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Your impostor and David Miscavige are working again together?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and soulmate,

I wonder what you are thinking about this. I bet you are shaking your head.    

It seems that more and more people now come to the conclusion that David Miscavige paid your impostor to make “Mosey’s case” go away.

I wonder if her attorneys really don’t have to be paid if Miscavige and your impostor arranged that Monique won’t be paid but your impostor instead? I also wonder if Monique thought this through. If you make a public appearance, Marty, will your impostor run and hide and with him the money? He published that Monique wasn’t paid. But not that he wasn’t paid. 

Remember all the hostile things that your impostor said about Scientology and also Ron, the founder? Miscavology answered with the idiotic “squirrel busters”, which created nothing but bad PR for Scientology and gave your impostor grounds to have his wife sue the Scientology orgs. Your impostor didn’t just do his series with the Tampa Bay Times or made his “movie” or worked with Louis Theroux on his crap (boring) movie, or participated in the HBO Going Clear garbage and delivered his brand of “Scientology” by trying to get org public and staff coming to his “shack” for “services”, and all the other Scientology-harming stuff that your impostor did, he even traveled to Germany to support Germany against Scientology!

And if the above is right, Miscavige paid someone with Scientology money who worked with Germany to ruin Scientology! 

So, the purpose of smearing Scientology was archived and now Miscavige pays him?

How Miscavige comes away with claiming that he is a Scientologist is beyond me. Except for building empty orgs (not of the type the founder would approve) and squirreling Scientology together with Nation of Islam to make it easier for the psychs, Germany, and other countries to outlaw Scientology, and having his own family members smear Scientology, whatever did Miscavige do for Scientology? Just about anyone would have done a better job for SCN than he did. 

In earlier times, people like Miscavige were routed off as heavily PTS or SP. It is outrageous that he still is on top of the orgs. Psychs and Germany knows how bad he is for Scientology, that’s why he is still “in charge”. 

A worse leader for Scientology than Miscavige is hard to imagine.

Jack Vistaril (Ron’s impostor) who left Scientology to Miscavige was a German/CIA double agent. The CIA has quite something to answer. They all thought they would get away with it. They never counted with us figuring it all out, Marty. 

And Miscavige makes also another situation WORSE for himself. And that is that Miscavige didn’t just support your impostor in 1990 – 2004 but, if it is correct that he got money from Scientology through Miscavige, the latter still supports your impostor in present time.

Well, we are not going away. I assume that Miscavige and your impostor hope that we evaporate, but we won’t do them the favor. And then they have to answer to us in the legal arena, and we won’t buy any of their crap. 

If you would make a public appearance, Marty, both of them would probably go into hiding. Until the day someone blows the whistle on them…

Only clean hands make a happy life. They heard it and didn’t apply it.  

I love you, Marty, and I am sending you a million kisses.   

Yours forever,




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