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I don’t buy the Munich Security Conference as honest institution and without ulterior motives

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you? 

I bet the farm that the SEGNPMSS hides also behind the Munich Security Conference. Just hearing that name makes me shake my head. The world has forgotten how sneaky Nazis are and that they haven’t died out.

Records say that Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist-Schmenzin founded the Münchner Wehrkundetagung, which evolved into the Munich Security Conference. They also say that von Kleist-Schemenzin  worked with Claus Graf Schenk von Stauffenberg to get rid of Hitler. I doubt the entire story, Marty, because they didn’t pulled off anything effective against Hitler. My intuition is telling me that assassination attempts were staged to send a message to those who really would like assassinate Hitler: it is in vain. We know the German, particularly the Bavarian mind and how they plot. That is why I think that these alleged assassination stories are a load of bull.     


The sneakiness of Germany, particularly Bavaria and German’s secret capital Munich, becomes very obvious by looking at the Munich Security Conference, a private thing, founded in 1963, which has so much power to draw hundreds of heads of states and international scientists to discuss “security and defense”. (Germany wants the USA to “defend” Germany [in case it again steps on somebody’s toe despite running everyone with ear implants] and to make Germany bigger and ruining the USA and other countries in the process! Just one example is that Germany wants the world, incl. Russia and they want the USA fights Russia so that Germany can add Russia to Germany, and so on.)

These conferences allegedly serve peace, yet, the SEGNPMSS is behind terror, crimes, racism, and wars. Their psychs came up with running people through ear-implants like robots with silent and loud sounds to control and manipulate them into committing all these things.

That the world is in this mess, that racism didn’t die out but is coming back, that there is so much terror and crime and never lasting peace is the fault of the SEGNPMSS who at hard-core are German/Bavarian butchers, barbers, doctors, Nazis, and psychs. I don’t care how they call themselves. Fact is that they never were prosecuted after WWII or ever before as they run the entire world with ear-implants since ages. 

Germany, and its secret capitol Munich are playing the innocent card at the conference (and elsewhere). Typical for them to keep it from the world that it is them who are creating all the messes by running the planet’s population with ear-implants. Germany also runs the world making other countries blame the USA or other countries on what German secret services secretly do, but they keep it a top, top, top, top secret that they are running their officials via ear-implants including heads of state. They are not just meddling with elections. They determine who runs in the first place. They prevent that a good and effective person can do something to save the world from secretly still existing Nazi Germany and ear-implant robotism. You are wrongfully locked up instead of running for US-President, thanks to Germany. Instead, the USA gets Presidents like you know who…

Ear-implants are the only reason why Germany can do what it wants and can come back as if not much happened and can do the same atrocities over and over again in other countries and nobody stopping or rarely anyone blaming them.

This conference is just another alibi to mislead people who Munich is not the cradle of evil in the world. Alibi, alibi, alibi…

Germany wants the world, all country, to beg it running them. They want to be admired as the greatest beings ever.  And nothing could be further from the truth. They are still as nuts and perverted as they were under Hitler. And they still and more than ever want to take over the world and the universe.  The ultimate nightmare for anyone with a real conscience.

Imagine the nerves of the SEGNPMSS: they have their beloved Munich play the planetary host of the a conference that allegedly serves peace but all the disasters that these international people discuss were/are secretly ordered by the very German/Bavarian SEGNPMSS through a supercomputer in the ears of their agents. Germany/Bavaria and their secret services are the biggest security threats of all and they want to force all countries into their knees and wants to make the world and the universe turning into Germany. Argh!

Their alibi: “We are not behind crime, terror, racism, and war… we even host an international conference against it!”

They have to tell that line to people who are dumber than we are, Marty. 

BTW, I just read in the news that 48 Jewish centers in the USA and one in Canada received bomb threats in the last few weeks.

The Nazis didn’t die out and Germany’s psych control anyone’s ear implants. That is where the threats are coming from. 

Be kissed, my Prince. Many times. I think of you and hope to see you against all odds.

Yours forever,











“Europe” (undercover word for Germany) wants credit (typical) for the Darbuka

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I’m back from the dentist. It was like a spring day and it is only mid of February! 

As far as my headline above is concerned, the Darbuka drum sounds awesome. Listen to the great rhythm in below video!

Europe is trying to get the credit by claiming that the drum/music originated in Europe and that Celtic nomads brought these drums or this kind of rhythm or music to the Middle East. Celtic music is great too, but these drums don’t remind me of Celtic music. I think of the Middle East, Northern Africa, or maybe India when I am listening to that kind of beat. In any case, these drums are played by Middle Easterners. 

 Europe is just famous for two kind of drums, the medieval tabor and  Irish bodhran.

Particularly, the Irish drum sounds good but again, not like the Darbuka. Different.

This complete list of drums says that the Darbuka comes from the Middle East not from Europe.

100% sure  however is that Darbuka it is not a Bavarian oom pah pah. 🙂

Some celts lived in Germany and also Southern Germany for a while. That means, one day the Bavarian spin machine will claim that the Darbuka is Bavarian. Despite it doesn’t even remotely sound like a Bavarian instrument. 

I love you, Marty. I’ll be back soon.

Yours always and forever,


The origin of Valentine’s day is still unclear…

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Dearest Marty, most precious soulmate in any universe,

But what’s clear is that a ton of holidays should be named after you. Just one holiday wouldn’t do you justice.

Entire months should be declared Marty month because your are such a rare person with an abundance of amazing personality traits.

Having an idea how gruesome “life” was to you and I know why. It is jealousy of people who are too lazy and cowardly to change their bad characters and better themselves. They want to be like you but  they restrict themselves through their unethical actions and are making themselves really small, it doesn’t matter on which positions they swindled themselves.

They wrongfully are thinking that denying your rights will make them mighty. There is nothing mighty about having  a small character. And with small character I mean doing to others what they don’t want to be done to themselves.

They are not worth to even be in the same universe with you. They make things up like: nice guys finish last. It is totally wrong. Good people have their good characters, and they even can take that into the beyond. A bad person has nothing but a bad conscience and it emanates from him or her.  

If a good man finishes last, why don’t I love a slimy bad guy instead of you? Because your personality is the winner, Marty, that’s why. Sometimes women talk about the bad characteristics of men (and I am sure it is also the other way around) and they say: well, they are men, that’s why! But you are a man, Marty, and you don’t suck even in the slightest.

It is an individual choice to have a great character. There will be situations in which one is tested, but you managed since the beginning of time to do the right thing. So, what is “they are men, that’s why” excuses? Since the beginning of time, you must have said to yourself that nothing is more valuable than having a good character. Nothing is more valuable that not doing to others what one doesn’t want to be done to oneself. And since the beginning of time you stuck to it.

And in return you are getting a love that will never quit on you, a love that will not get smaller, a love that never would betray you, a love that just wants you, a love that you can trust despite planetary alienation attempts and third party, a love that can see your value that is greater than life itself.

You are my hero and you still and in all eternity make my heart race faster. 

I love you, and I am so glad that I can read personalities as you can too.

With all the endearment and passions,

Your wife



Fake deep universe – 1 billion light-year void in space!

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, how are you? I think of you and wish you would be with me. 

There were a few astronomers and physicists already many years ago who discovered “non-universe matter” in the universe by looking through telescopes. They said it, but stopped before saying the deep universe is fake. But how can the universe contain “non-universe matters”? How did that get up there?  

Most of the other astronomers incl. NASA and other space agencies must have heard it and act as if they didn’t hear it and continue to misinform the public that the crap that they are seeing through the telescope is real. Hail ear-implants! Good bye independent thinking!

This big void space doesn’t has the same “age” as of what surrounds it. It must be thinner (containing a lot less “matter”) than other areas adjoining it. The blank spot is too big to be “natural”.  It is missing at least 10,000 galaxies compared to other areas in the universe. And it ain’t a black hole (another screen invention) either. That one is allegedly empty of matter or almost empty of matter.  

Dang! Can’t be that easy being the computer nerds of the Nazis. Their nerds apparently make huge mistakes. There are a bunch of smaller empty spaces up there and they make no sense either, of course not as it is all fake.  

Maybe it is also deliberate, e.g. if they are working on making the entire universe into a blank spot or a big black hole that stops people from having courage venturing into space. 

They control astronomers and physicians and let them explain any nonsense with an alleged “scientific” explanation. If the computer nerds of the Nazis project a teddy bear or a rubber ducky on the sky, they still wouldn’t blow the whistle on that it is fake and explain to mainstream that it is real.   

One astronomer said that gravity causes the empty spot. Whatever, except the truth that it isn’t real and that the real universe is behind the projection.

Another astronomer said when two galaxies collide with each other, the stars pass through each other.

If that isn’t odd. They should collide and explode into gas spectacles but they don’t. That’s how the computer game up there is designed. Guess it was too much work for them, Marty. A galaxy has what? 100 Billion stars at least? Lots of work having those many stars crashing and causing again new gas explosions or splitting off in something new… Empty space and big black holes are easier to design and as people don’t know what is behind it, they scare the hell out of them.    


Because the deep universe as our Earth or near space telescopes sees it is a Bavarian/German psychiatric-ordered projection to keeping us from exploring space. They want first all people in space to be their robots, attached to ear-implants, not thinking for themselves, staying in their line. I know how fanatical those SPs are. For us, Marty, it is easy to discover them, as we know how they tick.

Such a fake universe is TYPICAL for them incl. the “run-away-universe” (the projection). I am sure that behind the projection, the universe is static, well, minus what they blow up.) As further the fake one runs, as less we consider going there, so they think.

Consider how many mistakes still existing Nazi psychs and their agents made by denying our rights and treating us horribly. They think they are getting away with everything always as they trapped the world with ear-implants and control minds.

When the news broke that several German car makers cheated on emissions, Angela Merkel said: “This won’t define us.” (Germany) 

Because their psychiatrists have a big sponge that eradicates everything they do, it doesn’t matter how bad it is. They use silent and loud sounds through ear-implants to control people what to think and allowing Germany to always end up on top again, it doesn’t matter what atrocities they commit.   

They MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST control ANYONE! And ear-implants and secrecy are their most treasured tools.

I said it before, Marty, but I run again and again into articles and keep on shaking my head about this world.  

I love you, my rockstar! 

Yours forever,



Cyberspace archeology

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince and hero,

How are you?

I found an interesting cyberspace archaeology site online:

Created by Sarah Parcak, an American “space archaeologist” who discovered in 2011 the street plan Tanis in Egypt.

Globalxplorer allows space archaeologists (anyone with a computer) to screen landscapes as to looting sites. Quite interesting but not always easy to see. One really has to know what one is looking for. 

Also, in a world in which people have ear-implants, a consensus of “nothing there” could be wrong too. 

Would be great to be able to use Lidar from one’s computer as one can see what’s underneath of the surface. I read somewhere that only about 5% of archaeological subjects of the world are yet discovered. Some seems in plain sight and nobody talks about it as huge structures in Giza, Cambodia, Peru, and Petra, etc.

Many people think that history and archaeology is just about dead people or maybe “cultural inheritance”. We Scientologists know that we were there physically in past lives. Not at all places at the same time of course, but at many. For us history and archaeology is particularly interesting. It is not about a bunch of dead people. It is about us.

I also still wonder why numerous portions of the world and seas on Google Earth have pixels on top. As if someone wants to hide something or a lot. As I wrote before, I tried to take an in-depth look into the Great Salt Lake and the Google pixels won’t let me.

I  miss you so much. Wish I could do some cyberspace archaeology with you, Marty.

Be kissed and embraced.







Studied all kinds of writer workshops and advice during the last weeks

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate,

Your physical absence from my life is made by hell, and I am proud that you and I never would retort to such treatment of others. How these people can think that they will be blessed after doing this to others, is beyond me. Guess they think that when they go to church or make a donation to some kind of charity, God will forgive them. Well, it doesn’t work that way. When the victims don’t forgive, they have to live with what they did to the end of the times, feeling like the lice they are and cutting away from their own happiness accordingly.

That is not what I have studied in writer workshops and on writer blogs, Marty. 😉 Above is my own wisdom.

Some of the advice by writers to others is useful, others not so much.

Take for example the advice that one should never portray a character that has no flaws because the reader can’t identify with a person who has no flaws. Really? What is wrong with mankind if it can’t identify itself with a truly good person?

Of course, characters should never be flat, but personally, I am tired of reading about and watching “very smart detectives who solve all and any problems but betray their wives and forget to pick up the baby from daycare”. In reality, such a detective will not he smart but stupid. Tonescale is real. If one is really smart and capable, he will also be as smart to know what happens if he betrays his wife and forgets to pick up the baby from day care.   

On the other side, I have heard grown men (yes, men) referring again and again to Jane Austin novels as Pride and Prejudice and how much they like them.

This is what Wikipedia says about the one character:  Elizabeth is described as an intelligent young woman, with “a lively, playful disposition, which delighted in anything ridiculous”. She often presents a playful good-natured impertinence that does not offend. Early in the novel she is depicted as being personally proud of her wit and her accuracy in judging the social behaviour and intentions of others. Elizabeth is her father’s favourite, described by him as having “something more of quickness than her sisters”. Elizabeth is often upset and embarrassed by the impropriety and silliness of her mother and three younger sisters (that is no flaw on her behalf). Within her neighbourhood Elizabeth is considered a beauty and a charming young woman with “fine eyes”, to which Mr. Darcy is first drawn. Darcy is later attracted more particularly to her “light and pleasing” figure, the “easy playfulness” of her manners, her mind and personality, and eventually considers her “one of the handsomest women” in his acquaintance.

Okay, it is a story that was written in 1813, but as people still refer to it and as it was made into movies plenty of times, a character who is good, never will be out of fashion.  

In Sense and Sensibility, Eleanor Dashwood is good and selfless too. There is a communication problem (sigh) between Edward Ferrars but I don’t consider her flawed. 

I also saw a rare movie (can’t recall the name, something with inheritance…) in which the heroine was completely good and selfless, and I really liked that movie. Some people around her were bad but she wasn’t. So, I understand why some writers consider a truly good character a problem.     

If people indeed are not relating to characters that are good, they have to change something on their own characters. The jury is also not if some just make up that characters must be flawed because their’s is. In real life, nobody wants to have a partner who is flawed. People would thank on their knees if their partner isn’t flawed.

The odd advice for fiction writing is: Let somebody die. That is always good.

Yes, we live in a wild world and there is death. But they create characters for no other reasons that they have to die to make readers or the viewers feel lousy. Thank you very much. As if happy endings would be forbidden or cheesy.

The Hunger Games are all about dying apparently, nevertheless, if for example Finnick would have survived the last explosion, it would not have changed the plot and the story line. 

In real life, everyone wants a happy ending for him- or herself. In novels we shouldn’t get it? And people have to die even if it doesn’t matter to the plot?

Just saying, Marty…

Otherwise, writing fiction really is fun. I wish I would have more time for it. I am always interrupted for weeks or even months! And I don’t write fiction like Jane Austin. I am working on something that is entirely different, but I always think I should try it one day as I enjoy reading and watching her kind of stories where characters matter. 

How are you feeling? I hope life isn’t brutal to you. I wish I could change your life with a chapter of fiction. I would write you a big and fat happy ending in it, right now! It doesn’t matter if others don’t like it. You deserve it. 

It often feels like winter is already fading. The x-mas parcel that my family sent me with express in middle of December from Germany was still not forwarded by Germany to the USA. Typical.

I continuously hope seeing you soon.

Sending you tender and passionate kisses and I love you very much.

Yours forever,


I want to be with you:




Tony Ortega is misinforming his readers as usually: Alexis is the daughter of the IMPOSTOR and not of Scientology founder Ron

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and wonderful husband, how are you?

Ortega who thinks he is his plenty of cats’ meow and his German- and psychiatric-oriented bunker published photos of Alexis together with a photo of the real Ron, saying she is his daughter.

Actually, he has two photos of “Ron” on his blog article today, but with comparison photos of Alexis. One photo shows the real “Ron”, the other one shows the impostor! I can see the difference in a blink, what is his excuse?

I am convinced he does this deliberately unless he wants to claim one day that he lived under a rock all the time and was too stupid to see on the many photos that he, the man obsessed with putting the founder down, that the founder of Scientology, Ron, was impostored by secret service agents.

Alexis isn’t the founder of Scientology. It is not Alexis fault that the real Ron didn’t father her and that her father it is “Jack Vistaril”. “Jack Vistaril” was a doppelganger. As you know, it is a  German Nazi psych specialty to work with doppelgangers and impostors and the CIA sure assisted and still assists them. 

“Vistaril”, the guy who died in 1986 with Vistaril in his behind, wasn’t the only impostor. Some in the freezone are also saying that there were “L. Ron Hubbard’s” with completely different characters, heights, and shoe sizes, but agent Ortega never reports about these fact.

Just as he never reports that Monique’s husband isn’t you, the original Marty but your impostor and that you are the original Marty and Inspector General for Ethics in Scientology.

You know that I am a very peaceful person. But when I visit Ortega’s website, I feel an urge to kick butts.

What a slime bucket he is.

Keep on surviving, Marty. I still have hope for us.

You are the best!

I love you until the end of the time. Be kissed my darling! Truth always wins at the end, said the real Ron.