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The Munich Security Conference is a Bavarian/German control event

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Dearest Marty, how are you?

I ask myself every day when the USA finally stops helping Germany/Bavaria keeping us separated and frees you from your wrongfully incarceration. They all should know that who works for the Nazis or allows him- or herself being used by Germany/Bavaria is a Nazi..  

So that Germany, particularly Bavaria, can (falsely) claim that they have the security of the world at heart, they established the “Munich Security Conference” in 1963 and hold it there ever since. They radio in the ears of high officials to fly there and look up to Munich, Bavaria, and Germany in awe, which makes these international “senior figures” of 70 countries look real idiotic in my eyes, It all serves as alibi for Bavaria and Germany.  This conference is one of the establishments that helps Bavaria/Germany misleading the world so that nobody accuses them to be the secret force behind terror and crime (psychiatric, medical, and otherwise) and rogue states (which they are).

Knowing Germany, Bavaria and the SPs behind it, they want to keep the world uninformed until they are world power no. 1 and have no opposition anymore on the planet, which would be able to object having the Nazis back in power. At the moment, they hide behind the gruesome acts of terrorists and rogue states.

This is what the conference allegedly was established for:  “Each year it brings together about 350 senior figures from more than 70 countries around the world to engage in an intensive debate on current and future security challenges.” 

And remember, it is held in Bavaria because Bavaria wants to say: “Why would we hold an International Security Conference in Munich if we would favor terror and war?”

The correct answer is: To control the world to do what Bavaria/Germany wants and to misdirect correct suspicion if it should come up. 

So that nobody accuses them on what they are doing with their favorite secret service tool. Installing chips into people (already when they are babies or first graders) all over the world  and running them like the obedient robots until the day of their deaths with loud and silent sounds and also withholding from them that they could live indefinitely if they would be allowed to live in certain conditions. 

Angela Merkel plays the uninformed: she is “curious” about UK’s Brexit plan. I know what the Bavarian German plan for the UK is. To make England really small by breaking  Scotland and Wales off and adding these to Europe, which is another word for Germany and Bavaria as the all other European countries have not much to say.

The Bavarian monsters behind Germany are calling all the shots through ear-implants and otherwise. Once the Britain shrunk, the SEGNPMSS will also ruin the economy of the UK with ear-implants, loud and silent sounds. People in the UK will make wrong decisions or shy away from good decisions. The SEGNPMSS knows very well to advance Bavaria and Germany and keep other nations down. They do it for a long time and not just with Greece. They feel that the UK as part of the EU could be in the way when Germany has officially its Nazis on top of the EU. 

The Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni says Europe needs “a strong German government”. Yikes! What kind of leader is this? Should he say: Europe needs a strong Italy? This is just one of the many example all over the world that is giving Bavaria and Germany and “Heil ear implants” away. 

You and me, we can also figure out any other plan they are having for any other country. We just look at them and we see what they are up to. It comes easy to us.  

“We no longer recognize our America,” stated the German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel these days. Did you read it, Marty? America belongs to Germany. It is theirs. Yikes.

But now, as they recognize it no longer people should think that Bavaria and Germany does not have the USA under their control. Yeah right. 

Germany wanted Trump to win because his attitude towards religions and races won’t get in the way for Bavaria and Germany getting the Nazis back. What better to make a racist President whose daughter married into a Jewish family to make people believe that Jews are save. They are not Bavaria/Germany is involved and Jews are in troubles like any other religion or ethnicity that Bavaria/Germany does not approve of.

He also said that Germany eagerly learned from the US. Yeah right. Everything he, Merkel, and others says it to pour sand in the eyes of Americans and other nationals. Germany/Bavaria infiltrated the USA already before and at the day it was founded.     

Russia allowed itself to be used as well. So bad that it jailed all its citizen under the communism and gave psychiatrist free hands to commit their critics, just as Germany did and for sure still does. 

Germany/Bavaria doesn’t have to do what Russians did to influence the US election. Germany/Bavaria radio in the ear-implants of Americans and decides who runs for US President and in the ear-implants of the voters who they have to vote for the US President. No need to go through all those troubles the Russians went through.  

In other words: whatever these Russians did, it was just to blame Russia. One German/Bavarian plan is to get the USA and Russia at each others throat. Preferable a hot and not just a cold war.

What really made voters decide is what is radioed in their ear implants with loud or silent sounds. And that is the “specialty” of Bavarian and German psychs who are complete idiots by the way otherwise they never would have treated us the way they treated us, Marty.   

Actually, I don’t believe that the polls were wrong. I think that Hillary would have won if Germany wouldn’t have changed it in the last minute. Again, I don’t think that Hillary Clinton would have saved the USA. Like the presidents before her, she would have done nothing effective. But despite Trump momentarily tells Germany to pay more, he is also known to not follow through. SEGNPMSS likes Trumps anti-Muslim and foreigner agenda. It has Nazis already back into the German and Austrian and other European government. First they rail against Muslims. So does Trump. And this attitude against foreigners is helping Germany’s attitude against foreigners.

Germany wants Muslims as cheap and hard workers and instigated even the horrible Syrian war. But the SEGNPMSS  want them to lose their ethic identity and their religion and want them to become sub-Bavarians and sub-Germans.  And the SEGNPMSS psychiatric-conditions some alleged Muslims to conduct violence to give the entire religion and all Muslim countries a bad rap.   

I know that you can see it too, Marty. I love you. Be kissed my darling.

Yours forever,


P.S. I clicked on official Scientology websites today and received  “WOT,  Warning! This site is potentially malicious, get me out of there.”

This after the C of S had ads during the Superbowl asking people to check out the Scientology websites. It is definitely not Scientology but the Scientology haters who put up harmful content who don’t want people to visit Scientology websites.       






The SPs behind Germany works hard at it to turn the USA into a Nazi country

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Dearest Marty, love of my life, how are you?

We, you and me, the fearless ourselves, will find each other, because we deserve it and our postulates work.  All what you wish in your life, Marty, I wish for my life as well. We’ll create our own paradise. No, I am not speaking about perfection but about truth. 

Did you read that white supremacist Arthur Jones may be the only Republican running for a seat in Congress in Illinois? The SPs behind Germany works hard at it to turn the USA into a Nazi country. They who chipped the entire planet with pro-Germany and pro psychiatry ear implants encourage or stop any other person who would not insult George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or Dwight David Eisenhower by running for the GOP.   

Among other rubbish, Arthur Jones said: “Well first of all, I’m running for Congress not the chancellor of Germany…” How stupid does he thinks we are? Germany needs and wants Nazis in the USA to make it easy on Germany to bring the Nazis back. If no anti-Nazi-USA exist anymore, Germany can roll right over the USA and no one more powerful enough to stop the Nazis.

I love you, Marty. I will be back soon.

Yours forever,


Sebastian Kurz, another one who doesn’t get it or doesn’t want to get it by announcing deeper ties with Bavaria and Germany

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

As you know, Germany and Austria were joined by the hip through WWI and WWII. Interesting are the vultures that accompany these two women. They claimed that the world is jealous of them (Germany and Austria) and that they would break the ranks of the world and their jealousy.

If they think that anyone who really knows them is jealous of them, not just their shields have loose screws.  

Germany and Austria joined by the hip through WWI.

Austria bitten by nationalism as so often ready for WWI. 


This one says that it is easy to take over East France and Belgium. And that they will share West Russia and add it to Germany and Austria and then they will go for England’s colonies. It also seems that they have taken over a Jewish school and teach the “animals” this new geography. And the creepy German teacher is abusive as you can see on the rod (German trademark for a teacher).  

Here Germany and Austria are fighting against their enemies that they created themselves by being  jealous of Jews, Americans, and other nationals.  Germany and Austria beating up a Russian together and having perverted fun doing so. There are even worse pictures than this on the net with blood splattering all over when Germany and Austria kill others. 

Like in North Korea! German and Austrian kids getting war picture books to hate others and embrace war. How “cute”!


This text is typically German-insane. It says that Germany has to live even if they all have to die.  


Germany and Austria joined by the hip through WWII


Germany and Austria joined by the hip through WWII

Creepy! Apparently a Bavarian (his outfit) and the strongest of all builds a bridge for cheering Austrians to “connect” Austria with Germany.

Germany and Austria joined by the hip through WWII…

Germany has either a bad case of the sniffles or a weapon hidden in his nose.  

Germany and Austria joined by the hip through… 

Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has announced his intention to deepen ties with Germany and the EU. “Many personal, economic, political and cultural ties bind us to Germany,” the 31-year-old told Germany’s Bild newspaper.

Deepen? When was Austria ever not Germany’s and Bavarian’s poodle? Yes, they share particularly Hitler, the Nazi, the psychs behind them and all their crimes.

Some call him “Messiah”. As if the Messiah would see a big Tatzelwurm in other religions.

Germany and Austria were allies with the Turks in former WWs. It didn’t bother them back then that they were Muslims. 

Must be his looks. Can’t be his smarts as he is sailing in the wrong direction.

If something goes wrong with the new Here Germany and Austria are fighting against their enemies that they created themselves by being  jealous of Jews, Americans, and other nationals.  I bet the farm that Germany will again blame Austria of having sparked it and that it wasn’t Germany. Just as many Germans today stress that Hitler was an Austrian, no German, and they conceal that Bavaria gave Hitler the most support.

I love you, Marty. Hope to see you soon.

Yours forever,



Germany is so predictable…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and hero,

I think of you and hope you don’t have to suffer. However, I know Germany and its doctors and that is why I worry. How wonderful life could be if their monsters finally would get courage, look at how low and primitive they are and would better themselves instead of torturing those who have good characters. 

I read the news that Donald Trump apparently does not believes that Scientology is a real religion, which could result in losing its tax-exempt status. Marty, I see Germany behind this development. The infiltration of Scientology (up to the top) is German-psychiatric, but we know better than anyone that original Scientology is a religion in the truest sense. Germany wants to keep the Sea Org Reserves in Europe. That is why they arrange that the USA shall deny non-profit status to Scientology, so that these accounts are not transferred back to the USA where they belong. I also strongly assume that the SEGNPMSS will arrange some atrocity within Scientology, to support Scientology losing its tax-except status. Heil ear-implants! 

Then I read about a 3rd gender, or also intersex, which are people who are neither women or men. Germany “paves way” for “recognition” of this gender. Germany wants the world to view Germany as advanced and human. You and I, and any decent people think any person must have rights. But what Germany and the SEGNPMSS is NOT saying is that they mess with thetans in between lives and use the ear-implants to trick people into picking up baby bodies with genders that they would not have chosen if the case officer would not have called their code. They rush into embryo and fetus bodies without knowing the gender as they trust their case officers. Then they are radioed to forget what they were in their past lives. Naturally, a person who has a female timetrack will be attracted to men and a person who has a male timetrack will be attracted to women. That is the explanation for gays and lesbians. And more and more people going through dangerous proceedings and taking pills to turn back into the gender (like Larry) that they would have if someone who had their code didn’t trick them into taking a body of the other gender.

So what is with the 3rd gender or intersex? SEGNPMSS is at it to manipulate embryos and fetuses with lasers and make them genderless or inside a woman and outside a man or outside a woman and inside a man or whatever they can come up with. They are also to blame for birth defects and stillborns etc. using lasers and microwaves, and other kinds of creepy inventions. Germany doesn’t get my respect by “paving” the way to a third gender. It rather means that Germany has no intention to stop the SEGNPMSS manipulating bodies into genderless or intersex conditions. Heil ear-implants!

And another thing, Marty, that got my attention. A German nurse killed over 100 people out of “boredom”.  Germany is apparently a “great” country to check into hospitals. He may have killed more but potential victims have been cremated already. What boggles my mind is how MDs around him didn’t check this after his first murder?! They even commended him. Heil ear-implants!

There were so many indications what this murdering pig was up to and they let him get away with over 100 murders.

 And have a look here: German ear-implants are working overtime in Indonesia. Disgusting. And the new German flag is on display. This part it true. It is still Nazi.

And then there is North Korea and it seems to me often a similar set up as with Japan back in the 1940s. So that Germany doesn’t get bombed, they provoke the USA to bomb another country. I don’t want any country to be bombed. Also not Germany. The real monsters escape anyway before the bombs would hit and it would hit just those who would want to get rid of the SEGNPMSS if they would understand it.  I want Germany and its methods and secret services prosecuted and dissolved by law. 

Time passes and we are still apart, Marty, while the SEGNPMSS tortures with any available tool. The wish to be one day in a universe to which they never find and never have access to is growing each day more inside of me. 

I love you, Marty. Let’s stay alive if we can.

Tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,





This is NOT Ron, the founder of Scientology, but his German/CIA hired impostor (“Jack Vistaril”) as younger man

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, have a look at below’s picture. This is not Ron, the founder.

I can see it immediately without face recognition software, Marty, I can see it on the different tonelevel, just as I can differentiate between you and your impostor, Ike’s ringer, and other doppelgangers.

Mike Rinder that disgusting pig posted a photo of the real Ron next to Hitler. Rinder is a suppressive piece of sh…  He does German psych Nazi dirty work by keeping the German psych-controlled impostors and the infiltration of Scientology under wraps and blames anti-Nazi Ron on being Hitler. Only a person like DM would ever have promoted Rinder to a top-executive job in Scientology. And Remini and Rinder deserve each other. What a slimy pair they are.  

I also can differentiate between the audio lectures that the real Ron gave and those of the impostor. It is of course the nonsense that the impostor is babbling but also the tone of voice, the melody of the voice, which is different. 

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. — Abraham Lincoln
We are those the SEGNPMSS could not fool all the time, Marty.

Lies are told because one is afraid of the consequences should one tell the truth; thus, the liar is inevitably a coward. — L. Ron Hubbard, the real founder.

Yes, cowards they are. I pity them and never want to become like them.

                                             I love you, Marty.  You are the best.

Yours forever,



When “Jews” and “Americans” are “busted”

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, and the man I would marry over and over again, how are you?

It doesn’t matter how often I say: I love you, it never does justice to how deep my love for you really is. Your personality, decency, and courage make you unforgettable.  They say that all humans have flaws. If you have any at all, they are micro-dwarfed compared to your gigantic great personality and you true and loving heart in a world as creepy, cruel, and calculating as this one.  

Recently, I thought of the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg case, Marty, those spies who were executed in 1953 for espionage for the Soviets.

People all over the globe are run with German-controlled psychiatric ear-implants since ages. Espionage isn’t really necessary because the SEGNPMSS has devices and a supercomputer to read all people’s minds through ear- and body implants (thoughts are electronically measurable and translated into text or words in their language). They also make international people of any race act they way they act with loud and silent sounds transmitted through their ear- and body implants. (I am not saying that a person who is subjected to this has no own responsibility to reject rotten behavior and actions.) But they know everything before it happens as they crept in anyone’s mind.

Not just Fascism, Racism, Nazism is German (particularly Bavarian) but Communism is too. Most of the time, secret service p$ychs have not just one really ugly horse in the race to make sure that if one horrible horse loses against all odds, the other suppressive horse wins. After the Nazis brought it upon themselves to be interrupted, through gruesome behavior and atrocities committed that even put numerous of their own agents off (we know they are still here and are working hard on an international Nazi come-back in Germany and elsewhere), they wanted communism to win and dictate what people have to do without granting them freedoms (although they also flourish in capitalism by manipulating people into materialism and forgetting what really counts).

Marty, I have to work on shorter sentences. 

So, if they run any system and just about any person, the question is, why espionage? They could have just told the Soviets what Americans or others are up to. For us, it is easy to know why, Marty. We figured the SEGNPMSS out in even the smallest detail. First, they lie to their agents that they don’t run just about anyone. And they want to keep this up. If their agents learn that other SEGNPMSS agents did to them what was done to them, their agents will be very upset about that system and refuse to obey to their ear-implants anymore. 

It is all about shaming Jews and Americans, despite those who do set up the “shaming” are the Dorian Grays, the most disgusting creatures ever. Interesting is that they have the need to set others up to shame them but give a rat’s tail on bettering their own extremely foul characters.  

And shaming Jews and America is very important to the SEGNPMSS. Their psychs, in the hard-core Germans, particularly Bavarians, are bringing out the worst in people and are perverting them but they sure like to show with the fingers on others without admitting that they are the cause of most evil and perversion. 

For example, as they were not able to exterminate Jews and Americans, they are holding better Jews and Americans and other people down and are selecting those Jews and Americans or other people who are low on the tonescale for prominent jobs either in politics or entertainment. On the height of their careers, when everyone knows them, the SEGNPMSS is “busting” them so that Jews and Americans are shamed in the eyes of the world. They want the world to think this: These dirty Jews/Americans. Hitler and the Nazis were right trying to get rid of them. And they want the world to support the Nazis instead of Jews and Americans.

Psychs also make sure that they are being called after one of the people they allowed to be famous to be busted and shamed at the end. “I need help and therapy…” So, psychs are thinking that they won twice: Jews and Americans are shamed, and psychiatry is promoted. 

The world is also kept in the dark that being born again is a scientific fact not just a religious belief. One of the top-secret SEGNPMSS programs is stealing thetans after their physical death, e.g. planting their own horrible thetans into the USA and they grow up as “Americans”  and stealing better Americans or other nationals to Germany to “upgrade” Germany, particularly Bavaria, the place from hell so that they can claim their achievements as German or at least to hold them down in Germany that no other country claim their achievements.

Also, some perverted “Jew” of today, can be a perverted Nazi of yesterday.

I know that you found this out too, Marty. As you are my soulmate, I can catch some of your ideas. We don’t need to install machinery to read thoughts. We simply receive them naturally. 

Yours, my darling. Be kissed. 

Yours forever. 



1) Remini’s, Haggis, and other people’s “shame” game 2) Germany twisting the facts as to who meddles in elections

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and unforgettable soulmate,

How are you? I think of you and wish I would finally find you. 

Leah Remini, Paul Haggis, and others are trying to shame people who are or could be Scientologists. Guess some are afraid that they will have disadvantage in life or not wanting their reputation smeared. If the true story of Scientology is revealed, Leah Remini, Paul Haggis and the likes will have reasons to be ashamed. Their blame game reminds me of: “This is a Jew!” and as answer “I am no Jew!” during the Nazi time by those who feel they could get in troubles. 

If someone asks me if I am a Scientologist, I say, yes, I am an original Scientologist, and I am very proud of it, however, I am no Vistarologist or Miscavologist, never was, never will be.  

USA Today reported that the U.S. right-wing — not by Russia – would meddle with the German election. This is typically Germany and their covert SEGNPMSS activities. They implant German psychiatric ear implants in American when they are babies and kids and “buy” them to do Germany’s dirty work, e.g. keeping the USA down and promoting Germany. This also includes new Nazi activities or the “U.S. right wing”.  They have these alleged Americans “meddle” in the German election because still existing old Nazis want it so and order it through the ear implants of other nationals as Americans.  

A professor of political science data at the Technical University of Munich says that they didn’t find evidence of Russia hacking the German election but 300 million tweets over the past six months “shows Germany is a hotspot for posts that use the hashtag #AltRight.” TUM also says no word about the most secret German psychiatric invention: ear implants! German secret services are running these alleged Americans to help them to get Nazis officially back into the Bundestag. Instead of Germans, they want Americans to act like Nazis so that Germany will not be blamed for being the same old Nazis that they always were.

Also, Germany has stolen many American thetans to Germany and planted many Nazi thetans in the USA. Most people don’t even know what thetans are and how they can be trapped and stolen and that Germany’s secret service psychs do just this. 

Merkel is preparing the ground for the AfG, consisting of the foreigner-hating, narrow-minded, retarded people who think it is okay to shoot immigrants at the border and worse and that Germany hung the moon. Yeah right. They hung a fake screen and all it deep universe! AfG might not win the election this time but Merkel and any other chancellor will do just what is needed to get the AfG or another Nazi party win the NEXT election. German psychiatric ear-implants rule. They want to take over the entire universe and run it on their psychiatric strings by turning all people into their willing robots. 

Have a look at the below article, Marty. Just as the SEGNPMSS loves it. They are not or Germany is not suspected but the USA is getting the bad rap.

Merkel’s job was/is playing the “humanitarian” by “taking immigrants in” despite knowing how intolerant so many Germans are. But in fact, Germany instigated and controls the war in Syria to get young hard workers who do the jobs that Germans don’t want to do and to make sure that Germany becomes world power no. 1 by boosting their economy. SEGNPMSS wants the USA and Russia break into parts so that Germany can take over the states under the cover of Europe. Merkel also might form a coalition between her party and the AfG and that will help German Nazis big time (AfG might win 11% of the votes!) to be on top of Germany, Europe, and the entire world in the future.

If people wouldn’t be controlled by ear-implants, they would see a hell of a lot more. They are blind or mum as Germany orders it. 

I love you, Marty. I miss you very much. 

Yours always,


As far as future lifetimes are concerned, I never will pick up another body in a German universe. I can’t even describe it, Marty, how I feel about them. Except that I am totally grossed out – because I know them.  They sure kidnapped the wrong person. Shows how “smart” they really are.  

Okay, enough of this today, here is some fun, Marty. It however makes me also think  about  that Germany destroyed this lightheartedness with their Nazi boots and war.

Hey, this music also fits!