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Stephen Hawking said that the “popularity of Donald Trump is beyond even his understanding”

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Dearest Marty, my rockstar and brightest real light in the universe, how are you?

Have not spent much time blogging about politics, but Donald Trump as US President? Give me a break. Stephen Hawking  (or the psychiatrists speaking through his software) said that the “popularity of Donald Trump is beyond even his understanding”. 

I am not impressed by his understanding for the reasons that I named in other blog posts, and Trump’s “popularity” is easy to understand: Germany and their psychiatrists transmitting loud and silent pro-Trump messages in the ear-implant of people. They want an U.S. President who helps Germany even more than Obama and the other Berliners, despite Germany being behind terrorism, wars, and the other problems that the USA and the world faces. And at the same time, degrades the USA with actions/behavior/statements. The wave behind that man is so typical German. Officially of course, numerous Germans say that they wouldn’t approve of Trump, but unofficially, German secret service psychs mind-control people into voting for him.

Germany wants to bring the Nazis back, allegedly trying to free Germany and Europe from the Muslims. (German secret services run also the extreme Muslims so that the Nazis have a justification to come back.) They need an US president like Trump who feels like a German and has racial views too.

Trump is born 1945. I’d like to check him on the e-meter as to what he did in his past lives. 

A German set up is also that neither the Democrat’s nor the Republicans have any good candidates anyone can vote for.  

Anyway, Hawkins (or the psychs talking through his software) said that Trump is a demagogue and appeals to the lowest common denominator, and the pro-Trump people are angry because they didn’t understand the words that “he” used.  If one wants Trump to win, one speaks in a language that the Trump don’t speak. That is why the people who speak through Hawkins didn’t say that Trump is a rabble-rouser who is liked by the most primitive people.  (As if psychs or neuro””scientists” wouldn’t be primitive too.) 

Trump made many controversial comments. Here are some of them.

And have a look at the unsealed papers from the lawsuit of his  “university”.

Among the racial and misogynist statements, he said that if his daughter Ivanka wouldn’t be his daughter, he likely would date her. It is one of these many non-wise statements and people are reading into them. Looked at it in the most innocent way: I think there are many fathers who think that the man who marries his daughter one day is a very lucky guy. But Trump doesn’t even respect his own daughter by saying that he likely would date her instead of marrying her. He is basically saying that his daughter is just good for dating and no marrying.

I can feel that you, Marty, disapprove of him too.

Be kissed, my sweetheart. I love you. You would make a wonderful US president. You have what it needs. Intelligence, class, character, honestly, integrity,courage, and advanced human abilities.

Yours forever,



I am all for Scientology having its own TV, Radio station, Media center, etc. Question is only why it took DM 30 years to have one opened!

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and hero,

The money for that media center was always available, also 30 years ago. I always thought that Scientology should have its own TV and radio station. Heber Jentzsch indicated in 1984 that 1 Billion Dollars are in the Sea Org Reserves. So, the question is: why did His Cobness wait so long? Would he ever approved this project if not to combat his own negative image in the media? There is no other explanation for it.

Sitting on the money but not using it for broad publication for 30 years speaks volume about DM. Typical non-Scientologist. He might use as justification that he needed “ideal orgs” before doing that. As you know, original Scientology is so great that even tents would do. However, Germany on top of the EU wants the Sea Org Reserves and that’s why Scientology is altered and reserves are not spent for the purpose of Scientology.

I am all for Scientology having its own media center, provided that it is for Scientology and not the impostor version “Vistarology” or DM’s version “Miscavology”.

I miss you, Marty. Keep on surviving.

Love forever,







What’s up with all that booze under David Miscavige?

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Dearest Marty, my darling… My thoughts always find you again.

I was looking at the photos of Miscavige senior in the Sea Org or on the Freewinds. Here they are:–leisure.html#image2

Looks he had an easy life and took advantage that his son David Miscavige got Scientology from Ron’s impostor, German/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril”. Look at this booze on the Freewinds and Miscavige senior with two women in his arms and none of them is his wife. Beer, big cigars, women, wine, Dom Perignon, bought by David Miscavige. It is a far cry from the real founder Ron’s Sea Org. 

The pictures show no dungeons but booze and low morals. One can find such a bar at any non-Scientology corner in the world.  What do those infiltrator apes to Scientology?  Certainly not applying it or saving the world.

Reminds me to the song: what shall we do with the drunken sailor. Look at the hits of that one! Gee, I heard first time today that they want to put him in the bed with the Captain’s daughter. Nobody would have dared that on our ship.

They they ever hear from drugs does to the mind? They have heard it but don’t apply Scientology: infiltrators.

I love you, Marty.

Yours always, be kissed.







David Miscavige is the most unqualified person “to lead” Scientology

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and soulmate,

How are you? I am thinking of you. What a disgusting world in which the guilty are free or come free easily and the innocent (you) is framed and robbed of your freedom for so long. The worst of all is that Scientologists should be there to change that kind of unjust world, but they turned into Vistarologists and Miscavologists instead.

I watched that Norman Starkey video and came to the conclusion that this guy is one of the dumbest people ever born. And maybe also corrupt like hell if he knows that the man who “left Scientology” to David Miscavige was not the founder but a secret service agent and impostor.  

DM, an SP is also heavily PTS with those numerous antagonistic people in his family. He hears and reads in the media what his family members are saying, which means that he is subjected to their arguments and accordingly, PTS. 

The Miscavige family! What a horrible family! There is nothing but problems!

What I find also suspicious is that these non-Scientologists with the first name “Ron” float around the “leadership” of Scientology. Looks like another German-psychiatric set-up to me. Guess they want the ethical founder Ron not just confused with his impostor “Jack (“LRH”) Vistaril” but also with the scum of Miscaviges. They like Scientology to be smeared and brought down, and Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril”, a German/CIA double agent upon German psych-orders selected David Miscavige for that. He and his family would harm Scientology greatly through their characters (or the lack thereof), conduct, and activities is the German/p$ych calculation behind that.

Marty, had you time to read about Ronald  (“Ronnie”) Miscavige junior?

From the articles about his father Ronald Thomas Miscavige (senior) one can conclude that David Miscavige and the Miscavologists never believed that Miscavige senior was innocent on attempted rape and all that other stuff he was accused on. Instead of letting justice do its course, DM hires an expensive lawyer/law firm to get him out and demanded afterwards from his father to join the Sea Org. Can you believe it? What about the safety of female Sea Org members? DM pulls in the worst kind of people because he is no Scientologist. And nobody’s family is such a liability to Scientology as his. There are thousands of Scientologists who do not come with that kind of baggage and would make better decisions than His Cobness. But this is the secret psychiatric purpose of him being the “Chairman of the Board”. People on top of Scientology who are no Scientologists and don’t apply it to their own lives and family.  

Guess DM apparently is also surrounded and applauded by fools like Norman Starkey who need cult leaders and also don’t apply Scientology. It doesn’t matter how many decades they hang out in Scientology. Many joined for wrong reasons. Also, the German-controlled international cult of ear implants runs people. Idiots never find out what a trap it is and they stay German-controlled international ear implant cultist for all their lives, but real Scientologists figure what’s up with it and what a trap it is. And this system has nothing to do with Scientology. Original Scientology and the real founder was attacked and defamed and infiltrated because Ron (the real founder) opposed ear implants whose carriers conspire against others and are also manipulated by silent sounds.  

According to this website, which for sure is one by the C of S, David Miscavige’s brother “Ronnie” was arrested on August 21, 2012 for solicitation of prostitution as part of a larger FBI investigation.

Here are the police reports:

What on Earth?! David Miscavige can’t convince his own family members to live ethical lives because he is unethical too. For starters, he accepted Scientology from the founders IMPOSTOR!! And he knows it.

DM’s twin sister Denise was also recently in legal troubles with the law. Another non-Scientologist.

Another question: Is that Scientology money that his brother pays to prostitutes? Where does his money come from? Did DM give him money as he also gave his unethical father a high sum of money? Nothing is DM’s personal money as everything he has, he got by unlawfully taking Scientology over from the impostor. That is what needs to be investigated by Congress and courts that he can’t buy (if there is such a thing).

German secret services and the psychs behind them picked the most unethical family because they knew that they would smear the name of Scientology (and the real founder) and bring it down.  David Miscavige “opens buildings” for “Scientology” to impress VIPs but ruins the reputation of Scientology by behaving unethical and also failing to handle his own family and throwing money at them. His merger of Scientology with the anti-Semitic cult of Farrakhan has more alteration of Scientology and future disaster written all over it and shows basically that DM is his father’s son.  

Jenna Miscavige Hill blames the arrest of her aunt Denise on Scientology. Can you believe it? Her own uncle, David Miscavige runs Scientology in a non-Scientology way, and she blames Scientology on it! He made the rules. If she couldn’t see her parents while in the Sea Org, she has nobody to blame but her own uncle and family. It was David Miscavige who re-instated the Disconnection Policy that Jack Vistaril or some other infiltrators once introduced to Scientology and that was cancelled later. Instead of applying real Scientology, DM adopted also some scribblings from German/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril”, the founder’s impostor.

Denise Miscavige was taken into custody in 2013 in connection with DUI, failure to yield and misdemeanor marijuana possession, INSTEAD OF APPLYING SCIENTOLOGY, WHICH IS ANTI BOOZE AND DRUGS. Did Jenna understand anything of Scientology while she was on staff? I doubt it. The Miscaviges are one big nightmare for Scientology.    

“Ronnie/Ralph” (arrested for solicitation of prostitution) is Jenna Miscavige Hill’s father. If I would be her, I would be happy for any minute I didn’t have to spent with someone as downtone and unethical as he is. But they simply blame Scientology on their own lack of ethics, and stupid people (and corrupt reporters) allow them to get away with this. “Something else made me/him/her do it… I/he/she am/is a good person…” Yeah right! It is so non-Scientology.

I, the “bundle of energy” 😉 would like to tell the “stick of dynamite” face to face what I think of him and his family and kick him off his throne.  

You heard it from me before, Marty, but I can’t help it. You and I belong to ORIGINAL SCIENTOLOGY as the coasts to America.

We were ethical. We were not involved in anything like this. We worked truly for a better world not to make money and throw it at unethical people or to have power. We respected human rights. We are the real Scientologists. Proud to be no Vistarologist, no Miscavologist, no “Independent Vistarologists” no Ex-“Scientologist”.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling. Hope to see you against all odds soon.

Yours forever,



The Ron Miscavige accused of rape police/court documents

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

Not much time today, so just a few words:

DM or Miscavologists put this website up on Ron Miscavige Senior.

Of course no word about it that David Miscavige wastes Scientology money to help unethical people because DM is himself unethical (to put it mildly).

Numerous people are saying that DM has a foul mouth too. Like father like son.

The issue remains: why did DM not help you out but hiring instead a non-Scientologist (Monique’s husband) and put him on the second position in Scientology? It is unbelievable but he did it and Mike Rinder and others helped him. I am sure that Norman Starkey is involved in that too. Anyone who knew you and met your impostor KNOWS that you are two very different individuals, same applies to the founder and his impostor “Jack Vistaril”.

You didn’t hurt a fly, Marty. Miscavige Senior admitted to be violent. People say about his son that he is violent. But you are not.  

What else do they hide?

This woman was pretty sure that it was Ron Miscavige senior who raped her. Scientology auditors should be able to find the truth out. Was he sec-checked? Or not because DM and his Miscavologists are agents and no Scientologists? They always advance the wrong people and leave the real and true Scientologists behind. 

From the website to judge, it seems that DM and the Miscavologists believe or know that Miscavige Senior attempted rape, otherwise they would not have brought it up in such a detail. As long he was with DM and the Miscavologists, anything is excused and covered up with Call Saul, and later it turned out that they knew something not so innocent. Outrageous! Same with your impostor. The story with his brother’s murder was first aired when he was officially no longer a Miscavologist. He is still unofficially one, and so is Rinder, because they still conspire together on Monique’s husband being an impostor.

Still wonder if DM threw money at him (his co-conspirator) instead of Mosey.  

I love you, Marty, be kissed. Will be back soon.

Yours forever,



EMF / neutrinos

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince and amazing husband,

How are you?

I made some EMF protection experiments in the past years that did cost me a few hundred bucks, but learned from them that EMF is just one problem and the bigger problems are secret sounds sent with neutrinos, which easily penetrate EMF curtains, bedding, fabric, cages, tents or  shielding. Many people know about EMF radiation and are spending money on improving their homes against EMF. A good shield against EMF might give them some help against electromagnetic radiation but won’t help at all against secret sounds carried with neutrinos into homes, offices, and bodies.

You know that they are not electrically charged and can pass through great distances without being affected by that distance. The ideal subatomic particle for the SEGNPMSS to attach silent sounds to it and to torture people and to make them sick (incl. silent sounds/communication carried by neutrinos to activate germs, bacteria, etc. to cause the most heinous and deadly diseases in people and also animals). And those, who are paid to protect the health of mankind either don’t get it or participate in what I call planetary murder. Within an average age of 75, the entire planet, each person is murdered by these secret service medical doctors and psychiatrists (silent sounds/communication carried by neutrinos to activate germs, bacteria, etc. to cause the most heinous and deadly diseases in people and also animals) if people are not killed before in their orchestrated terror acts, wars, alleged natural catastrophes, accidents, etc. And doctors and their agents who are doing this, using a lot of justifications why secret medical mass murder or medical murder is okay, They are avoiding completely to look at their “work” and what they are: SPs, monsters.  

And in their next lifetime, they become the victims of their own inhumane system. Some colleagues win the upper hand and are getting rid of them. That is how those bloody idiots step in their own traps. Yes, they are that dumb. They are so shortsighted. This is a system in which everyone loses, it is just a matter of time. 

I learned that neutrinos are affected only by a subatomic force that is weak and has a much shorter range than electromagnetism. And that makes neutrinos able to travel great distances and passes through matter without being affected by it. They travel right through a house with lots of EMF shielding. 

There appears to be at least three kids of neutrinos. I learned this: Neutrinos are so elusive that a light-year of  lead (!) and six trillion miles (!) would only stop half of the neutrinos flying through it. Argh. Good luck to all those who buy EMF curtains for better health.

It means that people on Earth can be medically killed through neutrinos from a medical pig not even located on this planet anymore. Guess that makes these barbers and butchers feel “save” to conduct their monstrous acts, unless  it is their turn to be eliminated by their own peer and transported back to Earth. Bad people are no good family members, relatives, partners, colleagues, friends, neighbors or whatever. They don’t even like themselves, otherwise they wouldn’t burden themselves by committed those atrocities.

From what I can sense, Marty, they are downtone like hell and heavily depressed. All of their own doing. And that is what they call intelligence. They are so stupid. Crimes reduces intelligence. There is no doubt about it. People can’t afford to look anymore. If they would look, their bad conscience would appear. So, they choose to reduce their ability to think clearly and thoroughly. They can’t see that they are making themselves unhappy. They are lying not just to anyone else, they are also lying to themselves. They can’t see that they will step in their own trap one day. They rather want original Scientology altered/destroyed than working on their lack of character. 

There are ancient neutrinos but knowing the SEGNPMSS, they produce more for no other reason but to use them as vehicle to carry silent sounds and torture and kill. About 100 trillion neutrinos pass through human bodies every second and many carry secret information to activate the germs to cause diseases, pain, aging, and death.

Some scientists are saying that neutrinos are harmless. With silent messages attached to them to make bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi, and whatever biological thing, multiply and eat away from the human tissue, they are the most deadly thing around.  

Somebody should invent a neutrino boomerang that reverses the course of the neutrinos and hit those monsters with the messages instead who sent them. Problem is only that people are clueless as far as the danger of neutrino use is concerned. 

You know of them, Marty, I am aware of that. I noticed something interesting. When I think back, the last time I saw you, I recognized what you knew.  (Some of it at the time when I saw you, some later.)  Do you understand what I mean? Looking at somebody and getting his or her horizon or no horizon of the mind and even details without invading the thoughts like psychs are doing it with secret service apps? I am so glad to be a real Scientologist. Without our abilities, we would fall for the lies of the SPs.

Looking at you was amazing. What a noble mind I discovered! Your mind wasn’t limited. You are not afraid to think and explore anything in any multiverse or beyond any physical universe. And these enormously rich inner worlds of yours, reflects to the outside, Marty. You have a very handsome body. But numerous other people are handsome too. However, what adds to your handsome body is that your character and depths shines through to the outside. It is all around you. In your features but also in your aura. And that makes you to the most attractive man in any universe. Heart-racing attractive and irresistible. 

Yours, my love,





Architects and engineers built an artful underground city in anchient Iran

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, how are you?

I was reading about Kariz-e-Kish, the maze of tunnels under the Island Kish in The Persian Gulf. They say that this city it is approx. 2500 years old and that is was a hydraulic system, which was named qanat, a couple of aligned wells and a system to collect, filter, and store water.

kariz-e-kish (1)

 I read that this  underground city has 10,000 square meters. Those tunnels are 5 miles long. Small boats could row into parts of that city too.


 One doesn’t need to built an entire massive underground city so artfully, just to collect, treat and, store water. This city was forgotten for a long time, and I believe it has no name. Likely had one when it was built. Unlike other underground structures, which indicate to me that they were built for survival and defense reasons and probably in a rush as they are lacking decorations and playfulness, this one appears not be constructed in a hurry. On the other side, Petra in Jordan was built behind rocks for defense but very artfully and decorative and doesn’t seem to be rushed either. The rocks that allows only access for a few people at once to Petra, are telling  me that the architects were very aware of evil and attacks making rounds.  

Can’t help it, but I find ancient structures fascinating, Marty. Hard to imagine that this was just a water treatment plant and had no other purpose. Still Kariz-e-Kish on the inside:



A map of the big place:



Here is a video of the place. I turned my audio off as the music is a nightmare. But the pictures are nice.

Temperature inside the tunnels is always between 22 to 25 C. At least nobody carried corpses or skeletons inside that city to call it a mausoleum. 

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,