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Higgs boson is not God and the universe was created without the large hadron collider in Geneva

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince,

I had a weird day. I figured that my plumber overcharged me 100 bucks. I complained to his partner so the culprit gave me the 100 bucks back in form of a check . And today I was stuck with a real software problems  for work and contracted a big headache. Took me all afternoon to debug that mess until it worked. I’ve got things to do all over the weekend and into next week, and a friend wants me to visit her sale  tomorrow. Have to juggle my time…       

And the Higgs boson is again in the news. I am very interested in any news about the universe but I doubt that scientists who are controlled through ear-implants will ever find the most important information on the planet. If the Higgs boson is explained, all they got is how to get a little energy that lasts for a fraction of a second and sometimes has a spark that contains a “god particle”, the particle that they need to  understand in regards of how particles acquire mass and experience forces.     

They are not 100% but just 99.9999999999999 sure that they found the boson.

They work with this monstrous thing to generate the boson. You and I know that God didn’t work with that instrument in Geneva and the universe wasn’t created with it:

If particles indeed acquire mass and experience forces through highest speed acceleration, the next question is, how did the author of the universe do it? Where did the acceleration come from generating so much energy that it created a universe full of planets when all they are getting is a little spark once in a while using a monstrous device that is  so small that they still are not sure what it is?

And they know as little as before. These people don’t even know that they are thetans who always existed. They don’t even know themselves. And there is where everyone should start who wants to understand the universe.  

I love you and kiss you many times, Marty. Hope to see you soon.

Sweet dreams!

Yours forever,