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Germany does not just spy on reporters – it spies on anyone

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and Prince,

Remember when Germany shamed the USA before all the world on spying? That Germany spies itself on “friends” (has no real friends just slaves who in part don’t know that they are Germany’s slaves) is just a footnote. Besides, if Germany wouldn’t run Americans and other nationals through ear-implants, what Germany did and does, would not just be a footnote but Americans and other nationals would bust them, and this time for good and not just a little bit and pro forma as in 1917 and 1945.

The only reason why they always come back on their feet and continue their atrocities is because their psychiatrists trap the unripe minds (children) and attach them to their supercomputers and turn them into their robots. I know you figured them out as well, Marty. 

What really gets me is that other nationals think that their satanic characters just evaporated and doesn’t exist any longer. They are not capable to quit their atrocities. A monster does just turn miraculous into a bunny because it lost two word wars. It is much easier to think that they are not there and not doing what I write for so long, but it is not the reality. The only thing that will ever save the world and this universe is to bust these monsters. And this time also their ear-implant system, which by the way helped them eliminating Jews and other nationals and helps them to set up terror, war, crimes, conspiracies, and insanity. 

The Russians are used by Germany like any other nation. As Germany wants the USA helping Germany to take over Russia and at the same time taking over the USA and other nations behind the cover of the EU, Germany approves of not just the bad relations or a cold war between Russia and the USA but they also hope for a hot war between the two nations, while Germany gloats and plays the innocent and the alleged peaceful nation.

It is as if I stand in their room with them and watch their secret meetings, Marty. They despicable activities are that available to me because I know their minds without ever installing anyone implants. And that is a huge reason why they infiltrated and changes Scientology from what it was originally as we  real OTs are their nightmares. Lol!        

Russians may indeed have influenced or tried to influence the US election, but Germany radioed in the ear-implants of just about any voter, may it with loud or silent sounds, to vote for Trump. And they are also behind that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can come up with ethical candidates or booting candidates that don’t came with the baggage as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Whatever the Russians did (put up by Germany) to the US selection, it is a child’s play in comparison of the nations above all others (Germany).      

If they would only to that….

But they don’t.

Another subject, Marty, I read that the temperature at the Antarctica claimed to more than 60 F. Made me think of a a futuristic novel to write. Due to global warming or whatever, the temperatures on all other continents became so hot that all of mankind tries to cram into the Antarctica, which compared to the other continents isn’t so toasty yet. Can you imagine that kind of panic and a then government that tries to build a wall around it and deports and sends the people back into hot hell?   

Fiction aside, in reality, if this planet gets too hot, you and I, and a few others, would know how to build protected villages so that the heat can’t harm people. Trump on the other side plants to put 1 trillion Dollars in his kind of infrastructure, which is so yesterday, it doesn’t matter if it sparkles. His infrastructure will not protect youth, health and lives. And the governments of other heads of state don’t either. The reason why people didn’t come up with a way of living to protect are ear-implants and Germany who is force behind barbers and butchers, e.g. medical doctors and psychiatrists. They earn big time on this STUPID way of life on the unprotected surface of a planet.  

I may sound repetitious but it is an important issue that is simply is ignored by the world and all have to suffer.

The worst are the governments and the doctors whose responsibility the protection of life should be and the scientists who research all kind of crap but not the obvious.        

I love you from the bottom of my heart, Marty. Keep on surviving.

Yours forever and ever,

Hopefully instead of hopeless romantic…





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