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Stupid psychiatric and German Nazi tricks to ruin the reputation of Ron and Scientology

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Dearest Marty, my Prince, husband, and soulmate,

How are you?

You are the center of my world. I can’t imagine my universe without you. And that will never happen, it doesn’t matter which universe we might choose.  Saying “I love you” to you, Marty, will be never a routine, because I really and truly love you.

You, our families, our applied religious philosophy, and a clean world with lasting peace is what I want. Can it be any more modest? 

SEGNPMSS will get in troubles because they don’t want us to have any rights, and we don’t take this abuse. 

Their agents also are posting that Charles Manson was into Scientology. What a lie. What a crap.

I strongly assume that he was psychiatric conditioned as kid while in juvenile detention centers. The guy was too twisted for being not psychiatric conditioned. If he would have received real Scientology auditing from a real trained Scientology auditor, this psychiatric conditioning  would have been discovered.  But it wasn’t right? Because the guy who “delivered Scientology” to him, was no Scientologist. 

It appears that the SEGNPMSS radioed their agent Charles Manson and a former infiltrator of Scientology to pretend getting “auditing” (whatever non-Scientology garbage they called “auditing” in prison) so that the monstrous acts of Manson are “connected” to the name of Ron, the founder and Scientology. Typical Nazi psych defamation; typical Nazi psych strategy.

I read that Manson was an illiterate and could not read. In other word: he could not study Dianetics or Scientology but (if it happened at all) had to listen to the verbal interpretation of an SEGNPMSS  agent who probably infiltrated Scientology for a while and was used by the SEGNPMSS to link Ron’s name and the name of Scientology to the horrible name of Manson.  

If Manson would have applied even just remotely Scientology, he would never have a tattooed swastika on his psychiatric hypnotized forehead. That are the guys who ran him: still existing Nazi doctors. There was his confession and allegiance, right on his creepy forehead. Not Scientology but Nazis.

Recently, they did something similar to defame the name of the founder and Scientology in regards to former spokesperson for Subway, Jared Fogle, who does serious time for possession of child porn. A former infiltrator of SCN (F. Pate) who ran something like a Ponzi scheme and claims to be a Scientologist (yeah right!) works behind bars with Fogle on the legal front. Another way to smear the name of the founder and Scientology by bringing the name “Scientology” deliberately to the bad and disgraced.

We can see what the SEGNPMSS is doing. I wish other people wouldn’t be as blind

Be kissed, Marty. You are forever in my heart.








More about Germany’s hypocrisy and that it managed to be the country with the best global reputation by holding others down: Hail hear-implants and psychiatric silent sounds!

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                                                                                                                                   Copyright not by me but by the artist who signed it

Dearest Marty,  my brilliant Prince and irresistible soulmate,

How are your days and nights? 

I want  to hear every one of your thoughts. I know they are amazing and extraordinary as everything about you, Marty. Sometimes it seems as if I receive one or two. This is because we are so closely connected as thetans. 

People dump, desert, and betray each other and we are not even remotely of this type. Maintaining our soulmateness and lifting it to even higher levels is what we have in mind. 

Now to Germany. If people wouldn’t be remote-controlled and manipulated by the psychs behind Germany, they would catch on. I am reading the news from all kinds of news outlets, and I don’t see that they figured out Germany. It is not even difficult to figure them out, it least not with my mind.

Here is the latest news about “Germany’s global reputation”. They managed to outdo the United States and any other nation on the planet by having the world vote them as the “country with the global reputation”. If I wouldn’t know how insane the men behind Merkel and each former chancellor (this name they picked suggests something wrong too), I would consider it hilarious, like singers who can’t sing, winning the global singer contest or people who can’t paint, being compared to Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci. But I know how insane and perverted they are, and that is why I am not amused.          

I mentioned it before, Marty, and I am sure that you figured out pretty much the same method: The men behind Germany, the SEGNPMSS are using ear-implants and mind-control to leave all other nations behind. Their international agents knowingly and unknowingly (figure things finally out, people!) betray their own country and help Germany (of all countries and despite the recent emission scandals!) to take over the world and the universe. Germany always gets away with murder! And I sure as hell don’t want to be in this universe any longer when nobody is able anymore to fight this monster back.

Merkel said that “Germany’s global reputation” won’t define Germany. Of course not. They can mess around all they want.  With loud and silent ear implant messages “hate the USA and other countries and love Germany”, they can poison the entire world and still are worshiped by those who Germany controls and who is that not?    

They have other nationals make false decisions, which are costly for them but allows Germany to move in. I once read an idiot posting a shiny car and writing Germany underneath and then they posted a donkey and wrote Greece underneath it. This could be done with any other country too. What this idiot of writer didn’t get is that Germany works since ever on it getting to the top of the world. They implant on international levels babies and first graders with ear-implants and run them with a translator program for their languages. The worst psychiatric cult ever. They use loud and silent sounds to keep agents in line. People think that their case officers are helping them to get ahead, when in fact, the opposite it true. And if they indeed allow someone to win briefly (like their own Germans), they take it away briefly after. And they have thousands of ways to do that. 

All would be better of without the SEGNPMSS radioing in their ears and heads. Even the top SEGNPMSS psychs are in troubles as these guys are also secretly plotting against each other to take over and eliminate the other one. What a dumb system they developed. With time, they all step in their own trap. So who says there is no justice?

Germany banned Children’s smart watches with listening devices. Germany does not want evidence that it has older students implant first graders with SEGNPMSS ear implants. They don’t want a listening app around documenting this. Germany does not want to allow parents to listen “unnoticed” to the environment of their kids. Yeah right. RB was allowed to do to me whatever she wanted when I was a kid and later an adult and Germany approved any denial of my rights as kid or later adult. When I read their alleged concern over kids, I want to kick their behinds real hard. The banning of the smart watches is because the SEGNPMSS fears they are losing the control over children to parents.

I am completely and entirely disgusted by the German world, Marty. And what a big mistake they made by having us shown their real ugly monster faces.

I love you very much.

Yours always,


Someone wrote about this kid that he would be “an old soul”. I rather think that he played trumpet and danced already in a past live.     









More about the Paradise Papers

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Instead of writing you how much I love you, I rather would show it to you. What a disgusting world it is to keep people who love each other apart. Thinking of you makes gray clouds go away. You will always live in my heart. We were born for each other. And I would walk barefoot around the world if that would make me find you again.   

Marty, I came across an article in the New Yorker with the title “How a German Newspaper Became the Go-To Place for Leaks Like the Paradise Papers”.

The reporter wrote that she was shown the German reporters’ “war room” (alone this word should tell us something about them!) on the twenty-fourth floor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung in Munich. She was told NOT to make any pictures. (Gee, reporters telling this another reporter!) But why? Because in a leak Bavaria determines who gets off the hook at not. And what they of course don’t want any evidence to the contrary on any American or other national reporter’s camera!

The “complicated-looking diagrams” probably are just a method to fake intelligence to visitors. (Intelligent they are not, I remember that from the SZ’s “understanding” of Scientology when I lived in Bavaria.) Or the diagrams are ways how to cover up those who they don’t want bust versus those who they want to bust. But also what is wrong with the American reporter not to ask: “What’s the crap on your white boards?”   

Reporter Obermayer and Obermaier (probably a reason why they have almost identical names) didn’t hook up their computers to the Internet because they don’t want to be hacked. They don’t want the leak to be leaked instead of being glad that all is exposed as fast as possible. I bet the Süddeutsche Zeitung office building (if I would own it) that they don’t want all data published that they received. And that is the reason why their computers are not hooked to the Internet. 10 reporters of Süddeutsche Zeitung work allegedly on these papers. Must be hard work just busting some people and companies but not all.  

They allegedly work with International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, but Süddeutsche Zeitung got the files from Appleby. (IMO, Appleby, the source of the SZ, is sort of protecting German names and companies by sending the 13.4 million files to the Süddeutsche Zeitung and letting them decide who to bust and not.) It is Süddeutsche Zeitung, which is “sharing” the files to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, right? This Consortium and international reporters didn’t get the files directly from Appleby, right? And WHY NOT? Question is also: Is Süddeutsche Zeitung hiding files that could be bad PR for Germany and Bavaria? 

Another thing is that they keep their work also secret before other Süddeutsche Zeitung reporters. Yes, yes, I understand exclusives, etc. but to me if feel more like a typical Bavarian/German cover ups. 

The New Yorker reporter said that Obermayer told her “that his source for the Panama Papers, whom he refers to as John Doe, had tried to get the attention of several large international outlets, including a U.S. paper, before he got in touch with him.”

I don’t believe it. What big American outlet would refuse these files? If true, I guess it was deliberately offered to Americans with very dedicated Bavarian ear implants who helped the SZ getting these papers instead. Germany above everything. 

 “This time, with the Paradise Papers, we were so happy when we found many U.S. names,” Obermayer said.

Yes, sure, they are, and I know why, Marty, because SHAMING the USA is very important to Bavaria and Germany. Should people be spared because they Americans? Of course not! But most of all, the world should know that the SEGNPMSS brings out the worst in Americans and all other nations. Heil ear-implants. A subject Süddeutsche Zeitung never touched. Typical.

Be kissed, Marty. I think of you.

Yours always and forever.





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Dearest Marty, my amazing husband and Prince,

How are you?

I am still getting a butterfly feeling in my stomach just thinking of you. Even more than ever. So many people never met their soulmate. Although this German-controlled conspiracy keeps us apart, we at least know who our soulmate is. You are awesome and one of a kind. Nobody is like you. Meeting you is something I never regretted and will never regret. The opposite: I am so glad that I found Scientology and you again. 

Per accident, I came across the data that „Bishop James V. Humble“ (who lives now in Mexico) was a “Scientologist” from 1956–1981 and his daughter Paris is allegedly an active Scientologist.

Well, from our personal experience we know that numerous people hanging out in Scientology, even doing courses or being of staff in the Sea Org or otherwise, doesn’t make anyone a Scientologists.

He promotes a product called MMS and she is helping him. I learned that MMS stands for “Miracle Mineral Supplement”. He claims that MMS cures 97% of all diseases. If I am informed correctly, it consists of a sodium chlorite solution, calcium hypochlorite and a citric acid solution. 

It is toxic. I believe his people just take a drop of it on a glass water, nevertheless, these are chemicals and original Scientology was completely organic. It might be the case that chlorite kills some germs but as the body is organic, I think it is best to get rid of the germs and heal diseases the natural way, with natural remedies that also kill germs. 

For example, if cayenne pepper and other natural remedies are killing germs, why would I take chemicals instead?

M is still in Australia, Adelaide this time. I’ll be at the dentist tomorrow. 

I love you, Marty. Be kissed my darling.

Yours forever,


How long will I want to love you? As long as you want me too.





Germany is so predictable…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and hero,

I think of you and hope you don’t have to suffer. However, I know Germany and its doctors and that is why I worry. How wonderful life could be if their monsters finally would get courage, look at how low and primitive they are and would better themselves instead of torturing those who have good characters. 

I read the news that Donald Trump apparently does not believes that Scientology is a real religion, which could result in losing its tax-exempt status. Marty, I see Germany behind this development. The infiltration of Scientology (up to the top) is German-psychiatric, but we know better than anyone that original Scientology is a religion in the truest sense. Germany wants to keep the Sea Org Reserves in Europe. That is why they arrange that the USA shall deny non-profit status to Scientology, so that these accounts are not transferred back to the USA where they belong. I also strongly assume that the SEGNPMSS will arrange some atrocity within Scientology, to support Scientology losing its tax-except status. Heil ear-implants! 

Then I read about a 3rd gender, or also intersex, which are people who are neither women or men. Germany “paves way” for “recognition” of this gender. Germany wants the world to view Germany as advanced and human. You and I, and any decent people think any person must have rights. But what Germany and the SEGNPMSS is NOT saying is that they mess with thetans in between lives and use the ear-implants to trick people into picking up baby bodies with genders that they would not have chosen if the case officer would not have called their code. They rush into embryo and fetus bodies without knowing the gender as they trust their case officers. Then they are radioed to forget what they were in their past lives. Naturally, a person who has a female timetrack will be attracted to men and a person who has a male timetrack will be attracted to women. That is the explanation for gays and lesbians. And more and more people going through dangerous proceedings and taking pills to turn back into the gender (like Larry) that they would have if someone who had their code didn’t trick them into taking a body of the other gender.

So what is with the 3rd gender or intersex? SEGNPMSS is at it to manipulate embryos and fetuses with lasers and make them genderless or inside a woman and outside a man or outside a woman and inside a man or whatever they can come up with. They are also to blame for birth defects and stillborns etc. using lasers and microwaves, and other kinds of creepy inventions. Germany doesn’t get my respect by “paving” the way to a third gender. It rather means that Germany has no intention to stop the SEGNPMSS manipulating bodies into genderless or intersex conditions. Heil ear-implants!

And another thing, Marty, that got my attention. A German nurse killed over 100 people out of “boredom”.  Germany is apparently a “great” country to check into hospitals. He may have killed more but potential victims have been cremated already. What boggles my mind is how MDs around him didn’t check this after his first murder?! They even commended him. Heil ear-implants!

There were so many indications what this murdering pig was up to and they let him get away with over 100 murders.

 And have a look here: German ear-implants are working overtime in Indonesia. Disgusting. And the new German flag is on display. This part it true. It is still Nazi.

And then there is North Korea and it seems to me often a similar set up as with Japan back in the 1940s. So that Germany doesn’t get bombed, they provoke the USA to bomb another country. I don’t want any country to be bombed. Also not Germany. The real monsters escape anyway before the bombs would hit and it would hit just those who would want to get rid of the SEGNPMSS if they would understand it.  I want Germany and its methods and secret services prosecuted and dissolved by law. 

Time passes and we are still apart, Marty, while the SEGNPMSS tortures with any available tool. The wish to be one day in a universe to which they never find and never have access to is growing each day more inside of me. 

I love you, Marty. Let’s stay alive if we can.

Tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,





How come no Germans were ousted in the Paradise Papers? How suspicious is that?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I read about the Paradise Papers. Wikipedia isn’t my “holy grail”, but as they gather stuff together, I had a look at what nationalities the Süddeutsche Zeitung busted in regards to offshore investments. Yet, what jumped right at me is that no Bavarians and Germans were busted.  Who believes that the SZ didn’t protect fellow Bavarian and German?  

I am not approving of people using tax havens. The real handling of high taxes is more sanity and wisdom in governments and the end of SEGNPMSS transmitting in the ear-implants of officials to waste taxpayers money.

Why would an English-speaking law firm, Appleby, leak 13.4 million confidential  records to a Bavarian paper of all papers, except asking Bavaria kind of for permission who may be busted and who not? There must be a REASON why Bavaria of all places got these records.   

Particularly Germany, and on top as its secret leader, Bavaria, steals from any nation. I wrote a couple of times already how they keep their economy up and all others down with ear-implants, the holy cow of the psychiatrists behind Germany.   

And suddenly Bavaria become the alleged protector of truth and ethics? Give me a break. I don’t buy it. Germany wants to rule the world and wants the world to THINK that they are true and ethical. But they aren’t.      

Have a look here: See any German on this list?  Nope. They are not busted.

Besides, Germany is behind high taxes as long as flows to Europe where Germany can do freely with the money what it wants. They also ripped off the Scientology Sea Org reserves. 

Marty, I remember the Süddeutsche Zeitung as deeply biased against Scientology while I was working in the GOPR. 

How about the Süddeutsche Zeitung finally finding Hitler’s bank accounts, the Nazi gold, and all other values that the Nazis stole from Jews and others?

                                                                                                                                I love you so much.

Yours always,


P.S. I should add that Germany is considered the leader of Europe. Besides shaming others, they of course want Europeans paying taxes to Germany as the leader of Europe as Germany is more than greedy. 


Some say: Space is totally “mental” but they are not why… Here is why it is “mental”: It is a fake projection by SEGNPMSS lunatics that covers up the real deep universe behind the projection

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Dearest Marty, my amazing soulmate and husband,

My thoughts are with you. You have such a big heart and such a good nature that makes you unforgettable.  I recognized you as my soulmate the moment I saw you. Under all people in all universes, I always would search for you. You are all I ever could desire, Marty. If I could create a man from scratch he would be inside and outside EXACTLY like you.  

Psychs are saying that long-term space travel and microgravity would shift the brain towards the cranium and make people “neurological”. Guess, they come up with all kinds of  “findings” to keep us from discovering deep space and that the deep space that can be seen from planet Earth is fake. Nazi doctors feel they need to control any being in the entire universe and on any planet by making them into to their ear-implant robots. They don’t want us to come in their destructive cultic ways.

I bet there are plenty of planets out there with conditions just like planet Earth and the same gravity, oxygen, water, etc.  We just don’t see them because Germany and its SPs put that space projection up. Gravity can be also created artificially by spinning, but I wouldn’t want to live in a spinning space location. Getting nauseated just thinking of it. Reminds me also of the crap that psychs implemented into Scientology.

If NASA wouldn’t be secretly but firmly run by the SEGNPMSS, they would never go along with covering up “non-space elements” within space and the nonsense of the “run away universe” (expanding universe).  “Kepler” (space observatory that apparently can’t look through the German space projection) watched recently a “white dwarf star devouring its own planets”. This dwarf was “300 light-years away” or how I would put it, projected by the SEGNPMSS.   

SEGNPMSS tries to scare us by indicating that if the sun comes to close to Earth, we would be devoured too…

I am convinced the universe is static but that humans can move a planet with technology.  They don’t move on their own.

Sometimes I also suspect that if the fake universe ever get busted, SEGNPMSS plans to blame it on the USA. “It was them not us…” But I know that it is Germany (the barbers, butchers, psychs, medical doctors, etc. behind Merkel and any official leader that Germany ever had).   

Stalkers are making an error by thinking that they know all about their victims but the victims doesn’t know anything about them. This is false. If the victims are spiritually awake, they can write books about their stalkers and getting it right, even if they never saw them face to face. We recognize the handwriting of the SEGNPMSS as they are obsessed with stalking us. I bet I would know a lot less about them if they never would have targeted me. Idiots is what they are.

In the 40s, Germany used Japan to attack Pearl Habor so that the USA would bomb Japan with atomic bombs instead of Germany, particularly Bavaria. Sometimes I feel they set up North Korea as they set up Japan back then. Of course, this is no excuse for any country allowing itself to be used by the SEGNPMSS. It is just that I can feel the SEGNPMSS strongly behind North Korea. If the USA finally would point with the finger on the SEGNPMSS, the North Korean and all other big problems as terrorism could be solved as the SEGNPMSS consists of cowards who don’t want to become the target of American and international law enforcement hunts. They just do what they are doing because nobody suspects them but us and we are suppressed so that our voices are not broadly heard.   

I love you, Marty. Keep on surviving.

Yours forever,