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Germany’s ape-“scientists”…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

The Nazis in 1944 “found” an ape jaw bone in Europe that is allegedly 7 million years old. Who believes Nazis? Today’s Uni of Tübingen.

In another place in Europe they found one (yes one!) tooth, and the University of Tübingen now claims that these are the first human ancestors and the human race therefore started in Europe. Lol. Germans are so needy, if people don’t consider them the greatest and not the originators of the human race, they invent stuff and plant stuff. Once more: lol. They are so predictable.

There are quite a large number of people who really think that they evolved from apes. And we know why. They were apes in past lives. That’s why. We know, we didn’t evolve from apes, and we were never apes.

I miss you, Marty. I often ask myself what else must happen before we finally can see each other again. I love you.

Yours forever,


Could be the official song of the Uni Tübingen:


Dolmens – graves or rather hiding places for the living as evil was going around as it still does?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and soulmate,

How are your days and nights? My thoughts are always returning to you because we are soulmates.

Recently, I had a closer look at the dolmens.  All over the world, people did built them. Officially, nobody knows for what purpose they were erected.  The oldest allegedly were built by the old Europeans around 7000 years ago, and around 4500 the old and successful Europeans were nevertheless all eliminated. 

Typically, dolmens are explained as burial grounds (despite there is no shred evidence for it) but I think they were built by residents to protect themselves from brutal invaders (SPs) who were ice-cold killers.

Guess it is easier for the scientists and others to think that this planet hasn’t that evil past (as they also ignore the presence with psychiatrist invading everyone’s mind, altering personalities, bringing morals down, and murdering remote-controlled, etc.).

It seems that some humans were either murdered near those dolmens (maybe didn’t make it inside before they were ambushed) or human remains were intentionally placed there to make people think that those were burial grounds. Besides with mind-control, traitors can be made who open from the inside and let the monsters in. 

Russian dolmens have seams so tight that not even a blade of a knife could get through. If that isn’t a defense building, what then?


After some Australian scientists published that the old European disappeared approx. 4,500 years ago and were replaced by a new DNA, the University of Tübingen published around March 1, 2016 that the Europeans also disappeared 14,500 years ago and were replaced by others. Again, it is easier to blame the weather or not deliberately man-made diseases on their disappearance. But we know SPs. Those people who have completely cut off their human feelings and qualifications. Genocides and holocausts are nothing new to this planet or universe. And nothing will change of the population of this planet doesn’t confront and deals with it.  

I think it is complete crap that successful people die completely out because they can’t handle the weather. If the weather would be the reason, the same DNA would show up in other places to which they moved. It would not die out completely.

Furthermore, I have a had time believing that humans mated with Neanderthals (cannibals) by their own free will, Marty. Rape might have occurred. Ancient mind-control is another possibility to get humans pair with them. And at the end, someone who eliminated the old Europeans, finished the Neanderthals off too. I say that because Europeans lived alongside the Neanderthals for a long time. Sure didn’t mate with them on their own free will but also didn’t attack them. 

I also wonder if the Earth was their place to dumb those that they wanted to get rid of. And that without human DNA around that the best they can do on their own is becoming Neanderthals when starting over. You understand what I mean.   

Many people believe that aliens landed on this planet to help the Earth population and left some of their structures behind. I think the structures were not built by these invaders. They just landed periodically to exterminate. That explains nations dying out. And the worst of all, numerous of those SPs stayed. This also explains the Nazis, the doctors and psychiatrists behind them and the terrorism of today.

I love you, my hero.

Yours always,







Independent investigations? What independent investigations?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I am not saying anything about the firing of Comey, except if Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, how come he can remove a FBI director who overlooks the Russia investigation?

Seems not a 100% recusal to me.

German-psychiatric ear-implants rule in or outside of governments. The repeated involvement of Jews in matters that are set up to get a lot of publicity and their “falls” also points clearly to the SEGNPMSS. They want people say one day that Hitler and Nazi Germany were right trying to eliminating them. That is why they want them involved in shady if not criminal matters. Numerous of these secret service psychs are aware of past lives since they spied on Ron and his work. They just don’t want mainstream to know that past and future lives are a scientific fact. They also arrange that  former Nazis became/become Jews, Americans, and other nationals in their next lifetimes, as they want to ruin the Jewish reputations even more while psychs and Nazis want to smell like roses. They thought nobody ever will figure what they are up to. What an error. We do.     

SEGNPMSS wants the USA and Russia involved in a hot war so that Germany can move in and pick up the pieces and attach these countries to the EU, which will be later, when nobody is more able to oppose them, be called Germany. 

Marty, I am 100% sure that if Germany wouldn’t run everyone with ear-implants and loud and silent sounds, other people would have figured out a long time that the biggest enemy of the USA is not Russia (although they are not innocent and have to watch out like the USA not being used by Germany) but the psychs behind Germany.

I am looking at the world and see the German Nazi psych scribbling clearly in thousands of horrible situations, yet, the world seems completely blind. Ear-implants don’t make smarter. And they take away the independence.

I know that you think the same way, Marty. Sine 1984, I know that you think that they suck. They are going on your nerves too, badly. And you know that running people through implants isn’t Scientology but psychiatry, just as running around in circles, etc. is psychiatry and the psychiatric infiltration  of Scientology.   

These stupid barbers and butchers. Besides, many of them are hating each others guts. It just needs another to get rid of them. They cooked up so many situations in which they can kill someone, e.g. murder covered up as illness, suicide, or accidents and they “fix” investigations through people obeying ear-implants and nobody will miss them or come looking for them. In a few seconds only, their own lives can change, and then they are in the situation they put others in. In a body of the opposite, or in one with no gender at all, born with handicap (medical terrorism using lasers, etc.) or born into an abusive life, in an animal body, whatever… These fools brought it on themselves by not doing the right thing: speaking out against the ear-implants and making sure that everyone’s rights are being granted. I said it before and I say it again: The probability that they step in their own traps and are getting their own disgusting medicine is 100%. The only way to prevent not stepping into their own traps is REMOVING THEM FOR EVERYONE. They think they are intelligent, but I found out that they the biggest fools ever born. They are the dogs biting their own tails. 

Let’s say, someone of them finally gets a cognition and knows that he or she is doomed within the system. How do they report it? One of the first question that p$ychs asks is if a person hears voices, because psychs protect this criminal system and ear-implants. This question alone tells me that psychs will declare a person who blows the whistle on ear- implants insane. Until another doc puts them in, and the joke is on them. 

Anyway, someone got to blow the whistle and has to come through in order to knock some sense into a psychiatric mind-controlled planet and universe.  

And why didn’t for example Ben Ferencz, the last Nuremberg prosecutor alive, get rid of the Nazis, genocides, and wars for good? Because the idiotic psychiatric invention of ear-implants was never busted. People are under its spell and p$ychs suck away their consciences, intelligence, and humanity with and loud and silent sounds.

I love you, Marty. You rock!

Yours forever,






Young Ho Park (Senior Research Fellow of Korea Institute for National Unification) and other researchers provide info about unification prospects between the two Koreas

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And he did, to the battle front. 

Dearest Marty, my hero, it is a shame that the two Korea are not unified as one peaceful nation.  

However, North Korea has to put away with the German radioed anti-American propaganda and respect human rights. Besides, North Korea has no chance to win a war. It it launches a missile, it will be hit into pieces by those with more war and other resources.   

Young Ho Park wrote: “With regards to unification, North Korea has harbored two unchanging perceptions after the division of the Peninsula. The first is that the division was the outcome of external forces, or the ‘imperialist forces.’ The second is that the issue of unification is a problem of ‘realizing the independence of the nation on the whole country.” Therefore, in order to achieve unification, the U.S. must be denounced…”

The hated against the USA clearly come from SEGNPMSS ear implants; the same that makes numerous people in the USA and also American officials/representatives to act non-American.

Kim Jong-un studied in Switzerland. How come his teachers didn’t convey to him that the USA isn’t his or other people’s enemy and that human rights and freedoms must be granted to people? As a teacher, I can tell the mindset of my students.

I strongly assume that Kim Jong-un was in Germany too.

Young Ho Park continues: “The North Korean leaders’ perception of the political situation is based on the paranoia of having been besieged by imperialists since the Korean War, which ended in 1953, and the greatest imperialist threat comes from the U.S.”

Again, typical the kind of stuff that the SEGNPMSS radios through the ear-implants of people.

Dwight D. Eisenhower who had very effectively defeated the official Nazis and the German Wehrmacht toured the battlefront in Korea before his inauguration. He made peace in Korea! But the USA is the enemy in the minds of North Korea’s leaders? What kind of Nazi crap is that? 

If Kim Jong-un indeed throws a weapon (nuclear or otherwise) at anyone, I know that the SEGNPSS (but also Switzerland) is to blame for complete failure to transmit human values to its students.

Korean researchers are considering the German unification could be the model for a Korean unification. But the facts are very different. Germany always had the power to remove the Berlin wall as their SEGNPMSS run secretly also the Soviet Union and communism. They put the wall up to fake “we are defeated” and to squeeze money out of the USA to build up half of Germany again.

SEGNPMSS hard-core was split in half: Do we make the word communistic or capitalistic? How can we control people better? In any case, Germany’s MUST be the leader of either world. Finally, around 1989, they figured that people living under communism continuously plotted to get rid of that system while capitalism keeps people so busy that they hardly have time to think and that the SEGNPMSS does not need communism to hold people effectively in the dark. 

Germany united its parts because it wants to rule the world. It may say that they want to see the Koreas unified but they  don’t mean it.  Same as it does not want lasting peace in the Middle East or a world without terrorism.

Speaking about unification and Korea, Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church (some say it made antisemitic statements in the past) is called now Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. Strange that they use the word unification but don’t do anything effective to get the Korea unified while being politically active. I believe that Sun Myung Moon preached originally in North Korea. 

It is a German world, covertly and overtly.  No news to you, I know.

                                                               I love you, Marty. You rock!  

Yours forever,









Who better to say that Germany owes USA money but Trump so that people don’t believe that Germany owes the USA money?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

I dreamed of you yesterday night. Either (most of the time) the SEGNPMSS cuts you completely out of my dreams or they are sending me twisted context and nightmares for which I want to kick their behinds as well.

Trump said that Germany owes money to the USA for its NATO protection. Why would Donald Trump who is proud to be German say something like this? Because he said numerous other things that weren’t true. What better to make the world believe that Germany doesn’t owe money to the USA by having DT say it?  

Germany’s defense minister Ursula von der Leyen said that Germany does not owe the USA as NATO  has no debt account. But she doesn’t say why: Because the very German SEGNPMSS runs the entire world through ear-implants, and they arranged that there should be no debt account so that USA pays most and rich Germany as little as possible.  

I also doubt that Trump will ever collect from Germany. He said so much other stuff and didn’t follow through.

The worst of all about this is that Germany (SEGNPMSS) is behind all the situations that “need defense”. They run the dictators and the terrorists, because German secret services are the homes of barbers and butchers. The goal of these psychiatric and medical monsters is to bleed other countries dry, have them break up (incl. USA, Russia, UK, and others) and add their states to their beloved Germany (“EU”), their still existing Nazi plan for ruling the entire world as only world power. In a way, we are already there, because Germany’s psych came up with implanting all the little kids all over the world already with ear-implants made in Germany and made them into their international agents.    

That Germany needs any defense is just a German act. It tries to hide the fact that they run all countries with ear-implants. It does not want people to catch up with it before it brought all other countries and nations officially to their knees and until it is the ONLY rich and then super-rich country standing and until nobody is capable anymore to stop its new Nazi government. 

Other countries only act against Germany when it stepped long enough really badly over the line, like with the atrocities that lead to WW I and WW II, etc. Germany now hides its world-take-over-plans behind women, the EU, and other countries. It is so easy for Germany to hide behind the EU to get bigger and bigger with women “leading” as a straw puppets. I bet the farm that Merkel and others have male masters who run them through ear implants.

SEGNPMSS also transmits  in the ear-implants of the Ukrainians or other nationals and countries wanting to belong to the “EU”, in other words, to Germany as the EU leader.

Russia makes the same error that the USA does: not accusing Germany of being the master behind ear-implants. In case of Russia, it failed to bring a case against Germany and having ordered German agent Lenin to paralyze Russians with communism so that Russia stays poor and Germany gets rich.

Apparently, Germany can fool all, but not us, Marty.  With us, the fooling ends. And that is why they control the entire world into keeping us apart. That is their “handling”. Idiots. What they did and do to us is dumb beyond anything and it will come back and bite them.  If they would be smart, they would have seen it coming before they ripped us apart. But criminals are not smart. There is no such a thing as a smart criminal. Criminal and dumb goes hand in hand. Crimes make people blind and they can’t see the future anymore.         

I love you, my hero.

Yours forever,



Harvard: sailing aliens near our galaxy causing fast radio burst

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

How are you? My thoughts always return to you.

Ten years ago, an astrophysicists with a West Virginia University discovered a sudden radio burst outside of our galaxy by using an Australian telescope. It has happened 16 times before that anyone records that kind of stuff.

Harvard now raised the possibility that the last burst came from aliens outside our galaxy. If I am informed correctly, they say it needs 100,000 light-years to cross our galaxy.

As I wrote numerous times, the deep universe astronomers look at is fake, “courtesy” to the SEGNPMSS who formed centuries earlier before behind also the force behind the Third Reich. As we have to look at a 3D universe screen that is projected before the real deep universe, our scientists don’t know anything about the real deep universe. (I still like physicists for some strange reason.) 

So, whatever burst they discovered, I am sure it was rather a SEGNPMSS activity in space behind the screen/projection. Also, I suspect there were a lot more such bursts but not published. These 17 bursts are likely those that they could not conceal for some reason.

Of course, aliens are out there, much closer to Earth than the mislead world population thinks. And they are already ear-implant and body-implant robots. Psychiatrists (particularly German/Bavarian) psychs can’t sleep at night if not everyone is controlled by them. I doubt that anyone in the entire universe is that obsessed as Bavarian butchers and barbers who later called themselves medical doctors and psychiatrists.

For us, Marty, it is easy to figure them out, because we know them. Hell, they even gave me to a “mother” who once belonged to them. The most secret of all secret services made such a mistake by kidnapping me to one of their past life colleagues (male in that past life) and in their beloved Bavaria, where I could study the creepy minds of people who can’t leave other in peace and have to control anything that moves including any little germ. It can’t get dumber. It really can’t. They want to be the cat’s meow but in reality they are a bunch of crazy idiots of enormous proportions.

If they would have left their claws off us, I wouldn’t know them so well. But as they persecuted me through my entire life, I know these SPs entirely. They plot situations to shame the USA, other nations, and also Scientology orgs and then they sneer when their set ups are attributed to innocent persons or also their own agents (the SEGNPMSS or Bavarian Illuminati, and the secret service force behind it allegedly does not exist, yeah right!) but their stupidity is impossible to beat. 

They think they can afford whatever they do as “it will not define them”. They use ear-implants and manipulate people with loud and silent sounds to forgive them any atrocities until the next atrocity, and the next atrocity. And Germany, Bavaria, and their holy cows, medicine, psychiatry, medical doctors, and psychiatrists (re-named neuroscientists so that people forget the crimes of the psychs) and even Nazis will be again on top of the world.

Unless the motivator hit them deeper than expected. How do people say? Karma is a bitch. They sure ask for it.

A while ago, I imagined nobody left who will stop them. From the way they operate today, their hidden (not to our minds) atrocities, I concluded how this all ends for them. And I am certain that I got it right. 

It will still take some time but I am telling you, Marty, what they will penalize themselves with is a very gruesome end for any beings, and this penalty will last an eternity for each one of them. It will be particularly painful for their kind of characters. And they are going steady in this direction and are too cowardly to change. (It needs courage to admit what they have done and change.) It would include becoming ethical, and they are too cowardly to change their lousy characters. Crimes make stupid and blind. Atrocities apparently result in idiocy and a sight of only a few inches instead one that covers multi-universes. They don’t have those kind of visions that we are having. They defame our versions as mentally ill or whatever. If they would have our visions, they would be able to figure out their ends too. Everyone loses with their system, EVERYONE WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTION!  

I adore you, Marty, keep on surviving. You are so different from them. If they would be just a little like you, the world (and the universe) would be a much better place.

Yours forever, in this universe or our own…






How does Trump fit into the SEGNPMSS agenda?

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Dearest Marty, love of my life, how are you? 

Look what Trump said: 


Because SEGNPMSS ear-implants rule and the masters of the ear-implants decide who wins.   

It doesn’t need a clairvoyant to figure how SEGNPMSS profits from Trump in the White House. Besides from being proud to be German, he suffers from a racist and anti-religious attitude that is very notorious for Germany. No wonder he became US president as SEGNPMSS ear- implants rule. As you know, Marty, I am not a fan of any Clinton, but I still wonder if the 2016 polls were really wrong. Or if voters got swayed through ear-implants in the last-minute to vote for Trump.  

(He might not be that fond of Merkel and he might not understand that Germany instigated and is behind the never-ending war in Syria to get the hard-working Syrians as a cheap young workforce to make Germany’s economy even stronger so that they become world power no. 1 by sabotaging the economy and political systems of any other country on Earth. But Trump is the guy that will do really well with the racial German party AfD and all other European and international racist parties secretly founded and controlled by the SEGNPMSS who might follow Merkel.)  

Picking a candidate for US president whose family member married into a Jewish family and converted also raised a red flag for me. From a SEGNPMSS perspective, I can see that it should put Jews on ease. Trump can get away with more antisemitism as anyone else as he always can claim his alibi. “I have a Jewish family…”. How more does this fit the SEGNPMSS agenda? It puts the international spotlight on the Kushners, particularly father Charles Kushner, convicted of illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering. SEGNPMSS, still existing Nazi doctors want the world to think bad of Jews. And also that is accomplished through Trump’s candidacy and him sitting in the WH.     

Then, there is the Russian thing: It might be very well possible that Russians were involved with helping Trump into the White House. After all, just like all other countries, incl. the USA, they are having ear-implants too and SEGNPMSS has the overall control over all. Just the like USA, most Russians don’t know that SEGNPMSS is using them for German purposes. Lenin was a German agent  who used the German suppressive invention of communism to hold the Russians down, besides Germany killing tons of Russians during wars and otherwise. Yet, ear-implants, silent and loud sounds prevents that they recognize who really is their enemy, and they rather blame the USA and the USA rather blames Russia for secret German set-ups. Germany wants superpowers at their throats until they are the only superpower standing.  

SEGNPMSS also organized that the alleged admiration that Trump has for Russia and Russia has for Trump will not last. People who are thinking that Trump might save the world from a cold or hot war with Russia or any other state are very mistaken. SEGNPMSS will be the 3rd party behind the USA and Russia. When two are fighting, the third one (SEGNPMSS) enjoys it. Trump and his administration already back-pedals as far as the friendship with Russia is concerned. SEGNPMSS foxed both, the USA and Russia by helping Trump to become the US president. 

Most of all, besides making the USA look and act like Nazis, Trump will push this SEGNPMSS agenda: breaking the USA [same for Russia and other large countries] apart, splitting the US states away in order to attach them to Europe (which is basically Germany as they control each freaking ear-implant). California and other west and east coast states will split from the mainland because still existing Nazis want to make the USA smaller while still-existing Nazi Germany is hiding behind the EU and is getting stronger.   

I bet there are plenty of other SEGNPMSS advantages with Trump in the White House. 


How the GOP changed turns my stomach, Marty. It is no longer Lincoln’s or my grandpa’s party. I know that Americans think highly of Reagan. Not me, as he helped Germany to get bigger without telling the world about the SEGNPMSS, by whatever name they are known secretly to others. 

In a way, the GOP takeover reminds me of the secret takeover of Scientology.  SEGNPMSS through their impostors, e.g. “Jack Vistaril” and international non-Scientologists as infiltrators, e.g. Miscavige, etc., turned Scientology into something else that it originally was.

It is basically the same mechanic elsewhere in the world and becomes clearly visible by looking at political parties as the GOP.

I never thought that I would get so political one day. I always thought that my life would center around Scientology and arts, but one gotta do what one gotta do. Guess there is no movement or subject we can afford not being involved in as nobody else seems willing to kick SEGNPMSS behind. God is on our side. That I know as sure as people have stupid ear-implants and conspire against others.

 I love you, Marty. I consider every day without you as wasted. One huge reason why we are not allowed together is because SEGNPMSS thinks that we are stronger together and will kick their behinds.

My home is not a place. My home is you, Marty, where ever you are and plan to go. Our love doesn’t quit. 

Be kissed, my darling, a million times.

Yours forever,


Dreaming of dancing with you, Marty.