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Got a strange phone call on November 17, 2014

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Dearest Marty, my love and my hope,

How are you? 

I was bombarded with work the last two days, but here is what happened on November 17, 2014 in the afternoon. The phone rung and the voice of a female person (African-American) told me that she is calling from the Sheriff’s Office and if I would be Christine (I can’t remember the last name but was very different from mine) as this office would have some papers for her.  

I told her that nobody by the name of Christine lives at my address, and she hung up.

Already before Ferguson, I knew that there are real strange Sheriff Offices in the United States. I was wondering if my Sheriff Office (and the police and sheriff offices at the places I lived before) have information about your whereabouts but are not turning them over to me. After all, the world is run by German-controlled ear implants within just about anyone. No wonder that no message, call, letter, card, telegram, mail,  subpoena, etc. from you or your representatives is getting through to me.

Some years ago, not long after I moved to my current place, a police officer/deputy sheriff came to my door. He asked me if I would be… blahblah (he named the name of the woman who lived here before I moved here). I told him that I am not her.

What if they deliberately ask for wrong names to avoid having to provide me with the correct papers that you or your representatives want them to deliver to me? They make for example a note in a file and sending a letter to you or your representatives, saying: “Contacted her, but she says she isn’t the person” (but are concealing that they didn’t ask for my name but used another one). In their minds, that is alibi enough for what they actually do: conspiratorial obstruct justice, just as Germany orders it.

Post office officials returning your mail or that of your representatives without that I ever saw any of it. (They also open my bank statements or letters from the IRS and make that mail disappear.) 

There could be probably a picture or footage of the  police officer/deputy sheriff who came to my door some years ago or any other who talked to me and me shaking my head. You would know that I would not shake my head if they would ask for my name instead of that of completely unrelated persons! I feel that they simply wrongfully report that I denied being Barbara Schwarz, which I never did. They think: what is the word of somebody in law enforcement against that of just that of a woman with an accent. And maybe they even say that I have no accent. (BTW, Marty, I wish I would have indeed none as it is very unpractical.) 

You know that if anyone would tell me anything about your whereabouts, Marty, I would be there in a heartbeat and drop anything else. Nothing is more important to me than you are.

And as I mentioned before, I know the Police President of my town personally. He lives in walking distance from me. Whenever I see him around his home or when he waives to me and smiles, I am getting the feeling that he knows something that I should know.

But I am getting this vibe also from other people. It is a conspiracy.

Honesty is such a lonely word:

It came to my attention that Mile-Two-Independent “Scientologists” call a person who believes that conspiracies exist a “fruit cake”.  The “fruit cakes” are rather those people who think there are none. They are light-years away from being real OTs. 

There are hostile people who say there are no OTs, but what else but OT are we? You and me. we have the finest perceptions and we are only spiritually connected, yet we figure out just about anything. I am so glad that I am a Scientologist (not Vistarologist or Miscavologist as they are blind too), because we simply know despite a world full of lies and deception.

I love you, my hero. Sending you kisses, and I wait for the day when this conspiracy against us is crashing under its own lies. Ron says that the truth always comes out. Once again, he was right. 

Always at your side.

Yours forever









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