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What took David Miscavige 31 years to get a TV channel for Scientology – considering that the SCN cash for it was available all the time?

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Dearest Marty, my hero and wonderful soulmate, how are you?

What took David Miscavige 31 years to get a TV channel for Scientology – considering that SCN cash for it was available all the time?

DM can either fool you nor me, Marty.

It is about David Miscavige wanting to better his reputation. That’s why he finally approved a TV channel.

DM got Scientology from the man who was the German/CIA double agent of Ron, the real founder of Scientology. And “His Cobness” knows it.

A man who accepts infiltrated Scientology from an impostor (and hires and awards your impostor, Marty) and covers up the infiltration and alteration of Scientology and helps original Scientology change into Vistarology,  Miscavology/NOIolgy  is anything but a Scientologists.

He is a 

and I haven’t even mentioned what he is under the law. 

There is a rumor that this TV station might be shared with Nation of Islam! DM is a squirrel. Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is extremely disturbed by Farrakhan’s racism. Only a racist himself is not disturbed by racism. That tells quite a story about DM and the infiltrators of Scientology who welcome racists. 

Besides, secretly German-run international psychiatrists work hard on eliminating Islam by particularly conditioning so-called Muslims to conduct terror acts in order to outlaw religions. Islam was selected by them to be first outlawed religion, and once it is outlawed by numerous countries, members of other religions will be psychiatric-conditioned and will be outlawed too. The world in trace is not getting that it is odd that so-called religious people conduct terror acts… Religious people are supposed to be good for crying out loud!! And nobody thinks that it is odd that they are not?

Authorities never check if atheists, particularly psychs, are conditioning people who are active religions. Epic fail!   

Even if NOI is not directly Islam; it has Islam in its title. Trump’s administration wants to get rid of Islam. He and Trumpists are just looking for justifications.

By joining NOI and Scientology at the hip, thanks to squirrel David Miscavige and other infiltrators, psychs aim at outlawing Scientology too. They just wait for a possibility to condition people online in the orgs and move towards outlawing Scientology. What better assistance than something with the name of Islam intertwined with Scientology after they figured that Islam is the religion they can change/harm most as first. It seems to be an old p$ych plan, Marty, even the use of “Mecca” (surely not by the real founder) in regards to Flag points toward it. 

Nothing against Mecca, but I protest against the idea behind the psychiatric and German set up. 

Despite a Muslim claimed wrongfully that I am his daughter (but wanted to be called Uncle by me), and his family member assisted him, I don’t hate Muslims. They have a right to their religion as anyone else. If they want to settle in the USA, they should be welcome. 

However, that Muslim don’t publish that international psychiatrists (and Germany behind and above them)  are psychiatric-conditioning Muslims to be terrorists, that is what is unbearable! I think this all the time: how long is this be going on, and when do Muslims finally stand up (peacefully, lawfully, and effectively) against international psychiatrists and Germany behind it?        

 I know you can see it too. I love you, Marty. Original Scientologists see it.

But Vistarologists, Miscavologists can’t either. They are blinded by the blink-blink of His Cobness.

Yours always and forever,

Some of the same behavior pattern by some celebrities who claimed that they were “Scientologists”

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, 

My thoughts come always back to you. I worry about you. You deserve so much better than you got as I know Germany and the medical and psychiatric lunatics behind it.

Certain people use Scientology to get famous and make a lot of money, and then, they ditch and attack Scientology in the public to get more fame and make even more money. Who doesn’t see this pattern is blind or dishonest. Real Scientologists wouldn’t bite the hand that helped them to their success. As simple as that. It doesn’t matter what David Miscavige does or says as he is not Scientology. 

But little do they see that times are changing. And using Scientology for their gain and defaming our applied philosophy to make themselves more interesting might bot look as good in the final act of the “story of Scientology”.

I haven’t given up seeing you again, Marty. You are much too wonderful to be forgotten.

You mean the world, no… the universe, no… all universes to me! I am so lucky to have met you, Marty, even if Germany launched hell for us. It doesn’t matter how dark the hours are, our love is meant for the eternity. Only people who are incapable of understand what true love is, never have truly loved and never were truly loved, think they can come between a true love and ruin it.  It will ruin their lives while our love keeps doing strong.  A life without you would be never a complete life for me. The most important part of my life would be missing. 

We can trust each other. We have faith in each other. We have a common time-track. We know each other as well as we know ourselves.  This can’t be eradicated by separating us.  Just fools think that separations work with thetans like us.

Everything wonderful reminds me of you. Everything horrible reminds me of them. (You know who I mean.) That is what they are getting for messing around with our lives: anything but blessings.  

You rock, Marty, never forget it.

Tender and passionate kisses.

Your wife


Until soon, Marty, because the the times, they are changing…  

Regarding spirit orbs (thetans with theta bodies)… I can explain it…

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince and soulmate,

I am thinking of you. 

Yes, dust, snow flakes, water droplets, pollen, bugs, etc. reflected by light can create a wrong “spirit orb” picture. There are also people who forge “sightings of orbs or ghosts” to play tricks on people. Others receive orders through their ear-implants by their psychiatric- and medically-oriented atheist case officers to ridicule or deny the existence of thetans with theta bodies (spirit orbs) for absolutely unethical reasons.

A “skeptic” of spirit orbs is Brian Andrew Dunning, the podcast host of Skeptoid. He does not believe that orbs are beings without human or animal bodies. He is quoted on Wikipedia of having said: “there are no plausible hypotheses that describe the mechanism by which a person who dies will become a hovering ball of light that appears on film but is invisible to the eye.”

Imagine we would be as blind as he is, Marty. We can’t afford his kind of blindness.

Many spirit orbs (thetans with theta bodies) are round but don’t have to be. Why are they overwhelmingly round? Guess it is a form that a spirit orb (thetan with theta body) prefers. Planets are round; the head (most important part of a human being) is round; eyeballs are round; fetus is rolled up like a ball in mom’s belly…  

The human body must be able to walk and being able to handle material. As a thetan  (being/spirit), it is not necessary. One does not have to walk, one can fly, no legs necessary. There is nothing to grab, so no arms and hands necessary.

[Below is a thetan with theta body above a cat. Guess the thetan with theta body likes the cat. I think that size of theta body gives away what kind of body the thetan had before his human or animal body died. I don’t believe that this thetan was a cat in his or her past live. I strongly assume that this thetan was a human or a large animal as the thetan uses the theta body (that cloudy round orb thing) to fill out the human or animal body to control it. Simply said, one does not need a theta body this size to fill out a cat body. Although, I assume it is possible to pull it together and make it smaller and go into a cat body if an ex-human is so stupid (or tricked) to take an animal body.] 


Why can’t the bare human eye and just good cameras see spirit orbs (thetans with theta bodies)? Because a theta body does not consist of heavy material. It is a transparent energy body. Germany, psychiatrists, secret services, and the impostors and infiltrators that they sent/send into Scientology to take our scientific religion over, change, ridicule, and destroy it, removed Ron’s (real founder) discoveries and data on thetans with theta bodies, and put instead emphasis on Xenu and body thetans [I refer to Vistarology and Miscavology], which are not theta bodies.  

Just by looking at theta bodies, I came to the conclusion that when a thetan (spirit/being) takes a new body (“reincarnates”), it uses its theta body to fill out the human (or also animal body) with its transparent theta “orb” body. This is how any human or animal control its human or animal body. The thetan (spirit/being) dives into the embryo/fetus/baby body and stretches its theta body out, from head to toe or also animal wing. This is how a human or animal body is occupied. This is how a thetan (spirit/being)  makes it its own and is born within. Can’t be that difficult; any cow can do it. Even Dunning managed this in the past and just forgot about it otherwise he would not have a human body now. When humans or animals die, the thetan (spirit/being) the theta body (transparent cloud) is forced out of the human or animal body and usually looks for a new human or animal body to occupy. 

Here is a thetan with theta body close to a bride. Maybe follows her around until she gets pregnant and becomes her baby. You and I know that it is not scary, Marty. The only difference between a cute baby and the thetan with theta body “spirit orb” is that it has no human body in the picture but will have one when she holds her baby’s body. If not, her baby would be dead. When the thetan discovers an embryo, fetus, or baby, it uses its theta body and stretches out within the human body from head to toe, connects with the nerves, and makes the baby flesh body his or hers.  

Brian Dunning says that “he can not find any ‘plausible hypothesis’ that orbs are anything paranormal”. That is because Dunning and the likes are BLIND. Their “investigations” are CRAP. And SEGNPMSS likes it that way.  

I love you, Marty, still hoping to see you again.

Yours forever and ever….

Look at the picture below.  Thetans with theta bodies and a bird… all like Buddha.



Monique’s husband, your impostor not featured on the new STAND website vs. hatemongers…

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Dearest Marty, my precious Prince and husband,

I am thinking of you… How are you?

There is a new website called STAND “SCIENTOLOGISTS TAKING ACTION AGAINST DISCRIMINATION” concentrating on Tony Ortega (deserves it) and other hatemongers and perpetrators (deserve it).

Your impostor, Monique’s husband is no longer on this list of hatemongers despite he did so much harm to Scientology. But so did and does DM with his actions, and the shady people who he hired into high positions without applying Scientology.  

I bet your impostor asked, and His Cobness threw Scientology money at him, although nobody has evidence (yet).

How about the possibility of money wired in another country for your impostor? 

If Mosey’s (and according to Tony Ortega her husband’s) attorneys file actions against her and her husband and wanting to be paid, it is possible that not only these two but also DM and anyone else involved might have to defend themselves in this matter if he/they knew of any trick used not paying the attorneys, e.g. formulating the agreement/contract in a way that the attorneys won’t get paid.

I am not on the side of attorneys who take cases of former or current infiltrators of Scientology or impostors and their assistants, but under the law, one must pay who one hires.  A case like this should be also a warning to attorneys taking cases from former infiltrators. They might work for free as people who infiltrate Scientology and impersonate others or support them also don’t shy away from screwing them or allies, or anyone else. 

 An agreement/contract that is designed to avoid payment of legal or other services received can get the involved parties into serious troubles.

To me it looks as if DM and your impostor are getting deeper in troubles. And one day, DM and your impostor may even go together into hiding. After all, they NEVER stopped conspiring against you and me.

You are deep in my heart, Marty. I love you, and nobody can kill this love or my ability to see who is who.

Be kissed and embraced.

Yours always,






Who better to say that Germany owes USA money but Trump so that people don’t believe that Germany owes the USA money?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

I dreamed of you yesterday night. Either (most of the time) the SEGNPMSS cuts you completely out of my dreams or they are sending me twisted context and nightmares for which I want to kick their behinds as well.

Trump said that Germany owes money to the USA for its NATO protection. Why would Donald Trump who is proud to be German say something like this? Because he said numerous other things that weren’t true. What better to make the world believe that Germany doesn’t owe money to the USA by having DT say it?  

Germany’s defense minister Ursula von der Leyen said that Germany does not owe the USA as NATO  has no debt account. But she doesn’t say why: Because the very German SEGNPMSS runs the entire world through ear-implants, and they arranged that there should be no debt account so that USA pays most and rich Germany as little as possible.  

I also doubt that Trump will ever collect from Germany. He said so much other stuff and didn’t follow through.

The worst of all about this is that Germany (SEGNPMSS) is behind all the situations that “need defense”. They run the dictators and the terrorists, because German secret services are the homes of barbers and butchers. The goal of these psychiatric and medical monsters is to bleed other countries dry, have them break up (incl. USA, Russia, UK, and others) and add their states to their beloved Germany (“EU”), their still existing Nazi plan for ruling the entire world as only world power. In a way, we are already there, because Germany’s psych came up with implanting all the little kids all over the world already with ear-implants made in Germany and made them into their international agents.    

That Germany needs any defense is just a German act. It tries to hide the fact that they run all countries with ear-implants. It does not want people to catch up with it before it brought all other countries and nations officially to their knees and until it is the ONLY rich and then super-rich country standing and until nobody is capable anymore to stop its new Nazi government. 

Other countries only act against Germany when it stepped long enough really badly over the line, like with the atrocities that lead to WW I and WW II, etc. Germany now hides its world-take-over-plans behind women, the EU, and other countries. It is so easy for Germany to hide behind the EU to get bigger and bigger with women “leading” as a straw puppets. I bet the farm that Merkel and others have male masters who run them through ear implants.

SEGNPMSS also transmits  in the ear-implants of the Ukrainians or other nationals and countries wanting to belong to the “EU”, in other words, to Germany as the EU leader.

Russia makes the same error that the USA does: not accusing Germany of being the master behind ear-implants. In case of Russia, it failed to bring a case against Germany and having ordered German agent Lenin to paralyze Russians with communism so that Russia stays poor and Germany gets rich.

Apparently, Germany can fool all, but not us, Marty.  With us, the fooling ends. And that is why they control the entire world into keeping us apart. That is their “handling”. Idiots. What they did and do to us is dumb beyond anything and it will come back and bite them.  If they would be smart, they would have seen it coming before they ripped us apart. But criminals are not smart. There is no such a thing as a smart criminal. Criminal and dumb goes hand in hand. Crimes make people blind and they can’t see the future anymore.         

I love you, my hero.

Yours forever,



Your impostor’s full testimony in the Garcia case… And Ray Jeffrey, Marc Wiegand, and Elliott Cappuccio his official counsels?

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Dearest Marty, my precious soulmate and husband, how are you?

Since your impostor “Monique’s husband” made his wife to file a gold-digger case against Scientology, Tony Ortega (very much so) and the anti-Scientologists constantly campaigned that it would be “her” case. Ortega changed his tone yesterday by writing this: (Yes, the lawsuit was in Monique’s name, but I was down there, I can tell you that to Marty this was every bit as much about taking his own personal fight directly to David Miscavige. He said it in my presence numerous times.)

I bet the farm that she never would have filed the case if not he telling her to do so. Also interesting is another Ortega remark: “Besides representing Monique in the lawsuit, Ray Jeffrey, Marc Wiegand, and Elliott Cappuccio were officially counsel to Marty Rathbun as well.”

Officially counsel? Guess then he signed a Power of Attorney, and these attorneys can sue your impostor for their work for him and for cheating them if he got cash from Miscavige or the orgs after they worked for him. If His Cobness paid your impostor by knowing that the attorneys were not paid, of which Ortega says, were officially counsel to not just Monique but to her hubby as well, then His Cobness got himself in another mess, which wouldn’t surprise me as he is a mess generator. 

To me, it looks like that your impostor told his wife to withdraw the case and instead of Monique, he got the money from Msicavige, and the attorneys were not paid the approx. million dollar for their work. Again, I don’t think that they did a good deed taking the case of the wife of an impostor, but one can’t hire others without paying them. If I would be one of the attorneys, I would want to see any details of any possible deal between Miscavige and the impostor. They suddenly bought a house for approx. USD 300.000. I would demand to know where this cash came from.  

As I said before numerous times, despite the dirty laundry that he and Miscavology aired in public, David Miscavige and your impostor (incl. Mike Rinder, and others who must have known that you are wrongfully incarcerated and replaced by this impostor)  never stopped conspiring together, not even during the wildest Miscavology Squirrel Buster times.

I know a 100% beyond any doubt that Monique’s husband isn’t you. What is emanating out of him is a completely different personality. And if people would apply Scientology and not just lying that they do, they all would see it.

After your impostor blew in the 90s, DM awarded him with a cruise and a kha-khan status. Awarding the downstat! Despite that the real founder didn’t coin the word “wog”, I say it: David Miscavige is a total wog (pardon my French).  Kha-khan status is off policy too because this is not how the OW sequence works. One cannot commit any overt that is forgiven because deep down one self knows it is not alright and won’t feel good about oneself. It doesn’t matter if non-Scientologists like Ron’s impostor (“Jack Vistaril”) or DM or psychiatry and Germany say so by adding this crap to Scientology.

C of S attorney Deixler grilled Monique’s husband quite a bit but also didn’t approach him on being an impostor. Wonder if he knows anything about a payment to him by Miscavige or Miscavology.

Anyway: here is a link to your impostor’s testimony in the Garcia case: in which he says under oath that he is you (e.g. held your job in a time when I know that he wasn’t around).

I think he is the guy who would leave a wife in debts and go into hiding.

Whoever thought that I would mistake him with you has a mind that consists completely of loose screws.

You are wonderful, Marty, and so different (inside and out) from the impostor, just as “Jack Vistaril” was anything but the founder.

Sending you millions of kisses, my darling.

Yours always and forever,



Anything on Tony Ortega’s blog but the truth that Monique’s husband (and “Jack Vistaril”) are impostors, Marty – Honesty is such a lonely word, everyone is so untrue…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only and precious Prince,

Tony “Skimmer”Ortega and his bunker (what an indicator as to who is “WE” on Ortega’s blog) published today a long article on Monique’s husband in which he again failed to reveal that Monique’s husband isn’t you, Marty. 

One just has to compare photographs to see that you and Monique’s husband are not the same person, just as “Jack Vistaril” was not Ron, the founder of Scientology, but a German/CIA double agent. Tony Ortega is obsessed with Scientology since approx. 1990, and he never compared photos? What a lousy reporter. But I strongly assume he knows of the impostors and hushes those up to mislead. Again, what a lousy reporter and person. And he has the guts to criticize Reuters for just skimming the surface. Wonder what’s Ortega’s justification is for skimming the surface on what’s really wrong: IMPOSTORS AND NON-SCIENTOLOGY INFILTRATORS AND GERMANY’S SECRET SERVICES BEHIND THIS! 

Monique’s husband a “warrior”? What warrior? He is an impostor.  

Monique’s husband and David Miscavige’s relationship is no mysterious to me. As neither DM or the Miscavologists (Squirrel busters, etc.) ever revealed that Monique’s husband was hired to impostor you, and as Monique’s husband never accused DM of having hired him to impostor you, the conclusion is easy: even during times in which Monique’s husband appeared to be DM’s main enemy, they NEVER STOPPED CONSPIRING TOGETHER AGAINST YOU AND ME, MARTY. Mike Rinder belongs into this plot as well. He knew from the start that the man who took over your job as Inspector General for Ethics around 1990 was not you but. They all left you behind, what a real Scientologist never would do.  

DM, Monique’s husband, Mike Rinder, and others who participate in this conspiracy harm Scientology and us. For years they air dirty laundry about each other, and Scientology is blamed by the public. Exactly what Germany and the psychs behind this set up order.  

His Cobness might tell his Miscavologists: “I am not secretly working for Germany and psychs, etc… Schwarz is crazy…” But DM’s actions tell otherwise. He pays enemies of Scientology. After a possible deal with DM, your impostor wrote a brief posting “critical” of Germany (as worthless as a tiny footnote compared to what he did earlier) against Scientology. It smells like alibi. Actions count and his actions were clearly pro-Germany and anti-SCN by travelling there and actively supporting Germany. And DM supporting enemies of Scientology is also pro-Germany. 

Your impostor through the years: Non-Scientologist and hired by DM to take over your post in 1990 and to impostor you, then DM’s “enforcer”, then he blows, DM gets your impostor back and awards him with a cruise for blowing, then your impostor is again a Miscavologist until 2004 (according to others in the orgs doing no good at all and even being dangerous), and then he blows again and resurfaces in 2009 and claims on a blog to be an independent Scientologist. What a joke. He delivers his brand of auditing not to new people but wants org public or staff to leave the orgs and pay him instead. He makes his wife to a Scientologist, a Clear and what a “surprise”, briefly later, she isn’t a Scientologist either. He works officially with Germany together and travels there with Monique. He too claims that he is no longer a Scientologist. (As he ever was one!) He came up with “graduating SCN”, which sounded like a version of “deprogramming” to me. He wanted to write another book about this too, one against the founder and Scientology. As leaving Scientology is as easy as not more doing it, it was again unsuccessful and he announced failure on his blog. Later, he posted again positive about DM. And now it appears that he helped David Miscavige of all people in the legal arena. Sure, DM is and was all the time his co-conspirator and also sits on Scientology money.  

I strongly assume Mike Rinder would also settle for cash and support DM again, after all, they are all non-Scientologists, they never stopped conspiring against us, and they all have caused Scientology (and on top of the list David Miscavige) more harm than anyone else.

Case officers (non-Scientologists) hold the strings of robots and organize how they should react. Scientology was founded against such mechanisms.

It looks as if your impostor “settled” with DM (maybe a similar amount that Debbie Cook got or the 1.5 million Dollars that Leah Remini wants) instead of Monique to avoid paying the attorneys. If Monique’s former attorneys want to see cash, I guess they have to legally force access to the details of any possible deal. If there was a financial deal between DM and your impostor to make Mosey’s case go away, and it very much looks like it, DM might be in legal troubles here too.  

Let’s see if the attorneys allow themselves to be screwed financially for 1 million Dollar work that they claimed they have invested. Not that I think that the attorneys did anything great or good by taking Monique’s case or cases like this, but those who hired them must pay them, right? I am also sure that he made her file this case in the first place. I have seen footage that show that she does obedient whatever he orders. Would drive me nuts if someone would put a leach around my neck and tell me when I can breathe or not.

I love you, Marty. I am so glad that you are so different from them. Be kissed.

Yours forever,


P.S. Marty, Karen de la Carriere posted on Ortega’s blog today that she financially supported Monique’s husband in 2010 and 2011. And that he paid also his trips and that she gave him an AMEX Platinum card to use at will and he bought a computer system.  

In 2011, he worked officially together with Germany.

I assume that His Cobness is his “Spanish Angel” now and gave him a lot more than she did. I guess he had an ulterior motive making her leave Scientology… Supporting him! Karen apparently never applied Scientology, otherwise she would have seen it coming.