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Only 19 disconnections in Scientology since 1954 (or earlier) on Tony Ortega’s blog

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Dearest Marty, my one and only and wonderful husband, how are you?

Disconnection has not just one side.

 Ortega’s mentions a list of 19 disconnections.

Miscavology introduced disconnection.  We didn’t disconnect at all while I was on staff in Scientology orgs. We handled our problems.

I think there are some people who just disconnect in order to get rid of nagging family members (as it happens a million times in families that have nothing to do with Scientology or any religion at all), simply because they think they are entitled to their own lives without criticism of family members. And nobody accused them of breaking up families.

I wouldn’t want to be related with anyone of the nagging people on Ortega’s list.  I bet they would disconnect also if they never came in contact with Scientology. 

On the other side of the token, something is wrong with families that disconnect. If they can’t get their acts handled, they don’t apply Scientology. Particularly if they were once together in Scientology. 

Disconnection is not original Scientology.  Original Scientology is so great that nobody wanted to disconnect. The original problem, as you know, was not to be overrun by people, and not people leaving. The latter is Vistarology and Miscavology, thanks to Germany and their international psychs and their secret services. 

Be kissed my darling, I love you. 

Yours forever,








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