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This video about new scans of the “Khufu” pyramid in Giza is most interesting

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

If you have a chance watching this short video, it is worth the time.

The Washington Post published an article about voids that scientists found while scanning. They say of one void that it was hidden during the construction of the big pyramid.

I wrote this before. I am convinced that the pyramids were not built to be burial places but as a defense against SPs. They were built during that horrible time period when the old successful Europeans disappeared from the surface of the Earth.

I also believe that many more pyramids were planned, mainly as defense buildings. Another purpose was for sure stopping physical aging and dying by keeping environmental factors away and to watch a wall from not being poisoned. What’s underneath of the pyramids is also very interesting. 

This applies also to Teotihuacan, the City of the Gods. Wallstreet Journal reported on August 10, 2016 that Teotihuacan, Mexico’s Pyramid City, worshiped water according to archaeologists.

Water was important to them as they knew that healthy water can extend their physical lifespan indefinitely. Very similar findings will be made under the Giza pyramids if the correct information are not withheld from the public.

SPs got fast to the pyramids to destroy its architects. Jealousy. Instead of becoming someones, they destroy others to be not reminded of what low creatures they are.

SPs “introduced” Egyptians to beer to make them wasting their minds, and as always, there is a traitor who opens the doors or let SPs know where to enter. And that is usually the end of it.

The pyramids were robbed most certainly already 4500 years ago plus by Al-Ma’mun in the Middle Ages put up by German barbers and butchers. They are the forefather of psychs and they knew how to hypnotize others and bring the objects robbed from the pyramids to them. I would know this even if he didn’t have Al-Ma’mun, Mun for Munich in his name.  

Be kissed, my Prince. I love you.

Yours always,


P.S. Ma’mun’s “methods” greatly led to the patronization of pharmaceutical compounds. Typical for a barber and butcher robot. 


CIA dropped going after Hitler because the CIA was and is controlled by the SEGNPMSS

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

How are you?

You probably read that in the recently released files on JFK, there was information that informed the CIA that Hitler had escaped Berlin and was living in Colombia under the name Adolf Schüttelmeyer. “Hitler, Adolf 0003”.

Marked with “secret”, the memorandum on Hitler was wired from the director of CIA’s bureau in Carcas, Venezuela, on October 3, 1955.

Here is a PDF file with the original CIA memo:


At the end of this newspaper report are more JFK records on Hitler:

The question is: if it was nonsense, why was this report strictly classified for 60+ years?


Why is this memo in a file about John F. Kennedy? Did he (“the Berliner”) knew this and stopped the investigation into Hitler being still alive?

What “enormous efforts” could that be following one man from Colombia to Argentina considering that he was the worst mass murderer? Only one decent agent (if they have something like that) could have gone under cover in the Nazi community in South American to trace Adolf Schüttelmeyer. (Schüttel is German for shivering.)  There is money for each war but not a penny to go after those who caused or provoked the wars? 

The scientific investigation of “Hitler’s” scull in the Soviet Union turned out to be female. I guess that Hitler either killed Eva Braun or had someone else kill her. I strongly assume that it was her skull. Hitler was apparently secretly gay. I assume that having a wedding night with a woman scared the hell out of him, so he got rid of her.

CIA was and is controlled by the SEGNPMSS, otherwise they would have investigated any Hitler sightings.  

Today, they are not better and accepted a doppelganger instead  of the real Bin Laden and allowed the real monster to escape and allowed the German doctors who conditioned Mohammed Atta’s cell into flying into the Twin Towers to get away too. Plus everything else that I wrote about this German-controlled agency during the course of the years.

If the USA continues to be tool of the psychs behind the Nazis, it will be doomed. Is it just you and me and a few others who see what is going on in the world? Terror, crimes, human rights violations, perversions, aging, diseases, possible nuclear wars, all could be prevented by the USA and other governments. But it is not because corrupt people within the USA and others governments fail to do their jobs and deliberately cover up what they should not. Heil ear-implants! 

This pro Nazi attitude is also the reason why I, the American child, was not brought home back to the United States and why you are wrongfully locked up and why nobody helps you to get me into the witness stand, Marty. Still existing Nazis run these alleged Americans and other so- called western nations. Shame on them. I hope they enjoy what the SEGNPMSS has in store for them and their children. I know the SEGNPMSS apparently a lot better than they do. Here is what I see for these idiots who keep us apart: The moors did their duty, the moors can go.

Nobody will speak up for them either when their time of “disposal” comes, as this is the culture that these idiots helped to create. If they continue to keep us down, Marty, they must have an eternal death wish. I see nobody but us taking on the SEGNPMSS and the ear-implants. 

I love you, Marty.

Always and forever…



Garry Scarff aka hundred troll names was scum of the Earth

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

Scarff died already in spring of this year and nobody in the Scientology-hating cult noticed until yet. Nobody of them noticed the passing of Paul Horner either.

The Scientology-hating cult members are wasting their lives away attacking Scientology and the founder (by concealing that the founder was impostored and Scientology psychiatric-altered) and they are no good friends to each other.

Scarff admitted that he never was a Scientologist. Another non-Scientologist, Mike Rinder, another piece of scum, allowed degraded Scarff to work for OSA and the result were of course lies, misinformation of the public about Scientology, a bad rap for Scientology, and other overt products.

He stalked me also outside of the Usenet and the Internet. Garry Scarff was the ideal SEGNPMSS robot. He was another moor with ear- implants who did his psychiatric duty of hatred, stalking, and defamation and was then medically disposed of by the psychiatric secret service system who ran the degraded man who had no conscience like his secret psychiatric masters.

Below is some of the doing of Garry Scarff, a person who Tony Ortega and most members of the Scientology-hating cult approve of. Show me who your friends are and I am showing you who you are.

I have the right to spit on his grave – but he is not even worth that.

I love you, Marty.
Yours forever,

Lots of conspiracy theories on murder of JFK but not one got it really right

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Dearest Marty, my awe-inspiring soulmate, 

How are your days and nights?

There are gazillion reasons why I love you, but the main reason is that you are you. The gist of everything that a person did in this and her former lifetime can be felt by a real spiritually-aware Scientologist.  What I felt in your presence was simply amazing. The supreme test of  you, the thetan, revealed to me that YOU always make things go right. YOU never choose a way because it would be easy on you. You always took the way that was right and noble. And that makes you completely irresistible.

I have the ability to see and feel all this. I can see and feel around a person very quickly what she is about. And with you, “decent” is so much an understatement. You light up the universe. You are exceptional in any way. And it is typically a psychiatric-controlled Nazi world taking power away from you instead giving it to make the world a much better place. 

Wikipedia has a long list of conspiracy theories concerning JFK but not one got it right:    

SEGNPMSS runs a campaign that people who come up with conspiracy theories are twisted minds. People should not think conspiracies because SEGNPMSS don’t want anyone to figure what they are up to. They run a worldwide secret cult and want non-thinking people. Actually, a person who think that no conspiracies happen is a stupid person.  This includes law enforcement officers who are constantly radioed: Suspect acted alone.  Yeah right! Just about anyone has ear-implants. There are always the psychiatric case officers who run someone who approve of a murder, crime or atrocity.   

However, as people are having ear-implants, they are mislead with loud and silent sounds and don’t figure out what is often in plain sight. There are also these agents who deliberately come up with false or kooky conspiracy theories to give conspiracy theorists a bad name and to mislead people and not to suspects the SEGNPMSS.      

So why was JFK murdered?  Here are some of my thoughts: 

Much of the horrible acts the CIA and the FBI suggested were ordered or approved by the SEGNPMSS. They knew that these files eventually would become public and that the USA will lose respect in the eyes of the world. This is a very typical action for the SEGNPMSS. They do this all the time. 
JFK said he was a Berliner, so Germany wasn’t interested to get rid of him? That is not what I see. If he would have said that he suspects a still existing German Nazi secret service and the psychiatrists behind them to continue to torture the world in secret, he would not have been shot as they don’t want to be found and put to justice. It it was very unwise for JFK to say that he is a Berliner as he gave Germany its alibi. And the SEGNPMSS and gave the green light to get rid of him.
Germany can say:  “We had no reasons to kill him, he was a Berliner!” Yes, he was a Berliner. After I was kidnapped to Germany, he failed to get me home to the USA. I am definitely not a fan of his but I didn’t want him or anyone else being murdered.  As a father, he should have known what Ron and my grandfather Ike are going through after Germany kidnapped me. Only a foul character does not apply effective help to a kidnapped child and a family who needs US presidential action and not a Berliner in the White House.    


I strongly assume that JFK knew that President Dwight David Eisenhower was murdered by German-controlled doctors while still sitting president and replaced full-time by a doppelganger (not voted for by the American public) upon SEGNPMSS order to which the US Secret Service,  CIA, FBI and other agencies complied.  SEGNPMSS ear implants rule.
What Germany did to JFK in return is:  The Moor has done his duty, the Moor can go.
JFK didn’t do anything to stop the SEGNPMSS. Then they got rid of him.  In short: OW sequence. Or how do they say? Karma is a bitch. It hits everyone at the end.
The meeting of Oswald (SEGNPMSS agent) in Mexico with a communist was an attempt by Germany to blame the murder of Kennedy on Russians. SEGNPMSS wanted and still wants the USA and Russia and other states involved in real hot wars not just cold wars. And they also wanted a war between Mexico, Cuba, and the USA involved. They want the entire world to hit the USA in a war at the same time and US states breaking away.
None of the conspiracy theories mentioned in Wikipedia suspects still existing German Nazi doctors but it was them.
Feds are still covering up by continuing to keep records secret.    
I learned that JFK wasn’t that much of a popular president when he was alive. They glorified him after he was murdered. They also got rid of JFK junior. It is really easy for the SEGNPMSS to send silent sounds into the head of someone to make him do a pilot error.
In the files of JFK that were released recently was a top-secret file that goes into detail on that Soviet leaders believed a “well-organized conspiracy on the part of the ‘ultraright'” in the U.S. was responsible for Kennedy’s death, not a single person. 
Actually, the conspiracy theory of the Russians comes the closest, except that also they don’t point towards Germany and the SEGNPMSS. Yes, the USA is heavily used by the SEGNPMSS but so is Russia, and all other countries, and of course also North Korea. 
Here is who murdered the Kennedys and all others: “a well-organized conspiracy on the part of the ‘ultraright’ (still existing German Nazi psychiatrists and doctors and mind-controllers) are responsible for Kennedy’s death, not a single person”. 
They were also responsible for killing Ike while still sitting president and replacing him with a doppelganger. 
I bet the farm that you figured this as well. Hope to see you against all odds soon, Marty. Kissing you all over. You are my hero. Always were, always will be. Keep on surviving. 
Yours forever,

Noise harassment, so very SEGNPMSS

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Dearest Marty, my fabulous one and only, how are you?

Even if there is no physical communication between us, we communicate on a spiritual level. I often can feel your emotions and I bet you can feel mine too. No wonder p$ychs are jealous. If they would put as much attention into becoming better people instead of stalking and abusing us and would raise their awareness levels and spiritual abilities, they would not have  reasons to be jealous. 

RB always claimed to having a special spiritual connection with me but this was never the case. When my life hung by a thread, she noticed nothing. When I had better times, she claimed that I would be in grave danger. A completely twisted person she was. And everything about her screamed that she was a past live psych who was in this lifetime implanted by psychs. Psychiatry is the dog that bites in its own tail. And their new name doesn’t fool us: neuroscience (science, cough cough!) is just as bad.  I bet the farm that James Holmes was conditioned by colleagues.      

If RB  would have been spiritually closely connected as she claimed, she would have understood that you are my soulmate. But she didn’t. I still believe that Germany used her against you and me as she was such a fanatical person. Such people can’t think straight even if their lives would depend on it. 

I read about the noise in Cuba, Marty. This is so typically SEGNPMSS, using their agents to harass others with sounds. They harassed me all my life with it and I am sure you noticed it in your life too. I had to move from places due to noise harassment. Even today, even in the middle of nowhere, the SEGNPMSS radios its agents to noise harass me. So, when I read that Americans in Cuba are harassed with noise, I just can say: I know who is behind it. If these human rights violations are done to regular people, it becomes rarely known. If you go to police with it, they do nothing and maybe sending psychs to your home to collect you. As these Americans are U.S. Embassy workers, it became public. 

It is not just the high-pitched whining that they are hearing. Silent sounds with messages are underneath the whining sounds. If the intelligence community would decrypt the sounds (commands) that are under the whining, they would be able to figure the motives. But as just about anyone is run by the same corrupt source, the SEGNPMSS, effectiveness and truth are very rare things.

They suspect a sonic weapon. It is. But underneath is more. The high-pitched sound is not all there is.  Why? Because I know the SEGNPMSS.  Also, the so-called tinnitus is a sonic weapons and underneath the ear ringing are tapes. Underneath of the tinnitus are remote-controlled commands, which are misleading people, making them sick, causing accidents, and all kinds of horrible things.

Alone the word noise is suspicious. “No is”…  A denial that existing noise takes place.  

Psychs and other SPs don’t want to hear it, Marty, because they are cowards, and that is their own downfall. They will step in their own traps. As one is doing it to the other one. The only reason to prevent stepping in traps themselves is removing the traps for ALL the people. 

I also strongly suspect that silent sounds are underneath music recordings, and many artists might not even know this. Nevertheless, I listen to music when I have time as the world without music is even more depressing.    

The thought of you kicks any blues of mine right to the curve, Marty. What would I give to hear from you… 

Sending you tender and passionate kisses.






Germany of all countries wants to be the cradle of humanity despite it is the cradle of inhumanity

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and wonderful husband, 

I wonder how your days and nights are. Most of all, I wonder how stupid people are who conspire against us thinking this will bring them any blessings. Haven’t they heard that karma is a bitch?

Marty, I am so happy that I met you and again. I am so glad that all the wild stories against Scientology that I heard didn’t keep me away but rather intrigued me to study it, and that I met you again just few years later. Too bad that Scientology was and is heavily infiltrated by people who rather worship their ear-implants but Scientology and that we drifted apart. 

We were so close that when I could have touched you, and now your whereabouts are so secret and distant as if you would live in another universe. Sigh. The difference that between then and now: we know so much more and that is nothing the SEGNPMSS is able to cope with.   

Today I read in the news that a 9.7-million-year-old tooth discovery in Germany could re-write “human history”, and could change that mankind came from Africa but instead from Germany.

Good grief! An ape is not a human. I wondered always how people can seriously think that their forefathers were apes, until I figured that those people were apes in their past lives. So, they should just talk about themselves. We never were apes nor Neanderthals in our past lives and we didn’t evolve from them. 

If the tooth was not planted due to Germany’s notorious cravings for recognition of being the most important country in the world, question is what happened to those creatures in Europe, particularly in Germany, which is notoriously known for eradication of living beings?

The ape remnants that were found in Africa are allegedly 2 – 5 million years old. The German ape is allegedly twice as old. Maybe Germany is the cradle of the apes but certainly not of humanity. Humanity is what they always tried to eliminate and they are still very much at it. 

As you know, the genetic line of humans, our bodies, started from scratch. It was there before bodies of animals. SPs (psychs) are around since the dawn of time and they made the worst experiments with human bodies they got hold of. I think their experiments resulted in all kinds of animal bodies and if thetans are degraded enough, they pick themselves an animal instead of a human body for their next lifetime. Life as an animal is horribly restricted. What can you do as an animal? I can’t imagine anyone wanting to become one without psychiatric mind-control having conditioned such thetans.

Two people (one adult and one kid) told me recently that animals are on this world to be eaten. Crap. It is basically cannibalism as (degraded/at one time in point psychiatric conditioned) thetans inhabit the bodies of the animals. If someone really knows how to cook, no dead animal is necessary to make gourmet meals.    

We are meant to be together, Marty, and there will be always a way. Evil systems have a tendency to crash sooner than later. It is just a shame that people don’t learn from the past and the obvious. They of course talk each other into that their system is not evil but so did those who supported the 3rd Reich. We know that those who separate us are evil cowards who cannot afford taking an honest look at themselves. Wimps who do not better their ways and rather become themselves victims of that bad world at the end.

Germany want to be the country of thinkers but in fact is the country of idiots. Only idiots are trying to prevent our advanced and human ways of which they also could take advantage of if they would let other people live in peace. So, these idiots rather contribute to their psychiatric system, where one conspires against the other one and where entire nations are eradicated and everyone is killed in an average of 70 something years on some “disease” and aging, which all could be utterly prevented.  The cradle of the full-blown idiots, that is what it is. 

I love you, Marty, since ever and for always, my Prince and soulmate. 





Bing has the Solar Evaporation Ponds at the GSL today as title picture

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

How is your life? I am thinking of you. I think I figured all out (thetan basically knows) and that the problem me seeing you again depends on the removal of stops that the SEGNPMSS whispers into the ears of officials and members of Congress. People are so untrue. And they don’t even realize how badly they harm themselves by allowing their own German-oriented and -controlled psychiatric ear-implant system to sabotage us. 

Marty, I hesitated first mentioned the village under the GSL to others, thinking if this would be wise as I don’t want to risk safety and security for your family, but then I figured that probably anyone knows about it anyway from the SEGNPMSS and that they want that I am the person who should never learn about it.

I was ridiculed by Scientology-hating people saying that the GSL is not deep enough for such a village as the GSL is allegedly only 33 ft at its deepest place.  Lewis Nixon allegedly invented sonar around 1906.  Before, I believe they measured depths of a lake with ropes and weights. The first official survey of the lake took place around 1850, but I am convinced that the village was built already and anchored in the GSL when this survey took place.

What I think happened, Marty, is that they measure the roof of the village as bottom of the lake. That means that above the roof of the village are 33 ft water.

Why I am convinced that the healthy village exists under water? No, not only because the LDS church suspiciously avoided answering me on this subject, but because thetan basically knows, and I saw the village again through self-auditing. I was standing on one of the top terraces in the huge village with its rich vegetation looking down on houses like a market place in the middle. From where I was standing, the houses in the middle looked tiny. I also knew that it wasn’t a mockup or my imagination. I felt the same emotions that I had back then. It was a beautiful discovery. Nobody can tell me that it does not exist. Nobody. I know it is real. That is how convincing this discovery was. I also noticed that it was extremely difficult to get to this picture and that it was embedded in between psychiatric implant commands for me not to look there by all means. But I did. (Message to the p$ychs: Is what, Docs, you disgusting monsters?) No doubt, Marty, I have help from above. And psychs are helpless against this. Actually, p$ychs are such low life forms that they don’t even have a clue who they mess with and how things will end for them. Their problem is that they can’t think for themselves.      

Be kissed my darling. I love you. 

Yours always,