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Gender inequality is very German

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Dearest Marty, my sweet Prince and awesome soulmate,

My thoughts always return to you, trying to figure out what happens on your side and how you are.

I remember that emancipated German women had an issue with unmarried females being called “Fräulein”, in other words with “Miss”. They said to the men: “We don’t call you Herrlein, so don’t call us Fräulein. If you want us to call you Herr, call us Frau, it doesn’t matter our age or if we are married or not.”

Well, but none of these women complained that “Herr” and “Frau” are not equal. They are on the same level like Mr. and Ms. or Monsieur and Madame or Senor and Senora, etc. Herr and Dame are on the same level but here is the gender inequality: men are approached with “Herr” in daily German life and women are approached with “Frau” in daily life. One can hear this all the time and one can see this in each official letter a woman or a man gets in Germany. 

If they want to stay “Herren”, they have to approach women with “Damen”. In other words, the approach would be “Herr Müller” and “Dame Müller”.  If they don’t like this, German men should be called  “Mann Müller” instead of “Herr Müller”. Then, the approach “Frau Müller” could stay.

BTW, they also speak of God (if they speak of him at all) as “Herr”. Nobody English-speaking calls God a Mister. But Germans actually do.  So, if God is a “Herr”, these creepy German men who came up with “Herr” and “Frau” instead of “Herr” and “Dame”, and a better word for God, want to be Gods. Yikes, they are anything but like God!

There are tons of emancipated women in Germany. They managed to get “Fräulein” extinct, but I read never that one of them rebelled that “Herr” and “Frau” is not equal, which it is not. The German Männleins and Männer are getting away with.

Actually, I never liked to be called Frau. It reminded me on FRAUD. And that is exactly what happened to me after Germany kidnapped me to Germany. They defrauded me for everything that should be mine. Including not being able to be with you. They took everything from me except in what they horribly failed (but not for lack of trying), my rebellious character. Thank God for that!

I love you, Marty. You are a real Sir. One who deserves this approach.

Yours forever,








Europeans caused the devastating epidemic in Mesoamerica in the 16th century

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate, 

How are your days and nights? I am thinking of you. For many people love is just a word consisting of four letters but we know it exists and that if not true, it ain’t love at all. You are amazing the way you are, Marty. Nobody can copy you. A stellar character can’t be copied by one who hasn’t a stellar character as the non-stellar character shines through just as the truly stellar character does. Besides, a stellar character would never impersonate another person in real life as it happens to you and happened to the real Ron. And those psychs who put the impostors up are clueless about the tonescale. They rather have their stupid agents campaigning that the tonescale doesn’t work and in the process they are missing out on it. I am applying it, and I never mistook the originals with the impostors. 

Now to my header:  80% of the population of  Guatemala, Mexico and Peru was wiped out in the 16th century.

Recently, DNA testings were done on a number of skeletons in a cemetery in Mexico and traces of salmonella were found. It is also possible that other bacteria contributed to the death of these people.

These many South Americans apparently died on an epidemic, and it is also believed that the arrival of Europeans was the cause as they were very likely the “carriers” of salmonella. The Europeans appeared having not died or did not die in this rate as the Meso-Americans, which should make one think too.

It doesn’t matter what the tool of the murderers is: axe, guns, bombs or bacteria. Murder is murder. In the 16th centuries, barbers and butchers, the later medical doctors and psychs, the SEGNPMSS, knew how to grow germs and release them deliberately in water and food and the body. I am also certain that they knew how to remote-control them when in the body of people. They could determine this way who dies and who dies not. It still is the same today. Even doctors say today that it is pure “luck” who dies on cancer or not. I see, it is the decision of the SEGNPMSS who dies on it and who not as they are from hell.

Around 1900 and before and after, people in Germany used to say: “It is more difficult to control a girl than a bag of fleas.” Go figure!  Germs are just a bit smaller but function the same.   

Europeans were also wiped out by some diseases in past centuries as they do horrible things also to their own people, however, if germs are not deliberately activated, they don’t do the same harm as they do when they are.

I also have a good clue as to why the SEGNPMSS wiped out the 80% of the Meso-Americans. As always, to rule the world, to get rid of other cultures as they think their own creepy one is the best, to populate South America with their own people and to get the riches of South America. And they got it by using Spain, for example. 

The Beringans could have been killed by activated remote-controlled germs too. There is such a thing as germ genocide. I bet the farm that breeding and training of germs to kill started with the first evil barber on the planet.   

My point is that at one time in the past, a large load of medical monsters landed on this planet. And the horrible thing is that these SPs are still at it and the population doesn’t look for them and so, these monsters are getting away, over and over again, with their atrocities. Only what they do to each other and to themselves (O/W sequence) is making them pay. While they all will suffer at the end, it doesn’t mean that the population ever will be spared if mainstream and governments acts as if they would not exist.

I know, you need no lecture by me, Marty. I would love to hear your thoughts on it and everything else.

Be kissed, my sweetheart.

I love you.

Yours always,





The ancient Beringians vanished too – around 5000 – 6000 years ago

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 A model of the formation of Native American ancestral populations  (adapted from Moreno-Mayar, Potter, et al. 2018).

Dearest Marty, my hero, how is your life?

Every moment I am not with you feels like forever. I want to kick the behind of those who prescribed a lifetime for us separated from each other so hard that they can’t sit anymore on it for a billion of years. Who does those monsters believe they are? They take their rights for granted and don’t grant us ours. Their hypocrisy is unbearable. If I would be like them, I would despise myself. But instead on working on bettering their characters, and granting others their rights, they are sticking their dumb heads into the sand, not wanting to realize that whatever they do to others comes back to bite them one day. They are full-blown idiots, Marty. We both couldn’t even afford an IQ that low. 

They are living a lie by having other people admiring them, when in fact, there is nothing to admire. They put a lot of energy in people looking up to them. One can see this particularly clearly with Germany and medical professions. If they would have put all the energy into becoming good people (against which they plot and conspire), they could be proud of themselves today. They would be today the people that they want other people believe that they are: advanced, human, educated, intelligent, etc. but the stupid barber and butcher (later psych and med. doctors) is a coward as one has to admit one’s wrong ways in order to go good ways. I pity them. I rather are tortured to death than becoming like them.

Now about the Beringians.

Not sure if you read this, Marty, but recently, some DNA tests were done and it revealed a native American population that was unknown to the historians. They lived in North America allegedly between 21,000 and 11,500 years ago. And then, they were suddenly gone. Genocide and holocaust, the story of this planet, if you ask me.   

Whenever I hear that an entire nation has disappeared, I have serious doubts that it happens due to the weather. Yes, there was bad weather but people have legs and they can move to better places or away. No need to wait until all are dead! And I bet that this didn’t happen. 

Whenever I hear of an entire nation disappearing, I think of monsters who wrongfully are calling themselves humans, who can’t leave others in peace and who eradicate others, may it be with weapons or deliberately released germs or otherwise. It happened in recent history, and it happened in ancient history because  SPs are too cowardly and too dumb to better themselves.

As far as I understood it, the American Indians and the Beringians were one nation coming from Asia 11,500 years ago and then split into ancient Beringians and Native Americans. 

Some historians believe that the ancient Beringians were either “extinct” or “absorbed” into other American Natives, the Dene. But is there evidence that the Beringian DNA was found in the Dene? The disappearance of the ancient Beringians is timely nor far from the disappearance of the old successful Europeans whose DNA disappeared and didn’t show up again, right?

More recent history showed that the European SPs (German ear-implants rule since a long time) tried to get rid of the American Indians and other nations. I bet that this happened to the ancient Beringians too.    

And there is another thing that I noticed with American Indians. That they didn’t use wheels could have been deliberate. Wheels are great for transportation but also were used for torture by SPs. Maybe that is why they didn’t like wheels or didn’t use them. This said, there is also something about tepees looking like pyramids. As they were persecuted, they likely didn’t build permanent pyramids but the tents. I find it interesting that so many Indians didn’t build them as huts or in other forms but in pyramid shape. As if they were around (present lifetime or past lives) when stone pyramids were built.  There is for sure a lot more to the American or Canadian Indians and their history than is known.   

You are worth waiting for, Marty. If the world would consist of men like you, what a joy it would be living in it. Be kissed and I love you.

Always yours,





Murder by heart attack and cancer to make murder look “natural”, and Germany is behind it

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Dearest Marty, my love, how are you?

Have a look here.

Germany isn’t mentioned of course, but the monsters behind Germany, are running all other governments via e- and body implants. Any such remote/controlled murder was either ordered or approved by Germany’s medical monsters, the SEGNPMSS.

The CIA, any other US agency, KGB or any recent Russian secret service or agency, and any other government and their secret services all are German puppets.

Germany cowardly hides behind these countries. If something should go wrong for them, other countries should take the blame.

Cancer too!

They even kill their own medical doctors if they are holistic practitioners. 

Holistic Doctors, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, “Targeted Individuals,” & Remote Radiation Heart Attack Weaponry: How to Protect Yourself

I love you.


Music of the plants

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and soulmate, I miss you. How are you?

Plants can sing and make music say some people. 

One plant researcher was asked: “Do plants have a soul?” She laughed and replied: “A very basic one.”

Damanhur in Italy says: “From a technical point of view, this communication takes place through the transmission of very low-voltage electric currents between the roots and leaves of the plant. Variations of resistivity in the plant are then translated into music through a synthesizer.”

Some reminds me of the e-meter, Marty, and the real Ron’s experiments. (Not mistaken with the impostor “Jack Vistaril” and the tomato.)   

In the below video, the lady talks about an ex-CIA agent who started it all by hooking up plants to lie-detectors.

Well, the real Ron started it, and he was never a CIA agent. But on this planet, good and able people don’t get credit for their work.   

To me, the Supreme Being put a part of himself in plants. Plants needed to be reliable so that they don’t just take off and leave thetans with a body starving. So he put a part of himself in plants and they grow ever since. He did it in a way that he does not have to feel pain all the time when someone picks a flower or bites into a vegetable. Yet, a part of his personality is in the plants.

Plants experiments also show that plants can dance. They move to melody and rhythm.  

As plants are a part of the Almighty, it is not surprising that they love music, grow better when treated gentle and in a way communicate and make music.

However, psychiatric secret sounds are also everywhere on this planet and what plant researchers hear from the “plant” might not always be pure.  Some plants might be also reacting to silent sounds. The signing, the sounds, the music should be decoded in language. Psychs did it with human brain waves in order to control and run people. If the signing,  music, and the sounds that come from plants can be decoded into words, we would know if he put so much consciousness into plants that they can tell us something on their own. However, the process should be never mixed up with silent sounds, which are man-made.

If some numbers of this planet (e.g. what came first) don’t add up, then because who says that planet Earth is the planet upon which the first creation was done. Planet Earth is all about who landed here when and how often, and at what times this planet destroyed how many times by the likes who still destroy the planet.        

For me, animals are much less mysterious than plants. Animals are thetans like people. That is why they should have rights too. Thetans who are in animal bodies are trapped in these animal bodies considering the restricted life that they usually live (eating, sex, sleeping) and that they are butchered, I wouldn’t know any thetan right in mind who wants to be an animal. What can one accomplish as an animal?

Back to the plants: Science knows all  about what plants need to grow and how to plant them, but most don’t know what the life force in plants  exactly is. It is a miracle right in front of all eyes but so “normal” that rarely anymore sees that it is magic. 

I am all for science but not psychiatric crap that dropped into physics and other sciences that says that all developed out of a dense point without explaining how it came to be. How can ANYTHING non-spiritual exist without a creator? Even a dense point?

This is what I think has happened: creation, crazy experimentation by others to destroy the creation, their destruction, and finally, also evolution. After destroyed, lots of it came back as “evolution”.

One supreme being (is a thetan and always existed) created it. Suppressive beings experimented with the creation (bodies and plants), altered it to a degree, then destroyed the creation (which SPs still do today), and in the aftermath, e.g. a recovery took place of the destroyed creation and medical experimentation on beings and plants, which could be named “evolution”.

Let’s go right back to plants.  Science says that “plants are a living organism of the kind exemplified by trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, ferns, and mosses, typically growing in a permanent site, absorbing water and inorganic substances through its roots, and synthesizing nutrients in its leaves by photosynthesis using the green pigment chlorophyll”. If one asks more questions, e.g. what is that organism exactly, they answer you with “cells blah blah”. But cell without a living organism is dead. Most have no answer. 

To me, the human body and plants are divine creations. That they can be multiplied indefinitely is genius. Who wants to do the same work all over again for thetans who all want to have a body or food?

The Supreme Being postulated various species (some delicious fruits and veggies may be lost, some of which may not grow on Earth but elsewhere) and that they grow on their own just with water and a bit nutrition. That is what I call a stable genius. 😉

There are some people who can’t imagine spiritual abilities. They think all “abilities” that a person has is what it can do with her body. In earlier years, this was always incomprehensible to me. But now, I know that there are thetans around who never could accomplish much of anything spiritually. (Hello, doc!) And those are the people who find mind over matter absurd. Of course it is absurd to them. They never could. Another explanation is that they were so gruesome with their abilities on the track that they don’t want to know anymore what they did. So they fight spiritualism. It it doesn’t exist or is ridiculed, they are not reminded to their monstrous pasts.  

My thoughts are with you, Marty. I love you. Sending you tender kisses.

Yours forever,





1) The “today friends – tomorrow enemies” in politics is the same “phenomenon” as we see in the orgs, 2) Sexual allegations against Paul Haggis

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Dearest Marty, my terrific soulmate, husband, and Prince, how are your days and nights?

I know how it is being tortured by the SEGNPMSS with their concealed methods and I worry about you. 

The “today friends – tomorrow enemies” in politics is the same “phenomenon” as we see in the orgs. Today, they are friends, tomorrow they attack each other. Heil ear-implants! SEGNPMSS is setting these situations up to harm the reputation of the USA, Scientology, or Jews.  They order and run people to infiltrate and they blow or are “let go”. The entire world is a psychiatric cult, and Scientology was changed by German secret service psychs to be like the rest of the world. My wish for our own universe in which decency and  fairness are not just words is getting bigger and bigger.  

And there were the news that Paul Haggis faces a lawsuit because accused of sexual misconduct including multiple rapes between 1996 and 2015.  Scientology haters are campaigning that it is not true and Haggis would be framed by the C of S. In 1996, he was on Scientology lines. Why would they frame him doing something that could be traced to their Celebrity Center failing to make Haggis conduct himself ethically? 

I don’t believe in Haggis innocence. He is no whistleblower either as whistleblowers would blow the whistle that the Scientology orgs are infiltrated by international non-Scientologists (like him), and who put them up to this and who hired the impostors. The “job” of “whistleblowers” like Haggis, Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, and others, is to bring Scientology further down by distracting from who really is behind what’s going on.  

Haggis just hung out in the Scientology orgs to further his career.  He even admitted never reading Dianetics, Book 1.  The attorney of one of Haggis accusers, Ilann M. Maazel, said, “This case has nothing whatsoever to do with Scientology. It has everything to do with Paul Haggis.” 

I think he got this right, Marty. However, it has something to do with the infiltration of Scientology. They allowed someone like Haggis to be onlines without having to better himself! They claiming to be Scientologists but are not applying it. 

I love you, Marty, so much. Our world own was so clean and innocent. It is stomach-turning that at the same time others were around who behaved like animals. Be kissed, my darling. Hope to see you soon.  

Yours forever,






How about letting the Olympic Games go on in South Korea forever for the sake of peace?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince, husband, and soulmate, how are you?

Yes, I know. Sports competitions like the Olympic Games just work as they are rare. If they would be every year or more often, they would have not much value in this universe. Isn’t it unbelievable that sports competitions are valued but other nations not by threatening to nuke them?   

In the news, I read today that North Korea hit its own city Tokchun with an intermediate-range missile last April. What’s so odd is that the news didn’t report about this until 9 months later. They just reported that a has launch failed.   

And what happens after the Olympics? That is what THE HILL wrote today: Remember: Pyongyang’s peace offensive is usually a prelude to a provocation. More serious weapons tests and controlled attacks will come sooner than later. Just days after the dramatic visit by three top North Korean officials to the closing ceremony of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, North Korea fired machine gun rounds into the South to deter balloon activists. The next month, North Korea carried out an unprecedented cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment and with cyber terrorism censored Americans. In early March 2010, Pyongyang called on Seoul for direct military-to-military talks — then torpedoed a South Korean navy ship, killing 46 sailors. In June 1950, a couple of weeks before invading the South and starting the Korean War, Pyongyang called on Seoul for high-level talks on reunification.

That might be all true and more, and it only happens because the SEGNPMSS conditions and runs dictators.

Japan says that North Korea could make their country richer, if they dropped the country’s nuclear program and missile tests. He is right as NK could enter trade with lots of countries, but as the SEGNPMSS, the men behind Germany, have NR firmly in its grip through their retarded invention of ear-implants, so many North Koreans do not see it this way. 

Marty, I am most certain that Kim Jong Un was psychiatric-conditioned by German psychs. And “neutral” Switzerland helped by allowing the kid to be kidnapped from school by German psychs and put in power in NR with his psych-conditioned mind.

I am sure that if this ever is published, Germany will likely claim that the SEGNPMSS does not exist (year right, they just have another name for that ugly institution with all its international branches) and if Kim Jong Un was psychiatric-conditioned, then by North Korean doctors not by German doctors. If that doesn’t hold, they will likely claim that he was conditioned by Swiss doctors and not by German doctors. They will hide the fact that the entire planet is controlled through German-psychiatric ear-implants that any baby gets from some nmedical personnel without having a saying and then later again, around first class in school, again. So that they all stay in line as the entire world is a psychiatric cult.     

North Korea has psychs too. But I think that Kim Jong Un got the German (Swiss involved) psychiatric-treatment while in Europe. I think that Otto Warmbier was electro-shocked by North Korean psychs and died of it. However, the SEGNPMSS psych-condition, e-shock, hypnotize, and implant people since forever. They know how to make robots who function, which means that they have done it countless times, these monsters, and still are using it to make people do what they want. Like Kim Jong Un and others and the many terrorists who commit “suicide” afterwards. The moor did his duty, the moor can go.

I know, I wrote many times about it. It is so despicable and the world is so clueless about this.   

 I love you, Marty. Loving someone truly without any ties attached is the only kind of love. Not being faithful isn’t even something that enters one’s mind who has found her or his soulmate. And I think of you. We became soulmates because we realized at the beginning of time that one lifetime together is never enough for us. Stay alive.

Yours always,


P.S. M. is in Thailand since a couple of days.