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Voyager 1 kicked its camera software program over board

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate,

How are you? Here I am again with my starry eyes. (Kidding!)

As you know, Voyager 1 was launched in September 1977 and is allegedly that probe that moved deeper into space than any other Earth made object. It traveled allegedly 11 billion miles. It is still in our sun system. It is equipped with songs, including a whale recording. (Funny.)

Some more songs that fly in deep space… 

Bach, Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F. First Movement,  Java, court gamelan, “Kinds of Flowers,” by Robert Brown, Senegal, percussion, by Charles Duvelle,  Zaire, Pygmy girls’ initiation song by Colin Turnbull, Aborigine songs, “Morning Star” and “Devil Bird,” by Sandra LeBrun Holmes,  Mexico, “El Cascabel,” by Lorenzo Barcelata and the Mariachi México, Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry,  New Guinea, men’s house song, by Robert MacLennan, Japan, shakuhachi, “Tsuru No Sugomori” (“Crane’s Nest”) by Goro Yamaguchi, Bach, “Gavotte en rondeaux” from the Partita No. 3 in E major for Violin, by Arthur Grumiaux, Mozart, The Magic Flute, Queen of the Night aria, no. 14, Georgian S.S.R., chorus, “Tchakrulo,” collected by Radio Moscow, Peru, panpipes and drum, collected by Casa de la Cultura, Lima, Melancholy Blues,” performed by Louis Armstrong and his Hot Seven, Azerbaijan S.S.R., bagpipes, recorded by Radio Moscow, Stravinsky, Rite of Spring, Sacrificial Dance, Columbia Symphony Orchestra, Igor Stravinsky, conductor, Bach, The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2, Prelude and Fugue in C, No.1. Glenn Gould, piano, Beethoven, Fifth Symphony, First Movement, the Philharmonia Orchestra, Bulgaria, “Izlel je Delyo Hagdutin” sung by Valya Balkanska, Navajo Indians, Night Chant, recorded by Willard Rhodes, Holborne, Paueans, Galliards, Almains and Other Short Aeirs, “The Fairie Round,” performed by David Munrow and the Early Music Consort of London, Solomon Islands, panpipes, collected by the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Service, Peru, wedding song, recorded by John Cohen, China, ch’in, “Flowing Streams,” by Kuan P’ing-hu, India, raga, “Jaat Kahan Ho,” by Surshri Kesar Bai Kerkar, “Dark Was the Night,” by Blind Willie Johnson, Beethoven, String Quartet No. 13 in B flat, Opus 130, Cavatina, performed by Budapest String Quartet.

Alright, good music!


Most people believe that we are not alone. By attracting aliens, could our scientists attract a lot more problems for the world? Shouldn’t they rather send cloaked and silent probes? Do they think that this music tames the aliens?

I am not worried, Marty, because the worst people in the universe are from this planet anyway. But all aliens are not exactly harmless either. If the worst people from this planet (Nazis, psychs, terrorists, mass murderers, and other SPs) step on the feet of aliens, Houston and the rest of the planet will have a BIG problem. 

On the other side of the token, I am sure that Voyager 1 will never make it to the real aliens because SPs from Earth who are active in space will prevent this. No, not to protect Earth population but to prevent that we could get in their way of turning the entire universe into robots with German ear implants and doing exactly what the doctor orders.   

“In summer 2014, Voyager 1 was near the heliopause, which separates the heliosphere  from the local interstellar medium.”

I got this from this abstract here:

I believe, Marty, that this means that the probe is at the very end of our solar system, and strange stuff is happening. I don’t know if it is normal not to know where it exactly is, but this is what happened. NASA doesn’t really know where Voyager 1 exactly is.

This article is interesting:–voyager-1-exits-solar-system-8542864.html

Scientists said that their measurements changed “suddenly and decisively”. But if it is still within the solar system, why did the measurements change? And why do they expect that it change outside of our solar system? 

The plasma instrument of Voyager I stopped working in 1980, but the same instrument on the identical Voyager II still works. Isn’t that odd too? A laser can mess with instruments. It happened after a planetary flyby. Right, somebody was there with a laser. 

It takes 17 hours to send a message from Voyager I to NASA, and that is enough time for the SEGNPMSS to sabotage that communication or the measurements. These space probes are remote-controlled.

This is allegedly the sound in Interstellar Space. Sounds phony to me.

From Nasa: “On February 14, 1990, Voyager 1 took the last pictures of the Voyager mission. Beyond the outermost planet in our solar system, at a distance of about 3.7 billion miles (6 billion kilometers),Voyager 1 turned its camera inward to snap a series of final images that became its parting valentine to the string of planets it called home.”

What do I miss? The camera didn’t fail. Why didn’t it continue to take photos? Particularly, photos of interstellar space would be very interesting, wouldn’t it?

Oh, here it comes. NASA: “After that set of portraits, the cameras on Voyager 1 and 2 were switched off and the software controlling them removed from the spacecraft. There was very little for the cameras to see in the vast, dark emptiness of space.

How convenient for those who feed us a projection, a fake universe, to disable cameras  on board and to kick the camera software overboard, so that nobody gets the idea to revive the camera take pictures in “interstellar space”. Even if they suspect mostly blackness, not all is black, and any pictures would be very interesting.


If we would run that mission, if we would have designed it, we would have made sure that particularly the cameras last forever. It costs a lot of money (around US 1000 million) and takes no pictures. And who knows if the measurements are true and not manipulated.  It is like being a tourist and throwing the camera away short before reaching the Gran Canyon only because some could be dark there. Who does a thing like that?

In other words, the aliens should HEAR us (music and sounds) to come to Earth and do with us whatever they want,  but we shouldn’t be able to take a picture of them.

The Voyager report daily signals about 20 watts, the power of a fridge light bulb. And I assume that they can be easily sabotaged too.

I love you, Marty.

Yours always and be kissed.

Yours forever,


P.S. Marty, I just heard that you know who has to be operated again on Monday because the pacemaker probe is “lose”. Horrible! Now he has to go again through the same dangerous process and the ordeal. I am sure that the hospital and the German secret services are messing around, after all, they have no human compassion for good people. And secret services have remote controlled devices and remote-controlled germs that they can use to dislocate such probes. And on top, besides of the normal pain, they are causing even more pain with remote-control and having germ biting in the wound. I despise the planet as good people have no rights here. And who knows what you are being through and nobody ever tells me.  





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