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Even if Donald Trump says once in a while something right, he still would be a nightmare of a president

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Dearest Marty, heartthrob, and my soulmate, how are you? My thoughts are with you.

He said for example that the USA should ask their rich country debtors to pay their debts back to the USA. He mentioned countries like Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and also Germany. However, Trump feels being German. He also thinks that a judge who was born in the USA but is of Mexican heritage is a Mexican. As Germany is so rich and not paying its debts to the USA, it would look very suspicious if he would not mention it. (I mentioned before how Germany got that great economy after all they did to others. Not paying its debts is just one of the rotten things that they do.)

I don’t think that Trump, if president, would really make Germany pay its debts to the USA. He also didn’t mention them at first place on his list. I am sure that the SEGNPMSS prefers Trump of all other candidates. The Russians are pro-Trump movement is also German-originated. Just as communism is a German invention and Lenin a German agent.   

Germany (the men behind any chancellor) does not pay its debts. This is notorious. They are notoriously using the USA. They are behind any violent situation, any war, crime, and terror on the planet as they run anyone via a supercomputer through ear-implants. They could easily say to their agents: chill out and make peace. But they don’t. They are monsters in hiding and enjoy when others come to harm.  Germany (the men behind any chancellor) sets up one situation after the other to maneuver the USA (and other countries) in new wars and new Billions of Dollars of more costs for wars and military equipment. And any country that does not pay its debts back to the USA obeys to those German-controlled ear-implants.

Should the USA forget those debts? Nope. Not a cent. But I doubt that Trump is the person who would make them pay. He also would not stop Germany of setting up new costly disasters for the USA and that is again  a waste of US taxpayers money.

During the 3rd debate, DT doubted that Russia is behind recent hacks of Democrats, which is contrary to what Hillary Clinton and the entire U.S. intelligence community (17 agencies) says. (US intelligence really is completely blind and/or is protecting Germany.) He said that Hillary has no idea whether it’s Russia, China, or anybody else who does the hacking.  He said: “Our country has no idea…” He doubts that the Russians are the one behind influencing the election. 

So, he knows who it is? Why didn’t he tell so that it is Germany? He just added China. China isn’t the who, even if some Chinese hackers should be found. Germany’s secret service psychiatrists are running the entire world, any nationality, with those freaking ear implants, and Germany is usually hiding behind other nations.  

If Donald Trump would be a smart and honest person, and would not feel being a German himself, he would say that Germany is putting up some Russians or Chinese or whoever to hack. They are using WikiLeaks and hackers. They don’t even need any hacker. They know anyone’s code and passwords as they run the minds  and lives of anyone. Germany (the men behind Merkel and any chancellor) is also attacking the Internet in order to get what they want, harass, destruct, sabotage the economy, and prevent the truth about them coming out. They have all the codes and passwords. No need to hack. They just radio their agents what to type in and there they have access and can sabotage it.  

Hillary is not their first choice but she always supported Merkel and Germany.

SEGNPMSS likes the USA smeared. Disappearing emails and the contents of the Podesta emails sure add to the bad reputation of the USA within the USA and the world.

Donald Trump says that the US Intelligence agencies are clueless. Yes, and also corrupt, otherwise they would blow the whistle on Germany (the psychiatrists behind any German chancellor, incl. Hitler) controlling the entire world with ear implants. Again, Trump tries to blame China but protects Germany by not mentioning it. Hillary Clinton didn’t mention Germany either, which makes both unqualified to run the country.  

DT talks about rigged elections. With ear implants, it is really easy to rig elections. Germany radios in the ear-implants of the voters (either with loud or silent sounds) who to vote for in the US or any other election and that person will be elected. The USA had crooked, bad, and stupid presidents before. They did not just rig those elections but they are also behind who will run for US President or other offices. Fraud at the voting booth (e.g. people going in twice to vote) is a very small problem in comparison to that the SEGNPMSS radios with loud and silent in the minds of all people who are eligible to vote. Ear implants make it possible.

People under Germany’s secret services thumb wants Trump as US president. Hillary protects Germany but so does Trump. However, his personality and behavior are so cheap and offensive (against women, races, and disabilities). German secret service psychs think that he is the ideal candidate to bring the USA even more down. Anyone in the USA has either daughter, sister or another female family member, and all they were insulted by DT.

SEGNPMSS wants the both of us to give up on each other, and they don’t get this either.

I think they have the plan that DT and Frauke Petry should hit it off and make the USA, Europe, and the rest of the world more racial and German. 

In short: anyone in office who is protecting ear-implants isn’t honest and helps the men behind Germany, the SEGNPMSS, to ruin the USA and the rest of the world. I noticed another thing, Marty, despite some people were American flags on their suits and are having the US flag fly outside their homes and offices, the USA has no true defense. Germany, the men behind any chancellor, the German secret service psychs, is everyone’s secret master.

I love you, my real American hero. 

Yours forever,


You are larger than life, Marty.













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