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German hypocrisy and set ups against Scientology (Bavaria’s beloved Nazi heritage Haus der Kunst)

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Dearest Marty, my remarkable soulmate and irresistible husband, how are you?

Germany blames Scientology and “Scientologists” on doing what Germany does to Scientology and the entire world: infiltrating. 

In regards to Germany, particularly Bavaria, one thing always comes first in my mind: them blaming what is wrong with them on others. That is typical and they do this systematically. They commit unspeakable crimes and are the first to blame others.

Currently, Germany says that “Scientologists” infiltrated the Haus of Kunst in Germany. The Nazis built it and Bavaria allowed it to stay. It was the showcase of the Third Reich.  This says a lot about Bavaria and Germany that followed the Nazis right there: the same!

The German Nazis transmitted in the ear-implants of other nationals and also Jews to create horrible art, ugly stuff, which the Nazis then used in the Degenerate Art Exhibition of the Haus of Kunst in Germany against the Jews and other nationals. They still do stuff like this in modern times. Ear-implants is a German psychiatric invention that makes it possible, and that Nazis win over and over again.  

Each race and nation has bad apples but Germany and Bavaria has most. In addition, there is the “unofficial exchange program”. If somebody great of another nation dies (or better is killed with their remote-controlled germs, micro-weave lasers or otherwise), Germany/Bavaria kidnaps that thetan before or after birth (and we know some of these methods) and exchanges them with one of their own. To bring Germany/Bavaria up and other nations down. Numerous Nazis who would of course reincarnate in their beloved creepy Germany/Bavaria are now Americans or other nationals. Americans and other nationals who would normally pick up a body in the USA or another nation are born as “Germans” in Germany because Germany/Bavaria doesn’t want the USA or other nations to have them. Since the world is kept blind in regards to that being born again is a scientific fact, it doesn’t look into these things, but should very much so. They don’t even look to get their own family members back, except we original Scientologists.

Back to the “Haus of Kunst”: Again, Nazis (and very much so the psychiatrists behind them who came up with controlling people in any form and shape) transmit in the ear-implants of Jews and other people (using silent and loud sounds) to produce ugly art so that Germany/Bavaria, its Nazis and psychs have a justification to showcase the ugly art with the words: See how degenerate they are? See how insulting this is?Do you want this in your living room? Do you see how little artistic they are? Do you see why we must be Nazis and do something against them?

And no word of course that many of the artists that they on the other side promote weren’t/aren’t even Germans as they are stolen other nationals. And that goes for all artists, sculptures, painter, actors, singers, musicians, writers, you name it, statesmen, discoverers, sportlers too, etc. And they do it still. I still see and hear “art” of which I can swear that still existing Nazi psychs made it happen to shame the USA or other countries.

To make their outrage of “Degenerate Art” look sincere, the Nazis burned later thousands of such “art pieces”, however, made it happen that the USA revived that “art”. Another way to keep the ugly (ordered secretly by the Nazis to shame) going and of course the USA behind the revival. 

Still existing Nazis and the psychs behind them even run a secret campaign saying that Picasso of all people was a Scientologist. The hell he was. That stuff he painted has active German/Bavarian ear implants/loud and/or silent sounds written all over it. Same goes for Dali and the like. 

They defined “Degenerate Art” as creations that would insult a German feeling or destroy natural forms or not being artful. 

And again, it was the Nazis and the psychs behind them who radioed with silent and loud sounds into the minds of Jews and others to create ugly art so that Germany/Bavaria has something to bitch about against them. They still use the same strategy today, particularly with the USA or also with Scientology. All scandals against it are committed by their very own agents not by original or real Scientologists.

I am writing this, because I studied Germany, particularly Bavaria by being there. They surely kidnapped the wrong person by kidnapping me. Who says there is no justice? They deny the OW sequence because they are cowards, but they sure pulled in what I am writing about them.        

A person who asks herself: why was I born in Germany of all places, is very likely not a past life German. And I know there are quite a lot. While being on staff in the Scientology org Munich, I heard that a couple of times. I also noticed that they (who were Americans or English in their past lives) spoke English a lot better and more like English-speaking nationals that a real German.

Now, Bavaria claims that Scientologists infiltrated the Munich Haus of Kunst. See how they still whine around their Nazi heritage? It is reported that the Bavarian state security agency is investigating claims that a longtime contractor at Munich’s Haus der Kunst museum has ties to Scientology. SEGNPMSS of course keeps it a secret that they infiltrated Scientology to destroy it as the study of original Scientology results in more minds that they can’t fool.  

Besides, they infiltrated Scientology also to “infiltrate” their own places (always controlled that no real harm will be done to their Nazi heritage) so that they can blame Scientology on what THEY do. A person who supports a Nazi heritage as the Haus of Kunst is no Scientologist as he does not apply Scientology ethics. It is so easy for them to hire an agent have him or her enter do some Scientology courses or even join staff or even sit on the top and making him or her commit what psychs want through his/her freaking ear-implants and then blame it on Scientology to ruin it for the world. And much of the world really falls for it and doesn’t figure out what’s really nagging at the world.   

Just like the old Nazi, new Nazi Bavaria demands having to reveal affiliation with Scientology if one applies for office. I don’t even want to be buried in Germany, Marty. This is how I despise it. It gives me the goosebumps. It creeps me out. I despise it.

Have a look here:

And I love you with any fiber of my being. I am so glad that I found you. I am glad that you are nothing like them, Marty. Everything about you is different from a German/Bavarian psych. There are light years between your character and their characters. They are not worth to kiss the dust on which you walked billions of years ago. That you and they are on the same planet or even in the same universe is had to believe. And if this world and universe allows them to go on like this, Marty, we should seriously consider immigrating into another universe in which we have rights. And if it does not yet exist, it must be created in a dimension to which they have no access. May sound crazy to anyone but us and physicists.   

Yours, my darling,












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