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As I posted many times before: psychiatrists are conditioning people into becoming terrorists

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you?

CBS reported today that Island County Sheriff’s Lt. Mike Hawley said that the Cascade Mall shooting suspect Arcan Cetin was “zombie-like” when he got arrested in Washington after 5 people were killed.

It goes on and on. And it will never stop until Congress, law enforcement, and courts go after the psychiatrists who conditioning people into becoming Manchurian candidates. The ONLY reason why this didn’t happen yet is because psychs run the entire population on this planet and beyond via ear-implants. They make the world not coming after them, it doesn’t matter what they do. This is how they ALWAYS are getting away. Until someone like them rolls the dice and they become the victim of their own system. 

With deepest affection and tenderness, Marty,

Yours always,






Did the pre-Inca built underground to prevent aging?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

It appears to me that not many people know that the Inca inherited from earlier advanced architects. In another posting, I posted pictures about the different building styles of the Spaniards, Inca, and the mysterious and hushed up megalithic architects who were there before the Inca and likely started Machu Picchu above and underground, the village high in the Andes Mountains/Peru, above the Urubamba River valley. 

Why Machu Piccu was built and for what reason is still a mystery to most researchers.

Today, researchers assume that approx. 60% of Machu Picchi is UNDERGROUND. They discovered new chambers, doors, and routes. To me is clear that the location high up in the Andes was chosen for defense reasons. If evil people come to visit, ropes are cut and if they can’t fly, there have a big problem to invade. 

Monsterous evil started SUDDENLY on Earth, thousands of years ago and suddenly wiped out so many civilizations over and over again. That they were/are here and what they did is still mostly covered up in our modern days. Which means, these invaders didn’t leave Earth.

The Pre-Inca carvings deep into the stone probably also served another reason but safety. I think that the pre-Inca knew that living on the unprotected surface of the Earth makes them age and building habitats mainly underground protects a lot better than any sunscreen cream.

It wasn’t easy what the Pre-Inca did as the stone that they cut was tons of heavy granite. Even today difficult to cut. It is being said that they used no draft animals, iron tools, or wheels to handle these tons heavy stones and prepared them so artistically. As far as I know, no old instruments were found. Stolen? Kept from the world? Or never existed as lifted and cut through willpower? 




To me, it is constantly the same process all over the world, Marty. The original is awesome (as also Scientology) and suddenly, changes are introduced and it is no longer that great (as altered Scientology).


My thoughts are with you, Marty. I love you. Keep up surviving. I am very proud of you.

Yours for all eternity.



Written by Barbara Schwarz

September 24, 2016 at 4:07 am

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Why Ron (Scientology founder) isn’t back yet

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Dearest Marty, love of my life,

How are your days and nights? I worry about you.

Under David Miscavige, the orgs maintain buildings on the unprotected surface of the world, “ready for LRH to come back and move in”. Except that DM (back when he was a teenager) heard the real Ron and founder of Scientology lecture that Scientologists should live in villages that are environmentally protected. In other words: why would Ron want to come back to places that are not the one he wanted to be built and to orgs that glorify his impostor “Jack Vistaril” and back to altered Scientology that lack a lot of his technology??

Despite Ron discovered with more scientific means than anyone that people lived before and come back by being born again as babies, he warned of “in between lifetimes implants”. Sounds like science fiction but isn’t. The men behind Germany, international psychs and the use of ear-implants/codes manipulate minds also in between lifetimes. As you know, Marty, after physical death, the thetan continues to hear. People are used to do exactly what their case officers (a supercomputer) tells them via their codes through their ear-implants. After death of the body, the deceased still does exactly what is ordered when the message carries his or her code. And I wrote before, people are tricked. In between lifetimes, they are promised via their secret codes a great human body, the gender of their choice, good parents, etc. but that is rarely if ever what everyone is getting. They take the body offered (by diving into the embryo and grabbing firmly onto it) and then they are “forgetting everything” as  psychiatric forgetting-tapes are played constantly to that embryo and baby. Baby is being born, it knows of nothing anymore, forgot his or her past live but his or her body is still attached to psychiatric mind-control as it was in mother’s womb or in the test tube. And later, around first grade, big brother or big sister comes again to attach them officially to the biggest cult in the universe, the ear-implant cult.    

Ron, the real founder of Scientology, urged Scientologists to become aware of this. Despite that he knew better than anyone that the thetan doesn’t die when the body dies, he urged Scientologists to protect also the body as psychiatric mind-control between lifetimes robs them of their awareness, knowledge, skills, you name it. That means preserving the body, keeping it young and healthy is very important, particularly in this kind of psychiatric universe.

But Vistarologists, Miscavige, and the Miscavologists don’t do this. They don’t build his protected villages. So, why would he want to come back and move in Miscavige’s stupid buildings on the unprotected surface of the Earth?

Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril”, the guy on the Apollo who died in 1986 with a psych drug in his body and who left Scientology to David Miscavige was a secret service agent, a non-Scientologist. “Jack Vistaril” is unable. He didn’t apply Scientology and altered it upon orders of his psychiatric case officers. He doesn’t remember or know anything anymore of Scientology. If they wait for this agent, they will wait forever.

You and I, Marty, we know that the real Ron can be in more than just one person. I can feel him. P$ychs don’t get it at all. They thought that if they kill him, they erase his consciousness, awareness, and knowledge. But this didn’t happen. With his death in 1984, I suddenly gained some of his consciousness, awareness, and knowledge, enough to figure everything out that I needed to know. Lots of what he knew miraculously wandered to me around that time and lives on, even if his life was ended and his mind was erased by the SEGNPMSS like they erase all minds after death. 

So, Ron, is actually a very capable (and loving) being who apparently does not live just within or above one identity. I dare everyone who says that this is not possible to prove that this is nonsense. I know stuff that I officially can’t know as I wasn’t physically there with my body. There was a merger of awareness. I can feel Ron, Marty, and he is on a very very different tonelevel that brutal psychs who rattle in everyone’s minds with loud words and silent commands/sounds.       

Yes, Ron, also has a young adult male body at the moment, and could indeed come back with his new body at any time but not through looking at today’s Scientology orgs, which is a far cry from what he developed. 

Upon secret SEGNPMSS orders, “Jack Vistaril”, “DM” and others, altered Scientology very much. Lots of tech is missing and was replaced with psych blah-blah, incl. psych spinning in circles. Why would Ron, the real founder want to come back to such orgs? They follow the supercomputer of psychs and listen to what is radioed through their ear-implants. He put a lifetime of work into Scientology, and look what they have done to his “song”. 

Scientologists should ask themselves one question: Would I want to come back to them if this would be done to me and my work? 

Most people run out of patience quickly, but Ron never should?  

Besides, Miscavologists are no Scientologists, they would deny him access. Ron was killed in 1984 upon SEGNPMSS orders. Jack Vistaril was disposed of in 1986 also by the SEGNPMSS. Miscavologists will say: “This can’t be him as in 1986, LRH was still alive.”  

He wasn’t. The real founder was murdered in early spring of 1984. As I said, some of his awareness, knowledge, and what he lived through and how he died, merged with my mind. That is the reason why I know these things. And psychs are messing with what they don’t understand. Typically, past live barbers and butchers. They know nothing. Despite they read our minds, they can’t figure us out as they are afraid to admit that there is a Supreme Being and he is good and they are not. 

I love you, Marty, be tenderly embraced and kissed.

Yours forever,


P.S. For me, Ron has never left and never was gone. 

Sabotaging how people think and withholding necessary info from them (example: cult leader Tony Ortega)

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Dearest Marty, my hero and wonderful Prince, how ware you?

I read several postings on the net, which are accusing Tony Ortega of being a cult leader and running a cult. He tries to ridicule this by basically saying that his followers don’t have to make big donations to him (but I strongly assume he wouldn’t reject if his sheep would sell their houses and donate the cash to him).

Original Scientology was no cult and very affordable, but Tony Ortega keeps this and other very important data from his followers and readers.  I found him systematically smearing Ron, the founder, by constantly mixing him up with the impostor, by keeping from his reader that secret services psychiatrists hired one or more doppelgangers who were ordered to alter Scientology “in the name of the founder” and turn SCN into a German cult so that original Scientology can’t better the world and create one without ear-implants, conspiracies, lies, insanity, war, terror, crime, diseases, aging, and death. Yes, you and I know that original Scientology is that good. The men behind Germany and their international secret service psychs want the advantages and technologies of  original Scientology (except ethics) for themselves, unlike us who want anyone to know of them. However, the other side of the coin is that without ethics, they are losing too as one is conspiring against the other one. By not being open to the entire world population, they created a deadly trap for themselves. Who says that there is no justice?

Cult means being the blind follower of something and someone and swallowing his/their info without questions. Most of Tony Ortega’s followers fit very much so into this category. Whenever I look at the comments on his blog, I ask myself about the IQ of these people. Nobody I would like to hang out with. As far as the posting “style” is concerned, several appear to be one person using several posting IDs to make it look as if Ortega has a lot of followers and to get his blog higher up in the search engines.

Since the 90s already, Tony Ortega fails to publish that the founder of Scientology was impostored by secret service agents, that he wasn’t “Jack Vistaril” who died in 1986 with Vistaril in his behind and left Scientology to David Miscavige of all people. For an alleged expert and watchdog on Scientology as he claims to be, it is impossible to miss data on the net saying that L.Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, was replaced by impostors. And it is so easy to see on photos and film footage. 

And that brings me to your impostor, Monique’s husband. He changed his opinions and the sides he is on more times than chameleons are changing their colors. Some people have a hard time figuring out what drives him. I have no problem whatsoever figuring out that he is not you, Marty, and that money drives him. DM isn’t intelligent and doesn’t apply Scientology. He promotes non-Scientologists to the highest jobs (your impostor and Mike Rinder, etc.) and then ARC-breaks them by acting superior to them in typical German cult manner. The men behind Germany and their psychs want Scientology being smeared in public. DM’s behavior and that of former and current Miscavologists is what is helping them to archive this.

Monique’s hubby was hired to impostor you, and David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, and just about all others who knew you and then met Monique’s husband, knew that too and that he was/is an agent of sorts. They allowed him to stay in Scientology and being the rude if not brutal man who you are not, Marty. It also appears to me that he earned a lot more in Scientology than an average Sea Org member. At the end of his “career”, he said he gave away a good motorcycle to a kid in the streets. It is also likely that DM put millions of Dollars of Scientology cash aside for his own personal use in the future. 

Anyway, I think  your impostor choose to become an “Indie auditor” as he thought that he can get rich through SCN technology. Same time, he worked together with Germany and other sworn enemies of Scientology. That for sure made numerous people who wanted auditing outside of Miscavology think twice to go to him for auditing. He danced on so many different parties at the same time that one just could scratch one’s head. 

Not realizing that him supporting Germany and other sworn enemies of Scientology would ruin his chances to establish himself as an auditor, he lost Indie friends, and then, he declared that he is no longer a Scientologist. What a “surprise”. (Not to me, he never was one!) He wrote books against Scientology and from a posting that he made, I concluded that they don’t sell well.

Monique’s husband is easy to figure out: he wants to get rich.

Despite everything he said before, it appears that now he is suddenly DM-friendly again and turned against his fellow supporters of the last years, Tony Ortega, Karen de la Carriere, and maybe even Mike Rinder. Because DM sits on Scientology cash and can throw a lot at him. That Monique’s husband worked with Germany together and smeared Scientology in the media will for sure not stop David Miscavige paying your impostor a large sum of money. Because DM is as little a Scientologist as your impostor.


Your impostor’s postings about Tony Ortega are rather critical these days. Only a few years ago, your impostor posted as if Tony Ortega is the cat’s meow. Like Mike Rinder does still today. What an Ortega cultist. But cash for your impostor won’t come from Ortega but rather from His Cobness.

However, during the times when your impostor and DM appeared to be at completely different sides, they kept on conspiring and withheld that Monique’s husband is an impostor, is NOT you, the first Marty Rathbun and Inspector General for Ethics in Scientology. Your impostor showed up in RTC publications after you were wrongfully incarcerated in Spain upon secret doing of still existing Nazi Germany and their psychs. David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, Karen de la Carriere, and just about anyone else around, must have known from the start that he is not you. His and your personality is as different as day and night. If I can see it on photos already behind the eyes, what is their excuse? Lousy IQ? That that lousy? Gee!

Anyway, Marty, one huge reason why he was hired to impostor you was misleading me. And I saw it right away. Tells me also how stupid the men behind Germany and international psychs are. They have no idea what we can see.  No clue about our abilities. They would fall for it, otherwise, they wouldn’t come up with this crap.  

I got carried away, Marty. I just wanted to write: yes, the Bunker is a cult and Tony Ortega is a cult leader as he suppresses true data and feeds his readers with half truth and also completely false information by not differentiating between originals and impostors, and his followers eat out of his hand, like cultish sheep. 

Be kissed, Marty, I love you. I am so glad that you and me are real Scientologists not Vistarologists, not Miscavologists, not Bunkerologists, no psych agents, and not falling or belonging to any cult.















Snakes rule this world – that is why the life-extension movement is so medical instead of preventative by means of humans living in the proper preventative habitat

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Dearest Marty, my magnificent soulmate and husband,

Whenever I check the “longevity or immortality  movement”, I notice how medical their approaches are. It is medical because doctors and psychs control our thinking and lives. Many people of the longevity movement currently think that humans can live at least 1000 years and longer with the same body. Anyone who thinks that a human body can be kept indefinitely is correct, but I don’t agree on how they want to archive it: with medical procedures, pills, injections, you name it.

Google founders, Paypal founder, and many more want to defeat aging. I applaud that, but the approach should be living in preventative habitats and nutrition and not medical repairs. 

Most people know that aging is caused by approx. 7 broadly know culprits. Yet, instead of building villages that keep out those culprits, the current longevity movement tells us to go to the doctor for medical shots, pills, other drugs, chemicals, and so on, for longevity. In their minds apparently, the habitats in which today’s people live don’t needs to be changed.  They think, people just need medical “maintenance” or someone has to develop another drug and all is fine.  

However, in a world that is ruled by ear implants, whispers, plots, and conspiracies, just a few rotten guys are necessary to order the contamination or ineffectiveness of such drugs, etc. And then we have death again.

Aging starts already at 25 years. Governments, health departments, and doctors failed completely by not having done the right trials and studies on longevity through the creation of appropriate habitats that cut out those approx. 7 culprits of aging, habitats that prevent the need of medical repairs. If those habitats would go up, medical doctors and the pharma industry would make less cash. That points clearly towards those who do not want those habitats for the world population. 

Even in case those maintenance injections and drugs are not sabotaged by anyone, as a woman, I don’t want to look 1000 years on the outside even if my body still works on the inside. I want the 20 (without mustache ;) forever, not the 120 plus.  I want the preventative habitat instead of the injections and the drugs. I bet you too, Marty.

Be kissed my hero. I love you.

Yours always,



People support a system that can turn any moment also against them – but they don’t want to see it, until too late

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Still no message whatsoever was delivered on your behalf. My intuition tells me that if all mail to me that you asked your representatives to forward to me through the years would be finally delivered, it could fill up Time Square.

One can pick people of any nationality at random and one thing is always sure: when their case officers (not a person but supercomputer) tells them through their psychiatric invention from hell, the ear-implants to be corrupt and violate our rights, they will not hesitate to do so and conspire against us. “Friends”, neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances, doctors, officials, judges, strangers, so-called religious people and atheists, you name it. And they have the guts to call us original Scientologists cultists! What an hypocrisy.

The craziest thing is that they keep this ear-implant system alive that also conspires against them. I have seen it over and over: people with ear-implants conspire against their own peer. So, instead of creating a world in which honesty instead of secrecy rules, they support the ear-implant system and become victims too. They just can’t handle the truth. Until it is too late. Also for them.

This applies to the front agents as well to the top monsters of this system. Everyone loses, but the cowards are sticking their heads into the sand. Acting as it wouldn’t be the case. Lying that they don’t have ear implants. As if control-obsessed German psychs would allow this. I know them. Psychs, particularly German psychs don’t rest if they have not just about anyone on a string and can’t control anyone. It would drive them even more nuts as they already are if people would be unattached and uncontrolled.

Anyone will be hit but them, they think. What a bunch of idiots. They will step into the traps they laid out for others. Today on top, tomorrow deep, deep down. And they will never get up again. For all lifetimes to come. With their system of secrecy, it is so easy to be shot down and to find ear-implant carriers to cover it up. Our world that these morons fight would grant anyone rights. Their world denies rights to all even to their own. They are so bad and can’t figure that they are not the only people who are capable of horrible acts and that with the role of a dice not just good people will become the victims of  this system but they too.

In order to prevent stepping into their own trap, they also have to remove all traps for anyone else. Imagine not having the IQ and courage to see this. Imagine not having the IQ and courage wanting to change this. These are no blessed people. Their minds are very dirty but empty shells. I also think that they have some subconscious a death wish, otherwise they would behave a lot smarter and a lot more pro survival.        

You are deep in my heart, Marty. I love you.


If it would control the world, I would be home, where I belong, a very long time ago, Marty. And you too, if I would hold the steering wheel. 

Odd secrecy and conflicting data again about King Tut

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Dearest Marty, my marvelous Prince and husband,

How is your day? I am thinking of you.

The data about the chambers behind his grave are very conflicting. Some scientists are saying that there are hidden chambers behind his grave chamber, others say that there is nothing… So, what is it except constant lies? One thing I know for sure, the bust in Berlin is not that one of Queen Nefertiti. 

Last year around this time, they found a huge heat difference between the stones of four of Egypt’s pyramids, including the Great Pyramid of Giza, but also this story went back to sleep. Constantly secrecy and cover ups in this universe.

Me and you, always.