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I am thankful that you exist, Marty, my hero, and that I met you

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Otherwise, I don’t have much to be thankful for.

I love you. 

Until you return.



Until You Come Back Away between the hills and villages you pass, Through open fields of strawberries, And the scent of approaching rain, My scarf still protects your neck, From the cold easterly winds, I pray for the sun to cast its warmth, The strength to carry on, the longing has become a habit, The moon has turned red, what is the view where you are? Fear for you burns me from within, Do you remember how you whispered to me, “with the stars as my witness”? Oh, and at night, I wander between the walls, Between the fragments of dreams, Until you come back, Oh, my beautiful one, look how in love we are, May we love like this forever, We’ll choose only the good, All that was promised, is no longer certain, It’s resting on the seabed, In a distant, muted voice, They say there’s a once-in-a-lifetime love, I will pray whole days, With the stars as my witness, Oh, and at night, I wander between the walls, Between the fragments of dreams, Until you come back, Oh, my beautiful one, look how in love we are, May we love like this forever, We’ll choose only the good. They say there’s a once-in-a-lifetime love, I will pray whole days, With the stars as my witness, [Yuval Dayan] Oh, and at night, I wander between the walls, Between the fragments of dreams, Until you come back, Oh, my beautiful one, look how in love we are, May we love like this forever, We’ll choose only the good.

Many of the countries that signed the Paris Agreement for 2020 are failing their environment protection targets

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Dearest Marty, my love, I am thinking of you.

Miss you a ton. Miss you a world. Miss you a universe. 

I leanred that many of the countries that signed the Paris Agreement for 2020 are failing their targets to protect the environment.

Officially, Germany says that it reduces its carbon emissions but the men behind Germany run secretly all other countries via ear-implants, in other words, anyone of any nation who pollutes the world. Not just the German car industry in the emission scandals. 

Besides a solution for aviation (big planes) and the heaviest machinery around, there are already solutions to go off fossil fuel for all other things on the planet that need a power source. I noticed that many international companies have programs to reduce their carbon emmission footprints but they do it really very slow. The master of all ear-implants, Germany, the psychs and doctors behind it, prevents that faster progress is being made. Bad environments means more money for the medical and pharmaceutical sector due to the illnesses that people contract. 

This planet has not yet an official invention for pulling carbon that is already in the air out of the air. If temperatures all over the planet are rising, and I convinced that they indeed do, countries will be flooded and people have to leave their homes. A huge humanitarian crisis in the making.

However, as I said, and I know that you agree, Marty, even a total stop of carbon emissions won’t safe mankind. They still will get sick, age, and die, because they don’t move in villages with roofs and all that belongs to it.

If indeed the temps keep rising and the sea levels starts to rise due to melting ice, people could be still safe if they built their villages with roofs that can swim.

There will be people who will say that building such villages would be so expensive, blah blah. Not having them is expensive. Tons of costs fall away if people don’t get sick, don’t age, and are not dislocated, etc.   

I know, Marty, you don’t need to hear this lecture. You know better than anyone what needs to be done, and this is another reason why the medical and psychiatric monsters behind Germany tie your hands.

I love you, my hero.

Yours always, be kissed


P.S. This is a very beautiful song, unfortunately, the lyrics are very sad. I wish there would be other lyrics for this song.   

This is the good part of the lyrics: If ever you’re lonely If ever you’re blue If ever you need me I’m waiting for you If ever you’re lonely darling Da da de da ah oh Da de de da ah oh If ever you’re lonely I’ll run straight to you 🙂 And I will, Marty. 

Here is Mary Hopkin, the Italian version, Lontano Dagli Occhi, foreign words make it easier to imagine positive lyrics. 



Can you believe it? Some people rather believe in timetravelers instead giving thought to the scientific fact of past lives!

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince,

I am thinking of you, how your life is and what you do and where you are.  

There is this young person from Sweden, Greta Thunberg, who is an environmental climate change activist. I think too what the climate changed, simply by watching it. But even the best climate on Earth won’t truly protect human life and stop aging. Only living in protected environments would do, as I described already several times. However, if people have to leave their protected environmental villages once in a while, they should not have to step onto the Earth surface into an environmental hell. Therefore, I am all for a safe environment and wish Greta Thunberg and all other environmental activists success. 

She is all over the news. I looked into it why she gets all the attention while someone else with even better ideas for human and environmental survival does not. According to Wikipedia, she was diagnosed with three “mental illnesses”. And here it is:

Psychiatrists figured that a large number of people are concerned about the environment. (Needless to say that secret service psychs run the worst polluters with ear-implants. Psychiatric and other chemical drugs are found in streams because people take so many.) Psychiatry decides who gets an international platform. Someone who would have done the same protests but wouldn’t serve psychiatry or would be critical of psychiatry would have been arrested, muzzled, and never gotten the platform.

Neither this child nor her parents seem being critical of psychiatry. Her mother seems to promote psychiatry. And of course, no word anywhere that there are silent sounds that are transmitted via remote-controlled by secret service psychs into the heads of people to make them appear, behave, and feel “mentally ill”.

Anyway, to my headline, people now found a 121 year old picture of a girl that looks a lot like Greta Thunberg, working at a goldmine at Dominion Creek in the Yukon Territory in Canada. I am not sure if this photo shows Greta Thunberg in a past live, but people are thinking in terms of time-travelling rather than the scientific fact that people are born again. Can you believe it? 

If she is that girl in the picture, she wasn’t much into environmental protection in that lifetime, as goldmining destroyed landscapes, contaminated creeks, and other water sources and ruined ecosystems.    

Have a look at the picture here:

I love you, Marty. Be kissed.

Yours forever,


I don’t find the Moon sweet, Marty, but the music is wonderful and my love for you will never end.

Hidden Moon

Where are you hidden moon (Leggo in fond ai tuoi pensieri)
I read into the depths of your thoughts, i have to open the curtain among the stars up there (lassu’), in order to see you my hidden moon.
I know that you touched my soul, moon and fire of passions (Fai brilliare) make shine my deep love for you, i dont want hidden from you.
For me which i dream of you that sometimes i suffer for you
(M’alludo) and my hint of having you here, But then the clouds come over you.
Where are you hiding moon and (esci fuori) you go out into the open.
The moment has arrived to open your heart, let it say the things it knows.
I’m here love take me, (Niente ci potra’ dividere) nothing will be able to divide us.
Sweet hidden moon for ever you’ll see
My love that will never end.
Moon i dream of you and sometimes i suffer for you and my hint of having you here.
But then the clouds come over you.
I’m here love take me.
Nothing will be able to divide us.
Sweet moon for ever you’ll see.
My love will never end.
never end.

Trump’s use of Executive Grants of Clemency – says a lot about Trump

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Dearest Marty, my remarkable husband and soulmate,

How is your life?

Here is all the same, just more and more work.

I read he pardoned Clint Lorance, a former 1rst Lt. who was found gilty of second degree people of two people on a motorcycle in Afghanistan and Maj. Matthew Golsteyn killed another person in Afghanistan. Whatever that person was up to or not, he was unarmed when he was killed and Golsteyn later helped burn the body. 

Trump also finds also that a Navy Seal who posed for an unofficial picture with a human casualty should be excused.

Low, low, and low. And that is also what DT is.

I bet that DT won’t help you out of your wrongful incarceration, despite you really are innocent.

Bad people are awarded, good people are penalized.

Story of our lives.

Never will I become tired of loving you. You are just too wonderful, Marty. And I also don’t give up hope to see you again.

You are always on my mind and always in my heart.







The biggest scandal is that the USA paid 1.6 Billion dollar to Ukraine so that still existing Nazi Germany can attach a more wealthy country to the Großdeutsche Reich (the EU)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you?

Just as greedy Germany doesn’t want to pay for its Nato defense, it wants the US taxpayers to pay for the Ukraine, which Germany wants to take over. 

And another scandal is that Russia allows itself to be used as the bogeyman instead of pointing with the finger to Germany.

Volodymyr Zelensky has a Jewish background and became the President of the Ukraine. Why did Germany, the master of all ear implants allowed someone with a  Jewish background to become the Ukrainan president? Guess so that more money pours into the Ukraine from the USA. And this also doesn’t mean that future Ukraine presidents will not lead the Ukraine down a very German Nazi path. 

I love you. Be kissed my darling. How I wish that I could talk directly to you.

Yours forever,


P.S. Suzette could have done a lot better than Guy White. After fathering three children, he dumps her because he suddenly figured that he is gay? Good grief.  He said that in Scientology, he had no chance to figure out who he is. What a load of bull. Particularly in Scientology, during auditing or self-analysis, he could have figured out that being attracted to the same gender has a something to do with not being in a body of the gender that one had on the timetrack. Some “Scientologist”! 

The situation (someone gay in the alleged family of the founder, although Jack Vistaril isn’t) also smells after another SEGNPMSS setup making Scientology more open to gay lifestyles. I am glad that I can see when men and women were tricked in the wrong gender (having a female instead of a male timetrack and the other way around) when they took their bodies. Actually, Suzette has a female timetrack too, a body of the right gender for her, but it seems that she missed seeing what was up with that Guy. 

You are having a body of the right gender, Marty, and so do I. 🙂

I object to that any people’s rights being violated. I object to people being tricked in the body not of their own chosing. The 2nd D is a strong dynamic, and thetans are taking bodies of the same gender over and over again because they like having this gender. But the secret service psychs won’t have it. They use ear implant codes to trick thetans in taking bodies of the wrong gender or even no gender or several genders (they are using lasers to mess around with the sex organs when baby grows).

Gay and lesbian feelings, which are incomprehensible for someone who got the correct body, exist because thetans were tricked into picking a body of the other gender. Heil ear-implants. What a trap it is.  







Just what still existing and new German Nazis want: no US troops in Germany stopping them

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Dearest Marty, my extraordinary soulmate and husband, 

How are you?

To make Germans vote for the Nazis, the SEGNPMSS is conditioning so-called religious people, e.g. Muslims, and runs them via their psychiatric holy cow, their ear- and body implants to advance Germany. German psychs talk through these ear-implants turn Germany into Europe’s strongest economy to the disadvantage of all other countries of the world. And their new Führers (the monsters behind Germany) now often hide behind women. They figured that they can use females to manipulate the world into thinking that Germany is no longer bad. They still want to take over the world. They do it by implanting little kids in any country with ear-implants and then, for example, beg Germany (Europe) to take their country over (in other words invade it), as for example the Ukraine did. Germany figures that in not long, it will be the Führer of the rest of the world, particularly after they turned the USA into a banana republic with a corrupt leadership and an ineffective congress.

Donald Trump is not at all in Germany’s way. A man “won” the presidency who considers himself German. He is allegedly cross with the current official leader Merkel because she allegedly is ruining his beloved Germany. Him asking Germany to pay some bills means nothing. There is a “Germany wins nevertheless plan” and alibi also behind this. Besides, Germany, the SEGNPMSS is the secret instigator and organizer of the Syrian war. Germany wants the hard-working Syrians to make its economy even stronger. Merkel and others admitted on numerous occasion that multi-culture failed in Germany. That means that Germans are still as intolerant and narrow-minded as they always were. That means that the Syrians and other fugitive must give up their identities. “Lovely” place that Germany. I don’t want to be buried there. 

Trump wants to withdraw the troops in Germany. Of course, Germany wants the USA to leave so that the psychiatrists behind Germany have it easier to bring the Nazis back. Dresden has an official Nazi emergency, and Trump wants to pull the troops out of Germany. In other words: undo the victory of Word War II. 

Below article says that Multiple presidents have asked Europe’s largest economy to pay for its own defense. This request has been made over many years and by many presidents.

I know that you, Marty, see too, how little confident the USA is kicking Germany’s behind. There is no real threat by Russia to Germany as Germany has anyone on a string. SEGNPMSS decides how the leaders of Russia or any other country act and react. 

Greedy Germany. Germany is laughing all the way to the bank. They know that there is no danger for them from any country. Why should it pay for protection of an alleged communistic or Islamic danger when it runs and manipulates its leaders and people? Communism and Islamic extremism are entirely German psychiatric products. 

Trump said that he wants to station the troops in Poland. This country honors its NATO defense. As I said, Trump, typical anti-foreigners himself, does what Germany wants. A huge official Nazi emergency problem in Germany and no US troops in Germany stopping the Nazis. 

They celebrate the fall of the Berlin wall these days, 30 years ago. And the I-feel-being-German-Trump builds one in the USA. A wall that can be saw through with regular tool. Waste of taxpayers money.

Germany also wasn’t keen of giving President Reagan credit for the fall of the Berlin wall. Why should he get credit for it? Germany knew that it could remove the wall at any time since its erection because the SEGNPMSS ran the Soviet Union and East Germany. And Reagan did Germany a huge favor. Taking the wall down, uniting  Germany with its eastern Nazi part, helped Germany to get bigger so that it can take over Europe and the world.      

I didn’t know that Mike Pompeo was stationed in Bavaria in the 1980. He knows the country well? From what I have seen, he is just another Berliner. I bet the farm that neither he nor Donald Trump assisted you against Germany. (German didn’t just defraud me, my feeling is that Germany framed you, Marty.)

If it wouldn’t be for German-controlled ear-implants and psychiatric silent sounds and mind-control, the world would have figured out all above. Instead it is in a German trance.

I love you, Marty. I miss you so very much. Germany, the psychs behind it and its conscienceless international agents failed terribly trying to fool us into giving up on each other. We simply do psychs and Nazis no favors, and this will stay so in all eternity. Made so by heaven.

Be kissed, my darling.

Yours always,




Yep, lasers can silently take over ‘voice commands’ and not just to smart speakers

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Lasers for sure also can be used to send silent sounds through ear- and body implants…

Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and wonderful Prince, how are you? 

Researchers from Tokyo and the University of Michigan published that they can take over voice commands from Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Amazon Alexa devices by shining laser pointers or flashlights at their microphones.

I still prefer a door that doesn’t open to some crazy psychiatrist or “neuro-scientist” talking into minds and bodies of humans and animals.

My electronic devices often react as they shouldn’t. For example, when I use speech recognition, I often see a very different text (not even remotely related to what I really said). I would be an idiot if I wouldn’t figure out what is going on and that my voice commands are being high-jacked and altered. Speech recognition could be a time-saver but not for me who is a target of these lunatic psychs.  

I wonder what happened at your end of the world. I never give up hoping to see you again, Marty.

BTW, your impostor is posting again. A YouTube video of Kayne West – Jesus is King – Sunday Service Experience. He added the words: “Here is what can happen when a brother decides to replace attack thoughts with love.”

Well, what does this mean? He no longer has attack thoughts against David Miscavige because His Cobness ordered a lot of Scientology cash transferred to your impostor?

Neither Monique’s husband nor His Cobness are showing love to a brother by keeping you suffering wrongfully behind bars and the truth from mankind that Monique’s husband isn’t not YOU.

I love you, Marty.

Yours always and forever.


P.S. The Sukiyaki Song is not new and has sad lyrics, but I always loved the song and imagined positive lyrics instead when hearing it, Marty. Kyu Sakamoto’s version, the original is still the very best. Here it is:





As if this would be surprising in still existing Nazi Germany: Nazi emergency in Dresden, Germany

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Dearest Marty, my one and only?

What is going on in your life? 

Saying that Germany is still Nazi Germany is not a conspiracy theory. There it is, in plain sight: Anti-immigrant sentiment runs high in the state of Saxony, of which Dresden is the capital: The party AfD won 27.5% of the vote in this year’s state election. It became the first far-right party to enter Germany’s national parliament in almost 60 years when it came in third place overall in federal elections in 2017.

It is of course not all to it. Muslim extremists and terrorists are conditioned and also run by the monsters behind Germany so that it is easier for them to bring the Nazis back. All people marching for the AfD are too dumb to realize it or too bad to admit it. Likely, they are both, dumb and bad. 

And that we have a foreigner hating US president who had a German father and feels like being Germany, isn’t a surprise either. Germany, the SEGNPMSS is not just behind Germany but above the entire world, any state, any government.

I know, Marty, it is not you who needs a lecture on it. You are aware of this but they tied your hands so that you can’t do anything against it. 

Thinking about seeing you again, makes my heart beat a lot faster. There is no (not one) beautiful love song (new or old or inbetween) that doesn’t make me think of you. It is magic. It is a divine love, we are having. I have no other explanation for it, do you?  

Warm kisses, my darling. I will love you forever.



Written by Barbara Schwarz

November 2, 2019 at 1:07 pm