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Remote-controlled bacteria and nanorobotics… No science fiction at all!

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, 

How are your days and nights? My thoughts wander often to you. Knowing you, I can say absolutely, that you are of such value to the world and framing you, was such a horrible, horrible crimes by all involved. 

This year is gone. Looking back, 12 years ago and for some years later,  I had to take lots of abuse mainly by a psychiatric-controlled, uneducated anti-Scientology mob on the Usenet when I started to post in 2002 that bacteria can be remote-controlled. These corrupt idiots posted that it is not possible and that I am “mentally ill”, claiming that there is such a thing as remote-controlled bacteria or germs. The terms that they used to defame me clearly revealed that these anti-Scientologists are nothing but medical/psychiatric cultists, otherwise, if they would not agree, they could have use rather terms like “you are mistaken” or “you err”, but no, they use terms “mentally ill” and “psycho” because they think nothing else will stop me convincing others. That is what they are so afraid of: the ability to convince others.

And on top of all this, these psychiatric agents are allegedly anti-cult, yet, they work for and keep the biggest cult on the planet (medicine, psychiatry, and pharma) going and even work for free for them. These medical people and psychs are becoming very rich, and these Internet dummies are promoting for example psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry FOR FREE, by telling others constantly to “take meds”.  Sea Org members are getting free room and board and everything they need and on top 200 bucks per month. But these Scientology-hating idiots who are helping the medical, psychiatric, and pharma cult don’t get this. They do psych propaganda work completely for free and are wasting their lousy lives away. Hey, and they are thinking that they are NO cultists. Yeah right. What a mind-controlled bunch of morons. I am sure glad that I no longer interact with any of them. I might sound like Sheldon Cooper now, but I can’t help it. These people were a waste of my time. They are not smarter than remote-controlled bugs.

Look at the flagellum in the picture above, Marty. Bacteria are tiny animals despite science doesn’t say it. I think that a primitive thetan is attached to each germ body and that those are the body thetans that the real Ron was talking about. 100 trillion microbes are in a human body! How disgusting is that? You bet that I want them leaving my body. And again, if medical terrorists would not make us deliberately sick with deliberately bred activated bad bacteria, we need no “good” bacteria to kill the bad bacteria. A human body can be a human body and should not be a battle ground for germ wars.

Below is a link to a video featuring Michio Kaku who is a Professor of Theoretical Physics at the City College of New York and Dr. Andreas Mershin of MIT’s Center for Biomedical Engineering. At 4:40 minutes, they talk about bacteria that can be controlled. Precisely! I was right! My defamers were not!

Both of these scientists says that these biological microorganisms (nano machines/nanorobotics) can be used to cure diseases. I claim however that all these biological microorganisms can be and are secretly used to turn on a person and her body and that preventative living to avoid the diseases is a lot better than having these bacteria in one’s body as somebody with another remote control might overwrite the “cure” (make the microorganisms do something else in and to the human body when nobody is looking) and make an “illness” worse or create new diseases.

In Rhode Island, people are working on using bacteria in a nanochip that fits into our blood vessels. Prof. Sylvain Martel in the Nanorobotics Lab of the Polytechnic School of Montreal shows Prof. Kaku how to control thousands of bacteria with a joy stick. These bacteria are sensitive to magnetic fields and are controlled with magnets. See here, starts at 4:40. 

This lab has used a MRI device to control these bacteria to move along a living artery. The official idea is use these bacteria to deliver a drug to a sick area, however, who says that this or a very similar method isn’t used since a very long time by lunatic secret service doctors to make people ILL and KILLING them? What if bacteria are remote-controlled to multiply and attack tissue in the human and also animal bodies? What’s the purpose? Playing “God”, enjoying pain and suffering, creating tons of patients for the medical industry, selling lots of drugs for the benefit of pharmaceutical companies, having fun killing. They are monsters. 

The Nanorobotics Lab of the Polytechnic School of Montreal says it wants to shrink tumors, and I am saying that the same or a very similar technology is applied secretly to have tumors (as cancer) GROW.

It is all about controlling germs.

Interesting is the size of the nano-robots that they are using. Just 8 bacteria are pushing a computer chip exactly wherever the person with the remote control want them to go. 

Outspoken Prof. Kaku says that one day in the future, we might have swarms of such invisible nanobots in our blood streams to keep us healthy, and I am thinking that we all have these remote-controlled organism already in our bodies and that medical secret service tortures are causing us pains, diseases, aging and are killing us. How did they get in our blood steam? Through hospitals, doctor offices, injections, medicine, blood transfusions but also food, water, air, even clothes, and furniture. How did they get there? People have ear-implants and do what their case officers are telling them to do.

Whatever these nanobot bacteria should heal in the human body, could be overwritten by those who following targeted persons around (and it seems that every person is a targeted person) to turn allegedly helpful bacteria into killer machines. (I think that not just magnets control bacteria but that also neutrinos are carrying communication to them.) By looking around how many people suffer on germ-related diseases, this is exactly what is happening. Some bacteria are allegedly helpful to fight bad bacteria. If people wouldn’t have to live in a German-controlled medical pig stable world, were harmful and even deadly bacteria are DELIBERATELY bred and distributed over the world and DELIBERATELY added to water, food, air and all kinds of products, nobody would need “good bacteria” to fight the “bad bacteria”. As I said before, my problem with “good bacteria” is that they can be trained to turn against the human or animal body. And I am sure that medical secret service terrorists are doing just that.  I am also convinced that those microorganisms carry tiny cameras (for example swallowed by people as secretly added to what we consume) who show the medical terrorist all parts inside the human body, and the medical monster knows exactly where the bacteria should attack to cause pain, disease, aging, and murder of the body. 

Prof. Kaku’s father died on Alzheimer’s disease and his mother got it too. It is not difficult to figure what medical terrorists have in mind with Prof. Kaku’s mind who is also called a futurist by others. I suspect they had his parents getting it, particularly to prevent his mind in the future. He should think that is is normal and inherited and not the work of medical terrorists.  I think that the “protein” in people who suffer under Alzheimer was carried by remote-controlled bacteria into their brains. “Courtesy” of medical terrorists and their remote control. These micro-organisms are controlled to “gum up” the brain and that helps secret service psychs to steal people’s memories and minds. People have to speak out. These methods need to be known and stopped. SEGNPMSS controlled medical terrorists are cowards and afraid to be caught and put to justice. The worst what mankind can do is acting as they are not around. Ignoring them and failing to stop them means that everyone becomes a medical victim rather sooner than later.

Many people can’t confront evil. They are sticking the head in the sand and act as if evilness died a long time ago. With this attitude, nobody gets out of the trap, and the secret medical terror and murder continues.

These medical terrorists who are applying these secret methods are on the top of my list of biggest idiots ever. Because what they do to others is done to them too by other monsters just like them. Bad people conspire together but there is no true friendship and love. They and their families become victims of the same medical terror system and methods, because they were so dumb not blowing the whistle. It means eternal trap of a mainly German-created medical and psychiatric system that at the end doesn’t spare anyone.   

I know you are aware of this, Marty and that you want to have them convicted. You are the last who needs a lecture. I love you bunches. I am so glad that you are my kind of human being.

Forever and ever,





Antisemitism and the sitcom Big Bang Theory

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

I don’t know if you watched episodes of the Big Bang Theory. It is probably the only sitcom that I watched since some episodes of Seinfeld and Dharma and Greg some years ago.

The show’s music theme sells that the Big Bang was the beginning of the universe and that it is a scientific fact, but it is not. The viewer is bombarded with lots of fast hitting pictures like in a psychiatric implant.

Besides physics, the show centers mainly around medical areas as “home of  geniuses” (yeah right!) as psychiatry, neuroscience,  neurobiology, microbiology, gynaecology, dermatology, veterinary, and of course the pharmaceutical industry. Okay, they added one corporate lawyer (Raj’s sister), but where are the architects, philosophers, historians, sea captains, economists, botanists, search and rescuers, agriculturists, etc?

This said, it is beyond me, how those Jewish producers, writers, and actors can’t see how antisemitic some of their content is. What the hell are these Jews thinking by trashing their own?    

This sitcom is written by Jewish producers/writers, Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady and has real-life Jewish actors, and it is shocking to me that they don’t get that they are (consciously or subconsciously) sabotaged to portray Jews as the lowest of the low. I am not saying that this show isn’t well written, but antisemitism shouldn’t be part of anything, also not a sitcom, because antisemitism isn’t funny. It is very sad and evil. And Jews should know it better than anyone.

Actually, the character of Sheldon Cooper is really hilarious. He is a walking dictionary, a theoretical physicist, who has no driver license, is afraid of big dogs, and germs but has a paid position in a university. In short: Sheldon thinks he is smarter than anyone else, and he tells this those others all the time. However, as he isn’t evil, nobody can hold a grudge against him. Despite his emotional shortcomings, he is quite charming in his own way.

However, on the other side of the token is the character of Jew Howard Wolowitz who is portrayed as a sex pervert and sexual predator to the world. In one episode, they even show him with some kind of Hitler mustache. This fits right into the real German Nazi propaganda to frame Jews of the Holocaust. Howard Wolowitz has the worst hairstyle and clothes of all, he is the biggest wimp in space, and displays lots of other low character traits, including looking for sex with a prostitute. Gee! Who are those poor minds who can’t see that Nazis had their dirty hands in this low role?

He does invent some stuff but often it either doesn’t work or it is used for low sex or spying on women. Howard could be really funny if his mind would be less occupied with sex and more occupied with inventions. For example, anything he looks at, he would like to change or add an invention to. Even if those inventions are not implemented, it would be still  more interesting as being a sexual pervert who puts cameras in teddy bears. Sheldon doesn’t invent much. So, it could be mainly Howard’s domain. 

Jewish writers and producers should be aware that still existing Nazis are transmitting messages in their ears and minds. I am all for hilarious. Didn’t I say that Sheldon Cooper’s character is hilarious? There! But I am anti-cheap, and anti-Nazi propaganda, and Jewish writers should be too. 

“Raj” Koothrappali is Indian, he can’t interact with women but is looking to find love with a woman. He is some kind of naive but cute, and his character is rarely that of a sexual predator. And why not? He isn’t Jewish, and he doesn’t portray one. However, one hardly notices that he is an astrophysicist. They should give him more interesting story lines than just feeling sorry for himself that he has no girlfriend. For example, he could be pro environment and could run a campaign to exchange cars with elephants in the USA and be convinced that the love of his life is on another planet and searching her through his telescope. Hints that Howard and Raj are homosexual despite wanting desperately girlfriends/wives is stupid too. Makes no sense to me. They have nothing but women on their minds. The reason why they are close friends is because both are awkward and are having problems making new friends.                          

The mother of  Howard Wolowitz is played by an Italian woman. One never sees her, except a shadow of a very fat person. They portrayed her so monstrous that they couldn’t find an actress that would be as revolting, so they just used a screaming voice who sounds like fingernails scratching down a blackboard . While she “cares” about Howard, her behavior is so primitive that it left me speechless. There is nothing hilarious on Howard’s mother. She is vulgar. Cheap. Primitive. Uncultivated. Is that really the best they could do? Funny equal vulgar? I could come up with lots of characters that are unique and not cheap and primitive. 

Howard lives at home, and he and his mother constantly scream at each other. A horrible relationship! Exactly like Nazis would portray Jewish mothers to make the audience think that Jews are hideous. Howard also speaks most of the time very bad of his mother, yet, he doesn’t move out. He even says he wants her dead. The dialog refers always to him and his mother being Jewish. Sure, the audience should not forget how “primitive” Jews are, just as the Nazis order. Howard’s father walked out of him when he was a kid. Another low Nazi blow against Jews of course.

For example, his mother COULD BE a loving and classy Jewish mother who hardly can say no to him and that means also his many inventions that he puts in her home and she comes in some kind troubles with those when she is alone and these inventions take the house or the neighborhood over. But still, it is her Howie, and she can’t say no to him when he invents some more to contain the inventions.  Would be a vast improvement over that sweaty fat and disgusting pig image that definitely some Nazis behind the scene gave this Jewish mother to insults Jewish women. 

Obviously, Nazis use Jewish writers to forward anti-Jewish propaganda. When Nazis want to trash black people, they are using black people. When they want to trash Jews, they are using Jews. The Nazis who came up with the Nazi trash that dropped in that sitcom are rubbing their hands. Who would ever suspect THEM, if Jews produce this sitcom and write their names to it? They are home free! 

Penny is a young woman who loads particularly Jew Howard Wolowitz. What a “surprise” in a German-controlled sitcom. There is no doubt about it, Jews are smeared in that “Jewish sitcom”. What the hell are Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady thinking? 

Particularly after Howard gets a steady girlfriend, Bernadette, he grows on one. The actor who plays Howard could have played a much more interesting character on the very same show than a sex pervert/predator. The actress who plays Bernadette is not Jewish on the show but in real life. On the show, her role is funny but she turns more and more into Howard’s disgusting mother by starting to scream just as vulgar as her mother in law.    

Lenard Hofstadter is the most normal of the Big Bang Theory characters and also has the best haircut. He doesn’t wear tasteless and ridiculous clothes like Howard, particularly in the first seasons. His last name Hofstadter, a German last name of course, and he is not Jewish in that sitcom. Marty, you are getting the idea why in a secret Nazi world the guy with a German name who is not Jewish isn’t the sex pervert/predator but instead the openly Jewish person…  It is beyond me that the writers didn’t notice where some of the “inspiration” to some of these characters came from. Goofy is fine for entertainment, but perversion is not.  

Amy Farrah Fowler is Jewish in real life, and I am sure that is why they wrote her character is very awkward and needy. As a woman, you don’t want her around as she more like a man, almost some kind of stalker of Penny, and she tried desperately to be popular and to be accepted by a group. She can be funny and entertaining (I like the scene when Howard and Amy sing and rock together) but as I said, anti-Jewish propaganda (on screen and beyond) is pouring into that show. 

Writing comedies isn’t easy, but it shouldn’t be a problem for Jewish writers not portraying Jews as the lowest of the low or hiring Jews to play the lowest of the low. All these low Jewish characters could have been very unique and entertaining characters that are not down and dirty. I could come up with great alternative characters that don’t smell like German Nazi manure. Fun doesn’t need to be in the gutter, and Jews in real life or fiction shouldn’t be used to make Nazi happy. Over and over, I noticed that Nazis do all they can to give Jews Nazi characters.       

Any writer should check his/her work on for anti Jewish propaganda dirt and added by Nazis, German psychs, and the pharma industry. They are out there and sending loud and silent sounds to manipulate people and the world.

Nothing new to you, Marty, I know. Your and mine fiction never would allow Nazi, psych or pharmaceutical propaganda. 

Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,









P$ychs are saying that Albert Einstein had “mental diseases”

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Dearest Marty, my rockstar, how are you?

P$ychs are saying that Albert Einstein had  “mental diseases”.

They call it Dyscalculia, problem with mathematics. They say that he also had “Aspergers”, but they are not sure anymore if Aspergers is an “illness”. (Gee! What a “science”, flip-flopping around!)

But was math really Einstein’s problem? He failed a higher school entry test in Switzerland when he was age 16, but many are saying that he was good at math and physics.

Psychs commit secret psychiatric abuses to smart children while they are under narcosis involving numbers to prevent that they are getting a high education and leading position somewhere. Smart kids grow up and won’t look up to them. That is what they fear. So they rather help stupid people to cheat through schools and universities as they can run and control those to stay obedient. Kids who were abused to stay behind in school will dislike numbers, higher education is off the table. Once awake, these children can’t remember this horrible abuse done to them, but they don’t want anything to do with numbers as nauseated and even disgusted by numbers, so they avoid and fail at math. This is how psychs create “disorders”. I bet that “dyslexia” can be also caused by such psychiatric abuses. This is how they make sure that really smart kids end up without higher education. No diseases, but psychiatric and medical crimes high crimes against human rights. But I don’t think that it was done to Einstein.   

However, psychiatrists are targeting physicists as Einstein’s alleged “mental diseases” and also other cases show.  Psychs labelled Isaac Newton with all kinds of “mental diseases”, but who says that he even said or wrote those “up and down” letters and that they are not, what I suspect, psychiatric forgeries? I learned that not too long ago, many physicists did not dare to speak their minds about the universe or quantum mechanics. Now, thanks to the Internet, books by physicists and their articles and lectures are broadly accessible. If a physicist spoke openly about “other universes”  or “multiverse” etc. as they do today, he was very lucky not to end up in a loony bin. Physicists were more careful what they were saying in earlier times. Being careful and afraid to speak about certain things doesn’t really serve science. Even if theories should turn out wrong, by not speaking ones mind, the correct theories are then also not properly discussed. But still, if today an ex spouse or a mean relative wants to get a revenge on theoretical physicist or wants to get rid of him/her, all he has to do is to show him/her ideas on papers or video, and there will be always a creepy p$ych who will brand him/her with a “mental disease” and even might commit him/her.

It is so important that people can say all they want without having to watch their backs. Numerous psychs are saying that theoretical physicists and mathematicians are barking mad. You and me are saying that about psychs. I don’t think that theoretical physicists, astrophysicists, and experimental physicists are crazy, I think one of the main errors that they are making is that they don’t suspect sabotage to their experiments and in space. Discoveries in these fields would take off like rockets if they would become aware of it. 

Another error is that they haven’t figured the role of the thetan in the universe. If they would understand what that is and its capabilities when not held small and down by psychs, they would see the universe and quantum physics in a new light. Also, how can physicians ignore all the spiritual orbs out there? They are thetans with theta bodies after death of a human or animal body! No wonder most scientists are atheists; they don’t see what’s right before their eyes. What do they fear? That the world is not so spiritless, material, and atheistic as psychs want them to think?  

Medical physicists are my least favorites, considering that diseases can be prevented with a more saner way of living compared to what mainstream is allowed to have. For example, medical physicists come up with devices to “treat diseases” for example the horrible ECT devices. Good bye, memory! Other physicists who earned my disgust are those who came up with the atomic bomb, a German project of course, using the USA.

You, me, and some others know that people who died usually come back in another baby body. Einstein died in 1955, a long time to reappear again. But he didn’t. Here is what going on: when somebody is famous in one lifetime, secret service psychs are holding him or her down in his/her new identity. One lifetime on top of the world, in another one or even for many lifetimes – if not forever, down. Top secret service psychs know about past and future lifetimes, they don’t want mainstream to know it. That’s why once famous people don’t show up again, despite they were born again. Although they have a new body or might be even trapped in a body of the wrong gender, there are people who would recognize them, and psychs and the likes want to avoid that by all means, because they are the craziest and non-genius people ever.

I love you, Marty. You are a genius who lacks madness completely. 🙂 You are wonderful.

Yours forever,






We need not another pharmaceutical drug, we need a new way of life to prevent aging and diseases

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Dearest Marty, my awesome hero,

Typically, in this psychiatric and medical-controlled world, “science” doesn’t come up with a new way of life to prevent aging, diseases and dying (you know what kind of way of life I mean as I wrote about it several times). The pharmaceutical industry rather wants again lots of cash by selling yet another pill. This time one against aging. That is their “solution”.

I read below article that indicates that the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City is working on a drug that should delay aging. Albert Einstein College of Medicine! I wouldn’t be a fan of medicine if I would be Albert, considering what they did to my brain. I also don’t believe that he died a natural death. Psychs and other doctors who wanted his brain knew how to kill with remote-control making it look “natural”.  

Anyway, here is the article:

When do they finally realize that the Fountain of Youth is not a pill, but a way of life that cuts all out everything that makes sick and ages. Actually, a real fountain with people making their own healthiest water is a part of it.  

Well, I am sure that this pill will have side effects, and people will age nevertheless on the inside and outside, and will die. The solution for youth, health, and no aging is not a medical one. It is a different lifestyle in protected environments letting nothing in that makes people sick, ages or kills them. Easy enough, isn’t it? 

Some people might think that such places are restrictive. But you know that doesn’t have to be if they don’t build them too small 

The village under glass that I remember from my childhood was huge. I believe it belongs to your family, Marty. It wasn’t easy to remember either. It was a piece of stolen memory. Psychs can steal from the brain and the mind whatever they want but not when a thetan postulates to remember against all odds as we did.

The village was round but several miles in diameter. I stood on a very upper level looking down. It was so beautiful, peaceful, lush green, hydroponics (I like those clean roots compared to the dirt and bugs that hanging on dirt grown plants roots and plants, yuk! Last fall I threw my garden-grown squash away because so many bugs lived on them. Despite I cleaned them thoroughly, I just couldn’t eat them…), no cars but a train, and in the middle, I saw rustic cabins, the center of the village. The air was so fresh and pleasant. Heaven or paradise really is on Earth or could be on Earth for everyone if not evil doctors would prevent it for mainstream (who would buy their pills if they would stay healthy and young?) Just a complete FOOL wouldn’t want to live like this. No multi-million dollar mansion can compete with this village and what it offers people to prevent aging and diseases.

I miss you, Marty. The conspiracy against us will break down. I hope I will see you in 2015. The truth will come out anyway. Germany (its secret services) who controls that international conspiracy against us typically doesn’t realize when they lost yet another war. This time, they even bring their American and other international agents down with them. As longer they conspire against us and separate us, as longer their rap sheets are getting and as more damage they have to undo, if possible at all.   

Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling.

Yours forever,





CCHR and Scientologists have to do much better in order to stop psychs cutting off consciousness of people and turning them deliberately into terrorists and monsters

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Dearest Marty, Captain of my Heart, how are you?

The Luka Magnotta (very much a non-Scientologist) case is horrible just as that of Jeremy Perkins (very much a non-Scientologist who was probably only in SCN because his mother was), and so are some other cases.

David Miscavige thinks that these cases just blow over, so CCHR does not really investigate and publish what psychiatrists and neuro”scientists” are doing to some people who are on Scientology lines.

Psychs are implanting and hypnotizing Scientologists and non-Scientologists (suicide bombers, 7-11 terrorists, school shooters, etc.) alike, including psychiatric agents who infiltrated the Scientology orgs to alter and bring Scientology down. After the perverted and heinous crimes, that were plotted by secret service psychs and Germany behind them, are carried out, psychiatric agents in the media, on hate Scientology blogs and in hate Scientology forums manipulate the opinion of the public that Scientology and not psychiatry behind it.

Our minds, Marty, are thanks heaven not as easily to manipulate.

Scientology orgs and CCHR should INVESTIGATE the psychiatrists and neuro”scientists” who nap certain people and turn them into Manchurian candidates. Depending on the tonelevel and what is psychiatric programmed into these psychiatric victims, they either commit “suicide” or kill somebody else and often commit suicide after the crime.

Psychs are using the ear implant code of the victims to activate “the sleepers”.  They know how to switch the conscientiousness of people on and off.  They can do this with remote-controlled devices and cowardly hide in the distance while the blood bath takes placed. It is the same “phenomena” as seen with shooters and terrorists that never had anything to do with Scientology. And they do it even to their own, e.g. neuro-scientist James Holmes. They do it even to kill toddlers by “activating” psychiatric conditioned Adam Lanza or recently in Pakistan were 142 children were killed. I am absolutely sure that the mass murder committed through the Taliban was a psychiatric remote-controlled atrocity. 

While below CCHR video contains definitely a lot of truth, CCHR failed to document how psychs targets Scientology, Scientologists, and also CCHR. 

Jeremy Perkins mother, worked for CCHR. I am absolutely sure that he was PSYCHIATRIC CONDITIONED to kill his mother because CCHR was the target. Psychiatrists want CCHR to surrender to psychiatry and dropping its criticism on psychiatry. Same thought was also behind the setup of the Lisa McPherson case. The only reason why p$ychs allowed her to leave the mental hospital with Scientologists was because p$ychs did set this woman up to die in the hands of Scientologists. Scientologist should feel helpless and surrender Scientologists to psychs.        


CCHR is correct warning of drugs, they alter personalities and are dangerous (with very serious side effects), but this is just a part of the horrible story.


CCHR fails to spill the beans on that these people are psychiatric conditioned, IMPLANTED, and HYPNOTIZED and that psychs behind the scene using the ear implant codes to run these people and that psychs are making them carry these acts out. They cut the consciousness of the psychiatric altered person off and radio through her ear implants to kill.  

How psychiatrists and “neuroscientists” cut consciousness off to make terrorists:

The orgs and CCHR can’t create a better world by not disclosing ALL crimes of p$ychs and particularly Germany and its secret services behind international psychs and these atrocities.

Scientologists and CCHR executives and members have to do much better if they want psychiatric atrociousness to stop. The world thinks that some people commit these crimes because they “forgot to take their meds” or Scientologists told them not to take it. While drugs indeed alter personalities, Scientologists and CCHR should get the records straight on what really is happening in the world, and what p$ychs do, in addition to drugging  and e-shocking that is messing up people too.

If they don’t do it, p$ychs will continue to condition people to ruin Scientology, CCHR, Narconon and any of Scientology’s causes. I think it is dangerous in Scientology orgs if they don’t publish and repeat constantly all psychiatric crimes as it means allowing p$ychs to come away with implanting, hypnosis, installing ear implants, silent sounds, using psychiatric devices to cut off and switch off conscienceless, etc.

So, at any time, psychs can condition an infiltrator in Scientology or a person who failed to apply Scientology and go up the tonescale to open fire in a org or hide explosives.     

If His Cobness (a fan of Ron’s impostor, a secret service agent and not of Ron, the real Scientology founder) would be smarter, he would have figured this a long time ago. As he wants to run, Scientologists, he should protect them accordingly.

As Ron developed Scientology for the use of all people, Scientologists should make sure that the entire world learns the full story on how psychiatrists make terrorists. If agencies who employ psychs or bad judges fail to do it, doesn’t mean that Scientologists should fail too.  

Here is a hint:

Electrical stimulation of a small brain area reversibly disrupts consciousness.

There is the sleeper, the Manchurian Candidate who turns into a terrorist whenever p$ychs and neuro-“scientists” snips with the fingers, e.g. uses a remote-controlled device to disrupt his/her consciousness. CCHR should be all over this in view of the many shootings and terror acts on the planet and in order to protect Scientologists and others.

I know you are not blind on the subject as His Cobness is.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed.

Yours forever, my soulmate.








Not my kind of people

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Dearest Marty, my rock star,

If many people are being told that there is a way of life for all that can truly solve mankind’s biggest problems, they ridicule, attack, and defame the discoverer or messenger with psychiatric labels.

However, when the same people learn of some of these things, but are being told that they are “top secret” and just for top members of their conspiracy and not for all people, they are all ears.

If it is whispered, they think it has value. If it is broadly published and accessible for everyone, they think it should be destroyed or has no value.   

Lousy characters, small minds, and jealous hearts, nobody I ever want to interact with. I find these people WORTHLESS.

And that is why I am so happy to have you. And so glad that I was able to see the difference between these kind of people and you in a snap. 

I love you in the most truest sense of the word, Marty.

Yours. Always.




The theft of Einstein’s brain

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Dearest Marty, my brilliant husband and dashing prince,

My thoughts are with you, wishing I could celebrate the holidays with you.

To my subject line: You heard that a pathologist removed Albert Einstein’s brain from his dead body (without Einstein’s or his family’s permission) for “research” purposes. Good grief. They are so criminal and stupid. A person is not his brain. And intelligence is not the brain. The brain is just a switchboard. BEINGS are intelligent or not. When do p$ychs and medical doctors finally get it?

In the Princeton Hospital, on April 18, 1955, pathologist Thomas Stoltz Harvey cut out Albert’s brain and stole it. I am sure that p$ychs did the same with Ron’s (the real one not his impostor) to check why he such a genius. 

I believe Thomas Stoltz Harvey was fired and took the stolen “Einstein brain” with him.

It is very well possible that Einstein was medically murdered because dumb and criminal psychs wanted his brain, and they used that pathologist to get the brain for them. No surprise to you, but secret service psychs have remote instruments and can use remote-controlled germs to make blood vessels burst at any time.

Pathologist Thomas Stoltz Harvey carved the brain into 240 pieces (butcher!), preserved them into chemicals and stored them in his basement.

Read this from National Geographics:
After [Harvey’s] wife threatened to dispose of the brain, he returned to retrieve it and took it with him to the Midwest. For a time he worked as a medical supervisor in a biological testing lab in Wichita, Kansas, keeping the brain in a cider box stashed under a beer cooler. He moved again, to Weston, Missouri, and practiced medicine while trying to study the brain in his spare time, only to lose his medical license in 1988 after failing a three-day competency exam. He then relocated to Lawrence, Kansas, took an assembly-line job in a plastic-extrusion factory, moved into a second-floor apartment next to a gas station, and befriended a neighbor, the beat poet William Burroughs. The two men routinely met for drinks on Burroughs’s front porch. Harvey would tell stories about the brain, about cutting off chunks to send to researchers around the world. Burroughs, in turn, would boast to visitors that he could have a piece of Einstein any time he wanted.

Yuk, medical doctors! And I am glad that I never met William Burroughs.

Stoltz Harvey had access to many brains as pathologist. If that lawless man made cash from sending parts of Einstein’s brain to others, what are the odds that he cheated and “saved“ as much as he could of Einstein’s real brain? Or maybe he sent Einstein’s real brain to the SEGNPMSS, and they were the only ones who “studied” it?

“Researchers” (in other words: p$ychs and neuro”scientists) studied “Einstein’s brain” (what they got from Harvey) and found “abnormal” cells.

How much of a brain did they get? After all, Harvey butchered it into 240 pieces. They “studied it” decades after it was stolen. What makes them think that nobody and nothing altered that brain if it was really that of Einstein? As Stoltz Harvey was so lawless, how can these “researchers” really trust that it was Einstein’s brain or pieces that they were getting? These “researchers” think that the study of his brain would reveal what intelligence is. Outch. Intelligence is not flesh!

Stoltz Harvey died in 2007. He deserved at least that his brain is being treated as he treated those of others.

Speaking of brains, I read that “mental exercises” (thinking/learning) creates wrinkles in the organ brain. Thoughts (spiritual energy) might be like exercise to the brain what movement is to muscle. But people have different thoughts. Someone might get lots of brain wrinkles as he, for example, constantly thinks about where to hide a stolen brain, how to make cash with it and how to fool “researchers” into believing that they got really a “piece of genius”, while someone else might think really high, original, and unique thoughts. So, I am saying that wrinkle is not like wrinkle.

Allegedly, somebody made a picture of Einstein’s brain before it was cut up, but again, Stoltz Harvey was above the law. Who says the brain in the picture was really that of Einstein? Somebody like Stoltz Harvey had access to lots of brains. They say that Einstein’s brain was bigger than that of other people. Size has nothing to do with intelligence. Horses have bigger brains than people.

More creepy doctors: a real Frankenstein’s lab: Carefully pickled kittens, dogs, rats and pig heads discovered deep in abandoned veterinary school in Europe.

Neuro”scientists” are claiming that “Einstein’s” brain had more glial cells than those of other males. In other studies, psychs suggest that women have more neurons and glial cells than men. Does that make Einstein to be a woman? A woman in a past live likely, but they don’t believe in the fact of past lives, don’t they?

I heard that “Einstein’s” brain (or its pieces) is/are back in Princeton but that this university is really secretive when somebody wants to see it. Do they suspect that it isn’t that of Einstein?

And what if Einstein’s research and findings were actually not his?

Germany claims that a Bavarian born was the most intelligent man who ever lived. Being forced to grow up in Bavaria, I encountered anything but intelligence there.

BTW, Evelyn Einstein, the adopted granddaughter of Albert Einstein (who also suggested that she was his illegitimate daughter) worked as a “deprogrammer”. Yikes! Having been through this ordeal myself, how can somebody resort to such methods? Besides, it doesn’t work for people who are themselves and not cultists as you and me, Marty.

Speaking about creeps: I saw a creepy man outside on Christmas Day. Rarely anyone is outside in winter in my rural area, particularly not using the narrow back path that he is using. He walked right into the tall blackberry bushes that border my land, standing in them, doing nothing, with his back towards me. Who behaves disturbed like that? It could be the same creep who waited a couple of times/even sat on the ground, EXACTLY on my property line smoking and littering cigarette butts and empty cigarette boxes. Some secret service people put him up to make me feel uncomfortable in my home. But I don’t do them this favor. I read that wasp spray sprayed in the eyes of intruders is a good defense. I have such a spray in my bedroom.

I love you, my brave Marty. Psychs are very slow learners. If they would be faster thinkers, they would have known decades ago that we don’t give up on each other. I never find another you, and as fool isn’t my middle name, I keep on loving you. Love will bring us together, against all odds. For them, love is just a word, but for us, it has the real meaning.

Yours always,



Did Albert Einstein send mixed messages to the world on the existence of God?

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Dearest Marty, my genius Prince and husband, how are you?

Many people think that Albert Einstein was the smartest man who ever lived. I think the smartest men are Ron and you, Marty.

But back to Einstein. In my opinion, some of his messages are sending mixed messages to the world in regards of God.

He tried to explain that he wasn’t believing in a personal God but that he is no atheist and no pantheist either. 

However, for somebody who didn’t believe in a personal God (and I bet it was clear to him that most people in western cultures refer to a personal God when referring to God), he used the word God quite frequently:  

“I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know His thoughts; the rest are details.

(This statement indicates Einstein being more interested in God than anyone or anything.)

“Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that some spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe, one that is vastly superior to that of man.”

“Science without religion is lame.” 

“At any rate, I am convinced that he, God, does not play dice.”

(Not he doesn’t. I am convinced that quantum mechanics is sabotaged, Marty.) 

“The more I study science, the more I believe in God.”

“Before God we are all equally wise and equally foolish.”

“The Lord God is subtle but malicious is He not.

(The Lord God! Isn’t that a person?)

“Study science. Believe in God.”

“God always takes the simplest way.”

“When the solution is simple. God is answering.”

“God did not create evil. Just as darkness is the absence of light, evil is the absence of God.”

“The deep emotional conviction of the presence of a superior reasoning power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universe, forms my idea of God.

(Marty, he used the term “superior reasoning power”. Is that not the definition of a personal God?)

Why did he use the word “God” and not “nature” or “physics” or something else or coined his own terms? Was Einstein afraid that he would alienate Jews, Christians, and others who believe in God? He also indicated in an interview that he believed that Jesus did exist.

“I am a deeply religious nonbeliever – this is a somewhat new kind of religion.”

He believed – but not? Was Einstein confused and tried to make it look funny?

He also said: “If you can’t explain it simple, you don’t understand it well enough.”  (Dang, Albert, your messages about God are mixed, and you didn’t explain yourself well at all.) 

Be kissed. I love you, Marty. So very much. Can’t wait to put my arms around you.

I believe in a very personal God, because I can feel his presence and not just in nature. Some atheists are saying that people believe in God because they can’t face the idea that nobody is looking out for them. That might be true with some people, but neither you nor I are wimps. We face whatever there is to face.  

TRULY religious people (not Christian perverts or Muslim killers or hypocrites) might make more use of “thetan basically knows”. They are more spiritual than those who don’t feel him or even their own spiritual nature.

I once met a woman who said that “God didn’t make himself available” to her. I made different experiences, Marty. But in a world as this one, how long would anyone live in freedom if openly contacted by God?  We are living in a world in which anyone is spied on. There is no real privacy anywhere. If God would answer someone with words and not actions, that person would be transported in a mental hospital in no time and kept there for experiments until death. This person would be tortured by lunatic doctors to PROVOKE God. As if he would want this. The public would never learn about this anyway. And if anyone would ask what happened to that person, they would tell her that this person is a mental case. Case closed.

Some people think that God can handle all these bad people. Sure, he could drop something on their heads or freeze them to ice or stone or whatever, but it would also hit others. People should never forget that bad people are taking their frustrations, fears, and evil intentions out on the innocent if God would make a public appearance. Is that what they want?  

Like you, I figured out God’s mission, Marty. He wants anyone to understand everything and people bettering themselves. If they figure out that being better means also having more fun, just the retard wants to stay rotten to the bone. Religion and science or science and religion belong indeed together, because God is a scientist. A real one. He came up with all those physical and natural laws. He isn’t the one who said that it is not for us to know.

I know we are on the same page, Marty. I can feel that too. 

Yours forever,



Not much is known about the ancient Baigong Pipes in China

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible Prince,

Not much is known about those mysterious ancient pipes. They were discovered by some Americans in China who are unidentified and anonymous scientists. Huh? Gets even more mysterious. Why wouldn’t they want their names published? Afraid of aliens coming after them? Lol.

At first glance, they look like a huge pipe organ of a former civilization to me. They look like a human construction, definitely not like something natural. My first impression of this picture was that it is was a music instrument. A place of worship or art…

A sample of the pipes from the shoreline was tested, and they found that it contains 30% Ferric Oxide, 31% Silicon Dioxide, 31% Calcium Oxide and  8% of a chemical compound labeled as totally ‘unidentifiable’. As of today, Wikipiggy hushed up the 8% unidentifiable material. Some of these pipes were found highly radioactive. Maybe this place was bombed? That could be the reason why one side is bent. Some are as large as 40 cm in diameter and spread several hundred feet around the area. And some of these pipes lead in a salt lake. Some in a mountain. There is also a sweet water lake. The Chinese call the lakes “lover lakes”. The pipes are arranged in an apparently organized pattern. Maybe the pipes were used to get something pumped out of the lake that some could use? Salt? Minerals? Maybe they harvested once brine shrimps there just today’s companies in the GSL. The oddest thing is that these pipes are allegedly highly radioactive. The climate seems to be harsh and nobody live there (anymore).    

Here is the location on Google Earth. Very interesting pictures:,+China/@37.154434,96.994042,1801m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x370087977b620bed:0x28edcba67db79dbf?hl=en


Wikipiggy editors and some others want to sell readers the idea that these pipes are natural. Sure, Mount Rushmore looks very natural too. If some hostile people would kill the entire Earth population and if another civilization would populate the Earth hundred thousands of years later, and they would find relics of Mount Rushmore or for example Las Vegas, wonder what they would be thinking. “What on Earth…” (The often used expression “What on Earth is this?” is also interesting.)    

Anyway, this structure seems to be very old, before such a technique was officially invented.


Nearby are pyramids. I remember talking years ago to a Scientologist about pyramids. He was a staff member who never got his nose out of all kinds of books. We came to the conclusion that the pointy triangle on top of a pyramid had the purpose to break cosmic rays or anything else that came from space. In other words, we both were sure that it had the purpose of stopping aging and the destruction of human bodies through rays and beams.

Here is another media article. It is about the same area but it shows different pipes that doesn’t look at all like those above. It just mentioned their structures indicate a highly advanced and completely unknown construction technique. See here:

What are you thinking, Marty? Would love to hear your ideas.

Forever yours, and I love you.



Why doesn’t the USA find a way to talk to Kim Jong-un and make him open up his country and enjoy better international relations?

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North Korea and South Korea – North Korea in the dark170px-KoreaAtNight20121205_NASA

Dearest Marty, my hero,

This might sound naive, but if Kim Jong-un befriended Dennis Rodman who likes to look like a clown, why can’t Americans who don’t look and act like clowns befriend Kim Jong-un and persuade him and his government that it is better for the North Koreans not to be isolated and giving up the nukes as other countries do just fine without them. Also, civil rights for the people is a must. It might not work within a day to the next but worth a shot. It seems that  Kim Jong-un doesn’t do the first step towards a friendship and less tension, so what about the USA doing the first step? Did they do anything to talk to him? Kim Jong-un has experienced western lifestyles, I think it is highly unlikely that he doesn’t want the prosperity for his country.  

Wouldn’t that sound like a better program for the FBI or the CIA than torturing? Hey, and when there is good intentions toward the North Korean people by those who befriend Kim Jong-un, things wouldn’t even go wrong when it would be revealed that it was a government program. 

As I wrote before, I am certain that Germany wants a nuclear showdown between North Korea and the USA. Like they used Japan once to bomb Pearl Harbor, Germany wants North Korea and the USA at each other’s throat. The USA should particularly inform North Korea on that Germany’s secret services is behind NC being isolated.

Kind of revealing that North Koreans should consider the appearance of Dennis Rodman as American, but when the tensions between the USA and North Korea are getting higher, and DR could function as some kind of peace ambassador, he is no longer friends with Kim Jong-un and other North Koreans. The German purpose making North Koreans believe that Americans look completely ridiculous was fulfilled.  

And now Germany’s secret services wants the USA involved in another war. They set everything up, stupid hate movies on both sides, infiltration, hacking, fear of assassination, terror and nuclear threats and are waiting in physical safety for the bombs to drop and Merkel playing the saint.  

I am sure that you can see it too.

I love you, Marty. Very much.

Yours always and forever,