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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Jerusalem could be such an interesting city FOR ALL, yet people don’t get along because German secret service p$ych radio in their ear implants and make them go against each other.  I always welcomed diversity. It is so much more interesting than if all is the same.

Hanukkah started and I just can imagine what you and your family is going through not having you ever safe at home.

Be kissed. I love you.

Yours always,




Written by Barbara Schwarz

December 12, 2017 at 12:57 pm

I am convinced that the “humming of planet Earth” is NOT natural

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Dearest Marty, my magnificent husband and Prince,

How is your life?

I miss you so much. You are such a wonderful thetan. If all people would be like you, peace on Earth and human rights for anyone would be an absolute reality and not just talk. I know it because our connection is stronger than anything. Those psychs, doctors, and their international agents who keep us apart deserve being confronted with a “problem” (our love) that they can’t wipe out. They bribe the entire world, but  us, they can’t turn against each other. So they use torture and cowardly hide. But this won’t bring them any blessings either. Motivators of their own making will hit them hard.

Marty, I came across an article in the Nat. Geographics. It’s about the “hum” that planet Earth is making. It is impossible to hear with human ears  and the origin is “unclear”. It is not caused by ocean waves or storms but going on everywhere sometimes louder than other times.  To me it is clear where it is coming from. SEGNPMSS generates it. Thetans can hear silent sounds and underneath the humming are tapes to sabotage everyone’s subconscious mind.  And the hum also is to cover up if any real noises are made in space. This hum is all over the world. Because the SEGNPMSS is fanatical. 

Have a look here:


What needs to be done is this: The hum needs to be recorded and stripped away. The messages that will be found underneath will tell us more about the lunatics who run and sabotage secretly the world. I know so much of them, Marty, that I want to puke. They are so disgusting. How can beings even sink that deep.

Stay alive. I love you.

Yours forever,





The ban of the Russians from the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, 

Russians were banned yesterday from 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. The doping as such (making sure that athletes are doping so that they will be busted and banned) plus the banning as such appears to me another German secret service program step in setting up  World War III. And Germany of course will lie: We had nothing to do with it. And its monster doctors will hide cowardly as they always do.    

This is what the SEGNPMSS has in mind: Russia and possibly China behind NK and the USA behind South Korea while Germany and Switzerland set the war up by having Kim Jong-Un psychiatric- conditioned.

I can see the dirty pawns of the SEGNPMSS monsters clearly.

I love you.


And as a “bonus”, Germany wins more medals as Russia is out of the Olympic picture. Heil ear-implants.   



Once again about the microwave weapon that could disable the nukes and other weapons of mass destruction in North Korea – could they fly remote-controlled into NK?

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Dearest Marty, most missed husband in the world, how are your days and nights?

I am still thinking of this microwave weapon that the Pentagon has and that could render nuclear and other missiles useless by destroying their electronics. 

The microwave weapon works but not using it has political reasons rather than “mental” reasons, said Senator Heinrich.

The microwave weapon has to fly close to the target in North Korea, which could be considered an act of war, says NBC.

However, I ask myself, if the U.S.A. (through its Air Force and any allied countries, which don’t want to be nuked by German-Switzerland psychiatric-conditioned Kim Jong Un or anyone else) could send planes with microwave weapons (of which is being said that they just destroy electronics but no lives) to NK and disabling ALL of Kim Jong Un’s big weapons. Big electronic fry action! It sure could be dangerous for the pilots as NR likely will shoot them down, but maybe there is another solution, like remote-controlled planes?  And  maybe the microwave weapons also work from a satellite.

Nobody invades NK, no ground troops, no killing of humans except that KJU’s horrible toys are being destroyed.  As soon as NK wants to build another one, the remote-controlled microwave weapons fly again remote-controlled into NK and fry these electronics again.

The best weapon against North Korea’s weapon craziness is however pointing with the finger on Germany and Switzerland. I think Kim Jong Un would be rather harmless if they wouldn’t have psychiatric conditioned him into treating the USA and other parts of the world. They steal people’s analytical minds and run them like robots. Manchurian candidates.  

Waiting until a psychiatric-conditioned  person strikes first is not wise. It is as unwise and cruel as dropping bombs on the civil population as a German-controlled Truman did. 

I would tell Russia, China, and anyone else who has to know my plans and if they would consider that an act of war, I would say that THEY are responsible for the thousands or millions killed in a nuke attack by NK if they nuke a country.     

Besides, if the people of Russia and China, and the rest of the world, that Germany and Switzerland psych-conditioned not just Kim Jong Un but is also responsible for the horrible history that their people to suffer, they will not blame the USA for microwaving the NK nukes. They will finally see who their real enemy is, however,  hopefully also use no nukes or weapons on mass destruction. 

We need actions of evidence. All we got to show that monsters who make monsters can’t do it anymore because the world doesn’t fall for “acted alone” no longer. 

BTW, I learned that Germany makes business with North Korea, despite everything. Typical. 

You know it, I know it, Marty, a few others know it, but the world doesn’t see it or doesn’t want to see it and this is very bad for the world.

I love you, Marty. I think of you and want to be with you.

Yours always,



I am better

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and soulmate,

How are you?

I treated my flu with homeopathic remedies and took a hot bath with Epson Salt and Baking Powder and feel much better than on Sunday and yesterday.  

I hope you are ok.

My gas company keeps digging up my front lawn. They did it in spring already and now again. As soon as the grass grows over the area they worked, they come and dig it up again.  I asked two Mexican gentlemen who did much of the digging if they would dig my grave. They found it funny. They said that they replaced only part of the pipes in spring and now replaced the rest of the pipes. Trump wants to get the Mexicans out of the country, but I wonder how many Americans want to do these kind of jobs, particularly when it is cold outside. The American engineer, probability their superior, came later into my home and connected the water boiler, gas stove, and the gas heater. 

On another subject, I read an interesting article about a microwave weapon that can bring down nuclear missiles by knocking out their electronics. Works with the same methods as the SEGNPMSS when it messes with our and other people’s electronics and computers. 

See here:

However, I wonder what will happened to the North Korean or any other nuclear missile. Will it drop to the ground? Explode in the air? Can it return to the point of departure like a boomerang without exploding?  Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, coming back to you NR, and land elegantly on the spot it was fired. Last probably not but would be the best solution. 

I also read that if this US microwave weapon is used within North Korea to disable the nuclear or any other weapon, it could be considered an act of war. However, with a German-Swiss-psychiatric conditioned and remote-controlled leader as Kim Jong Un, the act of war is already declared on North Korea by Germany in cooperation with Switzerland, when they conditioned him and returned him in altered condition. Because I bet the farm that THIS HAPPENED, when he suddenly left the school in Switzerland.

Another article that I read today is that the Pentagon inspector general uncovers ‘deficiencies’ in submitting criminal data to FBI. When you read this, how can you trust that they will protect and defend the country ethically? What can I say except what I always say: the USA (like all other countries) is heavily SEGNPMSS controlled and their ear implants “replace” decency, ethics, and intelligence. SEGNPMSS wants people to think that crime pays as they want them committing crimes for them.

But crimes never pay. All it pays is a bad conscience, if they like it or not. And it “rewards” a lower IQ. As Ron found out, people are basically good. When they do bad things, they don’t want to be reminded. They close their eyes before certain things where they have dirty hands. And the product: People not so smart as they could be. Or even completely dumb. This is how crime “pays”.     

I love you, Marty. Be kissed.

Yours forever,


Btw, M. is in New Zealand now. 



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Dearest Marty, I have not had the flu for a very long time. Forgot how bad it feels.

The worst was a flu shot that I once got in Germany a young girl. Instead of protecting me from the flu, I had the flu all through winter. Ever since, I refused flu shots and rarely ever got it until Friday when I started getting symptoms.

I am working on curing it with homeopathic remedies and other household remedies instead of chemicals.

Hope you are well. I think of you.

Will be back when I feel better.

I love you,

Written by Barbara Schwarz

December 3, 2017 at 10:06 am

Another interesting underground city: Noushabad (tasty water) Noosh Abad, or Nushabad (Ouyi) in Isfahan, Iran

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Their water well, it seems:


Dearest Marty, my mesmerizing Prince and awesome soulmate,

My thoughts are with you.

I read that a Sassanid prince came to the region that is today’s Isfahan, Iran, and discovered approx. 1500 years ago a well with very good  cold and pure water. He decided to build a city around this well. Just as the pyramids and the Taj Mahal and other amazing buildings had a protected well in their centers. There is enough evidence anywhere on the planet that wise people protected their water sources from outside influences. And they also had to protect themselves from being discovered and attacked.

Not just good but evil choose this planet too and still is at it with the same lunatic mindset of dark ages.

This pre-Islamic underground town is praised as a marble of ancient architecture. It was also built to combat environmental influences and I strongly assume that they discovered that living outside promotes aging. Seems that our modern world thinks wrongfully that sunscreen and drinking store-buyed water handles this problem.

This underground structure Ouyi was built under a town. When on the surface, its residents could move in the underground without being spotted by intruders.  The tunnels were built in a depth of 4 – 18 meters. They found rooms that revealed that people lived down there and the ventilation was really good.  I learned that the three levels in this underground town were built on different levels in  a slant to delay intruders. And the passages have deliberate curves and they had traps for the enemies. The architects knew apparently a lot about building, structures, stones, and physics.

Here is an interesting video. However, they are dead wrong that people today live in peace. It doesn’t matter where.  SEGNPMSS rules and wastes people including their own agents.   

However, the Sassanian also they didn’t make it. Infiltrated and attacked. I always felt that the Bavarian butchers and barbers had the Romans secretly working for them. It is TYPICAL for those cowards hiding behind others and using them for their purposes.  

I love you, Marty.

Yours always,