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I was thinking of a Scientology TV channel already in 1977

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince, how are you?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we would be not far from each other in a physical way? If I just could reach over to grab your hand?

What others take for granted, they don’t grant us. On the other side, I don’t envy those who hold the hand of someone who is so hypocritical and monstrous by keeping us apart and you wrongfully locked up. Yuk! How can people live with a conscience like this? 

I assume that you know that the Scientology TV Network is planned to start tomorrow. It will be accessible via DirecTV, AppleTV, Roku, fireTV, Chromecast, iTunes, and Google Play. I can’t imagine psychiatrists not plotting how to stop this. Despite that the men behind Germany and their international psychs have infiltrated Scientology and changed it into Vistarology and Miscavology so that original Scientology is much less potent, according to the CCHR website, the orgs are still critical of psychiatry, although not that alert of psychs as you and I are:

Psychs started a huge campaign on the Internet and in the media against Scientology after Tom Cruise spoke critical of psychiatry on TV 10 years ago. Knowing psychs as the monsters that they are, I hear the clock ticking to do something to stop the TV station. 

Actually, Marty, I was thinking already in 1977 of a TV station for Scientology, and there was lot less viewer competition as today. Today, people don’t know what to watch first or at all. They are bombarded with info. But back then, there were just some TV stations and everyone watched those.

As I said before, David Miscavige, who knew that the money was there when he took over Scientology in the 80s from Ron’s impostor, “Jack Vistaril”,  did not start a TV channel. He wants it now as his own personal reputation got so bad. DM (who works together with your impostor and withholds from Scientologists that even the founder of Scientology was impersonated all his life by an impostor) wants to be portrayed in a positive way through the TV channel, changing the perception that people have of him. It is all about him, not about our applied religious philosophy. 

His official justification to block a TV channel for Scientology for decades is that the orgs were not ready. What a crap. It is not the MEST that is important but what Scientology is and what it teaches. He could have erected tents and send auditors, C/Ss, and course supervisors on missions to whatever country the TV station was in. And these people, after completing their training and auditing would have built their own groups, missions, and orgs. 

The orgs under DM are publishing this in regards to an ideal org: 

“It would have enough space to train, process and administrate without crowding.” – LRH

The real Ron likely would have said something like this:

Get the tech out to the people! Deliver in a tent, if you have to! And when it is too small, put another one up. Make sure that those who train or audit are well trained and can train others well.  Send them where the TV station airs and where they welcome those who watched and want to study Scientology or obtain auditing. Delivery of original Scientology is important – not shiny MEST.  Clean space to learn, to train and audit can be erected anywhere and everywhere, it does not have to be in a polished stone building.

Besides, these people who saw the TV program and got auditing and training  in tents will become Scientologists and build new groups, missions, and orgs.  

These few “ideal orgs” that the staff under DM pulled off  will not be able to accommodate large of amounts of people, Marty. They are too small. So, in other words, DM likes blink-blink but does not plan a huge expansion. With a huge expansion his orgs would be too crowded on day no. 1 or 2 already if the truth about Scientology is finally aired. If he planned a huge expansion, he would think in terms of buying a tent company! 

Apart from training auditors, supervisors, cramming officers, and anyone else who keeps orgs running, I would train crews that get permissions for tents from the authorities and can erect tents in a snap to train and audit anyone who wants it. 

And I would inform the authorities that they should watch p$ychs not trying to plot an anti-Scientology incident to stop the TV channel!

The buildings that David Miscavige purchased and renovated for the orgs are anyway off policy. The real founder wanted Scientologists to live in buildings in which medical terrorists and p$ychs can’t shorten their lifespans. 

You have heard it so often from me already, Marty, time that I hear it from you. 🙂

I love you. You rock, Marty! Hope to see you soon.

Yours forever,










Psychiatrists are using Trump’s presidency to gain more influence and want to put away with the Goldwater Rule

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Dearest Marty, my remarkable husband and soulmate, 

Although I write to you so often, there are lots of things that I want to tell you that I don’t want to publish for various reasons. It is such a shame that we are separated. And these monsters responsible for our separation are calling themselves humans. Unbelievable.

They don’t even have the foggiest idea of what a human is. They are monsters on the inside without human qualifications. Although they read each of our thoughts, they never understood us as beings.  I don’t read their thoughts via body implants as they do, yet, I know all about their low and primitive characters as a result of how they treat us and how they plot against us. Stalkers and mind-controllers are giving themselves more away than they know. I came to the conclusion that if one really wants to stay private, he should not stalk others and also cannot put others to stalk us. I bet you too know exactly who those are who don’t let us live in peace. If they wouldn’t breath as hard and insane down on us as they do, I probably could not tell so much details about them as I can: German-psychiatrists and doctors. They have a supercomputer which translates each thought for them. That makes it easy to run and control any national directly. But they have no human understanding of us. None of them thought that our love would last.  They also don’t understand why we are so appalled of them. Fools, they are.   

You heard of the scandal that nearly 1200 psychs said in the 60s that Goldwater (ethnically Jewish) would be not fit to be president. This campaign had SEGNPMSS written all over it. I don’t think that Barry Goldwater would have saved the USA and the world, but I assume, he would have been like other presidents. Goldwater sued Ginzburg, an editor and publisher, who published psychiatric defamation on Goldwater. Goldwater was awarded punitive damages. The APA got scared being sued and they issued the “Goldwater rule”, which forbids commenting on a patient that was not personally examined by a p$ych.

Gee! What an improvement! Psychs also lie when they “examine a patient”.  Also, psychs run agents on the Internet and Usenet. They have these people post psychiatric lies about others (particularly also about me) all the time. They promote psychiatry by telling others: You need professional help, take your meds, and other psychiatric defamation! The idiot p$ych thinks that this will bring him more business. It sure  ruins the person’s reputation who becomes the target of such defamatory statements and campaigns. By having their agents do the psychiatric-lying for them, the Goldwater rule was violated all the time.     

Now as Donald Trump is the president, psychs want to do away with the Goldwater rule (all over the news) and remotely “diagnose” Trump. I posted before that I think that Trump was the preferred SEGNPMSS candidate as they plan to break the USA up, e.g., the blue states from the red states, etc., etc. and other things that will assist Germany on the longer run (taking over the USA and the world) even if it looks at the moment that Trump and Merkel aren’t that close. 

However, as a bad reputation of a president helps the anti-American SEGNPMSS, they have its psychs and agents also go after Trump on his mental health and smaller the standing of the USA in the world. I don’t think that Trump is crazy. I think he is unethical, but who isn’t in a world as this?

Psychs invented ear implants and loud and silent sounds to control people. But they also cover it up even to a degree that they even want to declare someone insane who blows the whistle on ear-implants. One of the first questions they ask is: “Do you hear voices?” Any my attitude towards this is: “No, doc, I don’t but you do!”

I love you, Marty, be kissed, passionately, and tenderly, until you are resting with me. 

Yours in all eternity,


          Oh I am what I am
I’ll do what I want
But I can’t hide
And I won’t go, I won’t sleep
I can’t breathe
Until you’re resting here with me.

The Munich Security Conference is a Bavarian/German control event

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Dearest Marty, how are you?

I ask myself every day when the USA finally stops helping Germany/Bavaria keeping us separated and frees you from your wrongfully incarceration. They all should know that who works for the Nazis or allows him- or herself being used by Germany/Bavaria is a Nazi..  

So that Germany, particularly Bavaria, can (falsely) claim that they have the security of the world at heart, they established the “Munich Security Conference” in 1963 and hold it there ever since. They radio in the ears of high officials to fly there and look up to Munich, Bavaria, and Germany in awe, which makes these international “senior figures” of 70 countries look real idiotic in my eyes, It all serves as alibi for Bavaria and Germany.  This conference is one of the establishments that helps Bavaria/Germany misleading the world so that nobody accuses them to be the secret force behind terror and crime (psychiatric, medical, and otherwise) and rogue states (which they are).

Knowing Germany, Bavaria and the SPs behind it, they want to keep the world uninformed until they are world power no. 1 and have no opposition anymore on the planet, which would be able to object having the Nazis back in power. At the moment, they hide behind the gruesome acts of terrorists and rogue states.

This is what the conference allegedly was established for:  “Each year it brings together about 350 senior figures from more than 70 countries around the world to engage in an intensive debate on current and future security challenges.” 

And remember, it is held in Bavaria because Bavaria wants to say: “Why would we hold an International Security Conference in Munich if we would favor terror and war?”

The correct answer is: To control the world to do what Bavaria/Germany wants and to misdirect correct suspicion if it should come up. 

So that nobody accuses them on what they are doing with their favorite secret service tool. Installing chips into people (already when they are babies or first graders) all over the world  and running them like the obedient robots until the day of their deaths with loud and silent sounds and also withholding from them that they could live indefinitely if they would be allowed to live in certain conditions. 

Angela Merkel plays the uninformed: she is “curious” about UK’s Brexit plan. I know what the Bavarian German plan for the UK is. To make England really small by breaking  Scotland and Wales off and adding these to Europe, which is another word for Germany and Bavaria as the all other European countries have not much to say.

The Bavarian monsters behind Germany are calling all the shots through ear-implants and otherwise. Once the Britain shrunk, the SEGNPMSS will also ruin the economy of the UK with ear-implants, loud and silent sounds. People in the UK will make wrong decisions or shy away from good decisions. The SEGNPMSS knows very well to advance Bavaria and Germany and keep other nations down. They do it for a long time and not just with Greece. They feel that the UK as part of the EU could be in the way when Germany has officially its Nazis on top of the EU. 

The Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni says Europe needs “a strong German government”. Yikes! What kind of leader is this? Should he say: Europe needs a strong Italy? This is just one of the many example all over the world that is giving Bavaria and Germany and “Heil ear implants” away. 

You and me, we can also figure out any other plan they are having for any other country. We just look at them and we see what they are up to. It comes easy to us.  

“We no longer recognize our America,” stated the German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel these days. Did you read it, Marty? America belongs to Germany. It is theirs. Yikes.

But now, as they recognize it no longer people should think that Bavaria and Germany does not have the USA under their control. Yeah right. 

Germany wanted Trump to win because his attitude towards religions and races won’t get in the way for Bavaria and Germany getting the Nazis back. What better to make a racist President whose daughter married into a Jewish family to make people believe that Jews are save. They are not Bavaria/Germany is involved and Jews are in troubles like any other religion or ethnicity that Bavaria/Germany does not approve of.

He also said that Germany eagerly learned from the US. Yeah right. Everything he, Merkel, and others says it to pour sand in the eyes of Americans and other nationals. Germany/Bavaria infiltrated the USA already before and at the day it was founded.     

Russia allowed itself to be used as well. So bad that it jailed all its citizen under the communism and gave psychiatrist free hands to commit their critics, just as Germany did and for sure still does. 

Germany/Bavaria doesn’t have to do what Russians did to influence the US election. Germany/Bavaria radio in the ear-implants of Americans and decides who runs for US President and in the ear-implants of the voters who they have to vote for the US President. No need to go through all those troubles the Russians went through.  

In other words: whatever these Russians did, it was just to blame Russia. One German/Bavarian plan is to get the USA and Russia at each others throat. Preferable a hot and not just a cold war.

What really made voters decide is what is radioed in their ear implants with loud or silent sounds. And that is the “specialty” of Bavarian and German psychs who are complete idiots by the way otherwise they never would have treated us the way they treated us, Marty.   

Actually, I don’t believe that the polls were wrong. I think that Hillary would have won if Germany wouldn’t have changed it in the last minute. Again, I don’t think that Hillary Clinton would have saved the USA. Like the presidents before her, she would have done nothing effective. But despite Trump momentarily tells Germany to pay more, he is also known to not follow through. SEGNPMSS likes Trumps anti-Muslim and foreigner agenda. It has Nazis already back into the German and Austrian and other European government. First they rail against Muslims. So does Trump. And this attitude against foreigners is helping Germany’s attitude against foreigners.

Germany wants Muslims as cheap and hard workers and instigated even the horrible Syrian war. But the SEGNPMSS  want them to lose their ethic identity and their religion and want them to become sub-Bavarians and sub-Germans.  And the SEGNPMSS psychiatric-conditions some alleged Muslims to conduct violence to give the entire religion and all Muslim countries a bad rap.   

I know that you can see it too, Marty. I love you. Be kissed my darling.

Yours forever,


P.S. I clicked on official Scientology websites today and received  “WOT,  Warning! This site is potentially malicious, get me out of there.”

This after the C of S had ads during the Superbowl asking people to check out the Scientology websites. It is definitely not Scientology but the Scientology haters who put up harmful content who don’t want people to visit Scientology websites.       





SEGNPMSS behind the cruelties of the Romans

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Dearest Marty, my impressing Prince and husband,

Here I am again. 

One of the most despicable things that the SEGNPMSS does is transmitting silent sounds into the subconscious minds of people who actually love each other. They make people who care for each other fight with each other. I have sworn to convict the SEGNPMSS, may I be dead or alive when it happens. These psychiatrists have no human characters. They have no human compassion whatsoever. 

When universities award diplomas, they never check if the person cheated through having ear-implants and if the person has a character that is good in order to get this kind of authority over people who medical doctors, psychs or judges and others are having. That is why any ape and any snake can hide behind a university diploma.    

The evils of the Roman Empire are also the evils of the secret service that I named SEGNPMSS to give that vomitous movement a name. I am convinced they are here already some thousands of years, and hypnotize, implant, and run people to do their dirty work with ear-implants and they have not changed.

Dorian Gray is fiction but most certainly inspired by facts. SEGNPMSS people protect their lousy bodies through living conditions in which they don’t age while they kill billions of people in an average of 70 years and have them suffer in mainstream living conditions where they get sick and age. The only thing that is killing these monsters are other monsters. They most certainly deserve each other. What goes around, comes around. 

I can see the SEGNPMSS not just in present time behind terror, crime, death, illness, and perversion. I can see them also in history, and I am sure, Marty, you can too.

Pompeii has SEGNPMSS perversions written all over it. The Roman Empire was known for slavery (and they still have not given up on slavery), bloody “games” (and they still have not given up on it wasting people in various ways),  remote-controlled lunatic emperors (and they still put their psychiatric-conditioned people to become heads of state), they psychiatric-conditioned people to commit suicide when they wanted to get rid of them (just as they do today with most of their terrorists, and murders, and others), persecuting other religions (and they still do it, and not just persecuting, they also infiltrate religions and hypnotize, and implant others to alter religions and make these psychiatric-altered people commit crimes in the name of the religion, which they want to bring down. 

I find it easy to spot the SEGNPMSS. They make the huge mistake by not understanding that a person stalked knows a hell of a lot about her stalkers. They give each other away all the time. One look at the news, and I know what they are up to. Particularly, their ways to make the world accept what is wrong, and the world not seeing it, is typically for their psychiatric mind-control. Silent sounds through ear- and body implants.   

Allegedly, Bavaria was excluded from the “electoral dignity of the Roman Empire”, but this is typically an alibi. Bavarian barbers and butchers, the later psychiatrists secretly conditioned the Romans into the gruesome pigs that they became. The same horrible stuff that the SEGNPMSS does today. In order to not be held accountable by others for the cruelties that they made the Romans do, they “excluded” Bavaria from voting officially in the Roman Empire. But they don’t need their own official elector if people do anyway what the SEGNPMSS whispers in their ears.  

In the 17th century AD, SEGNPMSS put the Duke of Bavaria officially up to become a prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire. “Holy” (cough, cough!) . Briefly afterwards, he declared himself to be king of Bavaria on 1 January 1806. Nothing but a stepping stone to create their own official state: Gruesome Bavaria. Mighty Roman Empire allowed them to get away with this because the Duke was an official elector of the Roman king, basically some kind of Roman. People fooled as always. Their “specialty”.    

Nothing is really history because modern people allow themselves to be run by these monsters just as those people in historic ages. 

I often think: when did they exactly land and invaded the minds of people and brought the worst out of them? The point to look for is when this planet suddenly became violent and perverted. I also think that there must be tiny ear implants in the bones/graves of historic people. And archaeologists don’t look for them despite they should. Back then, they probably were of metal and today, they likely harder to find as of silicon that might disintegrate. 

However, the details are: there is no doubt that the SEGNPMSS exist, that they consist in the hard-core of German/Bavarian psychs, neuroscientists (“scientists”, cough, cough) and Nazis and that they have no human qualifications whatsoever and run this universe with ear-implants. If this planet and universe has not a secret death wish, they have to stop working with them or for them and convict them.

Sending you tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I love you.

Yours always,


Nothing changed at all. World stays bad and we know why. 










Sebastian Kurz, another one who doesn’t get it or doesn’t want to get it by announcing deeper ties with Bavaria and Germany

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

As you know, Germany and Austria were joined by the hip through WWI and WWII. Interesting are the vultures that accompany these two women. They claimed that the world is jealous of them (Germany and Austria) and that they would break the ranks of the world and their jealousy.

If they think that anyone who really knows them is jealous of them, not just their shields have loose screws.  

Germany and Austria joined by the hip through WWI.

Austria bitten by nationalism as so often ready for WWI. 


This one says that it is easy to take over East France and Belgium. And that they will share West Russia and add it to Germany and Austria and then they will go for England’s colonies. It also seems that they have taken over a Jewish school and teach the “animals” this new geography. And the creepy German teacher is abusive as you can see on the rod (German trademark for a teacher).  

Here Germany and Austria are fighting against their enemies that they created themselves by being  jealous of Jews, Americans, and other nationals.  Germany and Austria beating up a Russian together and having perverted fun doing so. There are even worse pictures than this on the net with blood splattering all over when Germany and Austria kill others. 

Like in North Korea! German and Austrian kids getting war picture books to hate others and embrace war. How “cute”!


This text is typically German-insane. It says that Germany has to live even if they all have to die.  


Germany and Austria joined by the hip through WWII


Germany and Austria joined by the hip through WWII

Creepy! Apparently a Bavarian (his outfit) and the strongest of all builds a bridge for cheering Austrians to “connect” Austria with Germany.

Germany and Austria joined by the hip through WWII…

Germany has either a bad case of the sniffles or a weapon hidden in his nose.  

Germany and Austria joined by the hip through… 

Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has announced his intention to deepen ties with Germany and the EU. “Many personal, economic, political and cultural ties bind us to Germany,” the 31-year-old told Germany’s Bild newspaper.

Deepen? When was Austria ever not Germany’s and Bavarian’s poodle? Yes, they share particularly Hitler, the Nazi, the psychs behind them and all their crimes.

Some call him “Messiah”. As if the Messiah would see a big Tatzelwurm in other religions.

Germany and Austria were allies with the Turks in former WWs. It didn’t bother them back then that they were Muslims. 

Must be his looks. Can’t be his smarts as he is sailing in the wrong direction.

If something goes wrong with the new Here Germany and Austria are fighting against their enemies that they created themselves by being  jealous of Jews, Americans, and other nationals.  I bet the farm that Germany will again blame Austria of having sparked it and that it wasn’t Germany. Just as many Germans today stress that Hitler was an Austrian, no German, and they conceal that Bavaria gave Hitler the most support.

I love you, Marty. Hope to see you soon.

Yours forever,



FRBs (Fast Radio Bursts) according to Harvard are the most mysterious phenomena from space

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Dearest Marty, most fascinating person in the universe, how are you? 

Fast radio bursts were recorded again. They last only a few milliseconds but there are out there. Allegedly, the first was noticed in 2007, but I believe many  were witnessed before but covered up and never publicized. Ear-implants rule. What changed since 2007? Could be a number of reasons.

Astronomers say that they have no clue what the FRBs are, except that they really come from space, not some bursts from Earth or even our galaxy. Those bursts are coming from another galaxy.

There are some theories out there that these FRB come from black holes and stars crashing into each other. Can’t be because deep space as we see it from Earth is a SEGNPMSS projection and not real. I think the FRBs must come from what is behind that screen. 

The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) confirms the mystery of the Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs): An emerging class of astrophysical transients whose physical origin is still a mystery.

Marty, I don’t waste my time and read all their numbers in details. It is deep space is a projection and only what’s behind it interesting, not what is protected on it. I try to concentrate on the essence.

Some folks of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) think that the bursts are coming from aliens, e.g. their spaceships. “An artificial origin is worth contemplating and checking.”

Germany, particularly Bavaria, their psychs, MUST control everyone and everything. Courageous that they ventured out in space and put that screen up? No. They implant, hypnotize, and mind-control pilots with ear-implants. That’s why they go where nobody has gone before and attach whoever is out there to their ear-implant system. People are becoming robots who even lit themselves on fire. They have no analytical minds anymore once psychs (hiding in safety) conditioned them. 


SEGNPMSS doesn’t want us to venture into space. I bet the farm that they are using NASA. If the fake deep space projection ever should be busted, Germany plan to blame the USA and NASA on it.  

Something else, Marty. Yesterday I noticed that a local church in town plays the German national anthem. Can you imagine? There is not even an official German community around here. Instead of religious songs or the US national anthem, they are playing  Germany, Germany above all else, above all else in the world. I hope the idiot pastor doesn’t think this attracts me to come to his service by playing the German national anthem. It can’t get creepier for an American town.

I love you, my heartthrob. 

M. is in Ubud at the moment. I sure hope she doesn’t go onto this swing without safety devices in place like this girl. Looks pretty but I think it is stupid. If a bee stings or something stings her, she might lose her grip.

Yours forever,









Trump’s wall is a huge waste of money

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I know that you agree with me that we need a better economy not a stupid wall. If German secret services’ loud and silent sounds through ear-implants are busted as one of the huge reasons why the US economy and other economies don’t do so well, and when people finally learn in what infrastructures they are not allowed to live because medical-oriented SPs don’t like them staying young and healthy, the USA will boom and build these villages. Only completely idiots wouldn’t want to live in them. That means that the USA will need any hand its get to build these places and Trump’s wall will be torn down or stand as a symbol for waste and stupidity.

Even if the economy would not boom (which I seriously doubt) under these conditions, any well-meaning person could live in such a village and be nourished in one and would keep the doctors away. No need to call anyone illegal. The USA welcomed any race once, and this can stay so without that any American has to fear not being able to provide for his family and himself.  

Ear-implants are making people blind and stupid, otherwise they would see what we can.

Hypocrite and straw woman Angela Merkel said that “America-first attitude” will hurt the USA. She wants more US taxpayers’ money for her country that secretly enslaves Americans and the world. That comes from a woman who has the line “Germany above everything” in her national hymn and whose secret service psychs run the entire world with psychiatric ear-implants so that Germany is first and on top of the world despite everything horrible it did in the past and does in the present. Her attitude is allegedly that everyone wins. That is most definitely not true. Germany conspires against us, the USA, and other countries and even starts and controls wars to get what it wants. They do it covertly to get away with everything and being considered a county with morals and ethics. Well, they are not kidding us, Marty. We know a snake when we see one.  

Germany conspires on many levels but it doesn’t matter what horrible things it does, it always gets away with it because its psychs are the master of  international ear-implants. Germany has the overall control over each whisper. Including the “new” Nazi activities all over the planet and in the USA. 

My sister told me on Skype that she got a form paper in the mail addressed to me to vote in the next German federal election. Lol! She found it funny too. I NEVER was INTERESTED in voting in Germany! It is not my country. I always felt like a stranger there despite I had papers. But no human rights.   

And have you heard that psychiatrists got into the heads of Google and want a “I am feeling depressed” link on the Google start page? P$ychs want to cash in via Google and selling more drugs and e-shocks to the world. Lots of depressions would go away when people would bust psychiatric silent sounds send in their ears via ear- and body implants.      

Sending you tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I think of you and still hope every day to see you again and this will not and never stop. M. travels to Bali on Sunday and from there after approx. 10 days to Australia for months and then maybe to New Zealand, then Asia, then in spring of next year to Canada and then the USA. It is her sabbatical and she saved for it. I have mixed feelings because she travels all alone but I can’t blame her. I left Germany too. Alone.   

I love you.

Yours always.