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Didn’t know that Mosey’s father is a psych…

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 Yikes, another cross!!  

Marty, my sweet prince,

I can’t help it but psychology seems to me psychiatry having used some Scientology wisdom (tracing problems back to the roots) but still not getting it right. Ron said that he researched Dianetics and Scientology a long time before he ever published something. They spied on him.

I didn’t know that Mosey’s father is a psych. What do I conclude? Behind the scene, SEGNPMSS brought your impostor together with Mosey so that the “Independent Scientologists” (yeah right!) become psych-friendly dupes by turning Mosey’s husband into the opinion leader of the “Indies” and their movement.

P$ychs are so transparent and predictable, at least for a mind of a real Scientologist, a mind like mine and yours, Marty.

Mosey’s dad is a psych but he doesn’t get that Mosey’s husband is an impostor? Or does Mosey’s dad and also Mosey know but they are not talking about it?

If the pro-DM websites would be worth a cent, they would have mentioned that clearly, but no, that is too much to ask… I just read one comment somewhere that Mosey’s husband might be hypnotized by Mosey’s father but no clear hint that he is a psych.  No, I had to fish that information to make above conclusion from Tony Ortega’s long and often biased ramblings. Yes, that Backpage guy who probably was/is married to a Muslim woman but probably now lives together with a Jewish woman. That might be his contribution to the “peace” in the Middle East.

I meet a certified nurse and medical therapist recently, Marty. Never discussed Scientology with her. She is retired now, but she told me that ALL psychiatrists and psychologists who she met became psychiatrists and psychologists to be able to handle their own mental problems. ALL of them became psychiatrists or psychologists for exactly that reason.  Shocking, isn’t it? She said that she never met just one without mental problems. Not one!  Does that not mean that crazy guys are asking people to lie down on that couch? 

Remember that boy who did lie on the couch and the psych asked: “Tell me about your mother…”. And the boy answered: “She wants you to stop calling her!”

Or that one where a patient tells the psych that he has no mental problems, and the psych says that he will treat him with the “Mental Disease Deficiency Disorder”.

However, if psychs wouldn’t do anything  but just giving “advice” (even if  the advice is not much if worth anything) to people who like voluntarily blowing their money on them and pay their excessive fees, they  wouldn’t be that dangerous to mankind. But the problem are the dangerous drugs they prescribe, involuntary commitment, e-shocks, hypnosis, implants,  making of terrorists, set ups, infiltrations,  infiltration of governments, crimes, murders, secrets, conspiracies, and numerous other secret service methods that are enslaving mankind.

You understand the problem. Miss you more than words can say, Marty.

Love you forever, my dashing hero and one and only!


Are there really good bacteria? (I don’t think so.)

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and hero,

I am thinking of you, and I wish I would know your whereabouts (not just knowing basically your whereabouts).

This summer seems dryer than others, and I try to water whatever I planted. So far, it seems that all plants are making it.

A garden really brings joy. It is wonderful nice to see my plants and trees growing. However, I can also see that planting directly on the surface on the Earth is not the wisest idea. And even less wise is that farmers spray their crops against bugs instead of planting their crops under roofs so that bugs don’t get in them.

What a beautiful and intelligent world it could be, unfortunately, it is not.  

I read a couple of article written by medical people (who else?) that we need good bacteria to fight the bad bacteria. They make it sound as if we need germs, which I think is the ultimate leg pulling and lies. 

My proposal would be living without being objected to bad bacteria so that we don’t need good bacteria to fight the bad bacteria. I believe that secret service doctors can and do change good bacteria into bad bacteria. Recently, I took a spoonful of yogurt (allegedly very healthy stuff) and rubbed it on my skin.  The bacteria in yogurt are supposed to be the good bacteria. A short time after, I felt that yogurt treated spot became itchy and painful. Apparently, the “good” bacteria did not just attack any “bad bacteria” left on my skin but also my skin and nerves, and likely anything underneath it, in other words, they were attacking my body.

It felt as if these “good” bacteria were biting right into my flesh. You can imagine what happens when these “good” bacteria are eaten.  I rinsed the yogurt off and it felt better.

My point is: a dog might be tame but can be turned into a pitch bull. This can be done with any animal, and bacteria are microorganism, a tiny animal. In other words: under certain circumstances, with microwaves or silent sounds, secret service doctors know how to use not just the bad bacteria to attack and they can also turn the “good bacteria” into bad attackers to attack a body.  Doesn’t osteoporosis look like under extreme bacteria attack? As if they bite right through the bones and make them brittle. Some people swallow the alleged good bacteria in form of  lactobacillus acidophilus pills. That is so gross! And I think it is really stupid because what is allegedly good can go bad.

We better live in a world without the germs, then we need no “good” bacteria to “defend us against the bad bacteria”.

Infiltrated Scientology and Ron’s impostor sure did a lot to change original OT levels. Whatever the orgs, the Freezone, or the so-called “Independents” think that they are having, I am convinced that only the secret services and psychs have original Scientology and the original OT levels (stolen from Ron and then altered for the rest of the people).  

Body thetans are ridiculed by many, and they call them “space aliens”. In view of that a being lives forever, one can conclude that forever was also before this Earth as we know it was populated, in other words: it is highly unlikely that immortal beings never lived on other planets, thus, anyone is an alien, also those who think that aliens don’t and never existed. Yes, what an irony. As you know, Mormon believe that people came from planet Kolob, thus, Mormons are aliens, are they? The Garden of Eden was/is allegedly not on Earth either, which means logically that any being that was and is there is an alien too.  

There can be thetans who attach themselves to human or animal bodies or to other’s thetans theta body or in form of theta bodies to a thetan. I can feel that they are there and “blanket” a person, e.g. in old buildings. I felt them in old German flats, basements and attics! There are some very creepy thetans hanging around. Doing the OT levels to get rid of them is not a bad idea, but I think we have bigger problems than them.

Finally there are bacteria, viruses, and germs that attach themselves to anyone’s body because they are anywhere in this dirty world. They make people sick and kill them. These critters are beings too and it would be better for people, if they would not invade human bodies. If these germs would leave our bodies, we all would be more healthy, right?

If a Scientologist would swallow lactobacillus acidophilus pills, he has in my opinion gazillions more body thetans to get rid of than he already has. Unless one thinks that germs and viruses are no thetans. But what else should it be? Animals are thetans too. 

So, I asked myself: what kind of  body thetans Ron wanted to leave the human body and other thetans. My answer is: all of them. He wanted us bothered by nobody and by no other thetans.

I can’t say how effective altered OT levels are, but if they don’t take care of ALL these above named problems, they are not the original OT levels. I am sure Ron had considered everything in his processing and rundowns.

Can’t wait to study the real and original OT levels. Must feel like being finally home again, Marty. Ron was spied on his entire life. Secret service have all these OT levels. But I doubt their own OT abilities. They started out as dishonest spies with withholds and overts. Under these condition, nobody can become a real OT. They don’t believe that ethics is the key to anything, but you and I know that it is really so. 

I miss you like the desert misses the rain after years of droughts. I miss you more than words can say.

Yours forever and ever. Many kisses, my love. 



More about the German OPC tin foil hat report…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Looks like I will be rather busy the next days but I will try to keep the blog postings up for you. You are the only person I want to reach with this blog, and my abusers should  leave me alone. There are again so many new lies about me by my stalkers on the net, and they blame me on what THEY are guilty of. I never did anything of what they lie I did. They suck it out of the thin air. I know that you never would believe a word they are saying as they lie about you just as much and  you are anyway much too smart to fall for these hate mongers and stalkers.  Once we are back together, Marty, I want to be as far as possible away from the Internet. It is such a shame for the planet that good people like us who do not want anything else but live in peace and being together have to endure endless abuse, stalkings, defamatory writings, and lies on the Internet by criminal people who just cannot leave us alone despite we didn’t ever anything bad to them and despite all I did was defending myself from their abuse.

I’ll comment a little bit more to  tin foil hat report of the German Bundesverfassungsschutz (BfV), the Federal Office for Protection of the (German) Constitution (OPC) of last year:

They lie that L. Ron Hubbard described the Scientology civilization as legal system, in which the existence of the individual person would depend on the arbitrary discretion of the Sea Org. The Germans huff and puff that the Scientology organisation would grant only rights to the honest person.

What a “crime” for Ron to state that honest people have rights too. The Germans fear that one day, they will be held accountable for their never ending crimes.

They lie that Ron would grant basic rights just to Scientologists but the Germans never granted my basic rights to me, the Scientologist.

Either the Germans are the dumbest people in the planet or they try deliberately to misunderstand that Ron stands for more rights for the honest and good person. If the bad and criminal person as the average OPC and SEGNPMSS agent wants more rights, they just have to stop being bad and criminal. It is so simple.

The real Ron’s Scientology is the most humane and smartest movement on the planet, and his is why the German, their psychs and their secret services infiltrate and alter it. The fight club, the beatings, the abortions, the not enough sleep, the tearing apart of families, the excessive prices, ect., that is all German organized.

I studied numerous policy letters in which Ron said over and over that Scientologists have to obey the law of the land. But the German secret services are above the laws of all nations on Earth.

It is hard to believe that after spying on Scientology over 50 years and after infiltrating Scientology for over 50 years, the Germans have the guts to make statement likes this, which they take out of context and which they got from German crappy translations of (L. Ron Hubbard, „Einführung in die Ethik der Scientology“, new issue 2007, S. 51).

They blame Ron 25 years after his death on a German translation of 2007. Somebody translated: “The right of survival is intertwined with his or her honesty.”

What the Germans deliberately conceal is that Ron figured out that a person is basically good, and when she does bad things, she tends to penalize HERSELF (most of the time unconsciously). For example, the Nazis and the psychs killed million of people. What did they pull in? They lost the war, and they will never get rid of their Nazi reputation not even with their dupes as Mike Goodwin and his “law”, which is used to cut off even proper information about the Nazis.

The correct interpretation of this sentence would be: The person (thetan) takes it (most of the time subconsciously) upon herself to penalize HERSELF ALL ON HER OWN if she is not honest and good, because THE PERSON thinks HERSELF (mostly subconsciously) that no right of survival is intertwined with her lack of honesty and goodness because BEING BAD IS AGAINST THE (basically good) NATURE OF PEOPLE. Stupid Germans don’t understand anything! Fools!

Ron said that bad and dishonest people have to better themselves, and this is what the Germans don’t want. They know as better people are as less likely they will allow the Germans to use then them for their hidden still active Nazi activities. But it needs courage to admit that people have to change their bad ways and better themselves but psychiatrists and Nazis particularly have no courage, so they rather attack and hope the truth will go away!

The Germans don’t like this sentence either, which they took again out of concept: (…) Freedom is for honest people. Personal freedom just exist for those who have the abilities to be free.“ (L. Ron Hubbard, „Einführung in die Ethik der Scientology“, Neuausgabe2007, S. 51)

As a Scientologist, I know exactly what Ron meant: The thetan is basically good but when he goes bad like the Germans, HE penalizes himself. The thetan does it to himself, on his own. Bad people go nuts and sink in depressions, they drink and commit suicide or try doing something so drastically that authorities come and take him away or other nations kick their butts in a war. Ron said that only a person is free who is ethically and honest because the others think (subconsciously) that  they do not deserve to be free.

With no word ever said Ron that not all people should free. That is why he founded Scientology that all people can be free. And that is why the German secret service infiltrated and altered Scientology to avoid that because they just want that bad and dishonest people as Nazis, psychs, and other corrupt people have all the freedoms.

Another lecture that you don’t need, Marty, because you know all of that. It just sometimes want to get out of me and as this is the only place I post at the moment, I post it here.

I am so glad that I fled this country, Marty, so glad. I don’t even want to be buried there.

I love you for ever and ever and ever and ever. And that bothers the Germans too.

Yours and many kisses, and you are a rockstar, Marty!