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Monique’s husband is totally money-oriented in everything he does… One way or the other, he is all about making personal cash off Scientology…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince, how are you?

Monique’s husband is too much. First he tries to deliver “Scientology” (whatever he thinks it is) but just a few weirdos wanted to be audited by him. Can’t blame anyone, as I wouldn’t want to be audited by this agent and impostor either. So, he didn’t get rich and sends his wife back to work instead getting a job himself somewhere.  

Then he got the idea to write “books” about Scientology to make cash. (Books that are not telling the truth about the most important things… e.g. that he himself is an agent, impostor, and infiltrator and that even the founder of Scientology was impostored and impersonated by a ringer.)  BTW, his “books” are rather booklets and really expensive for how thin they are. And they are untrue on top of all, and he makes people wrongfully believe that he is you. But once again, he didn’t get rich.


Mosey appears to be tired working for her hubby, so in order to get rich, they file a law suit against Scientology and ask judge Dip Waldrip in Comal County, Texas to award them with millions from Scientology because a PI on the next lot has a camera on his land. Unbelievable, those two! They even work together with a foreign country (Germany) that wants to bury Scientology since ever and then play the innocent little victims in a little Texas court room in order to rip off millions.    

They adopt a child to look like a nice couple that is really needy of a lot of cash. (I still wonder what kind of adoption agency gave them a child, considering alone what Monique’s husband admitted in regards to his violent side. I still can’t get the images out of my head him slamming the car door into a reporter’s head several times.) 

Begging for “donations” on his blog might not be that effective either to strike it rich, as Monique said in the court room, they just got “some donations”.  

And  now he offers a “course” making people leave Scientology. It is like paying a psychiatrist money for a fabricated mental illness. If somebody wants to leave Scientology, he should just do that. I know many people who simply got inactive in Scientology, and DM has a lot to do with it. But there is no need to give DM’s former right or left hand, the  money-oriented impostor Monique’s husband cash for that.  


Wanna bet that this “course” is another failure by Monique’s hubby? Who is so stupid to do this course and throw cash at these money-oriented opportunists except as a very few of his stupid cool-aide-drinkers?  

He simply should get a real job like other people too.

Writing this, doesn’t mean that I endorse DM or Miscavology in the least! I still can’t get over it that he put p$ych-devices (as spinning device and pain station) into the SP building! These are another disaster waiting to happen. DM, Miscavologists, and Vistarologists can’t predict the future. They are as little OTs as psychs. 

I love you, Marty. I am so glad that you are NOTHING like Monique’s husband. Two men couldn’t be more different on the inside than you and he.

Millions of tender and passionate kisses.

Hope to see you soon, against all odds. When I said that I love your forever, I really meant forever. 🙂 



And this music makes me want to dance with you! 🙂



German parliament has Nazi looted art on their walls…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

Modern Germany (that lies to the world that they are no longer Nazis) decorated its walls with stolen Nazi art.  Billions of Euro that they stole and keep! They are so GREEDY. After all they have done to the Jews, 70 later, they still have not returned their arts to them. How disgusting. Germany is the most money-oriented cult there is. And yes, their secret services also changed Scientology, the original anti-cult, into a money-oriented movement, with the main bank accounts of Scientology in Europe with Germany on top of course!    

See here: Nazi looted art in the German parliament.

I wrote here about that I lived very close to a government building in the 80s in Munich of which people said that it contained a large volume of stolen art. They just wait until the rightful owners dies to keep all of it.  And they don’t want any investigation. Of course not.

I really would like to see the original list of the  Central Collecting Point, Marty, and learn what the Germans actually did or didn’t do to return these art pieces to the owners of their families.   

Did the Nazis also steal the Mona Lisa? I think that the Mona Lisa as it is today was not the original. I think she was so beautiful that Nazis changed that into less beauty just as Nazi doctors destroy human beauty.

And the worst is: they steal not just material and money, they steal also people, including me!

I love you!

Yours forever,






Psychiatric conditioning of female “suicide” bomber in Russia…

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Dearest Marty, my rockstar, and one and only,

I know you think the same: will it ever end? Russia too seems to be sleeping as far as hypnosis and psychiatric conditioning of male or female people are concerned.  In Volgograd, a woman  detonated today a bomb blowing up 16 people including herself. Official terror connections or not, I have seen psychiatric-altered people, and they are SCARY like hell, yes, the kind of people who would attack and kill and not even really knowing what they do. A person who is not psychiatric altered wants to survive. Once psychs nab her, alter her natural wish to survive in her mind, and turn her into a walking zombie, she has no reality anymore of who she was and wanted before that. She does exactly as she was hypnotized, takes the bomb or the gun and goes where she was told by psychs to go and blows up anyone and herself. How p$ychs! How typical psychs.

One reason why p$ychs infiltrated and destroyed Scientology is because original Scientologists were aware of them and what they are doing, but they want to continue their gruesome crimes but never being found.    

The psychiatrists without borders love to get rid of the “evidence”, the psychiatric-altered mind, a mind that could be investigated as to what happened to this person. But if she is dead, that is end of the track, unless the Russians had some kind of surveillance in place. It needs of course non-corrupt officials, police, and secret service officers to turn these p$ychs  and neuro-“scientists” in. As p$ychs have the overall control over the ear implants of each officials, they are of course told not to come after the psychs. Officials rather should blame a single person gone nuts or a terror group but never those behind the scene who are making the terrorists.

Germans invented psychiatry. If the CIA can do it, and other secret services can do it too. And particularly Germany can do it as they invented psychs.

Remember times in Russia this lifetime, Marty? I recovered very clear memories of you and me walking over the Red Square in Moscow. Very clear! Maybe they shouldn’t have made the Cathedral of the Protection of Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat that colorful because its kinda sticks to the memory. When I saw it again on pictures, I knew that I know this place. But actually, Marty, I remember looking at you a lot more often than at any building, even one as pretty as that building. I saw you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, and then the square and then  you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, and then the Cathedral and its many colors and then you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you… You are getting the idea.   

Isn’t it strange that we were there  in a time in which the iron curtain was so iron that hardly anyone could go back and forth. But we “managed” that by being unconscious! Amazing, isn’t it? “Courtesy” of German p$ychs who are above everything and were also above the Soviet Union in its most Coldest War times. A couple of healthy unconscious people are transported back and forth between the Soviet Union and Germany or other European countries, and nobody at the borders thinks that something is strange with that. Once again, Germany owes secretly the entire world.   

Thinking about what was done to us, Marty, one thought crosses my mind again and again: How dare them! And hell will freeze over before we let them off the hook. A bet numerous just expect forgiveness from us. How can one forgive the unforgivable? Yes, we forgive them, if they can undo what happened. But not stealing our memories to make us forget but undoing their atrocities. They can’t. So, they can’t ask forgiveness from us. They continue conspire against us and they want forgiveness. Unbelievable.

It is easier to forgive as it means a more comfortable life, but since when took we ever an easy route? That’s what they are getting for messing with the wrong people. Another way to see it is that they messed with the right people, because we will kick their behinds (Germans and other nationals who are working for the Nazis, as one who works for the Nazis is a Nazi) so hard that they can’t sit anymore for a billion years. I recommend to anyone who want to get his behind kicked real hard to mess with us, as this comes with the guarantee that we never will allow him/her to get away. In  all eternity, we will look for him and put him/her on the defendant bench. And those who declare others insane hardly can’t get away with claiming that they are insane too, after all, they claim to know what’s insane and not.       

They emptied our minds, stole all our memories, but we got them back. People who mess with us really are full blooded-idiots. There is no other definition for this kind of idiocy. If I would have been one of them, I would have known that we original Scientologists figure things out and that we don’t quit. They can’t predict anything. They thought that our memories to each other would be the end of the story. We wouldn’t find each other again. They were so wrong. So wrong!  

When I saw you again in Los Angeles, I caught myself wondered for a moment that you were in the USA despite you had no accent. I explained it first with past lives but then I figured it correctly: not just past lives, we were together this lifetime too. But I was glad that you were American. Really glad. It is where the both of us really belong.   

Many kisses, my hero. It’s it funny that psychs can do anything but killing our love?

I love you so much.

Remember this?

я тебя люблю

Your wife,




1) I’ll take crazy over stupid any day 2) If stupidity would hurt, Tony (Tiny) Ortega and the Bunkerites would be very hoarse… 3) Mike Rinder’s covert attacks against the founder

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Joss Whedon once say: “I’ll take crazy over stupid any day.”  Me too! 🙂 Rather “crazy” than a mentally-retarded hate-monger!

Dearest Marty, my soul mate and one and only,

2013 is coming to an end and there was still no message, mail, letter, card, telegram, fax, subpoena from you or on your behalf for me, but I know and feel that you very much are trying to reach me, and this vast conspiracy against our rights are keeping us apart. Luckily for us, there is no chance that their 3rd party will succeed. Because we are OTs, we can read between the lines. We know also that what nobody is telling us. And they really have no chance against our abilities. We are not falling for their lies and plots. We are not falling for silence and secrets either. We are not falling for doppelgangers, impostors, and agents.

There are so many reports about surveillance lately, but the best thing to figure everything out is using ones own mind. All we know, we figured out ourselves. All we have to do is thinking about it, and then we are getting to the bottom of it.

A few years ago, I once mentioned on Usenet how I figure things out. Psychiatric agents of course defame my way of thinking like they typically do if somebody doesn’t blow in their horn. They are same kind of people who now post as commenters on Tony Ortega’s blog. 

If you change the “i” in Tony you’re getting Tiny Ortega, which is an adequate description of his IQ, I would say. He is just like his posters. He even reads and moderates those comments. Imagine that! What a lousy job.  Moreover, he also is unable to figure if the handwriting or voice on tapes/videos is that of Ron the founder or his impostor “Jack Vistaril”. Tiny Ortega is a blind man (or dishonest man if he knows and doesn’t say anything) who doesn’t check what’s really wrong.      

Marty, I take all available information, data, logics, observations, and perceptions and process them in my mind. I am thinking about these, also about what might be withheld from me and what/who is BEHIND it, which results in various possibilities. I then run these possibilities through my mind, and what makes the most sense and feels strongest (thetan basically knows) is indeed the actual situation. My mind works like a kind of safe. I am using various combinations and what clicks strongest is usually the truth, and I adopt that as the base of my knowledge – instead of just being a Cool Aide Drinker as for example the Bunkerites. They are not thinking for themselves. These kind of primitive defamers call my way of sharp thinking “mentally ill”. Then I am rather “mentally ill” that retarded as they are. Yes, I take crazy over stupid any day. There is not even a word to describe the stupidity of these people. It is okay being different but it is not okay being stupid. We couldn’t afford being as stupid as they are, Marty. You and me, we really have to be as smart as possible in order to make it. 

Ortega’s Cool Aide Drinkers defame the fact that I discovered doppelgangers and impostors as “mental illness”. Euripides would say: “Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.”

Somebody posted this on my blog: Tony Ortega (T.O.) appears not be cognizant of the type of lonely, radical, entitled, bored, needy, poor, violent, drug addicted, angry, misanthropic, and nasty types and shut-ins with bully personalities who are his base of commenters and “readers” at the Underground Bunker. T.O′s own mobs now owns him in a way that is not obvious to the untrained observer. T.O. is indebted to his mob or at least that is how they see it or how it will emerge in the mob’s groupthink. They are also his only audience so he is chained to keep writing the same crap day after day, and he himself can never grow as a human being nor as an artist. T.O′s mob spends 24 hours a day seven days a week spewing hatred on behalf of their leader “Tony” and at the foot of their leaders daily blogs, but T.O’s is the one who is going to be selling appearances and selling books and getting rich on the backs of his involved mob or readers who see themselves as important in his campaign against The Church Of Scientology. Right now Tony just thinks he is kind of a big deal with a whole bunch of nice strangers. The guy is in for an unpleasant surprise of his own creation when his very mobs feelings are hurt and they turn on him. History repeats itself and it has happened many times before.”


One should never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. Stupidity is  it contagious with fools. One fool follow the other. Tony Ortega really runs a cult himself. He says that he is anti-cult but by running one himself, he can’t be taken seriously. He also asks people for donations on his blog. If he would invite them to a party and he would serve them cool aide to drink, they would drink it, no question ask.     

And that brings me to Mike Rinder. I have no intention to type a lot about him, I don’t want to waste my time, but just this: He is pushing the term “fundamental Scientologist” to position Scientologists with the negativity of “fundamental Christians” and to justify having original Scientology destroyed and replaced by all kinds of  idiotic non-effective splinter offs that can’t hold a candle to the original applied philosophy that Scientology once was.

Mike Rinder knows there is no such thing as a fundamental Scientologist. There are original Scientologists (those who psychs and psychiatric agents never can sway as they believe in their own observations and not in the what the likes of Rinder, Monique’s husband, or Tiny Ortega, etc. and psychiatric-oriented secret services cook up), and otherwise, they are the Vistarologists and Miscavologists, which is  Scientology altered with original tech missing and psychiatric garbage added. Original Scientology was anything but a cult, it was the anti-cult, but agent Rinder pushes terms to defame the original applied philosophy. According to his psychiatric-oriented propaganda, Scientologists including the real founder are “fundamental” as in Christian fundamental. Nothing could be further from the truth. What a dishonest rat this man is. Besides, it was him and Mosey’s husband who supported DM for 20+ years and failed to return Scientology into its non-cult state that it original was.

Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband were DM’s right and left hands when his Cobness came up with the psychiatric devices for the Super Power Building. Where were these two telling DM that these spin devices, spin platforms, stress tests, water shocks, and pain stations are psychiatric and the opposite of original Scientology? They are just as guilty as DM. How can one not predict that psychs just are waiting for an opportunity to use their own p$ych inventions planted in the orgs for more disasters against Scientology? 

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses. I am so glad that you are different. I never would have fallen in love with you if you would have been an agent or dumb. You are one of a kind. My kind of thetan. They are common and average, and you are unique and very rare.  

Yours forever,






CCHR is very important but has to do A LOT better!

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince and soul mate,

How are you? I am thinking of you. I had really busy x-mas days but what else is “new”. Finally, I can take a breath.

CCHR reported that the military has a hidden enemy: psychiatry. They are right about this but the hidden enemy is also within the Scientology orgs.

CCHR does a good job informing about many aspects where psychiatrists and the pharma industry has really lots of blood on their hands: dangerous drugs and electroshocks. 

Below CCHR video correctly concludes that terrorists are being MADE but ignores the fact of psychiatric hypnosis and the use of ear-implants (tiny silicone implants, invisible on x-rays) within ear drums to control the hypnotized/e-shocked/drugged person (they strip her access to her analytical mind) into conducting the murders/shootings/explosions and any kind of other terror and the radio her to destroy herself in the process.

This is done so that the psychiatrists or neuro-“scientists” who make those terrorists don’t have to fear that the truth comes out by anyone investigating the minds of these Manchurian candidates. The mind of a dead person can’t be checked anymore on hypnosis and e-shocks. Most of the time, the planned terror attacks and the “suicides” works like Swiss clockwork. Those who control the terrorists through his/her ear implants control the entire attack and the killings, and they don’t mind mowing down even little kids. (I never was in Connecticut, Marty, but work-related, I had a financial loss of approx. 400 Dollar due to this horrible terror act. This is sure nothing compared to the loss of a child. Besides, isn’t it strange that a red-head girl with the last name Hubbard was among the killed?) I believe they still have no motive but I can see a motive of the psychs who made Lanza do it. 

In a few cases, the “suicide” fails like in the case of Rex Fowler… He shot himself but survived.

Psychs don’t mind at all even turning their own into terrorists (James Holmes).  This guy has psychiatric-altered or neuro-“science”-altered mind written all over him. All these psychiatrists or neuro-“scientists” failed to figure that some p$ychs or neuro-“scientists” changed this man from being very career-oriented into somebody who doesn’t mind anymore what his peer is thinking of him. Before his mind was altered, this was likely the most important thing to him: being respectable. At least this is what his grades were saying. James Holmes might have hypnotized/e-shocked/drugged/ and mind-controlled OTHERS into conducting an atrocity but for sure never thought that his colleagues would do that to him and use him that way.      

CCHR defends human rights and yes, human rights are violated by this 330 Billion industry, and humans need help. But in addition, CCHR should look into violation of animal rights by that very industry. How many animals are butchered for the pharma-industry?  

Back to people and human rights:


CCHR does NOTHING to inform about secret psychiatric activities in orgs. (What is up with that, Jane Eastgate?) Why is CCHR not protecting Scientologists? They just show with the fingers on what happens outside of the orgs or what is not connected to any org. Jeremy Perkin’s mother, Elli, who Jeremy killed worked for CCHR! What is wrong with Miscavology and CCHR not using all that is available to CCHR and SCN to prove to Congress and law enforcement that Jeremy was psychiatric altered to kill his mother to make CCHR stop working against psychiatric abuses? Why wasn’t that done? 

In the Godeka shooting, the orgs even work together with psychiatry instead CCHR proving that psychs are creating terrorists. What is that all about?

Imagine Miscavige’s world would become the main world, Marty. That would mean that psychiatry gets away with anything because psychiatry within the orgs is off-limit for CCHR for some strange reasons. (Explain that, David Miscavige, in addition to your videos that make people feel sorry for psychiatry as your videos don’t display wisdom but violence, and explain also why you talk so fast when you mention psychiatry that nobody can follow you and all that is left in the minds of listeners are images in which you show violence against psychiatry so that people have to feel sorry for the worst on this planet, psychs! DM, you are such a psychiatric agent and non-Scientologist! Yuk! No ethics, no morals! How can you live with yourself?)     

Here are some missed opportunities by CCHR to fight psychs back and convince Congress and law enforcement about how terrorists/killers are made and how they kill people and make it look like suicide:

All alleged “suicides” that happened to anyone who was online in orgs. (Psychs nab people and hypnotize them to commit suicide, e.g. jump from buildings, etc. Or they go in, make a person unconscious with a narcotic and hang her or lead fumes in her car, etc.)  

Murders that happened. Just two examples: Fowler and Perkins. Both still alive. CCHR should make the case that these people were psychiatric altered instead of leaving these people to the psychs. It is so typical Miscavology not fighting back when done to their own. CCHR also failed to defend Tom Cruise in regards of how psychs ruin a reputation in the media who dares to use critic on psychs and the pharma industry on national TV. DM is such a “good” friend.   


CCHR staff studied a lot about psychiatric history, yet, David Miscavige introduces psychiatric terms and devices to Scientology, as stress test, pain station, spinning wheels/platforms, and that doesn’t raise any concern within CCHR? Good grief! Psychs are getting away with anything as they are NOT fought back within the orgs. 

Ethics has to start at home. The orgs have to be the example of ethics applied. 

It is very likely that Congress and law enforcement would reject CCHR’s offer to help them investigating terror and other psychiatric-created crimes, based on the bad reputation of Miscavology. But in those cases where it happened to somebody on their lines, e.g. Fowler, Perkins, and the “suicides”, CCHR and the orgs should simply INSIST of proving that p$ychs secretly altered these people. Scientology has the technology to show that to Congress and law enforcement. Fowler and Perkins could be audited in regards of those murders before law enforcement and Congress. In addition, there could be secret service records that prove that psychiatric-mind-control indeed took place. CCHR and the orgs should insist that these records on these crimes are published.

I am so unimpressed by David Miscavige’s leadership. This guy checks nothing. Psychs have many ways and methods to kick somebody from post. The fact that he got Scientology and was allowed to stay on it for so long just means one thing: he is really bad for Scientology. MISCAVOLOGY DOES NOT BUILD A BETTER WORLD. MISCAVOLOGY ALLOWS PSYCH CRIMES WITHIN ORGS AND TO PEOPLE ON ORG-LINES. Shame on you, DM.        

Your know this, Marty, I know it, and any real Scientologist should know this too.

I love you, many kisses.

Yours forever,




My kind of Christmas music, Marty! Or my kind of music for other festive times like seeing you again, which will be the best of all days!

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I love you!

Yours forever,


Written by Barbara Schwarz

December 24, 2013 at 12:21 pm

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FBI got it all backwards… What on Earth makes them think that vegetarians, protectors of animal rights and anti-vivisectionists are a danger to national security?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soul mate,

It is hard to believe but seems very much so a fact: The FBI (an organization that constantly fails to find the common denominator* for shootings in schools, kindergardens, universities, churches, malls, cinemas, etc. to prevent them) thinks that vegetarians, animal right protectors, and anti-vivisectionists are a threat to national security. Knock’s one’s socks off, doesn’t it?   

Read this article about the FBI and FOIA requests:

It is broadly known that vegetarians are healthier than those who eat animal products. In other words: companies who produce animal products are making people sick and shorten their lifespan. I would like to know from the FBI why that is not a thread to national security: people getting sick and dying by eating animal products?    

You and I, Marty, always look behind curtains. We pull strings and ask questions. Who wins financially if people are getting sick? The pharmaceutical companies and doctors. Now we go full circle: who are vivisectionists? The doctors, the pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies… They justify it that they need to make these animal experiments after all, people needs meds to combat those illnesses that they contract by eating animal products. Full circle again.

If the government would actively support pro-lifespan ways of life (and being vegetarian is one of those ways) and not suspect vegetarians of being the devil, this country would be better off and obesity would be also a matter of the past. Former President Bill Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore are NOW vegetarians. NOW, after they lost much of their powers. Why didn’t they promote this life-style while they were IN OFFICE? If the FBI considers vegetarians to be a threat to National Security, that means that Bill Clinton and Al Gore are also….  Well, you know what I mean.

On this planet any good movement is sabotaged. We know what happened to Scientology, how it was and how it is now. The vegetarian movement and animal right protectors are having apparently a very similar problem: infiltration. For example: Somebody might be put up saying that people who are no vegetarians or animal protectors must be raped. Two wrongs make no right and the original noble cause of not wanting living beings being tortured and abused is hit by such comments. There were/are apparently also people who targeted research laboratories, fur farms, and other animal-exploiting industries in non-peaceful ways, and how better to ruin a movement by being not peaceful?

Shouldn’t the FBI investigate if these people are put up by somebody in  hope to make a peaceful movement go off the rails or is the FBI involved in this as well?

And with regard to the * above, the FBI and other agencies that are supposed to protect national security CONSTANTLY FAILS to investigate the common denominator behind school, church or other shootings or other kind of terrorism, e.g. they don’t draw the conclusion that these terror acts are related, which they are, and that these terrorists are intentionally produced by people who know how to disable the analytical mind of people who can hardly other people but psychs. Besides, I saw them doing it.

Secret masters of the FBI and other agencies that are supposed to protect national security apparently don’t want them to look into this direction.    

I love you, Marty, I am sending you millions of kisses and will not give up on you. Our love is meant to stay. 

Yours forever and ever.






One terror act after the other – but FBI and other law enforcement analysts fail to figure the common denominator… And the horror continues…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome hero and soul mate,

How are you?

Usually, the first that the FBI or other law enforcement are commenting after a terrible act of violence: “He/she acted alone.” Which always means that they have no intent to catch those who condition those people into becoming shooters/terrorists.

I am sure you have seen a lot in your life,Marty, and so did I. But I wonder were the eyes of many other people are.

In Munich, I knew everyday people. They were not crazy at all but for some reason, they came in contact with psychiatrists. I heard such people talking normal stuff about the weather, children, grocery prices, the economy, clothes, everyday stuff, just as normal as the average person one can meet anywhere. Then these persons entered in that normal average day person condition and state of mind the closed treatment rooms of psychiatrists or neuro-“scientists”. When they left a few hours later this office they were like crazy perverted and threatening zombie. I have seen it happen. Nobody can tell me otherwise. Between the state of average normal person and becoming a scary zombie was nobody but psychiatrists. It was average persons – psychs – scary zombies. It could not have done by somebody else because they were normal before they entered the psych treatment rooms. 

And it doesn’t just happen in Germany or other states. In  Washington D.C. I knew a girl. I shared a room with her. She was critical of many things, had strong opinions and was orderly and talkative. She was very ambitious to have success in her life.  She trained to become a security guard and took this schooling VERY seriously. She wanted a good job and good pay to make a good life for herself. I knew her personality quite well.

One day, she was came back and was a completely changed person and this change of personality scared the daylights out of me.  I don’t know where she was those hours, but she was changed like those average daily-life persons that I saw going into psych treatment rooms in Munich. Except that this time, it has happened in the USA.

She wasn’t in the slightest nutty before and she was completely nuts when she came back from wherever she was for those last hours. I think she was napped by p$ychs like Lisa McPherson or so many others and psychs conditioned her into this scary state. She was no longer like average people. The most important thing for that woman was her schooling and career. She really wanted that security guard certificate so badly but she wasn’t ambitious anymore. She didn’t go back to school. She talked utterly nonsense at times and seemed to be in a lot of inner pain. As if she would be screaming on the inside. At the same time, her altered personality was now grim and threatening.  She stuck to my heels (scary feeling) and alternatively to those of an Iranian girl who was New York raised and luckily anything but submissive. She didn’t do that before. She used her time to prepare for her ambitious life and school and not to run after girls and scaring them. 

That was in an environment where nobody was a Scientologist but me. That girl whose mind was altered  had no weapon but if she would have had one,  who knows what would have happened. The expression “she wasn’t in her right mind” literally was going on with her. She didn’t knew what has happened to her nor that she has changed. And I also know why they did it. Psychs conditioned her to make her come after me. Already before her mind was altered, she wasn’t my favorite person, but I sure didn’t wish her to be implanted, hypnotized, and likely e-shocked by psychs. I had to leave D.C. and don’t know what became of her.

When I hear that former ambitious people (incl. James Holmes because psychs commit such mind-altering crimes against their own peer) or average people suddenly go berserk, I know that somebody tampered with their minds. There is active and on-purpose psychiatric “interference” as implanting that makes people “snap”. They don’t do it just like that. Yes, there can be trauma or shock, but from what I have seen, psychiatrist are making the terrorists, the “suicide”-pilots, and the shooters. They condition these people and then run these suddenly mentally-incapacitated zombies via their ear implants and make them committing crimes. The psychiatrists and doctors behind those crimes always come away because the CIA, FBI, other law enforcement agencies, courts and neither Congress is investigating if the shooters/terrorists were napped and altered.

BTW, I bet that the NSA has also clear indicators in their records that this really is happening. But as nobody says anything, it continues.


Psychiatrist George Estabrooks admitted many decades ago that psychiatrists can do this to human minds, yet, nobody is looking into it. It is an old method using others to commit crimes as bad as murder and terror, and those who are setting these people up are getting always away with it.

Even little kids are killed as in Newtown, yet, nobody looks into who conditioned the shooter. That shooter apparently had problems since ever, probably never was like average people but nevertheless, I have all reasons to believe that there was a set-up behind it, and the shooter didn’t came up with the plan but just executed it. The people behind it came away, and I don’t want them to.  

Sure, if no weapons are around, many of these shootings don’t happen. However, in Germany it is more difficult to get weapons but there were shootings too and lots of stabbings. Also, people can make bombs if they have no access to guns. Most importantly, the psychs behind conditioning people into Manchurian candidates must be found.  

As they come away ALL THE TIME, they never have to fear being held responsible for their outrageous crimes. Until they are nabbed and altered by their own peer, like James Holmes…

CCHR and Miscavology also failed to convince the government to investigate. Lisa McPherson didn’t harm others, but everything I read about her told me that she was psychiatric-conditioned to lose her mind and to die in the hands of “Scientologists” to force Scientology to accept psychiatry and neuro-“science”. Miscavology stepped right into the psych trap.

CCHR and Miscavology failed also to insist to investigate that for example Jeremy Perkins, Rex Fowler, or numerous alleged “suicide” cases were psychiatric conditioned set-ups. Miscavologists are waiting till things blow over, which is stupid. Miscavology doesn’t fight back, and by fighting back I don’t mean fists but investigating, documenting and repeating what has happened to make these hidden psych-actions stop. Miscavologists are like many non-Scientologists: they also stick their heads in the sand.

CCHR is a warning of drugs and e-shocks, which is important, but it does not demand efficiently from the government to investigate what is behind the shootings and terror acts.   

Miscavology wants to “fit in” so desperately that it doesn’t remind me of Scientology anymore. Scientologists don’t wait till grass grows over something. WE DIG and ACCUSE those who are behind it. The price of freedom is to fight back, says Ron, and he is so right because otherwise, they step all over you. And at the moment, all are stepping all over Miscavology and claiming wrongfully that it is Scientology.

For crying out loud, David Miscavige has introduced psychiatric devices into Scientology as the “pain station”, water shocks, or that spin machine. What is the man’s IQ not getting that this has p$ych set up written all over it? WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF PSYCHS CONDITIONING A PERSON ON C OF S LINES AND ON THAT IDIOTIC RESURGENCE RUNDOWN TO CONDUCT TERROR? How come David Miscavige or the other Miscavologists can’t see this? THOSE DEVICES ARE NOT BY THE FOUNDER BUT PLANTED PSYCH IDEAS!

How can the Vistarologists or Miscavologists be so blind? They are the opposites of Scientologists and completely blind. They have no OT abilities at all. They are living in  the dark and fly into the open flame.

Scientologists are kicked out or left behind (like you and me) but non-Scientologists are dragged back in and to turn later against Scientology or what is left of it. Good grief! It has disaster written all over it.

I love you, my hero. 

Many kisses.

Yours always,



NEVER LIE IN PR – That was the first rule of GOPR (WW once headed by David Gaiman who was wrongfully SP-declared by Miscavology)

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate, I am thinking of you.

Work is  thrown at me, not christmassy here at all, so here just a few lines.  (Not quite sure what is going on in the picture above but it looks funny.) 

NEVER LIE IN PR – That was the first rule of GOPR, but I always thought that NEVER LIE should apply to all people – inside and outside of the Guardian Office or the Sea Org or any org, mission or group or outside of Scientology. I am sure that Ron (the founder, not his impostor Jack Vistaril) wrote Never Lie at All because he also wrote Clean Hands Make a Happy Life.

Impostors and people who lie and conspire naturally have no happy life.

Many kisses my darling. I love you.

Yours forever,


Goodness, what’s going on at the North- pole?


Hypocrisy beyond words

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

How come that Germany, a country which showed its true ugly face clearly during the Third Reich, always comes out smelling like a rose? Isn’t that totally suspicious? Who believe that they are suddenly saints? Nobody smart!

The records that Edward Snowden released mainly show the USA and too a lesser degree the British, Israeli, Canadian, Australian and Norwegian secret services in a bad light. But not the Germans. How come? I don’t want to defend any US secret service action either, but knowing the Germans, I am asking the big question: how come THEY are not being busted? And I do not just ask this question, I also answer it: they run the entire world through ear implants and they make people not busting them and look the other way, except the few of us, who they are afraid of and can’t run.

Germany doesn’t need outdated technology like tapping phone conversations. They have high-tech mind-readers invented by rotten p$ychs and supercomputers. What they do is not just reading and storing every thought that anybody on this creepy planet thinks, they also influence these thoughts with loud and silent sounds and very advanced translator-programs. How dare German secret service psychiatrists, doctors, and  other agents to point with the finger on other nations by being the force behind reading any mind on the planet, by recruiting little children and turning them into agents while their minds are completely unripe and running them and manipulating their thinking and behavior. The entire world is a German secret cult and pig stable. It is total Orwellian.   

Again, I am not defending American officials who failed to do something against this or are even in cohorts with this, but the German idea behind Edward Snowden taking those records is solely to shame the USA and to make the USA stop watching Germany, because they want to continuously come away also with secret German atrocities planned for the future. According to the Germany, nobody is allowed to watch it while it does a do a lot worse to the world than just watching. This was the German plan behind Snowden and the “revelation” that Merkel was “spied” on. I bet there are indication in NSA files that Merkel has secret case officers who are telling her what to do. And she isn’t the only one who has them. They don’t want Snowden or others releasing what their agents in the US government did against us, Marty. No, keeping us apart is a secret very German plan too. The USA should be shamed and forced to stop monitoring and recording on Germany. Even despite the USA and other countries allow the Germans notoriously get away with everything, Germany feels so much better when NOTHING is recorded about their atrocities. 

In the meantime, German secret service psychiatrists have all the access to the minds and thoughts of anybody in the USA, including the US-President, all US Senators, US Representatives, officials, judges, scientists, you name it, every single thought of any person and even thoughts of animal and are recording them.  ALL thoughts and mental energy. But nobody blows the whistle on total German mind control or that they are the force behind current terror. USA is being busted on spying on phone calls but Germany is not busted on reading, processing, recording, keeping, controlling, and influencing each thought of everyone in super computers. They do the influencing with loud and silent sounds.  

They don’t need to ask the phone companies to turn over records. Germany sucks any thought anybody ever thought directly out of the minds of people. That is what they call freedom for mankind.   

A federal judge ruled today that spying via phone is unconstitutional but what about reading the thoughts of people? I didn’t allow anyone to read my thoughts (not because they are not noble but I don’t like them exploited and Germany or any other state or persons enriching itself based on my thoughts) but Germany does it. They all act as if  mind-reading and controlling is not done but it sure is.

Marty, I bet in those files that Snowden took are lots of data how agents for Germany conspire against you, your family, me, Ron, and some others. But I bet these data should not be published. Germany doesn’t want this known, after all, they are running those US and international officials and judges to deny our rights to us. So, according to the German plan, Edward Snowden should only publish data to stop the USA monitoring them so that they can continue with or even increase their international violations of human rights.        

Germany awarded Edward Snowden with the Whistleblower Award and they praise his actions  with the highest words. This “award” was created by the German branch of the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms and by the Association of German Scientists. Germany against arms? Only officially. Remember Imhausen and the poison gas factory in Libya? And with German government approval, Siemens exported machines in the Middle East that are used to allegedly eliminate kidney problems. They have “dual use”, a  high precision switch used to detonate nuclear bombs. How devious is it to invent something like that?  

These “scientists” failed horribly to check what their own country is up to, or they know it and keep it to themselves as the obedient cultists that these “scientists” or other “professionals” are.

I wouldn’t want any German award. Under no circumstances would I accept one. And the USA doesn’t fight back. With fighting back, I don’t mean throwing bombs. I mean saying: “Okay, Germany, that’s it. Everything you did and do will be published for the entire world to know. We had it with your atrocities and secret set ups. All people and all animals on this planet need protection from the likes of you. This time, you can’t wiggle yourself out as you did after losing the WW wars. This time we go to the core, to the men behind it all. You need your still existing Nazi behinds kicked that they can’t sit anymore on them for a billion years to come.”

I love you, Marty. And they should get an extra kick in their behinds for having separated us for so long. They have very advanced technology, Marty, but they are NOT intelligent, otherwise they never would have messed with us. Because dead or alive, we will NOT letting them or any international co-conspirator getting away with it. NEVER!

Yours for all times to come.