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Had wild weather the last few days…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

How are you?

After I had my porch redone, I noticed that it is easier flooded when lots of rain gushes down at once. Now I have to find a solution for that.

I also could build myself another house on my lot. I have three lots. I have the money for it, but I want to find you and be with you, Marty. The only lifesaver that I know is living in the village that I recall as that of your family.

And I miss you more than I ever can express. Nothing and nobody will stop me from loving you forever. You are my soulmate. How can anyone expect me giving up on you?

And I worry about you, the conditions under which the SPs are forcing you to live, the hostilities of jealous people and that you have to bear all of that.

Using my intuition, it kind of takes me to congress, and the Representatives and Senators not setting you, the innocent person, free and leaving the USA under the control of the SEGNPMSS. Senator Lindsey Graham led a congressional delegation to the Munich “Security” Conference, and it makes my skin crawl. How blind is that man by trusting Germany and the Bavarians? When he exploded and claimed that allegations of sexual misconduct “ruined” Cavenaugh life, I thought, what is with your life? Does he give a damn what is being done, right, Marty? Despite you are truly are innocent. As far as Cavenaugh is concerned, I don’t think he is. 

Like Scientology, political parties change too. People who infiltrate organizations, change the character of organizations. Today, a person may state that she is a Scientologist but I rather see a Vistarologist or a Miscavologist. They are no longer Scientologists. Same happens with other religions and political parties. I consider myself a Republican, but not one like Graham, Trump, or numerous others. I am an original Republican with a non-German agenda. I am looking at some of these foreigner hating, guns-obsessed alleged “Republicans” that turn more and more German in their characters and actions, and I am thinking that Washington, Lincoln, and Ike would weep.

Be kissed, Marty. I am going nowhere. I stay until I see you again, and I mean you, not an impostor.

I love you so much.

Yours always,



Forever young if medical terrorists with their secret methods and tools are being busted

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Dearest Marty, my hero and Prince, how are you?

You are in my thoughts.

There was still no message or letter or any kind of communication (officially or unofficially) by anyone from you or on your behalf for me. This is completely contrary to my intuition that is telling me that you are trying to reach me.

And what tells more that Germany runs the entire world with ear implants but people conspiring to keep us apart? Germany has extremely dirty hands as far as we are concerned.

They don’t want us to get together to present the compete picture. If your and my documents are put together, it will reveal a disgusting still existing Nazi conspiracy against our rights. And, as we have the best intentions towards mankind, this conspiracy is also a disgusting Nazi conspiracy against mankind. Even if mankind consists of their witting or unwitting agents. Being an agent for Germany never pays. The agents are food for the canons, so to speak. They are just being used and otherwise defrauded.

To my headline: I read this article in the New Yorker, Marty:

And a German study showed that, when subscribers fell and remained on the floor for longer than five minutes, they failed to use their devices to summon help eighty-three per cent of the time.” In other words, many older people would sooner thrash on the floor in distress than press a button—one that may summon assistance…

How do Germans know that people fell and can’t get up if they are not secretly watching them? And as they are watching the people, shouldn’t they race to help without that someone presses a button?

I also know the real answer as to why people don’t want to push that button. They are afraid of medical monsters. Rarely anyone wants to be in a hospital. Most elderly people are afraid that they are tortured in the hospital and are not leaving the hospital alive, and with characters as bad as those of many doctors and medical people, these people have all reasons to be afraid of hospitals, their doctors, and other medical personnel.

This planet is so hypnotized. Nothing is more important than people surviving being fit and free of pain. Yet, the lie that people have to age, get sick and die is deeply burned into the mind of people. This lie will hit them all, and just about all failed to do something effective against it. 

The AgeLab, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge, came up with the “sudden aging” suit. They know how awful it feels being old, but what about finally stopping medical terrorists who don’t allow mainstream to live in environments that stops aging? What departments of health publish as “safe” for people is NOT safe, if one does not want to go down like their parents and grandparents. The world needs a new way of life and I wrote about it numerous times. And nobody blows the whistle that remote-controlled germs by medical terrorists are causing the deadly diseases. That is calling missing the train into a better life. 

Everything seems to be more important: the economy, immigration, abortion, and health care (the one that prescribes pills and does surgeries instead of creating a way of life that prevents sickness and aging in the first place). I bet the farm that most people (if they have not committed crimes like pigs and are now depressed like hell as the result of their crimes) would rather have less money in the bank but rather would feel psychically healthy and fit for hundreds of years to come and more. 

The writer of the article who tried on the sudden aging suit actually has the correct emotion at first: What is wrong with the world?

What’s wrong with the world is that people have ear- and body implants and hear loud and silent sounds by medical monsters who are getting a kick out of that they can waste people and torture them with diseases and aging. They keep valid information away from them so that everyone has to know to not have a horrible end. They feel being superior to others that they can do this to people. They are that twisted.

If you continue to read the article, you can see that the approach is on promoting new products and services not on creating an environment in which people won’t age or getting sick. I have nothing against products or services who make life easier but it is not the remedy or the solution. The medical monsters need to be busted. The remote-controls to activate germs in the bodies to make people sick, causing pain, and kill people needs to be knocked out of their bloody claws. This includes also the other secret service torture devices that they are having and applying. And Germany is above everything. They run every other national and agent. And at the end, the evilness comes full circle, and the perpetrators will be hit too. They are just too insane and to blind to see it coming.

Ron came to the conclusion that the common denominator of the human race is survival. He is so right. That is why nobody wants to be old as it is the path towards dying. Naturally, people want to stay young and fit. It is not vanity. It is how thetans are. It is normal. And it is sane. Those who give up aren’t the sane ones. 

When I hear “aging gracefully”, I want to kick butts, Marty, because I know that aging can be prevented. Those who keep the technology of staying young and healthy and not aging away from mankind are the worst mass murderer in the universe. They are killing over 7 billion people in an average of 70 – 80 years. They must be utterly mad, considering how these idiots are burdening their conscience, which will never go away. Even if they are being killed by their own peer, like others, they will be born again, and they will be deeply depressed for no apparent reasons because even if they have forgotten the details to their past lives, they still basically know that they are monsters. And they will have the same fate like their former 7 billion victims: getting sick, aging, and dying if they are not killed before in a war or terror attack, the other crimes by the same monsters.

Like Ron said, people are born back in the mess that they left behind in their past live.

This line in the article speaks the truth: Perhaps aging is not a condition to be managed but a mistake to be fixed. 

Except that it is not just a perhaps, it is a definitively.

Yeast and germs are living long enough. We need people to live better, more pain-free, and forever. If better organized, there will be no shortage of space and food for everyone. There is no reason to kill anyone.

I noticed that even those who want to expand the human lifespan and are anti-aging are doing it the “medical way”. Injecting stuff, altering genes, taking pills, you name it.

This is not the solution. The solution is building villages with environment and nutrition that stop aging and convicting medical terrorists and publishing their secret methods and devices so that people can finally protect themselves. 

And I don’t want to go into the brain slicing section in the article. Alzheimers and other diseases are caused by medical terrorists. The plague is caused by germs. They are using remote-controlled germs that are getting in the body of people through food, air, water, medicine, etc. The medical terrorists and mass murderers are directing the germs/bacteria/vira into whatever part they want to destroy, brain, heart, arteries, liver, eyes, etc., and have the bugs multiply there until the person dies on the “disease”. And if not just about all people would be remote-controlled by the monsters behind Germany, I wouldn’t the only writing about it.     

You know it, Marty, you could change the world, but they keep you wrongfully behind bars. 

I love you until the end of time, which will never come. You can count on me. Thanks to my intuition, which is an awesome gift, people can lie all they want to me. I simply know better. I hope to see you soon.

Be kissed, my darling, tenderly and passionately.

Yours forever,


P.S. 284,569,500 views on YouTube of people who want to be forever young. That alone tells a story.





People should ask why there are abortions in the first place

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Dearest Marty, my remarkable soulmate and husband,

How is your life? My thoughts always return to you after a busy day. I am so glad that you exist, Marty. This universe would be nothing without you.  

There is a lot of discussion about the new strict anti-abortion law in Alabama. Lots of people are protesting it.

I think it will be really tough on a woman having to deliver a baby after she was raped or is the victim of incest.

However, just a small number of women are raped or the victims of incest. But abortions are not rare, right? Really, how can abortion be such a huge issue if women and men would take precautions to avoid pregnancies in the first place? It is not that they don’t know what causes pregnancies. Most pregnancies happen between people who agree to sleep with each other. Is it really too much to ask for, from the man and the woman, to take advanced precautions?

Men can’t be excused from this, as also they could and should take precautions. If a man takes appropriate precautions, he has total control over that his female partner isn’t getting pregnant.

One day, Marty, when men and women become aware that they lived before and as thetans are trying to come back by diving into the body of a embryo or fetus, they will no longer be pro abortion as it could be them who is aborted.

If one puts herself into the shoes of a thetan who tries to be born, one sees how wrong abortions are. Getting pregnant is an invitation for a thetan to occupy the fetus or embryo. One should not send out an invitation and then murder the guest once he or she entered. 

And look at this: the birth rate in the USA plummets to a 32 year low. Where are all the babies gone?

I miss you so much and love you until the end of time, Marty.

Be passionately and tenderly kissed, my darling. I hope to see you against all odds. 

Yours forever,




How US judges are used by Germany, the not so secret owner anymore of Europe

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and awesome soulmate,

How are you? No day goes by on which I don’t miss you. You are a huge part of my life as me wanting to see you will never go away. How can anyone hope that I give up on my soulmate? It never will happen. My love for you is like an axiom. It stands like a rock, and trying to bring it down through decades of separation, impostor, 3rd party or anything else will never succeed.     

I ran into below article and the ruling in the case is just what the greedy Nazis doctors behind Germany order by hiding behind other nations as Spain and the USA.

SEGNPMSS use and used loud and silent sounds to have Jews (and others) produce some “art” that is really tasteless. And this is typical a German Nazi doctor strategy. They wanted ugly paintings to help with their propaganda against the Jews but kept  from the world that Nazi psychs and doctors use and used mind-control, loud and silent sounds, to make some Jews (and others) create ugly and tasteless art.

But there is of course also beautiful art as for example this painting that was surrendered by a Jewish woman trying to escape the Holocaust.

A “US” judge (with the German last name Walter) rendered a ruling that aSpanish museum that acquired a priceless, Nazi-looted painting in 1992 is the work’s rightful owner, and not the survivors of the Jewish woman who surrendered it 80 years ago to escape the Holocaust“.

Yikes! This judge is a “hero”. Smells a lot after German-controlled ear-implants.   

Germany is above everyone, including the Spanish legislative. SEGNPMSS controls anyone’s ear implants on this planet and beyond. As Germany is the leader of Europe (and it is outrageous that the world allowed Germany to assume this position after all it did in the past and still does in present time), all riches of Europe fall directly back into Germany’s lap.

Read this line in the article:  Although U.S. District Judge John F. Walter criticized Baron Hans-Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza, the German industrialist whose name now graces the Madrid museum where the painting by Camille Pissarro hangs, for not doing all of the due diligence he could have when he acquired it in 1976, he found no evidence the museum knew it was looted art when it took possession in 1993. Under Spanish law, he ruled, the painting is legally the museum’s, although he also criticized Spain, calling its decision to keep it “inconsistent” with international agreements that it and other countries have signed “based upon the moral principle that art and cultural property confiscated by the Nazis from Holocaust (Shoah) victims should be returned to them or their heirs.”

To me it looks as if Thyssen-Bornemisza didn’t WANT to do due diligence when he acquired the painting in 1976 as he knew or feared it was stolen Jewish art. With everything of higher value, a title or owner search must be done. In 1993, the Spanish Museum should at least have done this research and also suspiciously did not do it. The judge awarded Spain (also known as Nazi haven and behind Spain rules still existing Nazi Germany) instead the descendants, the Jewish US family Cassirer the painting. And this despite that the judge knew that this is inconsistent with international agreements and that it is immoral. 

Yikes, again! I am glad that I never met this judge!

In short: the ruling is typical German. The judge should have thrown the book at Spain and Germany and shown some American backbone. German controls people with loud and/or silent sounds, so no wonder ethics and backbones are a rarity. 

I hope the Cassirer family appeals. I would.

Germany is also behind Switzerland. Remember, Marty, how Switzerland avoided to turn over Jewish bank accounts to the families of the owners? And it also sits on Jewish art. I guess it waits until the rightful owners drop dead or for more pro-Germany and pro-Europe rulings so that they can keep it.

Germany is also behind The Netherlands and this kind of Nazi greed:

The Gurlitt collection of stolen art, worth a Billion Dollar, minus some painting Germany kept – is handed to Switzerland, Germany’s other helpful “bank”.  Just as the ear-implant masters order: if not in Germany, than close to Germany in Europe, because Germany is Europe.     

I know why Switzerland was allowed to be “neutral” during the Nazi time. For no other reason but Jews transferring their bank accounts and other fortunes not to the USA and to other far away places but keep it close to Germany so that as little as possible would go lost during the time Jews still had a chance to do some transactions. Everything that the monsters behind Germany did and do is an open book for me and for sure for you too, Marty.

Be kissed, my darling, I love you very much.

Yours forever,








I think your birthday is rather the 8th of May, Marty

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

It is not easy recalling exact numbers after they were psychiatric and medically removed from my mind.

We will celebrate your birthday exactly as you want it when we see each other again. I won’t ever give up on this postulate.

How are your days and nights? I miss you terribly. It will never change. And you are the only man I want because I know what you are worth. If someone says that men are bad, I know that this person didn’t meet you. 

The marriage vows that we made to each other hold, despite the medical monsters behind Germany have taken our memories to it. Our vows included unspoken: “To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, and even despite stolen memory…”

It is also amazing how little a sane person needs to be happy: To be with her soulmate, the family members, and the friends she loves in a healthy and safe spot for unlimited time. It is too bad that jealous nobodies who don’t think and conspire together are taking this away from good people. 

You mean the universe to me. A universe without you would be no place for me. Imagine the peace in the world that we would having if people would love the way. They would be much to busy with loving each other and wouldn’t even form a thought of bringing each other and the world down.

I love you, be kisses, tenderly and passionately and a gazillion times.

Yours forever,


Let’s tango.




P.S. In regards to some recent news, I am saying that there are old sleazy methods by Germany’s secret services to ruin the reputation of Scientology even more.  Having non-Scientologists, like chiropractor James “Jay” Spina or racists like Farrakhan or other lawless people hang out in the Scientology orgs to “promote it”. It is so typically! Whatever these people do has not just nothing to do with Scientology, it is anti-Scientology. 




Typically creepy German doctors to force vaccinations onto Scientologists by infecting one of them on the Freewinds

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you? 

I am thinking of you. 

Yes, of course I heard what happened on the Freewinds. Knowing the SEGNPMSS, I am saying that this staffmember was deliberately infected so that Scientologists are being forced to get vaccinated.

Forcing vaccinations onto people is typically German. And also typically for greedy Germany, they want to fine parents over $2,700 if they don’t vaccinate their children. Have a look here.

I was vaccinated as child in Germany. I don’t know if I had the measles but I got the chicken pox and mumps. I remember very well that I was vaccinated against polio. And what happened? After that, I was suddenly paralyzed for three days. It was very painful. I overheard RB telling my sister that the doctor said that he thinks it is polio. RB first didn’t believe me. She thought I just didn’t want to go to school. Then she wanted me to climb on the back on her bicycle to drive me to the doctor but I couldn’t get onto it as my legs didn’t work anymore and just moving them an inch hurt like hell.  

Thanks heaven, I got over it after three days and could move my legs again without being in pain. Later as an adult, I read up on polio, and I am 100% sure that I had it, despite or better because being vaccinated against it. 

Years later, one winter, I got a flu shot. I was sick with the flu ALL WINTER LONG. I never would get another flu shot in my life.

Remote-controlled germs are making people sick. And getting those germs in form of vaccinations didn’t protect me. The opposite, they made me sick.

Be kissed, Marty, I love you and thinking of you warms my heart.

Yours forever,




If my intuition is correct, Marty…

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William Barr who followed Janet Reno might have denied you an innocent person – just as Reno did – your right of freedom as the U.S. Deputy Attorney General from 1990–1991 as he was responsible for the daily management of the DOJ. I can’t imagine that he as U.S. Deputy Attorney General and later as U.S. Attorney General from 1991–1993 wasn’t informed of any fabricated case(s) that Germany and Spain filed against you to frame you. And how did he deny your right of freedom? And how did he not act American? By not providing a possibility to let me testify for you and by not prosecuting Germany and their poodle Spain and the German-oriented, -controlled and -run infiltration/invasion/take-over (heil ear-implants) of the US government.

And now he is the U.S. Attorney General and covers for Trump. Yikes.

Barr is a proponent of the death penalty because he believes stricter death penalty laws reduce crime. That apparently should not include conspiring against us, the USA, and keeping an innocent man (you) wrongfully behind bars, right? Otherwise he would look at such a penalty himself. 

Found on Wikipedia: Mueller attended the weddings of two of Barr’s daughters, and their wives attend Bible study together. Barr was raised Catholic. 

Oh, look at all those good Christians! How do they justify crimes and evil if committed by themselves? Thinking they were created by a higher God and its okay to conspire against the children of a lower God? Or how is their behavior otherwise to understand? Do these people even think or just execute robotic what is radioed to them during their ear-implants?

And what about Rod Rosenstein? Shouldn’t he (being Jewish) do something effective against the secret German infiltration of the US government instead of resigning? 


Marty, here is a link to letter by Mueller III to Barr of  March 27, 2018, in which he complains that Barr did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance of the Mueller investigation. So, Barr misrepresented it, but why the hell didn’t Mueller write the summary letter himself? After all, nobody knew the report better than Mueller, and he knew how many reporters and others waited for it and how high the public attention was receiving it.

IMO, Barr is a weasel but I can’t see any backbone and ethics on Mueller either.


I am proud to be a non-robot.

And I am proud of you.

I love you, Marty. 

Yours forever,


   Honesty is hardly ever heard and mostly what we need from them.