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Show me the money! 175 Million $ of Ron’s estate that are missing too?

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

I wait till the sun is completely down before I go outside today. I rather write to you, it’s too hot outside at the moment. But on another thought, writing to you it even hotter. ūüėČ

There is some information saying that 175 Million Dollars are missing from Ron’s estate. Marty, what do you make of below article? I am not a supporter of PRF (not to be mixed up with the RPF). They also make basically the case that the impostor who died in 1986 was L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, while he was not, but some issues of which PRF did raise are rather interesting.

I think there is more to it than His Cobness suspecting that Patrick Broeker has some scribbling by the imposter hidden somewhere, in other words: impostor tech for which I would not pay a dime. Also, Marty, imagine if (allegedly a heavy beer drinker) Pat Broeker (who DM didn’t trust and of who he probably said he would be a SP) would have been the person who did indeed “safeguard” the writing of Ron… Ron’s writings, which are most important to all of us Scientologists! Imagine that these non-published papers would have been really in the possession of SP Pat Broeker! SPs alter the tech. SPs work with secret services to plant forged tech‚Ķ How can DM trust the “writings” that a SP was sitting on for quite a while?

If Broeker worked for the SEGNPMSS or another German secret service, there was plenty of time to hand real tech and millions over to them. Mosey’s husband indicated to the SP Times that Broeker was tricked handing the writings over because Broeker was told that the FBI would come and raid Broeker’s place. But I don’t worry much about the papers that Broeker had because that was all impostor crap.

The odd thing is: why didn’t DM call the FBI and asked him to arrest Broeker and get the cash and the papers?

I think that they are partner in crime covering up that Jack Vistaril was not L. Ron Hubbard, the founder. and they aren’t really interested in source Scientology but rather in money and power.

The article below says that DM, Patrick Broeker and Annie Broeker could not have control over all that happened before and after the death of L. Ron Hubbard (and the impostor) and that there were so many more involved, attorneys, including the US government. I agree, Marty, but Patrick Broeker and DM had taken control over Scientology and if his exec Sue Wilhere says for example that DM *is* Scientology than he is ultimately responsible for anything that happens in SCN.

Nobody ever mentions that DM and the Broeker’s might answer to secret case officers (non Scientologists) nobody ever officially heard about. ¬†But there is where I would bet my Millions of Dollars on if I had them, Marty.

The real Ron was a master in spotting characters and the tonelevel. He never would have trusted Pat Broeker or anybody of those other non-Scientologists. It was the impostor who trusted Pat Broeker, Anne Broeker and David Miscavige, etc. And I think all of these guys knew that he was not L. Ron Hubbard the founder who died in May 1984 (when the real Ron was murdered). The impostor had access to all money from the real Ron (and I think this could only happened because the SEGNPMSS poodle CIA assigned Ron the founder the ID of the impostor to protect the real Ron, yeah right, “thanks” CIA, but I am still here to tell the story) and told Broeker to bring him a weekly million in cash (according to Tory Christman’s lecture 30 Mio. $. I wrote before that I don’t trust much of what she is ¬†saying. She says that 30 Mio. $ were missing without citing any source of her information. PRF is rather¬†precise saying¬†175 Mio $ were missing later in 1986 from Ron’s estate, does that mean 205 Mio $ or more are missing?).

After Broeker is gone so long, DM most certainly does not fear him to come back and take Scientology over. There is a whole new generation in Scientology who never heard of Pat Broeker. DM most certainly does not have Broeker still under PI watch because he fears that he could come back and take over. In fact, Wikipedia deleted Broeker’s profile because they find him so uninteresting and/or unknown (but they voted to keep up stuff on me even when it is wrong):

So, what I am saying is this, Marty: it seems that Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband are forgetting or not saying why DM is still watching Pat Broeker… Of course there might be the possibility that he has some impostor writings (in other words forgeries) stashed away that he might one day sell to somebody for lots of cash but the other reason why DM is still watching him is to see if Pat Broeker has lots of cash…

Well, perhaps Pat Broeker or even Anne Broeker has one or more millions of Ron’s money on secret bank accounts or perhaps none of them never hid money for their own gain. But if it is true and 175 Mio. are missing from Ron’s estate, where did it go? And why did no governmental agency investigate this and published the findings to the Scientologists who deserve to know?

I sure want a full investigation of it, Marty. I know you want this too. Imagine this: this weird couple, Pat and Anne Broeker drop every week a million Dollars on the desk of the impostor, an old man on psychiatric drug Vistaril. And I bet they knew it was not Ron, the founder who got the money of Ron the founder.  Anybody of those who were watching Jack Vistaril, who was for sure the SEGNPMSS, any other German or American or other secret service and their doctors could have gotten into that motor home and simply stolen Millions without that he would have noticed it. Perhaps that was the reason why he was on Vistaril to be unconscious for the robbery.

I want to know who stole the many ¬†Mio. Dollars, and I want any penny being paid back into the real Ron’s estate. I want a full official investigation and when the investigators run into “dead ends” and don’t progress with finding the Million Dollar thieves, we can help them because with our OT abilities, we know where to look, Marty.

The perfect crime? As you know, it doesn‚Äôt exist. Sometimes it takes decades but the truth comes out always. I want Pat and Anne Broeker (Tidman), Norman Starkey, all attorneys, Sherman Lenske, Stephen¬†Lenske, Lawrence E. Heller and Meade Emory, etc.¬†grilled under oath as to what happened to these Millions and who else but the Brokers had access to the Blue motor home of Ron’s impostor. American secret service might have the information but as they are German poodles and might have very dirty hands too, they don’t come forward ¬†unless an independent authority makes them revealing finally all they know.

I am sure that all that “reconstruction” of Ron’s finances and “affairs” in 1981 was done without the real Ron’s knowledge because the SEGNPMSS had planned his murder by that time.

Forever yours,

I love you, Marty. Stupid people don’t know that we are soon together investigating what they did. They can’t predict the future but we can.


Below it the article, talking of the 175 Mio. saying that there is no copyright to this article and it can be re-published at anytime anywhere by anyone:



Writing on the fortune of the estate of the late L. Ron Hubbard
(“The Prophet and Profit of Scientology,” _Forbes_, October 27,
1986), _Forbes_ writer Richard Behar reported that “FORBES can
total up at least $200 million gathered in Hubbard’s name,” going
on to say that “Hubbard would have been included high on The
Forbes Four Hundred.”

Less than six months later, on 16 April 1987, the entire Hubbard
estate was valued in court-filed papers at only $26,305,706.00, a
difference from the _Forbes_ figure of nearly $175 million. In
complete control of the Hubbard estate during that entire period
was Executor Norman F. Starkey and his counsel, Hubbard probate
and business attorney Sherman Lenske of the law firm Lenske,
Lenske & Heller (LL&H). In fact, LL&H had been handling all
representation of L. Ron Hubbard for estate planning,
intellectual properties, business management, and litigation
since at least as early as April of 1981, and had been in control
of Hubbard’s fortune and affairs while Hubbard himself had been

But Behar and _Forbes_ elected not to disclose the intimate
involvement in the estate of lawyers Sherman Lenske, Stephen
Lenske (brother of Sherman), and Lawrence E. Heller –the
principals of LL&H — all of whom also had personal and
professional ties to former Assistant Commissioner of IRS Meade

Emory, in fact, had been hired by LL&H to be the chief architect
of the Hubbard probate, as well as chief architect of the entire
Scientology corporate restructuring that LL&H began putting into
effect in early 1981, all of which had been intricately
interwoven by Emory with the tax considerations and assets of
Hubbard and his estate.

Instead of reporting those overriding facts, Behar and _Forbes_
went to great lengths attempting to lay all responsibility for
the Hubbard fortune on three people who could not have had any
control over it at all: David Miscavige, Pat Broeker, and Anne
Broeker, all merely members of the unincorporated Scientology
“religious order” known as the “Sea Organization” (Sea Org). The
other fact that _Forbes_ either covered up or didn’t bother to
find out was that those three people were only employees of the
Scientology-related corporations that Meade Emory and LL&H had
created just years before, and which LL&H fully controlled
through literary property licenses and management agreements also
engineered by Emory.


So wrote Behar and _Forbes_, then wrote: “There is something that
FORBES still doesn’t know, however. It is something no one may
know outside a small, secretive band of Hubbard’s followers: What
is happening to all that money?”

Our question is: why didn’t _Forbes_ just ask the only “secretive
band” that actually knew the answer: Executor of Hubbard’s estate
Norman F. Starkey, and Starkey’s attorney Sherman Lenske? Why did
Forbes direct all attention away from them (the article never
even mentions them), and concentrate all attention on three
non-parties? Can a publication with the tax and financial savvy
of _Forbes_ actually be so obtuse that they don’t know where
control of an estate lies? Or was there another agenda?

“How could Hubbard do all this?” _Forbes_ wrote. Our question is:
how could _Forbes_ do all this? Can a publication like _Forbes_
be so blind not know that an Executor had been appointed to
control such an estate? How hard did _Forbes_ have to look the
other way not to notice that a former Assistant Commissioner of
IRS had been deeply involved with the Lenskes and Heller in the
complex tax and probate plan for Hubbard’s estate and interlocked

In fact, how could _Forbes_ have responsibly gotten the $200
million figure without being in contact with the Executor and the
attorneys controlling the Hubbard estate?

Was _Forbes_ paid to not report where they got the figure, and to
create other false sources for it? There is, after all, almost
$175 million unaccounted for, according to the figures _Forbes_
themselves reported compared to the court-filed assessment six
months later. Or was there some other quid pro quo arranged for
the _Forbes_ silence on the roles of Emory and Starkey and the
Lenske, perhaps even paving the way to a subsequent high-profile
political candidacy?


A more recent star in the _Forbes_ firmament is former _Wall
Street Journal_ writer Elizabeth MacDonald. MacDonald has her own
connection to the same drama and players: she was at WSJ when the
officially secret IRS/Scientology Closing Agreement was leaked to
WSJ by an unknown source almost immediately after disclosure of
Meade Emory’s behind-the-scenes involvement had been privately
submitted to then head of the Joint Committee on Taxation,
Senator William V. Roth, Jr., by media exec Lisa Jan Precious and
her literary agent, Richard Barber of New York.

MacDonald also had in her possession, at the time of the illegal
leak of tax information to WSJ, a full report on Emory’s IRS
Assistant Commissioner background, as well as his involvement as
co-founder in the creation of the richest and most powerful
corporation in Scientology, the Church of Spiritual Technology
(CST, doing business as the “L. Ron Hubbard Library”).

With the tax exemption, CST became the primary beneficiary of the
Hubbard estate in the plan created by Emory, a plan that just
happened to put the Lenskes and Heller — who had hired Emory to
devise the plan — in position as controlling “Special Directors”
for life of CST, with their normal hourly attorney fee arranged
as their compensation for that corporate position. PRF estimates
that to have averaged around $300 or more an hour, and the
Lenskes and Heller have been in that position since 7 June 1982.
For a 40-hour week, that translates to over $1.8 million per year
just for their salaries, or a total of $36 million paid to the
three lawyers over their 20-year tenure as a result of Emory’s
master plan, all of which was granted tax exemption by IRS.

MacDonald and the editors of WSJ knew a great deal about Emory’s
deep involvement with the Lenskes and Heller at the very time
when some unknown source illegally gave WSJ the then-secret
IRS/Scientology Closing Agreement, that coming only weeks after
the head of the Joint Committee on Taxation has received the same
information on Emory that WSJ had, in a closed-door meeting
between Precious, Barber, and Roth’s top aide, Bill Nixon.

MacDonald was even in contact with Public Research Foundation
(PRF) around that time, saying that a story on Emory was “with
the editors.” But, like _Forbes_, WSJ elected to suppress the
important information linking the Scientology corporations and
LL&H to Emory and IRS, instead only publishing the lengthy and
complex IRS legal document virtually without comment. To this day
WSJ has not revealed what they have known since at least December
1997 about Emory’s involvement.

Were the _Wall Street Journal_ and MacDonald actually exercising
journalistic discretion and ethics by protecting a source on the
Closing Agreement leak? Or did the illegal leak quietly come from
the office of then-head of the Joint Committee on Taxation,
Senator William V. Roth, Jr., making WSJ actively involved in a
cover-up of government wrongdoing at high levels?

Now further complicating events surrounding the illegal leak, PRF
in a recent press released disclosed new information that IRS
agents reportedly threatened the whistleblower Lisa Precious,
telling her they had a secretly-made videotape of her that
somehow implicated her in the leak to WSJ, which caused her to
retain an attorney. PRF sources say the tape most likely was
clandestinely made of Precious when she went in to an interview
with Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA). Others have
speculated that the tape might even have been secretly made in
the office of Senator Roth.

Although the leak seemed like a journalistic coup by WSJ, the
very length and complexity of the IRS/Scientology Closing
Agreement simply deflected the interest of a large segment of the
public, and also did nothing to expose Emory’s involvement with
the Hubbard estate, with the entire Scientology corporate
restructuring that resulted in the Closing Agreement itself, or
with the three lawyers that Emory had helped put in control of it
all: neither Emory, nor either of the Lenske brothers, nor
Lawrence E. Heller are named anywhere in the document.

In fact, the interests of the Lenskes and Heller are hidden in
the Closing Agreement behind the signature of top
Scientology-side negotiator Monique Yingling, who signed with
Power of Attorney for CST, the corporation which is controlled by
the Lenskes and Heller. It’s also the corporation that received
all assets of the Hubbard estate as a direct result of the
Closing Agreement in accordance with the probate and corporate
plan that had been masterminded by Emory while working with the
Lenskes and Heller.


PRF has uncovered even more information on the backroom
machinations behind the Closing Agreement. It has now been
learned that Meade Emory was a former close associate at
Assistant Director level of IRS with Howard M. Schoenfeld,
Chairman of the negotiating work group that Yingling worked with
to secure the tax exemption for CST and the other corporations.
In light of emerging data, it could be said that the entire
exemption plan, including the entire Hubbard estate plan and the
interlocked corporate restructuring, was really arranged solely
by and between former IRS top executive Meade Emory — ostensibly
working for the Hubbard/Scientology lawyers — and Schoenfeld on
the inside at IRS, with LL&H and Yingling being paid go-betweens.

Even more disturbing is the fact that Schoenfeld ordered IRS
analysts assigned to the exemption investigations to look the
other way on questions of commercial activity and possible
inurement surrounding the Scientology exemption negotiations with
Yingling and the other attorneys involved — one of whom was
Yingling’s husband, Gerald A. Feffer, a former deputy assistant
attorney general now with Williams & Connolly.

Directly related to the “look the other way” mandate from
Schoenfeld is the for-profit corporation that Emory and LL
created called Author Services, Inc. (ASI) which handles the
Hubbard fiction works, but once handled all Hubbard literary
property, including the Scientology-related copyrights. With
10,000 shares, the assets of ASI alone are reported to have
jumped from $10 million to $44 million in just six months of
1982, while the Lenskes and Heller were controlling ASI as
Hubbard’s personal and professional representatives in his
absence, and were also working closely with Emory. That $34
million leap in 1982 would account for at least some of the $200
reported by _Forbes_ in October 1986.

Then what happened to $175 million from the Hubbard estate in the
six months between the October 1986 _Forbes_ article and the
April 1987 probate court evaluation of the estate? What had
Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, Lawrence E. Heller, Norman F.
Starkey, and former IRS official Emory done with that fortune?
How much did Yingling and Feffer know about it? How much did
Schoenfeld know about it? How much of it, if any, did they each

Another layer of intrigue over the missing fortune has been
added: it has been discovered that the person who ultimately
became Executor and Trustee of the Estate, Starkey, is the person
who originally hired LL&H in April 1981, ostensibly on behalf of
the missing Hubbard. At the time, Starkey was not named as
Executor and Trustee. Another associate of the Lenskes, attorney
Norton S. Karno, was.

After Starkey hired the Lenske brothers and Heller, they in turn
brought in Emory, who laid out the plan for the estate and the
new corporations. Emory and LL&H then returned the favor to
Starkey, naming him as the Executor and Trustee in the final will
and trust instruments, all purportedly signed by Hubbard the very
day before his reported death, after a reported stroke. At the
signing of the Closing Agreement, Starkey then turned all the
assets of the Hubbard estate over to the control of the Lenskes
and Heller in their highly-compensated roles as Special Directors
at CST — all in accordance with the Emory plan.

PRF calls for an immediate full federal investigation into:

1. The connections between Emory, Schoenfeld, Roth, the Lenskes,
Heller, Starkey, and Yingling and Feffer, and how much each has
received in payment from the Hubbard estate and Scientology

2. Their knowledge of the $175 million apparently missing from
the Hubbard estate;

3. The IRS-ordered transfer of the Hubbard estate, including all
the intellectual property, into the control of the Lenskes and
Heller at CST under Emory’s plan, while simultaneously cutting
Hubbard’s natural heirs out of the vast bulk of the inheritance,
all of which Schoenfeld approved as part of the exemption;

4. The illegal leak of the Closing Agreement and the responsible

5. The covert videotaping of Lisa Jan Precious;

6. How IRS agents came into possession of the Precious videotape;

7. The legality and Constitutionality of the IRS Closing

8. Any and all misdemeanors and felonies that might emerge from
such investigation, and any and all other possible principals,
accomplices, co-conspirators, or accessories after the fact to
any such misdemeanors and felonies as might be found.

NOTICE: This transmission is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. It is entirely
free of copyright and may be freely copied and distributed by
anyone anywhere in the world, including to all press and media.
All or any part may be quoted with or without attribution or
credit. PUBLIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION is an unincorporated public
service provided by uncompensated volunteers donating their time
and resources to the research, investigation and circulation of
important public information.


,” for original story on Meade Emory connections to
Lenskes, Heller, and Scientology; on the web at:

,” for details of
corporate/Sea Org relationship; on the web at:

for more information on Author Services, Inc. and it’s shares.

,” for more details on whistleblower Lisa Jan
Precious and her visit to Senator Roth’s office.

Ron’s postulate: Good people should have rights too

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

One day, after we build orgs as Ron wanted them, we will also build an even more impressive, cleaner, and healthier in-door ocean as the Seagaia. And you and me will be sitting there then, holding hands, and we will be so happy and completely exterior. Exterior through Scientology. Intoxicated by love! Who needs drugs and booze if one can kiss and love? Who needs worries when they can be wiped away by study and application of Scientology?

We will change the world. Its written in our hands. Nobody will bust the SEGNPMSS but us.

I have some stuff to handle tonight, so I just post something very short today. It is kind of interesting that after so many years, I remain the same proud Scientologist that I always was. And I know that you are the same. People have to understand that they don’t experience and understand Scientology by reading hatred and misinformation on the net about it. Scientology is lots of study and lots of¬†application. But I loved any second of it, Marty.¬†Figuring the secrets of the universe with Scientology, what could be more exciting? I solved my most basic¬†questions¬†about life! Only Scientology was able to provide me with answers to my many deep questions. I am ¬†so glad that Scientology is not a “just believe” religion but “find out yourself religion”.¬†I regret very much that we were¬†separated by infiltrators, Marty, but I don’t regret my studies, my life and the adventures that I had in Scientology. I would join all over again. ¬†Despite the orgs are infiltrated, my times in Scientology were the happiest times of my life. Scientology helped me so much to understand the world and the universe. I am very proud of Ron, you, any REAL Scientologist, and myself. We are good and we are awesome – if I may say so myself. ūüôā

I love you so much, Marty.

You, Ron, and Scientology are always on my mind. I thought recently about Ron’s statement that we need a world in which honest people have¬†rights¬†too. He noticed too that good people have no rights. So, why is that? Its because the SEGNPMSS (he called them another name but they are the same psych secret service) runs the world and grants rights to the bad people but none to the good people and that this must change. Marty, I swore in the presence of God that I will never stop working for this as long as I exist. It doesn’t matter how long it takes but we will be the winner at the end. There is a German proverb that says: Those who laugh at the end, will have the best laugh. And it won’t be the bad people who are laughing at the end because we can help it.

This bad world has to change. We’ll make it true, good people deserve the rights. Bad people have to make amends.

I am back soon.

Your wife forever


Serge Pfauth tells nice stories but his LRH is still not the founder of Scientology

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Marty, here is a quick remark about Serge’s story on¬†Chiquita’s¬†dad’s Blog today. ¬†(The bench on the left is the¬†original¬†Forrest Gump bench.)

Serge wrote: “In contrast LRH had all the money in the world and wouldn‚Äôt spend a dime on himself unless his stats were up.”

As long as the real Ron was alive, the impostor had not unlimited access to the real Ron’s money because what if the real Ron would check his finances and would have seen that the impostor blew all of it.

I said this before, he might have been nice to Serge and also to others but he is not the real Ron. The two media interview on YouTube with “Ron” are just two years apart. The real Ron was interviewed first. C of S says it is the only interview with Ron. (But they fail to say that the other one is an impostor.) It is the real Ron and the one on the Apollo is not Ron. Just because the SEGNPMSS radioed the impostor through his ear implants to use the phrase: “This is very interesting”, doesn’t mean it is the same person. The Apollo guy is nervous and answers foolish while the real Ron is relaxed and answers very clearly and intelligent. Look at the lower teeth of the impostor, they are bad. That would mean that Ron’s nice lower teeth in the interview two years earlier would have rotted to the core. How can anybody do that, most of all Ron who took¬†hygiene¬†seriously?

Real Ron:

Apollo Impostor:

However, a big question remains: If Pat Broker was so much into money as Serge says, was he paid Scientology money from DM to leave Scientology in DM’s hand and go away and be quiet? I heard rumors that he did but saw never any reliable information on any of the natter boards (but I don’t spend much time on these).

Love you, Marty, and I kiss you many times. I am in a hurry (on a Saturday night, isn’t it a shame?) but I just wanted to make briefly this remark.

Yours forever,


Ron said: Clean hands make a happy life! (And as if this would be not totally true.)

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My beloved prince Marty,

Do you like ethic music? Depend which one, right? I like a lot of ethnic music and it proved to me,  the way that I am drawn to it must be the  time track and that we lived there before. Bavarian music (although I lived in Bavaria for man years) leaves me on the other hand completely cold. Okay, making their music and dancing their dances is not the worst they did  but there is no spark whatsoever from their music to me. I remember that as a kid, I was standing there and heard that music and saw them dancing and already then, I had nothing in common with them. My feet did not move, my hips did not rock, my body did not swing and I had no feeling except: when is that finally over?

German psychs should learn never to kidnap a smart kid and shovel it in their own country as it will not be like them. They are such idiots, I probably would have adopted better in any other country but their own.

But other ethnic music does reach me. I like Fado a lot. It is full of passion. Listen to how much feeling the singer puts in this song.

Now compare passionate Fado with this music  that has no passion as of no blood but beer runs through their veins:

No wonder that I fled their country, right? Lol.

How are you today, Marty? Thinking of you and wishing that you life is bearable until you come free. Those who conspire against you might have the wish to be insouciant but they surely are not. They fear the day you come back from your wrongful incarceration, Marty and that you will reveal the truth and nothing but the truth. And as Ron found out, what¬† they will fear most will come to get ’em.

They say that they apply Ron’s research to their lives but in reality they don’t, otherwise they would know that clean hands make a happy life.

I am in the process shaking the ARS entheta off again. It is really better to ignore this group. It is a distraction and waste of time just like WWP. I learned that Michelle Ryan aka “Emma” aka Michelle Wilson or whatever her name is now of Ex-Scientologists message board deletes threads on me, not because she is a decent human being but she noticed that there will be many postings by me in response to the libel and defamation. As she tries to avoid it, there is not much coming from this corner that concerns me except the libel and defamation on Ron and you and you both being mixed up with doppelgangers.

Mr. Texas wrote on his blog that “the declaration of LRH was drafted by attorneys whom he never met in person nor even talked to. DM hired, ran, and paid them. He worked on the declaration himself”.¬† I think that is indeed pretty much what happened except – that Ron never signed it but the doppelganger and that DM knew that the man who signed it would be the doppelganger and not Ron, the founder.

DM, his supporter just as the socalled Scientologists in the Freezone and in the independent zone cover up that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored and that L. Ron Hubbard is being blamed on what the impostor did.

Evidently, your doppelganger, Mr. Texas became the opinion leader of the “Independent movement” but being a doppelganger himself, he will be the last person who will admit that there was also a doppelganger for Ron, the founder of Scientology.

Actually, Mr. Texas would be the best candidate to blow the whistle on the SEGNPMSS doppelganger business as he can prove easily that he is not you and was hired to take your position in SCN to mislead me, Scientologists, and the public as to that you are wrongfully incarcerated.

Showing the eerie similarity between his own photos and your photos as younger men but pointing out that you are two different persons would open even the eyes of not the brightest crayons in the box as to that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored and that he is blamed on what his impostor did.

I am thinking of any advantages that Mr. Texas could have still claiming that he is you, the original Marty while he is not. If he made a contract with DM or Mike Rinder, such a contract would be moot. A contract that is based to mislead, cover up and conspire is not lawful. Blowing the whistle on such a contract would not be a violation of the law but keeping it a secret would be. If he would be in doubt as to that he would be liable of having to pay lots of damages to DM or C of S if he would reveal to the world the SEGNPMSS doppelganger business in SCN, he always could go to a district attorney or an attorney and ask for advice. They will urge him to come clean on this because  intention to deceive behind this doppelganger business is serious violation against federal and state laws.

This should remove any consideration as to that DM or the C of S could come legally after him. So, what else is left?

He was at least 20 years in the SO under DM. If he would say that he is not you,  the original Marty, this would not take away from his own experiences that he made, and therefore, thinking that his friends or supporters would not listen anymore to him is moot too.

Mr. Texas married again. His decision to keep the falsehood up that he is you, the original Marty can’t be based on wanting to win my heart because otherwise he would not have married another woman.

So, he would have the law on his side if he would confess, he got his wife, he got his many years of experiences under DM, he got his friends, he is an opinion leader, he could help to restore original Scientology by making Scientologists sensitive to that an impostor left his handwriting also in policies and bulletins ‚Äď but he is not doing it. Why? What does he has to gain by not telling that he is not you? What is holding him back?

Not DM taking a swing at him is the story that will change things  but the facts of doppelganger business. Mr. Texas probably would still have a change getting out of this mess without too many problems because it is always better to confess in time than being convicted one day.

Same goes for Mike Rinder who posts on Mr. Texas’ blog. I think upon order of DM, he once found and hired Mr. Texas to take your position within the C of S, Marty. Mike Rinder writes about the law of third party that the real Ron correctly discovered and defined but he does not tell who is behind DM. Mike Rinder and Mr. Texas could go together to the authorities and state that DM (and the men behind him) ordered him to hire Mr. Texas as doppelganger for you to conceal your wrongful incarceration. Also for Mike Rinder (like for anybody else involved) confessing when it is time is a lot better than being convicted by an authority one day.

As more time goes by as more problematic for them to get out of the mess of cover ups and conspiracies.

Mr. Texas’ and your story is very similar to Ron’s and his doppelganger’s story. And yes, the CIA as SEGNPMSS poodle is very much involved. Finding just doppelganger was not good enough for them. THEY USE DOPPELGANGERS THAT HAVE INDEED THE LEGAL NAMES THAT THE CIA GAVE RON AND YOU FOR PROTECTION OF NAZIS. The reason why Ron got the name L. Ron Hubbard and you got the name Mark Charles Rathbun is because the CIA,¬† A SEGNPMSS INFILTRATED¬† AGENCY KNEW THAT THESE INDIVIDUALS LOOK SO MUCH LIKE RON OR YOU THAT MOST PEOPLE WILL MISTAKE THE DOPPELGANGER FOR THE ORIGINALS.

The perfect plan? Well, almost, except that arrogant SEGNPMSS officers underestimated the sharp mind of a daughter an a woman in love. Ron knew why he wanted me as a daughter. He knew that I am a part of his legacy. He knew that I have it in me to puzzle anything together there is. Although that I was clueless when I saw you the last time and the SEGNPMSS didn’t allow you to fill me in under threat that if you would, they would kill me, you knew I have it in me to figure it all out.

You and I belong to Ron’s legacy. We are a part of¬† his huge postulate. All we have to do is to get back together and this will be the end of the infiltration and the new start of original Scientology.

Just as we are watched and filmed 24 hours per day since the day we took our first breath with this body and even taking our last breath with the past life bodies, they filmed Ron and the impostor. Of course we will get Ron back, and he might want to correct any SEGNPMSS crap that infiltrated Scientology. Based on this footage (Ron being filmed all his life) could assist Rom to  restore absolutely original Dianetics and Scientology without that he has to research/write it all again from scratch.

It would be the most interesting study ever to compare step by step what Ron’s actual writings and lectures and also fiction was and what actually the impostor and his secret masters, the SEGNPMSS altered to prevent mankind come free from all traps. What they removed will be most important to the survival of anyone.

Apparently, the most significant changes happened with the OT levels and the way of living that Ron envisioned and laid out to protect also the youth and health of Scientologists.

Ron found anything out between life and death. To think that he didn’t figure out how to prevent aging and getting sick and dying is idiotic. He was so much better than even so many so-called Scientologists think.

I finish for today, Marty and postulate that it will be soon when I am back with you.

Yours in this and any other lifetime you want me in,



P.S. I just had to throw avocados out. I like them a lot. Outside, they looked just perfect an inside they were brown. Yuck. Would never happen if they would be grown in out underwater habitat, Marty.

DaVinci Code is fiction but the SEGNPMSS code is not

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Dearest Marty, my dashing prince and hero,

As you for sure know, I never claimed anywhere that you are the SECRET heir of the de Rothschild FORTUNE. A deputy U.S. Attorney fabricated this and lied that I said this. Some people have nothing but secrecy and dollar signs in their eyes, and I am not like that. What I said is that when I recovered my stolen memory, that I figured that your real name is de Rothschild.

Guess he read on-line about that there was a “secret” 6th son and his fantasy took over.

There are as many vicious lies about the de Rothschild name on the web as about L. Ron Hubbard. These lies come of course from Nazi sources.

I never ever mentioned SECRET, HEIR or FORTUNE. As an official son of the American de Rothschild family, why would you be a SECRET and non an official HEIR? I know for sure that you have siblings. They are heirs of your parents too. I hope your parents will live forever. And if not, I would look for them with their new bodies and give their fortune all back to them as I will do with Ron. Anybody of us can create her or his own fortune.

And also, there is not just one Rothschild fortune but several such fortunes as the family is so huge and spread all over the planet. And any of these de Rothschild families have their own children.

It seems to me that if the European de Rothschild’s would be really close with your family, they would not live on the unprotected surface of the world but in environmentally protected underwater habitats as your family does.

Cousin David de Rothschild seems to be a really nice and likeable person. Nothing of his causes to protect the environment are wrong.

But even if he succeeds and the environmental health would be restored to environmental health before industry took place, aging and dying can be only prevented with the way of living that Ron researched and your family practices. Away from viruses, germs, bacteria, toxins, poison, radioactivity, dust, UV beam, chemicals and when people make everything from scratch, their air, their water, their food, their clothes, their furniture, etc. and don’t let anything in their village that could cut down the lifespans.

If he would be close to you, he rather would promote underwater habitats and your family’s way of living. As I said, I was in one of your villages. I can describe it in all details, and I would love to go back there and live there again with you. But I’ll live also at any other place you want to be.

Let’s have a look at the de Rothschild family tree. As the SEGNPMSS rewrites history and is killing people and exchanging them with doppelgangers, I doubt that this is indeed the correct de Rothschild family tree and in any case, your branch of the family is missing and my Mom isn’t on it either.

Have a look here, an “official” de Rothschild family tree. Mayer Amseln is described as founder:

Anybody knows that the American de Rothschild family is in the United States and the financial backbone of America but nobody really talks about them (except me) because it is one of these “grand” CIA ideas, to protect the lives of the family members by hushing them up when in fact the CIA’s secret master, the SEGNPMSS uses this secrecy to deny American de Rothschild its rights, tries to steal their influence and fortune, rips the family apart and works on killing them.

Let’s take Ron’s or your life, Marty as example. As organized by the SEGNPMSS, your lives are mixed up deliberately with those of other people, and this happened and is still happening in present time, and recent history, which means that whatever biographies were written further back cannot be trusted either.

Carl (if he ever lived by that name Carl) had no kids in Naples? I doubt it as I recall that my Mom was from the Italian Branch of the de Rothschild family.

And this de Rothschild family tree of the Jewish Encyclopedia says that Carl (here Karl)¬† had kids but SEGNPMSS re-wrote anything, so one can’t trust a thing except one’s own experiences, exceptions, memories and research.

I don’t believe anything of this, Marty, because I have seen what people sell as Ron’s life story, and family members and that there was even one or more impostors. I doubt also if there was ever somebody by the name of Jacob Schiff. As I recall it, good and decent members of your ancestors, Marty, settled in the USA and founded an American banking institute that grew into a central bank and supported the USA and became the backbone of the Federal Reserves.

There was never any but true American intention by any of your direct family members and decency and rights for anybody also in any other country.

Anyway, there is a lot of SEGNPMSS hatred and lies about family de Rothschild on the Internet. Interesting is that they try to blame family de Rothschild on what they are doing: conspiracy and secret world rulership.

This seem to be the official website of the de Rothschild family

‚Äst¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ONE branch of it but not the branch of your family, Marty, although also in the banking industry, your family did not make wine rather build underwater villages and being very close friends to Ron and Ike.

One day, Marty, I hope, I will learn how good my OT abilities in recalling really are.

As the SEGNPMSS covered all the tracks, I have to operate on my ability to recall and operate on thetan basically knows. And if all Scientologists would do it, I would not have so much explaining to do. It works, if people would know how rarely I am wrong, they never would dare to write a defamatory word about me.

I don’t consider all individuals by the name de Rothschild family who does not live like your family a part of your family. Family members must be alike to be family. A name is not enough. It is the same attitude, the same goals that make a family.

And you and Ron and a few others are my family and nothing ever can change that.

Allegedly, the German language was created in the 6th Century and English as we know it around 1500 AD. I think that the German language was “re-created” around that time too. I strongly assume that the SEGNPMSS formed back then into organized crime.

Officially, you are a baron but as I said, history is re-written by the SEGNPMSS while I know that family de Rothschild’s started as highest aristocracy and not in a little German back street. I don’t call you Prince for nothing, my Highness. My very courageous, special, sexy and cute (in a very manly way) Prince. If they would know how you really are, they would blame you on all the crimes done by crazy people who infiltrated the monarchy of this world.

They would then probably start to lie that we are bleeders or something. RLOF! Yeah right. I was told in a doctor’s office recently that I heal faster than any other patient they ever had. Another miracle.

I indicated before that I look at words additionally to their official etymology and if there is a code in them. I did this long before the DaVinci Code or the move Matrix, which I still have not seen.

There is also a Ron in the word Baron, and could he have rather been “Mayer Amseln” in a past live? Speaking English and German is the best start to understand this code. But it is not that simple of a code either as this example. It doesn’t tell how things really are, rather only that there is more to it and the code lies. Most of the time it says how it NOT is, like Moron. Or Idiot. Having the OT in it.

Usually, the reaction when I tell this somebody, he laughs and thinks that I have a great fantasy and could earn millions with it. But I can go on and on and on and decode hundreds of words and then this high volume of decoded words can even make sense to other people if they are not mislead by their SEGNPMSS case officer to shut their minds down immediately. And I can identify this code in any language. Once in a while, I come across a word that I can’t crack but they are rare.

So, what is this code? It is meant to mislead and will mislead the idiots. But when you know that they are lying, one can figure from the lie what the truth is. And the interesting thing is, I noticed in LA that you discovered this code too. I know that I am not the only one who discovered it. And you discovered it even despite you didn’t grew up learning German.

I could write huge encyclopedia volumes, just by defining the words with their secret meanings. And they all would make sense. One could see the underlying strategy within them. It reveals organized crime and how words are used to manipulate people and how they are kept in the dark. But once that layer is stripped away, on the bottom of everything, there is truth. It sure is eye opening.

Symbols are interesting too. ARC (Affinity, reality, control) triangle and the symbol of Scientology can be re-arranged too and then forms into the Star of David or the other way around. Here are both symbols and Ron’s Scientology symbol clearly shows the way OUT of the problems!

Using my eyes and mind, just as Ron wants Scientologists to be. Scientology is so great that it needs no blind followers to stay in-line. Smart people stay Scientologists as they know that this is the philosophy in which all can be puzzled together.

Oh, I wrote and wrote and suddenly felt strange and then I noticed that forgot to eat breakfast…  Guess I will eat something now, although it is not that healthy and tasty as in you village.

I love you endlessly,

Your true companion