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10 Nazi “scientists” who got away

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how are things?

I miss you a million tons. 


 I found this article in Listverse about Nazi “scientists” who survived the war.

It is outrageous that the USA accepted these monsters. They didn’t help the USA to become a better or more scientific country, just a worse country. German-controlled ear implants made it possible. 

None of these Nazi “scientists” was intelligent. SEGNPMSS made sure that the USA goes into the wrong direction, the direction THEY wanted it to go. And Germany also want to take credit for anything the USA achieved. This is so typical for them.   

I am absolutely sure that without any of these idiot “scientists”, the USA would be a more advanced country with a much better reputation and no bad conscience. It should have said “no thanks” to all the Nazis and prosecuted them all. They were no American “assets” as they led the USA on the wrong path in all aspects of life.

I bet the farm that Ron’s (the real one’s) research contains much more true data to explore space than these German Nazi idiots ever provided.  

How can people who have no remorse for human life be good thinkers? They can’t. They never thought about the value of human lives, which means that they are no thinkers at all. This is one of the basic issues of our existence. Who doesn’t think about it and who does not behave human is an idiot, and not a scientist. 

The US hiring these Nazis was also a direct slap into the face of the real Ike. 

Look where we are:  People accept a fake “universe” projection and have no clue what is beyond that German screen, and all these Nazi “scientists” where either too dumb to figure it out or made sure that the USA and the rest of the world will not figure it out.   

Something else: I just read that the passports for UK citizens will not be printed in the UK. As I wrote before, Germany’s plan for the UK is to make it tiny and poor, so that it can’t perform much of an effective protest when the German Nazis march again all over Europe.

Sending kisses and hugs your way.


P.S.: There was still nothing from you or on your behalf for me, Marty. On March 20, a man name Rob came to my door. I hardly know him. During the last 10 years, I paid him for 2-3 jobs, and when I am in town, I just talk a minute or two to him. As far as I understood, he takes p$ych pills. On March 20, he wanted to move into my home. He told me that he euthanized his four healthy cats. Yikes! What non-psych-conditioned person does that?? As if a serial cat killer would be a great house mate. I asked him why he didn’t gave them to other people or at least an animal shelter. He said that it would be too much of a trauma for them. Argh! But killing them is not? I won’t let him in my home. I don’t want to become cat no. 5. And I don’t need a house mate. I don’t have to pay rent, I own my house and make my own living.   












About the bombs in Austin – another “coincidence”?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

Our love sure is no ordinary love. It is even stronger than it ever was. I once heard a woman complaining that her man who she thought loved her, forgot her after a short separation and took another woman. And someone else answered that this would be normal as out of sight means out of mind.

I really disagree. I have not seen you for so long, Marty, but you are anything but out of my mind, and you never will. 

Now to my headline:

There are those bombs these days in AUSTIN, Texas. 5 bombs in 19 days and people were killed and injured. The entire city is understandably on edge. 

I always had a problem with anyone webbing bomb instructions. Getting a sexually harassing letter linked to David Touretzky, and he and his friends defaming Ron and our religion wasn’t my only problem with him. I also despised him webbing bomb instructions and having no regard for  possible consequences.  

Just heard a news report, and numerous sources think that who ever is making/sending these bombs in or to Austin got the instruction from the Internet.

To capture the strange “co-incident”. The bomb instructions were originally by a guy named Austin, and the bombs are addressed to people in  Austin.   

This is from Dave Touretzky’s Wikipedia article:

In reaction to the federal prosecution and eventual imprisonment of 18-year-old political activist Sherman AUSTIN for hosting bomb-making instructions entitled Reclaim Guide on his web site, Dr. Touretzky provided a mirror on his Carnegie Mellon website for more than two years, although he acknowledged on the website that his own reposting of the information did not violate the plain language of the statute under which AUSTIN was convicted. [3] In May 2004, to avoid harassment of the university and controversy in the media, Dr. Touretzky moved the mirror from the Carnegie Mellon server to a private site. [4][5]

There are millions of opportunities to help free speech. Using free speech to make the world more dangerous is monstrous.

It also costs the taxpayers.  It can’t be cheap sending a huge amount of  law enforcement people to find the bomb maker/sender, disable bombs, and protect the public.  

I love you, Marty.
Be kissed.
Yours always

P.S. Marty, I read that Barbra Streisand never had a #MeToo moment. Good for her! She credited it to her no short and pretty nose.

German doctors altered my nose into one that was not short and pretty, and I was subjected to plenty of #MeToo moments despite of my nose. In Germany, being subjected to sexual and other harassment was a part of my daily life! It just was better in Scientology. There were Ron’s policies that didn’t allow it and there were ethics officers to who one could complain. German companies didn’t have any of this.  

Horrible! Arnaldo “Arnie” Lerma shooting his wife in the face and killing himself

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate and Prince,

This is about Arnaldo “Arnie” Lerma who hated Scientology so much that he wrongfully blamed Scientology of a “Nazi philosophy” while Lerma himself was Nazi-friendly. Yes, this kind of double-moral lived in his head. According to the RFW, he was a longtime supporter of Willis Carto and was on the Board of Policy of Liberty Lobby, an anti-Semitic organization founded by Carto.

He was a holocaust denier/German apologist.

Among other false accusations, Lerma misinformed people about Scientology and claimed wrongfully that it is hypnosis. His eyes actually reminded me of a person hypnotized or a hypnotist. But it wasn’t Scientology who did to him whatever was done to him.  

His son is quoted saying that his father WAS ALWAYS “paranoid”. But the media and also governmental officials took information on Scientology from this paranoid person. Yikes!

And he was allowed to have a gun. The “law” and his doctors have lose screws, if you ask me.

Arnie Lerma read postings of mine that Ron, the founder, and you were impersonated by impostors, but Lerma attacked or ridiculed what I wrote.  Typical.

Arnie Lerma was into “deprogramming”, and he lied about me on the Internet, but I didn’t wish him or his wife (Maureen or his later wife) harm. He killfiled me in 2005. Didn’t bother me. He was like so many of the other “critics” of Scientology. They were/are like mosquitoes with their agenda to defame.  It wasn’t smart by him to killfile me, considering that I posted among other things also about psychiatric conditioning. 

I think that happened to him, Marty. Psychiatric conditioning. Whoever used him to attack Scientology got rid of him now.  I think pills AND other types of psychiatric-conditioning.

Having back pain could probably explain committing suicide but stealing his wife’s money and shooting her in the face, even if she wants a divorce. 

I think he died because whoever ran him decided that the moor did his duty, the moor can go. 

Arnie Lerma was very wrong with his Nazi accusations against the founder. 

However, since non-Scientologist David Miscavige allowed Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam infiltrate Scientology, secret service psychs sure are making progress with the their secret Nazi plan to ditch Scientology into the Nazi bucket. 

Law professor Alan Dershowitz said: “…any  Democrat who meets with the “bigot” Louis Farrakhan should resign from office, and said there should be no tolerance for any association with the Nation of Islam leader”.

He is right. Anyone should resign from office who associates with anti-Semitic NOI.

I understand black people wanting rights, and they should have them just like white people. But if some of them are defaming Jews, it is another wrong. Jews and Blacks should be close allies, because the psychs behind Germany are their common enemy. And preaching violence is always wrong.

I wrote a lot about Germany, Bavaria, and psychs. I want them prosecuted, not attacked.   

RFW was right pointing out Lerma’s connection to anti-Semite Carto. But DM allowing anti-Semite Farrakhan and his cult into Scientology is a bad choice. It is also hypocritical, pointing out Lerma’s Nazi connections and ignoring that Farrakhan is defaming Jews.    

I love you, Marty.

Yours always,




The bridge, a few thoughts about the collapsed bridge

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince, how are your days and nights?

As you know, love is more than words. I don’t think that I ever will be able to describe how much you mean to me. I will forever cherish what was between us and all of it was wonderful.

Thinking that Germany has filed a case against you behind my back makes me even more determine to kick their still existing Nazi butts. The OT abilities that they tell the world through their agents would not exist, do exist, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to know what I know.   

And how you differ from your impostor, Monique’s husband who you hopefully sued for stealing your life and ruining your reputation by admitting to crimes that HE but NOT YOU committed.

I watched the man during all his flip-flop phases: your impostor in the orgs, then allegedly Anti-DM, then allegedly an “independent Scientologist”, then  a German collaborator and officially a non-Scientologist, then a Scientology-hater on the Internet, and in the media, then even flirting with running a “deprogramming course”, and then, helping DM and Miscavology again. And I was thinking in all his different phases: How can anyone who knew you, mistake him with you???? Impossible! You and he are different like night and day.   

There are Scientologists and the Rinderists and Miscavologists. While Scientologists will testify the truth that Monique’s husband is not you, the first Inspector General for Ethics, I doubt that a lot for the Rinderists and Miscavologists who hang or hung out in Scientology but never became Scientologists. Some “bridge” with the latter two… 

Sometimes I wonder what the CIA and the FBI says to your and Ron’s impostor. “We had no idea that there were ringers with the same names and look that were assigned to you and the founder of Scientology for security  reasons?” Yeah right! Whatever the justification is: Germany is behind it and the master of all ear-implants to control the world. And “American” officials and judges are their helpers. You wouldn’t suffer for decades if the world (incl. and very much so the USA) wouldn’t be controlled by them via freaking ear-implants.  

There was this horrible bridge accident in Florida. Some terms make me do comparisons: “bridge”, “bridge collapse”, “Florida”, “…water”, “stress test”…

Several people are dead and $14.2 million were wasted. On top of it, it seems that the FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg is Jewish.

I think that the SEGNPMSS, which doesn’t want to be discovered, lasered in vulnerable areas of that bridge to bring that bridge down, and that they plan to bring another “bridge” down. 

I learned that in 2014, another bridge in Miami crashed but without human fatality. Guess this was the test crash. 

Most of the time, before the SEGNPMSS conducts an atrocity, it prepares an alibi, e.g. they crack the material a bit in advance but transmit with loud or silent commands into the ears of people responsible that it isn’t a problem, or they transmit loud or silent sounds into the ears of people to make “human error” so that these people can be blamed later, who they preferably kill during the terror act, or arrange low quality material be delivered, accepted, and used, etc.  

Technicians said before that this crack did not compromise the structural integrity of the bridge. The FIU said that it meet with the contractors and determined that the crack did not constitute a compromise the structural integrity and the State of Florida, the DOT apparently did not object. Again, we are speaking about the SEGNPMSS and that the FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg is Jewish.

I am far from saying that Jews are infallible or above ear-implants. Unfortunately, they not, like any other race. However, the SEGNPMSS is advancing bad apples in the Jewish race to bust them later (they don’t do this to Germans, particularity not to Bavarians) for the purpose to make anti-Jews and pro-Nazi statements, or they are setting Jews otherwise up as in this bridge and for sure thousands of others incidents. Why am I so sure about this? Because I know the Germans, and particularly the Bavarians.    

According to the media, there were 800 such bridges and none collapsed. The engineers and technicians of that Florida bridge are stunned. The prefabricated main bridge span was installed, but pylon and suspension cables were not. The drawings of the bridge are possibly were not correct either. Some reports say that the bridge crashed while the cables were tightened. A bridge worker was killed by working on the bridge. This might be all the case, however, I am convinced that there is SEGNPMSS foul play involved. Usually, the SEGNPMSS has some alibis in place on which the disaster can be blamed while they stay cowardly in hiding.   

Loud or silent commands sent into the heads of people to makes mistakes it typical for the SEGNPMSS. And then, they do “the rest”, e.g. using lasers to bring down a bridge or other constructions.

Shouldn’t it be possible to use high-tech devices to detect laser beams in the footage before the bridge crashed?  I think one or more SEGNPMSS lasers could have been involved. Nazi terrorism.  

I am convinced that a laser was used by some SEGNPMSS terrorists in spring of 2011 on my house, and a part of it crashed. It was costly for me. They constantly want me to throw the towel and return to Germany. But as they are just psychiatric-“smart” and not real Scientologist-intelligent, they are getting the exact opposite from me. Marty, I am telling you, we couldn’t even afford their kind of stupidity.       

You will be always in my heart, Marty.  I saw your personality. There was really great news for me and the world. You have an awesome personality. No wonder that I just have eyes for you.  This is really no wonder. You will be forever my stable bridge and I am yours.  


Infinitely yours,


Typical, Tony Ortega gives David Miscavige credit… Yikes!

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you? You are on my mind as always. 

C of S’s  websites are sabotaged. Look what I got when I tried to visit them. It happens all the time and is apparently never fixed by the Miscavologists. It seems that the Scientology TV  indeed just serves David Miscavige as a tool to get a better reputation and indeed does not promote Scientology!  


Tony Ortega gives David Miscavige credit for his TV appearances. Ortega also gave  credit to your impostor and who else other shady person. Some journalist!

As you and I, and actually tons of other people know (but they don’t talk about it): David Miscavige took Scientology over from Ron’s impostor  (the guy on the Apollo who died with Vistaril in this behind in 1986) and keeps it a top secret that Ron, the real founder of Scientology and you were/are impersonated. Instead of being able to access original Scientology, Scientologists, and others just get access to Vistarology (this is the version of SCN of Ron’s impostor) and to Miscavology (this is the version of Scientology of His Cobness, David Miscavige). And DM plans even more of this by trying to implement psych planted material found in a garage into Scientology. He needs his (by means of legal not violence) behind kicked. I really mean it, Marty.

No wonder that Tony Ortega gives him credit, or he wants millions from Scientology through David Miscavige as a certain impostor and others, and hopes he gets it by posting more positive about him.

Just as I thought, Marty, before Scientology TV aired: it serves mainly for His Cobness to get a better reputation, otherwise he would have found another reason to prevent Scientology TV for some more decades as he did in the decades before. The man is bad. He keeps you wrongfully behind bars and works together with your impostor.  But he is also bad to other Scientologists and the rest of the world, by keeping original Scientology under wraps and expects them to be satisfied and pay for the “Scientology” version that secret service agent “Jack Vistaril” and he arranged. 

DM was filmed in the “Super Power Building”. It includes psychiatric remnants as the spinner “motion quadrant”. How stupid is that man (and others) not realizing or admitting that psychiatric tools were added to Scientology by p$ychs to alter or destroy it? Or is the destruction rather DM’s job in the first place? Psychiatry is known for having spun people around. If he would be a Scientologist, he would know immediately that it is not Scientology, and he never would withhold that the man who left Scientology to him wasn’t even the founder of Scientology! 

I know that NASA has some similar spinning devices, but NASA is also infiltrated by psychs. They have a special interest in NASA as the SPs behind Germany don’t want the universe explored. That’s why the deep universe is covered with a German fake projection and why they call it “run-away-universe”. 

I don’t use the term wogs for non-Scientologists as “Jack Vistaril” and his psychiatric case officers came up with this and not the founder. However, I can’t help myself. In this case, I want to use their terms: David Miscavige, the Miscavologists and the Vistarologists are wogs. They are no Scientologists. There are light years between their and our ways of thinking and their and our abilities. 

Below is Mr. Wog, His Cobness, in his Super Power (yeah right!) building with psychiatric devices, which is actually a ticking time bomb. Sooner or later, some psychiatric-conditioned person will go nuts there after some additional Miscavige-spinning. If he would be an OT, he would know it in advance.    

 This has disaster written all over it. And despite that psychs altered Scientology and incorporated their crap “technology” like spinning and running in circles, etc., I feel that psychs still want to destroy Scientology even more. Their next set up against Scientology is for sure already planned, and His Cobness and the Miscavologists are stepping right in it. If they would be real Scientologists, they would have OT abilities as we have them. But don’t have them, Marty. DM and the Miscavologists can’t see in the future. Blind wogs. 

Giving you tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I am glad that you are a real Scientologist and not a Vistarologist or a Miscavologist. 

Yours forever,





I didn’t open this Twitter account, Marty

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I have no idea who opened this Twitter account. It wasn’t me. 

Actually, considering my bad experiences from Usenet, I have no plans to interact with people on the Internet. Interacting with people online brought me only their abuse, harassment, defamation, and lies. And some cyber-stalkers stalked me even beyond Usenet or the Internet. 

So, why should I interact with them ever again? No interest at all.

I rather address you as you differ from them all, Marty.     

Will be back soon. 

I love you, and be kissed.

Yours forever,



I was thinking of a Scientology TV channel already in 1977

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince, how are you?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we would be not far from each other in a physical way? If I just could reach over to grab your hand?

What others take for granted, they don’t grant us. On the other side, I don’t envy those who hold the hand of someone who is so hypocritical and monstrous by keeping us apart and you wrongfully locked up. Yuk! How can people live with a conscience like this? 

I assume that you know that the Scientology TV Network is planned to start tomorrow. It will be accessible via DirecTV, AppleTV, Roku, fireTV, Chromecast, iTunes, and Google Play. I can’t imagine psychiatrists not plotting how to stop this. Despite that the men behind Germany and their international psychs have infiltrated Scientology and changed it into Vistarology and Miscavology so that original Scientology is much less potent, according to the CCHR website, the orgs are still critical of psychiatry, although not that alert of psychs as you and I are:

Psychs started a huge campaign on the Internet and in the media against Scientology after Tom Cruise spoke critical of psychiatry on TV 10 years ago. Knowing psychs as the monsters that they are, I hear the clock ticking to do something to stop the TV station. 

Actually, Marty, I was thinking already in 1977 of a TV station for Scientology, and there was lot less viewer competition as today. Today, people don’t know what to watch first or at all. They are bombarded with info. But back then, there were just some TV stations and everyone watched those.

As I said before, David Miscavige, who knew that the money was there when he took over Scientology in the 80s from Ron’s impostor, “Jack Vistaril”,  did not start a TV channel. He wants it now as his own personal reputation got so bad. DM (who works together with your impostor and withholds from Scientologists that even the founder of Scientology was impersonated all his life by an impostor) wants to be portrayed in a positive way through the TV channel, changing the perception that people have of him. It is all about him, not about our applied religious philosophy. 

His official justification to block a TV channel for Scientology for decades is that the orgs were not ready. What a crap. It is not the MEST that is important but what Scientology is and what it teaches. He could have erected tents and send auditors, C/Ss, and course supervisors on missions to whatever country the TV station was in. And these people, after completing their training and auditing would have built their own groups, missions, and orgs. 

The orgs under DM are publishing this in regards to an ideal org: 

“It would have enough space to train, process and administrate without crowding.” – LRH

The real Ron likely would have said something like this:

Get the tech out to the people! Deliver in a tent, if you have to! And when it is too small, put another one up. Make sure that those who train or audit are well trained and can train others well.  Send them where the TV station airs and where they welcome those who watched and want to study Scientology or obtain auditing. Delivery of original Scientology is important – not shiny MEST.  Clean space to learn, to train and audit can be erected anywhere and everywhere, it does not have to be in a polished stone building.

Besides, these people who saw the TV program and got auditing and training  in tents will become Scientologists and build new groups, missions, and orgs.  

These few “ideal orgs” that the staff under DM pulled off  will not be able to accommodate large of amounts of people, Marty. They are too small. So, in other words, DM likes blink-blink but does not plan a huge expansion. With a huge expansion his orgs would be too crowded on day no. 1 or 2 already if the truth about Scientology is finally aired. If he planned a huge expansion, he would think in terms of buying a tent company! 

Apart from training auditors, supervisors, cramming officers, and anyone else who keeps orgs running, I would train crews that get permissions for tents from the authorities and can erect tents in a snap to train and audit anyone who wants it. 

And I would inform the authorities that they should watch p$ychs not trying to plot an anti-Scientology incident to stop the TV channel!

The buildings that David Miscavige purchased and renovated for the orgs are anyway off policy. The real founder wanted Scientologists to live in buildings in which medical terrorists and p$ychs can’t shorten their lifespans. 

You have heard it so often from me already, Marty, time that I hear it from you. 🙂

I love you. You rock, Marty! Hope to see you soon.

Yours forever,