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1) True purpose of secret German Operation Snow White: Criminalize Scientology and blame it on L. Ron Hubbard, the founder;2) What L. Ron Hubbard (the founder of Scientology not his imposter) is accused upon, was/is a German psychiatric secret service operation and never by the real founder.

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Dearest Marty, my remarkable Prince and able God,

How are you? I am thinking of you!

I cleaned my windows yesterday, well, half of them and continued today. I have mostly double windows and in order to clean them on the inside, I have to lift the outer heavy windows out of the frame to which I am frankly not strong enough. So, I checked around and found a magnetic window cleaner on the net and ordered it. It consists of two parts, each has a magnet and a sponge. These magnets snap together, the window is in between and cleans/ It works but when cleaning too fast, the parts falls apart but I was able to clean my double windows inside and out with that invention without having a strong man here taking the windows out. I clean pretty much everything in my home in spring and autumn. It feels good to know that there are no spiders or worse behind the cabinets. I also closed downstairs any possible hole to the outside. It’s good to keep the heat inside in winter and I don’t like anything crawling in.

I also painted some trimmings, and I am getting better at it not dripping paint all over me. ūüôā

My walnut tree didn’t have walnuts this year. I just found one. Last year there were hundreds. Weird. I checked the neighborhood and I saw the same: no walnuts in my direct neighborhood ¬†this year.

Marty, here some more remarks to the corruption and stupidity of Wikipiggy editors and admins and their articles about Scientology and Snow White .

They go on about Operation Snow White, which they try to blame on L. Ron Hubbard, the founder. Operation Snow White was a GO WW program. Jane Kember was the Guardian. She looked a lot like RB, Marty. She wasn’t a doppelganger of RB but sure a lookalike. Anyway, her boss, the “controller” was Mary Sue who was married to the impostor. But the rotten world conspiratively blames Ron, the founder on what she did. I think that the real Ron never met Mary Sue and had nothing whatsoever to do with her. This is the whole idea behind the German psych impostor program: to destroy Scientology from the inside out, commit illegal acts and blame the real Ron on it who was never told about the simultaneous infiltration of his impostor and his supporters, the infiltrators.

How can the real founder of Scientology, Ron have overseen the Guardian Office if it’s controller was a woman who claimed to be his wife who he likely never has met and probably never heard of?

Wikipiggists wrote: “Several years later, in 1973, the Guardian’s Office began a massive infiltration of governments around the world, though the primary target of the operation was the United States.”

Real Scientologists don’t infiltrate. But infiltrators infiltrate. People send to infiltrate Scientology also infiltrate other organizations and the government. Infiltrators and the impostor of Ron and his wife tried to clean up their tracks and wanted the data about their illegal actions removed from governmental file. The real Ron wanted infiltrators investigated by the feds not their illegal actions removed from governmental files. The real Ron said that the most lawless and secretive country of the world is Germany. He knew that German secret services infiltrated also the US government, but ¬†Ron never targeted the US government¬†although¬†he was very concerned about it being more and more and deeper and deeper infiltrated by people with non-American attitude. The infiltration with its non-Scientology attitude and behavior poisoned the orgs like Snow White was.

Wikipiggy: “Worried about Scientology‚Äôs long term reputation, the Guardian‚Äôs Office decided to infiltrate Interpol¬†in order to obtain documents relating to Scientology as well as those connecting L. Ron Hubbard to criminal activity. This duty was handed by Jane Kember to Henning Heldt and his staff. Around this time L. Ron Hubbard himself wrote Guardian Order 732, which called for the removal and correction of ‚Äúerroneous‚ÄĚ Scientology files. It is here that Operation Snow White has its origins. Though the order called for this to be achieved by legal means, this would quickly change¬†Hubbard himself would later be named by federal prosecutors as an “unindicted co-conspirator” for his part in the operation. Though extensive records of his involvement exist, many Scientologists claim his directives were misinterpreted by his followers.”

The real Ron never ordered any infiltration also not that of Interpol. I believe that the impostor was linked to criminal activities and was a co-conspirator but as you know, Marty, he wasn’t Scientology founder Ron. He was his doppelganger. He impostored Ron, took over and alter Scientology. The real Ron would have appreciated very much if any authority would have addressed him about the impostor and infiltrator activities because that would have enabled him to do something against this. The first, he probably would have done: addressing the CIA, the US presidency, and US congress on these German organized set ups and crimes, and he would have documented and asked to stop it.

Wikipiggy: “Operation Snow White would be further refined by Guardian Order 1361. Addressed from Jane Kember to Heldt, Duke Snider, and Richard Weigand, GO 1361 called for, amongst other things, an infiltration of the Los Angeles¬†and London¬†offices of the IRS, and the DOJ. While the order was specific to the IRS, the Guardian‚Äôs Office was soon recruiting their own field agents to infiltrate other governmental offices, including the¬†DEA, the USCG¬†intelligence service,¬†and the NIMH, among others, as well as the AMA.¬†The program called for rewards to be given for successful missions carried out by Scientologists“.

Once again, the SEGNPMSS orders L. Ron Hubbard to be impostored and uses the CIA for that who is a willing and obedient sheep for the German psych job. The SEGNPMSS wants to outlaw Scientology and if this can’t be done, they want it at least altered and controlled so that Scientology will never convince the world that the SEGNPMSS exists and that it is run by psychs, the same monsters that run the Nazis. The German p$ych purpose of Operation Snow White was to get infiltrators caught and the real Ron blamed because most of the stupid world (reporter, officials, judges, and later the Wikipiggists and other so-called “critics”) accepts their lie and set up that the impostor is the real Ron and MS his wife.

Marty, I am convinced that the true purpose of Operation Snow White was “Getting so-called Scientologists busted and L. Ron Hubbard’s reputation destroyed”. There was never a danger of NIMH or the AMA being infiltrated by so-called Scientologists because the German secret service psychs who wrote Operation Snow White planned to bust their own infiltrators as so-called “Scientologists” before anybody could accidentally find and report some crimes against humanities within medical and psychiatric agencies. They just wrote the AMA and NIHM on that Operation Snow White list to make courts and the public believe that this must be a Scientology operation and no psychiatric/medical one. They forgot us, Marty, and that we can ¬†figure out anything.

Wikipiggy: One of the sentencing memoranda in the case also noted that, contrary to what the defendants claimed, the programs planned by the GO were not restricted to trying to remove “false reports” but included plans to plant false information‚ÄĒfor instance, planting false records about “a cat¬†with a predigee¬†name” into US security agency computers so that later “the creature holds a press conference and photographic story results.” The purpose of this plan was “to hold up the American security to ridicule, as outlined in the GO by LRH.

The SEGNPMSS used the CIA and GO for German secret service purposes. The SEGNPMSS didn’t just steal technology from the real Ron but also planted false data into Scientology. It reminds me also on how the Germans take “care” of their Nazi crimes. They want evidence hereto removed and alter data (about them being not that bad and not many Jews or others died in concentration camps or that America was behind the Holocaust and that Hitler did commit suicide, etc.) and plant them in all kinds of records. The real Ron didn’t want to ridicule American security but sure didn’t want it German infiltrated. I know that you agree, Marty, the anti-Americanism in Scientology is a German secret service infiltrator activity. All these Snow White ops activities are secret service activities. They are German and therefore anti-American. By allowing Ron to be impostored, the CIA works basically for the Germans and not for the USA. The USA would have greatly benefited from original Scientology but the benefits of altered Scientology aren’t that great benefits for the country anymore, so, accordingly, the USA loses because the secrets to that the USA could be the greatest nation on Earth by applying original Scientology are stolen and psychiatric altered. The impostor and the infiltrators planted false photographs and records about L. Ron Hubbard in the files of Scientology. German secret services did to Scientology what they claim that Scientology did to government(s). It is not a far stretch because the impostor and the infiltrators did to Scientology exactly that: stealing data, technology, records and planting false data, false technology, false records and photographs to make the world belief that the founder is the impostor and Mary Sue his wife.

Wikipiggy: In July 1974 Meisner was ordered by Duke Snider to implement the previously written plan to obtain Interpol documents, which were then located in the U.S. Dept. of Treasury. Meisner had more to do than just this, though, as by August he was also taking directions from a Cindy Raymond, the GO’s Collections Officer for the US, who ordered Meisner to assist her in finding a loyal Scientologist agent to gain employment at the IRS headquarters in Washington DC. This employee was to steal all documents dealing with Scientology, especially those involving current litigation by Scientology against the government. Meisner discussed this with Raymond for a period of a month before interviewing various Scientologists with no luck. A month after the order had been given, Raymond informed Meisner that she had selected Gerald Wolfe.

This shows the German secret service set up again, Marty. I was in the orgs long enough. I noticed numerous staff and public who were in Scientology not to better themselves or study the religion but to infiltrate and destroy Scientology, to cause a bad reputation for Scientology and to play in the hands of German psychiatrists and government officials to outlaw or restrict Scientology so that it becomes a movement that wants to be badly accepted within the psychiatric world instead of being original and truly changing bad conditions for anyone as per the real Ron. Wickipiggists wrote that Meisner interviewed various Scientologists to infiltrate the IRS without having luck. If a real Scientologists is asked to conduct a criminal act, he writes a knowledge report until the person wanting the criminal act done is removed from post and turned over to the authorities. Wikipiggy doesn’t mention the names of the so-called Scientologists who were asked and don’t want to know if they wrote knowledge reports. Wolfe was an infiltrator because a real Scientologist does not engage in covered German secret service activities to infiltrate the US government.

What if find worst about the CIA, Marty is¬† 1) Being a German run robot 2) Not informing the public how things really were after the classification isn’t anymore necessary.¬† I wrote before, this is what happened according to my recall and perceptions: CIA tells Ron the founder that he has to give up the Eisenhower name and has to take ¬†a security name if he wants to teach Scientology and open it to anyone and interact with anyone because Nazis psychs would kill him, and the name Lafayette Ronald Hubbard would be available because that poor Lafayette lad died. Ron choose to teach Scientology despite the danger to his own life, so he took the security name but changed it to L. Ron. The impostor didn’t die and was hired simultaneously to impostor the real Ron and alter Scientology. He called himself before Ronald, and he changed it then into L. Ron, the version of the name that the real Ron had chosen, after he was told that the owner of the name would be dead. I am sure that if the real Ron would have known that Lafayette Ronald is still alive and on top his doppelganger impostoring him, destroying his religion and ripping is cash off, he would not gone along with taking that name.

After the CIA really didn’t protect Ron’s life and after he was killed in 1984 upon orders of the SEGNPMSS, the CIA still does not admit that the impostor was not Ron, despite the war around Scientology continues to rage. I am appalled.

Marty, everything works after German plans. We both are the only exception. They could kill us but what will be the aftermath of that? And imagine this: two able spirits not rushing into any new body. We could become their poltergeists, and yes, they are right about it. ūüôā ¬†We have the abilities to become just that. Psychs say that they don’t believe in spirituality but they afraid of it because even lowtone people like they basically know. After all they done to us, Marty, I will haunt them from the “beyond” and will put the fear of God into them.

Your soul mate and if necessary, ¬†co-poltergeist ūüėČ


BBC, Panorama, and John Sweeney missed too that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored. How typically blind and stupid!

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I want you back in my life. Life without you feels like a boring planet without excitement, a plant that knows nothing but winter, a tree that never has leaves, a sky that is always gray, birds that never fly, rivers that do not run, winds that never blow, flowers that never bloom, and kids who never laugh. Only my memory to you make these things alive. You really brighten any moment of my life, Marty. I just think of you and all these things become wonderful, and I can imagine how it will feel being back with you. There is a wise guy in the romance department who wrote something this: It is better having loved even when lost than never having loved at all. It’s true. Our love was the start of me looking into what is true and not true on this planet.

Marty, I listened to Jan Eastgate a bit closer yesterday. She actually didn’t say that the p$ychs did set the Nazis up but she said that they went into the concentration camp and determined who should die (and who should continue to do slave jobs). She is right on that. I don’t know if she knows that the psychs INVENTED the Nazis and arranged that they got into power, and we need more proof of that because they really did it and most of them came away with running Hitler, the Gestapo and the SS.

4.8 Million people saw allegedly the Panorama show by John Sweeney. I watched it yesterday night on YouTube. Well, there was nothing new, we heard it all before, and Sweeney was mostly interested in justifying why he was screaming and that he was followed around by PIs.

The only interesting thing was the e-meter pinch test that Mosey’s husband did on John Sweeney. Even John Sweeney seemed impressed. This might have shown many people that it works and some might imagine correctly that L. Ron Hubbard’s processes are scientific and are locating the spiritual charge and that they can remove it. Another thing that I noticed was in Jason Beghe’s behavior. I really despised his earlier public appearances after he left but I assume thanks to his friendship with Mosey’s husband, he acknowledges now more or less indirectly that Scientology is a religion despite his disagreements with the current management.

But Mosey’s husband is like anyone else as far as not publishing that Ron was impostored and that he is your doppelganger for whatever reason.

I saw the Freedom Magazine  footage about Sweeney too. I agree with them as to that Sweeney has an anti-Scientology agenda, and I found his repeated brainwashing questions to Scientologists absolutely insulting.

But if orgs continue to allow infiltrators in the orgs and on high posts and cover up that Ron was impostored, they are for me a non-Scientology and rather a psychiatric tainted movement. Still having CCHR and a Museum of Death doesn’t mean that the p$ychs do not have otherwise their grip on Scientology. Even Freedom Magazine publishes psychiatric language now.

Sweeney’s section about Xenu was really ridiculous too. I know that OT III is altered. It’s not Ron’s handwriting but a forgery. Due to the confidentiality of the OT levels, Ron’s impostor and other psych oriented infiltrators had it really easy to change them and make Ron look unscientific.

Scientologists know for sure that they are thetans, spirits that lived before. Once somebody recognizes his immortality, he or she can easily conclude being older than the civilization of Earth that is taught in history books of this planet.

I know that you know that, Marty.

John Sweeney and the BBC published clips from the video of the real Ron talking to the English reporter, and also of the impostor with Mary Sue on the Apollo. None of these allegedly investigative reporters noticed that these are not the same men. What a shame for “investigative reporters”. They all look like unprofessional idiots.

I will be back soon, my darling. I will treasure you in my heart forever. And I am convinced I love you already since Billions of Billions of years, to be specific: since the creation of the universe, no, that is incorrect, I loved you already before the creation of the universe my irresistible soul mate.



P.S. Marty, this big wallpaper below made me think of something funny. RB followed me from Germany to Salt Lake City, as you know and stayed there for years. I had a big poster in my apartment, saying MARTY, I LOVE YOU! RB said to me that she will start loving you too if I leave that poster hanging there. Of course I left it there. ūüôā

Once again: two or several wrongs make no right

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and Hero,

How are you? I was busy today, had no time for anything else but work and hope I have at least a undisturbed evening.

Wish you were here, Marty…. Or I where you are….

As I said before, two wrongs make no right. If the C of S would tell nothing but the true story of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology without covering for impostors and infiltrators, they wouldn’t need much defense anymore because the large population, anybody but the hard core SPs would be on Scientology’s side.

I looked at the old footage between Tommy Davis, Mike Rinder, and John Sweeney. There all unprofessional. Mike Rinder and Tommy Davis behaved provocative ¬†(no part of Scientology) and John Sweeney like a psycho. But it doesn’t matter, even if provoked, a professional person that John Sweeney likes to be just doesn’t behave like this. A professional person when confronted with provocative persons leaves without a scene and seeks information elsewhere.

Sweeney attacks Scientology, our religion  but could greatly benefit from it.

I am glad that you are so professional, Marty.  These guys have nothing on you. You behave presidential, the other guys are not.

But I want to say that John Sweeney follows org staff around with his camera crew, why shouldn’t org staff or PI’s also film him? (Yes, it is a waste of money because when the true story of Scientology would be told, it all wouldn’t be necessary anymore. Orgs would attract respectful reporters ¬†instead of Sweeney types but as a matter of principle, the orgs are entitled to film and make their report too.)

They did what Sweeney does to others and he doesn’t like it? How come? He makes his living with filming and running after people who might not want to have anything to do with him, so he felt how it is on the other side.

However, once again, if the orgs would publish the true story of Ron without protecting the impostor or any infiltrator, people like Sweeney, most of the so-called critics, Anonymous and reporters with an agenda against Scientology would simply go away and those who left Scientology would come back wanting to be unified.

I know what will end all the problems of Scientology without wasting money for expensive defense and PIs: the truth and nothing but.

My darling, I love you. I’ll watch that Panorama thing now. Haven’t seen it yet but I think I will say this again: two or more wrongs, make no right.

Marty, I kiss you a million times. I have so much to tell you. Keep on postulating so that we can be together again.

Forever love


Jan Eastgate is right about the psychiatrists behind the Nazis

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

I don’t think that I ever met Jan Eastgate but she is absolutely right by saying that psychiatrists were behind the Nazis and that the psychs did set the Nazis up. This was also acknowledged by researchers that had/have nothing to do with Scientology or CCHR.

This one is a stupid argument: No, psychiatrists were not behind the Nazis because some psychiatrists were also in concentration camps and were killed by Nazis. Just because they did also evil things to each other doesn’t mean that they were not the inventors and supervisors of the Nazis. Psychs were not always loyal to their own peer and that makes them “too good to be Nazis”? I don’t think so. No loyalty to those who are working for them is typical for them. These guys butcher each other too.
Hitler had psychiatric case officers and ear implants. The other Nazis, SS, Gestapo had ear implants too. Psychiatrists have ear implants too. They control and run each other. You know this, Marty.

I listened a lot to RB’s story about the times before the Nazis and I know her father’s eye witness stories of before Hitler’s time. Before the Nazis, it wasn’t even in Germany that easy to collect many people and make gruesome medical experiments on them. The psychiatrists needed the Nazis to be not bound to any law and to be free to do to human beings whatever they wanted without that they would be arrested or held otherwise¬†accountable. THAT IS WHY THE GERMAN PSYCHIATRY, THE SEGNPMSS CREATED THE NAZIS AND ORGANIZED THEIR NAZI RULERSHIP. Anybody who claims to be educated and doesn’t know that is a total idiot. SEGNPMSS was there long before the NAZIS and is still there and that is why problems of the world don’t end, they just shift to other areas.

I don’t know if below list is absolutely correct and complete, but it indicated how the SEGNPMSS shifts genocides from one area to the other. They don’t stop because people don’t know that the SEGNPMSS exists and that its leader are the monsters who organized that they got their ear implants, so that they are “with them” and not against them.

Mao Ze-Dong (China, 1958-61 and 1966-69, Tibet 1949-50) 49-78,000,000
Jozef Stalin (USSR, 1932-39) 23,000,000 (the purges plus Ukraine’s famine)
Adolf Hitler (Germany, 1939-1945) 12,000,000 (concentration camps and civilians WWII)
Leopold II of Belgium (Congo, 1886-1908)
Hideki Tojo (Japan, 1941-44) 5,000,000 (civilians in WWII)
Ismail Enver (Turkey, 1915-20) 1,200,000 Armenians (1915) + 350,000 Greek Pontians and 480,000 Anatolian Greeks (1916-22) + 500,000 Assyrians (1915-20)
Pol Pot (Cambodia, 1975-79) 1,700,000
Kim Il Sung (North Korea, 1948-94) 1.6 million (purges and concentration camps)
Menghistu (Ethiopia, 1975-78) 1,500,000
Yakubu Gowon (Biafra, 1967-1970) 1,000,000
Leonid Brezhnev (Afghanistan, 1979-1982) 900,000
Jean Kambanda (Rwanda, 1994) 800,000
Suharto (East Timor, West Papua, Communists, 1966-98) 800,000
Saddam Hussein (Iran 1980-1990 and Kurdistan 1987-88) 600,000
Tito (Yugoslavia, 1945-1987) 570,000
Fumimaro Konoe (Japan, 1937-39) 500,000? (Chinese civilians)
Jonas Savimbi (Angola, 1975-2002) 400,000
Mullah Omar – Taliban (Afghanistan, 1986-2001) 400,000
Idi Amin (Uganda, 1969-1979) 300,000
Yahya Khan (Pakistan, 1970-71) 300,000 (Bangladesh)
Benito Mussolini (Ethiopia, 1936; Libya, 1934-45; Yugoslavia, WWII) 300,000
Mobutu Sese Seko (Zaire, 1965-97) ?
Charles Taylor (Liberia, 1989-1996) 220,000
Foday Sankoh (Sierra Leone, 1991-2000) 200,000
Michel Micombero (Burundi, 1972) 150,000
Slobodan Milosevic (Yugoslavia, 1992-99) 100,000
Hassan Turabi (Sudan, 1989-1999) 100,000
Jean-Bedel Bokassa (Centrafrica, 1966-79) ?
Richard Nixon (Vietnam, 1969-1974) 70,000 (Vietnamese and Cambodian civilians)
Efrain Rios Montt (Guatemala, 1982-83) 70,000
Papa Doc Duvalier (Haiti, 1957-71) 60,000
Hissene Habre (Chad, 1982-1990) 40,000
Chiang Kai-shek (Taiwan, 1947) 30,000 (popular uprising)
Vladimir Ilich Lenin (USSR, 1917-20) 30,000 (dissidents executed)
Francisco Franco (Spain) 30,000 (dissidents executed after the civil war)
Fidel Castro (Cuba, 1959-1999) 30,000
Lyndon Johnson (Vietnam, 1963-1968) 30,000
Hafez Al-Assad (Syria, 1980-2000) 25,000
Khomeini (Iran, 1979-89) 20,000
Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe, 1982-87, Ndebele minority) 20,000
Rafael Videla (Argentina, 1976-83) 13,000
Guy Mollet (France, 1956-1957) 10,000 (war in Algeria)
Harold McMillans (Britain, 1952-56, Kenya’s Mau-Mau rebellion) 10,000
Paul Koroma (Sierra Leone, 1997) 6,000
Osama Bin Laden (worldwide, 1993-2001) 3,500
Augusto Pinochet (Chile, 1973) 3,000
Al Zarqawi (Iraq, 2004-06) 2,000

Marty, before I discovered that just about all people on EARth have ear implants and case officers radioing them, I wondered why the Jews didn’t fight the Nazis back. Some idiots say that this would be their mentality. What a bunch of crap. Yes, we are lovers but we sure can fight back better than anybody.

I once heard Jason Alexander say on TV that when Jews live in a haunted house, they would not fight back just leave and move elsewhere. I consider this German propaganda ¬†found its way into Jason Alexander’s head because the members of our Jewish families do not just drive the “bad spirits” out of our homes but also out of the neighborhood, the town, the city, the county, the district, the region, the territory, the state, the country, the continent, planet Earth, the galaxy, the Milkyway and ¬†all the way out of the universe!

So, one day, I knew why the Jews didn’t fight back. Because also they had their ear implants and their case officers were also run by the Nazis and the p$ychs behind them.
The Nazi/psych controlled case officers radioed all Jews in Germany to keep their heads down and do what the Nazis say because that would be the way to survive them. I know that you know too that they were fooled, Marty. It was so easy for the Nazis to kill them because just about anybody had ear implants and followed them, foolishly thinking that their case officers would save them.

Guess there was a “coordination mistake” within the SEGNPMSS that caused some Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto to fight back. A SEGNPMSS psych case officer must have slept on the mind control job and missed it to bring across to them to be obedient to the Nazis, so some of the Warsaw Ghetto Jews fought back and “surrender without fight to the Nazis” ¬†mind control could not go into effect. They fought back, and they did it so effectively that they won. Some of the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto survived the Holocaust because they fought back and could escape.
They made a movie (I saw it, it is very moving) later about it but there are also documentaries about it. I am sure you know that story, Marty.
These few Jews defeated the Nazis and their huge Army in Warsaw. If the German Jews wouldn’t have listened to their case officers but would have fought back, the Nazis would have been defeated by those Jews in Germany, because the Jews from the Warsaw ghetto showed what they really are made of and what great and resourceful survivors they are.

L. Ron Hubbard (the real one said):  The price of freedom is constant alertness and constant willingness to fight back.
One could say that the Jews in Germany acted off policy while the group of Jews in the Warsaw ghetto handled on policy.

Anyway, psychiatrists and medical doctors were behind the Nazis and it is not just CCHR saying it.

German Psychiatry Needed the Nazis

Long before the Nazis would come to power psychiatrists already made similar demands. Emil Kraeplin 1918: “An absolute ruler who unscrupulously interfered with human habits would, without any doubt and in the course of only a few decades, effectuate a decline in mental debility.”
In 1931, Hermann Simon, Head of the Anstalt in G√ľtersloh clearly defines the supposedly inferior category of people. These include: the physically ill, the invalid, the weak, the imbecile, the crippled and the insane, and he concludes: “Someone will have to die again.”
Ernst R√ľdin 1934: “The psychiatrist and the healthy person are allies against the genetically defective. The psychiatrist must render his service to the ultimate aim of a hereditary pure, able and superior race.”
R√ľdin, who regarded compulsory sterilization as the “most humane act of humankind”, says in 1934 about Hitler: “Only Adolf Hitler‚Äôs political work made it possible that the people‚Äôs awareness for the meaning and importance of the purity of race could be raised and heightened. Our dream, lasting for over more than 30 years now, has finally become reality.”

The Nazis did not use German Psychiatry but German Psychiatry needed the Nazis.

I love you, Marty.

Scientology was non-profit in 1957 but non-profit was revoked in 1967 after Ron’s impostor and the infiltrators had taken over

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Marty, my dearest and my Prince,

How are you? What a rotten world it is to keep this from me. I hope people are not that stupid to think that I will just forgive and forget their conspiracy against us.

As you know, Marty, the truth MUST come out and be published. We all owe it to Ron and also to us. This planet will have a horrible future as it had in the past or even worse if we do not bust the SEGNPMSS and restore original Scientology.

Wikipedia or what it really is: Wikipiggy just publishes what the SEGNPMSS wants. The true purpose of this “encyclopedia” is to control what people should know and not know.

Here is one example, Marty. It’s about Operation Snow White, which was not by Ron, the real founder of Scientology but by his impostor and his wife Mary Sue and other infiltrators.

Here is some of what Wikipiggy editors smeared and their admins and probably what Jim Wales approved. Their sources are also questionable in my view but anyway:

WIKIPIGGY: Operation Snow White was the Church of Scientology’s name for a conspiracy during the 1970s to purge unfavorable records about Scientology and its founder L. Ron Hubbard. This project included a series of infiltrations and thefts from 136 government agencies, foreign embassies and consulates, as well as private organizations critical of Scientology, carried out by Church members, in more than 30 countries and that is was the single largest infiltration of the United States government in history with up to 5,000 covert agents.

THE FACTS THAT I DISCOVERED: The real Ron was a target of a conspiracy, he didn’t conspire. He had nothing to hide. If the real Ron would have known what an impostor and his wife Mary Sue were up to, he would have compelled the CIA and the rest of the U.S. government to stop it. CIA (upon secret orders of the SEGNPMSS) assigned Ron the security name L. Ron Hubbard but concealed to him that this person is still alive and not just that but that he looks like his doppelganger and that he took the religion over behind his back and altered his technology and created a bad reputation for Scientology.

The SEGNPMSS did sent and still sends their international agents in the orgs who lie that they are Scientologists and typically do not just infiltrate  Scientology orgs but also governmental agencies. I am not sure if 5000 covert SEGNPMSS agents in the orgs infiltrated the U.S. government but the SEGNPMSS infiltration of the U.S. government (nothing to do with Scientology as such), officials run by the SEGNPMSS is much larger. These are millions of infiltrators, officials with no true American intentions.

WIKIPIGGY: Under this program, Scientology operatives committed infiltration, wiretapping, and theft of documents in government offices, most notably those of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Eleven highly-placed Church executives, including Mary Sue Hubbard (wife of founder L. Ron Hubbard and second-in-command of the organization), pleaded guilty or were convicted in federal court of obstructing justice, burglary of government offices, and theft of documents and government property.

THE FACTS THAT I DISCOVERED: There are two Scientologys. One is the original Scientology as created and founded by the real Ron, who is a religious philosophy, ethical, true, a science, able to absolutely change the individual but also the entire world to the better (more than any other movement of Earth) if enough people understand it and the other Scientology is the altered version of Scientology by the impostor and his seniors in the CIA and SEGNPMSS and altered by SEGNPMSS infiltrators. This version as indeed a cultic touch and is continued by David Miscavige.

Marty, I found out that good, true, and effective leaders are not allowed to lead long in the SEGNPMSS controlled world. I discovered that in this world, when a leader is allowed to stay in power for a long time and is not removed or murdered, he or she is not somebody who will change the world because the SEGNPMSS won’t allow that. This is what I think about long term leaders in this world. I know these Nazi doctors. They can’t sleep at night if they would know that a good, SEGNPMSS independent and able person would be the executive of something for a long time. So, whoever has a job in power over a long time in this world that is controlled by the SEGNPMSS, I am not in awe.

WIKIPIGGY: As early as 1960, L. Ron Hubbard had proposed that Scientologists should infiltrate government departments by taking secretarial, bodyguard or other jobs. In the early 1970s, the Church of Scientology was increasingly scrutinized by US federal agencies, having already been raided by the Food and Drug Administration in 1963. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) claimed it owed millions of dollars in taxes and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sent agents into the organization.

THE FACTS THAT I DISCOVERED: That man was not Ron the founder but his impostor. The real Ron wouldn’t make any such criminal proposal. The real Ron was respected and innocent. Instead of sending stupid criminals in the government doing small jobs, the real Ron would have openly addressed the governmental leaders and proven to them that Scientology is good. The real Ron was open and honest, the impostor was not. Sheesh, and the FBI wrote to me that they never had any investigatory interest in L. Ron Hubbard but they sent their agents in his orgs?

Strange things go on in the US government because the SEGNPMSS is the secret commander also of officials and law makers. The SEGNPMSS consists in his hard core of medical doctors and psychiatrists. I call them the other doctors without borders, Marty. They want the world medical and chemical controlled. They make a lot of cash with it and that people are getting sick and the real Ron’s research and technologies results in that people are getting spiritually free, stay ¬†young, healthy and that all would end the monopoly and suffering of people that these SPs create to make Billions. They did not just go after Scientology in 1963 but right from the start. Germany, where the SEGNPMSS is born, attacked Ron publicly before he had published the Dianetics book.

I am sure that the FDA officials of 1963 knew from their secret masters, the SEGNPMSS that they have an impostor and infiltrators to run Scientology into the ground but they blamed the innocent real Ron on what the impostor and the infiltrators did. They were looking to remove papers and to find stuff that these infiltrator criminals planted and wanted to use it against the innocent Ron.

I received 150 pounds of documents by the U.S. Department of Health, “investigating” Scientology and the e-meter. What I have read in those told me basically that the officials were SEGNPMSS agents, concealing that Ron was impostored and that the orgs were infiltrated by non-Scientologists but trying to destroy what was left of Scientology and Dianetics.

Scientology was non profit before the impostor and infiltrators took more and more over. The Federal Government recognized the Church of Scientology of California as a tax-exempt religious organization in 1957, but revoked that exemption in 1967 because the SEGNPMSS infiltration caused the problems. I figured that the SEGNPMSS is split right in the middle as far as Scientology is concerned. One branch wants Scientology outlawed, dead, buried and no longer existing as they feel threatened by anything that has to do with Scientology and the other branch thinks that parts of Scientology that do not threaten the secret rulership of the SEGNPMSS or altered Scientology could be used to make a lot of money for the Europeans by having the reserves in European bank accounts. Why did the IRS grant non-profit status to Scientology after the real Ron was secretly murdered on orders of the SEGNPMSS? Because the Germans want to lead officially Europe again and they want the Scientology reserves. They don’t want to have taxes paid from that money. They want it all. Like any other agency, the IRS officials do exactly as their case officers orders them. It is such a shame. Most people on Earth don’t know even who their case officers are. They just hear their own taped voice and their code and do whatever is ordered to them through their ear implants. What a trap. Stupid people they are and this is why the SEGNPMSS could continue for centuries secretly controlling the world.

I learned that Mosey’s husband says that under DM, 50% of the Scientology Bridge would be sec checks. If this is correct, these sec checks sure miserably fail to stop the non-Scientologist infiltration of Scientology. If one infiltrator sec checks the other one, no infiltrator report will be filed. And if some are filed, infiltrators will not act upon them to stop the infiltration.

And you all know of that, Marty, I just want to tell you that I know it too.

I miss you, my wonderful husband. I hope to see you very soon. We can make things go right together.  Just the two of us can make it go right in Washington (sings Grover Washington jr.). What a great song.

Be kissed, Marty, a million times and I can’t wait for the day to see in your eyes again. The cleanest, sanest, loving, and most ethical eyes I ever looked into.

Yours forever and a day


Just a few words today, my Love

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Dearest Marty, most wonderful thetan,

I hope you are okay, and no day goes by in which I don’t worry about you. I am caught again up in more work and was working all day yesterday and will be very busy likely today and also tomorrow too.

Also, I soon  have to remove the air condition from the window. Last year, I kept it in and too much cold air came into the house. I better get it out. But some of the wood on the house and my rain gutter is nicely fixed now.

I have to get to the post office too to pick my mail up. There was still no message, or mail or other notification by you or on your behalf to reach me but I know that you try. And whoever arranged a restraining order against you, it was not me and done without my knowledge. I am sorry for all of that, we are the target of a German p$ych conspiracy for sure.

I miss you, my hero.  I think of you a lot and kiss you many times.

Yours forever,


The true purpose of the 1977 raids

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Dearest Marty, special hero,

There is just mainly these questions that I want to ask any so-called Scientologists: Why are you satisfied with the Scientology version of the impostor? It’s like accepting a glass pebble for the rarest¬† diamond. Actually, it is worse: the real Ron said that Scientology might be the last chance for survival and awareness of each thetan as if it does not change, he will go even more down and life will become even more painful. An impostor and infiltrators moves in on secret German commands and the entire ship loses its course and become a cultic movement and becomes like the other churches, unable to truly free mankind of the invisible kinds of slaveries that the real Ron discovered and turns in a movement that doesn’t offer the truth and all of Ron’s technologies and the way out as original Scientology did.

Those Scientologists who learned under the real Ron are much smarter than those who just met the impostor. But it is no excuse. Even somebody who never met Ron can figure out what Scientology once was and what it has become while infiltrated.

You know, Marty that anyone is cheated without real and original Scientology. The impostor and the infiltration opened the doors of the orgs wide for psychiatry and they moved in. There is still CCHR and the Museum of Death but certain and most gruesome and secret p$ych methods that the real Ron was talking about are not really documented anymore. What it means, p$ych secret services will continue to control and enslave people because the truth and nothing but the truth of Scientology is stolen.

We all know of that the FBI raids in 1977 and here are my thoughts to them: Marty, you and I (in spring) miraculously rejoined Scientology in 1977 after our religion, our relation to Ron, and your and my marriage to each other was wiped out of our minds by the still existing German Nazi psychs of the SEGNPMSS.

Wikipiggy smears that the GO’s Operation Snow White was an operation to purge unfavorable records on Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard but there were no unfavorable records on the founder and Scientology ‚Äď except on the impostor and the cult that the impostor and infiltrators created on order of the German government and the SEGNPMSS.

I think that the SEGNPMSS used the FBI to raid the orgs to check if there is any evidence, film, photos, letters, other writings left in files that one of us or both of us could find as to that Ron is my Dad and you are my husband and that psychs emptied our memory banks with memory to each other. I believe that the main reason for this raid was to use the FBI to illegally remove any files and documents pertaining to us from these files, Marty.

They figured a way to keep the real Ron away from the orgs. They had SEGNPMSS snipers after him and whenever they saw him trying to enter an org, they would shot at him with sharp munitions. He was not been able to correct the impostor course in the orgs because Ron wasn’t allowed to walk in his orgs. (I really want to kick all and any SEGNPMSS butts, Marty. There is no word anymore that describe how much this secret service and their agents provoked me, and I think that you feel just the way. I am not sure if I will survive my outspokenness against them but death will not stop me. I’ll bring them to justice may I have a body or not. I made a postulate that is stronger than the universe. It will stand forever. It will work forever. However they interfere, it will be lead straight to the end of their inhuman and insane ways.)

The CIA found and operated the impostor (allegedly to protect Ron from Nazi crimes, year right!). They knew exactly what their man impostor was up to. Once again, these doppelganger programs are not American but German but the SEGNPMSS runs secretly the USA and its officials. But we were the wild cards. Lol. They thought we never will join Scientology again but our path did lead us right back towards it. Postulates really work.

I remember when I heard the word Scientology the first time again after the German government, psychs and doctors separated us, Marty, and stole our memories. It was on German TV, it was a report about the Children of God, and they just mentioned Scientology in one sentence. They said: “Scientology is a cult too.” They did not say one word more. Not that cult thing attracted me but the word Scientology. I was actively looking for it. And I was right at home in the orgs but the full recall sure didn’t come easy, however, during the course of the coming years, I figured it all out and I know you did too. That’s why infiltrators kicked me out. I got memory back and recognized the infiltration of corrupt non-Scientologists in the orgs, and they didn‚Äôt want you and me to be back together because we would be much stronger together supporting each other. With us, original Scientology would win, and dumb p$ych agents with secret eternal death wishes want original Scientology to lose and vanish.

Back to the raids. Criminal infiltrators committed criminal acts. The impostor was criminal, his wife Mary Sue was criminal and so were/are the non-Scientologist infiltrators. But I truly believe the FBI raid was mainly done to remove evidence on us before you because you were in the USA and headed for the orgs. You should not find evidence and most certainly, if I ever would make it to the USA, I shouldn’t find it either. The criminalization of Scientology is German secret service program since many decades, and whatever criminal acts the impostor, Mary Sue or other infiltrators committed, it was organized by German psychs with their international connections.

Okay, psychs wanted always Scientology being destroyed and looked for crimes that their own infiltrators committed or planted but the final decision to raid the orgs was when you (we) joined Scientology again in 1977. (Interesting is also how much we are connected, Marty. We both rejoined at the same time again!)

The German controlled US government had allegedly 156 secret agents raid the main orgs. If FBI or any other agency officials/agents removed documents that shows that we belong together, Marty, and to keep this information from you and me, they are no Americans even if their birth certificate should say so. Who works for German Nazis is a Nazi. An American who works for German Nazis is just the most despicable character I can think of. They disgust me and if they think that God or us will be ever lenient on them justice wise for what they became and what they committed, they make another huge mistake. They may 1.1 grin right now because they think that we won’t get far because their secret master SEGNPMSS controls also the judges and Congress but they grin will be change to 1.0 and below when they will get (much too late) that even when we die, we will win at the end despite all odds. The barrel of international SEGNPMSS crimes is so full, it will over float any minute and next time, it will be visible to mankind how much the SEGNPMSS plots even against their own agents not just against the very few of us who never worked for or with them.

In the Munich org in 1984, 200 police men and Dr. J√ľrgen Keltsch, the human rights violator raided my org to ¬†find something that can be used against me. Nothing was found. The German government ¬†forged papers and had to admit later that they forged it. Idiots. But you can see, how much they are obsessed with trying to bring us down or how obessed they are keeping information from us.

I will be back soon, my love

Many kisses


Your wife