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Aubrey David Nicholas Jasper de Grey says, the first people who will be 1000 years old, are already born.

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Marty, my soulmate, I am thinking of you…

Work outside is getting more and there is always a race keeping up with it and with everything else I have going on. Every day, I hope that our ways will lead back together, Marty. I will be the luckiest and happiest woman on the globe, the day I found you.

And when we are together, we will make love last. This is that most marriages lack. People are getting “used” to each other and the sparkles, the butterflies, the breathtaking excitement is gone. But it won’t happen to us because we know to keep the candle of tenderness and passion BURNING!

We are hopeful Romantics and proud of it! And again, people who are capable of love are the better Sea Org members. They also work for a better world that is safe for those who they love. And they don’t go out 2D. The real Ron, the read founder was a great romantic too and isn’t it amazing what he researched and discovered. We are so lucky that he did what he did. Jack Vistaril was no romantic. He was nothing but a stupid  impostor who contributed greatly to the bad reputation of Scientology.

Marty, I ran into some articles about biological longevity. (I wrote this before, the SHSB course mentions Ron’s work in the area of gerontology but all that technology is missing from Scientology of today.) He knew exactly how to reach biological immortality but the psych didn’t allow him to build these places. These German controlled criminals shot at him with sharp munitions wherever he tried to settle.

Why was Ron not just interested in spiritual but also biological immortality? Two reasons come in my mind right away: 1) DEF-T because the body has to grow first before one can do something with it.  2) The afterlife is full of implant traps for thetans. Most of the Jack Vistaril “OTs” might not even know that their theta body is visible and that they can be traced and implanted again just like all other people who die.

There is  Aubrey David Nicholas Jasper de Grey who is originally from the UK. He sure doesn’t believe in barbers. 😉 But I can’t blame him. Medical doctors and p$ychs were barbers in former times. I try to stay away from them too. Anyway, he says  that aging is merely a disease — and a curable one at that. He says humans age in seven basic ways, he says, all of which can be averted. He says aging shall be eliminated because it kills. One can’t argue with that.

He says when he approaches the subject immortality, people have all kinds of excuses why it can’t  or should not be obtained, e.g. overpopulation.

Overpopulation! If people live in villages in which they produce what they need to keep alive, e.g. villages  that can swim in oceans and be stocked and hung anywhere, including in space, overpopulation will be no subject for gazillion of years – if ever!

He says that people who believe that aging is normal are in a trance. I agree!

Aubrey David Nicholas Jasper de Grey says that the first human beings who will live to 1,000 years old have already been born. I say that hard core SEGNPMSS psychs are hundred of years old already because they live in protective environments and are not subjected to remote controlled germs and toxins as we are. They didn’t find this way of life on their own, they didn’t do the research it but stole it from other researchers who were not allowed to get old, as Ron.

Aubrey de Grey says that he has identified seven types of molecular and cellular damage caused by essential metabolic processes and a program against it. He says the seven types of aging damage are:

1.            Cancer-causing nuclear mutations/epimutations:

These are changes to the nuclear DNA (nDNA), the molecule that contains our genetic information, or to proteins which bind to the nDNA. Certain mutations can lead to cancer, and, according to de Grey, non-cancerous mutations and epimutations do not contribute to aging within a normal lifespan, so cancer is the only endpoint of these types of damage that must be addressed.

2.            Mitochondrial mutations:

Mitochondria are components in our cells that are important for energy production. They contain their own genetic material, and mutations to their DNA can affect a cell’s ability to function properly. Indirectly, these mutations may accelerate many aspects of aging.

3.            Intracellular aggregates:

Our cells are constantly breaking down proteins and other molecules that are no longer useful or which can be harmful. Those molecules which can’t be digested simply accumulate as junk inside our cells. Atherosclerosis, macular degeneration and all kinds of neurodegenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer’s disease) are associated with this problem.

4.            Extracellular aggregates:

Harmful junk protein can also accumulate outside of our cells. The amyloid senile plaque seen in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients is one example.

5.         Cell loss:

Some of the cells in our bodies cannot be replaced, or can only be replaced very slowly – more slowly than they die. This decrease in cell number causes the heart to become weaker with age, and it also causes Parkinson’s disease and impairs the immune system.

6.         Cell senescence:

This is a phenomenon where the cells are no longer able to divide, but also do not die and let others divide. They may also do other things that they’re not supposed to, like secreting proteins that could be harmful. Immune senescence and type 2 diabetes are caused by this.[citation needed]

7.            Extracellular crosslinks:

Cells are held together by special linking proteins. When too many cross-links form between cells in a tissue, the tissue can lose its elasticity and cause problems includingarteriosclerosis and presbyopia.

I am glad that he is so interested in the subject of longevity and immortality, and all people should be interested in that too, but I know that Ron knew decades already how to extend the life span and what biological immortality is and  so do you and your family, Marty.

The chemical and medical industry want people to age and get sick because that makes them very rich. They don’t want to age and get sick themselves, and their top medical secret service case officers live in protected areas (knowledge that they stole from others, e.g. Ron who they didn’t allow to become that old) where aging is indeed eliminated.

All these items that  Aubrey David Nicholas Jasper de Grey approaches, can and more must be eliminated for humans to become biologically immortal, and it is not a pill but a way of life, the best of water, air, food, an environment that nobody can contaminate…

Also, if people continue to live on the unprotected surface of the earth, UV beams will do their part to make their skin sag. I am total woman, as you know, 1000 years with a wrinkled body isn’t exactly my cup of tea. I want to stay young inside and out! In a environmental protected village, UV rays stay out!

It is not medicine that leads the way to immortality. It is literally a fountain of youth, water and food without remote controlled bacteria and germ, etc.

Besides any repairs to already damaged tissue as pointed out by Aubrey David Nicholas Jasper de Grey, medical terrorists who control remote control germs through frequencies and cause covertly just about any disease (to make people buy meds and therapy) and ultimately aging and dying must be stopped and prosecuted.

In my opinions, all these seven problems that Aubrey de Grey approaches are caused by remote controlled germs who are causing these kind of damages and break down the protein, accumulate harmful cell junk, cause the cells to die. These radicals are nothing but remote controlled germs attacking our cells. They end up in our bodies through the food, water, medicine, air, etc., and medical terrorists activate them via microwave and frequencies. As researchers and scientists in universities are remote controlled too, the truth is not published and no remedy is provided.

Here are information about Aubrey de Grey.

If somebody figures out the truth and publish it, he or she is defamed as “nuts” or murdered. It is no free world and this has to change.

Aging and dying is crime and murder. It is as simple as that.

I love you, Marty, so much! We would change the world, and that is why they don’t let us together and that is why we have to fight at different fronts.

Many kisses, my hero.



P.S. Look at this! They are all naked in there. Morals like alley cats! This is allegedly a fountain of youth. Perhaps this fountain doesn’t work with bathing suits on. 😉

“Captain” Bill Robertson is an idiot who smoked himself to death!

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince,

How are you? I am working hard. No other purpose than making money. I know, should be in Scientology instead, and you too.

Look at this advertisement. Can you believe it? I don’t know which woman wants to get smoke blown in her face and then following a man around. Guess the advertisers say that even second smoke is addictive.

I watched yesterday a tape with “Captain” Bill Robertson of who is said that he founded the Freezone. He claimed to be second in command to L. Ron Hubbard and I read that  for a two month period in 1972 he indeed held a very high rank in the Sea Org but not under the real Ron but under Jack Vistaril, the impostor. The real founder Ron would never have assigned him any executive job but sent him to Narconon to get over his real bad nicotine addiction. He smoked one cigarette after the other and died on throat cancer. If such a guy doesn’t need Narconon!

So, what did “Captain” Bill Robertson say? He said that the orgs are infiltrated. He got that right but he didn’t reveal that he was one of the infiltrators. He didn’t blame the SEGNPMSS or any other German secret service on the infiltration, he blamed the USA.

I don’t want to go into what I read about him dressing up as a woman, etc. on the net but take a look at him. I can see right away that he has a female time track. Where is the testosterone? Not much in Bill Roberson. Like others, the SEGNPMSS tricked him in the body of the other gender.

Some of what he says about aliens is also said by others, e.g. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde, but she doesn’t smoke people into their faces when lecturing.

What I noticed in a Robertson’s lecture about one hour is that he mentioned Ron only one time in the 2nd half. The rest is about “the bad USA and CIA”. Again, as a German poodle, the CIA has no clean hands, but the “who” is not the USA but German psychiatrists in German secret services running the world through ear and body implants.

Robertson said that the CIA implanted a guy with implants in his nasal passages and behind the ears but he hushed up the very German psych invention of ear implants. He said that the CIA subjects people to chemical weapons but never mentions Germany or German p$ychs but he lectured in Germany and made Europe to his famous playground for blaming the USA. And how did the German doctors thank him? They remote controlled activated the cancer causing germs the tobacco that he inhaled and killed him. They sure don’t value their own agents highly. And Bill wasn’t smart enough to figure these things out. For having a female timetrack, he should be much smarter.

Marty, he showed the Freezone “Scientologists” in Germany a video of something running around on Mars. The footage was allegedly shot by a scientist who was killed. I am sure that secret services have space stations on the Moon, Mars, and beyond, and that all are controlled by the SEGNPMSS. But aliens from far out in space don’t make it close. I know the German psychs to well to think that they would allow any alien to find us without shooting them down. German psychs are deadly afraid that aliens would take them over and would do to them what they do to us. So, if aliens would find this corner of the world, Germans p$ychs would order to kill these aliens before they can enter the Earth atmosphere. People don’t know how obsessed and afraid these psychs are. When I hear that somebody saw a UFO and thinks that it is out of deep space, I find this funny because I know that the Germans never would allow aliens to come close to this corner of the world. Not because they don’t want us slaughtered but THEY LIVE HERE TO!

Anyway, Bill Robertson never explains clearly who THEY are. But he sure protects German p$ychs, the craziest people who ever were born by misleading people to think that the USA is the originator of mind control.

He says that AIDS was deliberately grown in labs to reduce the world population of unwanted people. Again, he does not blame German psychs, doctors and Nazis who killed millions of people because considered them inferior. It is like saying that crocodiles don’t bite anymore. They are cute and harmless now. You can take them home and have one on your lab while watching movie. Just because German p$ychs and Nazis hide behind cowardly other nations, doesn’t mean that they have changed!

Bill Robertson says that scientists and top ranking military people who wanted to speak about aliens disappeared suddenly without trace and all wrote the same cookie cutter good bye letter. He thinks they were kidnapped by the Americans and Soviets/Russians.

I doubt that these scientists and top ranking military people would have told the world the truth. It is okay to blame the USA but pointing with the fingers to the Germans is not allowed. I may be the only exception because they haven’t figured out yet what will be the worst consequences for them, killing me or letting me write.

Didn’t dawn on Bill Robertson that many of these “scientists and military officers” moved into SEGNPMSS bunkers (just like Hitler and maybe also Bin Laden) to become top SEGNPMSS executives? That’s where I think they are.

It is said that Bill Robertson founded not just the “Freezone” but also the Galactic Patrol. No need to found this. This patrol existed already before Bill Robertson was born and if ever aliens would make it here, they would be shot down by the German controlled Galactic Patrol. German psychs mindcontrolled people so thoroughly that they forgot what the Germans are capable of.

You know the Germans too, Marty. They can’t fool you either. And they mess around with us because they scream loud wanting to be handled. They can have this!

I love you, my sweet wonderful prince!

Your forever!


Why is it so hard for some people to become and stay clean and ethical?

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My Marty, my hero and my prince,

It came to my attention that Tom Cruise will be honored by the Simon Wiesenthal Center in May 2011. Hope that infiltrators of the CC don’t send Louis Farrakhan to that event too. If those people in contact with Farrahkan would be real Scientologists, they would have made clear to him that he has to lose his anti-Semitism propaganda right away or is not welcome in Scientology. Farrahkan is just on lines in the CC to keep mainstream Blacks, Jews, and all other races out of Scientology.

Why is it so hard for some people to become and stay clean and ethical?

Mosey’s husband linked yesterday to a blog that copies his blog but is against him and his movement:

He thinks that the text of this blog comes directly from DM’s dictaphone. He points out that DM ordered 26 ordered twenty-six anti-independent blogs and sites, mostly using his name and/or Mike Rinder’s name in their urls. Maybe so, but DM didn’t order mine. And nobody can order me. As I am critical of DM too. DM probably would like my blog to be gone too just as Mosey’s husband and his non-Scientologists fan club wants my blog to be gone.

Mosey’s husband says that the majority of Miscavige’s links use his name, his blog title, his blog design, and the same image of his Great Blue Heron, his common law trademark and that this is unlawful.

He has a point, it is unlawful but on the other side, Mosey’s husband hasn’t the sole right to the name Mark or Marty Rathbun because it is your name too. Guess DM and his fan cub thinks that Mosey’s husband uses copyright material of the orgs, so they can take also from Mosey’s husband.  I doubt very much that you gave DM free hands to do with your name and identity whatever he pleases, Marty. You are gone for many years, likely wrongfully imprisoned and suddenly a recent photo of your shows up on the RTC website but you are nowhere to be found in Scientology. Only Mosey’s husband was around but he ain’t you.

Ripping off Mosey’s husband’s blog is stupid because anyone knows by reading the blog entries that this stuff comes from people in the orgs who do not apply higher ground,  other policies, and the technology of Ron as to how to handle the problems that they are having.

People who become interested in the dispute between the C of S and the “Independents” will be able to construe that Mosey’s husband’s blog name, blog title, blog design was there years BEFORE the other blog showed up. That means that DM and the orgs will be considered the rip off people. Is that smart? No, that is stupid. No real Scientologist is stupid but ripping off is. Ron said that what once fights once becomes. Infiltrators are so dumb.

Let’s say a Scientologist is in doubt about DM and his management. He/she googles around. Instead of finding higher ground blogs with the TRUTH, saying that Mosey’s husband is not the original Marty or Mark Rathbun in Scientology but some kind of secret service agent, he/she find the rip blog off and Mosey’s husband’s blog. The Scientologist in doubt compares the blogs and figures which one was first. He/she notices that Mosey’s husband’s blog was first, and he/she ends his/her doubt formula by joining Mosey’s husband’s movement because thinks the rip off thing is unethical and non-Scientological. Besides, the rip off artist insults the intelligence of Scientologists. As if Scientologists wouldn’t figure out right away that this blog is a rip off. Instead of punishing the truth that Mosey’s husband is not the one who he says, they work with lawless methods!

Another Scientologist lost to Mosey’s group. Question is also if the “handling” of Mosey’s husband and his group is deliberately so unintelligent and unsuccessful to empty the orgs instead of keeping Scientologists in the orgs. Some went back in the orgs but it seems that more are joining his group that is not really interested in bringing new people to Scientology but mainly in taking public and staff from the orgs

Copying blogs reminds me of what lawless and extremist Paul Horner did to the RFW. He ripped the design off and made the extremists look like saints. He registered the rip off pages in your and my name. Guess, what goes around comes around.

Amazon and Microsoft fought back:

Marty, DM and his executives KNOW that Mosey’s husband is not you. They know he is a doppelganger/impostor working for some kind of secret service, which DM seems to protect too. In the video that DM narrates, he indicates that he is not working for the CIA or the US government. But they work for a secret service and that is the only reason why they don’t publish that Ron was impostored by Jack Vistaril and you are impostored by Mosey’s husband.

I think that DM wishes Mosey’s husband  to the other end of the universe. But despite that DM knows that he is not you and despite that he could easily convict Mosey’s husband of being an impostor, DM isn’t doing it. He rather wastes time and money on all kinds of  non-effective projects, and some seem wandering off in the gray zone of lawlessness. It is unbelievable how non-intelligent and non-Scientological this all is.

Will DM wait until Mosey’s husband emptied the orgs before he finally publishes that he isn’t you but some kind of secret service agent? Or will DM rather see the orgs (which once were those of Ron) broken into pieces than ever publishing the truth that Mosey’s husband is NOT you, the original Marty Rathbun in Scientology?

Why is it so important for DM, Mosey’s husband but also Mike Rinder, and others to conceal that there were/are doppelgangers/impostors that they rather keep you wrongfully behind bars for crimes you never committed?

Besides, no real Scientologist is as inhumane and leaves an innocent person incarcerated. And they know that you are innocent. In my eyes, they are monsters. They are anti-Scientologists. P$ych pawns. It doesn’t matter what a PR show they put up for the others. I can see deeper and wider.

None of them is a Scientologist. Ron would be outraged at the behavior of any of them.

We will win nevertheless, Marty. But when the saints are marching in, they will be not in our number.

I believe, Marty, I believe in Scientology and in Ron, and very much so in you.

I believe for every drop of rain that falls a flower grows I believe that somewhere in the darkest night a candle glows I believe for everyone who goes astray someone will come to show the way I believe, I believe
I believe above the storm the smallest prayer will still be heard I believe that someone in the great somewhere hears every word Every time I hear a newborn baby cry or touch a leaf or see the sky Then I know why I believe
Every time I hear a newborn baby cry or touch a leaf or see the sky Then I know why I believe (why I believe)

Many kisses, my Love

Yours forever,

Your wife


About the lie that real Scientologists treat kids without required parental guidance

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Dearest Marty, my Prince of tenderness and passion,

I could have a lazy weekend but I decided against it and rather will do things around the house that I have to fix. As you know, homes directly subjected to the environment and the seasons need constant maintenance inside and outside because they are not in a closed habitat as the underwater habitat. There is so much waste going on because villages have no protective roof and also don’t preserve youth and health. Health care costs are sky-high and only medical doctors love it because they get rich of it.

Marty, I heard that VW named their car plant and town in Utah Chattanooga.  Find it very odd that they choose the name Chattanooga for their activities:

The Mayor of the new Chattanooga in Utah has the name “Ron Littlefield”.

I read so many times online that Scientologists treat children like adults, like “independent individuals capable of making their own decisions”. The haters of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard are making it look as if a child would be left fending without any parental guiding. If anyone does this, he or she is for sure no Scientologist.

The founder said to treat children with love and RESPECT, and I want to know what is wrong with that.

My problem in Germany and with RB (anti-Scientologist) was that they constantly forced their demands onto me. I had no say at all how to wear my hair, what clothes to wear, what profession to choose. She didn’t know where the “mother” ended and where the “daughter” began.

Here are some examples:

How RB handled it:

Hair out of

the face. RB braided my hair in pig tails (Bavarian style) like a Gretchen with monk banks. I felt completely out of valence. I hated it. Why does a child has to accept a hairdo it hates? She never told me why I should look that goofy. SHE liked it and that was all that matters. That those stiff braids did hurt me, didn’t interest her. Any requests by me that I want to wear my hair differently were dismissed. She told me that she was raised without that she was allowed to choose, so why should I. (Trying to pass the suppressive person attitude to me!)

From the front, I looked exactly like Lucy from the Peanuts because RB rolled the braids up in hard rolls and pinned them to my head with hair pins. I screamed all the time: Stop that, that hurts.  RB was the past life p$ych and had Lucy’s character. Lucy: my looks, RB’s character.

How Ron would have handled it:

He would ask me if I understand why it is important that hair does not hang in the face. He would explain to why it is not a good idea to have hair hang in my face and that I will see only half of the world and could have an accident. I would have agreed that it is not a good idea. He would show me examples of hairdos of girls that don’t have hair hanging in their faces. He would have asked me which one of those hairdos I want. I would have picked a headband or a ponytail without monk banks. End of story. Mission accomplished. Happy dad, happy kid. That is love with respect.

What happened with RB’s methods? I hated her and as soon I left the house, I opened my hair to get rid of the horrible headache causing  HURTING braids. Unhappy kid, disobedient kid, stupid “mother” who became my anti-opinion leader.

How RB handled it:

She bought woolen fabric and asked a seamstress to make me a dress. I had no saying as to what color or fabric I wanted. I hated this dress that I had to wear for years so much that I still remember it today. The fabric was itchy. It felt like stinging nettle all over the body. It was thick fabric more suitable for coats. It felt like a sack. It had no sleeves and I had to wear a thin blouse underneath. The body felt completely hot and the arms were ice-cold! I hated the yellow, green and white pattern too.

Unhappy kid, disobedient kid, and stupid “mother”.

What happened? I rather wore the clothes that some neighbors gave me. I left the house in the clothes that RB ordered that I should wear but in my school bag, I had  clothes that I liked better and that the neighbors gave me. I sneaked in the basement of an apartment complex in which I did not live. It was a building on the way to school. My brother had to keep a lookout before the basement door that nobody was coming while I changed clothes. Then I went to school and wished RB to hell.

How Ron would have handled it:

What do you think about we are going to buy some fabrics for a new dress for you.  Me: Yeah!

He would show me appropriate fabrics and I would choose the one that I prefer. Then he would tell the seamstress to shown me appropriate patterns and would have let me chose one of those.  Happy kid (my dad is the best!) and happy Dad. This is love with respect.

RB (whose biological daughter I am not) thought that a child has no rights. She was sort of thinking that she didn’t just create a body but also the spirit of the child. Without her, it would not exist. Typical medical mind. Ron said that a child has rights, it is a thetan, an eternal spirit that may not be abused or overwhelmed by anyone.

Marty, before Scientology, RB was thinking that I was stupid. (She treated me suppressive, so I didn’t open up to her.) She thought that I am just good to be married off to somebody. After Scientology, she revised that but told me that I should dump SCN and become a doctor because I would be smart enough for it. (Doctors, the chemical Alis are smart? That is new to me!) She told my sister in secret that I am a genius. She never told me that in my face and she never admitted that Scientology has something to do with it. After all, it was an amazing transformation, the little girl that was just good enough to be married off to sheikh meets Scientology and suddenly knows it all and turns into a genius?

Ron never doubted me a minute. He knew me and I knew him. We were very close and loved each other very much. He was the best dad in the universe.

For all those liars, who imply that L. Ron Hubbard or any real Scientologists allows children to run wild: shame on you and your disgusting lies!

If any person in Scientology construes love with respect in allowing kids to run wild or grow up without parental love and guidance and not providing appropriate guidance is not a Scientologist but an infiltrator.

A Scientologist parent communicates with his or her child and makes it understand problems and dangers until the child understood. An adult Scientologist also considers the wishes of the child to make it happy. If a parent can make the childhood happy for a child by loving it with respect and giving the child some choices, what is wrong with that? Life is hard enough later.

Marty, you and I, we would have been awesome parents. Too bad that we were not allowed by the German psych conspiracy against us to keep our own family and raise children.

All children I came in contact with and spend some time with, loved me. RB said that it would be “a special gift” that I am having. (I sure didn’t get it from her!) But the “special gift” is nothing else but treating kids with respect and love. It is the way I wanted to be treated when I was of the same age. And being fun helps too! 😉

I miss you, Marty, so much. Sometimes, I imagine, how it would have been if p$chs wouldn’t had separated us, a married couple with our children on  Saturday morning crawling all over us, doing a pillow fight, having fun together… I won’t let them get away with taking from me what was most important to me: you, Ron, our families, love, Scientology, our village, and the youthful immortality that comes with it. And I mean it today and in all eternity.

Many kisses, my love. My love for you will never die. No one belongs more in my heart than you!




SPs want slaves… Non-SPs want equals. (Besides, games are just fun with equals, considering that the slave has to let the slave owner win or else.)

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Dearest Marty, my breathtaking soul mate,

How are you? There is light layer of snow on my flowers, after those warm days that we had already in the past! I am glad that I didn’t plant all the trees and shrubs yet because the roots could freeze and die. Guess that is why they are not mailed before April…

You are the last person on Earth who needs a lecture about slaves. People generally agree that slavery is bad and nobody should be a slave but they have no problem with you being innocent behind bars as a slave, a person without rights. That is slavery. They have also no problem with it that I, the kidnapped American does not get my original identity back. As long as it doesn’t happen to them, there is nothing wrong with it in their disgusting hypocrite minds.  I know that it is not ladylike, Marty, but I feel often an urge to sentence these kind of people an eternity to hard labor in boot camps where they can sweat out their suppressive attitudes.

Here is a very fitting definition of slavery: when a person has absolute power over another person, including life and liberty.

I found some historical documents about slavery, and if there would be no black anti-Semite as Louis Farrakhan, I would just post them without much commentary as they speak for themselves . But as Farrakhan is pushing white Nazi lies (that the Jews would be responsible for slavery of blacks), I make some additional comments below.

Unbelievable, isn’t it? The city of New Orleans provided a “guarantee”. And they are called “gang” and not “group”.  The slave seller is Joseph A. Beard.

Editorial Review of 2005

Historian Deyle reveals the malignant heart of that most “peculiar institution,” American slavery. Deyle’s focus is the domestic buying and selling of human beings after the abolition of the international slave trade in 1808; the economics and unique practices of that macabre local marketplace; and the varied individuals who engaged in and profited from the trade. As Deyle, assistant professor of history at the University of California, Davis, points out, the vast majority of Southerners who bought and sold slaves were not professional dealers, but rather owners who traded slaves only when necessary: when they found themselves with either a short supply or a surplus of labor power. Deyle spells out how the cold, sterile economics of slavery led to the arbitrary separation of children from parents, wives from husbands. Deyle also makes clear the enormous profit to be had, especially in the market for healthy adolescent boys with years of hard labor ahead of them. Babies born to slave parents, fed a meager diet for 12 or 13 years, multiplied a minimal investment by hundreds. Most ironically, Deyle notes, the vast majority of slave traders were “good” people, devout Christians, respected citizens. In his first book, Deyle ably situates the important role of the domestic slave trade within the economy of the new and rapidly growing United States. B&w illus. (May)



And here is more insanity:

Oh, how “humane”. They are being sold in families! How “kind”. Just like the Nazis who said that they are no Unmenschen and would gas families together. (Most of the time, they did not. They gassed women and men in different chambers. Sheesh! Guess they didn’t want to gain a “bad reputation” in the view of the world having women and men in the same chambers!)

The DeSaussure slave seller seems to be from Switzerland or France. DeSaussure is not a Jewish name.

Read the remark behind slave London, no. 44, who was 50 years old, first listed as full hand, this  is crossed out and a remark says that he “complains”? London is complaining? Good for him! I would too. And what is that about 3-4 hands? That they work for 3 – 4 people? Pompey, no. 49 is 30 but has just one eye. Wonder what happened to the first. None have last names. No. 17, a child has no name at all!

Here is the shame of Joseph S. Ryan:

Truth comes out always. It might take 150 years later but it comes out. These dirty slave auctioneers didn’t dream back then that their descendants will be ashamed of them and don’t want to be related to them and probably removed them from their family trees. And the real justice is yet to come: the very people who committed the unspeakable have to face their past lives and make good to their victims what they did wrong.  The late T. Bennett Lucas owned at least 158 people. To hell with him.  And DeSaussure sold them!

Here is page 2, some of them are engineers. Interesting, isn’t it? They were not allowed to study but they  are engineers and nurses.  No. 62, Edward, age 34 is a good carpenter but complaining too?  They should have all complained all day long to make the slave owners life real miserable. 🙂

T. Bennett Lucas died young. Wonder on what he died. Some poison in his drink?

Suppressive people are in any nation. Not one race is without any SP. There were slave holders of any race and nationality.  Slavery is an European concept, originated by the Bavarian Illuminati (just another group mistaken for the white psychiatrists of the  SEGNPMSS). It wasn’t the Jews who were behind slavery as Farrakhan says. Jews had less slave than other races even less than free black people.

”Jewish people don’t like to hear that Jews had any slaves at all, and Rosen found that, of course, some had slaves, just as many free blacks did,” Perlmutter says. ”Free blacks owned more slaves than Jews did. What Rosen lays out very convincingly is that Jews have been embraced by the South; the South has done well by them; they have always been patriots; and they have had it better here than they’ve ever had it before in other countries.”

Louis Farrakhan who is an anti-Semite forgets conveniently that free Blacks owned more slaves than Jews. Besides, Marty, his Scientology contacts should have told him that people are being born again. Thetans have no nationality. In other words, black slaves of the past might be Jewish or White today and Jewish people might be Black today or having a body from another race. Important is that slavery will no longer repeated, and that also our rights are being granted.

I remember being a child in Germany and I was just as outraged against Hitler killing Jews as I was when I learned that the KKK killed Blacks. I post below link because Louis Farrakhan is a racist and wants to blame Jews on slavery. This link contains a long list of black slave owners.


Myth Busting: “Africans Sold Their Own Into Slavery and Are Just As Guilty as Whites…”

I read an article written by a black writer, saying that Blacks started slavery  because black Africans sold other black Africans and white Europeans bought them. However, I know that it is a SEGNPMSS world since the middle ages. I am convinced that white German psychs bring out the worst in any nationals, including black folks. I ultimately blame those whose propaganda Louis Farrakhan is pushing.

Look at this disgusting advertisement. It is the same attack line that the Nazis used against Jews and Blacks: lying that they are filthy.

Anyway, look at these historical documents about slave trade. The “good old time” was quite hard to thetans who picked a body with dark skin. However, Jews and Blacks  had it worse in German concentration camps.  Anyway, most black folks at least kept alive if the KKK didn’t targeted them.

Marty, KKK has really a very German ring to it. Klug means bright or intelligent in German  Ku Klux Klan. Klan is German for Clan. KKK sounds like German intelligence service or German secret service. Those who founded it or was a member  of it was for sure run by a white supremacist secret service.  White supremacy was born in Germany. All tracks lead back to them. The same people who killed later millions of Jews. The same sick movement that radios Farrakhan frequencies to blame the Jews on what Nazis did. And behind the Nazis were German p$ychs.

While Louis Farrakhan goes after Jews just as German Nazis want it, he ignores that the KKK in Germany is growing:

He ignores that the KKK hates Jews too.

You don’t need any lecture, Marty, I am just saying, any slavery is insane and suppressive, and all of that has to end, all people deserve rights, and rights that others  take for granted (freedom, liberty, right of free exercise of religion, right of marriage, right of family, right of justice, right of pursuit of happiness, etc.) must be also granted to us. Many of those who complain loud when their rights are being violated are those who think that we have no rights! Disgusting, slimy hypocrites.

We will fight for freedom, because the price of freedom is fighting back. And L Ron Hubbard was right. If Jews in Germany would have fought back, the Holocaust never would had so many fatalities. If Blacks would have fought back right away, slavery wouldn’t ever had been that big movement that it was. People have to fight the SEGNPMSS back if they want all injustice to leave this planet because anyone is sooner or later a victim of them, and that includes their own agents.

We won’t let them come away with it. I love you, Marty, many kisses.

Yours forever


A posting about love and art….

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Marty, dearest, unforgetable Prince, how are you?

I have not many news at the moment, except being caught up in some DEF-T projects that steal time. But I think of you as always, hoping that I will see you soon.

You are such an extraordinary and special person. Never allow anyone to make you think something else. I never would have fallen in love with you forever, if you wouldn’t be one of a kind, Marty. To think that we will touch our hands one day makes me quiver. I long for you and want to be nowhere else but in your arms, where I should be and belong. It worries me that the world is unkind to you, and I want to help you with all my strength.  I want to find you again and never let you go. I want to see your beautiful blue eyes again and also the fire of passion and true love in those eyes. I want to build my life with you together and a truly wonderful world for all by applying original Scientology.

Don’t you know?
I have fallen in love with you,
For the rest of my whole life through,
Can’t you see,
I’m under your spell,
By the look in my eyes,
Can’t you tell?
Can’t you tell?
Now, don’t you know?
Every beat of my heart keeps crying out,
I love you so,
Don’t you know?

But I think you know! 🙂

Marty, I have a picture in my house that says “When one has tasted watermelons, one knows what angels eat – Mark Twain”. He likes them, I like them too. But my favorite fruit is mango. A mango ripened to perfection, it can’t get more delicious than this. But I like watermelons too.  I tried it with a little salt on top, and they even taste better and more aromatic. Marty, I  noticed that some people like to slam melons. Some people are so messy.

I learned that China has its own water melon festival and museum. And some people think all they eat are fortune cookies. Not so. Here is the evidence, Chinese people grow water melons and they grow ’em real big!

Japanese are known for preparing their food really nicely. There is nothing sloppy about Sushi.  It looks so appetizing that you don’t want to eat as it looks so pretty. It is not a clump of food slapped onto a dish and in the faces of the guests. No, look, Marty, they also know how  to grow orderly square watermelons. I figured that they grow them in special boxes.  Look how neat those are!  If they would pour a layer of wax on it, they could make giant candles out of them.

Some people use watermelons as diapers for their kids. I sure hope they lifted him out of there before he chew his way to the bottom.

That little fellow made me laugh. He’s like a chick that comes out of an eggshell. If parents don’t know what to tell their little kids as to where baby comes from, they just have to show them this picture and can tell them: “Babies crawl out of melons… Now eat your melon and no more questions about where babies come from!”

There are always creative people who know that they can do more with a melon than eating and smashing it. The melon artists. Captain Sparrow looks pretty good to me. Wonder if somebody eats that part of the melon that shows his beard, if this tastes kind of hairy??

This is the exact replica of the Apollo.

In the melon world, the sharks are as big as the ships, which is kind of dangerous. That is why so few melon ships come back when you throw them in the ocean.

Look at this awesome melon creations and the messy background. Why didn’t they chose a better background for these art forms? The background looks almost like a melon smashing ground!

Look, Marty, it is Kirstie Alley and Maksim Aleksandrovich Chmerkovskiy. If she continues to dance and eats water melons, she might become so skinny that she has to dance around in the shower too to get wet. She is a good dancer, I think she makes it to the finals of DWST.

Here is the melon for the baseball player. Hope he doesn’t smash the melon by doing  an “inside job”.

I envision some brides carrying flower caved  melons instead of flower bouquets in the future. The interesting part will be when they throw their carved flower melons to the bridesmaids. They better catch it, otherwise we are back at square 1, messy melon smashing.

Ouch! Here is the melon for the dentist. If you look deeper you’ll see amalgam filling. Horrible.

Even more ouch! Here is the p$ych melon. I am not impressed.

That’s more like it. What a pretty swan!

Look how cute. It is Happy Feet! It is Mumble and Gloria. Their step dancing scene is wonderful fun. Did you see that cute movie, Marty?

That is the real Sitting Bull. That one who writes on the Indies Blogs is an impostor. Interesting is that when people are in the sun, the nose is the first thing to get red. Here is it the other way around. But doubtless, a great piece of art.

First I thought this is Van Gogh with a funny hat. Was I wrong. I learned that it is Chuck Norris!

Look at this work of art! What a great table decoration that is.

And here are some melon hearts to you, my irresistable prince and husband. I love you so much!

Yours forever,


I saw the “LRH biography” video narrated by David Miscavige

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

David Miscavige does a good job narrating it but (as not otherwise expected by me) the video is a mixture of the real founder’s life and the impostor’s. You might know it better than anyone, Marty, because it happens to you too. People mix your life up with that of Mosey’s husband despite people are hating their guts, they still continue to conspire with each other, foolishly thinking that they always will be the conspirators never the people who also become targets of conspiracies as a result of their own conspiracies.

The video contains photos, footage, and the voice of the real Ron but also photos, footage and the voice of the impostor. All mixed into one. Correct data of the real Ron are mixed up with data from the impostor’s life.

I noticed a couple of  other things in that video, e.g. David Miscavige is mentioning “Black Dianetics” committed by a psych, guess that and the narration of the “biography” as such is DM’s response to the repeated accusations of Mosey’s husband in regards to “Black Dianetics” and that DM “threw LRH under the bus”.

DM tells a story that “LRH” saw a girl being abused in school and threw the abuser in a trash can and left. I guess, DM wants people to excuse violent behavior if it is against bad guys. However, the real Ron does not throw people in trash cans and walks away from the scene of the crime. He would stop the abuse and turn the criminal over to the authorities.

There is also the story of an “illegal abortion” set up by a conspiracy against SCN. My point is that any abortion is illegal in Dianetics and Scientology. Ron said clearly that a person who aborts is on 1.1. and people who were subjected to abortion attempts are seriously messed up. Many thetans want bodies and most thetans don’t wait until birth till they go into a body. They are afraid that another thetan comes and reserves that body. So, many dive into the embryo and that is why what is being aborted is not just “tissue”. Anyway, what DM said could be construed that he is against illegal abortion but not necessarily against legal abortion. A Scientologist is against all abortions unless for example the life of the mother is in danger.

Marty, I wonder about a few other things too. DM says that Psych Winters (among other things) wanted to cancel past lives in Dianetics or Scientology, yet, the book “Have you lived before this life” was cancelled under DM. If there was something  technically wrong with that book, why was it not reissued?

DM says that there were conspiracies to plant documents in the orgs and then raid it and blame these planted documents on Scientology. He made it look as if these plans were busted. The entire twisted life of the impostor Jack Vistaril was planted into SCN and became a part of Scientology. Nothing was busted.

DM indicates that the government and the psychiatrists were after Ron, Dianetics, and Scientology. From what he said, it seems that he mainly refers to the US government. He said that the FBI infiltrated and CIA psychs and officers wanted a C of S that is government controlled but they didn’t get what they wanted. My question is: if it is not the U.S. government who infiltrated the orgs, which other secret service is telling him and other officers to conceal that the real Ron was impostored and that you are being impostored?

He mentioned also the WHO, Interpol, and also British Intelligence and that they tried to take over but that they didn’t succeed. Again, who is it then who told Jack Vistaril to impostor Ron and who told Mosey’s husband to impostor you and who ordered the alteration of the real Ron’s tech and the adoption of the impostor’s version of Dianetics and Scientology. (I know it but I would like an explanation by David Miscavige.)

DM mentioned that there was a nasty rumor by the CIA that the Apollo was a CIA vessel. If it wasn’t the CIA that did run Jack Vistaril on the Apollo, which secret service did run the impostor on that vessel and made him lie to just about anybody that he is the real founder?

Despite the first public attack against founder Ron came from Germany already before the DMSMH was published, DM does not mention Germany once. He just indicated that Interpol has Nazi roots.

At the very end, the real Ron (while being at Saint Hill) said that Scientologists should keep the bridge pure and build a better world, otherwise they would be very lonely thetans in the skies. That is so true. The alternative to suffering as thetan with a body on this planet  is having no body and being a lonely thetan, a person without body, just as the term “nobody” says, a nobody – unless a thetan really is OT.. But who is a real OT after an impostor re-wrote the technology that is protected in vaults while original Scientology is stolen? I am not saying that there is no Scientology anymore in the orgs, but I know it is altered and lots of tech is MISSING.

I hope you have an opportunity to see this video, Marty. I would like to hear your thoughts to it. I don’t think that you are very found of DM. After all, he knows that also you are impostored, and despite Mosey’s husband is more than anyone else in his face, he still lets the world believe that Mosey’s husband is you.

What the hell is wrong with those people?

I love you, Marty, the truth will come out nevertheless. I know so.

Missions of kisses,

Yours forever,