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Only jealous people call true love “sad”

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Dearest Marty, my special and very fascinating Prince,

How are you, my darling?

Sometimes  I come across publications by others calling my love to you “sad”. Lol! Since when is love “sad”? They probably never loved somebody as they don’t know how wonderful love is.

Besides being exterior, love is the happiest feeling ever! I never even remotely indicated that my love made me sad. It does not. Any thought of you makes me very happy. I am ecstatic that you exist and that we did meet and that we fell in love with each other. Anything about you makes the world look better! Loving you is the OPPOSITE of being sad. Loving you means enthusiasm and  exuberance! It makes me want to jump on my bed up and down like a kid! It makes me sing and laugh not lie drunk or psych drugged in a corner like my defamers and stalkers who find love “sad”.  It makes me listen to love songs and getting this warm feeling inside that it will be like this when we are back together.  It makes bad weather look nice! The love that I feel for you is divine but not sad. It inspires and doesn’t slow down.

Loving you always made me very happy. I love loving you, Marty. Especially when a rejected person shows his real face, it makes me even more happy that I wisely have only eyes for you. It would be sad if I would give up on you and I never will because our love is a legend. And will stay this way. It will be never brought down by animals who happens to have a human body. I could never bear the hands of a primitive person on me.

Actually, it is easy to live a celibate life when you are not around, Marty, because our kind is very rare. I rather be dead than having an affair with a downtone person. I find primitive people appalling. All that abuse that I had to suffer under the German p$ych, where they tried their best to bring me down, resulted in the opposite. I am untouchable for them and their rotten agents.  Our love is untouchable.

They probably tell all their agents: “You can have her or him” knowing EXACTLY that their agents just make fools of themselves because we never will take any of them, ever. I think they laugh behind the back of their own agents what idiots they are.

It is sad that a conspiracy keeps us apart but this is not what my defamers and stalkers find sad. They are jealous. That is making them sad and that is why they post that my love to you would be “sad” and why they defame us and lie about us.  They are green with envy.  One of my stalkers once posted that if he would have your and my marriage certificate, he would not give it to me. Doesn’t this say all about his disgusting jealous character?

My stalkers and defamers find my love to you sad because they know that we will be back together. They find my love to you “sad” because nobody is loving them as they have non-lovable characters. Instead of bettering their low characters and finding that special person, they concentrate on defaming our love and trying to destroy it.

Well, good luck to those complete idiots. They really are stupid, otherwise they would know that they have no chance in hell.

Loving you is better than any anti-depressant, Marty. My stalkers and defamers seem popping these pills and getting all the dangerous side effects while I just have to think of you and I am happy like a kid at Christmas day. When I get the blues, all I have to do is think of you, and they are gone.

These people dramatize their own failures. Instead of handling it, they attack and defame us and try to tear us apart by hoping that you or I would fall for it.

One of my stalkers took the URL of my blog and run it through a “Pornolizer”. He runs a campaign and asks many people  to kick on the “pornolized blog” to get it up in the porn rankings  because he wants YOU to find his “pornolized” version of my blog so that YOU are disgusted with me and that YOU  will end of our love and that I end up with him instead of you. What a complete idiot as if you don’t know me better and  wouldn’t immediately conclude that “pornolizing” my blog  was done by a criminal.

My stalkers are also trying to provoke Mosey’s husband in saying something nasty about me in public. They think that it would influence me. But it won’t because he isn’t you. I don’t interfere in his marriage. I respect his marriage with Mosey. I wish them happiness but I sure wish he would make a statement that he isn’t you and that they would give me information about your whereabouts.

There is no peace on earth because bad jealous people can’t leave good people alone. I walked out of the deck today, Marty, and watched the wind caressing the trees, some birds singing, a cat strolling down the road, and in the distance some voices of playing kids. And I was thinking how peaceful the world could be if SPs would mind their own business.

I love you, Marty, so much. Thanks for being such a good person and such an exciting man. Sending you many kisses and the thought of giving them to you in person makes me happy beyond that I am able to express it.

I know that you work tirelessly on building me a bridge to pass over to you without that the SEGNPMSS can get away with murder. Just anybody else but you would have failed this mission and I would be dead by now. I adore and worship you, and the very  good thing about  the both of us, we are OTs and know everything without that anybody ever told us about. Hate mongers say that there are no OTs. They are so wrong. They don’t know us.  I adore and worship you! You are a God and I never would settle for a human or even worse, for an animal in a human body.

Billions and billions of tender and passionate kisses, my love!

Yours forever,


Written by Barbara Schwarz

August 11, 2010 at 9:51 am

Who is who? I think I figured it all out…

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Dearest Marty, you always were and you always will be the Sea Org Captain of My Heart,

I loved you the moment I laid my eyes on you when we were children, and later when we were teenagers and it is still like that all my adult life. Yes, you were and are incredible handsome but the body is nothing when the thetan who inhabits the body isn’t ethical and bright, but you have it all. When somebody asks me what I was going through my head when I saw you the first time… The answer was fascination and that fascination remained. I have seen and met many good looking people but I wasn’t fascinated by them. They didn’t have what you had on top of being tall and handsome. And it is also a clear sign of our common past because if I would never have met you and if we would not have married in the UK and if we would not have a common time track, I would have noticed that you are good-looking and extraordinary smart and uptone but would not have felt this strong attraction or this familiarity that I had when I laid eyes again at you in the SU. When I looked in your eyes, I had the feeling we made TRs for ages, and yes, we did! I also noticed how much it did hurt you when somebody else tried to hurt me. And I had and have the same feelings for you.

My deep interest and enthusiasm to study Scientology is also based in that I know Scientology from “before” I officially met it in this lifetime, from my past life. My last auditor got needle reactions of me a being past life Scientologist and the SEGNPMSS ordered me being kicked out. Truth is what they fear. Anyway, when I found Scientology again in 1977, it felt like this: HOME.

My exciting home, full of Ron’s wisdom and you nearby. And then I found you again and ever since, I am not interested in any other  men but you.  I tell the nice men that I am not available and I don’t lower myself to respond to the scum because our love, our marriage is deeply supported by the Almighty, otherwise it would have faltered under the long time of separation and the 3rd party by others to rip us apart. It is particularly ridiculous when primitive men want to compete with you. It’s like slimy worms trying to be God. We are born for each other, Marty, and the Almighty is with us and that is why I know that we will be back together. And I hope it is soon, and I take you in any condition and under any circumstances but it must be truly you.

I love you, Marty,

Yours forever,


Numerous of the documents pertaining to the death of L. Ron Hubbard are on different websites, Marty, and these are my thoughts of them:

About the below document:

I am sure that Ron was murdered the day before I had to leave SU, LA in May 1984. I saw it on the faces  and behavior of numerous people there and felt it in the night before very clearly. You had left LA a few weeks before. I knew that Ron was imposted since mid of the 80s, when I saw a photo of his impostor in Der Spiegel but I thought that he might have had another name, just assumed Ron’s name for impostor purposes  as I thought that Mosey’s husband might have had another name. But as his name is really Mark Charles Rathbun, I strongly assume that German poodle CIA gave Ron and you the names of doppelgangers to get your identities deliberately mixed up with these other individuals (and not to protect your lives from Nazi activities as they lie) but to change legacies, to steal a religion, to steal Billions and to rip families apart.

But Ron’s postulate is to get the truth known, so here I am. People sticking their heads in the sand but I know as sure as the “Amen” in the church that what I say today, will be investigated in future. The power of clean postulates.

And that is why I came to the conclusion that Jack Vistaril’s name is indeed Lafayette Ronald Hubbard but that he is NOT the founder of Scientology but Ron Eisenhower, who was given the “security name” L. Ron Hubbard from the CIA (on orders of the SEGNPMSS who had from day 1, the intention to take over Dianetics and Scientology and alter and steal it) .

It boils down to this: The person who died in January 1986 indeed had the name Ronald Lafayette Hubbard (and changed it later to Ron because the founder of Scientology used the name Ron and not Ronald) and on the document those are his fingerprints and he learned to sign similar as Ron the founder – but Lafayette didn’t found Dianetics and Scientology. And I think that His Cobness knows that, Marty.

I am sure that the real Ron (the founder) didn’t want an autopsy either but I am so sure that his body was slice by slice dismantled in a medical basement because no Scientologist and we both were not at his side when he died (was murdered).

And look at the weird date, signed by the impostor three days before the SEGNPMSS got rid of the impostor.

I think Patrick Broeker should be grilled in court as to what was going on.  He is the only “witness” who signed on this paper.  I don’t know if Pat Broeker ever met the real Ron but I don’t think that His Cobness has any excuse. I am absolutely sure that has met the real Ron in the UK and knew that Jack Vistaril was his doppelganger. I think that His Cobness was a wedding guest to our wedding, Marty. One of hundred wedding guests.  I don’t care if people lie that it is not true or that I imagine it and that I am crazy. I remember a lot and according to my perceptions and memories, it is true.

1)Dianetics and Scientology came with a certain way of life! 2)Forever young, I want to be forever young

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Marty, my one and only,

The “critics” of Scientology say that Dianetics and Scientology don’t work because people are getting sick and old and die just like other people. They are making fun as to that Ron said that cancer can be healed.

What their p$ychiatric case officers are not telling them is that despite KSW, Dianetics, and Scientology were altered and original tech was stolen. In addition to handling engrams (e.g. fears of certain things) and in addition to getting advanced spiritual abilities (auditing and OT levels) and building a better world to obtain the goal of Scientology: a society without criminality, terror, war, and insanity, the real Ron laid out exactly how to live to prevent contacting any diseases and how to stay forever young. Ron also knew how to turn cancer around with auditing, nutrition, an alternative way of life and cutting off medical terrorism. That all together healed cancer and just about anything else. You know how little is left now of his original research.
It’s like stealing parts of the the motor of a plane and saying gloating: “Your plane is a fraud! Your plane won’t fly!” It will fly once all part of Ron’s tech is returned! I don’t care if idiots call me crazy or a squirrel, I know I am right, and they are idiots with a secret death wish.

Medical doctors and the pharma industry makes a lot of cash when people are getting sick and old. It is self-explanatory as to who removed the alternative living technology from Dianetics and Scientology.

Short but sweet posting today, Marty. I know that you do not need to be lectured by me and I don’t. I just have to write it down once in a while, what I am thinking. I  love you, and I know you will make my dreams come true and I make yours true.

We will turn this planet with its secret eternal death wish into another direction.


Your loving wife,

Showering you with kisses, Marty


Forever young, i want to be forever young
Do you really want to live forever, forever forever
Forever young, i want to be forever young
Do you really want to live forever forever forever
Forever young, i want to be forever young
Do you really want to live forever, forever forever
Forever young, i want to be forever

I don’t believe that the OT levels were confidential under the real Ron

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Dearest Marty, my eternally vital and so sexy Prince and husband,

I am thinking of you and any thought about you makes me happy.

Gerontologist Robert N. Butler (MD) passed away in tender age of 85, and here are the  mission goals for the Gerontological Society of America, Marty: To promote the conduct of multi- and interdisciplinary research in aging by expanding the quantity of gerontological research and by increasing its funding resources; to disseminate gerontological research knowledge to researchers, to practitioners, and to decision and opinion makers; and to promote, support, and advocate for aging education, and education and training in higher education.

But gerontologists grow old and die because they don’t build environmentally closed villages, they don’t make their own clean oxygen, they don’t make their own clean water, they don’t make their own clean food, clothes, furniture’s, etc. They let people live on the contaminated surface of the Earth and wait for a miracle pill to come along, which never will come along because the key to eternal youth and health is how Ron explained it (and what was stolen from SCN) a different way of living, which feels much better than living in luxury mansions.

How these gerontologists can’t see what’s necessary to stop aging and diseases is beyond me. I was in my 20s when I figured it out, what is their excuse? Ron had the money to build these places but he could not settle because the SEGNPMSS were after him with sharp munitions. I could not build it because I was kicked out of Scientology and lack that kind of money to build these villages.

And DM sits on all Scientology money and doesn’t build these places, and OTs have to check in nursing homes and hospitals because their bodies grow just as old and fragile as those of non-Scientologists. Barbara Rinder did likely everything that DM asked her. She did exactly those OT levels that he approved of. But she is in a nursing home! Her body got weak and old. And why? I am sure you agree, Marty. Because one big part of Scientology is missing: the preventative lifestyle for crying out loud!

If the body is completely irrelevant and unimportant, how come there is the purification rundown that indeed makes the mind think clearer? If the body otherwise is completely irrelevant, why do OTs get sick, old and die?

I sure don’t have to lecture you, Marty, because you know it all and you know the truth but sometimes,  it breaks out of me when I hear stuff like OT VIII are in nursing homes or dying of cancer or another disease!

Well, first of all, the alternative living style of Scientology is completely missing (except the purif) but the OT levels were altered too by the psychs of the SEGNPMSS. What is easier to alter than what is kept a secret? If you ask me, Marty, I don’t think that Ron kept the OT levels a secret. He researched and published them, and the SEGNPMSS had his doppelganger conceal them, and they came up with a phony excuse that people getting pneumonia when hearing some (altered) OT data. Old wives tale! Never said by the real Ron.

Scientology works absolutely but when it is altered, it won’t work and Scientologists suffer and die like all others. And after they died, they are left for the p$ych traps and Scientologists of today don’t know anymore to trace a thetan without a body and to assist him to a new body and this in times in which the in between lives is controlled with high tech traps and knowledge of these were removed from the OT levels.

To me, the Miscavologists are not just squirrels. They are wogs.

Please find me, Marty, you and me, we can make it go right. We will invite Ron (the real one) back. We can build these places. We know who we have to do to restore real Scientology.

Fact is that all these people who found Scientology when they were 20 could be still feel and look 20, having all the health and strength of a 20 year old if they wouldn’t rather have listened to their non-Scientologist secret case officer and the Ron-impostor but instead to the real Ron. Sooner or later, they are in a nursing home or hospital too. What a motivator for not having kept the real Scientology working.

They die and the SEGNPMSS, its psychs will make sure with their high tech devices and methods that their memories to their former lifetime will be completely emptied and they will continue to step in the traps and

It is Sunday and I have lots of things to do and a trip to make on Tuesday. I might not post long postings this week, but I think of you every minute of the day.

I love you so much, Marty! We will be back together, I know it for sure. OTs know and that is what we are.

Your wife,



The rest of the OPC tin foil hat report

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Good morning, Marty, my love, and wonderful Prince,

Too bad that I can’t whisper this in your ear when we wake up together but I know it will be like that. It is about time that we find back together and the truth will be revealed. As more people lie about the true story of Scientology, Ron, you, and me as more they will pull bad things in.

Something else, Marty, I got a brand new digital camera as a gift from a  friend.  I even can film with it, and I might take many pictures in future. The one I used last summer isn’t here anymore. I have planned a little trip soon and take it along but I have to be very careful with anything that I publish because my insane stalkers lurk, and I don’t want any of these criminals at my door step or tracing my trips or harassing others. It’s horrible, I know. Police takes information and they arrest when they see a criminal in the act but they will not stand outside my place all the time, and I feel that the responsibility to keeping these dirty and insane people away from me is mainly my own responsibility. Unfortunately,  it results also that I have to think twice about everything that I post in a blog to you. Naturally, I am very open and that I can’t tell you all the details in my life really bothers me a lot, Marty. I want you to know everything about me. It feels like withholds but there is not much that I can do to change it at the moment because insane stalkers and defamers would just again use these data to smear my image and lie about it and harass me.  I really long for that day when nothing stands anymore between us. And I am proud of you, Marty! Can’t wait to be back at your side!

As an OT, I don’t need to read news about you on the front page of a paper. I know how hard you try to get me over to where you are without getting me killed, and you are really a God. As you know, God sometimes takes a human form, and I know he is in you as he was/is in Ron and as he is also in me and in some other rare individuals. If all people would be like you, Marty, we would have peace on Earth and life would be wonderful for anyone. I love that you are so good and so high on the tonescale.

Hm, I have seen the photos of DM’s expensive gym but nobody has published yet any pictures of that mysterious SP hall and the “hole”, all stuff that wasn’t in existence when we were on staff. Wonder why nobody made any photos of these places? Isn’t that kind of strange? So many people complained about it but nobody made a picture but yet, there are pictures of DM’s personal gym who might be harder to be accessed? I am not saying that the SP hall or the hole never existed in COBkingdom but I just wonder why there are no photos or drawings whatsoever.

Here is the rest of the OPC tin foil hat report, Marty. I provided a link to that report in this blog in earlier postings.

The German secret service complains about CCHR, its flyers and info stands and other activities against criminal psychiatry as violator of human rights and that they warn against the “alleged danger of psychiatric drugs”. (Duh, anybody know that these danger’s are not just alleged but real.) It looks that CCHR Germany filed a penal complaint  because of murder by negligence against a psychiatrist who treated Tim Kretschmer. That juvenile opened fire on others and I believe he killed 16 people. Before he committed the atrocity, he was treated by a psych and put on psych drugs. And the OPC thinks that it is against the German constitution to warn of dangerous drugs or file penal complaints! Do they rather want more people killed like that?  Psych drugs do bring out really bad reactions by creepy people but there is more to it. German CCHR doesn’t talk about hypnosis and mind control, and these psych “tools” are also used to make terrorists, and the OPC should rather prevent these crimes instead of warning and spying on critics of p$ychiatry.

Here is the German website of the German CCHR.

The many complaints to the KVPM from people were real. They wrote hundreds of letters for help against psychiatry per week to KVPM. I know so because I had a desk in the same office. I never worked directly for CCHR but I saw letters coming in from all kinds of people from all  parts of the country with my own eyes and one day, I  accompanied the CCHR i/C Mun on a  visit to a family near Munich whose family was in tears as psychs killed their young son.

OPC says that KVPM had exhibitions in Berlin and Hamburg about Psychiatry:  – Death instead of Help – to demonstrate “horror of psychiatric abuses”. OPC complains that  KVPM sent a new DVD “Business going in the Billions: Dangerous psychiatric drugs” to medical doctors, district attorneys and law makers “to make pressure onto them”. OPC has loose screws. Informing the relevant people others about psychiatric crimes is not “putting them under pressure”. The attitude that the OPC shows in this report says that it is not a free country. Its like what people would expect to read from the Nazis or the KGB, informing others is “pressure made upon them”. Makes no sense. What did that DVD do to these people? Force them? Why should medical doctors, district attorneys and law makers not learn what people mail to the KVMP? OPC makes no sense in hell.

OPC complains that KVPM sent that DVD to a director of a health agency and mentioned in an attached letter that the DVD shed light on the unholy alliance between psychiatry and the pharma industry and that people who seek help are the victims.

Once again, the OPC insults the intelligence of any German medical doctors, district attorneys and law makers by wanting to keep these data away from them as if they couldn’t come to their own conclusion.

Apparently, OPC wants to hide truth from them.  OPC says that it would be agitation against psychiatrists to say that there are into profits. (Yes, people who look at their psychiatric bills just imagine those 200 bucks an hour! Must be their “mental illness” witnessing what p$ychs charge for their crap and dangerous treatments!) They object to that KVPM said that psychs know no God. I got 69.100 hits on “psychiatry+godless” and most of these articles seem to be written by others than Scientologists or the KVPM or CCHR. And there are 75.700 hits on psychiatrists and godless. They really must have a huge problem of godless psychiatrists in Germany and the OPC missed it. Gee, what a lame secret service.

OPC complains in that report that CCHR says that psych fabricate illnesses to make cash. P$ychs fabricate but they also cause confusion and pain with silent sounds and mind control and other psych methods to make sure that people go nuts and they’re not running out of  patients. They also enjoy torturing people and  provoking God. In other words: they screaming out: God handle us! Bust us! We deserve it! – And I am sure they are getting what they praying for, Marty.

And of course they added the French SEGNPMSS set up to that  report, the court case that took place last year in France.

1) They send infiltrators in the orgs as staff and as public 2) They secretly order the infiltrator staffs to make false promises 3) They have the infiltrator public sue the orgs 4) The French kangaroo courts blames L. Ron Hubbard (the original not the impostor) and Scientology for the SEGNPMSS set up. Stupid tricks and they keep on coming because Your COBness isn’t cool and pulls them in for Scientology.

I wonder about one thing, Marty… If a certain French high executive currently in Scientology should be one day convicted of being an infiltrator, does Scientology have a case and right for damages against German poodle France? I thinks so.

This is the end of the OPC report. Saner countries than Germany will not understand why these lame allegations against Scientology are in the report of a secret service. It’s really a tin foil hat report.

I will be soon back here, Marty, you and I will be back together because God wants us to be. We need nothing but each other. Its like the psychs separated magnets that belong together and once we are back together, I have the feeling that even the entire world would benefit from it as we would not more try to survive at different ends of the world, fighting insanity and crime but be together and not more wasting time in trying to find us but rather use the time to make the wrong things on this planet and in this universe right!

I love you, my darling and kiss you.

Yours forever,


And yes, I got my mind set on you too.  And it feels like home. The marriage vows that we once took really were awesome as nothing can’t kill them. No love is strongerthan ours.

1) The battle p$ychs versus OTs is very unfair… 2) You look very presidential, Marty!

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My dearest Marty, my prince and future President,

How are you? I hope to see you soon and in the meantime, I am writing about some of  what’s on my mind.

People who claim that there are no OT abilities are stupid or lying or both. Sure, there are OT abilities, Ron had them, and you and me, and some other are working with them too. Without my OT abilities, I would have given up on you, Marty, but my OT abilities say clear and loud: DON’T GIVE UP ON HIM, YOU’LL FIND HIM.

I know that some dummies think that they just have to pay for OT Levels, and suddenly, they would have OT abilities. But it is not that easy to become OT. As you know, hard studies and thinking, many many cognitions, deep understanding, and ethical behavior is necessary to get there.

I recognize a real non-OT when she thinks that Scientology was never and is not infiltrated by non-Scientologists or that Ron’s wasn’t impostored. Most people know that there are evil people on this planet and in SCN, they learn of SPs and that these SPs suppress mankind, but many people don’t really want to confront that there are real SPs who desperately worked and still work against Ron and SCN so badly that they hired an impostor for Ron who claimed to be the founder and who took completely over and altered Scientology and the OT levels. This fact doesn’t get in their little minds. (Or their secret non-Scientologist case officer doesn’t allow them to speak the truth and they got the order to cover it up.)

A OT is a HUGE psych target. Secret service psychs work with mind control. While the OT is trying to rehab his OT abilities, the psychs are targeting him with subconscious tapes, blocking him to access past lives and prevent his real OT abilities. That makes it all very difficult but I know that Ron had a solution here also.

As you know Marty, the battle p$ychs versus OTs is very unfair. When a person on the OT levels doesn’t know that his or her mind is manipulated with thousands or more tapes trying to block her whole track recall or recovery of OT abilities, this person, NEVER will be a OT. A person who knows that she is a HUGE p$ych target and that mind controllers radio in her or his head to block her whole track recall and her abilities to go OT with thousands of silent tapes is smart but also she will have problems walking on water or fly because how can she handle 100000 silent commands on silent tapes that are played in the person’s head and stealing her self-determinism? In order to as-is them, she needs to know these comments! She needs to know the content of these commands and tapes to raise over them.

Ron (the real one) said of course that these p$ychs need to be legally convicted and put away by law enforcement. But I am also pretty sure that he said that OT civilization need habitats that stop and reject those radio waves, in other words, that nobody can radio and channel anymore in the minds of anybody – and that is the environment in which real OTs will emerge.

In other words, Marty, I think a large amount of real L. Ron Hubbard data is missing and I doubt that they are in the C of S vaults or that those are those data “found” in garages and attics and basements recently. Psychs don’t want real OT civilizations and their agents infiltrated SCN and took secretly over.

The many data that Ron talked about, e.g. “alternative living”, “extension of lifespan”, “preservation of youth”, “silent sounds”, “mindcontrol”, “remote controlled bugs”, etc, are all pretty much missing from Scientology today. Actually, they were already missing when I re-joined Scientology in 1977 but I know that these data are a part of original Scientology.

In SaintHill, UK, I remember for example that we grew our own vegetables, and Ron had germs flushed from the streets by having them cleaned with water every day and that the manor or shouldn’t stay our or the home of any Scientologists but it was the base for the creation of an underwater habitat with alternative living. We could not implement the plan because the SEGNPMSS crashed in and destroyed it.

The problem is that today’s “Scientologists” have no clue about this and probably think that what I am writing is squirrel – but it is not. That they live just like the non-Scientologists, that is squirreling.

Something else, Marty, recently I found in a hostile forum against Scientology that somebody anonymous posted below photoshop. Most photoshops are stupid and immature but this one is rather interesting. Somebody montaged your very handsome face over that of  President Barack Obama, which proves the point that even downtone thetans as the anonymous hate crowd basically knows. What do they basically know? That one day you will be the US President, but of course not married to Michelle but me!

Here is the photoshop:

If you don’t look presidential, who does? You look great, and you make one impressive US-President and best of all, you do not just looked sophisticated you are having also an IQ that dwarfs the IQ of all rocket scientists combined!

Interesting is that they used YOUR head for the presidential photoshop and not that of Mosey’s husband but still not getting or admitting that there were/are two Marty’s in Scientology and that he isn’t you and you aren’t him.

I love you, my future President.

Your first lady,

Many pre-presidential kisses and embraces!


Disgusting dishonest attempts on “Minerva’s” website/blog trying to imply that you are Mosey’s husband!

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Love, Love, Love, Love, Love

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love

Love, Love, Love, here you are

looking at me with the eyes of one powerful  and loving OT!

If there wouldn’t be so many infiltrators but real Scientologists in the orgs, they would see and admit that Mosey’s husband isn’t you.

My dearest prince Marty,

Did you see that? Creeps saying on “Minerva’s blog” that you, the Marty Rathbun of 1983 would be Mosey’s husband! How dare them! He probably hadn’t heard of Scientology in 1983, and that was the year in which we found each other again in the Special Unit. I can say with absolute certainty that he is not you!

They lie that you were money oriented. Good grief! You could live the life of a Billionaire but you joined the Sea Org for under 50.– Dollars per week to build a better world. That is so money-oriented! (They seem to forget that DM lives quite a life in luxury and pays it with Scientology money.)

People conspiratively lie that Mosey’s husband is you but they never will fool me. Ron’s impostor didn’t fool me neither. A few people on this planet can see, and I am one of them.

Yes, I know that this is really you on the photo on the top of this posting, Marty. It was taken short after we met in LA. Please excuse that the picture is wrinkled but I had it with me all the time, and you know how many rough adventures I had to endure. I am very fortunate that I still have it after all what happened to me. But I keep holding on it. I kissed that photos billions of times, Marty.

I love your face, Marty, you are the most kissable man in the universe. That fire in your eyes is unforgettable, and your personality is adorable. You should get your own saint statue, carved completely out of the rarest wood. But I rather want you in flesh and blood  and  kiss you all over. You are the only person, I have such feelings for. If it will not be you, there will be none.

And your face and your eyes show how decent you are and that you aren’t a goof ball nor a person who beats and suppresses others. It’s that goodness that I love so much about you, and the fact that you are far, far up on the tonescale and that I can trust you completely.

When you were in your late 20s and perhaps early 30s, Mosey’s husband and you looked a lot alike on the outside but you are very different men from the inside. When you looked at me and talked to me, Marty, as an OT, I could read your personality! And that is why I fell in love. Yes, you had a very handsome body too, but a handsome body without the special thetan is nothing worth.

I have seen handsome looking bodies but the thetans inside of them were not attractive. If you would have been just handsome, Marty, I would have forgotten you very quickly, but you became the love of my life  because there was so much passion, fire, love, and decency in your eyes and personality. You were alive, uptone, full of energy, interesting, brilliant, wise (despite so young), tender, passionate, trustworthy,  noble, extroverted, educated, humorous, helpful, gentle, kind, loving, responsible, reliable, knowledgeable, dignified, optimistic and peaceful. You didn’t beat others like Mosey’s husband, you were not a robot. Even in a Nazi surrounding, you would  never turn into a Nazi. You were always much too good for that! You would change such an environment immediately but not by being brutal.

There was also a warning in your eyes. In an OT way, you were telling me that I was in serious danger, and the seriousness in your eyes was the start for me to figure out who I am. And I found it out because it stood written in your wonderful eyes. Do you know what you did, Marty? You woke me up like the Prince woke up Snow White and step by step I figured the story out and step by step, the memories came back… It’s all of you.

Love changes everything.

Then you vanished and suddenly somebody else took your position, he looked like you but had another charisma and character. The first photos that I saw of Mosey’s husband around 1990 were telling me that he thought that it is all a big great game and nothing but fun . He didn’t had your awareness. Here he is, grinning from one ear to the other. He hadn’t the reality of what’s really is wrong with the world but you (same approx. same age as he) did. THIS IS NOT YOU, THAT IS MOSEY’S HUSBAND, SITTING BETWEEN RAY MITHOFF AND GUILLAUME LESEVRE AND LACKING COMPLETELY HOW GROWN UP YOU WERE ALREADY IN HIS AGE:

You were completely aware of what was not right, and you were working at it to change it before you disappeared. That is why you became the Inspector General for Ethics because that is what infiltrators completely lack. Ethics! You knew of the infiltration of non-Scientology and so much more already back then.

On Mosey’s husband face, and on his photo with the white uniform, I can see that he hasn’t your mind or personality. His mind looks closed and he seems really robotic. This is not how Ron wants Scientologists to be. You had discipline and a high work ethics but never a robotic stare.  I never saw such an expression on your face. Only corrupt idiots would say that you are him. THIS IS NOT YOU, THIS IS MOSEY’S HUSBAND:

On that photo he is too stiff, on his wedding day too “comfortable”.

And here are two more photos. The person in the dark blue suit is you, the person in the brown suit is Mosey’s husband. On these photos you appear both in your 40s. Very different personalities, and you do not look much alike. I can see the huge difference.

I saw the video of Mosey’s and her husband’s wedding. It wasn’t festive. If it would be your wedding, you would have worn a suit. It was probably warm in Florida but for such an occasion, neither the groom nor the minister die if they wear a suit for an hour. It was like a BBQ in somebody’s backyard. They did not address each other and tell each other why they want each other so hot and heavy and badly as we would have done it. And Mike Rinder telling everyone the falsehood that he knows Mosey’s husband for 30 years. He wasn’t in Scientology 30 years ago. That was you, he knew before.

Well, passing the ring through many of his friends because he could not decide on one best man was kind of funny but Mosey didn’t threw her bouquet but at least they didn’t smear cake in each other faces (a wedding tradition on 1.1) and he didn’t remove her garter from her leg and threw it into the crowd of men. (Also on 1.1. tradition. Imagine, it is a piece of her UNDERWEAR that other men are getting!)

When we renew our vows, Marty, I know that you will make the day a lot more festive for me.

Anyway, I wish Mosey and her husband that their marriage will last and that they will be happy. Anybody has right of happiness. But we have it too! I don’t find it money-oriented that he has a Paypal account because like all people, he and his wife need money to pay their bills – but what I find unforgiveable is that he and coconspirators makes the world believe that he is you, and he is not. Perhaps the CIA is behind this but the basic idea having of keeping us separated is a Nazi German as Hitler and the p$ychs.

I love you, Marty! So much! It is time that we find each other again.

Yours my darling.

And many hot kisses.

Your wife



I have  a P.S . to “Minerva’s”  website/blog. When people hear the name Mark or Marty Rathbun and Utah, they think immediately of me. The other anti-Marty poster who links to “Minerva’s website”  uses the same WordPress layout as I – after I used it for months! Co-incidence? Of course not.

I really find it despicable that the OSA infiltrator try to manipulate people thinking in that their website/blog is mine because they are too cowardly to stand up with their real name and battle it out with Mosey’s husband themselves. It is the same disgusting cowardly tonelevel as OSA guy Caliwog, defending DM by attacking L. Ron Hubbard!

Typical Miscavologists and not Scientologists. Ron would never approve of anything of what they are doing. I never approved of Mosey’s husband, after all, he steals you legacy in Scientology, Marty, but I don’t approve of any of these other infiltrators either. They all cover up that Ron and you were impostored. I want them all busted.

A real Scientologist would get all photos of L. Ron Hubbard and start comparing. They should do the same with your photos and see for themselves. But infiltrators don’t do it. Their job is to keep it under wraps and lie that the doppelganger in business would be “a joke”.

Of course, these guys will say it is all coincidence that all anti-Marty blogs should reflect to me instead to DM’s administration, and when asked about the hostility in these blogs and why they do not just deliver Scientology to new people in other words flourish and prosper  but rather concentrate to go after their former members and create such bad PR for Scientology by doing so, they would shrug with the shoulders and say these are not Church publications and then probably say: “Well, there is this crazy woman…”

There is no co-incidence. It’s the sleazy attitude of infiltrators.

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Ron would never act like DM or his unprofessional staffs. Never!

If Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder should succeed to break the C of S into pieces, then its DM who caused it by assigning them to the highest jobs (besides his own) and letting them leave disaffected. Whatever DM does in the orgs, it is not Scientology.

Instead of assigning himself a lower condition and routing himself to ethics, he keeps on “leading” the C of S and will pull in more motivators.