its p$ychs and officials,  Marty, I never want to be born again anywhere in this universe. This is how bad it was/is. And that is coming from me who knows how to endure!

I had the feeling that you were framed already in 1984. But RB didn’t know your name until end of 1987, after she hired the kidnappers, (Vosper and his friends). I didn’t tell your name to my siblings as RB could have pressed it out of them. In 1987, RB sent my sister to me to ask me who Marty is. 

100%, whatever was filed before 1987 against you, Marty, was filed by Germany and the still existing Nazi psychiatrists behind Germany and nobody else.

If there are signatures of my sister and my brother in any lawsuit against you, those are forgeries. If there is any signature by me against you at anytime from the beginning of time until present time, it is a forgery. The last thing I ever would have done or would do is suing you for anything or filing any charges against you. You did nothing to me but being decent. And in all these years, I never claimed anything to the contrary. Unlike people who flip and flop in their activities and statements, I am like rock. Even wrongfully locked up in the loony bin or under guardianship.      

If there was a restraining order filed against you, it was done without my knowledge and agreement. I was hoping very much to see you again. You staying away from me was and is the last I wanted or want!   

I am so sorry, Marty, that you had to suffer because of this. I wanted to spare you troubles and that is why I kept you in my heart only without telling RB or anyone else in my family your existence. I thought you wanted to be the Inspector General for Ethics and I didn’t want to be in your way.

I knew RB’s hysteria and how easily she can be manipulated. She was psychiatric implanted to hate and attack Scientology, Ron and you. As she was downtone, it worked on her. 

RB also mentioned to me later several times that she had no idea before end of 1987 of the existence of a person by the name of Mark or Marty Rathbun. And the German government has years later the guts to invite your impostor, Monique’s husband, to Germany to beat up on Scientology some more. They are really beyond corrupt! They are from hell. 

And what did Germany do then? They put up Spain to arrest you on false charges (e.g. relating to the finances of the orgs, etc.) They so often hide cowardly behind other nations so that in case things don’t run completely as they want, other nations are blamed instead of them.

This fits right into what I puzzled together as to what Germany and the monsters behind it did and filed against you. That you wanted to come to Germany to hire an attorney to get to the button of these false charges filed against you by having him contacting me as you noticed that your mail from your attorney in the USA were not delivered to me. And they indeed were not delivered to me. Miscavologists in Munich or the C of S attorneys in Germany also didn’t tell about any such case or that you tried to reach me. The monsters behind Germany run the world with their psychiatric ear implants. 

They thought that they are getting away with it. They never thought that our love will last forever and that we can puzzle things together with the original Scientology knowledge of: thetan basically knows. Fools they are. Lol.     

Be kissed Marty, I love you.

Yours forever,