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President George Washington warned of the Bavarian Illuminati?

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate, how are you?

I am convinced that the Bavarian Illuminati was just a front group of barbers and butchers (medical doctors and psychiatrists) to blame “philosophy” or “religion” so that they and later medicine and psychiatry would not be blamed on the horrible stuff they were doing. They make the world believe that philosophy and religion is bad and medicine/psychiatry is good despite all obvious shortcomings. 

BTW, Marty, I noticed that Ron (the real founder) rather referred to Scientology as an applied philosophy instead of a religion.

Anyway, allegedly, the Jesuits founded a secret order in Europe already in 1543. I bet the farm that this was another Bavarian front group. I know, most people think that history is correctly described, and secret services and particularly Bavarian secret services don’t go as far back, but I say this is not correct. The wars happened, and I am sure not even all were recorded and they were even more gruesome than described. The world has to look at history again. 

Religion has a bad reputation because barber and butcher, the today’s medical doctors and psychiatrists hate ethics. True ethical behavior was very originally at the heart of a real religion. So, ever since, they blame religion on being the evil, which does not makes sense.  They alter also the content of religious beliefs to make many people turn their backs on this with the words: Who believes that crap? They also radio in the ear implants of “representatives” of religions as Catholic priests to behave like pigs and Muslims to be brutal.

I read about historical events that go pretty much back to the Middle Ages that indicate to me medical/mind-control organized crime in Germany and Europe, and it came with the Europeans to the USA.  Same about Freemasonry. It consisted of front groups behind which mainly German (particularly Bavarian) butchers and barbers hid. Masonic conspiracies are also linked to the KKK or Skull and Bones. (Skulls and bones, that is a sure medical giveaway, is it not?)

These guys are the ultimate cowards. Hiding and making others commit their crimes is what they are specialized on. Jews also joined Freemasonry,  but one has to pull more strings to get to the Bavarian Dorian Grays. They just can live with themselves by NOT thinking about their characters and by lying that good people are bad and that they are good. They think they can’t afford to be honest and so they made others to be the scapegoats. I pity them, Marty, that is all the only effect that they are making on me. I don’t even hate them. I feel sorry for the lousy characters they are having. I wouldn’t want to exchange my character with theirs for any price in the universe.

It can be all traced down to Europe. My intuition is that a lot of suppressive people landed  there approx. 4500 years ago and killed the original Europeans, and interestingly, got stuck there themselves. The old story of bad people conspiring also against bad people. I believe that their main base was Bavaria. Hey, I lived there.  It has a high concentration of the lowest kind of people, the most brutal and perverted kind of people one can imagine. They have no value whatsoever. It is a total shock that people can sink so low. But they do. They have my deepest contempt. I don’t even want to live in one universe with scum like this.

There is a tendency saying that the plaque likely killed the early Europeans and suddenly people with a very different DNA populated Europe approx. 4500 years ago. Knowing the Bavarians, the barber, the butcher and the later medical doctor and psychiatrists, I can tell with absolutely certainty that if those people died on the plague, that the bacteria that caused the plague were bred and planted. And they used for sure other methods too to kill the original Europeans.  


As more I learned of them, Marty, as harder I tried to be different. They wanted to degrade me (and you and some other good beings) and degraded themselves even more in the process. And they continue to conspire against us, and I noticed that the gaps between their and our characters are growing light years wider apart. They sent us through hell, Marty, but I know that neither you nor me can complain about lack of self-esteem. We have it as our acts are so different from their low acts. In order to feel better, they have to degrade others instead of changing their rotten characters. Degrading people with better characters make them feel superior. But it is not working as they have planned. They grow smaller personality-wise,  and we grow bigger personality-wise, it doesn’t matter what they do to us. And all because they are too much of cowards to take an honest look at who they are and their values. That is really what it is. A person with courage admits its shortcomings and changes them. She engages in honest and friendly competition when she wants games. But all that these suppressive people are doing is unfair and based on them being cowards and being on the bottom of the tonescale. Once I wondered about the lower part of the extended tonescale, Marty, but after I discovered the true faces of medical  doctors and psychiatrists (most of them from Bavaria or with a Bavarian timetrack), it made all sense.  

They are lying to themselves all the time. Many are living in physically paradise-like villages and conditions (stolen physical immortality technology) but are very unhappy and depressed people. And their physical immortality can change at any time. One conspires against the other one, and they are finding themselves reincarnated in an animal body or in a human body of a gender they would not  have chosen for themselves, or are given as babies to abusive families or people, or have to live in a war country, etc, etc. And all those things that they did to others is being done to them. And all that because they are too big cowards to come forward and CONFESS what they did, how they did it, and how long this is going on and where those Dorian Gray rat nets are exactly. We find out anyway. 

Some say that the Illuminati faked the moon landing. I don’t doubt the moon landing one bit, but I know that we (main population of planet Earth) we were NOT truthfully told what is up there and on other planets and space stations. The people who are saying that the moon landing never happened are put up by their case officers who do not want to be discovered up there.

Anyway, history says that George Washington feared that the people of America will be separated from its government by the Illuminati. The German-oriented and -controlled infiltrators (US officials) sure took over the US government and still run it secretly today. 

If George Washington would today warn of the Bavarian Illuminati (or the Bavarian butchers and barbers behind them),their agents would say that Washington is “mentally ill” or “wearing a tin-foil hat”, and “needs to take his meds”… Typical medical and psychiatric defamation campaign against somebody who discovered the Bavarian butcher and barber, the Bavarian Dorian Grays  – or is close to discover them.

I doubt that George Washington didn’t knew that the Bavarian Illuminati were just a front group put up by the Bavarian barber and butcher monsters behind such front groups as the Illuminati and Freemasons. Centuries ago, people started to suspect the Bavarians, and the barber and butchers thought that they have to encounter this with “religion-based” front groups, the “Illuminati” so that nobody comes after them, butchers and barbers who became later medical doctors and psychiatrists and are still butchers and barbers, secretly or openly, as of today. 

I know that I don’t have to lecture you on this, Marty. I just have to get them out of my system once in a while.

Many kisses and tender embraces.






I don’t believe that the massive explosion of two stars in the Andromeda galaxy colliding was a natural event

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I know that most people think that they know about how much access people from Earth have to the universe. Moon landing and some unmanned landing on nearby planets, Hubble, and that is it. I am certain (and I think that also you came to the conclusion) that there is Earth-grown terror in space with top secret equipment creating gamma ray bursts and destroying and terrorizing.

So, what was this explosion about? To make people fear that it can happen to planet Earth, and to test the reaction of people, e.g. if possible survivors would call it terror and come after them if they do it to Earth. If these crazy terrorists (SEGNPMSS) would do it to Earth, it would remove the ozone hole and kill masses of people and animals.

You are deep on my heart, much deeper than any space, Marty.

Yours forever,


How sad and how typical German-controlled: “USA” vs. “USA”

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I am here, Marty, my breathtaking Prince, and I am missing you.


I had a horrible nightmare yesterday about you. I know what dreams are and who are sending them, Marty. When execute such a plan at to what they sent to me in that nightmare, I’ll ask God to send them the Deluge. And I really mean it. You are good and deep in my heart and nobody shall get away hurting you.

And now to my headline: I read that the White House “accidentally” identified the CIA’s top official in Afghanistan on Sunday. I don’t believe it was accidentally, Marty. It is a secret German/medical/psychiatric world and people have ear implants and do what Germany wants. It is all arranged to harm the USA one way or the other. People just fulfill their corrupt little role and don’t take responsibility for the whole picture and the future. The reason why this big country has such a bad reputation and makes so many “errors” is because its representatives and officials are not truly Americans at heart (despite wearing an American flag on their suits or having an American flag in their offices). They feel rather like secret Europeans or other nationals  and are German-controlled.

And these people either are not smart enough to figure it out or they don’t care, which is also stupidity. Anyone turns against anyone at any minute when a German-oriented case officer wants it. What a horrible world. The outing of the CIA official was DELIBERATE. People do what is radioed into their ear implants. When these people hear their codes, the execute the order like trained dogs.

And there is Hillary Clinton. The news says that she praises Obama on  “Bin Laden to highlight her role”in that. Good grief! Obama is a traitor. He knows that the real Bin Laden got away and that the Navy seals just shot Bin Laden’s doppelganger. Obama needed a win to be re-elected and that is why he did this. He knows that he got the wrong man, and this was the reason for not publishing the photos of the dead man.  And Hillary isn’t better.  The USA needs an honest and capable President and not some secretly German-run puppet. Hillary is quoted having said this: “The president’s top advisors were divided. The intelligence was compelling, but far from definitive,” Clinton writes in an author’s note from publisher Simon & Schuster. “It was as crisp and courageous a display of leadership as I’ve ever seen.”


Duh! What is courageous about it ordering seals to kill an unarmed doppelganger and selling him as the real Bin Laden to the world? 

President Obama could say of course: “Listen, I really thought that was is the real Bin Laden. Why would I declare the real Bin Laden dead if he can resurface at any time?”

That will be his justification in case people pull finally strings, but I would not let him get away with it, because I think that President Obama is on the side of anti-American secret service forces who informed him that Bin Laden is tired of being hunted and wants to retire and that he should go along with killing of the doppelganger and leave the real Bin Laden alone. Hitler got away too and never surfaced. And Bin Laden would do the same. And that makes anyone who knew of this into a Sept. 11 co-conspirator. 

On that Bin Laden thing, President Obama needs to be impeached, and if Hillary is with him, she needs to be impeached before she ever can run for President.  President Bush also demonstrated once again his lack of intelligence and/or ethics by congratulating Obama of having “got Bin Laden”.  With leadership like these guys, Germany and other enemies of the USA can do to the USA what they want. It is such a shame and it means that Americans have no true protection and they can’t live in peace. 

This is the real Bin Laden, a German agent who got away like Hitler:



You need to get out of your wrongful imprisonment and run for US President, Marty. You got it in you to turn the USA back into the beacon for freedom and rights for EVERYONE instead allowing Germany to use any other nation and “religion” to stomp all over it.  

I love you, my hero. In  this German/psychiatric-and medical controlled world, people are turning against each other and are so untrue. But one thing remains true: my love to you. Sending you many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. My love is like a rock. And I know yours to me too. And the rotten  German/psychiatric-and medical controlled world does not know how to kill it but keeping us apart, torturing us and hiring doppelgangers. They don’t get that we can read personalities. Tonescale shines even through pictures.

There are a few people on the net who compared pictures and also think that the Navy seals shot the wrong “Bin Laden”. They compared body parts to come to this conclusion. However, original Scientologists do this differently. We can see the DIFFERENT PERSONALITY shining through that they are having. The doppelganger was not a uptone and innocent person either. He agreed to be hired “to fool” the USA, but the joke was on him. I am sure that he thought that when it gets tough and when he would get arrested, he could explain to the Americans that he is not Bin Laden. I am sure he never dreamed that he would be just mowed down unarmed on the order of an “US” president who needed a huge win to be re-elected.    

Most of those who think that Obama got the wrong Osama think that Osama died already before his doppelganger died. I don’t. My intuition tells me clearly that he got away like Hitler. German secret services are the originators of the 7/11 attacks but Bin Laden supported them so that Middle Easterners and Muslims and not the Germans are being blamed on the attacks. 

Yours forever,




When will the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, and other agencies of the Intelligence Community finally admit that psychiatrists are conditioning these shooters/terrorists?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband,

How are you? My thoughts are with you.

What else has to happen until agencies admit that psychiatrists are conditioning those killers? And when will they finally admit that Germany, the SEGNPMSS (or Bavarian Illuminati or how the hell they are calling themselves) has to overall control over each freaking ear-implant, murder and terror act on the planet?

A terror attack by Nazis leaves three dead in Brussels in the Jewish Museum.  Premeditated mass murder also took place today in Santa Barbara. All on the same day. It is hard to keep up with all these attacks. Psychiatrists, neuro”scientists” and medical doctors know how to condition people into becoming terrorists, and they do  it. The German idea behind attacking people in a Jewish museum is that they don’t want people visiting such museums and forget what the Germans did. Just as vandalizing 300 Anne Frank books served  originally the German purpose to make people no longer read about her ordeal and Nazi inhumanity.    

With all the modern surveillance on the planet, it is completely unrealistic to me that the  CIA, the FBI, the NSA, and other agencies of the US and international Intelligence Community don’t know how terrorists/shooters are being made and who are making them: psychiatrists and other medical doctors and that Germany is the driving force behind that.

I have seen with my own eyes how people can be changed by psychs, Marty. And I bet, you have seen a lot too. They bring out the worst in people. They even do it to their own: James Holmes. Wanting a career and being respected in the world can be stripped away and suddenly doesn’t matter to these psychiatric-made terrorists.  Psychs are using loud and silent sounds to control such persons through their ear implants while the sleeper commits the atrocities. And if officials/agents of the  CIA, the FBI, the NSA, and other agencies of the US and international Intelligence Community don’t speak out about this, it will not stop, and one day, it could be them or one of their loved ones who is conditioned into a Manchurian candidate or becomes a victim of such a psych-altered person.

Elliott Rodgers  received psychiatric treatment by multiple p$ychs. Of course, another failed life. And this is not all, I bet he was psychiatric implanted and hypnotized to commit this atrocity. Not just failed by psychs but deliberately set up. Human lives of the victims and the person who they have set up means nothing to them. 

That is one of his psychs:

That kid suffered apparently under not being tall. How tall a person is, often is an indicator that she had a timetrack of the other gender and was tricked into being born in the gender wouldn’t had picked on their own. E.g. tall or masculine women, short and female men, but it is not always like that and not all decide to become gay or lesbians. Rock Hudson, for example was 6 foot tall, yet, I bet the farm that he was a woman in his former lifetimes.   

They diagnosed and treated that kid with “Aspergers sydrome”. However, Aspergers was dropped from the DSM-5, the psych bible, which means that he was treated (and likely got drugs) for a non-existing mental illness. What else is new. All these psychiatrists failed that kid and didn’t handle his problems. What a shame. His fixation on wanting to be blonde and getting a blonde tall girlfriend is also an indication that the Nazis’ Aryan race idea is still around and got in his head.  He mainly talks and writes about looks not about wanting a girlfriend with a good character.  What do they know anyway except setting people up and making terrorists? I read a discussion of some guys how to handle rejections of girls/women. Most of these guys could have helped Elliott Rodgers with his inferior problems and how to get a girlfriend lot more than any psych did. Also, he wrote and talked about all his feelings and stages of his life. How “difficult” is it to help a person who is so talkative?  Anyway, I noticed that he acted more like a traditional girl, waiting to be approached, instead like a traditional man, doing the approaching, and this happens when people find themselves suddenly in the other gender.   

P$ychs also are using their terrorists/Manchurian candidates to push the issue of involuntary commitment. They want more power to grab and commit anyone. The psychiatrists who are making the killers/terrorists create monsters want to commit any person who might be harmless to turn her into a person who will be no longer harmless. The old story of these barbers and butchers. 

University of California President Janet Napolitano said in a statement: “This is almost the kind of event that’s impossible to prevent and almost impossible to predict.”

Gee, and she was the head of Homeland Security! What is not predictable about terror acts? Psychs are making terrorists, and the prediction is that it will not stop unless they are being busted as the WHO behind  the terror. 

Today, three people were killed and a fourth person was wounded in a shooting at an oceanfront motel in Myrtle Beach, one of South Carolina’s most popular tourist destinations. How does that help Germany? Tourists refrain from travelling to the USA and rather spent their money in Europe, and snake Germany sits on top of it.   

What else has to happen for the world to stop these terror acts? How many more people have to die until these officials SPEAK OUT about what they really know?

C of S and CCHR also should be a lot more effective in raising public awareness about international psychiatrists (and Germany behind them all) creating those monsters. Psychs are those monsters and as they don’t want to be arrested or shot, they condition others to go through with their insanity.  C of S and CCHR are doing NOT ENOUGH to stop the terror. With all the cash C of S has, the org could run a very effective campaign and also save their own. Distributing WTH is not enough to stop psychs from conditioning people into Manchurian Candidates. 

But David Miscavige rather spends it by keeping my blog down. What a dummy!  

I love you, Marty. Many kisses. Wish I could be with you. 



We both were not just love in a past life, Marty, but married in this life.  And insane p$ychs didn’t like our happiness, forcefully separated us and stole out memories. As if they are any bit saner than this Eliott Rodgers kid who they twisted with their mind control into a monster.






Why physical immortality should be also of extreme interest for Scientologists and others who believe in reincarnation

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince and hero, how are you?

People don’t want to hear it as it is bad news: The in between-lifetimes and the early start of a new life is not free but controlled by secret service psychs. But if we never talk about it, they can go on forever, and that has the worst consequences for every being.  We need rights and good laws for the between-lifetimes and the early start of a new life. 

Ron’s (Scientology founder’s) technology concerning spiritual abilities/spiritual immortality was altered and his technology for physical immortality was stolen. The only remnant appears to be the Purification Rundown, but the way of life that I remember Ron was lecturing about is gone. As I wrote before: the only people who think that they profit from this technology being gone are those who earn a lot of money due to the fact that in this non-Ron world, people are getting sick and are aging and dying: doctors, pharma CEOs, etc. And there is no country more medical and psych-oriented than Germany and its secret services. The USA and its government would behave completely different, if it wouldn’t run the USA secretly.  


Scientologists are not afraid of dying or “being dead” (meaning having no body). Through auditing or self-analysis, they know that they lived many lives before and they can always “pick up a new body”.  I know that you know how these things work, Marty, but I heard that some people wonder what that means. The ideal scene would be taking a full-grown baby body after birth (and checking the gender before taking it). However,  people hear their ear implant codes also in between lifetimes, and their  case officers radio them to fly/dive into,  grab and  hold onto an embryo or fetus body,  and people do this foolishly, and often end up with a body of the wrong gender and suddenly feel attracted to the same gender. (This is so easy to figure out.)  Whoever has their codes can run them.

Other thetans who are around might try to get that body too but when they feel somebody with more intention wanting that body, they figure that they have no chance getting it, so they leave and look elsewhere for a body. Or they don’t get any at all. Or they settle for an animal body. (Another reason why people should not eat meat.) 

A Scientologist should know all of that, and that there is so much more. Besides being tricked into the body of another gender that one has picked before or an animal body, there are the silent sounds who make people forget who they were in their past lives and all skills, abilities and experiences.  Those are horrible crimes. I remember having talked to a Scio some years ago, and she said that there would be no longer implant stations. Well, I am sure that psychiatric labs still have them, but they are really  no longer necessary as just about all people and animals are programmed with their codes.  Even after physical death, they hear their codes (silent or loud) and do what these codes says.

As beings have no rights in between lifetimes and as this area (according to torpid people) does not even exist, it is very unwise to give up a body with a mind that has knowledge and experience but rather to be interested also in physical immortality . The time from diving into an embryo, fetus or baby body is bombarded with forgetter commands,  “courtesy” of the SEGNPMSS, case officers using ear-implants and silent sounds on others. I believe the very top of these secret service people (hard-core German barbers, butchers, psychiatrists, neuro”scientists” and medical doctors) would NEVER allow that anyone installs ear or body implants into them. They just do and order others to do this to others. They are also living wiser. They don’t eat meat because of religious reasons, evidently, but because eating animal products can kill them, and they want to be immortal. But they don’t tell even most of their own agents that they can stay immortal and they stole Ron’s research and technology hereto. Hitler was a vegetarian not for ethical reasons because he knew about the immortality technology that he withheld this also from his Aryan race, unlike  Ron who gave generously to others.

Anyway, in-between-lifetimes, everything  is completely lawless, and stealing of knowledge, abilities, and skills happens also to Scientologists in-between-lifetimes as it is a secret psychiatric and medical world. And that is why Scientologists should be interested also in physical immortality. And every bad lifetime takes away from where a person is on the tonescale and attacks also spiritual immortality.

Scientology was altered and there are more non-Ron changes are on the way. By dying and forgetting, Scientologists might not recognize Scientology anymore as it is so changed. I bet that this happened to Ron.

Many kisses, Marty. I love you.


Yours forever,


Langhorne Slim sings about past lives. He sings it in a scratchy voice, but the song is really catchy.  The second paragraph is also telling me something. Anyway, without silent sounds and implants, it would be easy for anyone to recall past lives.  Secret service psychs don’t want us to remember, but we remember anyway.  Yeah, eat that p$ychs!



I don’t remember being born
don’t remember how it felt
I never knew the deal
or the way it was dealt

I know it was in August
and I heard it was hot
I know I got a mother
who loves me a lot

Do you believe in past lives?
Haven’t I met you before?
When they said that I was dead
it wasn’t true
I was just dead to you.

And I ain’t dead, anymore

maybe I was an outlaw or the law itself 
maybe i was a rich man or the rich man’s help
perhaps I lived in China, perhaps I loved in vain
maybe I missed the boat, but made the train

Do you believe in past lives?
Haven’t I met you before?
When they said that I was dead
It wasn’t true
I was just dead to you

And I ain’t dead
I ain’t dead, anymore

I wish that I were good
oh man, I wish that I were great
I wish that I’d been early
more often than late
but nothing lasts forever
maybe that’s fate
when you’re alive you’re alright
when you’re dead, you’re a saint

Do you believe in past lives?
Haven’t I met you before?
Oh honey when they said
Scolnick is dead
it wasn’t true
I was just dead to you

Well I ain’t dead, anymore


Do you know this joke, Marty?

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My sweet prince, here it is:

A German man walks up to the immigration desk at an airport in France.

The immigration officer asks: ‘Occupation?’

The German replies: ‘No, just a holiday.’


Made me laugh out loud that joke. 

Evidently, this woman heard that joke too:


But really, what is there to laugh about?

That German lied of course. It is always an open or secret occupation with the Germans.

I love you, honey. Many kisses.

Yours forever,






Where are the other parts of the interview by Tony Hitchman interviewing Ron, the founder of Scientology?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince, how are you?


There is a buzz on the net concerning above Auditor issue of 1968.  Tony Hitchman, a famous reporter, interviewed Ron, the founder in Rhodesia in  1966. And he really interviewed the founder unlike the Granada crew who interviewed the impostor on the Apollo and sold to their public that the impostor is the founder and not the impostor (who was married to Mary Sue).

There is also a report that Mary Sue was not in Rhodesia with Ron. Of course she was not. He didn’t knew the woman. She was the impostor’s wife.  Upon German (psychiatric and medical) secret service orders, Scientology was infiltrated by non-Scientologists from day one. The impostor “Jack Vistaril” impostored the founder from the start.   So, already back then, the interview that Tony Hitchman did was shortened. I have seen this film in the 70s, and it was already “edited” with important information missing, edited by ear-implant-carriers, in other words: German run international medical/psychiatric agents.

The interview in which Tony Hitchman talked to the real Ron has no greeting and no end. (Infiltrated current C of S has the interview deleted on YouTube based on “copyright violations” but the videos with the dumb impostor is still on YouTube. Current staff rather has the world just see the impostor and make people believe that this creep is the founder!) Anyway, the Auditor article says that this interview had three parts. Already in the 70s, in the orgs, I just saw ONE part that lasted no longer than 20 minutes.

Where is the rest, infiltrated Scientology orgs, where is the rest?

Besides, there must have been also a discussion on physical immortality.  As the interview was shortened, it seems that reporter Hitchman asks out of the blue after immortality. Ron answers that Dianetics has nothing to do with immortality. This is true but some of Ron’s other tech had a lot to do with it. As doctors make billions with disease and aging, the immortality technology and also the vegetarian/organic technology was completely stolen from Scientology. 

You will agree with me that spiritual immortality, a being that is not going further down on her ethics level and with her personality (tonescale) is most important, and Ron developed technology to stop people going down further with original Scientology. However, in a world like this one, physical immortality is also extremely important because just about anyone suffers the horrible consequences of a painful medical death in an average of 75 years. Stupid people in the bondage of their ear implant took all that from Scientology as their medical case officer ordered so. With each lifetime, a thetan goes down more spiritually. The body is used by medical and psychiatric terrorists to bring people more and more down in each lifetime. Memories, skills and abilities are stolen in between lives. This planet needs physical immortality as well. Besides, aging and dying is really barbaric. 

Once again for the records, below is really Ron, the handsome and ethical founder of Scientology, and yes, Book 1 was altered later too and is no longer how he wrote it. Can you imagine that Ron “thanks” a medical doctor, Marty? What a crap. He wasn’t like the Vistarologists and Miscavologists who seek approval by a profession that evolved from barbers and butchers.   He didn’t seek approval from anyone. He was so different from the Vistaologists and Miscavologists who think they need certificates from NAFC or anyone else.



And this is his creepy impostor, a German/CIA run agent and Jamie deWolf’s great-grandfather: 



There is also an “outrage” by Mike Rinder about that “Ron” declared people suppressive. Rinder too plays dumb allegedly not knowing that the founder was impostored. He should know best, besides, his just as his good buddy (Monique’s husband) impostors you.  Ron (the real founder) for sure said that there are suppressive people. As if people who conspire against good people and destroy their families and work are not suppressive. But the fair game stuff is by the impostor. The impostor should have declared himself as suppressive.

Mike Rinder (he is such an agent and never a Scientologist) acts as he never heard that org infiltrators forged Ron’s signature. There was a letter writing unit in the infiltrated Sea Org that did nothing else but forging Ron’s signature. I got numerous personal letters from “Ron” with his signature forged on it. Some people say that Rinder “loses his religion”. Just like Monique’s husband, they never were Scientologists!


Also, I don’t believe in any secrecy as far as the real Ron is concerned. How better to steal technology and alter OT levels by keeping them a secret  instead letting the entire planet know? So, I am convinced that medical doctors and psychiatrists came up with that secrecy and that people will get ill when they read the levels before they reached a certain level in Scientology. Who are they kidding? Vistarologists and Miscavologists but sure not original Scientologists as us. 


Have to go, a handyman is coming over.

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,