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Houthi movement and their German-controlled ear-implants

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and Prince,

I am thinking of you and wish so much to be with you. 

The war in Yemen is yet another horrible war in the world that does not want to bust German controlled ear-implants. 

I tried to inform myself about the Houthi movement, which is used by the SEGNPMSS for yet another war and more resentment by the west against “religion”.

Their slogan “God is great, death to the US, death to Israel, curse the Jews, and victory for Islam” indicates clearly that these people are used and run by still existing Nazis behind Germany. SEGNPMSS uses extremism to make religion look bad so that people become atheists. And why? As I stated before, the men and women behind Germany have hands drenched with blood. They want no God to put them to justice. They think that their bad consciences will fade away when the world does no longer believe in God and when religion is blamed on what they are doing. God, philosophy, and religion is missing all their withholds.

This Houthi slogan is partially modeled after a former Iran slogan “Death to U.S. and death to Israel”. Iran that notoriously does dirty work for Germany, including providing a fake father (Kermantschi) to me.  

The civil population, women, children, old people, die in the war in Yemen, and as usually, SEGNPMSS who are the masters behind each ear-implant, find nothing wrong with it. Monsters they are.

Even if the Houthis and Al-Qaeda are possibly fighting each other, they are still run by the same source, the secret service Nazi psychs behind Germany, just as they run Nazi Germany AND communism. I know you are aware of it, Marty. Too bad others are in trance and don’t see what is obvious to a person who thinks for herself.   

And by not convicting the SEGNPMSS, the rest of the world becomes its co-conspirator. In for a penny, in for a pound. 

I love you, Marty,

yours forever,


I am sure the Sentinelese have German-controlled ear-implants too

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Dearest Marty, my marvelous soulmate and husband,

How are your days and nights?

I am convinced that there are no uncontacted people on this planet. No, I had no contact with all uncontacted people 😉 to be able to say this, but I know Germans, particularly Bavarians. The barbers and butchers behind Germany would be unable to close one eye at night if they wouldn’t control all groups of people on the planet. On a scale from 1 to 10 of obsessed people, they are on googol.

Actually, particularly because the Sentinelese are so hostile, it is a dead-give-away for German ear-implants. They live on the unprotected surface of the earth and eat food from the contaminated ocean. They are using industrial trash that washes ashore on their island. They drag a dead body of a foreigner around on their island. I think it is nonsense that they would die or get diseases others than those that they already have if they would get in contact with other people who live around the Indian Ocean. 

I read the story that British Maurice Vidal Portman captured two Sentinelese adults and four children in 1880 and that only the children survived outside of the island and that they were returned to the island. Germany controlled everything already back then. If it ever should turn out that also these “uncontacted” people have ear-implants, they want to blame it on another nation.

The men behind Germany, the SPs, are cowards.  Marty, I think I figured out how they manage to attach everyone to their system and control their minds and doings. They kidnap regular people of who they are not afraid of and hypothesize them into losing their own perceptions of danger. These manipulated and controlled people are then sent to the most dangerous spots, and the SEGNPMSS psychs are controlling their ear-implants via remote control. The commands that these hypnotized people are getting is kidnapping other persons and bringing them in an unconscious state to the psychs where these people are hypnotized too. Some of these hypnotized people become hypnotists themselves and attach ear-implants without knowing that they were  hypnotized themselves. Ear-implants are in place everywhere, and the SEGNPMSS is running them.

It is sure possible that some hypnotized people were killed when the SEGNPMSS sent them to attach tribes or also aliens on other planets. But the SEGNPMSS continued with it until all nations and tribes were controlled by their system. It is not them who are in danger. They don’t care for their agents. They are always in a safe location. 

From the last tragedy involving John Allen Chau (his last name indicates “good-bye” and who seemed to be cherry-picked for this if he knew it or not), it has the German-stench of that the world should doubt God like so many other incidents that the SEGNPMSS set up. 

He wrote in his “diary” that he wanted to bring Christianity to them but also that he told God that he didn’t want to die.  Yet, he died.  SEGNPMSS want to convince the world that there is no God.

But there is a God, and he is gonna bust them.

Be kissed, Marty, tenderly and passionately. I hope to see you soon.

Yours forever,


P.S. It is snowing here quite a bit. Power and internet connection goes on and off all the time.










Written by Barbara Schwarz

November 25, 2018 at 10:40 am


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Dearest Marty, my hero and one and only, how are you?

Numerous people doubt the existence of God as he doesn’t make official appearances before the world or doesn’t talk to them directly.

For one, if they conspire against good people, they shouldn’t wonder about anything. It is known to anyone that one should not do to others what one does not want to be done to oneself. It is really simple. Why should God always have to repeat himself?  

However, this put aside, if God would make an official appearance before the world, people who are afraid of God due to the crimes they committed, will say that whatever people saw or see are just Hollywood tricks. So, what would be the sense in that?

But let’s say, God would show himself to a person and would talk to her in whatever shape or form. We are living in a world where everything is recorded. There is no real privacy. SEGNPMSS spies on anyone, and not just spying. They would kidnap such a person immediately. This person would simply disappear, never to be seen again. They would hold her captive in a secret psychiatric institution and would make experiments and torture her to blackmail God to submit to their monstrous wishes. 

Could God bust such a person out? He could but once monsters become aware of God, they are not becoming suddenly religious. They would kidnap more innocent people and torture and ruin them to blackmail God in doing what they want. He would need to bust these out as well. And it would go on and on, including wars and throwing bombs on populations. God would have to chase after of their atrocities to prevent or repair them. That is not what God, the wise, would do. 

He could go after the SPs individually but he isn’t a murderer. They are.   

Instead of this, he has other plans for the universe. And that doesn’t mean letting monsters get away. Should they think he does not exist. That’s fine with him. It won’t change that he has his plans for them and it won’t be a slap on the wrist. 

People who use their minds and perceptions can find him and will come no doubt to the conclusion that he exist and has a plan. And he is not cross with people who doubt his existence. After all, he is not a degraded SP who needs admiration. When one was good throughout the existence of the world, nothing what others think matters. Only one’s only opinion of oneself does. 

What do you say, Marty? Did I figure it out or what? 🙂 

I think of you and love you.

Forever and ever yours,












Written by Barbara Schwarz

November 24, 2018 at 3:20 am

Thinking about the alleged worst year to be alive

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and soulmate,

Too bad, another Thanksgiving that we can’t celebrate together. I am thankful for your existence, Marty. I can’t imagine a world without you. And I don’t want to imagine it. It would be like a billion times the year 536 all over.

A medieval historian declared the year 536 to the worst year ever,  worse than 1349, when the Black Death wiped out half of Europe and worse than 1918, with its 50 million to 100 million dead people. 

Guess it is all relative. Jews who were gassed in the 1940s and lost all their family members thanks to the Nazis and the doctors behind them, consider these the worst years. People who fall victim to terror acts or wars today, consider these years the worst ever. Due to the fact that humans are physically immortal if they are allowed to live in certain environments, any year in which people die, may it on a disease or “old age”, is the worst year to be alive.    

I am certain that barbers (the today’s medical doctors and psychiatrists) knew how to inject rats with plague and spread flu germs to eradicate millions of people in the middle ages, and before and later on. Because they control everyone’s ear-implants, the truth does not come out, and everyone loses.

However, the “mysterious fog that plunged Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Asia into darkness, day and night—for 18 months” made me ponder.

What was the purpose of that? It sure wasn’t natural. Was the purpose to keep fog and ashes over the world to erect and display the fake universe unseen of which our modern people think that it is real? Or did this fake universe exist already before and the fog and the cold was created for no other reason than torturing and killing people? Or was the fog used to cover up a lot of ear-implanting and hypnotizing or steal riches, properties, and inventions? 

A team of scientists thinks that the fog had something to do with a cataclysmic volcanic eruption in Iceland that spew ash across the Northern Hemisphere early in 536 and was followed later by two more eruptions. Might be very well that the eruptions helped the mess, but lasers might be as old as history itself. Looking at the precision cutting of many megalithic stones makes me think of lasers, Marty. Not that the barbers and butchers invented them. But they stole them. Directing a laser in a volcano would be one way to heat up the magma and send lava and dust over parts of the world. 

But do three volcanic eruptions in Iceland explain 18 months darkness all over Europe, Middle East, and parts of Asia? Or were other horrible men-made matters involved to enslave mankind?

Here is the article:

And I read that Titanic II is being built. I find it rather creepy. What is behind that? That people are not interested lifting the real Titanic from the sea so that it never will be revealed that there is a German missile in the belly of the ship and that not really the iceberg but the missile brought it down?     

I love you. Be kissed, Marty, I think of you and also your family.

Yours always,


My supermarket is not that entertaining as this one here.

Too bad that surprise music or dancing, a lovely idea that started in the USA got the name “mob”. SEGNPMSS is behind giving nice things bad names and turning some of these events even in violent ones. Heil ear-implants.   


Tony Ortega and David Touretzky are selling convicted kidnapper Cyril Vosper as an authority to the dumb people who believe that they are authorities and not anti-religious snake-oil-salesmen

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

I am thinking of you every day. What a disgusting world it is: the innocent is locked up, the criminals go free. 

As you know, Vosper wrote a smear book on Scientology, in which he deliberately concealed that Ron, the founder of Scientology was impersonated behind his back by an German-CIA-controlled impostor and blamed what the impostor did deliberately on the good founder. German psychs were/are the driving force behind altering the OT levels and making Ron’s research look ridiculous. 

Both, Tony Ortega and David Touretzky promote Cyril Vosper on their blog/website, either with hailing Vosper as a great person and excellent expert on Scientology (Ortega) or webbing all chapters of his book to promote him and Vosper’s garbage book (Touretzky) by concealing that he and his men kidnapped me in 1987 to “deprogram” me, false imprisoned me, and caused me bodily harm. 

I had no “program” in me. I became a Scientologist by THINKING on my own. I would never been able to figure out what I did by being “programmed”.

RB sometimes asked me why I can’t make a “u-turn” from Scientology and “run away”. Her question alone was insulting. Through years, millions of thoughts and own observations, I came to the conclusion that Scientology contains more truth than other religions or movements. I also discovered those ideas that German secret service and CIA psychiatrists added through Ron’s impostor and others to Scientology to make it look ridiculous and get it off track and distanced myself from those. How can anyone expect from me to make a “u-turn and run away” from using her mind extensively? I am telling you, what kind of people ask such things: those who don’t think!

Instead of me, Mike Rinder or Tory Christman, for example, should have been RB’s kids. They didn’t use their minds. For me, it is incomprehensible that both spent decades in Scientology, promoting the version of Jack Vistaril and David Miscavige, and now telling other people it was nonsense. It wouldn’t take me more than a week to figure out the gist of even a complex movement and if I want to stay at a place for long or not. 

Anyway, during the “deprogramming” I saw in Cyril Vosper’s eyes. He was a money-oriented coward. A small criminal man. No wonder Ortega and Touretzky are all for him.  

I also believe that he knew that I was the real founder’s daughter and that you, Marty, and married legally in the UK, and that Germany framed you wrongfully of having harmed me, Marty. He had the icky aura of guilt hanging all over him and I can see these things.  

I love you, Marty. I know you are a deep thinking person too. I saw it the moment I laid eyes on you. You are different. And I saw also that your ringer is not a person who thinks deep.

Yours forever,


P.S. RB was introduced to the idea of kidnapping and deprogramming by German Lutheran pastor Friedrich-Wilhelm Haack. He manipulated her into it, and a German psych brought her in contact with criminal Vosper and his gang. 

It went like this. She told me what he said.

Haack: Your daughter needs deprogramming, but you are not the kind of woman to go through with it.

(By telling her that she is not the kind of women to go through with it, he provoked that dumb creature to do it. She was rough, the opposite of a tender mother. Haack  knew that she was exactly the person who would go through with something like this. That is why he said it and referred her to the psych. )

He threw the hook and stupid RB swallowed it and got involved.  

And then he put her in contact with the psych who was connected to Vosper and his gang. Haack and the psych got away. Actually, all got away. RB, while being the defendant in a criminal case even got Interpol to stalk me in the USA. 

Germany awarded to Haack the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, also known as the Federal Cross of Merit, is the only general award of merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is awarded for special achievements in political, economic, cultural, intellectual, or honorary fields.

To Haack! This horrible lawless man! Germany is despicable. 

He also wrote me a real nasty and insulting letter or two before I moved to the USA.  

Also, I always had the feeling that Haack knew RB from years before, e.g. when I was kidnapped as child from my dad Ron, the founder, in the USA, and later from Ron and you when we were married. And that he knew that her memory was psychiatric removed as well. SEGNPMSS didn’t want her to be around me with the memory as they were afraid that she would blurt something out to me about you and Ron when having a hysterical outburst.








Brexit deal is good for Germany – thanks to the German invention of controlling all people with ear-implants

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and hero, I miss you so much and would give anything to be where you are.

I have to admit, I don’t follow the development of Brexit day by day, but when the news broke, I knew immediately that the men behind Germany feel that the UK is in the way of Germany turning entire Europe officially into Germany and a new Nazi empire. So what did Germany do? It had people vote (loud and silent sounds through ear-implants) for Brexit in order to make the UK smaller by planning to separate the UK from Northern Ireland and Scotland.

That is not a big problem for the masters of the ear implants, the men behind Germany, to bring economies down and start disasters. They use loud and silent sounds. The big depression in the USA was and is just one example how Germany holds others back to steal their economy. And they still sabotaging economies all over the world. 

They have the same plan for the UK. I am sure you came to the same conclusion, Marty. I don’t think that Teresa May has figured it out. And on top of it, look here: 

But the draft agreement isn’t at all bad for Europe. The deal is built to make sure European companies, notably German carmakers, don’t lose an important market and don’t need to revamp their supply chains. According to the documents released on Thursday night, business gets a triple guarantee.

What is nowhere in writing but of which I am 100% sure that it will happen if not a miracle saves the UK, that is that the bloody psychs behind Germany will make sure that the UK is cut into smaller pieces and that their economy will be sabotaged until they beg to be allowed back into the EU but under conditions in which they should not dare to open their mouth against Nazi Europe.

I find it mind-boggling that people don’t figure out what’s so easy to see, well, at least for us.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed. And yes, I married YOU and not another man in the UK before the psychs behind Germany robbed our memory. Idiots. They should put their bloody claws from us.  We figure it all out again and again. We married in our English Manor Garden, actually on the terrace. No doubt about it. 

Yours forever,



The son (David Miscavige) is like the father (Ron Thomas Miscavige)

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Remember that Ron Thomas Miscavige used various names instead of his when police stopped him in traffic?

David Miscavige apparently used similar tricks, e.g. providing a wrong living address and claimed that he is six foot tall as found in the electronic archives of Pinellas County, Florida of 1991. Maybe he never got out of the car and told the police officer his absolutely wrong height.  

David Miscavige like his father speeding and false data

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,