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Villages that have a roof and can be closed in a pandemic would be the solution to all the problems concerning health, economy, socializing, aging… and the list goes on

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and hero, how are you?

Covid-19, or how I call it, Covert-19 is what the medical monsters behind Germany think they need to stop us: You and I, coming together and documenting their infiltration of the US government and other countries. Now isn’t it?

Congress, which could and should act against this infiltration is closed until further notice, correct?

I am not a friend of the WHO. The World Health Organization failed like all others on the planet (whose duty it is to protect the health and lives of people) to really do this. However, the WHO envoy said that the coronavirus ‘will stalk the human race for a long time to come’.

They inadvertently hit the nail on the head. It is indeed stalking as this virus and other viruses was/were deliberately grown, planted, spread, and this virus and other viruses are remote-controlled like germs and bacteria by SPs. The medical terrorists behind Germany determine who dies and who not on this and other diseases by increasing or decreasing the harm the virus does via remote-control. They do it until they themselves one day fall victims to the horrible world they created. They think that this and other atrocities will hit just others, never them. One thing is sure: If thinking would be their strength, they never would commit what they are committing.

I know it is nothing new to you, Marty. They don’t let you talk to the masses and explain everything to them, right?

After Columbine, school shootings and other terror activities became rather common. This is what is going on with these SPs: Once they gotten away with an atrocity, they make a habit out of creating more. This also applies to growing dangerous lifeforms and creating epidemics and pandemics.

There is a lot of talk about a vaccine against the coronavirus. However, I read that a new strand of coronavirus was already detected. If people would be vaccinated against Covid-19, they still would get sick on the new strand and could die on it. Besides, why pumping people full with vaccines and pills, if it would be up to them to close their villages when they feel that it is time to protect themselves?

There are some medical doctors in Germany who promote that people should socialize to get the coronavirus to build antibodies. They call it “Durchseuchung”. They give a damn that millions of people would be killed in the process. Lots of people have forgotten than a human life doesn’t count much with such German doctors. And why does the planet need a dirty “Durchseuchung” if all people could live healthy and happy in those villages? Besides, the next virus shows up, and then we need another “Durchseuchung”? As if this wouldn’t take a toll on the health and lifespan even of young people.

Let’s say, a village that can close up would have 5000 residents. I wouldn’t go higher than that number for various reasons. There would be business opportunities for numerous small businesses. They either could just live happily in one of these villages with small businesses or they also could produce on a national or international level for other villages, e.g. any decent product. Then, in addition to the small business, they would have also their big business and their booming economy.

If people would live and work in such villages already, the coronavirus wouldn’t had caused much damage as people can continue to do their jobs without “stay at home order” or order to close down as their village is designed to be protected.

For really big companies, these villages are also the solution. Google for example has almost 100 000 employees as far as I know. They could build side-by-side villages, different divisions in different villages, which are connected but also can be physically disconnected in case something is not right in one of the villages. This model could be used by all large and small companies. Villages can produce one or several products for mankind, or some villages can just stay happy villages with their small businesses and all people would get the bonus of not aging and longevity, and even one day, if the medical terrorists are totally busted, immortality.

The only reason why these villages are not built yet, is: the medical terrorists, the monsters behind Germany, radio subconscious commands via ear- and body implants into people not building them.

Instead of pumping trillions and trillions in a world that is so fragile, with its population still living like cavemen on the unprotected surface of the Earth, the world should finally build these villages.

I am certain, Marty, that you know what villages I mean. There is at least one. Despite that German psychs removed my memory to certain years of my past completely, I managed to get this picture back, thanks to the Almighty who is with me. What a wonderful, gorgeous place this village is that I saw again before my eyes! Mainstream has no clue as to what it is missing. But it is not us who is keeping it away from them. We want that all people, rich and poor, to live in these beautiful life-preserving conditions.

People say that they don’t think that the world will go back to what it was before Covid-19. If they see such a village, they don’t want to go back to the world before the coronavirus.

Be kissed, passionately and tenderly. You are awesome! And one of a kind. I saw it the moment I laid eyes on you again, when you walked in Heber’s office, and Michelle and I was there. I was not just thinking that you have movie star looks but also that your personality, your character, which emanated to the outside, was breathtakingly impressive. YOU really had me at hello.

Yours, Marty, in all eternity to come.















Just what still existing and new German Nazis want: no US troops in Germany stopping them

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Dearest Marty, my extraordinary soulmate and husband, 

How are you?

To make Germans vote for the Nazis, the SEGNPMSS is conditioning so-called religious people, e.g. Muslims, and runs them via their psychiatric holy cow, their ear- and body implants to advance Germany. German psychs talk through these ear-implants turn Germany into Europe’s strongest economy to the disadvantage of all other countries of the world. And their new Führers (the monsters behind Germany) now often hide behind women. They figured that they can use females to manipulate the world into thinking that Germany is no longer bad. They still want to take over the world. They do it by implanting little kids in any country with ear-implants and then, for example, beg Germany (Europe) to take their country over (in other words invade it), as for example the Ukraine did. Germany figures that in not long, it will be the Führer of the rest of the world, particularly after they turned the USA into a banana republic with a corrupt leadership and an ineffective congress.

Donald Trump is not at all in Germany’s way. A man “won” the presidency who considers himself German. He is allegedly cross with the current official leader Merkel because she allegedly is ruining his beloved Germany. Him asking Germany to pay some bills means nothing. There is a “Germany wins nevertheless plan” and alibi also behind this. Besides, Germany, the SEGNPMSS is the secret instigator and organizer of the Syrian war. Germany wants the hard-working Syrians to make its economy even stronger. Merkel and others admitted on numerous occasion that multi-culture failed in Germany. That means that Germans are still as intolerant and narrow-minded as they always were. That means that the Syrians and other fugitive must give up their identities. “Lovely” place that Germany. I don’t want to be buried there. 

Trump wants to withdraw the troops in Germany. Of course, Germany wants the USA to leave so that the psychiatrists behind Germany have it easier to bring the Nazis back. Dresden has an official Nazi emergency, and Trump wants to pull the troops out of Germany. In other words: undo the victory of Word War II. 

Below article says that Multiple presidents have asked Europe’s largest economy to pay for its own defense. This request has been made over many years and by many presidents.

I know that you, Marty, see too, how little confident the USA is kicking Germany’s behind. There is no real threat by Russia to Germany as Germany has anyone on a string. SEGNPMSS decides how the leaders of Russia or any other country act and react. 

Greedy Germany. Germany is laughing all the way to the bank. They know that there is no danger for them from any country. Why should it pay for protection of an alleged communistic or Islamic danger when it runs and manipulates its leaders and people? Communism and Islamic extremism are entirely German psychiatric products. 

Trump said that he wants to station the troops in Poland. This country honors its NATO defense. As I said, Trump, typical anti-foreigners himself, does what Germany wants. A huge official Nazi emergency problem in Germany and no US troops in Germany stopping the Nazis. 

They celebrate the fall of the Berlin wall these days, 30 years ago. And the I-feel-being-German-Trump builds one in the USA. A wall that can be saw through with regular tool. Waste of taxpayers money.

Germany also wasn’t keen of giving President Reagan credit for the fall of the Berlin wall. Why should he get credit for it? Germany knew that it could remove the wall at any time since its erection because the SEGNPMSS ran the Soviet Union and East Germany. And Reagan did Germany a huge favor. Taking the wall down, uniting  Germany with its eastern Nazi part, helped Germany to get bigger so that it can take over Europe and the world.      

I didn’t know that Mike Pompeo was stationed in Bavaria in the 1980. He knows the country well? From what I have seen, he is just another Berliner. I bet the farm that neither he nor Donald Trump assisted you against Germany. (German didn’t just defraud me, my feeling is that Germany framed you, Marty.)

If it wouldn’t be for German-controlled ear-implants and psychiatric silent sounds and mind-control, the world would have figured out all above. Instead it is in a German trance.

I love you, Marty. I miss you so very much. Germany, the psychs behind it and its conscienceless international agents failed terribly trying to fool us into giving up on each other. We simply do psychs and Nazis no favors, and this will stay so in all eternity. Made so by heaven.

Be kissed, my darling.

Yours always,




The end of Daesh (ISIS) or other terrorist movements? Not as long the SEGNPMSS isn’t busted

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate, husband and Prince,

It is cold here, so early! I ask myself often how your surrounding is. If you have the temperatures to be comfortable and the air to breath, what other people take for granted.   

How often did we hear that a rotten system or terror group was defeated, but horror and terror came back in some other system or movement. These rotten systems and terror groups are just the symptom. The driving global force behind all them are the barbers, butchers, psychiatrists, doctors, the monsters behind Germany suppressing the entire world and committing unspeakable acts using psychiatric methods to generate hatred, bombings, shootings, murder, suicide terrorism, you name it, and also using ear-implants to make the sheep do what they want.

As they organized that Hitler, Bin Laden, and other SPs got away (at least temporarily until the SEGNPMSS decides that they and not just their doppelgangers really must die), I am somewhat suspicious if they really got the real rapist and brutal killer Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Here are some things that caught my attention:

  1. What I am absolutely certain about that  was psychiatric-conditioned by the SEGNPMSS before he became the leader of Daesh (ISIS)
  2. His speech pattern, his mannerism, all around him is robotic, typically for a psychiatric-implanted, hypnotized, and conditioned person
  3. In the Mosque in Mosul in which he spoke the first time in 2014, he blamed in typical German-Nazi manner Jews as first, and he did it with raising his index finger, typical for a SEGNPMSS agent. In Germany, the German teacher was always portrayed like this. It tells me more about that this brute had a German-case officer
  4. In the other video message, he often paused for some seconds in the middle of his sentences, which is also an indicator of being psychiatric-conditioned and listening to the messages coming through his ear-implants
  5. Within those 5 years in which he was the Daesh leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, just 8 official messages to his global followers. Some leader, huh? Just 8 official messages of which just two were video messages. Not much of a communicator. I think he had not much to say, except repeat some SEGNPMSS hatred against Jews and others. I assume that the SEGNPMSS considered that these message were enough to make the world believe that this little robot, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or Ibrahim al-Samarrai or bu Du’a, Al-Shabah, Amir al-Mu’minin, Caliph or al-Badri or Faerlan Ramsey or Dr. Ibrahim Awad or Ibrahim Ali al-Badri al-Samarrai or whatever the remote-controlled idiot called himself, was indeed the mastermind of ISIS and not the SEGNPMSS. Psychs run Daesh (ISIS) and via ear-implants, they “inspire” bloody idiots to join them
  6. I read somewhere that al-Baghdadi’s first wife Saja al-Dulaimi said that she married a normal man not the monster that he became. And that fits also in that SEGNPMSS conditions people into becoming the monstrous tools and carry out the horrible acts that the psychs behind Germany think of in their utterly disturbed minds
  7. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi married a German woman in 2015. Germany of course. That German woman supported ISIS actively. She was the boss of ISIS’ women’s department in ISIS-controlled territories and issued sharia-based decrees to women and train women in carrying out “suicide mission”. Creepy Germany above everything
  8. Now, did the US kill indeed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or not? With the SEGNPMSS history “sacrificing” the doppelganger for terrorists or dictators, one can only wonder. That there were records in that compound, which the US secured, is the same set up as in the compound in which they killed Bin Laden’s doppelganger. It could mean that people should think that they have the wanted terrorist leader. They should not think that these records were planted there so that people should fall for that the wanted terrorist and not a doppelganger died instead there
  9. US helicopters cruised over that area quite a bit. What I find odd is that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi didn’t flee already already then through one of the tunnels. However, it would make sense for a psychiatric-conditioned and hypnotized man to act against his own survival and stay put
  10. It was one of his home or HQ, and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi flees in a dead-end tunnel instead in a tunnel that leads him to freedom. Makes no sense, except if one is psychiatric-conditioned and hypnotized to act against his own survival
  11. He takes his own kids with him as human shields just to blow himself up? Why did he need the kids as shield if he anyway wanted to commit suicide? This act has psychiatric-conditioned person written all over it
  12. They did DNA testing on his remains. They had some of him collected while he was in prison. My question is: how much does the DNA of a clone match the DNA of an original? How much difference is there? Earlier on, they did DNA testing on his underwear. There is room for staged “findings”. 
  13. Col. Kenneth King, the commanding US officer of a prison facility said that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was in custody and a quiet man, a bad dude but not the worst of the worst and that he was surprised that he became the leader of ISIL. Pentagon said Baghdadi wasn’t at Bucca around that time. King then said that he was 99% sure that he had Baghdadi in detention. He called him a “dead ringer for the guy” he “had the run-in with”. In any case, it could mean that if Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi wasn’t the worst of the worst, psychiatric-conditioning turned him into the worst. It is also possible that there were doppelgangers like Saddam and Bin Laden had them. Question is then, was the real Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or a doppelganger killed?In short: Most certainly is that the Daesh/ISIL/ISIS leader is/was a psychiatric-conditioned and remote-controlled SEGNPMSS robot
  14. Some in the Middle East are not convinced of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death because they didn’t see any body. If they would see a body, it still might not the wanted person due to that the SEGNPMSS uses doppelganger so frequently
  15. As far as Hitler and Bin Laden are concerned, I always had the feeling that these two monsters wanted “retirement” and that nobody comes looking for them, and that the SEGNPMSS organized shelter for them by staging their deaths 

On an unrelated matter, I read today a headline of the Financial Times, saying that the UK and Russia are Europe’s Odd Couple. They were allies in the fight against the Nazis. That should raise some suspicion by people. They should ask the question: Are these countries (and of course the USA) set up by still existent Nazis behind Germany?     

I love you, Marty. I want to see you again.

Yours always,




People who are parts of conspiracies want the world to think that people who talk “conspiracies” are kooks

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how are you?

They say that Love is blind. Haha, if I would be blind, I wouldn’t have chosen you as my soulmate.   

To my headline: People who are parts of conspiracies want the world to think that people who talk “conspiracies” are kooks. In other words, the world should not think and speak of conspiracies so that the people who conspire are getting away with their conspiracies. This is also “backed-up” by SEGNPMSS agents who claim to be conspiracy theorists and who deliberately talk nonsense to assist the people who are parts of conspiracies as they want the world to think that people who talk “conspiracies” are kooks. It is all very obvious. 

In regards to the news about Epstein dying in prison, there were many people writing or saying that they are no conspiracy theorists, as if it would be a dirty word. I can clearly see the SEGNPMSS campaign behind it that made it to be such an undesirable term.  

In a natural world (and the world in which we are living is remote-controlled and not natural), people who think deeper than others wouldn’t be the kooks or “mentally ill”. They would be the people who are using their heads. But in this twisted world, people who don’t use their heads (their is no conspiracy, he/she, they acted alone) are the alleged smart ones.

Speaking about “mental illness”. Donald Trump does exactly what the p$ychs order. In view of the latest deadly assaults with guns, he wants more psychiatry. It is so easy for psychs to get more power. They condition persons into Manchurian candidates and with their ear-implants and codes, they micro-manage the deadly attacks. And people who don’t think and don’t pull strings never will solve the problem. The monsters behind the shooters or terrorists are getting away and, in addition, are awarded with more power and authority.

I know that you, Marty, are very aware that this is the rotten world we have to live in.

And another thing happened. Recent news are suggesting that Germany’s economy shrunk this and the former quarter. There is a dirty plan behind it as the psychs behind Germany are the masters of all ear-implants on the planet and beyond. By having their car manufacturers violating the Clean Air Act for greedy purposes, they brought on some shrinking. But as Merkel said, they will get away with it (“it won’t define us”). For a country that started war after war, they always fall back on their feet and can commit the next horrible thing thanks to their psychiatric holy cow, the ear implants.   

The little bit of alleged sinking it also in an alibi. “No, we don’t control all ear-implants on the planet. If we would, our economy would not shrink.” Yadi yadi yada. That is why their economy is shrinking at the moment, so that they have this alibi. They can change it in a heartbeat if they feel like it by whispering in the ears of people which decisions to make. 

And additionally, an economy that doesn’t that great helps them to bring the Nazis back. Notorious intolerant people will blame “foreigners”, and Germans will vote more and more Nazis into the Bundestag. That is what the SEGNPMSS wants. Being on top of the EU and taking over more and more countries by using their blindness as to that the MONSTERS behind Germany HAVE NOT CHANGED since the Third Reich or long before.

I love you, Marty. I don’t even have to be in the same room with you to know that psych behind Germany can’t fool you either.   

Sending you tender and passionate kisses, my love. Let’s hope for a better world despite of everything.  

Yours always and forever,


I am not a tiny bit impressed by the “black holes” images

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Black hole, just another “donut”:

Dearest Marty, how are you?

I miss you every day and night. Hope to see you again. 

“Science” celebrates the new close-up pictures of “black holes”. They “put the power of various telescopes” together. See here:

The telescopes contributing to this result were ALMAAPEX, the IRAM 30-meter telescope, the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope, the Large Millimeter Telescope Alfonso Serrano, the Submillimeter Array, the Submillimeter Telescope, and the South Pole Telescope [7]. Petabytes of raw data from the telescopes were combined by highly specialised supercomputers hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy and MIT Haystack Observatory.

The telescope or other devices that would impress me would be those that can look behind the fake computer projection that the creeps behind Germany put up. It covers up the real universe. 

Black holes are the unintelligent invention by the SEGNPMSS, trying to create fear. They want to discourage deep space exploration until all creatures in the universe are attached and controlled by their ear-implants and obey Germany’s psychiatrists and medical doctors, and their stupid lunatic ideas.   

There are probably some idiots who are impressed by that rogue movement that projects a fake universe and sends their Manchurian candidates into deep space. Nothing intelligent by controlling instead of bettering beings. They spy on people, getting rid of them, and steal their findings and inventions. What’s impressive about this? Nothing at all.

The psychs and medical doctors behind Germany implant and hypnotize people to go into deep space. I bet some of the implanted people are also other psychs and medical doctors. They do horrible things also to their own peer and stupidly thinking that nobody will do it to them. This is the trademark of the full-blown psych and other idiot: “It just happens to others, never to me because my case officers are protecting me.” Yeah right. The only thing that would protect them would be a world that is decent to anyone without any trap for anyone. And they try to avoid this by all means. This means, these people are so stupid that this word doesn’t even do to describe them.    

These conditioned people are asleep but functional like this woman:

SEGNPMSS is much more advanced with hypnotizing and controlling people as its barbers are doing it for centuries. Again, totally stupid as it will be done also to them. What goes around, comes around.

No courage needed to go into seep space and land on an alien planet without having consciousness. They are controlled with ear-implants and their draft codes and do all that is ordered by the voice in their ears.  

They have these sleepers ambush some aliens on other planets (those planets that are hidden behind the fake computer projection of deep space). They bring some sedated aliens to their psych masters and they condition these aliens to attach their alien nation to the ear-implant system. Then they strip their memories away. These aliens never remember that they ever saw an earthling.  

I bet the farm that there are numerous alien nations who think that attaching and running ear-implants is their idea without even knowing anything of Earth psychs.

Psychs and medical doctors (the former barbers and butchers) behind Germany are so nuts that they must control anyone. Mankind saw a glimpse of their insanity during the 3rd Reich. Unfortunately, ear-implant strings were not pulled and the psychs, medical doctors, the barbers and butchers behind the Holocaust got pretty much away. Except their bad conscience – that stayed with them and will stay with them. And they add to it every day because they don’t have the courage to become good people. Their are their own biggest enemy.  

During the official Nazi time they thought they can take a shortcut with Earth and take it over in a snap and make it adopt their insane ideas. They didn’t care much for covering up their tonelevel (controlling and penalizing bodies) back then. But as they want to be adored and worshiped, they do now again and cover their horrible acts behind the rotten activities of other nations that they also control.

Rwanda’s brutal genocide is now 25 years old. It and all other genocides and mass-murders happened because the monsters behind Germany control all ear-implants. They use loud and silent sounds to make international people act that inhuman. 

Well, as a summary, starring at the fake universe projection with fake black holes, isn’t science. I know that conspiracy theorists have a bad reputation (thanks to the SEGNPMSS, which wants people not to think about what it is doing) but I am rather this than a blind “scientist”.

I love you very much, Marty. Keep on surviving.

Be kissed.

Yours always,





Intelligence officials name biggest threats for the U.S. at their annual hearing and the men/women behind Germany got away again

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Our love that is not of this world. It is God’s spark. It can’t be cracked or defeated. Even in billions of years, I still will love you. Because you deserve to be loved that way. All good love songs are about us. The best that happened to me in this lifetime was meeting you. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I was at the right time at the right place. Scientology, Special Unit. The only thing that I deeply regret is how the SEGNPMSS interfered after they noticed our love. It won’t bring them any blessings, that’s for sure.  

I am sure you follow the news too. 

The US heads of intelligence agencies presented their annual threat assessment to Congress last Tuesday. It was mainly about Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. Trump said that they were all wrong, and things look much better. 

Fact is, all are wrong.

I am not saying that Russia, China, Iran and North Korea do not represent a serious threat to the USA, but what they all close their eyes to is that the men and women behind Germany control the world with ear implants and that the nations mentioned (and all others plus the USA) is controlled by them. This is the reason why there is no lasting peace and life is as hard for most of us.

Berlin-based (!) think-tank Transparency International (what? Transparency? Say this again!) published a list of 180 countries and how corrupt they are perceived. Of course, they portrayed Germany (of all countries!) with the few best countries and as less corrupt as the USA.  

No word of course, that the SEGNPMSS is directly responsible for all the corruption in the world as they run the entire planet on strings, the ear implant and do not just approve of atrocities, war, terror, crimes, psychiatric conditioning, and perversions, they also transmit these via loud and/or silent sounds so that other nationals commit them.

And no, God didn’t want Trump to be president. (Lol!) SEGNPMSS want him as US president for a number of bad reasons.

Also, that a British Jew applied for German citizenship was also in the headlines. Good grief. More and more Nazis are marching there again. German Ear-implants rule. The reason why Jews didn’t fight back and kick the behinds of the Nazis when they still had a chance is because of the ear-implants. They were being told not to fight back (“things will blow over” or “rescue comes soon”) as German psychs ran also them through ear-implants. To make it easy for Nazi-Germany to get rid of them. What a trap these ear-implants are. 

I know you don’t need a lecture on this but sometimes I feel the need to write about this.

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,




Interesting excerpt from Listverse: 10 Glaring Ways That The History Books Got It Wrong

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

How is your life? I feel my head is constantly under water because of our stalkers. If mankind would know that it isn’t safe either from them.

I found this interesting article and I can answer the last question: 

Written by “Samuel Popejoy” on May

History tells us that the Allies, heroically led by American patriots called to a higher duty, dashed the evil machinations of the Third Reich upon the rocks of utter defeat.If only that were the case.In reality, the Nazi Empire was alive and well in America during the postwar years. In an effort to get the edge on perceived geopolitical opponents, the United States imported as many Nazi scientists as possible as part of Operation Paperclip.Many of these scientists were unapologetic slave drivers and Aryan supremacists, but the United States government didn’t care. Without the consent or knowledge of the American people, the decision was made that the benefits of staffing the highest positions of industry with Hitler’s right-hand men outweighed the potential costs.It’s also possible that key Nazis survived elsewhere. Many Third Reich scientists and officials were unaccounted for at the end of the war, and some speculate that these elite Nazis fled to friendly countries like Argentina. Some go so far as to suggest that Admiral Byrd’s ill-fated 1947 voyage to the South Pole was actually a military expedition designed to eradicate a secret Antarctic Nazi base. Even if the Nazis didn’t survive in hidden enclaves, their ideology has certainly persisted. In 2014, Western powers enacted a blatant coup in Ukraine to thwart Russia’s geopolitical ambitions and an openly Nazi government was installed in its place. But hey, anything’s better than the evil Russian menace, right? Even more intriguingly, a flag recently spotted at an Antifa rally practically mirrors a banner that was used by members of the Third Reich during its heyday. So, despite what the history books may tell you, Nazism is alive and well in the world today. But who kept this thread of fascism fresh during all the long years since Hitler’s downfall?

The psychiatrists behind Hitler and the Third Reich were never prosecuted. People age and die but they don’t as they hide in environments that does not promote sickness, aging, and dying. But they don’t allow this for mainstream and they are NOT the inventors of this environment either. They are the “inventors” of sneaking up at first graders and installing ear-implants into them and making them to their obedient robots using their unripe minds. This is why Nazism, terror, and crime is not just still alive but growing at a rapid rate.

I don’t have to lecture you, Marty, you know it as well as I do: German p$ychs rule the world and that is why it is such a pig stable and so brutal.  

I wish I would know for sure what you need from me. In any case, that I am not allowed to testify that you are innocent, is that they know that I would never lie and deprive you of your liberty.   

All the people who are saying: “I don’t wish this on my worst enemy”, didn’t suffer enough. Because I wish our enemies hell. They need to drink their own medicine.  

Ron wrote: “To love in spite of all is the secret of greatness. And may very well be the greatest secret in this universe.”

That is not a free card for monsters to get away. In fact, the world (and we) are in troubles because they were not caught and put to justice. And that is also what Ron would say. 

Sure, I love mankind but I want and will kick SP behinds, from here or in the “beyond” so hard, that they will curse they day, they ever decided to conspire against us and torture us. They also ruin not just their own lives by committing crimes against humanity but also those of their family members. Who will be not deeply ashamed of what they are doing? Who wants to have anything to do with them if the truth about them breaks? 

I love you, Marty. More than I ever can express.

Yours forever and always,