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No country sneakier than Germany…

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Dearest Marty, my hero, 

Germany, the men behind Merkel, is the force behind the Syrian war to get Syrian workers for their economy and to make Germans fear Muslims and have at the same time a justification to bring the Nazis back.

And on top of it, Germany wants to regarded by the world as “humanitarians” who brings peace to the region.

Why didn’t they stop the war with peace intervention before the Syrians were dislocated?  Because of what I wrote in the first paragraph.

And what do I say to that a man barged into the Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh and screamed anti-Semitic epithets and opened fire on the congregants?

Psychiatric-conditioning and German-controlled ear-implants. The US authorities say already: He acted alone, blah-blah. They NEVER get a handle on terror it if they don’t go after the German secret services and their p$ychs.

I miss you and I love you.

Yours always,


Donald Trump’s attitude towards migrants/immigrants is completely German

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate, how are your days and nights? I miss you a lot.

Trump also does not get that Germany even starts (secretly) wars in the Middle East and elsewhere to get immigrants to boost its aging population with young workers. The monsters behind Germany think they kill two birds with one stone. As the fanatical German secret service psychiatrists have control over anyone’s mind due to ear- and other body implants (very tiny silicone chips not detectable on x-rays), they figured that the migrants will not just help them to become the world’s best economy but also can help them to bring the German Nazis back. This is their plan: selecting and psychiatric-conditioning some of the immigrants to commit crimes in Germany and Europe and have old and new Nazis and parties like the AfD or the Austrian FPO promise Germans and Europeans to “protect” them from these immigrants by not telling most that German p$ychs conditioned them.  

In other words, racist Germany wants foreign nationals work for them and make their economy take over Europe and the rest of the world, and at the same time, be used to bring the Nazis back and force them giving up their culture and religion to become like the Germans. Merkel said herself that multi-culture is a total failure in Germany, yet, she let them in her country from hell and wants to be celebrated as humanitarian but in fact does for Germany what I described above.

Donald Trump doesn’t see any of this. He is half German but doesn’t get how Vaterland ticks. He thinks not stopping migrants and immigrants who flee to the USA would be bad for the USA. Separating kids from their parents is also typical German. I hope nothing bad happens to anyone who tries to reach he USA for a better life. In their next lifetimes, these foreigner-hating people might be born in a country in which they have to flee. And then they would wish that there is a decent country on the other side who gives them a chance.   

Yes, it is possible that some very bad people (Trump’s words) are in that caraway or are trying otherwise to immigrate into the USA. But what he doesn’t tell is who is behind talking in the ear-implants of people to become drug dealers or other criminals and who is behind international conditioning of these people on international levels into becoming killers. You and me know who it is, Marty: German psychiatrists and medical doctors. 

Germany works hard at it to make the USA look or even behave like Nazis. Germany wants the USA to get the German Nazi reputation and the Germany get the reputation that the USA (humanitarians) had after it fought the Nazis back and shut down the concentration camps. But Germany is not playing fair trying to get a better reputation. They still are using their same old Nazi tricks and crimes.   

The secret German highjacking of the Republican party (showing signs of Nazi Germany) and of the Democratic Party (kissing up to Germany) is also a SEGNPMSS activities. These secret service monsters are using supercomputers to manipulate people via ear- and body implants that people got already when in the womb from the doctor or in the hospital as babies or latest when they are of school age.           

Actually, Marty, I am convinced that if all people all over the world would migrate to the USA, the USA could handle it easily. Of course, there is no need for it. The USA should send people to countries that have economic problems and crimes and help train these people to become self-sufficient and be safe.

Building villages as I know you know how to design them are the key. It does not take much to grow enough good food to nourish all the people and to use wood to build healthy housing for them. By convicting Germany and its secret service doctors who make people deliberately sick with remote-controlled germs and other rotten like hell secret service methods, high health care costs also fall away. Such villages can go up just about anywhere. The villagers can work together like a family and also create ethical products that they can sell to others. And here we have our new strong, and ethical economy! 

The entire world can be converted into a safe and sane world, without wars, terror, hunger, disease, and even aging, if finally someone plans it properly and explains it to others. Trump and all other current heads of states are light years away from understanding this or going into this direction. It is a shame that they don’t think for themselves and that people vote for people who do not think for themselves.

I love you, Marty. I know that you and me, we could not just safe the USA but anyone on the planet, if they just would let us. Instead, they defame us as criminals or crazy. Typical German. Heil ear-implants. 

Yours forever,


I like this funky version of “This Land is Your Land”.




Andrew Smith from the Campaign Against Arm Trade says what Germany says and does is not the same thing…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

I am thinking of you.

The use of a Jamal Khashoggi body double has Germany written all over it. German set up using Saudis as they did already on September 11, 2001.   

Saudi Arabia should have pulled strings and explained to the world that Bin Laden was also a German agent and 7/11 was a SEGNPMSS operation, a German operation, using other nationals. I wrote it before, the Hamburg cell was most definitely psychiatric-conditioned by German p$ychs to fly into the twin towers, etc. Germany’s secret services monsters found a willing participant in Bin Laden and other Saudis and Middle Easterners. Actually, Bin Laden indicated that many who participated in the 7/11 were screwed and didn’t know that it was a “suicide mission”. Germany, the p$ychs behind it, involved Saudi and other nationals to get away with the terror acts they plan. Germany’s secret service people hide notoriously behind other nations as they don’t want anyone coming after them.  

Like you, Marty, I don’t approve of the Saudi-Arabia or any other arms business. The USA will be fine without producing and selling arms to the Saudis or anyone else. All it has to do is go after the monsters behind Germany as they are running people via supercomputer and ear-implants, and the world, including the Middle East will become suddenly a very peaceful place. The monsters behind Germany are cowards and they really don’t want to be held accountable. They will think twice before they commit the next atrocity if a government finally says that it has enough of them and does not longer allow Germany to use other nationals for slaughter of people in wars and other violations of human rights. 

However, they might even plan an atrocity in their beloved Germany/Bavaria to make simple minds believe that they impossibly would do this to their own people and own country. But they would. They don’t even like themselves. They just love complete power over everything and anything.   

Germany tries to fool people constantly. Right now, they don’t want to be accused of being behind running the Saudis who killed Jamal Khashoggi. So they “take the lead” by having Merkel say that they would not exporting arms to Saudi Arabia “until the killing is cleared up”. Blah-blah. She sure has no conscience in selling arms otherwise. She should ask her own secret services who and why Khashoggi was killed. They know it best. They ordered and organized running the concerned Saudis. It is all German PR to manipulate people to think Germany is good. As they also run all others governments with ear-implants, they control that Germany says it to get the PR credits and not the USA or the UK.  

Below tape is interesting, Marty. One can’t fool all the people all the time. On 11:28 sec, Andrew Smith says that Germany continued to sell arms to the Saudis despite they said for years that they would not.

Germany is much too greedy and monstrous to pass up making business with death-bringing arms. Same goes for the Spanish government, which does exactly as Germany secretly orders. 

I assume that Germany wants the US arm deals from the Saudis instead and that is one reason why they ordered Khashoggi to be killed. So that the USA loses big business from the Saudis. Germany is also behind that people are constantly fighting. They fuel the arms business. They are from hell. Heil ear-implants.  

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,








More German hypocrisy and plans

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how are your days and nights?

I miss you more than words can ever express. Sigh. I can’t tell you how often I went back in thoughts to the times I saw you last in person. I wish I would have known what I know today. I would have told you how deeply I feel for you. 

Germany joined a statement by the UK and France. They expressed “shock” at the death, saying: “Nothing can justify this killing and we condemn it in the strongest possible terms.”

Germany’s secret services, particularly the men who hide behind the German government, control anyone’s ear-implant, it doesn’t matter what nationality. They think it is smart; I say it is the dumbest thing one can do because it will come back to bite them one day. It is against human rights to use the unripe minds of kids to get them into this system and keep them in line for their entire lives by using their thoughts against their own spiritual freedom and intellect. 

Germany also has its doctors kill people medically in average of 70-80 years with remote-controlled germs, other secret devices, and methods. They don’t allow mainstream to live the way that these top-secret service creeps are living: in environments in which they are not aging and not getting sick. The doctors behind Germany are killing billions of people on a regular basis, not just in wars but also medically and they have one their ministers say: Nothing can justify killing. What a bunch of disgusting hypocrites! They are playing having morals and a conscience but underneath they are the ugliest monsters that one can find in the entire universe.  

If the world awakes from being under German psychiatric trace, and it is still a big if, Marty, the men behind Germany have no defense for what they are doing, because indeed, nothing justifies killing. But they are doing it constantly.

I am sure that killing Jamal Khashoggi was/is a German plan to cause even more problems in the Middle East. This German plan includes also hitting the USA with it, financially and otherwise. Germany’s secret service psychs run the entire world via ear-implants. 

It is very well possible that no German was physically in the embassy at the time when Khashoggi died. However, Germany’s p$ychs are in everyone’s ears using supercomputers to translate from and in every language. I have seen it so many time, how they cause upsets between people. Using loud and silent sounds, they are having them say things. They are sabotaging people minds’ into saying and doing what causes most pain to others. They also cause anger and violent actions using these methods. Having their agents commit murder is easy for the SEGNPMSS.   

What I am not at all saying is that the Saudis involved were innocent. One has to control him- or herself, it doesn’t matter what one hears, may it be silent or a loud commands and not commit crimes against human rights. However, if the Saudis would have planned this killing, they would have had a better explanation planned for the world, one with consistency instead of constantly changing the story. It is impossible that the Saudis’ were not able to anticipate that the disappearance of a reporter of the Washington Post wouldn’t go unnoticed. IMO, Saudi-Arabia was set up too. Why would they use their own embassy for such a planned murder? Those who really planned it were interested to get the Saudis in troubles. And they fell into the German rabbit hole.  

It was a plan by another force (Germany). Typical for German doctors is also ordering dismantling of bodies instead of allowing people to come forward right away on their own with the entire story. A country and other nationals but Germany is being shamed. Germany loves that, and it also often picks people of other nations for high positions or spotlights who are easy to run and who have questionable characters. I can see their secret service tracks all over the planet. 

Saudi-Arabia like all other nations should have blown the whistle on Germany and their secret services. They should not allow Germany to involve them in wars and other crimes against humanity. That would also mean that Saudi Arabia and other nations don’t need lots of arms because terror and wars can be prevented by pointing the fingers on the men behind Germany and coming after them with international laws.  

And there is another ugly German plan in the making: Trump cancelling the nuclear deal with Russia. Who is behind the alienation of the USA and Russia? Germany, the SEGNPMSS, and other German secret services. Germany is totally self-centered (despite they also fight their own and are getting rid of their own people often). They want the USA, Russia, and China in a hot war, in a nuclear war, to destroy them. And despite Germany commits high crimes crimes against the USA on a daily basis, they want the USA fighting those nations FOR GERMANY as these nations are possibly standing in the way of Germany becoming very quickly world power no. 1, their ultimate goal.    

They are using the ear-implants to control the USA, Russia, China, NK, and other countries to set up situations that could lead to wars. The secret service men and women behind Germany have dirty hands on any country, any individual, even other Germans, and whoever protects them and helps them to avoid their prosecution must have an ultra-low IQ.

And that is surely not you, Marty, my very very intelligent husband. Thinking back and reading your eyes, I think you figured the political scenes already in the 80s. What intelligent thinking is concerned, America is high-jacked by Germany, otherwise they would ask you for help instead of keeping you locked up and your rights denied upon German secret orders. 

Be kissed by darling. I love you. I stand by your side like a rock as you deserve it.


German hell again

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What else?      


Written by Barbara Schwarz

October 20, 2018 at 12:40 pm

Posted in SEGNPMSS

1) The skull faced asteroid TB145 2) Steven Hawking’s crap about no God

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Dearest Marty, my unforgettable soulmate and husband,

How is your life? There still was no message for me by you or on your behalf by anyone. Another sign that the monsters behind Germany run the entire world through their psychiatric control invention, the ear-implants. As they don’t want me to find you and testify that they set you up.   

Have a look at this picture at the skull faced asteroid. On the left side, it is shown by an artist. I am convinced this asteroid was shaped by lasers. And you know who I suspect of messing around not just on Earth but also in space.     

And space brings me to the late Steven Hawking. He “said”/”wrote” a couple of times that there would be no God. Any secret service psychiatrist could have made him “say or write” this by bypassing his mind and speaking through the small sensor that he had to express “himself”. They can make cheeks switch or override the computer or speak instead of him. He wasn’t even physically capable to fight anyone off who took over his mind and voice. However, I didn’t read objection or panic in his eyes, so I assume he was somehow in agreement with what the computer voice said.

It is typically Germany and its psychiatrists and medical doctors who want to be adored by the world as the greatest and rid the world of the belief in one God. They have no compunction using a famous physicist who can’t speak up for their low purposes.    

SEGNPMSS committed and commits one atrocity after the other. The last they want to hear is that there is a God who will put justice on them. They think that their bad conscience vanishes when the world does not believe in God. Yes, they are that dumb.

There is no God,” wrote “Hawking” and “No one directs the universe.”

“He” is wrong twice. 1) The men behind Germany are messing with the universe. They even sell the world a wrong universe, a projection of a fake universe as the real universe. 2) And there is a God, a thinking and caring being who is out there. He isn’t needy for attention like psychs and the likes. I can feel him on a daily basis. That is of course crazy say the psychs with their bloody claws and bad consciences. It is not crazy. It is advanced.    

People are spiritual beings. “Hawking” compared the human brain to a computer, saying that it stops working once all the components fail. Typical psych blah blah. A person has a brain but is no brain. The brain is nothing but a switchboard for the person, the spiritual being. We Scientologists know it, and it is really shocking that so many educated people don’t figure out what they a really are. 

“Hawking” said/wrote that there is no afterlife but a tale for people who are afraid of the dark. Typically for psychs, not mentioning past and future lifetimes. They can be scientifically proven. People who know that they lived before and come back are not afraid of the dark. They are however rightfully concerned that they will come back for a new lifetime on a planet that repeats its bad history and that suffering never ends on a personal and planetary level. Some people deny past lives because they are cowards. It is easier to think that one simply does not longer exist than dealing with the fact that people are back in human form not long after they died. Steven Hawkins could be a baby as we speak and for his sake, I wish him to be a healthy one.   

Sending you tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I love you. I know you have no misunderstandings on this subject. You think for yourself.

Yours forever,








Not just religions are altered by infiltrators – the GOP is just one example

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and awesome husband, how are you?

I know that you have the same thoughts: not just Scientology or other religions are infiltrated and altered from the inside out, but also other organisations and political parties, like the Republicans.

Sometimes I hear “Republicans” talk. I notice that they adopted German hostility towards other races and immigrants, and they want arms and people smoke tobacco or they support unethical people. I shake my head then because it is what the SEGNPMSS wants and not what original America and the original Republican Party wants. This also includes who they allow to run for President.  

Just like Scientology, originally, the Republican party was once a good party. The one that stopped slavery, etc.  

Not that the Democrats have good valued by worshiping Europe and adopting Germany’s twisted “values” as their own.

Congress allegedly objects to infiltration of other countries like Russia or China but whatever Germany does to the USA, it is all swept under the German carpet that covers this country. The elephant in the room nobody wants to acknowledge because of their German-controlled ear-implants.  


And have a look at this picture. Abe and Ike in the middle of them. Painted with a more fragile body than Trump’s! And Ike leaning towards Trump. My stomach turns around. Must be Ike’s impostor. The real Ike never would have. And crook Nixon sits also at the table. Yikes.

The painter and those who ordered the painting apparently adore their party, even if it goes into the wrong direction. They should correct a party that goes into the wrong direction and not support the wrong direction just because infiltrators in the party support the wrong direction.

Upon secret German command, the real Ike was murdered while still the sitting US president. The German-controlled CIA assisted to provide a ringer (not elected by anyone) and put the ringer in the oval office. Most in the nation were not told. Back then, Americans spoke about the Eisenhower Doll. “Wind it up and it doesn’t do anything for 8 years”. Instead of making jokes like this, they should have figured it out that the Nazis wanted Ike dead and found medical killers to do that.  

They killed the real President Dwight David Eisenhower while in office and stole his Executive Orders and replaced it with nothing or the blah-blah of his ringer. Still existing Nazi Germany cooked it out and organized it. And the USA takes one hit after the other because it does not have the backbone to stand up against still existing Nazi Germany and the men behind it. And this has to change otherwise, this universe will become a German Nazi planet. And I pity anyone from the bottom of my heart who will be born on this planet.  

And look at where we know are now: Nothing has changed. All are still quiet about that the SEGNPMSS has plans to UNDO the entire USA. Where are all the intelligent minds who should figure out what is so obvious to see?

I know you figured it out, Marty. But do they allow you to be free and speak to the nation? They prevent that since decades already.

Be kissed, my darling. I love you.

Yours forever,






Trump administration freed Pastor Andrew Brunson, but what about you, Marty?

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Dearest Marty, my incredible Prince and husband, 

It is all over the news. The Trump administration “made a secret deal” to get him released, reported some media. Shouldn’t be the truth, witnesses, and evidence get people released. And why a secret deal?

And again, I still don’t know if you ever were arrested, Marty, but my intuition tells me otherwise. Why is nobody helping you? If I am correct, than you are longer wrongfully incarcerated than Nelson Mandela. It is beyond me how people can calm their conscience when committing such a horrible crime against humanity or contributing to it. Are they all on psychiatric drugs that cancel their human feelings for a fellow human being or what else is it?

I love you, my hero.

Yours always and forever,


AfD leader in Germany sounds like Hitler

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Dearest Marty, my amazing husband and soulmate,

How is your life? 

The Guardian reported that Historians say that AfD leader Alexander Gauland’s piece has striking parallels to 1933 Hitler speech.

It is so typical for Germany: starting wars, this time to empty Syria to get the refugees (despite Merkel said that multiculturalism is a total failure in Germany but she wants to be praised a humanitarian that she isn’t) as cheap and hard workers to Germany and the EU, which Germany plans to run directly and solely,  and also having the AfD and other Nazis in place in Germany to make the Syrians and other foreigners afraid so that they give up all what is their identity by turning them into Germans. And making Germans afraid of foreigners so that they vote for the new Nazis. And all that is organized by the monsters behind Germany who run their agents via ear-implants.

In order to avoid that anyone blows the whistle on this system, the men and women behind Germany, which I coined “SEGNPMSS” attach anyone to their system, mostly when they were small kids. And these agents are told or made believe that they need this system to survive this world or be safe in it. They have other agents of the same system go after other agents to make them feel unsafe so that people think they really need it. It is a typical German psychiatric strategy. Fear, control, lies, and brutality. 

The Guardian wrote also that Gauland said that the 12 years of Nazi rule were “mere bird shit in over 1,000 years of successful German history”.

It is disgusting how this man belittles the genocides that the Nazis committed. Besides, the psychs behind Hitler and the Nazis, the SEGNPMSS tortured the world already long before the official Nazi rule and still. 

The 30 year war that was mainly fought by Germans in Germany/Bavaria (1618-48) with all its cruelties was then also a “success”, according to this German idiot. He tries to make the world believe that he is an expert on German history, yet, he also claims not knowing Hitler’s speech. Some “historian”.

All that Germany and particularly Bavaria is and has, they received by deceiving the world. Their “success” is keeping the world in the dark and invading international people’s minds and using it for their purposes. 

Now to the USA, which stepped into the German ear-implant trap like the rest of the nations, but should not! 

I think of you every day, Marty. Wish I finally would be informed about your whereabouts. I love you and I worry about your well-being as I worry also about that of my family members and my own. Germany uses the most unfair and secretive methods to torture and destroy.

Yours forever,



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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,
How are you?

Everyone jumps and bows down if Germany wants Interpol to do its dirty work, like following me to the USA despite I was not a criminal and helping RB who was a criminal. 

You probably read that the Interpol President Meng Hongwei is missing, and that Interpol France now asks China were he is. He left the Interpol HQ on September 25 and his wife (not Interpol) reported him missing. The current  Secretary General of Interpol is Jürgen Stock, a German. He and Interpol didn’t report its own president Meng Hongwei missing, his wife did. Isn’t that something?

Meng Hongwei became the Interpol president in 2016 when he still was a member of the Communist Party. Yikes. Odd.

In 2018, he resigned from the Communist Party.  First in 2018.

Communism was and is another control system of the monsters behind Germany. 

        Interpol added that the secretary general – not the president – was in charge of the day-to-day running of the 192-member organisation. Guess that is why the president, if he isn’t German, can get easily missing and is not even reported missing unless his wife does.

What a cold statement it is for their own president, right? He “allegedly” disappeared. They are aware of the “media reports”. His wife didn’t asks Interpol HQ first if they heard of her husband? This statement sounds as if she and what she said doesn’t matter.  

 He presided over the organisation’s General Assembly and Executive Committee meetings, where key discussions around Interpol’s general policies and international cooperation take place.

Latest news are that China says he is suspected of accepting bribes.

Whatever it is, it shows that there is a lot wrong with Interpol: 1) If true, a man with a shady past can get one of the highest jobs at Interpol. 2) If not true, Interpol doesn’t care much for its own people.      

I love you, Marty, sending you tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,