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“Antisemitic Jews” or “self-hating Jews” is a result of secret German psychiatric Nazi conditioning, their ear-implants and silent sounds

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you?

I am sure you know that the idea to create “Antisemitic Jews” or “self-hating Jews” was born in Germany, where else? Particularly before psychs helped Hitler to power, they tried to sabotage Jews into destructing themselves by hating themselves. Apparently, not much has changed since then. 

These days, there is Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel needs urgently a better Prime Minister) who says that Trump is the least anti-Semitic person ever despite that he is really lame on opposing the German-controlled anti-Semitic and racial movements in the USA and elsewhere on the planet.

Netanyahu son Yair posted outrageous antisemitic Nazi propaganda on the net.  This is from the Washington Post: “Yair Netanyahu is a total bro,” wrote Andrew Anglin in the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer. “Next he’s going to call for gassings.”

What an disgusting fellow Anglin is. Psychs love these kinds of primitive and brutal people and dispose of them after they did their “jobs”.  People who allow themselves to be used are such idiots. Here is what’s happening to them:  The Moor had done his duty, the Moor can go.    

If Benjamin Netanyahu, Israels Prime Minister isn’t capable to raise a son who isn’t anti-Semitic son, is Netanyahu qualified to make a statement that Trump or anyone else is the least anti-Semitic person?

Psychs have of course the “explanations” why there are “antisemitic Jews” or “self-hating Jews”, except what really the cause is: psychs, their own “profession” transmitting silent and loud sounds into the ear implants of people to support or become Nazis.   

It seems that the men behind Trump think that his daughter marrying a Jew is enough of an alibi to have Trump do the racially-motivated things that Trump does. If it backfires, they always can blame it on the Jew who is Trump’s adviser.  That is the German psychiatric Nazi mindset.   

I see clearly that Trump’s “job” as president is to break up the United States instead of uniting it. The blue states will break away from the red states first.  It is easier for Germany to officially take over individual states. Until they have them all and until nobody is left anymore to fight them back. Like with the Ukraine where anti-Semitic people with ear-implants yell that they want to be ruled by Germany.

Merkel’s “job” is to prepare the world for the new German Nazis like the AfG and other such movements. Most people fail to look at that allegedly moderate political “leaders” prepare the grounds for the monsters who come after them. Most think of Merkel not as a person who will gas people, however, a lot is wrong with a person who takes in fugitives knowing that multi-nationalism has totally failed in Germany. Merkel has her orders to make Germany world power no.1  despite its notorious horrible past and present. People don’t touch the fact that she like other “leaders” are puppets. After her comes the “leader” who does not mind to shoot foreigner at the border like the AfG people, and after her comes a “leader” who don’t mind shooting people in the country, etc. And the dumb p$ychs think that they win, until they get killed by one of their colleagues and are born again in the hell they helped to create. There are no dumber people. There really aren’t. They are the dogs that biting their own tails.  

It is a psychiatric Nazi-world and people are controlled by their international ear-implants, otherwise they could not be as easily manipulated. The majority of the people on this Earth would have caught on if they wouldn’t be controlled. 

I love you, Marty, wish I could be with you. I am glad that you are you. Be kissed my darling.

Yours forever,






When does the US and international intelligence community finally blow the whistle on SEGNPMSS sabotaging the weather from satellites?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how are you?

SEGNPMSS uses weather satellites to create disasters that costs the US billions, destroys property and kills people, yet, nobody says the obvious: it is not nature that is whipping up these hurricanes and other similar disasters.    

In addition, what is very telling is that the hurricane gains strength particularly when hitting the USA. Typical SEGNPMSS.  

         US and international intelligence community is deep asleep if they think that his not man-made.

Something else: M. is in Australia. Her Kindle Paperwhite malfunctioned and it frustrates her. She reads with it all the time. And I also know who ruins electronic instruments with remote-control. They are so disgusting. Their major goal is not winning but causing losses. And they are so retarded that they don’t see what’s wrong with it.

I will be back soon, Marty. You are like beautiful music to me that I heard when I saw you first and which I never will forget as it so beautiful and gripping. We have been through hell but I consider myself very lucky having met you, Marty. If I have to walk through more hell to be with you at the end, they should bring it on as there is no going back just going forwards until I saw you again.

I love you and it is a love forever.



I still find music of the 40s awesome, Marty. Not just the modern version of electro-swing. Regular swing is a class of its own and really great. It always puts me in a good mood.  And this time, the 40s, which could have been fund and a blast for all people and all races alive, was so brutally interrupted and changed by Hitler and the German psychiatrists and doctors behind him. Monsters! Instead of dancing people were dying.  And doctors and their Nazis are still at it.

                                          That is what I call music and rhythm! 





Trump’s wall is a huge waste of money

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I know that you agree with me that we need a better economy not a stupid wall. If German secret services’ loud and silent sounds through ear-implants are busted as one of the huge reasons why the US economy and other economies don’t do so well, and when people finally learn in what infrastructures they are not allowed to live because medical-oriented SPs don’t like them staying young and healthy, the USA will boom and build these villages. Only completely idiots wouldn’t want to live in them. That means that the USA will need any hand its get to build these places and Trump’s wall will be torn down or stand as a symbol for waste and stupidity.

Even if the economy would not boom (which I seriously doubt) under these conditions, any well-meaning person could live in such a village and be nourished in one and would keep the doctors away. No need to call anyone illegal. The USA welcomed any race once, and this can stay so without that any American has to fear not being able to provide for his family and himself.  

Ear-implants are making people blind and stupid, otherwise they would see what we can.

Hypocrite and straw woman Angela Merkel said that “America-first attitude” will hurt the USA. She wants more US taxpayers’ money for her country that secretly enslaves Americans and the world. That comes from a woman who has the line “Germany above everything” in her national hymn and whose secret service psychs run the entire world with psychiatric ear-implants so that Germany is first and on top of the world despite everything horrible it did in the past and does in the present. Her attitude is allegedly that everyone wins. That is most definitely not true. Germany conspires against us, the USA, and other countries and even starts and controls wars to get what it wants. They do it covertly to get away with everything and being considered a county with morals and ethics. Well, they are not kidding us, Marty. We know a snake when we see one.  

Germany conspires on many levels but it doesn’t matter what horrible things it does, it always gets away with it because its psychs are the master of  international ear-implants. Germany has the overall control over each whisper. Including the “new” Nazi activities all over the planet and in the USA. 

My sister told me on Skype that she got a form paper in the mail addressed to me to vote in the next German federal election. Lol! She found it funny too. I NEVER was INTERESTED in voting in Germany! It is not my country. I always felt like a stranger there despite I had papers. But no human rights.   

And have you heard that psychiatrists got into the heads of Google and want a “I am feeling depressed” link on the Google start page? P$ychs want to cash in via Google and selling more drugs and e-shocks to the world. Lots of depressions would go away when people would bust psychiatric silent sounds send in their ears via ear- and body implants.      

Sending you tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I think of you and still hope every day to see you again and this will not and never stop. M. travels to Bali on Sunday and from there after approx. 10 days to Australia for months and then maybe to New Zealand, then Asia, then in spring of next year to Canada and then the USA. It is her sabbatical and she saved for it. I have mixed feelings because she travels all alone but I can’t blame her. I left Germany too. Alone.   

I love you.

Yours always.


Midnight Terror Cave in Belize

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Dearest Marty, my credible soulmate and husband,

I am thinking of you and that in the so-called age of human rights, the planet conspires to deny them to us.

As I explained before, to me, history is not just about dead people and archaeology is not about old stuff because we were there as we are here now, and what hits me most is that terror was there back then and is here now. It doesn’t matter what someone might say, it really raises the question if this planet or even the universe really is getting better or will get ever better. Original Scientology would have accomplished this, but Vistarology and Miscavology won’t. They even implemented outdated psychiatric garbage (e.g. spinning around in circles, etc) into Scientology and discarded, buried, or changed most valuable original Scientology data and technology.

SPs are at it as they were thousands of years ago. They landed on this planet thousands of years ago and ever since, this planet knows mainly suffering, torture, brutality, perversion, mind-control, and death. People who want to live in peace constantly had to find ways to protect themselves from them and nothing really protected them on the long run. 

The problem that I am seeing is that drawing walls around a village or city simply didn’t work, as the barber and the butcher (the later psychiatrists, medical doctors and the likes) are sneaky. They persons, implant and hypnotize them and turn them into remote-controlled zombie. They did it all the way back in history and still do it today. People open the door to what they think is one if theirs, but he or she is no longer one of theirs. This explains the cannibalism of the Aztecs or other nations like the Maya that “turned”.

The Midnight Terror Cave in Belize was discovered last year. It tells me that the men behind the Nazis were also the men behind this and other massacres. They don’t die in an average of 75 years as other people as they stole the technology to protect their lousy bodies.

Almost 10000 bones ones were found in that cave. At least 118 persons were butchered in there, many of them children who were rounded up from other places. Just like Pied Piper of Hamelin or Nazis who rounded up the Jews and transported them to the concentration camps. Atrocities  make me really angry, it doesn’t matter how old they are. I want to find these people who ordered and conducted this and bring them to justice. Their tonelevel (under death as a person) grosses me out! And these horrors do not stop because investigators always fail to go to the root of the evil as controller of their ear implants are telling them to stop the investigation. This is how the SEGNPMSS gets away all the time. Until when they fall victim to each other, haha! And they do. 

Imagine governments finally saying: He/she/ they did not act alone, and we will never stop pulling strings until the last monster is brought to justice.

If they would not just say but also do that, this universe would have a chance but only then. Otherwise, it will stay the hell that is until mankind dies out as the result of their atrocities.   

Everything is sabotaged one way or the other. Guess my stalkers think that I have to be thankful for all the problems that they are causing me, e.g. “be glad that your bones are not in some kind of midnight cage”, but this is not how I am thinking, Marty. I am so tired of them that I would immigrate to a universe that they can’t enter in a blink of an eye. Leaving them in their own trap with people as bad as they are is what they actually deserve. I am generous in forgiving people faults but not in forgiving systematic planned crimes to wear someone down or deny rights to a person who hasn’t done anything to them. And I will keep this attitude until the end of time, not just this lifetime. They ask for it, Marty, justice that will make their pig heads spin, and it doesn’t mean me lowering myself on their primitive and brutal level. No, it means real justice instead of forgiving them. Forgiving them means that they will continue with their atrocities.

They make our lives so hard for us. Why the hell should we make anything easy for them in return when the tide changes? And it will change, one way or the other. I am looking at this world and I see the future of this planet and universe clearly. It is not overpopulation but the opposite, and one horror and terror event after the other will happen, just like in ancient times. If SPs are not handled and brought to justice, nothing ever will change. And with handling I don’t mean doing what they do: torturing and killing. With handling I mean not forgiving anything that they EVER did and that they have to do very hard labor with the earnings paid to their victims while their victims having finally a good time. This is the only way they ever will learn. And the amends must be conducted over a very, very, very, very, very  long time, so that they will feel the consequences of what they have done in any lifetime to come.

This is one lesson that I learned in this lifetime for sure, Marty. Letting monsters off the hook means future suffering. And nothing that I ever wrote should be construed that another wrong makes a right. No butchery and crimes from our side but instead justice that they ever will think that their crimes have paid. Everyday, they will say to themselves that what kind of complete idiots they were messing with us and others. 

I love you, Marty. I am sorry for what you have to go through. It is so inhumane to leave you behind in conditions that the SEGNPMSS rules. The people who conspire against us have human bodies but they are not humans otherwise they would not do what they are doing. It is still a miracle that you even are on a planet like this. And I am so glad that you exist.

Be kissed and tenderly embraced, my darling.

Yours forever and ever,





North Korean psychs and medical doctors like to e-shock because Germany and their SEGNPMSS is behind and above everything

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Dearest Marty, my heart-throb and most missed Prince in the universe, how are your days and nights?  My thoughts are always with you. Never feel alone.

The Warmbier family didn’t order an autopsy on Otto. I strongly suspect that psychiatric experiments were done on him in NK, which resulted in his non-responsive state. P$ychs got away once more. “Unresponsive wakefulness” in a young and healthy man points strongly towards electroshock and other psychiatric experiments. Like so many other psychiatrists all over the planet, the North Korean psychs and medical doctors like to e-shock. They have not much electricity at night but they sure have enough to e-shock.  

This is one definition of an autopsy that I found online:

An autopsy (also known as a post-mortem examination or necropsy) is the examination of the body of a dead person and is performed primarily to determine the cause of death, to identify or characterize the extent of disease states that the person may have had, or to determine whether a particular medical or surgical treatment has been effective. Autopsies are performed by pathologists, medical doctors who have received specialty training in the diagnosis of diseases by the examination of body fluids and tissues. In academic institutions, autopsies sometimes are also requested for teaching and research purposes. Forensic autopsies have legal implications and are performed to determine if death was an accident, homicide, suicide, or a natural event. The word autopsy is derived from the Greek word autopsia: “to see with one’s own eyes.”

Yes, nobody likes the idea of a loved-ones remains being taken apart, but psychiatry, NK, and Germany above everything, was done a favor by not having done an autopsy.   

Anti-American propaganda in NK ordered secretly by the men behind Germany:

Knowing Germany, particularly Bavaria, North Koreans are having their ear-and body implants like all other nations. Even the Sentinelese have them. Most people don’t even know how obsessed German, particularly Bavarian psychs are to control anyone. 

I sure don’t know everyone in the world. So, how come I say just about any being has psychiatric ear- and body implants? Because I know the German/Bavarian obsession to suppress and control and be above everyone and everything. Obsession isn’t even a word strong enough to describe these SPs.   

Many people when they see the lower part of the tonescale think that this can’t be true. Thinking of Germany, particularly Bavaria, I know that these tonelevels under death (emotional death it is) do really exist. Germany and its psychs couldn’t fool the real Ron. 

The hatred against the USA by North Korea is German-ordered. NK maintains the Sinchon Museum of American War Atrocities, which conceals that the SEGNPMSS order international and also “American” atrocities through the ear implants of their agents. NK is really not helping by just attacking the USA and not pointing to the German/Bavarian evil behind a bad world. 

Ear-implants make it possible. It is apparently a fact that “US” General Douglas MacArthur bombed Pyongyang in 1950 “to stop communism” and approx. 3 millions North Koreans died. However, Germany wasn’t and isn’t just behind Nazis but also behind communism and other totalitarian system and has each country infiltrated not to blow the whistle on Germany still being the planetary dictator, terrorist and war-maker behind other nations and that any other nation, including the USA, is Germany’s poodle.

These North Korean propaganda posters remind me so much to the Nazi posters against the Jews. The German secret service scum behind the Nazi propaganda posters is the same that is behind the NK propaganda. It is the very same tonelevel, defamation, and hype.   

Instead of attacking the USA, NK and any other country should take a look behind Germany! This would improve anyone’s life a lot. Not saying that the USA is innocent. It is German-infiltrated, -controlled, -oriented,  like all other countries, but it is not the instigator. Horrible things done in the name of the USA took place because psychs, in the hard-core  German/Bavarian SPs ordered it through their freaking ear-implants that they already got when they were in the womb, babies, and little kids. And this psych-practice against human rights goes way way way back in history. Radio technology was invented a lot earlier than what schools teach.    

Merkel denounced the deadly violence around white supremacist groups in Charlottesville, Va., as racist and evil. What she does is alibi talk. Germany likes the official image that Americans are the racists and the evil people and Germany the advanced thinkers, scientists, and good people, when in fact she and other German leaders conceals that all Neo-Nazis on the planet and also those in the almost 1000 Nazi supremacist groups in the USA are controlled by German secret services/SEGNPMSS. Loud and silent sounds that these “Americans” or international Nazis hear come from very old and very German/Bavarian barber and butcher sources. Ear implants and psychiatry make it possible.

Agent and non-Scientologist David Miscavige keeps my blog down. I have a good clue as to who orders him to do whatever he does. So, it is mainly you who hears what I have to say, Marty. Despite you don’t need to hear it as you figured it all out on your own. People are also too addicted and mind-controlled to acknowledge that they got trapped with their ear-implants. 

I love you, Marty. It is basically the “world” against us. Psychs says of course that such an idea is “metal illness” but everything that would discover their inhuman activities are “mental illness”.

Yet, I am so very calm. When I figured all of that, I was not that calm. It was quite unsettling. But now I am. It is amazing that one can know all of that and live a calm life it doesn’t matter what they throw at or do to me.

However, I think of the future. Once they destroy my body (in other words, kill me, secretly medically or through violence), I would be a fool to come back and take another body in this universe. If people continue to obey to their secret slave masters and conspire against us, and suppress or attack our speech and way of life, if we can’t come through and even Scientology stays altered and is no longer a way out, we can postulate us into our own universe and live with our kind wonderful lives with rights. Psychs and medical doctors will of course say that this is “mentally ill” and not possible, but many physicians are convinced of multiverses. If there is one thing, there can be the same or similar thing elsewhere.      

Interesting is also that the haters of Scientology are saying that we Scientologists don’t believe in God. Fact is however that I doubt that anyone can be closer to God than I am. I have a father/daughter relationship to him. Some atheists might say that people who think that they are targets make God up so that they are not completely alone.  That’s not what it is. I am woman enough to carry anything on my own as long as I have an escape route plan for future lives, and I have one. I have a personal relationship with God because he is really here. Around me, and I bet around you, Marty. He wants us to know of him. He is wonderful. I can read personalities. When I am around a person, I can feel what kind of personality one has. This is how I felt in love with you, Marty.

And I can feel God’s personality too. He is amazing beyond words and not the “God” that psychs smeared into “religious” scriptures.  He differs a lot from the brutal “God” that psychs, former barbers and butchers, made up and also from the one who lets SPs off the hook so that they can commit the next atrocities. The real God is good. People who want to take advantage of this should however consider that he ain’t a fool and that everything has consequences. 

Sometimes, this lifetime seems a losing battle. But our future away from any SEGNPMSS reach is not. No wonder, I am composed and collected whatever happens. No panic at all. Sometimes I am surprised by this myself. Another miracle. 

Giving you tender and passionate kisses, my darling and soulmate. You rock, Marty. 

Yours forever in any universe



German secret services and psychiatric ear-implants behind the racism and violence in Charlottesville

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and wonderful husband, how are you?

My thoughts are with you as always. I know that you are the target of German-psychiatric racism and their international agents.

Plenty of these German-psychiatric controlled ear-implant-robot Nazis marched on August 11 in Charlottesville, VA, as you likely have read or heard.  These robots marched through the U of V campus. It means Germany wants more young people to become Nazis. They yelled Nazi slogans “Jews will not replace us” and “Blut und Boden” in English (an insane medical Nazi slogan).  They carried and threw torches, intended to lit fires and burn others. 

Who says that the SEGNPMSS doesn’t exist is either an idiot or covers for them or both.

Germany has a secret program carrying the Nazi responsibility and blame from Germany to the USA and other countries. They want to smell like roses while other countries, and very much so the USA, are made to be the new Nazis. And they have also a secret program that the USA should be blamed on the old Nazis too. And these marching people with their psychiatric ear-implants through which they hear loud and silent sounds, play right into their hands by behaving like German Nazis.

SEGNPMSS attaches children with unripe minds around first grade to their system and turns them into their obedient robots. They never grow up and become themselves, always listen to what their case officer (a German supercomputer) is transmitting in their ears.     

Richard Bertrand Spencer, a white supremacist should be investigated on ear-implants and who is sending him the hate messages. This is how one can find out who runs and owns this guy. He is openly pro Europe, in other words pro Germany. He cites Nazi propaganda and refused to denounce Hitler. His supporters use  the Nazi salute. They are such idiots. How can anyone be such a stupid Unmensch to position himself with Nazis? What a lack of IQ and human decency is that?    

The Nazis marching in Charlottesville claims that the media is Jewish. That media does a horrible job by not reporting that the SEGNPMSS uses ear-implants in international people to revive Nazis to suppress Jews, and Blacks, and other races. Them not reporting about this smells very German and not Jewish to me.   

The counter-protesters are remote-controlled too. Instead of demanding laws and justice, the counter protesters yelled violent slogans back. Two wrongs make no right. 


James Alex Fields Jr., 20, of Maumee, apparently pro-Neo-Nazis, drove a car into the crowd, killing a person and hurting many others. One of his neighbors said that he often blasted polka music from the car. Polka! Germany is behind this guy and other cowardly attacks driving cars into people!

History really repeats itself. The Nazis were officially defeated in 1945, however, as the men behind the Nazis (in the hardcore German psychiatrists and medical doctors) were never officially busted by the world, they continued to enslave the world on so many levels and if not stopped Nazis will take over again officially.

I know that you are aware of this too, Marty, and this is one big reason why they let you suffer like they do.  

I will stand by you because you deserve it. I know your value and your noble intentions. I love you!

Yours forever,



6000 Nazis attending Nazi “Concert” in Themar, Thuringia, tolerated if not supported by German authorities

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Dearest Marty, rockstar, and my soulmate,

How are you? I am thinking of you. Wish I could help you with something effective but waiting until this conspiracy breaks down due to their own high crimes. 

Right-extremism is for so many Germans like Alcoholism. Just one drink and they are back in the old habit of endangering others.

Concert (some punk music version) goers chanted  “Heil” and wore I love Htlr t-shirts, some had “1933”, “swastika”, and “I love NS” on them.

Numerous crimes were committed during this “gathering”.  They called it “Rock against over-foreignization”.  They also held anti-foreigner speeches during this event. 

Not many people in Germany protesting the Nazis and such events. 

Basically, Germans are cowards, otherwise they wouldn’t fear other cultures. Besides, it is their own SEGNPMSS who conditions foreigners as extreme Muslims in what they are doing. It is all part of the plan. Nazis need extreme Muslims to have a justification to come officially back in Germany.  

Angela Merkel said in 2010 that multiculturalism has totally failed in Germany. Yet, the men behind Germany even start wars to get foreigners to work in and for Germany to make it the richest most influential nation/country in the world.  Shows also what a person Merkel by transporting foreigners into German hell in which multiculturalism has totally failed. She knows what is waiting for them there. 

German Authorities said they could not prevent this “music” event because classified as a political protest. Yeah right. The authorities play right into the hands of these people. When German district attorney Dr. Jürgen Keltsch was in charge of “prosecuting” Neo-Nazis, the opposite happened. They boomed in Munich. 

I read on Twitter that the above recent Nazi event took place on a meadow owned by the mayor of Themar.   


I love you, Marty.  Hope to see you against all odds.

Yours always,