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Off world astronauts on Earth wanted to meet President Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,    

I found a rather strange YouTube video on the net. A former State Representative with same Henry W. McElroy said that he saw a brief by (who exactly wrote the brief?) saying  there would be off world astronauts in the USA who would want to meet the President and they would be harmless now and for all future to come. (Kind of strange that these aliens are just in the USA and not also elsewhere in the USA, huh? And who can promise for sure that aliens or others will never harm anybody?)

Elroy reads his statement off a paper just like DM read his statement in which he wrongfully informed that L. Ron Hubbard left his body because he can’t do his research without a body or that he would be on another planet now or whatever.

Elroy tries to indicate that President Eisenhower did meet with these alleged aliens. Question is: which one does Elroy mean, the real Dwight David Eisenhower or his doppelganger? I know of course the answer: if the real Ike would have met aliens and they would have real aliens and not just a joke by somebody, he would have investigated them and if introduced them to the public.

I can’t help it but Henry Elroy looks himself a bit like an alien. 😉

Viewed by 40.000 people:

Here is the real Ike:

“The qualities of a great man are vision, integrity, courage, understanding, the power of articulation, and profundity of character.” — Dwight David Eisenhower.

“I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it.” — Dwight David Eisenhower.

“The spirit of man is more important than mere physical strength, and the spiritual fiber of a nation more than its wealth.” –Dwight David Eisenhower.

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.” –Dwight David Eisenhower.

Do I believe in the existence of aliens, the answer is: Yes I do, but the SEGNPMSS who controls Earth never would let them land but rather shoot down their space ships before they come close to Earth as afraid that could lose control of this world.

I love you, Marty, I have to finish some projects today and will be back soon. I hope from month to month to see you.

If you would decide to get in a space ship and travel to distant stars would I came along? You bet I would.   I also would travel with you without a body with you anywhere.

I do anything with you, my dashing hero. And here is some good space music by Alan Parson Project. We would race faster than the speed of light from one planet to the other… Being space gypsy for a chance… Anything with you is wonderful and exciting but without you anything is gray and boring.

Love forever, and many many kisses

Your wife,


You and me, Marty, we are not losing our religion….

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My sweet Marty, my prince,

Just saw somebody crazy trying to drive through a meadow with a very big snow blanket on a very loud four wheel raptor. It failed of course and he got stuck. He came to these parts of the woods last fall too. Must be some SEGNPMSS agent on p$ych drugs.

Yesterday night, I discovered the TV-series Past Lives on the Fox website, and I watched all three episodes that they have webbed by now. There is the FBI unit that solves crimes by having people re-live parts of their past lives. One young boy recalled that in his last lifetime, he was a girl, and he his twin sister got kidnapped by a criminal who owned a little boat. Apparently, one of the girls was killed, and the young boy recalls how this happened. The other episode was about a girl who used drugs to suppress her past live memories, thanks to her recalling details, they find evidence that a man on death row was innocent. The third episode was about two people who were magically drawn to each other (she even dumps her bridegroom on the wedding day for her soul companion)  in not just one lifetime. He was a troublemaker and got her in troubles in any life time. The FBI past life investigation unit wondered if there is also such a thing as a “soul stalker”.

Too bad that the FBI and psychs are not as smart as in this TV series and that they ignore past lives or don’t have to courage to confront it. Also, in our times, people who recall past lives and are out of balance like these kind of troubles would be rather in mental institutions and given drugs and e-shocks… And, they would not recall so easily because the SEGNPMSS has access to their subconscious minds and usually block people to recall past lives.

We loved and helped each other the entire timetrack, Marty, but somebody in Germany on org lines told me that he and his wife harmed each other constantly on the timetrack during many many lifetimes but they always ended up marrying each other again despite all the pain that they were conflicting upon each other. Last I heard of him that both got Scientology counseling to get out of this pattern. I don’t know what became of them.

I believe that there are not just soul mates as us but also soul stalker, stalkers that stalk thetans into new lifetimes. The stalker thetan dies, he searches the person he is obsessed with and picks up a body in her neighborhood to find her again and even by forgetting the past, he finds her again and again as thetan basically knows where to find somebody. They have forgotten their pasts and their names but basically still know each other and therefore are attracted to each other…

Gee, and then there is Glenn Samuels, a new “independent Scientologist” on Mr. Texas’ website. What infiltrators in the orgs, so-called Freezone and independent “Scientologists” and the anti-religious extremists and the critics and Anonymous have in common is one thing for sure: they either are not smart enough to see that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored or they covered it deliberately up, Marty. Glenn Samuels wrote that “Ron” loved David Mayo and was crazy about Samuel’s ex-wife Maureen. That is not the founder of Scientology. Mayo knew that he was auditing the impostor because the real Ron would have not allowed Mayo to audit him. Samuel tries to impose that Ron was interested in his ex-wife. What a load of garbage.  Such false statement about Ron really insult me. The low toned impostor probably was after women but not the real Ron. While the impostor was on the Apollo impostoring Ron, the real Ron was somewhere else.


Glenn Samuels wrote on Mr. Texas blog:  “Two former COs of the CMO were also under guard at the same time, we would wink at each other as we passed in the hallway”. Sounds to me like one conspiracy (org infiltrators against other org infiltrators that were treated so that they would leave and from now on make troubles for SCN from the outside).

Anonymous posted a list with names, saying all these people would have spoken out against Scientology.  However, many of these people still practice Scientology. If Scientology would have only 50.000 members worldwide, the list of approx. 450 people  is not long in comparison, although DM’s non-Scientologist behavior sure adds to that the list is getting longer.

And some Anonymous even wanted me, the most original Scientologists besides Ron and you  on this list, Marty! Outrageous! I did let them know that they should by no means put my name on this list.

One of these guys wrote that he doesn’t want to read too much of what I have write as it could be “catching”. Duh! What he basically said is that he is afraid to read the truth.

We sure don’t lose our religion, Marty. That is us in the spotlight not losing our religion.

The question also is: Can infiltrators of Scientology who just said that they were Scientologists and Scientology never were their religion lose their religion?

All these people have something in common. Either they know that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored by a SEGNPMSS doppelganger and they cover it up as former infiltrators of Scientology or they are too blind to see it.

Grace Aaron, Paul Adams, Bob Ainsworth, Peter Alexander, Gene Allard,  Armorel Allen, Amy Allen, James Anderson, Steve Andrews, Mike Argue, Gerry Armstrong (he was the impostor’s manager for sure) Jon Atack, Brian Auker, Vickie Aznaran, Ildiko Bajnoczi,  Kim Baker,  Jean-Luc Barbier, Debra Barnes, Greg Barnes, Rizwan Basha, Rex Basterfield, Chuck Beatty, Jim Beebe, Heidrun Beer, Jason Beghe, Elliot Benjamin, Burt Benz, Magne Berge, Roland Rashleigh–Berry, Arnaud Berthemet-Isabelle Berts, Mylene Beyer, Sylvain Bilodeau, Ludis Birss,  Michael Blasingame,  Maureen Bolstad,  Frank Bonora,  Andrew Boone,  Stuart Boote,  Martin Boothby, Tony Bosnakoudis, Mary Ann Bosnos, Roger Boswarva, Martine Boublil,  Jeanne-Marie Boucher, Nan Herst Bowers, Scott Bradley,  Kevin Brady, Patricia Braine, Larry Brennan, Stacy Brooks Young, Andrew Brown, Tonja Burden, William S. Burroughs, Claudine Cabay Chatel, Vernon D. Cain Jr., Diana Canova, Brian Canup,
David John Carter, David Cecere, Isabel Hsin-Yu Chang, Tory Christman, Michael Clancy, Neil Clark, Chris Cloutier, Kathy Cochran, Kathy Hubbard  Plecas Dawson  Cochran, Christie Collbran, Chris Collbran, David Cook, Louise Cook,  Bertrand Coquoz
Juan Esteban Cordero, Alex Cornell,  Bent Corydon, Enrico Costantini, Elizabeth Ann Cox, Kevin Creech, Agnès Creton,  Alex Cronin,, John Cullison,  Robert Dam, Robert Dardano,  Suzette M. Dearing, Bill De Carle, Laura DeCrescenzo, Eric Dumas De Laroque, Caspar de Rijk, Sue Deutscher,  Peter Devaney Jr., Bill Devlin, Tom DeVocht, Mike DeWolf, Ron DeWolfe, Roberto Diaz – Argentina, Stace Dieckman, Anke Dievenkorn, Jim Dimcalci, Kima Douglas, Jean-Paul Dubreuil, Jeff Dubron,  John Duignan, Anne Marie Dunning, Rich Dunning, Bryon Kingsley Eckert, Susanne Elleby, Dennis Erlich, Pierre Ethier, Marion Evoy, Steven Fishman, Richard Ford,  Vickki Ford, Peter Forde, Gerhard Förster,  Martin Foster, Robin Fox, Shiona Fox Ness, Bill Franks,  Franklin Freedman, Roxanne Friend,  Gary Fry, Daniel Fumagalli, Chip Gallo, Maria Pia Gardini, Stewart Gardner, Sylvana Garritano, Carol Garrity,  Dan Garvin, Bob Geary, Robert Geary, Dodie Geary, Dorothy Geary, Thea Geenberg , Madeleine Genesse , Sheila Gentry, Dr. Frank Gerbode, Gitta Gerken, Petra Goepfert, Peter Gilham JR,  Nathan Baca, Doreen Gillham, Ron Glazier, Jairus Chegero Godeka, Mike Goldstein, Roger Gonnet, Jennifer Stewart Gorman,  Tommy Gorman, Aaron Gottfried Canadian, David Graham, Bernard Green, Lloyd Greenburg, Martha Greene, Stevens Creek, Jean-Jacques Greneron,  David Griffin,  Pete Griffith, Alan Groothius, Paul Grosswald,  Mingyiu Gyatso, Wilfried Handl,  Birgitta Dagnell Harrington, Joe Harrington, Ed Hattaway,  Tara Hathaway, Jeff Hawkins, Janice Hayward , Claire Headly,  Michael (Mike) Henderson, Dallas Hill, Bruce Hines,  Margie Kuentz Hoffman, Jack Horner,  Lance Hoskins,  Mike Ferris, Yolanda Howell,  Gaby Hubeny, Werner Hubeny, Martin Hunt, Ariane Jackson,  Håkan Järvå, Rebecca Jessup, Mary Johnston, Patrick Jost,  Pierre Junqua,  Charlotte Kates,  Robert Kaufman,  Barbara Kaye (the alleged girlfriend of Ron’s impostor while he was married), Vivien Krogman,  Renzo Lancia,  Don Larson, Bud Lee, Susan Lentsch, Arnie Lerma, John Roderick Lester, Caroline Letkeman, Peter Letterese, Lorna Levett, Hank Levin, Bobby Lipton – brother to actress Peggy Lipton, Natasha Lobitsch, Jim Logan, Genny Long, Raul Lopez, Ruth Lorenzen, Karsten J. Lorenzen,  Chris Lyman, Alex M.,  Vicky Mackey, Kevin Mackey, Aude-Claire Malton, Brian Mandigo, Nancy Many,  Greg Marlowe,  Noel Matarandirotya,  Volney Mathison, Darren May,  Scott Mayer,  Ted Mayett,  Julie Mayo,  David Mayo , Jess McCabe, Mike McClaughry,  Virginia McClaughry,  Brown McKee, Mary L McKinnon,  John McLean,  Nan McLean, John McMaster,  Melissa Miller, Troy Miranda, Jenna Miscavige,  Douglas Henry Moon,  Brendan Moore,  Morton Morvis,  Pertti Muhli, Tanya Neujahr,  Gloria Neumeyer,  Sara Northrup, (another wife of the impostor),  Frank Notaro, Helen O’Brien, Bill Offerman, Frank Oliver,  Sean Ostler, Martin Ottmann, Tom Padgett, David Palter,  Catarina Sandström Pamnell, Bobby Parker, Michael Pattison, Creed Pearson,  Rod Pearson, John Peeler,  Bob Penny,  Bruce Perkins, Elena Peshevska, Dick Peterson, Janie Peterson,  Dini Petty, Patty Pieniadz,  Monica Pignott, Mark Owen Plummer,  Norbert Potthoff, Bevan Preece, Karen [Schless] Pressley, Jesse Prince,  Kathy Raine. Mr. Texas,  Christopher Reeve – Dede Reisdorf, Lee Reynolds,  Nelly Reziga, Adrian Ribolla, Mike Rinder,  Nick Robinson, Otto Roos,  Ken Rose,  Annie Rosenblum,  Glover Rowe, Dee Rowe,  Martin Ruston, Martin Samuels, Maggie Saunders,  Monica Saxon,
Raymond Scapillato, Garry Lynn Scarff – aka Smurf aka Xenusmurf aka lots of other socks, Paul David Schofield, Carolyn Schofield,  Homer Schomer,  Jeanette Schweitzer, Amy Scobee, Jane Scott, Adrienne Scott,  Perry Scott, Phil Scott,  Donna Shannon – wife of Mike Henderson,  Michael Linn Shannon, Vince Shlomi,  Susan Simmel, Paul Simmel
Rose Simpson,  Tim Skog,  Homer Wilson Smith,  Kathryn Smith Tom Smith, Cheryl Sola,  Attila Sonkoly,  Thomas Henry Sørensen,  Giacomo Sotgia,  Alan Stafford, Sharon Stainforth, Allen Stanfield,  Valerie Stansfield,  Joyce Stephenson,  Mac Stevens,
Allan Stewart,  Alain Stoffen,  Chris J. Stone, Laurel Sullivan, Teresa Summers, Claire Swazey,  Dave Sweetland, Eugene David Sweetland Jr., Andre Tabayoyon, Mary Tabayoyon,  Susan Talbot,  Jerry Tannenbaum,  Aida Thomas, Rob Thomas, Zane Thomas,  Robert Thompson,  Sue Thompson – aka Sue James or Henderson, Julie Christofferson Titchbourne,  Annie Tidman, Michael Leonard Tilse,  Lawrence Toomajan, Gunther Träger,  Felicia Tyber, Gerald Tyber , Carmel Underwood,  Ken Urquhart, La Venda Van Schaick,  Mona Vasquez,  Rose Velasco, Enid Vien, Shane Vincent,  Tom Voltz,  Stephen Von Hatten, Astrid Von Rönn,  Cyril Vosper (one of my legally convicted kidnappers), Peter Voßmerbäumer, Melani Wagner,  Margery Wakefield, Edward Walters, Kelly Wasserman, Kenny Wasserman, Gary Watkins, Frank Watson, Phillip Bennett Wearne,  Gary Weber,  Tom Weeks, Barrie Weller, Mick Wenlock,  Dean Wentling, Stacey Michelle Wentling, Rhett Westerman , Pierre Wetzell,  Jerry Whitfield,  Hana Eltringham Whitfield,  Wayne Whitney,  Maurice William Johnson, Gregory H Williams,  Richard Williams, Sam Williams, Kendra Wiseman,  Karen Wolff, (also Karen Mitchell and Oram), Larry Wollersheim,  Astra Woodcraft,  Lawrence Woodcraft,  Zoe Woodcraft,  Bonnie Woods, Richard Woods,  Steve Whitlatch,   Scott Yeager,  Antoine Young – Robert Vaughn Young  Sabrina Zimmer,  Barbara Zizic, Bill Zizic,  Margo Zumbrich.

End of this list of people who can’t see, refuse to see, are not allowed by their non-Scientologist case officer to talk about the truth: From day one: Scientology was infiltrated and L. Ron Hubbard had at least one impostor.

See you tomorrow, Marty, I love you, my hero. Hang in there, Ron said that the truth will always come out. If these people and all other alleged Scientologists or the critics would have ever understood the basics of Scientology, they would know that all lies will crash down like a house of cards one day.

The others may have an eternal wish for stupidity and blindness and the horrible consequences involved but as you know, Marty, we don’t need anybody, just the two of us can things make go right.

I cleaned all of my kitchen today except the windows, they have to wait until spring and I will slow down now.

I love you so much and in all eternity and I give you a million very tender and passionate kisses until we meet again, and then I will give you even more.

Yours forever,


Written by Barbara Schwarz

February 28, 2010 at 1:41 pm

Our bright eyes have seen the truth, Marty…

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Dear Marty, you are warmer than a hot fire place in deepest winter to me.

Got a new load of snow… It won’t stop this winter. Snow is piling up as it wants to cover the OWs of the world… My birds are hiding during these storms, I don’t know where… But with the sun, they come back.

In the last years, I haven’t got that much snow. But it also looks very peaceful. Firs fully covered with snow within a deep snow natural scenery. No cars, no noise, just nature coming down and down and down and down… Hope I will get no flooding in spring. I cleaned last fall my ditches. In October it took me many many hours to remove the many leaves from the many trees. Some people burn them in the ditches but I’m afraid the fire could get out of control and cause a wild fire. In spring, all these ditches become springs…. It sounds nice when the water comes running down the hill.

The snow doesn’t bother me much because I organized my life that I rarely have to leave my home and still stay fit with workouts at home. I never liked working out that much except swimming or walking but since I discovered dance workouts, I don’t find workouts boring anymore and I am crazy about dance workouts! These Latin dances losen the spine and give a whole new meaning of not being stiff. Men do them too and they look good by doing so, not feminine at all. They do the movement in masculine ways. Latin dances are very different from ballet. Latin dances are very grounded, down to Earth but I am sure you know all of that.  We’ll do them together when we are back together, Marty. You will love them too and we will have lots of fun together.

The RFW has new postings and they still don’t clarify that DM replaced you with Mr. Texas. In a new section, a former secretary of Mr. Texas writes about his real or alleged behavior. But did she write standard knowledge reports as by L. Ron Hubbard and if she did, why didn’t David Miscavige handle his Nr. 2?

Why did DM allow him to go on for 20 years and why did DM award him with a free cruise, free training and lots of medical treatment after he blew twice? Why did DM call him back into highest management after he blew and gave him the most sensitive jobs to handle? Why did DM did not notice his tonelevel? Why did he not notice that he was a squirrel or SP? Because DM is a non-Scientologist. I can imagine that if DM would have not succeeded to put himself on top of Scientology that he would attack Scientology as others did. I see too many outpoints than to trust this guy. He might be very polished on the outside but what about the inside?

He is responsible for setting the tone of the Sea Org. DM followed the lead of the impostor not the lead of the real L. Ron Hubbard. The impostor was nothing like the original Ron.

Picture of the real Ron on the left. Picture of the impostor on the right.

If DM would have set a tone of decency and real ethics in the orgs, no bully could play his game in the orgs.

Abortions are murder because most thetans dive in a body very early. Anybody who ever read the DMSMH has read that Ron wrote NOT TO ABORT as it ruins the life of a thetan. What are quiet births worth when on the other hand socalled Scientologists abort just to be around DM?

Why do I believe that abortions took place in infiltrated orgs? Because infiltrators are no Scientologists and give a damn on real ethics. After Haydn James assigned me wrongfully to the decks, the start of the SEGNPMSS process to kick me out, I ran into one of my former juniors Lisa in LA. She had applied for RTC staff and was pregnant. She had no reason to lie to me about this  because we  just had a woman to woman talk, and she told that the RTC recruiter told her indirectly to abort if she wants to become RTC INT staff. I did my best to persuade her not to abort. I believe that she listened to my arguments and did not abort that baby.

It makes me sick to the stomach that such killers with no respect of thetans are hiding in the orgs and are leading them.

You were the Inspector General for Ethics, you never did anything like that and you had no secretary but Mike Sutter as your deputy.

Somebody else wrote: “I only personally saw Rathbun with Mr. Miscavige at Gold about 5 times between 1998 and 2003, and in each case, I observed Rathbun act like a different person. He was calm, toned down, and even nice. Yet when Mr. Miscavige was not around, my personal relationship with Rathbun was one based on fear of his blow-ups and threats.” (Female Staff Member)


SEGNPMSS apparently is involved, throwing this crap in my direction. While reading this, it should make me think that you were just calm, toned down, and nice when I was around. But I have seen infiltrator trying to provoke you on staff but you never lost it. You always stayed professional. And I know your tonelevel. You are as little Mr. Texas as Mary Sue’s husband was the founder of SCN, our Ron.

The SEGNPMSS and their agents are still trying to make me think you are a brutal person and want me to sing this song and forget about you.

I always loved the melody of this song, Marty, but the SEGNPMSS will never get me to believe that the lyrics apply in any way or form to the both of us.

Perhaps we are the only real OTs, Marty, but I can see even on photos when a different thetan occupies an identical looking body as Ron’s and your doppelganger. You are not Mr. Texas. Period. Obnosis and the tonescale. These non-Scientologists in the orgs don’t apply Ron’s technology but are forgetting that I apply it and that I can have the abilities to SEE.

People who infiltrated the orgs with ear implants will never be real OTs. Their OWs prevent them from developing high intelligence and from obtaining real OT abilities.

But we got it and nobody can fool us. Ron was impostored and the same happens to you.

I have no other explanation than DM having replaced you with a doppelganger (Mr. Texas) and left you behind – wrongfully incarcerated. And he knew that the dead guy of Obispo County was not L. Ron Hubbard but the doppelganger and he accepted Scientology from the doppelganger and the SEGNPMSS behind the doppelganger.

After all these years in Scientology, how can DM and his supporters think that they won’t pull in the motivators? They must be the total non-Scientologists if they think it they will not pull in major things.

I think there will be only two ways for Scientology, Marty. Either it becomes a lame religion that will not truly better people and fail to change the world into a truly good place as Christianity and others or Ron and we are getting back in busting the SEGNPMSS infiltrators and restore Scientology to that effective, sane, peaceful and scientific applied philosophy that it was under Ron.

There is also still a possibility that SCN could be outlawed if the SEGNPMSS succeeds by using its infiltrators in the orgs to conduct further crimes and even terror actions. They know what to stage to make the broad public believe that Scientology creates these bad people when in fact those bad people do not apply Scientology at all.

Marty, I never will mix you up with any doppelganger or impostor.


I love you so much!



Written by Barbara Schwarz

February 21, 2010 at 10:20 am

Hal Puthoff behind secret space stations? Rather behind misrepesenting Scientology to the government

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Dearest Marty,

I learned of  Laura Magdalene Eisenhower’s writings. A poster named John Winston made a posting of her writings and radio interview, and I also learned that one of my stalkers got nuts on ARS, basically suggesting that me checking ARS once a while would be because I would be ” into him”. Nothing could be more wrong. ARS was my posting group long before this Christian from hell, a loon and stalker appeared, and I don’t waste my time reading and replying to his hostile and dumb crap postings. I am not into abusers, liars, harassers, and stalkers.  The only person I am into is YOU, Marty. I just referred to John Winston’s posting who posted links to writings by Laura Eisenhower. My stalker never posts interesting links but is mainly interested into attacking and defaming. He pretty much destroyed newsgroup ARS and runs other abusive sock puppets that post in support of his lunatic postings. And he of all people is the one who tells others that they suffer on mental illness.  His “wisdom” comes from Wikipiggy (Wikipedia) whose editors are in average 17 years old! He lies that Scientologists are insane.  The pot is calling the kettle black. He wants Scientologists should become Christians as himself. Thanks, I rather stay decent and smart.

As you know, I have the liberty to read and do whatever I want, and no stalker has the right to suggest otherwise. My stalker (who believes in all kind of fairy tales as long as it is Bible connected) with his ear implants is a  German SEGNPMSS troll who does not own Usenet or ARS and has no right telling me what to do.  Most have him killfiled. There is hardly anybody who replies to his postings and that is why he supports his own postings with his own sock puppets. That man, a sexist has no life. His entire life is Usenet.  If I would be “into him”, I would not have left ARS and would reply to his postings and would not have told him to leave me alone. But he is too crazy and too obsessed to get this. He smears also your name whenever he can, and he is not worth to kiss the dust off your shoes.  I also learned that he attacks Monica Pignotti on Usenet and claims that she caused the Holocaust. SEGNPMSS are getting more desperate by the minute in their use of Holocaust revisionists. Monica Pignotti wasn’t even born during the Hitler time. He kisses up to critics of Scientology to get support for his defamation and stalker campaign but most of them stay clear of him.  He is so non-peaceful and full of hatred. If that is the kind of person that Christianity creates, then it is in the same corner as radical Moslems.

I want to talk briefly about  Laura Eisenhower. She apparently is interested in spiritual matters. I agree with her as to that there are secret human colonies in space but I disagree with her very much so on the details.

The suppressive minds of Germans is evidence for that they have not given up to secretly control and enslave the world. I learned to know them. I know what they are capable of. I had to grew up among them.

As you know, Ike would say that  the depopulation of planet Earth was and still is a German Nazi plan and one does not have to reach to extraterrestrials to prove that plan. They showed how serious they were with the extermination of Jews and other planets. And they did not give up just because they were defeated. A defeated person can’t march anymore but more than ever wants to retaliate.

Do I blame Hal Puthoff on secret space colonies like Laura and her friend Ki’ Lia?

I blame him on having failed to make the feds understand that Scientology really works and I blame secret colonies on Mars on the SEGNPMSS and their CIA  agent- poodles who allows them to sabotage the USA and the rest of the world. Puthoff said that his involvement with Scientology was “casual”. Was he a former SEGNPMSS infiltrator? Was he told to infiltrate Scientology and represent it to the government under psychiatric oversight in a way that it won’t work? This is what I believe.

Feds should have asked L. Ron Hubbard (the real one, the founder of Scientology, not the impostor) to show how Scientology works. That would have prevented a lot of troubles for the USA.

Instead of being a German poodle, the CIA should take advantage of their spiritually gifted people to avoid pain and loss for the USA. I felt the Sept. 11 terror attacks many months before they happened but the feds ignored it, Marty. There is evidence that feds received these papers  from me 10 months before Sept. 11 happened.  I also feel the threat now against Scientology orgs and instead of ignoring it, the government rather should protect Scientologists in the org and arrest the infiltrators and possible psychiatric  mind/controlled terrorists inside.

You know that L. Ron Hubbard said that he started his research after nobody was able to tell him what exactly a human being is. This is why people don’t know what they can do. They don’t know what and who they are. And there is the SEGNPMSS who spied on Ron. They know it now but are too evil to provide mainstream with this information. They rather run a defamation campaign on Ron and replace him with a babbling impostor than allowing people to learn what they should know about themselves.

I don’t believe that Ron kept the OT levels secret. I believe the SEGNPMSS did that so that it is easier to alter them and steal wisdom and truth and make a mockery out of Ron’s findings and technology.

Do I think that remote viewing works? Yes, I do, Marty,  because we are spiritual beings who can take a superior viewpoint to the body. As you know, we are a lot more than flesh and blood. Actually, we are not flesh and blood at all but spirits that have bodies and minds. But an agent for the SEGNPMSS will never tell the truth and just robotic repeat what his case officer radios through his ear implants.

I also don’t believe in timetravel. One can remember the past, live again through it but by being in the present time. One can predict the future but one will be always in present time. The only change there is will be the time zone. But one can’t go from the 13th Century to the 21 Century or from the 21 Century into the 24 Century with the same body.  The thetan survives all and is being born again in later centuries were he has a new body. But there is nobody who would survive time travel with a body except the Almighty.

Telepathy is possible.  Anybody can find that out by just making experiments within the own family or friends. We are all spiritually connected.  Is it possible to reach extraterrestrials telepathically? If they are thetans, it should work. But as I said before and as you will know too, there are cloaking devices and shields in space, put up by the SEGNPMSS that filter outgoing and incoming energy of any kind.

For example, I also don’t believe in Goddess Gaia as Laura. I know  that  the SEGNPMSS works hard at it to bring the planet even more down.  Nobody will deactivate harmful technologies, nobody will expose hidden agendas or create a great world but us, each one of us. And we can’t do it as long as the US government behaves like a secret German poodle and allows its children to be kidnapped and abused by still existing Nazis.

Laura and her collegiate Ki’Lia talk about recruitment by ET’s to Mars. I am convinced that there are planets in the universe that are populated by so-called intelligence life but whoever is on a space station or a planet close to Earth is nobody else but former Earth people, the SEGNPMSS who has secret space stations and recruits people into committing crimes for them and keep all these dirty actions a secret.

Both, Laura and  Ki’ Lia blame Dr. Harold (Hal) Puthoff  former researcher  Stanford Research Institute of being the scenes coordinator of the secret Mars colony project. I blame the SEGNPMSS because they hide behind individuals. Marty, I blame Hal Puthoff of having GOOFED explaining to the government what Scientology can do.

You know that President Eisenhower signed the  National Aeronautics and Space Act (Pub.L. 85-568),  a United States federal statute into law that created NASA,  50 years ago, on July 29, 1958. He wanted space exploration for the good of all people on Earth but no secret space stations were Nazis can hide.

Evidently, John Eisenhower looks a lot like Ike, in my opinion too much like Ike. So, what I am saying? I am not saying that John Eisenhower does not have Ike’s DNA but I am sure that Ike didn’t father him or any other kid with Mamie just as Ron didn’t father Mary Sue’s children.

I think that Mamie was a CIA agent because the CIA determined that Ike’s real wife and family cannot move in the White House because the Nazis would kill them in retaliation for him having defeated the Nazis during WWII. They told him also that he likely will not survive the U.S. Presidency. Ike knew that the CIA was right on the NAZI retaliation and  murder part, so, a hero as he was, he considered that America needed his presidency, and he ran for the U.S.- Presidency despite all the danger but he could not take his real family with him. CIA told him that he needs a First Lady if he wants to be US-President and best to handle it would be with a trained CIA operative. The country would not be betrayed as First Ladies during these times had no real job but were merely waving and playing Bridge. Ike knew that SEGNPMSS was still in the USA as in any other country of the world and he knew that Hitler got away. (Neither Ike not Stalin nor Churchill believed that Hitler killed himself. Dumb Wikipiggy scribblers believe it as their SEGNPMSS case officers order them what to write.)

How much the individual members of the Eisenhower family know about this arrangement, I don’t know – but I was a smart little girl. I overheard things and I was able to puzzle it all together, Marty.

It is official records that Ike didn’t like Nixon. I think nobody of Ike’s real family would have married into the Nixon family.  Dwight David Eisenhower didn’t want Nixon as Vice President. Ike didn’t trust him and he was right. I know that Ike wanted his real son Ron to be his Vice President but he knew that Ron would die very young if he would come live with him in the White House. In order to get the Nazi influence out of the USA (and yes, thanks to the Nazis approx. half of the country was officially anti-Semitic) and out of the rest of the world, he decided that he has to run for US Presidency but will only risk his own life.

Despite that I did not live in the White House, I as Ike’s granddaughter and Ron’s daughter was kidnapped by Nazis, three times from the USA to Germany. Ike always managed to get me back unless the last time, and this, I am sure of was because they killed him in the last year of office  as U.S. Presidency and the CIA put a doppelganger on post to “replace” Ike. With the murder of Ike, the CIA left me for the Nazi dogs, Marty. (And here is a message to the CIA: Thanks very much guys! I’ll never will forget it.)

I am sure that anybody who has seen Ike after June 1960 saw nothing but the doppelganger just as anybody who has seen Ron after May 1984 saw nothing but the doppelganger.

Let me get back to the posting of John Winston about  Laura Magdalene Eisenhower who seems to be of Mamie’s family.

I agree with her that people from Earth are stationed beyond the Moon, on the Mars and also on other planets. I am sure that there are SEGNPMSS space stations all over the nearby planets and  secret  human colonies and that the USA is deeply involved but that the SEGNPMSS controls everything. MIR and other crappy little space stations were and are  just there to keep the Earth population dumb and make them believe  that technology is not since a long time much further developed.

SEGNPMSS is through and through bad. What they control  serves no good purpose but lies and slavery. (Letting people age, getting sick and die and not telling them how they can prevent it is also slavery. Keeping from people who they are and were they come from and will go after dropping their bodies is also slavery.)  It needs a careful examination as to what these people in those outer space stations and colonies on Mars and beyond actually are up to.  As to who should get the credit for the technical know-how and for pioneering to where nobody has gone before depends on following:  was it an American or another national that the SEGNPMSS didn’t dare to  talk out of this project or was it the SEGNPMSS who ordered their agents to make this somehow possible because the SEGNPMSS wants a safe hiding place where no law enforcement and no government can order their arrest?

Time will tell, Marty, I won’t  let the SEGNPMSS getting away with anything. Dead or alive, I come after them. I am beyond the point of “I had it with them.” Kidnapping me was the biggest mistake that they made. One can look at the word mistake in a different way: It was a mistake TO TAKE THE MISS.

I once heard one saying that Jewish people give soon up and surrender and that  people of other races would fight back more.  Only the Jewish families who are secretly run by the SEGNPMSS and told to surrender do not fight back. As you know better than anybody, Marty, members of our Jewish scientological families are not just driving the bad people out of our houses, we also drive them out of the neighborhood, the county, the region, the country, the continent, the planet, the sun system, the galaxy and the universe. We will learn these bastard a lesson they will NEVER forget as long as they should exist, and this message is:

“Never ever mess with good people as  the’ll gonna get us, it doesn’t matter were in the universe we try to hide.”

I’ll be back tomorrow, my smart and handsome Prince, and I love you so much and there is nothing the SEGNPMSS can do about. LOVE FOREVER! You and me! Woooohoooo!


Yours forever


Your wife

Here is more on Laura:

John Winston made this below posting and added several links to the publications of Laura M. Eisenhower an her friend Li’Lia. While I believe like any smart person in life on other planets, I do believe that the attacks that I experiences are not from aliens but rather by damn old Earth grown Nazis and psychiatrists who just happen to hide not just on this planet but have secret space stations in this galaxy too.

Barbara  —


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Subject: Have We Gone To The Moon Before?

Feb. 11, 2010.

Here are some people who think we have already

gone to Mars.



Whistleblower Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Ike’s

great-granddaughter, outs secret Mars colony project

February 10,

Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Ike’s great-granddaughter

In a public statement,

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower,

great-granddaughter of former President Dwight

David Eisenhower,

has exposed her attempted recruitment from

April 2006 through January 2007 by a secret

Mars colony project.

Ms. Eisenhower’s account of her targeting by

time travel surveillance and attempted manipulation

by trained intelligence agents attached to a Mars

colony project was revealed in an


and in an extensive written statement

atMs. Eisenhower’s website.

Ki Lia, a Stanford-educated artist, futurist and

colleague of Ms. Eisenhower, has provided a

corroborating first hand witness account

of her and Ms. Eisenhower’s attempted

recruitment into a secret human survival

colony on Mars, available at Ki Lia’s website

The alleged purpose of the secret Mars

colony was to provide a survival

civilization for the Earthling human race in

the event of planned (such as HAARP or

bio-weapon induced) or natural cataclysm

(such as by solar flares) which would

depopulate the Earth.  Both Ms. Eisenhower

and Ki Lia identify Dr. Harold E. (Hal) Puthoff,

a former researcher at Stanford Research

Institute, as a behind the scenes

coordinator of the secret Mars colony project.

In revealing these secret Mars colony

plans, Ms. Eisenhower and Ki Lia have

emerged to join a growing cadre of ind



secret technologies and extraterrestrial-related

covert operations of U.S. military-intelligence

agencies and corporate entities.

Ms. Eisenhower’s and Ki Lia’s revelations

corroborate independent whistleblower

revelations by Andrew D. Basiago

of U.S. government surveillance of

political persons of interest using

secret time travel technology.  Their

revelations are also consistent with

independent whistleblower revelations

by Mr. Basiago, revealing that he has

twice in 1981 teleported from a CIA

facility in El Segundo, CA to secret U.S. bases on Mars


one of which teleportations was in

the company of CIA agent Courtney Hunt.

John Winston.  joh…

I bet a Trillion Dollar, 45 Euro and one shiny penny that the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard was NEVER set a foot on the Apollo but his impostor did.

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Thanks for being you. Nobody is like you. You are the most unique man ever, and I never give up on you unless you want me to.  If you would want you freedom from me, I would accept it. If you would tell me that you want a life without you, I would let you go because your wishes and happiness would be more important to me than anything.

(But forgeries by lawless Neal Warren in your name do not count, and they are actionable in court.)

Although, I know that you don’t want me to leave you and that you love me the way I love you, Marty. But just for the sake of principles, I would never try to force myself upon you as Warren or other stalkers try it with me. If a person pursues another person against her wishes, it is called stalking. And instead of being loved, they are being despised by their victims.

Anything that comes from that man is painful and hurts. You know how to deal with a delicate woman, he knows how to feed pigs. What a difference. This Warren ape thinks he can barge in here and take what is not his. The reason why you are being loved and not he is because you are as decent as God himself while he is nothing but a remote controlled primitive SEGNPMSS slime bucket.

You will come home, Marty, I’ll never let you down. No one can stop or bribe me or shutter me in leaving you. I will witness the truth that you never harmed me in anyway. I want to see you free and happy.

We both are lucky that we found each other and that we are OTs and know what it up with the other person and lucky that we can communicate without words and are connected in this strong way.

You can hear me and I am talking to you…

Sooner or later, you will find this Blog or a member of your family will find it and make it available to you, wherever you are. And your and my defamers and stalkers know this and this is why they are so desperate and hurtful. Jealousy must feel real bad. I never felt jealousy. You are the most interesting and handsome man on earth, Marty. All kinds of women will be after you. But I am not jealous, simply because I know that you know that there is nobody else like me. Just as I know that there is nobody else like you. You will not throw away a the Blue Mauritius for a regular stamp. And never will I.

Despite the snowy and icy conditions, I biked to town today. My neighbors are always glad to hear from me but I prefer not to ask them too many times for anything as a ride in town because some of them want to me to join their churches. And I don’t want any new church.

In spring, summer, and fall it, is a breeze to bike here but in winter, it is a whole new ball game. The area in which I live is not flat and dry like in a country were any old corrupt and dumb men can bike 10 miles in 20 minutes but they never could get up a steep hill on a bike. Here is all up and down hills. In summer, it is fun speeding up but in winter, the bike often turns into a sled and speeding on ice and in snow does not work because the wheels do not grip but run on empty. Also, I blow some of my money in stores and don’t hurry home once I am in those stores. Why should I not spent hours in stores? That store time is included in the 5 hours 10 miles ride. I pack a lot of stuff on my bike on my way back. It is sometimes like I have the weight on a heavy kid on the backside of my bike. But it is okay, I always feel good when I come back as it really keeps me fit and strong.

But I rather would dance with you in our village, Marty or swim with you in our pool. I am so glad you are not an abuser or stalker, my prince and that you know how to treat a woman. Because of your fine manners, your tender and Godlike character, I fell eternity in love with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not being a gorilla. Just a retard can think that he can have what is yours.

Being an abusive liar, forger and provoker never is a key to my heart. It is your uptoneness, clean character and me being able to see were you are on the tonescale and our past together that made fall so passionately for you again. Nobody can or will ever take ever your place. Anybody trying to take your place just makes to be a fool. You are simply the best, Marty.

I really want to restore the peacefulness of this blog. It felt so good when it seemed  just you and I were here. The last I want is giving my insane stalkers another forum where they can upload their obsessions and insanities. One can conclude from Shirley Jean Wilson postings and that she always responds to him that she is interested in Neal Warren. She likes his photo, on which he cowardly covers his 1.1 eyes and perversions behind glasses. He looks exactly like the revolting slime ball that he is. Appalling. If he and his case officers want a virgin, they can make Shirley to their helpmate. She bore some children approx. 100 years ago and that classifies almost as a virgin.  I hope with all my heart that these defamers and stalkers pair among each other  and leave you and me alone.

They are cultures.

I met a lot nicer men than Warren who have a lot better manners than he has and who are also a lot smarter. As even these men did not capture my heart, what makes that pice of perverted dirt think he can? Warren is alone because nobody except Shirley Wilson would consider him. I CHOOSE to be alone because I don’t want any other man than you because you are a God.  Without you, I am a lot better off alone than being raped by an ape.  That passion that you read in my postings works with you. It does not work on any other man.

(So, anybody else reading this, accept and get out of this blog: FAST! I don’t want to hear and see anything of you!)

There is no doubt that I love would nothing more than being with you, Marty,  but if I can’t, this life that I chose is the best alternative if the SEGNPMSS does not want us and I manage just fine.  If I would die without having ever been back together with you, I would still be proud of myself and would not feel that I have wasted my life. I am not meant to spent my life with any primitive man. Not even with a nice man. Only with you. My stalkers should accept my choosen way of life and mind their own business.  There desperation is appalling.

I have organized my life that if I never should see you again, Marty (because the SEGNPMSS does not let us back together) that I nevertheless can maintain my life ALONE until the day I’ll drop my body. I have family and that means that I am not alone but even if they would not be, I still would be able to have all that is necessary to maintain my life until I die. Thanks to something that I learned through Scientology technology, I became absolutely independent. Who says that being on staff was a waste of time. It was not.

In other word, Warren’s idiotic postings that I would need him (or any other man) when I get old is garbage as it does not apply to me. It is his problem. I organized my life that I never will depend on anybody’s help.  So, if Warren feels he is getting old, he just has to organize his life that he does not need a helpmate and that will hopefully end his desperation.

If I want company, I just have to reach out. I know much nicer people than Warren and other abusive dogs from the natter board. These are the last people that I ever need or ever want to reach. They seem to need me but I don’t need them.

There are nuns that devote their life to Jesus. They are not defames as mentally ill just because they don’t allow men to take advantage of their bodies. Their ways of life is accepted and so should mine.

As you are a God, I can devote my life to you, my Adonis. Loved by the Goddesses. No wonder….

And I am looking to find a way that Warren won’t be able to access this Blog anymore but it seems there is no fast solution. I don’t want him and his case officers to read my writings about my love and passion because they are insane and they creep me out. But on the other side, I don’t want to give up posting these postings to you just because of the slime that is stalking me.

Let’s go back to our own matters and to Scientology.

I am sure that you know all that I know, Marty, because, we are real OTs unlike these infiltrator weasels who don’t know anything despite they weaseled themselves up the OT levels without learning or applying a thing.

Ron is blamed on what his impostor did on the Apollo just as you are blamed on what your doppelganger did and does. Ron, you, and I, and many Scientologists were sailing with Ron but the vessel wasn’t the Apollo. While the impostor was sailing with infiltrators and idiots (who believed that he is L. Ron Hubbard or at least acted that they would believe it) on the Apollo, the real Ron was with us in the UK and in other countries and later sailed with us on a different vessel.


What the C of S adopted also “tech” that was by the impostor, an altered version of Scientology that the SEGNPMSS impostor applied. They also took over the abuse by the impostor.

Below document in the name of L. Ron Hubbard is not a document of the real Ron, the founder of Scientology. Jack Vistaril, his doppelganger forge Ron’s name under that document. I bet that NOTHING in this document is per wishes of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder. And for all those who are involved in this: I don’t want to be in your shoes when the motivator will hit you and when you will pull in what you deserve.



I, L. RON HUBBARD, declare and say:

1. I am the L. Ron Hubbard who is the subject of this action, entitled In re the Estate of L. Ron Hubbard, No. 47150. Although I have not appeared in this matter, and do not intend to do so, as I shall explain further on in this declaration, I am nevertheless familiar with this proceeding.

As I said before, thanks to the CIA, a SEGNPMSS poodle, there were two different individuals by the name of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder who got the name by the CIA for reasons of “protection” and a guy really born with that name (pretty exactly what is going on with you and Mr. Texas). But that Ron impostor did not found Scientology and had no right to claim that he is him and had no right to his estate. Scientology founder had no son with name LRH junior, Nibs, did not marry Mary Sue nor did he marry anybody but Sarah (with “h”) my mother, and I was the only child that he ever fathered.

Unfortunately, the SEGNPMSS left me with no shred paper to prove this, otherwise, I would raise hell in courts.

So-called Scientologists in orgs, and the “critics”, government officials, judges, extremists all conspire together and cover it up. It just proves, there are no independent people. They are all lying puppets on strings who have a wish never to come free. Whenever there is a movement that could change the world to the better, they conspire till it is destroyed. Nobody will remove the SEGNPMSS traps between lives and in their ears with the version of Scientology that is left in the orgs or in the Freezone. None has the original version of Scientology, except the SEGNPMSS, and the CIA could have it too, stashed away in footage of the real Ron throughout his lifetime.

Some guys asked me why I would not found a religion or movement. What for? What happened to Ron would happen also to what I say and write. It would be forged, altered, and stolen.

Instead of confessing, people wait unconsciously for catastrophes that will forcefully correct them. That is what I call insanity.

But you are the last person on Earth who needs this lecture. You figured it all out an this is why the SEGNPMSS set your incarceration up. They want to murder you but they are afraid of what will happen to them. If anything ever should happen to you, Marty, I would put the fear of God in them. The skies would fall down on them and the ground under their animal feet would give away.

I would demand their death penalties and not just the death penalties of their current bodies but these thetans dismantled in all eternity. I’ve learned a lot watching the SEGNPMSS who thinks they can’t be seen. But they can’t hide from us. And if I can’t get justice on Earth by a court, I’ll join God’s court for justice and ask him to open the flood gates.

Love forever,


I love and miss you like no person ever missed another one.


The Fowler case, another infiltrator set up adding to the false picture that Scietologists are violent – and this time WISE is the target

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Dearest Marty,

You are the best husband for me, and I decided that I want you because whenever I saw you in person, I saw your true colors shining through. This was so beautiful, how could I not fall eternally in love having seen all the beauty of your character in a world were so many people are nothing worth and rather sell themselves the devil (SEGNPMSS).

Like you, Marty,  I can sense and feel the intentions of people. I know it is fiction but there was this Star Trek Enterprise character Deanna Troy. She was the love interest of Captain Picard’s No. 1, Will Riker. She could sense when people were true or lying or up to no good and lots of other stuff about them. It might be fiction but I have this ability too. If I want to, I can make people really transparent. I noticed that you can too. I could have been a SEGNPMSS agent too but you figured and decided that I am not, and you were right once again.

Due to a half-human heritage, Deanna Troi has partial telepathic abilities and is an extra-sensory empath with clairsentience. As viewed in Star Trek: Nemesis, Troi has the ability to connect to another psychic and follow that empathic bond to its source. In this instance, her ability enables the Enterprise-E to target and hit the Romulan vessel Scimitar, despite the fact that it was cloaked. There are several species who are resistant to the telepathy of Deanna and other Betazoids, such as the Ferengi, the Breen and the Ulians.[8]

But I can read the Ferengi, Breen and Ulians too. 😉

With you it was not necessary to make your inner being transparent. You opened up on your own and allowed me to see you from the inside, and I was overwhelmed as of the decency, strengths, wisdom, and beauty that I saw. And from then on, you became unforgettable to me.

When I would have sensed any kind of downtoneness, anything on 1.1, anything brutal, anything perverted, anything bad inside of you, anything inpure, anything dumb inside of you, anything robotic inside of you, I would have not fallen in love with you, Marty. But it was pure love, passion, care, and tenderness. Just a psych drugged and hypnotized person would let you get away.

BOP does not allow full Internet access (not even or particularly not to completely wrongfully incarcerated innocent you), and I just have to postulate that your family finds this blog for you or that another Scientologist (who hasn’t a secret death wish and wants us to win) finds the blog and will copy the articles for you.

Despite I feel that you are wrongfully incarcerated, Marty, I am sure that only you will end the horrible secret SEGNPMSS rulership by opening the eyes of the U.S. government. And from then on, not just our lives become better and are being saved but also the lives of any Scientologists and also any other person in the USA and elsewhere on Earth. Once people recognize the trap they are in and what Scientology as by the real Ron (not the impostor) can change the world to the better and how negatively the SEGNPMSS influenced anybody’s life and how many lives they wasted and that the SEGNPMSS will also waste the lives of them and their own agents, Scientology will be truly recognized.

And I sure learned since I saw you again and during the course over the years that true love is no fairy tale but sure exist and can’t be killed if the lover’s aren’t and dumb and kill the love with OWs, which we never will do.

This Fowler case seems another puzzle in the SEGNPMSS intentions towards destroying Scientology the religion, Scientology the philosophy and ruining the reputation of L. Ron Hubbard. I don’t think that they have much against DM as after all, their LRH impostor made him in charge of Scientology but it is Scientology that they want to make more and more to something that p$ychs can approve of and that does not set Scientologists free anymore and does not raise their awareness anymore to see what they are up to.

Having an infiltrator move into “L.Ron Hubbard Way” (despite Ron taught a very different way of living) and register a gun (!) there and killing somebody (despite Ron never approved of any violence) is typical for yet another SEGNPMSS set up. And as there were not really bad news surrounding WISE, SEGNPMSS made sure with the setup that also WISE is brought down with the purpose to keep business people away, afraid to be shot.

I notice a tendency to portray Scientologists as violent, which they are not. And it feels like as if SEGNPMSS psychs work on preparing the ground for violent actions in the orgs with the purpose to blame it on Scientology. And this Fowler case is another of these set ups.

As you know, besides those who actively search Scientology as interested in philosophy and finding answers to all important question in life like you and me, the SEGNPMSS sends certain people in the orgs who have no interest whatsoever in the religion. They pay for services as their case officers tells them to (to make them look like they really want Scientology in the eyes of the public) so that the attackers of Scientology come away with blaming those infiltrators of being Scientologists when in fact they are not. And these infiltrators are not just publics but they occupy positions in any org including highest management.

Why are they not caught? Because one infiltrator is sec checking the other one and not reporting what was found and DM who accepted an impostor as L. Ron Hubbard is no Scientologist.

It started already with the impostor of Ron throwing people overboard on the Apollo, and DM adopting the ways of the impostor throwing people into lakes and pool as a “penalty” for low stats or for having something screwed up. The real Ron was much too human and smart to do that because cold water shocks can result in a cardiac arrest. Ron handled low stats and screw balls by explaining to them how they will penalize themselves for their bad actions and will suffer and that changed many people. Ron was able to turn even infiltrators around wanting to become real Scientologists because during the course of infiltration, they suddenly understood that Ron was good, his research magnificent and that it also would help them to a better life. They realized that they and their case officers are in a trap were one conspires against the other and that only Ron’s tech and Ron’s world could change it – as you know.

Then there are these reports of beatings and other rough “games”, and C of S, Tommy Davis who admitted that violence took place, although he said the violence was just committed by those who left.

The worst people who could ever entered Scientology are stupid people. Those who never used their heads to think, those robotic people who don’t listen to facts and reason and who follow the voice talking in their ear implants. The real illegal PC. They are not just in Scientology, they are anywhere in the world, in any government and organization. They got their orders and are marching and like flies, they dumb fly in the open flame of a candle and die.

Marty, I think what can happen is that the SEGNPMSS psychs use their robotic infiltrators and implant them and hypnotize them even more and open fire in the orgs and killing Scientologists to blame Scientology and Ron on it in an attempt to shut down Scientology completely. To make people afraid to enter a Scientology org. To make governments to prohibit Scientology. To force Scientology to accept psychiatry and psychiatric treatments as they tried already with other set ups as the Lisa McPherson case, the Jeremy Perkins case or alleged “suicides” or murders of socalled Scientologists.

With a SEGNPMSS controlled Scientology management that does not speak about the infiltration and the set ups and thinks the worst that can happen to Scientology are some people or squirrels that deliver Scientology outside of the church, the doors for such deadly SEGNPMSS set ups within the orgs are wide open. Same time they forge L. Ron Hubbard’s writings or have the impostor say: “We rather have you dead than incapable.”

Ron never said this and in fact Scientology was all about survival. The purpose of Scientology is survival in any shape and form. The spiritual AND the physical survival.

I see warning signs of terror set ups against Scientologists and if I would have a position within the orgs, I would stress and document this constantly to the authorities in order to prevent these set ups. But Ron is impostored, you wrongfully incarcerated and replaced with a doppelganger and I was kicked out, rights of other Scientologists who want to make thing go right are denied, and I just wonder if the infiltration are postulating their downfall. Too bad that they have to do this in the orgs and don’t go elsewhere to get their motivators as for example in the super secret SEGNPMSS headquarters.

Bye for today, Marty, I get my potatoes out of the oven and make a lunch break.

I think of you also during the rest of the day and would love nothing more than to be with you.

Forever on your side


DaVinci Code is fiction but the SEGNPMSS code is not

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Dearest Marty, my dashing prince and hero,

As you for sure know, I never claimed anywhere that you are the SECRET heir of the de Rothschild FORTUNE. A deputy U.S. Attorney fabricated this and lied that I said this. Some people have nothing but secrecy and dollar signs in their eyes, and I am not like that. What I said is that when I recovered my stolen memory, that I figured that your real name is de Rothschild.

Guess he read on-line about that there was a “secret” 6th son and his fantasy took over.

There are as many vicious lies about the de Rothschild name on the web as about L. Ron Hubbard. These lies come of course from Nazi sources.

I never ever mentioned SECRET, HEIR or FORTUNE. As an official son of the American de Rothschild family, why would you be a SECRET and non an official HEIR? I know for sure that you have siblings. They are heirs of your parents too. I hope your parents will live forever. And if not, I would look for them with their new bodies and give their fortune all back to them as I will do with Ron. Anybody of us can create her or his own fortune.

And also, there is not just one Rothschild fortune but several such fortunes as the family is so huge and spread all over the planet. And any of these de Rothschild families have their own children.

It seems to me that if the European de Rothschild’s would be really close with your family, they would not live on the unprotected surface of the world but in environmentally protected underwater habitats as your family does.

Cousin David de Rothschild seems to be a really nice and likeable person. Nothing of his causes to protect the environment are wrong.

But even if he succeeds and the environmental health would be restored to environmental health before industry took place, aging and dying can be only prevented with the way of living that Ron researched and your family practices. Away from viruses, germs, bacteria, toxins, poison, radioactivity, dust, UV beam, chemicals and when people make everything from scratch, their air, their water, their food, their clothes, their furniture, etc. and don’t let anything in their village that could cut down the lifespans.

If he would be close to you, he rather would promote underwater habitats and your family’s way of living. As I said, I was in one of your villages. I can describe it in all details, and I would love to go back there and live there again with you. But I’ll live also at any other place you want to be.

Let’s have a look at the de Rothschild family tree. As the SEGNPMSS rewrites history and is killing people and exchanging them with doppelgangers, I doubt that this is indeed the correct de Rothschild family tree and in any case, your branch of the family is missing and my Mom isn’t on it either.

Have a look here, an “official” de Rothschild family tree. Mayer Amseln is described as founder:

Anybody knows that the American de Rothschild family is in the United States and the financial backbone of America but nobody really talks about them (except me) because it is one of these “grand” CIA ideas, to protect the lives of the family members by hushing them up when in fact the CIA’s secret master, the SEGNPMSS uses this secrecy to deny American de Rothschild its rights, tries to steal their influence and fortune, rips the family apart and works on killing them.

Let’s take Ron’s or your life, Marty as example. As organized by the SEGNPMSS, your lives are mixed up deliberately with those of other people, and this happened and is still happening in present time, and recent history, which means that whatever biographies were written further back cannot be trusted either.

Carl (if he ever lived by that name Carl) had no kids in Naples? I doubt it as I recall that my Mom was from the Italian Branch of the de Rothschild family.

And this de Rothschild family tree of the Jewish Encyclopedia says that Carl (here Karl)  had kids but SEGNPMSS re-wrote anything, so one can’t trust a thing except one’s own experiences, exceptions, memories and research.

I don’t believe anything of this, Marty, because I have seen what people sell as Ron’s life story, and family members and that there was even one or more impostors. I doubt also if there was ever somebody by the name of Jacob Schiff. As I recall it, good and decent members of your ancestors, Marty, settled in the USA and founded an American banking institute that grew into a central bank and supported the USA and became the backbone of the Federal Reserves.

There was never any but true American intention by any of your direct family members and decency and rights for anybody also in any other country.

Anyway, there is a lot of SEGNPMSS hatred and lies about family de Rothschild on the Internet. Interesting is that they try to blame family de Rothschild on what they are doing: conspiracy and secret world rulership.

This seem to be the official website of the de Rothschild family

–        ONE branch of it but not the branch of your family, Marty, although also in the banking industry, your family did not make wine rather build underwater villages and being very close friends to Ron and Ike.

One day, Marty, I hope, I will learn how good my OT abilities in recalling really are.

As the SEGNPMSS covered all the tracks, I have to operate on my ability to recall and operate on thetan basically knows. And if all Scientologists would do it, I would not have so much explaining to do. It works, if people would know how rarely I am wrong, they never would dare to write a defamatory word about me.

I don’t consider all individuals by the name de Rothschild family who does not live like your family a part of your family. Family members must be alike to be family. A name is not enough. It is the same attitude, the same goals that make a family.

And you and Ron and a few others are my family and nothing ever can change that.

Allegedly, the German language was created in the 6th Century and English as we know it around 1500 AD. I think that the German language was “re-created” around that time too. I strongly assume that the SEGNPMSS formed back then into organized crime.

Officially, you are a baron but as I said, history is re-written by the SEGNPMSS while I know that family de Rothschild’s started as highest aristocracy and not in a little German back street. I don’t call you Prince for nothing, my Highness. My very courageous, special, sexy and cute (in a very manly way) Prince. If they would know how you really are, they would blame you on all the crimes done by crazy people who infiltrated the monarchy of this world.

They would then probably start to lie that we are bleeders or something. RLOF! Yeah right. I was told in a doctor’s office recently that I heal faster than any other patient they ever had. Another miracle.

I indicated before that I look at words additionally to their official etymology and if there is a code in them. I did this long before the DaVinci Code or the move Matrix, which I still have not seen.

There is also a Ron in the word Baron, and could he have rather been “Mayer Amseln” in a past live? Speaking English and German is the best start to understand this code. But it is not that simple of a code either as this example. It doesn’t tell how things really are, rather only that there is more to it and the code lies. Most of the time it says how it NOT is, like Moron. Or Idiot. Having the OT in it.

Usually, the reaction when I tell this somebody, he laughs and thinks that I have a great fantasy and could earn millions with it. But I can go on and on and on and decode hundreds of words and then this high volume of decoded words can even make sense to other people if they are not mislead by their SEGNPMSS case officer to shut their minds down immediately. And I can identify this code in any language. Once in a while, I come across a word that I can’t crack but they are rare.

So, what is this code? It is meant to mislead and will mislead the idiots. But when you know that they are lying, one can figure from the lie what the truth is. And the interesting thing is, I noticed in LA that you discovered this code too. I know that I am not the only one who discovered it. And you discovered it even despite you didn’t grew up learning German.

I could write huge encyclopedia volumes, just by defining the words with their secret meanings. And they all would make sense. One could see the underlying strategy within them. It reveals organized crime and how words are used to manipulate people and how they are kept in the dark. But once that layer is stripped away, on the bottom of everything, there is truth. It sure is eye opening.

Symbols are interesting too. ARC (Affinity, reality, control) triangle and the symbol of Scientology can be re-arranged too and then forms into the Star of David or the other way around. Here are both symbols and Ron’s Scientology symbol clearly shows the way OUT of the problems!

Using my eyes and mind, just as Ron wants Scientologists to be. Scientology is so great that it needs no blind followers to stay in-line. Smart people stay Scientologists as they know that this is the philosophy in which all can be puzzled together.

Oh, I wrote and wrote and suddenly felt strange and then I noticed that forgot to eat breakfast…  Guess I will eat something now, although it is not that healthy and tasty as in you village.

I love you endlessly,

Your true companion


C of S should investigate Ron’s and Ike’s relationship instead wasting resources of what Ron would consider crap.

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It’s Monday, dearest Marty, and I never know what my day brings.

I might have all the time in the world or not even one moment to breath due to the different actions that I get on my plate.

Have to replace the American flag at my home as soon as it gets warmer. The wind blew it in the rain gutter and cut it in pieces. I don’t like that. An alleged illegal alien 😉 as myself wants a perfect American flag flying in the wind.

Perhaps I should build a flag pole as there is plenty of space. I should get a flagpole bigger than the one outside of the White House.

As you know, Marty, if Ron would have had a case officer and would listen to ear implant orders, he never would have been able to research and found Scientology because being run through ear implants is a rotten SEGNPMSS invention (as they also run and manipulate people with silent sounds in their subconscious mind using the same implants) and is only to control people. This bad sick world is a SEGNPMSS invention. They hated that Ron developed Scientology to enable people to better themselves and the world and that is why they infiltrated it with people of which they knew were no Scientologists but SEGNPMSS cultists.

Doing what one deems is right and not listening to the crap and considerations of others is the only way to go. The way like Ron, you and me are.

I speak out what I think. There are always dumb and corrupt SEGNPMSS agents who are trying to encourage me by mailing me or posting that I would be “mentally ill” by claiming that Ron was Ike Eisenhower’s son – but they can shot me if they think it is necessary, but I do not shut up on this because this is what I remember. I can’t afford to be quiet about what the rest of the world either has forgotten it or is bribed to be quiet about it.

SEGNPMSS removed all the evidence but at least I can speak it out and maybe some people start and find some pieces of evidence that the SEGNPMSS might have forgotten to remove.

Through my allegedly so ineffective FOIA requests, I did not just get 150 pounds of records on Scientology but also this piece of information, sent on March 22, 2004 from Nebraska Department of State Insurance employee Martin Swanson to their counsel

Christy Neighbor. Mr. Swanson provided following information: “…I think I remember seeing a rare film on the history channel of L. Ron Hubbard and Dwight D. Eisenhower golfing together in Tilden, Nebraska. Coincident?”

It was no coincident. Dad and son liked golfing together.

And isn’t it ironic that the Churchill family is now anti-Scientology while Ike and

Winston once were closed allies?

Church of Scientology under DM hires detective to go after ex-staff but they don’t hire detectives to find out the relationship between Ron and Ike. That is so odd. They have forgotten about their priorities. They publish proudly that Ron befriended President Coolidge’s son, Calvin Jr., but they don’t find the records that show Ron with President Dwight David Eisenhower! What is that all but SEGNPMSS control?

Did they ever wondered why Ron befriended a President’s son? Because Ron was the son of a US President too.

Dwight David Eisenhower was a very good man. He was not a man like Senator Strom Thurmond who kept 50 years from the press and the public that he had another family. I am making this point solely for reasons that a person can be under constant spotlight of the media but the private life can be completely different from what the press thinks it is.

Ike didn’t father a kid with an underage girl and failed to acknowledge her and her/his daughter publicly because she was black. Ike was the opposite of a racist and that it was him who sent the National Guard to make sure that segregation in schools were broken down and black kids could go safely go to school with while kids.

The SEGNPMSS and a German poodle named CIA and other remote controlled secret services are behind those many lies. So, why did Ike not take his real wife and his son Ron in the White House? Because the CIA told him that Ike would risk the lives of his family members as he defeated the Nazis and they want to retaliate against his family.

And he knew that this part that the CIA told was true. He knew that he defeated the Nazis officially but that the SEGNPMSS was still after him and his family.

Ike was hero too. Father like son. Ike KNEW that he would be murdered while in office. And he was and Nixon covered it up. Just as Ron was murdered and infiltrators in the orgs covered it up by accepting a doppelganger as his “replacement”. I bet the entire money of the universe as to that the USA had no officially selected President during the last year of Ike’s US Presidency but instead a non-elected doppelganger running the country – just as they did with Ron, replacing him with Jack Vistaril, resident in a blue motor home.

History repeats itself.

How can I be sure that President Eisenhower was murdered during his term? Because I know where Ike is today and who he is and that he was born again in June 1960. The impostor kept impostoring him for 9 years. And what was the justification of the CIA? Instead of raising hell that the Nazis killed him while in office, they covered it up. They justified it internally that if the Nazis would hear that Ike would be dead, they would march again. Duh! They did not just march again, they killed again.

I also believe that JFK’s assassination had something to do with Ike’s murder in office. Because he was shot a few days before official hearings in Congress. I think that JFK knew something that the SEGNPMSS didn’t want him to say.

The problem is to explain it to people who are clueless that past lives are facts and that they can be scientific proven just as Ron told the reporter.

You and your family are the only people of who I know that they don’t bow down before the SEGNPMSS. We just have to work out how to get the CIA to admit and confirm what we found out. We then have to document it to the world and truth, peace, justice and real Scientology will have another chance, and Ron will finally get his right place in history.

Marty, this blog just has to reach you as nobody else in the world but you and your family will make this go right. Even if you are wrongfully incarcerated, Marty, you can and you will make the feds listen and for the love of God, for the love America, for the love of the Constitution, for the love of human rights, they have to stop being SEGNPMSS poodles.

It is time that the world learns what real OTs are like and how they are connected through that supreme being that Ron mentions in the interview with that kind of stiff reporter. 😉

And I will of course wait as long as I have for you, the Captain of my heart. Love means also not replacing a person with somebody else just because that person can’t be with her.

And I know that you are truly in love with me as I am with you, my wonderful and remarkable husband.

I really can hear you singing through Lionel Richie, Marty. It’s like this and other songs are right out of your mind and from your very heart. And you have my heart for always. I gave it to you many years ago and never took it back and never will take it back. It is yours to keep.

Love forever and ever,