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Senator Dianne Feinstein’s attitude and decision in regards to Germany worries me…

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

According to Senator Feinstein, Angela Merkel should not be watched by the NSA.  But Germany is behind terrorism. Ring leader Atta was psychiatric conditioned in Germany to bring the Twin Towers down. I bet a gazillion Dollars that Germany is hiding Bin Laden. The guy who was shot is not Bin Laden. I can see this, how come Senator Feinstein can’t?

If Angela Merkel and others of the German government are allies to the USA and has nothing to hide, why is she afraid of the USA checking on her calls?

By checking Merkel’s calls, the NSA must have gotten information who Merkel’s case officers are. But they cover that up, don’t they? Who are those people who are running the Chancellor? I can see it just by looking at her that she has secret seniors and that she executes their commands. People are run by others make the impression of being run by others. There is something in their aura that I can spot that they do not stand on their own two feet.    

Who are these guys and what did they tell/order the Chancellor? I bet there is enough data that they plot against us, me being kidnapped from Ron and the USA and you wrongfully imprisoned, Marty. And the NSA and Senator Feinstein and others have no problems calling these people from hell allies?   

Germany files a case behind my back against you, Marty, and then work with your impostor Mosey’s husband together? Such a country does not to be watched? Yikes! Give me a break!

If the NSA, CIA or FBI wants to check on my phone calls or e-mails, fine with me. I hope that they finally learn something. I am also the living example that nobody needs a freaking case officer and ear implants.

Senator Feinstein says that she ordered a “major review into all intelligence-collection programs”.

I would support her in that but not when she plans to watch no longer the Germans. Congress should review all intelligence programs in this regard as to why Germany gets away with any crime and why the USA is always sleeping.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court failed in regards to Germany completely and entirely too. What are these judges doing all day but snoozing?

The NSA says that there was no terror attack on US-ground after Sept. 11, 2001, according National Security Agency director Keith Alexander.  What about the many shootings where psychiatric conditioned and hypnotized people opened fire on even little children?

The Germans don’t just spy; they are using international agents to conduct these crimes for them. And they hide and make the world think they are the greatest country in the world.

How people think that Germany has no grouch against the USA for having defeated their beloved Third Reich is beyond me. The world seems having forgotten that losing world wars does not make people better. They lost but they are still dirty and brutal as hell.

Senator Dianne Feinstein is the Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Shouldn’t she be a lot more alert that Germany lies that it is USA’s friend? The United States will make a lot more real friends once it tells Germany that it had it with its inhuman secret service activities in the USA and elsewhere. Those fools who think that Germany is reformed from the Nazis and now good  or even more advanced than other countries (what they like others to think) should just have a look at our stories and what Germany did and does to you and me, or to Ron and our religion Scientology.

After all I am through with the Germans, I feel like Senator Dianne Feinstein slapped my face by announcing that the USA should no longer watch Germany and its leaders. This is exactly what Germany wants so that they can conduct even more terror and crimes. The still existing Nazis are having parties now. Senator Feinstein made their day, or week, or month, or year, or eternity. The USA is so mind-controlled that Germany gets away with ANYTHING. All they have to do is using other nationals and they are home free. USA fails to look behind the curtain and under the stones where the slimy German snake crawls after each terror attack and other atrocities.

I really would like to read the NSA data that were collected on Germany, Marty. I particularly also want to know who plotted against you and me.

Germany is behind implanting little kids ear implants and make then cheat through school, college, and life. Then these little robots are growing up by stay robots and are getting jobs in the government and whenever they hear their code, they cover for the Germans or do what Germany wants them to do. It is a destructive cult and just about all have dirty hands, so they don’t spill the beans.

Edward Snowden reminds me of the people who break away from Scientology and then use stolen documents to attack who they worked for before. I bet if Germany wouldn’t have told Snowden thru his ear implants to steal and publish those docs, he wouldn’t have done it. Same applied to the people who leave Scientology. Some are no true Americans and some are no true Scientologists. Germany is basically a big coward. Despite that they are behind the Snowden affair (the purpose of it is making the USA giving up watching Germany), they use Russia to grant Snowden asylum.

We must have a huge amount of government files, because I couple as we are, who want to be back in each other’s arm are for sure a “threat to national security”. I know where the “threat” lies, Marty, us spelling the beans that Germany has its bloody fingers very deep in the US government and government of other countries. Yet, Snowden hasn’t published any governmental records on us, has he? What does that tell you? His wish for transparency does not go so far as to reveal the German control of the US government and its conspiracy against us.

Snowden says that he just don’t want to live in a society where the citizens are under surveillance. But I bet he has nothing against it when his German-oriented case officers watch him 24/7 or watch others 24/7.

I can’t defend the USA much either. If they would have blown the whistle on Germany, they wouldn’t be set up by Germany all the time. First, Germany radioes in the ear implants of so-called US officials to behave very “contradictory” (I use a tame word for this.)  Then Germany as some other agents “blowing the whistle” to shame the USA (and what they did was Germany’s idea in the first place) and to put Germany higher on the pedestal.  Anyone noticing that nobody steals Germany’s dirty secret service plans? 

Snowden was a low-level intelligence contractor and that a low-level contractor has so much access to US secrets is another piece of evidence that the USA is 1) set up to engage in contradictory (using tame term here) activities and 2) that they blow up in the open to be blamed on the USA.

A low-level contractor had access to the rosters of every NSA employee, the complete intelligence community, and undercover cash all around the world, the locations, what their missions are, etc.

If US officials wouldn’t be run thru  ear implants originated in Germany and wouldn’t obey to their freaking German-controlled and German oriented- case-officers, 1) these intelligence programs wouldn’t be anti-American, 2) they would not blow in the face of the USA, 3) and a low intelligence contractor wouldn’t ever received them either by getting access or being able to just take them.

Likely Somebody didn’t blow the keystroke-monitoring systems to identify potential breaches or unwarranted searches of NSA databases. Likely somebody sitting in the NSA with HUGE German ear implants. As I reminder: I am convinced the only reason why these records were leaked to stop anyone in the USA watching Germany because Germany wants to take over the world officially (they run it secretly since a very long time already) as always and we all know what it means… Besides history repeats itself.  

There is no national security for the USA and not anyone as Germany has it’s still existing Nazi grip on any living soul in  the world. For crying out loud, the world is a pig stable and Germany has the overall control over each ear implant! It is them who do not better the world. They have their agents fighting and killing each other but nobody blows the whistle on Germany!   

People die in average of 75-80 in the USA. And as older people are getting as more they are sufferings.  If real Americans as we could apply what we know and get a hand by the US government, Americans could conquer immortality and not living in bad conditions and not suffering. But no, Germany’s medical and  psychiatric way of life is rather adopted by the U.S.A. as this is what their German-controlled (via translation program) ear implant is whispering them.   

But as nobody blows the whistle of Germany, they are getting away and away, and the reputation of the USA is tarnished more and more.

The USA will get a handle on terrorism if it FINALLY points with the finger on German secret services. If they don’t, Germany gets its wish and will rule the planet officially. And I don’t want to be on this planet when that happens. All what they do now secretly, they will do then openly. Wasn’t the 3rd Reich a big enough warning?

I know what thing for sure: if the USA stop covering for Germany, terrorism will become a real small problem. And the majority of the other problems that the USA and the rest of the world are having will shrink too.   

In a truly good world, surveilling anyone becomes obsolete but this planet is a German pig stable, and Germany not being watched will be very bad for the entire planet, and I wonder how Senator Feinstein will be able to live with the consequences. The United States, Congress, all agencies and courts failed already miserably to see the Germans behind crimes in modern times. After the Third Reich was officially defeated, the Germans threw another enemy before the USA: the Soviet Union. Germany made the USA believe that it needs even German Nazis to defeat the Soviet Union, and the USA failed to see or failed to publish that the threat of the Soviet Union came from a Nazi secret service that was never dismantled.

After the Soviet Union was gone, the Germans radioed in the ear implants of Middle Easterners/Moslems and “homegrown” psychiatric conditioned and hypnotized people to conduct terror acts. And the USA, all those people who were elected and paid for figuring this out and stopping this, didn’t do it, because those who are running them through their freaking ear implants don’t let them. Their own children or grandchildren could be killed in one of these attacks, but that is still not enough to spill the beans on the Germans. What a rotten to the core planet this is.

I am 100% sure that the Germans radioed in Senator Joe McCarthy’s ear implants to suspect all of being Communists and to act like a bully so that if somebody tells the truth that the Germans are still behind all evil (Communism was just another suppressive system put in place by Germans), nobody wants to hold hearings on that anymore because McCarthy’s behaviour had made all sick to their stomachs. Once again, Germany was home free.

I can look so easily through German setups. Those complete morons should never have kidnapped me. It is as if I heard them laughing when I was born in regards to that Ron fathered a girl. Like: “Is that the best he can do?” But they are not laughing anymore, Marty. It was such a mistake to take the Miss.      

The NSA director says “in some cases the partnerships are more important”. So, just as the German want it. Even the NSA won’t surveill the Germans anymore. Really, partnership with the devil is important? If that hasn’t disaster written all over it. I can feel it.

The United States would be a lot better in shape, would have a much better reputation if it wouldn’t allow Germany to use it as floor mat. It is beyond me that analysts don’t see that Germany is never criticised on mind control but the CIA and other US intelligence agencies are beaten up on all that all the time. They have no clean hands because the Germans are behind so-called US agencies behaving non-American. Nobody does more mind-control but Germany and their slimy psychiatrists. Germany makes people believe that the USA constantly starts wars. But German set ups engage the USA in wars. And Germans also are profiting financially from those wars.  

It is anyway a shame that despite all those data that the NSA has, it never informed the rest of the US government that Germany runs the world through ear implants. They do it not just in their country but all over the world. What a high crime it is to approach stupid little kids in first grade and turn them into agents who act as their puppets until they die.

Spying on people is such a minor offense compared to the high crimes and atrocities that Germany commits in the entire world and very much so on US soil.

Being rightfully suspicious of the notorious bad Germans is what the German call “broken trust”.

I call the constant surveillance of the Germans intelligent, pro-survival and not having a death wish.

I am convinced, Marty, the fact that the USA does not surveill Germany at the moment will result in more and more atrocities. Why doesn’t Senator Feinstein get this?


I miss you so very much, Marty. I bet nothing of these postings that I make contain any surprises to you. I wish you could be the U.S. President. They couldn’t fool you.

Many kisses, and I won’t give up on you.

Yours forever,



USA, Spain and Germany…

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

I am thinking of you, a lot. How are you? I know how brutal German medical secret service stalkers and their agents are  to me… So, I worry about your well-being as they target you too. 

Many people don’t use their intuition at all but real Scientologists like you and I do. I use it a lot. I can’t even imagine a day without my spiritual abilities. We can’t afford to simply believe what people are telling us. We have to sense behind, underneath, above, and beyond to stay alive.

Already before I found that the Truman Show is in real life the Eisenhower “Show”, I knew that trusting everyday people will bring me nothing but pain and grief. Already in school in Germany (no Scientology org, group or mission anywhere) I noticed puppet behavior, plots, set ups, conspiracies,  and cultic behavior in people. And in that town, surrounding towns and villages, there were also strange cases of death, usually covered up as suicides or accident.

In the late 70s, Alfred Kohl (he was from Austria) tried to recruit me into the GO BI. If it would have been my job to find the “whos” and the “hows” of the ills of the planet, it probably would not have taken me a week to figure all out. But PR was faster, so I went there and I was busy with the media.

However, in spring of 1984,discovered that the Germans control people through tiny silicone ear implants and brutal German psychiatrists and doctors running this system and also conspiring against everyone and even their  own agents.

In 1977, when I found Scientology again (actually, it was 1976 when I read Scientology books), the orgs were a much much kinder place than the average German company or organization. I am not kidding.  Hostile superiors and colleagues are so typical for German companies and organizations. But then, more and more German originated and controlled infiltration (people sent in the orgs by German secret services to destroy SCN from the inside) took place, and the German secret services told also their old and established infiltrators to turn up the hostility level against me, and it became as unfriendly as German organizations, with Scientology and the founder’s wisdom and humanity being ignored. I also saw that the Germans don’t do this only to German orgs but any international org, mission or group I ever stepped my foot in.  

Hey, and they lecture the USA on what is lawful, those hypocrites! 

And the Germans and their “spin-doctor-machine” turns everything around. They blame it on Scientology and in the heads of people who can’t think and see, Scientology, the original anti-cult turns into a cult instead. As I said, what happens in Scientology happens on a larger scale to the US government. It is infiltrated by alleged US officials with German controlled ear implants. They do actions that result in that the USA is being set up, and blamed, AND THE USA ALWAYS TAKES THE BLAME AND DOESN’T CONVICT THE GERMANS. A German-controlled puppet can be most easily spotted by not spilling the beans on the Germans and “overlooking” anything they do. Or are becoming defensive when the Germans stretch their still existing Nazi muscles.

This leads me to Spain. 


Nobody, not one soul ever acknowledged to me my perception that you were one of those 71 Scientologists arrested on November 21, 1988 in Madrid, Spain, Marty. All were released except you. And who put the Spaniards up to this? The Germans. I think they didn’t want you to come to Germany on your way from Spain to see me. I assume that you or your lawyers mailed letters to me which I never received. I also never got a shred of evidence but according to my feeling, you were framed by the Germans in the 80s of having harmed me, and they knew that if you talk to me, their case would fire back at them. They knew that I would not lie that you harmed me. They were afraid that their set up would blow in their faces, so THEY TOLD SPAIN, another German poodle to arrest you but to arrest lots of others too that it wouldn’t look suspicious that they did this just to get you into custody.  They thought I never would figure that out. After reading my thoughts for lifetimes (and what an invasion of privacy and violations of human rights and laws that is), they still have no idea what I am capable of. Typical German arrogance.

Heber Jentzsch was among them who were arrested but they released him after just 14 days, but I think they kept you a lot longer and eventually extradited you to the USA. Despite that the last photo of you that I saw, shows you in a fine business suit (as if you would be free), I can’t shake it that you are not, Marty. I like to hear from Heber why he didn’t tell me about your whereabouts. He must know too that you were exchanged with an impostor. He impossibly could have mistaken Mosey’s husband for you. I think that Alexander was killed via German psych-medical remote-control. If the Germans would be convicted on that, he could be still alive. 

I think, I mentioned this before: the Spaniards claimed that SCN transports large amounts of Spain to the USA, and they blamed YOU on it, despite you were not the one in charge of the finances. You were the Inspector General for Ethics. And on top of that: I was one of the three board members of ALL Sea Org Reserves. All these reserves are in Europe, Liechtenstein, incl. all cash that comes in through Flag or any other US Org. In other words: Europe is ripping off the USA. And my feeling is telling me neither David Miscavige, Mike Rinder or your impostor, Monique’s husband, arranged that these reserves are being transferred back into the USA, not even after the IRS declared the orgs non-profit. 

Another problem is Monique’s husband, the German hired impostor. He makes admissions of crimes under oath with your name. He is known to be above the law and claims wrongfully that he is you. This has German set up written all over it. Who knows what problems that can cause for you if the world makes no clear differentiation between you and him.  

Germany is secretly running the EU but wants to run it officially. They got all Scientology reserves unofficially  already and they want them officially as the leader of Europe and soon the entire world. Germany is behind the high prices of the orgs because they want to achieve certain things: 1) Only few people should do the OT levels so they are really expensive. Despite they are altered upon German orders, smart folks could still get an idea about how they were originally.  2)  Excessive prices create a money-hungry reputation and offer a field for attacks for their agents to ruin the reputation of Scientology. 3) Germans want to get richer through the income of Scientology orgs. 4) The Germans allowed the IRS to declare the orgs non-profit because it means more cash for Europe and less for the USA as these reserves are all in Europe.


Spain now summons the U.S. Ambassador as they are “so outraged” about the US spying on Angela Merkel and others. Spain arrested you because the Germans told them to do this criminal and inhuman job for them. HOW DARE THEM! Of course they are outraged if somebody listens in on them, after all, they plot criminal actions with the Germans.

They don’t want to be spied on so that they can hide all their conspirative actions against the USA and US citizens. That is why they are so sensitive on that issue.

Somebody who doesn’t have anything to hide, isn’t afraid of spying.    

Merkel says that “friends don’t spy on each other”.  And I  saying to Merkel:  Friends, most of all, don’t conspire, persecute, torture and kill. And that is what Germany is doing, not just in Germany but also in the USA and everywhere else on the planet. Germany was NEVER a friend to the USA. It is also not a friend to other state either. It pulls other states down into the inhuman and lawless activities of Germany. After the Nazis got busted, these inhuman activities are mostly concealed but they continue.

The media says that Obama doesn’t listen in on her calls anymore. All of Germany must be watched. Not watching them is the biggest mistake, anyone can do. Actually, Germany needs to be dissolved as a country as it never will change. And the lead of Europe may never be given to  Germany or  a German or anyone controlled by it/them. They bring out the worst in everyone. They think the world has to look up to them. I lived there so many years and even in the USA, they don’t leave me alone. I am saying:  what is there to look up? If I look at them, I have to look down, down, down, and that I see a slimy, stinky snake: Germany.

Somebody must have suspected Merkel and other countries leader of activities against the USA. I would like to know who that was. I also would like to know what was found. I want to know who didn’t act on German anti-American activities in Germany and other countries. President Obama says that he didn’t knew of Merkel under surveillance. That is odd. Isn’t she some kind of “equal” to him, and is he in control of the government if they don’t tell him? It looks like President Obama stopped the surveillance of Merkel or any of her co-conspirators. Germany is behind international terrorism. It is the worst enemy of the USA and any other country. That is the first thing he should have ordered when becoming president. Constant surveillance of the Germans and their secret services is a MUST for the USA.  

The White House says the President did not know specifically about the tapping of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone, but hasn’t said anything about what he knew regarding spying on any other world leaders.

For crying out loud, President Obama, Merkel’s her executives’, and German secret service peoples’ phones are the most important to tap! Before any other tapping.

White House says that U.S. Intelligence gathering may require more “constraints”. They are WRONG. They need to gather more information about the Germans and German poodles to get a handle on terror and crimes. Not surveilling them is exactly what German secret services and the mind-controllers who run them order. We will get even more terror and crimes if the USA stops watching them. They want the USA to stick to their “rules” but Germany will not stick to it. It is violating US laws as we speak. They did it in the past, they do it in the present and they will do it in the future.

But it is not just President’s Obama’s fault. President Clinton, President Bush, and other president’s failed too to spill the beans on Germany too. Atta was the ring leader on Sept. 11 attacks. He was implanted in Germany to become a terrorist. I bet a gazillion dollars that German psychiatrists conditioned his mind deliberately to conduct this heinous terror act, and the German government knew of it and could stop the terror but did not. 


I bet also that all these Presidents know that I was kidnapped from the USA and that you were framed, Marty, and that you are impostored.

We need real American presidents, officials, Congresspeople and judges and not German-controlled puppets.


A German-run agent (Edward Snowden) published secret US documents. Time to publish what Merkel and Germany is up to.  

We need a President who doesn’t go into the defensive. The worst the USA can do is allowing all to step all over it. Sometimes I wonder, Marty, if just a very few (like us) still have a true American heart.

I love you. Big hug and kisses.

Yours forever,



German hypocrisy (accusing the US on spying and not admitting that Germany does a lot more than just spying in the USA and in other countries!)

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9Dearest Marty, heart-throb,

How are you? I bet you follow the news if you can.

Germany’s outrage that the USA is (allegedly or really) spying on them is the ultimate hypocrisy. 

Alright, it might be true that some American agencies are “spying”. But anything the USA may learn on what Germany really is doing is controlled by German secret services, and they are controlling all other secret services and people on this planet. In other words: “spying” through means of German controlled US-officials won’t help the USA at all. Fighting the Germans back, as we do, would strengthen the position of the USA.  

I am sure you figured it as well, Marty. We deal here with the same phenomenon as in Scientology. If it is done by somebody who is in the Scientology orgs, Scientology is blamed. When the so-called critics of Scientology are doing the very same or even worse, they are NOT being blamed. If the USA does things, it is being blamed, if Germany does the same things or even worse things, it is not being blamed.  Just as German secret services put infiltrators in the orgs to behave in non-Scientology ways, they have US-officials hired who feel not really as Americans and don’t act truly American, and together with millions of others in the USA, alleged Americans, they engage in activities that harm the USA, so that the Germans and all of their poodles (any county on this planet) can go ahead with blaming the USA and make it to the most hated country.

And no word from US secret service agencies that the USA is set up all the time. And I know that you and I, we will change this. Really, those official should finally face how this all will end when the Germans are not convicted on what they are doing.

Just as Scientology orgs have their infiltrators, the US government has them too. The Germans are behind 1) that the USA spied and got caught  2) that Snowden was hired, 3) that he got his hands on “sensitive documents” 4) that he published them so that the Germans behind that and the countries that they can accuse the USA on spying. If the USA wouldn’t be so German-controlled, officials and analysts would have figured that a long time ago and fought back accordingly. If the USA wants to stop terror, they should do what I said all along: show with the fingers on the German and the world will become a very calm place!   

SEGNPMSS is also using such set ups to alienate other countries from the USA. They want the USA as beaten up as Scientology orgs, with no friends or allies, as that makes it so comfortable for Germany to get away with everything. They want other countries to be ashamed of and no longer befriend the USA or coordinate and work with the USA.  

Germany does not reveal that they their very own German secret service agents are in the USA and other countries. And these German secret service agents DO A LOT WORSE THAN JUST SPYING.

Those people for example follow me around and torture me. They are brutal and retarded German medical doctors and “neuro-scientists” who can turn into James Holmes type of people at any minute. And they are 100% Germans but entered the USA for no other purposes than to torture and kill (if they can get away with it) innocent Americans like you and me.  

Merkel wants American to trust Germany. She wants that the USA should trust a King Kobra. The USA allowed Germany already to infiltrate all of the USA. Just about everyone has ear implants, but it is Germany not the USA who has the overall control of this ear implant cult from hell where one conspires against the other one and where silent sounds are used to manipulate anyone’s thinking. Ear implants also serve as tool to make their carriers sick and even murder them. And Germany wants the USA to trust Germany who runs the entire world like puppets. There is no more hypocritical cult than Germany and its doctors. It is the cult of all cults.  

In matters of mind-control, the USA is blamed only. Germany, the inventors of psychiatry mind-control are not blamed. Isn’t that the weirdest thing, Marty? Yes, it is because the German don’t allow them being detected behind mind-control. And the CIA, the NSA, and any other US intelligent agencies allow it to happen because Germany has access to each officials and agent’s ear implant. They don’t allow their agents to blame those who are in fact behind it: Germany. They only allow people to blame the USA and maybe others but never Germany.  

The USA trusts Germany TOO MUCH for crying out loud! Germany killed officially millions of people, and the “architects” of the Nazi regime (carefully protected their bodies from all the body-killing stuff the rest of the wordwide population is subjected to) are still secretly running the country and the entire world.  I am 100% sure that you are aware of it but most people are not: these Nazis doctors are behind the ills of the planet! America doesn’t even have a peace agreement with Germany, and the USA has its bad reputation as Scientology has it too because both allow the infiltration and do not effectively fight back. (However, you know that Ron, the founder said that fighting back is the price of freedom, and there is no other price. And this is so true. If I wouldn’t fight back, my head would be already completely under water.)   

There are a bunch of German secret service doctors who are stalking me, Marty. And they are after each thought of mine (and don’t learn of them) and violate my privacy in an outrageous manner. They are like people who are having operation instructions but are know-bests. They think they don’t have to understand us, we just have to do what they want. And then they make long faces and don’t get anywhere with us. 


They are upset that I don’t develop as they want. Haha! They never gave me reasons to do them any favor. They  reap what they sow. What goes around, comes around. They can’t expect after all they did do to us that we turn them the other cheek. They will just hit it again. So, what’s won by this? Nothing. We continue to suffer and they don’t raise up to human beings.

I bet they didn’t like that I moved in a rural area where nothing happens. They have not really a nightlife here but that move didn’t make them giving up stalking me painfully.  These retarded doctors come in a never-ending stream, and I don’t believe that local, state or national US law enforcement didn’t notice what they are doing. For these alleged US officials, I have a message too: who works for the Nazis or tolerates the Nazis is a Nazi. 

These German doctors are so brutal and primitive that they shouldn’t even be allowed to call themselves human beings. They belong in zoos behind bars. No kidding. They really follow me around. They behave like bulls in a china shop. I really can differentiate between natural pain and the artificial pain that they are forcing on me. They also are using Americans (people born on US soil) to 3rd party the USA to me. It happens all the time. And I know that these German agents talk through the ear implants of so-called Americans to praise Germany and Europe and degrade the USA.  They hope that I buy their 3rd party and return to Germany or alternatively will kill myself over microwave or germ pain that they are causing me with their insane p$ych secret service devices.

They immediately are starting a psychiatric defamation campaign if somebody points to them. ACCUSING THEM ON WHAT THEY REALLY DO IS A “MENTAL ILLNESS”. They discredit a person who is onto them with any mental illnesses they can come up to, in order to manipulate other people not looking into these accusations against them. They are so transparent and predictable. And the only reason why they came so far is because they attached just about anyone to their freaking ear implant system and control just about anyone. I am proud that they considered me too difficult to be attached to this system. But I found out nevertheless. Actually, Marty, I started figuring this in spring of 1984. You kind of helped me. I noticed that you were aware of them and that they are going on your nerves big time. Yes, I have really good perceptions. 

For some reason, they don’t had the guts to kill me yet. I want to see you again, Marty, I really do, but if they kill me, l’ll not defeated and will kick their behinds also from the beyond. I am not afraid of them. If they kill me, I have no plans to reincarnate again. This lifetime cured me COMPLETELY and ENTIRELY from walking on a medical-dominated German planet ever again. And I mean it. I would be nuts if I ever would allow to get hold of my body again with their bloody perverted monster fingers. Some of these idiot doctors think that I will no longer exists after they kill me, some of them think that I will continue to exist but will step again in their traps for my next lifetime, others of them think that I will continue to exist but unable to do archive anything as just a spirit, but some of them are afraid that I could be or grow into a OT who will be mightier in the “after world” than this world.

So, who of them is right? For all they did to us, Marty, they shall get their poltergeist! My sister thinks that justice is not of this world. Well, then I’ll make it happen in another one. I won’t let them get away, Marty. This postulate became an institution and they can’t do a freaking thing against it. It is coming and rolling steadily in their direction. If they would be smarter, they never would have denied our rights. But they are not smart. And once they got a little bit of wisdom, another doctor kills fellow doctor and they start as complete idiots in another lifetime and that little bit of wisdom is gone. Eternal rain for any person and his mind. Like rats, they are sitting in their own trap and can’t get out.

We can because we don’t need others. I am perfectly okay living alone as a spirit in all eternity. I need no people to approve of me or to be around me. They need people and their attention. They hurry in the next body and don’t even check what gender it is – just to be not alone. Pathetic. I rather be alone that having phony friends with ear implants, in a system where one can’t trust the other one and one is conspiring after the other. That is not a planet on which I want to live.     

The secret service doctors who run the unit to persecute and torture me are truly idiots. There is a rumor that I consider myself as “superior”. Well, I am not a person who is attaching others to ear implants, I have no case officer who runs me, I don’t torture people, I don’t conspire against other people, I don’t infiltrate, I grant innocent people their rights, heck yes, I am very superior to them, but it is their fault. If they don’t want me to be superior, they just don’t have to do the things that are underneath your and mine character, Marty.

In other words, Marty. It is not US who have to go down. It is THEM who have to come up.   

From the way they try to interact with me, I can tell that they invade any thought of mine. But what do they get? Instead of being able to manipulate me, they just earn deepest disgust and rejection from me. I catch them every time, Marty, it doesn’t matter what they do. They are such losers. If we, you and I, would have an IQ like these doctors, we would be already dead and buried by now. YOU AND ME, MARTY, WE CAN’T AFFORD THEIR PITIFUL IQs. 

What Squirrel Busters or PIs did or did not do to Monique is NOTHING compared to the methods that these German medical pigs are using on me. And I bet that they do it also to you, Marty. As smarter a person is, as more insane the Germans act to that person. But that doesn’t mean that a dummy is safe. They are often “fatalities”. In order to make an impact on us, they don’t mind to waste their own agents and colleagues. 

Many of their torture “inventions” are for sure not patented but exist nevertheless.


The USA failed to FIGHT BACK to obtain freedom. I bet you noticed too, Marty, after 1945, the German secret services used the Soviet Union to keep the USA busy and made them ignore the Nazis. Guess, it is now all up to us, Marty, to show the world who really are behind terror and torture.

Also, the idea that the USA could spy something out that Germans don’t want the USA or the world to know is completely absurd. The USA can spy all it wants, its officials are controlled by the Germans. These officials never on their own will reveal that Germany runs the entire world with ear-implants.

It needs us to reveal this.

Germany did cooperate with the USA on catching terrorists? Hell, they did. German doctors implanted and hypnotized Atta in Germany to fly into the Twin Towers. Bin Laden was/is just their agent and Germany helped him get away by have a Navy seal shoot only Bin Laden’s doppelganger. Germany originated the 7/11 terror attacks!

Many clueless people are thinking that the Nazis stopped existing and that this was proven by the Berlin Wall that Germany was split in two pieces. They just did that to fool people into believing that they do not secretly owe the entire world incl. the Soviet Union. I’ve got pictures of Ron, you, and me being in the Soviet Union before the Berlin Wall came down. How did we get there and how did we get back? I figured it out: Germany’s secret service doctors are the other doctors without borders.  

Germany could have removed that wall at any time. Whatever happened in the East Germany was also the product of West-Germany, starting with shooting their own people at the Berlin wall or doping their Olympic teams with drugs, etc. etc. to win unfairly over Americans and others.

The worst mistakes that the Germans did was kidnapping me. No Stockholm syndrome here. Lol! I fight back, in all eternity. As person or as spirit, I swore that I will not allow one of these monsters to get away. And it is all personal.

The thing that really does not go to their advantage is that people who commit crimes become in fact dumber by the minute. There is no such thing as an intelligent criminal because even if they are not immediately caught, they have to live with their bad consciences. We have a much higher awareness as they have, Marty, because they are afraid to look back on what they did. They don’t want to be reminded but it stays with them like tattoos on their foreheads. They know how horrible they are, but they don’t have the guts to admit that they are not the only horrible people on the planet. Despite that they conspire with those horrible people, some of these horrible people conspire against them too. So, who says there is no justice, even on this planet. 

Marty, when I read or hear stories of doctors and their families and their fates, I can pin-point that they and their families are becoming also victims to others like themselves.  With that ear-implant system anyone loses. One harms the other one. And do you know what? I bet some ventured already into space and attach aliens (of who they don’t want us to know) to these ear implants.

Why are they like this? Because they afraid that there will be people who are to them as bad as they are to us. 

Most of the doctors know for sure that ear-implants, remote-controlled germs, and microwave are used to kill people, and if they hear their ear implant number/code they go through with it and torture and kill. However, the irony is, despite they know how to cause 500.000 diseases and can kill with thousands of hidden methods, when they and their family members are getting sick or are dying, they believe the lie of their case officers and are thinking that the disease or death is “natural”. They don’t have the confront to acknowledge  that they too are victims of the German mind- and body-control system. They are such stupid cultists and none is thinking for himself. They have the guts to accuse us of being cultists when they are the worst and most mind-controlled cultists there is.

And again for equality, it is NOT US WHO HAVE TO COME DOWN, IT IS THEM WHO HAVE TO COME UP. It is physically painful where we are as they are torturing us, but spiritually we are in a much much better place than they are.

Anywhere, here is Merkel’s hypocrisy:

(Yes, the reason that you are likely locked up and we are not together for so long is solely their conspirative doing, and my outrage about this can’t be described. It really can’t as I have no words for it. They really ask for it, they really really do! I know already what their defense line will be: “Didn’t Hubbard say that forgiveness is greatness?” And I will reply: “Yes, I forgive people who forget my birthday or are having an excuse to let me pay the bills or having mood swings – but monsters, I will not forgive. Monsters need to learn their lessons. When we are done with them, Marty, and anyone out there in the universe offers them a dirty job, we will hear them loud scream: “NO, I WON’T PARTICIPATE IN THAT!” through the entire universe.  This is the kind of lesson they need. Making it easy on a monster or forgiving a monster, is the worst mistake somebody can make, because the monster will not change and the innocent has to suffer again under them. If forgiveness equals stupidity, Ron doesn’t want it applied.)     

I love you, Marty. Let’s kick Nazi-doctor-butts together.

Yours forever,

Your tough cookie wife,




From the 1284 and more comments on Tony Ortega’s blog, there are only approx. 100 hits on the legal attachments that he webbed

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Dearest Marty, most missed Prince in the universe,

How are you?

I noticed something.

From  the 1284 and more comments on Tony Ortega’s blog, there were only approx. 100 hits on the attachments of the motion that he webbed, which means that his commentators are campaigners but not interested in getting the details and the full picture.

I remember a posting of one of  the commentators who makes comments on Tony Ortega’s blog. He (and he was serious) indicated that he doesn’t have to think, Tony would do that for him! Yikes! He runs a cult! His readers are not thinking for themselves.

Monique’s husband showed a reporter high click stats on his blog but neither he nor his wife were able to make a living through their brand of auditing despite constant blogging. Monique indicated in court that they just get some donations.  She had to go back to her medical admin work, and he constantly promotes his booklets, which indicates that not many people bought them. He even indicated something like that on his blog not a long time ago: that only a very few people are interested in his subject matter. How frustrating, and he tries to handle this by having his wife to demand millions of dollars for him.  That is typically.

So, from those few who are “interested”, only a very few are really interested.  

I bet that Tony Ortega and Mike Rinder have the same problem: many clicks but nothing else. Mike Rinder throws the name Voldemort for David Miscavige in each posting to get many clicks.  But if the most “successful poster” of them, Tony Ortega, just gets approx. 100 clicks on the attachments (which included an excerpt of a hearing of Monique and photos that was never published by anyone), his supporters are superficial and they are mainly noisy and not inquiring minds.  And I sure hope they don’t come over to me. I don’t appreciate cultists. It doesn’t matter where they come from.   

My blog was set back by services that His Cobness hired (he hates my guts), but if people on the net are anyhow so superficial who wants and need them? Not me. As long as you find me, Marty, I am fine. 🙂

I am actually just here to have a line to you, Marty, in hope that somebody forwards my postings to you wherever you are.  And that I will find you. Or that you will find me. And when we found each other, we will do a million of others things than blogging for clickers with empty minds.

Many passionate and tender kisses, Marty.

I miss you terribly.

Yours forever,




This is the first time that I read the Daniel Montalvo declaration of Dec. 3, 2011 – and I am shocked by the lawlessness of former infiltrators of Scientology. (Monique was also involved.)

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

This is the first time that I read the Daniel Montalvo declaration of Dec. 3, 2011 – and I am shocked by lawlessness of anti-Scientologists. Again, I am not on DM’s side. Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder, both above the law were David Miscavige’s right and left hand for decades! I really can’t excuse DM – besides, he knows that you are not Mosey’s husband and he did a damn to let the world know. 

However, two wrongs make no right. I despise both sides, but I never would steal property from either side or put somebody up to steal it.  How Monique’s husband, his wife and their supporters have the guts to claim that the orgs are criminal but not themselves too is beyond me.

The Daniel Montalvo declaration of Dec 3, 2011 (thanks for the Underground bunker litter box for posting it) indicates that Monique’s husband (and Monique being present), Tom DeVocht, Mike Rinder, and Tiziano Lugli knew that he stole Bridge IT property (five hard drives and four flash drives). Apparently, he was still working at Bridge when they had their claws into that young man and used him for their purposes. The Headleys apparently also were involved in this act.

He even used a Bridge car (auto theft?) to meet those extremists.

Monique’s husband even asked him if he got the flash drives, and Monique was apparently present. And she has the guts to say that she never ever did anything to the orgs.

Good grief.

How can she expect judge Dip Waldrip to grant her millions if she is involved in criminal activities like property theft against the orgs? In order to protect themselves from Monique, her husband and their friends and helpers, are the orgs not entitled to watch what they are during and hire PI’s to watch them? 

The donations that Monique and her husband are getting are apparently used for these criminal purposes. Do the donators know that their donations are used for criminal purposes? 

Montalvo also wrote under oath that he had no idea that Monique’s husband would spread his photo on the Internet.

Looks like Jason Beghe was also involved and that he offered to hide the hard drive in one of several metal shipping containers on his property. A Sheriff searched for these drives, isn’t that obstruction of justice? And didn’t Beghe go after this boy with a weed whacker? Gee! What kind of people are those? How could they ever end up in Scientolopy?

I know a place for all of them: PRISON instead of being awarded with millions.

If you don’t establish that Mosey’s husband isn’t you and that you have nothing to do with his lawlessness, you could be blamed of what he did and does. I know that you know this. 

I love you, Marty. Many kisses. I’ll be on the road today.

Yours forever,



Alan Cartwright (filed an affidavit) doesn’t know that Mosey’s husband isn’t you but “mistakes” you for your impostor, Marty? Who are they kidding?

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate,

how are you? 

Marty, I remember that Alan Cartwright was OSA INT staff in the early to mid 80s. He knew you too. He was around when you and I were around. It is IMPOSSIBLE that he hasn’t figured that Monique’s husband isn’t you but an impostor. Alan Cartwright wrote an affidavit in Monique’s case filed Comal County. In his affidavit, he makes no difference between you and him. By not stating that Monique’s husband is an impostor, Alan makes the court and the world wrongfully believe that you are Monique’s husband.

 I can feel it, Marty, you are filing legal actions against all of this. You are establishing that Monique’s husband is another person and not and you, otherwise this will follow you around for all times to come as “Jack Vistaril’s” lousy character and rotten actions follows the founder around. The world was larger and not that connected during Ron’s time. His impostor stayed out of Ron’s sight. I don’t think that Ron ever saw a shred of evidence of his impostor and likely never heard the name of Mary Sue.

Ron, the founder differs from “Jack Vistaril” like day and night, and you differ like night and day from Mosey’s husband, Marty. Alan Cartright and everyone else who worked with you  KNOWS that you were the first Inspector General for Ethics in Scientology and that you are NOT Mosey’s husband who was hired to impostor you. I am certain that if DM wouldn’t be involved in hiring Monique’s husband as impostor, the orgs would have blown the whistle on that already.  

Mosey’s husband is attacking the founder of Scientology more and more on his blog by accusing him on what his German-run impostor “Jack Vistaril” did who impostored Ron long before the 50s.

That Monique’s husband didn’t put up his wife (who he married under a wrong date of birth) to sue Scientology for millions for him is just as absurd as that DM had nothing to do with the Squirrel Busters. 

I can feel that Monique’s husband is getting angrier and angrier on his blog as the orgs do not just pass millions to him to his wife as he thought. He blames Ron now on anything and just a few of his hard-core cultists and cool aide drinkers (Mike Rinder included) are staying with him. As more extreme he becomes, as more turn away from him. At the end, he will not get the millions and will not succeed in stealing public and staff from the org. And he is also not charismatic enough to make new people join his movement. He made not one new person, like a vulture, he is just trying to take from the orgs. 

He is at it for so many years, and there are not even 500 people who left the orgs to join the “Indies”. And if they join the “Indies”, it doesn’t mean that they go to Monique’s husband, may he be under surveillance or not.  

Tony Ortega is  yapping – no, he is not yapping, he is meowing- about the case. But he got it wrong. Obedient Monique would NEVER have filed that case if not her husband (who married her under a wrong date of birth) would have told her to file that case as there would be millions of dollars in for both of them. On YouTube, I saw how obedient she is to him.  As if he has hypnotized her. She never would sue Scientology on her own. Your impostor is behind this case a 100%. Afraid to sue himself because of what the orgs know about him could blow his impostor cover one day.

Really, the idea that Monique’s husband has not put up his wife (who he married under a wrong date of birth) to sue Scientology for millions for him is as absurd as that DM had nothing to do with the Squirrel Busters… 

Considering that Monique’s husband wants to destroy the Scientology orgs and rip their public and staff off for personal gain, I’d say that the C of S has a valid complaint and defense, but the Squirrel Busters were an odd instrument to handle Monique’s husband. They rather should have convicted Monique’s husband on being an impostor.  Truth will stop Monique’s right in the tracks. And by still holding back as to who Monique’s husband is (your impostor), the orgs will pull in new problems.

I assume that is the lengthy motion that C of S filed on Friday:

Somebody has made some written remarks on them, or maybe Ortega’s cats had these docs in their litter box before he posted them.

It is surprising that judge Dibrell “Dib” Waldrip ruled that his Comal County court has jurisdiction and that he does not refer jurisdiction to federal court, considering that the RTC and C of S HQ, the main targets of Monique’s suit are not in based Texas. 

Just like the Cartwright affidavit, that Slapp motion also makes no difference between you and Monique’s husband. They call him “Marty”. Monique’s husband wasn’t “Marty” before he infiltrated the orgs and took your position over. You are Marty. He was Mark and is the impostor.

He was released from his duties in 2003 for gross misconduct? What did he do? I guess in the world of His Cobness, impostering somebody is no gross misconduct. They say he impersonates Martin Luther.  That would make Monique to be ex-nun Katharina von Bora. 😉


If he wants to be Luther, fine with me. My problem with him is that he impostors you and that is as unethical and unlawful as it gets.



The C of S motion (item 15) says that Mosey’s husband impostored also another church official. Yikes, this shows who he is: impostor, impostor, impostor!

He sure lied before by saying that his brand of therapy is standard Scientology to make Scientologists come to him and give him cash. Heck, he attacks the founder of Scientology! He never was a Scientologist to begin with. He was hired to impostor you. He didn’t search Scientology to obtain wisdom as we did.  

The C of S motion says that Monique’s husband threatened a lawsuit in 2011 but never filed any.  Seems that he really is afraid to sue the C of S and uses his wife for this purpose. 

Anyway, considering that Monique supported her hubby in all these activities, she really can’t get away with playing “Little Ms. Innocent”.

The bunker litter box reported that  “Marty” (your impostor who stole also your nickname) “will not only be able to view any evidence the church turns over, he’ll also be allowed to consult on the lawsuit (that he made his wife that he married by naming a wrong date of birth to file) freely.”

Sure, after all, Monique’s husband put Monique up to file this case. Just watch the YouTube tape where he coaches each second of her to distribute the creed to the busters. In regards to Scientology, Monique does not stand on her own two feet. This is as sure as that the Squirrel Busters have something to do with OSA.

Monique’s husband  wants to get rich through her case after he failed miserably to attract a large quantities of Scientologists to his very own strange little cult.

I am not defending DM, and I explained the reasons in many postings.  Without his wrongful decisions, Scientology would have a much better reputation and Scientologists would be much safer.

But it is true that Monique’s husband wants the orgs to fail. And the orgs are not just DM. They were Ron’s orgs once. He wants to rip off their public and staff, he wants to make personally cash from that, and his wife Monique is supporting him. His postings over four years shows that he wants the Scientology orgs to fail and wants Scientologists leaving the C of S and joining his very own cult.

Unlike me. I want original Scientology restored in the orgs. I don’t want the orgs to fail or destroyed. 

There are indications on Monique’s husband’s blog that it doesn’t matter to Monique’s husband who leads Scientology (even if Ron would be back). He is really out to destroy it and he wants everyone joining his own backwards movement. And it seems that Mike Rinder has the same attitude. If you ask me, they are card-carrying agents for German secret services. 

Considering that they are doing this since several years now, Monique’s husband and the likes are not really effective. Their stats are really down with just 472 people having joined the independents (and many of them don’t trust of befriend Monique’s husband), despite a hard anti-org campaign for many years.

I can’t believe that Monique stated to the court that German anti-Scientologist Ursula Caberta is no anti-Scientologist. Guess Monique is the only person involved in all of that who believes that.

Their good friend Steve Hall, one of the original posse of 5 to which also Monique’s husband belongs,  maintains the “Indie” list.  Hall supports Monique and maintains her as “Indie Scientologist no. 18”. And as a Scientology Clear. (Yeah right!) But she filed in her affidavit that she is no Scientologist at all, so who is lying?    

Monique and her husband want it both way. They want Scientologists to think that they are Scientologists to come for them to give them cash for services. And they want the court to think that they are no Scientologists to rip off millions of Scientology. Judge Dip Waldrip should really learn about this.  

Convicting Monique’s husband of being an impostor is a piece of cake. That it is not being done by the orgs just shows that DM has dirty hands on that as well. Instead, some in the orgs hire the idiotic Squirrel Busters and the operation back-flashed against Scientology. “Great job”, Dave.

DM wants to get out of the lawsuit in New Braunsfeld, saying he is the leader but didn’t knew a thing about this. If that is true, then what kind of clueless leader is he if he doesn’t know the operations against the impostor who he hired to take over your life, Marty? Should a clueless leader run Scientology? Is he intelligent enough to carry this responsibility? I say, hell no.

The orgs have to retire DM, otherwise he pulls them even deeper down into the muddy waters. And for the future, nobody like DM, Mike Rinder or Monique’s husband should ever lead Scientology again.

As far as the surveillance is concerned, surveillance could help the orgs to know if they have a mole inside that works with Monique and her husband to destroy Scientology from the inside. But DM and other non-Scientologists in the orgs are destroying Scientology too from the inside.

It is rumored that David Lubow  filed to the court following statement:  In 2010, I interviewed some former co-workers of Monique Rathbun. The purpose of the interviews was to acquire information regarding Marty Rathbun, his finances, his activities, his associations and his mental state. I interviewed Monique’s ex-husband for all the same reasons.

(Good grief, David Lubow, just compare the photos of Marty Rathbun, and you’ll see that the one who wants the orgs destroyed is not the original! By making that case before the court, Monique’s husband and his supporting wife Monique can be convicted of whatever their motivations really is beyond trying to gold dig millions from the orgs.) 

I bet Monique and her husband are conditioned themselves to think that we are the bad guys, Marty, but it is not us who are impostering them or are keeping them part. People who do that usually don’t blame themselves. Inside Scientology, you and me were no robots, cultists or above the law as Monique’s husband and Mike Rinder and others. I bet you are as shocked as I am about their “confessions”. 

I love you, Marty. Many kisses, and keep on surviving. Hope to see you soon.

Always at your side,



Another Ron Hubbard and his underground shelters… (Not quite the protected villages that Ron, the Scientology founder had in mind.)

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince,

How are you? My thoughts are with you.

There is somebody by the name of Ron Hubbard who builds underground shelters. Might be alright as a waiting space for an environmental disaster to blow over but it is for sure not what our Ron had in mind for constant living.

I am afraid that if we would live in such a shelter underground or in a mountain, SEGNPMSS would find a way with lasers and secret explosions to bury us alive. So, I prefer a very spacious village with a dome for protection that we can leave in case it is being attacked.

Our Ron had constant living in protected healthy environments in mind. Villages with a dome, and they can be build on top of soil, on water, under water, in the cold and in the heat, even hung in space, and on the moon and any other planets. They must be BIG ENOUGH for people and their crops so that they are not feeling confined.  People should be able to leave the villages any time. If it is big and beautiful, people would rather stay inside of the village as it is much prettier and healthier. It  could have more comfort than even the most expensive luxury place outside. Should also stop electromagnetic radiation getting inside. In other words: these villages are the ideal orgs not DM’s buildings. 

Organic food in our villages is really organic. I learned that very expensive organic food isn’t really organic on the surface of the world. Non-organic stuff is anywhere and makes its way also into the “organic fields”. David Miscavige has his chef likely just prepare organic foods for him and probably thinks that his life is save. As his organic food is grown on the unprotected surface of the world and now with pure water not made from scratch, he is at risk like others too. If DM would be able to think intelligently, he never would have allowed Ron’s alternative living research to disappear from Scientology. Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril” wasn’t around when Ron lectured about this, but DM likely was.

The other Ron Hubbard’s underground shelters are much much too small. Here they are. I would feel claustrophobic in these spaces, it doesn’t mean how many “conveniences” they have. 


Instead of each person on her own, people have to create these villages together. They have to work together. It really needs a village not everyone just trying on their own.  

Marty, I remember that village in the lake and an elevator was transporting people in it. The village was so green and huge! It had levels like a stadium, the levels were placed higher on the outside, and there were hydroponics (plants without soil) everywhere.  They were clean and healthy. The air felt wonderful too.  From where I was standing, I could see the houses in the center of the village, the market place. It was a big village. If I would have walked from the point I was standing and looking down to the market place, it would have taken me probably a full day to get there. The dome was made from glass but beautifully strengthen with wood. And there was a train (non-polluting) in it, transporting the villagers. Wish I could back there.  

I know what I saw, Marty, nobody in the world can tell me otherwise, and I trust my own perceptions. It was beautiful and BIG. And I know that our Ron wanted to live Scientologists in advanced places as this. They could build these villages in any climate. It always would have Hawaiian temperatures inside – MINUS the bugs, allergy triggers, dirt, contamination, radiation, harmful germs, UV rays, etc.

The village that I remember while being with Ron (the real founder of SCN) was bigger than Monaco.  

If we would lead Scientology instead of DM, Marty, Scientologists would be much healthier and luckier people than they are with DM (or the likes) on top. 

I love you to the end of the universe and all the way back.




Ron’s Scientology doesn’t rip off – secretly German-run international infiltrators are doing that…

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

Doesn’t make this your stomach turn and forego French fries, cheese, and returning Ms. Liberty with her masculine bones in view of French court blaming the founder of Scientology on what infiltrators are doing? Scientology is so infiltrated that they (through DM and other non-Scientologists) even accepted “Jack Vistaril”, an impostor  as “founder” and gave a damn as to what happened to the real founder!  They do so not deserve Scientology. DM’s main press speaker is half French half German. 

All those French judges are German poodles. It was never Ron, the founder, behind excessive prices but the German secret service.  If they can’t destroy Scientology completely by altering it and sending in lots of infiltrators, Germany at least want to get rich through it (by ruling EU).  The Sea Org reserves are in Europe not in the USA. That should ring a bell to anyone who can think.  

If not for the USA (particularly Supreme Commander of the Allies, Dwight David Eisenhower), the French would be officially Nazis.

I love you, my prince. This planet sucks, it really does. A bad place to land.

Yours forever, and many AMERICAN kisses. I bet these French judges can’t kiss as passionate and tenderly as we do either!



Shouldn’t Bert Leahy grow a conscience by also not supporting Monique’s husband, an impostor?

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

You and I know that two wrongs make no right. The bad reputation of Scientology can be blamed right on David Miscavige and his former right hands, Monique’s husband and Mike Rinder (all non-Scientologists!) not getting along anymore and fighting. None of them got into Scientology by searching for answers as we did.  What they do has nothing to do with Scientology. It is infiltrators turning against each others and their non-Scientology secret service case officers are enjoying that the public is misled  and blames Scientology but infiltrators and those who put them up on this bad reputation. 

The squirrel busters played right into the hands of Monique and her husband, although I saw a video in which Monique’s husband, Mike Rinder, and Haydn James harassed Scientologists at the Scientology Flag Land Base in a very similar style. I saw videos in which “Anon Sparrow”, Tory Christman, Garry Scarff and their friends are harassing Scientologists in the Los Angeles area. They are filming too, are verbally abusive and even wear T-shirts saying “SP” to harass. There is no difference between “Squirrel buster” T-shirts and their behavior – except that Scientology is being beaten up and the “critics” don’t. 

First, Bernard “Bert” Leahy supported the “squirrel busters” who caused Scientology a bad reputation and now he supports Monique’s husband, your impostor to get rich by having his obedient wife ask the court for millions from Scientology. As a detective, David Lubow should have figured by looking at photos alone that Mosey’s husband isn’t you and that something is not right here. Instead of copying the harassing actions of Monique’s husband, Mike Rinder, Haydn James, “Anon Sparrow”, Tory Christman, Garry Scarff, etc.  against Scientologists, Richard Hirsch, Joanne Wheaton, Bart Parr, Jim Moore and Israel Cardoza should have simply informed the public that Mosey’s husband is lying to the world being you, Marty, and that YOU, the original, disappeared from the surface of the world, and that you must be found.

It is so odd that so-called “critics” (incl. Leah Remini) constantly declare non-missing people to be missing as Shelley Miscavige, Tommy Davis or Heber Jentzsch but don’t declare those who are really missing to be missing persons, despite that the photos and other footage clearly show that Monique’s husband isn’t you and “Jack Vistaril” wasn’t L. Ron Hubbard. You are missing and it shows what a disgusting planet it is, considering that I am the only person who publishes who is really missing: You, Marty, and Ron, the founder of Scientology.


2000 Dollars per week pay for being a squirrel buster? What a waste of cash. All the C of S had to tell the public that Mosey’s husband is an impostor and that would have been the end of him misleading people and trying to empty the orgs for his and Monique’s personal gain. Any case filed or supported by Monique’s husband could be easily won by just revealing that he isn’t the person who he claims to be. The problem for the C of S is David Miscavige. As he (and Mike Rinder likely too) was involved in “replacing” Mosey’s husband with you, Marty, His Cobness keeps conspiring with these people on this subject. If DM wouldn’t be involved, I bet the C of S would have long published that Monique’s husband is an impostor sent in the orgs by a secret service to take over your life, post, and legacy, Marty. 

As the German secret services want Scientology to be blamed on anything bad, Scientologists should know that any actions that are not completely pure and noble will blow right back into their faces.

By supporting your impostor, Monique’s husband, Bert Lehy should be told that two wrongs make no right.

I am sure Mosey’s husband didn’t walk alone into the orgs to impostor you but had help by David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, and likely others within the orgs. They keep covering it up and the mess is getting bigger and bigger for everyone.

Marty, many kisses, my darling.  I miss you so very much. But as crime doesn’t pay at the end, I am sure that neither one is getting away.  

Yours forever,



Ron, the founder of Scientology said and wrote that abortions are harmful and low on the tonescale. The math is easy: anyone who aborts or promotes abortions nevertheless is simply not a Scientologist but an infiltrator…

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Dearest Marty, my hero, my first, my last and my everything.

I am thinking of you and wish you would be here. Or I could be with you wherever you want to be. 

How can people say that “Scientology is pro abortion” if the Scientology founder said clearly in the DMSMH and elsewhere  that women should NOT abort? Don’t they know what the word NOT means? 

Thetans are rushing into embryo bodies. They feel lonely and want a new body so badly that they don’t even wait to see the gender! It is not just “tissue” what is aborted.

IMO, the Laura Decresenzo files show that the orgs didn’t force her to have an abortion. She says so herself in a court document. I also don’t believe that they force anyone else to have one, BUT, and here it comes: DM’s idiotic no child rule in the Sea Org  invites such behavior with lowtone people, and infiltrators are lowtone. One just has to read what those who change their operations and become suddenly Scientology attackers are saying and writing.  They are really low on the tonescale and I find it shocking that they ever were in Scientology on staff. People who have such low regard of life (of other thetans) should NOT and NEVER be on staff in any SCN org. 

If DM would be a real Scientologist, he would have reminded that Scientologists (males and females) have to take precautions (but not popping a chemical pill) if they don’t want to get pregnant. Only in cases of rape, incest  or endangerment of the mother’s life, an abortion should be considered. What kind of lowtone women and men don’t take precautions and use abortion instead? 

What I find mind-boggling,  Marty, is that DM didn’t see that his no-child-rule in the SO is the main problem? There would be no Decresenzo case  if he would have issued: There is no abortion in SCN. We don’t kill thetans who are trying to come back. Once, again, he pulled bad things in.

When we were in the Sea Org, Marty, Sea Org members were allowed to have kids. How can DM think that he doesn’t get a motivator by cutting short the second part of the 2D? Besides, DM also didn’t introduce  founder Ron’s alternative lifestyle that prevented aging and getting sick.  That means that his Sea Org members will age and get sick. If they have no family to take care of them when they are older and sick, who will?

DM is so unwise. No wonder the German secret service allowed him to sit on top of Scientology for decades. He was just the man they needed to make all these false decisions. And they put former infiltrators and non-Scientologists to blame the actions of non-Scientologists on Scientology and the founder.

As far as children’s work is concerned, despite we had a lot more children around, nobody under the age of 18 worked in the org that I led. Kids were around. We had a nursery in the org but all they did was playing. They didn’t work at all. I even played with them during breaks. I wouldn’t allow anyone to have a job in any Scientology org who is not 18. Yes, sometimes kids are delivering newspapers or have a summer job, but their main job is to learn not to work. (Germany sent me to work as child, and Scientology orgs should not do to children what Germany did to me.)

As far as the orgs are controlling communication (reading their letters), they should not. If the orgs are on policy, and ethical and have nothing to hide, nothing bad can be said about them. The LDS church has a rule that their Mormon missionaries may not talk to their family except twice a year.  It is odd for any church.  Ron, the founder of SCN said: communicate! And if kids are not important, a society has lost.  


What I don’t understand are the parents of  Laura Decresenzo, Marty. If they wanted to be together (which any real family wants), why didn’t they take their daughter with them?  I was in Scientology for many years, and I know that you can get what you want if you want it. I wouldn’t leave my kid struggling alone. I don’t understand her parents, how they can let it on for so long not seeing their daughter. I’m the founder’s daughter and I would be a very different parent than these people. As a parent, my child and its happiness and well-being is my responsibility. So, I don’t leave my child behind for others to raise. 

The SO noticed that Laura did not well in the SO but kept her instead of sending her home? If that hasn’t written “set up of a new case against Scientology” all over it. It is all so German psych secret service supervised. 

On the other side, Laura stayed years on beyond turning 18. If she really hated being in the SO as she tried to make the public and the courts believe, why didn’t she leave when she was 18? Makes me think she is one of the opportunists who thinks that now it is a good time to get a lot of  money from the orgs.  

These are allegedly some questions that the Miscavology-Sea Org asks some who wants to join the SO: Have you ever had doubts about being in Scientology and/or the Sea Org? Are you, or have you ever been a newspaper reporter or journalist of any kind? Have you ever been connected to anyone who has threatened or attacked Scientology? Are you an active drug pusher? Note any instances of homosexual activity from earliest time up to present time. Have you ever been employed by the Government? 

They don’t ask what they should ask: “Do you have an ear implant? Did your case officer tell you to infiltrate Scientology?” (Of course they don’t ask it as those who do the asking were sent in the orgs to infiltrate and are having ear implants.)

However, 50 Dollars pay per week with everything free (room and board, utilities, clothes, insurance, transportation, and what INT else offers, etc.) isn’t that bad of a deal. Most people not in the Sea Org can’t save 200 bucks per month. If it is a couple, they can save 400 bucks per month.  


Laura said that nobody forced her to have an abortion but she grew up in Scientology and that she was “programmed” to getting an abortion. Really? How can she be “programmed” on that if the Scientology founder said NOT to abort. She does the opposite as to what the founder said and then she blames in on Scientology.

Also odd is the D/CO I note. It reads: “27 Feb. 96 Note from D/CO I [Deputy Commanding Officer for Internal], Laura is 2 months pregnant, upsets about this, doesn’t want abortion.”

I am not trying to defend any Miscavologist and his idiotic non-Scientology out-2D rules but if the D/CO  I would have made her the proposal to abort, wouldn’t it rather read: Note from D/CO I [Deputy Commanding Officer for Internal], Laura is 2 months pregnant,  doesn’t want abortion, upsets about this.

That note indicates that Laura is upset about the pregnancy, and once more, Tony Ortega and others fails to see what they should see. However, it appears that  D/CO I offered (not forced) Laura the option of abortion, which is a violation of Scientology. She should have advised her: “If you are healthy, deliver the baby and keep it. You can still stay in Scientology. If you don’t want to keep the baby, give it up for adoption.” I also would ask if the father knows and that he should have his saying too.

The orgs should not even discuss abortions because it is not Scientology. D/CO I and anyone else should report people who want to abort as are unfit to work in the SO as on 1.1. tonelevel. Period.

Laura is contradictory.  “After abortion…(Look in folder summary. Folder #9)…I was upset. Whole subject confusing…I still feel fucked that did that, not of doing it but having to do it.” 

But early she admitted in a court document that nobody forced her to do it.  And here she says that she is not sorry that she aborted. Guess what she is saying that her “mindset” made her do it. But what a justification is that? I never would have aborted and was so many years in SCN. Her “mindset” is the opposite of Scientology. My mind is also influenced by Scientology. It always said: don’t abort. 


What I see is that the orgs under Miscavige miserably fail to stop women having abortions. I assume that they even suggest it (I heard it from another woman in confidence briefly before I was kicked out) as they are infiltrators and no Scientologists.

What I find so outrageous is Laura’s report up the org lines that she had an abortion as if this would be a normal operation. No person who would go through with an abortion should be even on staff. Ron said clearly that a person who aborts is on 1.1 on the tonescale. How much clearer can it get? Nothing uptone and great can be expected from a person as low. Abortion in real Scientology would be a reason to route a person out of SCN orgs instead of in.

Why are the orgs in trouble? Why do they have all these scandals and  cases? Because they hire lowtone people.

And David Miscavige has no advanced abilities. He can’t predict the future at all.  

I love you, Marty. I know you know this. Too bad you can’t speak out. The world just knows Vistarologists and Miscavologists. They have no idea how real Scientologists are.

Many kisses.

On your side.

Yours forever